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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Craig bursts out laughing, "Yeah, sure." He then adds suspiciously, "Who told you to do it? Alison? She thought I'd blow my cover or something, did she?" Ginny, however, cries, "I meant it, Craig: I love you. I didn't send the letter because I didn't want Debbie to get it..." Craig stares at her and then says softly, "You do mean it?" Ginny snaps, "Of course I do. I wouldn't say it if I didn't. Anyway, that's my problem. I guess I should've posted it; I just couldn't, that's all." Craig stammers, "I-I-I had no idea." Ginny retorts, "I know. All you could think about was 'little Debbie'. Made me sick the way you went on about her." She then adds, "Don't get me wrong - I like Deb; she's a mate - I wouldn't... at least, I thought I wouldn't've done anything to hurt her up until now, but I love you and I was jealous. I'm sorry." Craig insists, "It's OK. I understand." Ginny, however, yells, "You don't understand. I tried to stuff things up for you and Debbie. Why should you understand?" With that, she picks up her bag and storms out, leaving Craig looking shocked.

It's the next morning, and Susan and Wayne are sitting at the breakfast table at Dural. Wayne is engrossed in some papers. Susan says suddenly, "Wayne, I was thinking of decorating the bedroom next." Wayne just nods, "Mmm..." He looks miles away. Susan sighs, "I was thinking of black-and-white polka-dot walls, orange-and-chocolate striped carpets and the furniture all bright pink. What do you think?" Wayne murmurs, "Fine." Susan grabs his file of papers away from him suddenly and mutters, "You haven't heard a word I said." Wayne insists, "Sure I have. The decorating: it looks great!" He indicates the new blue lounge and living room. Susan sighs, "You're going at it too hard." Wayne tells her, "You don't make money by sitting on your backside. I'm racing the clock, Suse. Every minute counts." Susan warns him, "Just don't make yourself sick doing it, alright? I love you; I want to enjoy you for as--" She breaks off and Wayne completes, "For as long as you've got me?" Susan admits reluctantly, "I suppose I was going to say that." Wayne tells her, "Don't be afraid to say it. We both know it's true. I'll try and balance everything - I promise." With that, he gives her a kiss and returns to his papers. Susan sits there, looking worried.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, teaching Isabella some exercises, when Caroline comes in with a tray of tea things! Caroline laughs at Charlie that she's insane! There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Caroline goes to get it. She finds Wayne standing there and demands, "What do you want?" Wayne tells her, "I've come to see Charlie. Is she in?" Caroline lets him past, reluctantly. She then tells Charlie sourly, "I am going outside. Call me when the air clears." She walks out. Charlie invites Wayne to sit down. As he does so, he announces, "I have come to you with a gilt-edged proposition." Charlie smiles, "It sounds positively indecent. Tell me more!" Wayne asks, "How would you like to become the owner of a gym?" Charlie, raising her eyebrows, tells him, "Do go on!" Wayne explains, "I have got my hands on 'Multi Sport Gymnasium', cheap as dirt; I thought you might like to get in on the ground floor." Charlie stares at him, open-mouthed, and gasps, "I've just done an exercise class there!" Wayne exclaims 'innocently', "Really?! Well, you'll know how good it is, then! It's a fantastic opportunity, don't you think?" Charlie, however, asks dubiously, "If it's so fantastic, why don't you keep it all for yourself?" Wayne replies, "I would, if I had spare capital; unfortunately, the Reserve's tied up most of it - so I'm giving you the chance to invest in it. You're a friend, right? I'm doing you a favour." Charlie smiles nervously and then says, "I may be a pushover, darling, but I'm not a fool. You doing me a favour?" Wayne asks, "Why not? You're a family friend." He then takes a file out of his briefcase and adds, "You just read through this and you'll see what I mean. When the profits start rolling in, you'll thank me." Charlie looks at him warily.

A short time later, Wayne arrives back at Dural and heads over to the 'phone in the hallway. He dials a number and when it's answered says, "Ron, it's Wayne again... No, it's not going as easily as I thought." He listens and then goes on, "Don't worry: I'll get there. It's just a matter of having to put in more work... She's got someone hanging around her who hates me, which is the last thing I need - but you can do something about that. Her name's Caroline Morrell. She fancies herself as a bit of a model. You're going to get her out of the way for me..."

Debbie is whisking some batter furiously in the kitchen at the country house. Andy is sitting at the table and he sighs, "Will you slow down?" He then adds, "You worried you haven't heard from him, right?" Debbie nods, "Yeah. I guess he thinks it's too much of a risk. I know I shouldn't expect him to, but I miss him." Andy stands up and tells her, "I know if you were my girl I'd get in touch with you somehow or other - whatever the risk." Debbie muses, "He obviously can't." She then adds, "Thanks for being here. It helps." Andy replies, "Good. You know I'd never let you down..."

In room 37 at Seabreeze Towers, Glen is pouring a glass of orange juice as Craig rants, "You take people on face value, don't you? I thought she was helping me because she's a friend, not because she's... oh, this is so stupid I can't even say it. Of course she's not in love with me; she hardly knows me." Glen asks, "You've never heard of love at first sight?" Craig retorts, "It was hate at first sight with us two." Glen points out, "You've been through a lot together since then. Ginny's a kid with a lot of problems: she had a crush on me, too, at one stage." Craig comments, "In other words, don't get a big head about it, right?" Glen tells him, "Ginny hasn't had a lot of... what? - warmth, I suppose. A guy shows her a bit and Bob's your uncle: she's in love. She'll work it out herself; just give it time." Craig mutters, "I won't be giving her any more letters to post, that's for sure." Glen tells him, "Stick it in another envelope. I'll post it for you later." Craig replies, "I already have." He picks up an envelope and hands it over. Glen then says, "Speaking of letters, guess what I found at the mansion on the way over here." Reaching into his bag, he adds, "Looks like Deb's got through, even if yours didn't." He hands over an envelope. Craig grabs it and opens it eagerly.

Charlie is sitting on the couch in her lounge room, looking through the file of papers on the gym. She turns to Caroline and tells her, "It's all rather interesting, darling. It's quite a coincidence, really, coming straight after we just decided to do a course there." Caroline retorts sarcastically, "Isn't it just. Don't let that make you go sailing into it without checking it first." Charlie insists, "I'm not a fool, darling. It does read rather well." Caroline points out, "You know Wayne, though." Charlie sighs, "Of course I do - but you must admit, darling, you're a little bit on the biased side where he's concerned." Caroline shrugs, "Maybe - but I can smell a rat a mile away and this smells. Wayne wouldn't do anyone any favours." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Charlie goes to answer it. Caroline picks up one of the papers in the file and starts reading through it. On the 'phone, Charlie says, "Hello... oh, yes she is. I'll get her for you." She hands over the 'phone to Caroline, who listens to the caller and then hisses to Charlie, "My agent." Charlie spots Ginny walk past suddenly out in the hallway and she goes and joins her, asking, "Are you alright, darling? You've been rather strange since you got in last night and you looked as if you'd been crying." Ginny tells her quickly, "I went to a sad movie." Charlie, however, muses, "Really? What is it?" Ginny just replies, "My problem." With that, she walks off to her room. Charlie returns to the lounge room where Caroline is just hanging up. She turns to Charlie and beams, "I'm up for a part in a commercial." Charlie exclaims, "Wonderful!" Caroline adds, "Have to go. Got to audition. It sounds as though it's going to be a really big job!"

Wayne is talking on the 'phone on the bar in the lounge room at Dural, saying, "The agent fell for it? Great! While Caroline's walking up and down Hunter Street, looking for 216, I'll be closing the deal with Charlie - without interference. It's as good as signed..."

Charlie is sitting on her couch, looking at some more papers from the file, when Ginny marches in, sits down and starts flicking through a magazine. She becomes aware suddenly of Charlie watching her, and demands, "What's wrong with you?" Charlie shrugs, "Absolutely nothing. Why?" Ginny mutters, "You're not saying much." Charlie points out, "Neither are you." There's silence. Ginny says eventually, "I've made a fool of myself, Charlie. You know how I've been seeing Craig so much? Well, he's great. And, you know, I've, um..." Charlie sighs, "Oh, you haven't gone and fallen in love with him?" Ginny nods, "That's just the start of it, but." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Charlie groans, "Someone's got dreadful timing. I'll get rid of whoever it is." She heads out to the hallway, opens the door and finds Wayne standing there. He smiles, "Hi, it's me. Have you thought it over?" Charlie, however, retorts, "Not now. I've got a little personal problem on my hands." Wayne sighs, "Come on, Charlie, I've made a special trip back from the city for this. It won't take long." Charlie, however, tells him, "Look, there are a lot of questions I want to ask before I commit myself. Now, be a good little person and go away. I really can't talk." Wayne tries to say, "Charlie, I--" Charlie, however, interrupts and insists, "I mean it, Wayne. Some things are a lot more important than your silly little business deal." With that, she shuts the door in his face. Wayne immediately knocks on it and Charlie opens it again. She snaps at him, "You knock once more, try to contact me in any way before I contact you and it's immediate no-deal. I'll be in touch." With that, she slams the door in his face again.

Caroline is walking along Hunter Street, looking for number 216. She checks the address on a piece of paper and walks on again, looking worried.

Wayne arrives back at Dural and heads into the lounge room. He goes to the bar and pours himself a scotch. Looking at the 'phone, he mutters, "Come on, Charlie. Make it quick."

In the lounge room next door, Charlie tells Ginny, "One thing I'll say: you've a lot of Alison in you." Ginny asks in surprise, "Why?" Charlie explains, "Keeping that letter. Vintage her." Ginny insists, "I did it because I love him, not to hurt anyone." Charlie chuckles, "I know that - but you can't tell me you didn't know it would hurt Craig and Debbie. It was designed to split them up." Ginny admits, "Yeah, well, how can I have him if he's still in love with her?" Charlie sighs, "Can I be a horrible old spoilsport? Craig and Debbie were made for each other. Even if you did get him, it would only be on the rebound. One day, a man of your own will come along, and think how much nicer that will be." Ginny growls, "Maybe when I'm about a hundred." Charlie, however, laughs, "I don't think it'll take that long. You're a nice-looking girl. You'll find the right man soon enough." Ginny sighs, "How am I going to look Craig in the face again, though? He must think I'm one hell of a bitchy little creep." Charlie insists, "I shouldn't think so - not after all you've done for him recently. Why don't you go and see him? He'll have had time to cool down." Ginny cries, "I couldn't." Charlie points out, "You'll have to face him sometime." Ginny mutters, "I'd feel such an idiot." Charlie tells her, "You'll go on feeling that way until you sort it out." Ginny insists, "No way." Charlie, however, tells her softly, "I was in a situation a bit like this, once. I'd like to tell you about it." Ginny mutters, "It won't make any difference." Charlie shrugs, "Maybe. Maybe not. I'd still like to try, though." Ginny sighs, "OK." Charlie then tells her, "Everyone thinks I'm funny... outrageous... scatty... all of those things. But I wasn't always like that, you know. I was very serious as a teenager. I had these terribly crooked teeth and I had to wear huge braces until I was 16. When I smiled, I flashed more iron than BHP smelts in a year! So, obviously, I wasn't very confident with boys. Then one day I met Bradley Mortimer. Oh, he was so handsome! Charming... witty... he had everything going for him. For some unearthly reason, he liked me. We started seeing each other and... everything was wonderful; really wonderful - until one day I saw him in the street with another girl. He had his arm around her and they were looking in the window of a jeweller's; looking at engagement rings. Obviously, I was shattered. I ran home and I told my mother and she said I should go and see him; talk to him about it - but I refused to: I mean, I just couldn't. So, I sent him a letter. I told him I'd changed my mind about our relationship and I didn't want to see him anymore. It was a very cruel letter. I wanted to hurt him as much as he'd hurt me. I told him I'd never really loved him at all. Then, about a year later, I found out he'd asked that girl to go with him and choose an engagement ring for me. He was going to ask me to marry him. But by that time, it was past being repaired." She concludes sadly, "Face him, Ginny. It can only make things better."

Craig is sitting at the table in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers, reading the letter from Debbie. Glen calls across from the kitchen area, "You know that by heart yet?!" Craig laughs, "Nearly!" Glen adds, "You'll see her soon, mate, don't worry." Craig just mutters, "Yeah." Glen sighs, "Come on, think positive." Craig, however, retorts, "Oh yeah - lots to think positive about, isn't there?" Glen tells him, "Yes, actually: you're innocent and you've got good friends out there trying to prove it." Craig adds bitterly, "And I'm stuck in here, nervous as hell, bored out of my brain, can't speak to Deb... All I want to do is speak to her." Glen, however, tells him, "It's out of the question. You know why." Craig announces suddenly, "I've been thinking about going back, Glen." Glen retorts, "Now you are being stupid. Calm down." With that, he picks up his bag and adds, "You will be here when I get back, won't you?" Craig chuckles, "Yeah. Go on. Nick off." With that, Glen heads out. Craig stands there, looking thoughtful.

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, a file of papers in his lap. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and he dashes to answer it. He listens to the caller and then says quickly, "I can't talk now - I'm expecting an important call." He doesn't notice as Susan comes in behind him, and he snaps down the 'phone curtly, "I said I can't talk. Call me back tonight." He hangs up - and then spots Susan standing beside him. She looks at him in surprise and asks, "What call are you waiting on?" Wayne just replies quickly, "It wouldn't interest you." Susan is holding a paint colour chart, and she shows Wayne a swatch and asks, "What do you think of this colour?" Wayne asks, "What for?" Susan retorts, "The bedroom. We talked about it earlier, remember?" Wayne nods distractedly, "Yeah, fine. It's great." Susan stares at him and then asks, "What's wrong with you today?" Wayne replies quickly, "Nothing. Oh, you know: important business deals. I get a bit edgy when they're still unsigned." The 'phone starts ringing again and Wayne picks it up quickly. He says, "Hello." He listens and then adds, "I'll be right over. Bye." He kisses Susan in delight, picks up his briefcase and dashes out, leaving Susan to call after him in vain, "When will you be back?"

Caroline is talking on the 'phone in the corridor at the mansion, snapping, "I must have been up and down that damn street a hundred times: the building simply does not exist." She listens and then growls, "If anyone's made a mistake, it's probably you. Thanks for a wasted afternoon." She slams down the handset as Glen wanders in. He asks, "Trouble?" Caroline retorts, "It's my agent. She just sent me off for a job that was a complete waste of time - I couldn't even find the place." Glen asks, "Was it worth much?" Caroline nods, "Seemed to be." She then muses, "It's strange... I know I copied down the address correctly, and it's not like Vivien to get things wrong... Maybe it was a hoax?" Glen asks, "Did the client ask for you specifically?" Caroline nods, "He said he'd seen other shots that I'd done." Glen comments, "Probably was genuine, then. I'm sure he'll 'phone back when he realises there's a problem." Caroline, however, retorts, "He'd already have done that, if he was going to: the appointment was an hour and a half ago." Glen asks, "So you really think it might have been someone playing games?" Caroline murmurs, "Could be - but I don't know why they'd want to." A look of realisation crossing her face, she then adds, "Unless... they wanted me out of the way." Glen asks, "Wanted you out of the way of what?" Caroline just picks up her bag and coat and, heading for the door, calls back, "I think Wayne's up to his old tricks again."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Wayne smiles, "Just think about it, Charlie: a whole Charlie Bartlett range of gym wear. Charlie leotards, towels... maybe even a Charlie Bartlett exercise video!" Charlie gasps, "Starring moi?" Wayne replies, "Who else?" Charlie beams, "Oh it does sound interesting!" Wayne smiles, "Of course it does..."

Caroline is sitting in the back of a taxi, heading impatiently along a road.

The 'phone rings in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers. Craig answers it hesitantly and Debbie comes on, smiling, "Hi, it's me." She's standing in a public 'phone box. She sniffs, "I love you. I'm missing you so much." Craig says quickly, "Come on... don't get so upset, Deb. It's alright. I love you too... Of course: I'm missing you like crazy. How are you coping?" Debbie sobs, "I'm OK. Everyone down here's been a big help - especially Andy: he's down here all of the time." Craig mutters, "Yeah, I bet he is." Debbie adds, "He's a great guy, you know. I'm getting to like him more every day." Looking annoyed, Craig mutters, "Yeah."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Charlie is enthusing to Wayne, "We could have the Mr. World titles there one day - it would be such good publicity!" Wayne smiles, "Too right!" He then indicates the file of papers and asks, "You've read them all through and you understand what each of them means?" Charlie replies, "My solicitor's seen them, darling, and he said everything seems fine." Wayne insists, "Then there's no reason for you not to sign. Let's toast to it, eh? I'll have a scotch." Charlie heads over to the drinks cabinet and pours the drinks, not noticing as Wayne switches one of the pages in the contract for another one... As she then hands him his drink, she sits down and proposes, "To the future." Wayne clinks her glass with his and says, "Cheers!" He then indicates the papers in the file and points out where she has to sign. Charlie asks for a pen and he hands one over. Charlie takes it and smiles, "This is so exciting!" As she begins to sign, there's a knock on the front door. She carries on signing, however, calling out as she does so, "I'm coming. Shan't be a minute!" She completes signing in three places and then heads out to the hallway, leaving Wayne with a broad grin on his face." Charlie opens the front door to find Caroline standing there. She bursts in and says grimly, "Charlie, we have to talk." Charlie smiles, "You got the job? Oh, congratulations! But wait until you hear my news: I've just signed Wayne's paper. I own a gym!" Wayne emerges from the lounge room, a smile on his face. Caroline stands there looking furious.

The front door opens at room 37 at Seabreeze Towers and Ginny walks in hesitantly, calling, "Craig? It's me, Ginny. Look, I'm sorry, OK?" She steps inside, but suddenly spots a sheet of paper lying on the counter. She picks it up and reads, 'Gone back to Melbourne. Have to be with Deb. Sorry.'

Outside, Craig is walking along the street, holding out his hand, trying to hitch a lift. Several vehicles drive straight past him. He carries on walking, though, a determined look on his face...


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