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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

A short time later, Ginny is running along the street, looking for Craig. She spots him suddenly, sitting on a bench at the side of the road, and she dashes over to him, demanding, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Craig stands up and retorts, "Something I should've done days ago." Ginny cries, "You're mad standing out here in the open. Where are you going?" Craig growls, "I decided I couldn't stand being locked-up anymore. I'm going back to Melbourne. I miss Debbie too much." Ginny snaps, "You're prepared to take that risk?" Craig insists, "I have to. I don't know what on earth's going on down there. I have to do what I can to clear myself." Ginny declares, "Then I'm coming with you." Craig retorts, "No you're not." Ginny snaps, "You'll get yourself into trouble without me." Craig retorts, "Worse trouble with you." Ginny just shrugs, "You're wasting your breath if you think you're going to talk me out of it." Craig pauses and then sighs, "Why waste my breath?" Ginny asks, "What are we doing: hitching?" Craig nods at her. Ginny continues, "We'll need a few things for the ride. I've brought a couple of bucks: let's hit the disposal stores."

Caroline is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Charlie's, going through the papers that Charlie has just signed. Charlie and Wayne look on as Caroline rants, "You shouldn't have signed them, Charlie. He's after your money." Charlie, however, retorts, "You know very well I had all the papers checked by my solicitor." Caroline demands, "Did you re-read them?" Charlie just sighs, "Oh, darling, I'm very grateful you're so concerned, but it's alright - really." Caroline, putting the papers down, mutters, "I can see it's pointless trying to convince you." Charlie looks at Wayne and then suggests, "We should be celebrating! After all, it's not every day I become the Jane Fonda of Sydney! I'll get some champagne." She leaves the room. Left alone with Wayne, Caroline growls at him, "You sent me off on a wild good chase, didn't you?" Wayne just asks 'innocently', "Did I?" Caroline goes on curtly, "I'll bet a fortune there's something in that contract that you didn't want me to read. You really are as low as they come." Wayne glares at her and then says menacingly, "I suggest you watch your mouth. You've got no proof I've done anything - and if you keep carrying on the way you are, I might just have you up for defamation." Standing up, Caroline says tersely, "I only wish your father knew what you were really like." With that, she heads out to join Charlie in the kitchen. Wayne picks up the contract papers and puts them in his briefcase. He stuffs the sheet he removed into the inside pocket of his jacket.

In the main exercise room at the gym, Glen walks up to a man working on one of the weight machines and tells him, "Just do a set: I'll be with you in a minute." Caroline walks in suddenly and Glen joins her, commenting, "You look a bit annoyed." Caroline retorts, "I am furious. I know that Wayne has conned Charlie and I know there isn't a damn thing I can do to prove it. I'd give my eye teeth to get him." Glen tells her, "I've got a lot more to worry about than Wayne at the moment." Caroline asks, "What?" Glen explains, "Craig and Ginny: they're both missing." Caroline asks, "Missing from where?" Glen replies, "From here: Sydney. At least, I'm presuming they've left town together." Caroline asks in surprise, "Craig was up here?" Glen, realising he's let the secret out, explains hesitantly, "We decided the less people that knew, the better - but heaven knows what he's got himself in for by running off again." Caroline tells him, "I wouldn't worry about Craig doing anything foolish - he's a bright boy." Glen, however, points out, "He is still on the run." Caroline insists, "The only thing he's done wrong is run away with Ginny. If he did get into trouble, it would probably be her fault." Glen retorts, "She's not that bad." Caroline shrugs, "Perhaps not - but I think she's inclined to take more risks than Craig." Glen tells her, "That's if they have run off together. I'm only assuming they have." Caroline then announces, "I'd better leave you to it. Thanks anyway: you've calmed me down a little." Glen replies, "You should do an exercise class: get rid of all that aggro against Wayne!" Caroline, however, growls, "Nothing could do that." She then, however, spots a notice pinned to the wall. It's for ante-natal relaxation classes. A smile crosses her face...

Janice is working at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion when Caroline walks in, smiling, "Hello, there. Doing some difficult calculations, by the look of it!" Janice groans, "I simply can't get the same answer twice. It's ridiculous!" Caroline then says, "Tell me: do you remember giving a book on exercises to Susan, for her pregnancy?" Janice nods, "Yes." Caroline goes on, "I was just passing by the gym and I noticed they have relaxation classes for pregnant women." Janice asks in puzzlement, "What gym?" Caroline explains, "Charlie's gym. She just bought it." She then adds, "Sounds ideal for Susan, don't you think?" Janice nods, "That's true - I believe those classes are most beneficial." Caroline continues, "The only problem is I'm not sure if Susan would go along to them." Janice insists, "Oh yes she would - if she knew it was going to be good for the child - and for her, of course." Caroline remarks, "You sound very confident." Janice replies conspiratorially, "Just between us, I think Susan takes a lot of notice of my advice. Don't worry: I'll have her down there in a flash." A hint of a smile crosses Caroline's face!

Beryl is sitting with Susan on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, showing her a pattern for a jumper that she knitted for Kevin in the 1960s! Caroline walks in suddenly through the open front door and, as she heads into the lounge room, Susan smiles, "Good to see you!" There's a broad grin on Caroline's face and Susan comments, "You look very happy." Caroline replies, "I am feeling well. Partly the reason I called in: I wanted to let you know that Wayne and I have had a good long talk; we've sorted things out." She doesn't notice as the kitchen door opens slightly and Wayne overhears her say this. Susan tells Caroline, "That's good to hear." Caroline then says to Susan, "More importantly, how are you feeling?" Susan beams, "I'm fine. Being spoiled rotten!" Wayne joins them and sits down as Susan continues saying to Caroline, "Something you'll be interested in: I'm going to be doing relaxation classes at the new gym. Janice 'phoned and told me about them." Caroline exclaims, "What a wonderful idea!" Wayne chuckles, "Trust Janice to think of it!" Caroline watches him, a shrewd look on her face...

Ginny and Craig are trudging along a track, Ginny complaining as they do so, "I don't know why we have to take the longest way known to man to get to Melbourne." Craig sighs, "I've told you four thousand times, Ginny: we stay off the main roads, we've got a better chance of getting there." He then adds, "I wonder if there's a public 'phone around here?" Ginny mutters, "What for?" Craig retorts, "I want to call Debbie, alright?" Ginny snaps, "Alright. Just be careful, OK?" Craig walks off. Ginny stands where she is and looks across at a small cafe opposite. She sighs to herself, "If only I had five bucks..." She then adds more assertively, "What are you talking about, Ginny? It never stopped you before." With that, she starts marching towards the store.

In a nearby 'phone box, Craig has the 'phone to his ear and is muttering, "Come on, Deb... where the hell are you?" He hangs up, looking frustrated.

A short time later, Ginny is sitting in the store, watching a woman eat some pie, enviously. The cafe owner walks up to her suddenly and says with a leer, "G'day. Just arrived, have you?" Ginny nods, "Uh huh." The man adds, "Hope you're not planning on leaving too soon..." Ginny looks across at the plate of pie in front of the other woman and then says, "You never know. I'll have a cup of coffee, thanks." The man asks, "Is that all? I could find a really nice piece of pie for you." Ginny, however, insists, "A cup of coffee will be fine." The man smiles at her and says flirtatiously, "Sure I can't tempt you?" Ginny smiles back, "You never know. Perhaps later..." She looks over at the table again. The woman is just finishing eating and she calls across, "You should have tried the pie. Wasn't bad." With that, she gets up and heads out, not noticing as she leaves a key on the table. Ginny spots it and goes and picks it up. She makes to call after the woman, but appears to have second thoughts and sits back down again...

Caroline, Beryl, Susan and Janice are all sitting in the lounge room at Dural. Janice is telling Susan, "Above all, you have to make your own pace. Don't do something that's wrong for you, 'cos the last thing we want's a strain." Susan laughs, "You're supposed to be talking me into the classes, Janice, not scaring me off!" Beryl chips in, "You'll be there to keep an eye on her, Janice; I don't think we have anything to worry about." Susan asks in surprise, "Aren't you coming, mum?" Beryl, however, insists, "You don't want me staring at you." Janice tells Susan, "I won't be staring at you, either. I thought I might do some judo while I was there." She then adds, "I do hope the people who run the place are the right type..." Caroline asks, "What makes you say that?" Janice explains, "One or two of the places I've been... well, only one, actually - but the chap running the place was... to say the least, over-zealous when it came to personal instruction." Caroline insists, "Honestly, Janice, I think the place is perfectly above-board. I've been there myself!" Accepting this, Janice and Susan head out. As they reach the front door, Wayne comes downstairs and smiles at his wife, "You're not going off without saying goodbye to your old man?!" He kisses Susan as Janice assures him, "Don't worry, Wayne - I'll be there to keep an eye on her." She and Susan then head out. Wayne heads into the study. In the lounge room, Caroline closes the doors and then says, "Beryl, there's something very important I have to discuss with you." A puzzled look crosses Beryl's face.

Susan and Janice arrive at the gym and head into the reception area. The receptionist is bending down behind the desk and Susan can only see their back as she says, "Excuse me. I'd like to book in for our relaxation class." The receptionist stands up - and a look of shock crosses Susan's face as she realises it's Glen.

A few moments later, Glen says nervously to Susan and Janice, "Hi there. It's good to see you both." Janice smiles, "What a pleasant surprise!" Glen adds, "You've come to the right place. Have to make sure you get the VIP service." Janice tells him, "I thought I might do a bit of a judo warm-up, too." Glen smiles, "I'll be happy to help you out." He then hands Susan a form and adds, "Look, I'm sorry - I have to be official about it. Would you mind filling that out?" Susan murmurs, "Sure." She starts doing this as Janice smiles at Glen, "Fancy you being here! I feel as though I'm part of the place already! It's like another branch of the mansion, isn't it?!" Glen nods, "Sort of, I suppose." Janice then asks, "Do I have to sign anything?" In reply, Glen asks, "Would you like to join up for six months?" Janice says eagerly, "Oh yes!" Glen hands her a form and asks her to fill it out. He then turns back to Susan and says quietly, "Everything OK?" Susan just retorts, "Yes, it seems quite straightforward." Janice chips in, "I might be able to offer a few suggestions about running the place." Glen, however, is still staring at Susan...

Ginny is sitting with the cafe owner at a table. He asks her, "Are you open to suggestions?" Ginny smiles, "Depends entirely what they are." The man comments, "I thought we'd already established that." Ginny assures him, "I'm only kidding you!" The man asks, "So, we got a deal?" Ginny replies, "I don't see why not." The man asks, "Can I come to your motel room tonight?" Ginny grins, "Can't wait." The man smiles, "Neither can I!" He stands up. Ginny says suddenly, "You'd better have this: I like to be surprised." She hands him the key that the other woman left behind, adding, "Room 14." The man beams at her and walks off, leaving Ginny looking pleased with herself!

Craig is sitting outside, leaning against a car, when Ginny emerges from the cafe. He sighs at her, "I couldn't get through to Debbie." He then notices a box of food under her arm and asks in surprise, "Where on earth did you get all that stuff?" Ginny smiles, "I got lucky!" Craig comments, "But you only had a couple of dollars." Ginny explains, "Alison once said to me 'if you see an opportunity, grab it' - so I did." Craig asks in surprise, "How?" Ginny tells him airily, "Oh, I met someone in there. Almost insisted I take this stuff when he saw I could barely afford a cup of coffee. Really hospitable, these country people!" Craig mutters, "I hope you didn't do anything to attract the attention of the cops." Ginny gasps, "Me?!" Craig just retorts, "Let's get a move on. I hate hanging around too long. Country people might be generous, but they're also curious about strangers in town." He walks off. Ginny suddenly spots the female customer from the cafe walking nearby, eating an ice cream, and she calls, "Have a nice day! Oh - and a very interesting evening!"

Gordon is standing in the hallway at Charlie's, telling Charlie, "I heard about your buying into the gym, and I thought 'what better reason to celebrate?'" He brings out a bottle of champagne from behind his back and Charlie smiles, "Oh, I'm so glad you approve!" They head into the lounge room and Gordon starts opening the bottle. As he does so, Charlie enthuses, "I can't tell you the ideas I've had for the gym. I think it's time a bit of good old-fashioned glamour was injected into places like that!" Gordon, popping the cork, smiles, "You always throw yourself into everything you do, don't you!" Charlie shrugs, "That's me, I suppose: all or nothing." Gordon pours two glasses of bubbly and then proposes, "Here's to your new venture. Good luck with it, eh?" Charlie beams, "You're so thoughtful." Gordon, however, tells her seriously, "Not too much of late - and I feel a bit guilty about it. I thought you might get the impression I'm trying to steer clear of you, and I wanted to make up for it." He sits down as Charlie assures him, "I know you've had a lot on your mind lately, Gordon, and if our friendship can't stand a trip-up occasionally, then it wouldn't be much of a friendship, would it?" She sits down next to him as he replies earnestly, "I've never said as much, but I think we have something a bit stronger than friendship. Don't you?" Charlie's mouth drops open and she murmurs, "I've never thought..." She then adds quickly, "Oh! I don't mean I don't think about you that--" Gordon interrupts her and assures her, "Don't worry about it - I know what you mean. What I mean is: you always manage to bring a great deal of fun into my life. I don't know how I could've coped without you, sometimes - and if I've hurt your feelings, it was completely unintentional. Charlie smiles at him warmly and tells him, "You've never really hurt my feelings, Gordon. I know we've been a bit upset with each other at times, but that's only human, isn't it? I'm so pleased you came over." Gordon smiles, "So am I."

In the lounge room at Dural, Beryl is saying to Caroline tersely, "I agree we have to get a look at the papers that Charlie signed, but how?" She adds, "I still can't believe it. Why would Wayne want to rip Charlie off? As far as I know, she's never done anything against him." Caroline just asks grimly, "When has that ever stopped him? I think the only way we can be sure is by taking a look at those papers." Beryl sighs, "I hate playing detectives." Caroline, however, replies, "Maybe you won't have to. He's in his study now, isn't he?" Beryl nods, "Right." Caroline goes on, "I think there's every likelihood that those papers are in the safe. If you can get him out of the study and keep him occupied for a few moments, I could take a look." Beryl sighs, "I really don't think I should." Caroline, however, insists, "If we don't find out what Wayne's up to, Charlie could be ruined. Isn't it worth the risk?" Beryl hesitates and then mutters, "I should have my head read - but alright." She stands up as Caroline adds, "I'll stay in here until you get him out." With that, Beryl heads out into the hallway.

Wayne is sitting at the desk in the study, typing a letter on the typewriter. There's a knock on the door suddenly and Wayne calls, "Come in." Beryl opens the door and says, "Sorry to interrupt, Wayne. I thought I might make Gordon some cakes, but your mixer's acting up. Could you possibly have a look at it for me?" Wayne just sighs, "I don't know there's much I can do, but OK." With that, he follows Beryl out of the room. A few seconds later, the door opens again and Caroline creeps in. She heads over to a picture on the wall and takes it down. The safe is hidden behind it. She then starts looking around on the desk for a key. She tries in the drawers, but fails to find it. She then starts checking Wayne's jacket - and comes across a whole bunch of keys, which she removes. She starts trying various keys in the safe and manages to open it at the second attempt. She finds a roll of papers inside, which she removes and starts unravelling. Before she can read them, though, the study door bursts open and Wayne appears. Staring at Caroline, he demands angrily, "What do you think you're doing?"

A few moments later, Caroline retorts, "You're not getting away with it this time, Wayne." With that, she starts ripping up the sheets of paper she found in the safe. Beryl stands there watching, a smile on her face. After a few seconds, Wayne grins, "You just tore up my car insurance policy!" Beryl's face drops. Walking over to his jacket, Wayne reaches into the inside pocket and takes out a sheet of paper, asking, "Is this what you're looking for?" Caroline demands, "What exactly did Charlie sign, Wayne?" Wayne tells her, "A waiver that gives me total power and no liability whatsoever." With that, he places the sheet of paper in the safe and locks it. He then threatens, "Try getting your hands on the keys now and you'll be in real trouble. By morning it'll be with my lawyer." Caroline stands there, looking furious.

At the gym, Glen walks over to Susan, who's sitting on the floor in the main room, and asks her, "How did you go? Didn't overdo it?" Susan insists, "I'm fine. I didn't realise it was going to be such hard work, though." Glen jokes, "Maybe that's why they call it 'labour'!" He then adds more seriously, "You'd better take it easy - it's only your first day." Susan groans, "Why is it exercise always has to give you the aches?" Glen explains, "That's just the body letting you know how much you really need it. You should know that; you're the nurse!" He then looks across to where Janice is judo training with an instructor, and he comments to Susan, "Janice is really throwing herself into it, isn't she?" Susan laughs, "Yeah - I'd hate to meet her on a dark night!" Janice notices Susan and Glen watching her and she runs over quickly and asks if everything is alright. Glen assures her, "Don't worry, Janice: she's in good hands." Janice then indicates the woman who worked with Susan and demands, "How many relaxation classes has that woman conducted?" Glen insists, "Enough to know what she's talking about." Susan heads off to the showers and to change. When she's gone, Janice says, "I think, with the right handling, you could make quite a go of this place, Glen!" Glen raises his eyebrows.

Beryl is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Charlie is with her and she hands her some floorplans for the gym and says, "Gordon thought you'd be interested in seeing these." Beryl nods, "I am interested, Charlie, but you still haven't answered my question: what exactly does Wayne have in mind for the gym?" Charlie exclaims, "To make money, darling. What else?!" She then starts enthusing about how she's going to decorate the place. Beryl looks at the plans with a bemused expression on her face! Gordon walks in suddenly from the kitchen. He's holding a cup cake and he smiles, "Beryl, these are delicious! As far as I'm concerned, you can be a houseguest for as long as you like!" A frown appears on Charlie's face!

Glen is doing some weight training in the main room at the gym when Susan walks back in. He puts down the weight and asks, "Feel better?" Susan smiles, "I feel great. Nice and relaxed." Glen then asks, "Did Janice go to the showers?" Susan nods, "She should be out at any minute now." Glen says grimly, "I think she might take this place as her new cause." Susan smiles, "Fine by me! It'll keep her off my back - not that I mind; it's just that she can get a bit much at times!" Janice joins them suddenly and announces, "I'm heading off back to the mansion now." Turning to Susan, she adds, "What time's Wayne picking you up?" Glen's face drops as Susan replies, "Any minute now, I think." With that, Janice heads off.

Wayne is just heading into the reception area as Janice marches round the corner on her way out. She smiles, "Hello, Wayne. You come to pick Susan up?" Wayne replies lightly, "Yeah. She finished yet?" Janice nods, "Oh yes. She's just having a chat with Glen." With that, she heads out, leaving Wayne with a look of horror on his face...


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