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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

David dashes up the path to the house and calls through the window, "Alison - you've got to get out. The Hopkins' have pulled up again." Alison runs over the window and cries, "They've only been gone fifteen minutes." David helps her through the window and then adds, "Over the fence." He helps her over the fence into the next door garden just as Colin and Jean walk up the path towards their house. David and Alison run across the next door garden and then over the road to David's car. As they do so, David asks, "Did you find anything?" Alison replies, "I'm not sure. I found Colin's diary in the study. Some of the pages looked interesting so I copied them out into my notebook. I was about to do some more when you called." With that, they climb into the car and David starts the engine and drives off.

In room 37 at Seabreeze Towers, Craig is watching Ginny as she unpacks a bag full of frozen food. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Glen walks in. Craig, looking jumpy at the interruption, mutters, "Scare us next time." Glen points out, "It's my afternoon as minder. You hadn't forgotten, had you?" Craig sighs, "Just a bit nervous, I guess." As Ginny makes to leave, Craig hands her an envelope and says, "Can you do something for me? It's a letter to Deb. Drop it in the postbox?" Ginny nods, "Sure." With that, she heads out.

A while later, Ginny is walking down the street outside. She stops by a postbox and pulls the letter out of her bag. She then hesitates and rips the envelope open instead. She pulls out the sheet of paper inside and starts reading it. As she does so, a look of fury crosses her face. After a few seconds, she stuffs the letter back into the envelope and then into her bag.

Caroline is sitting on the couch at Charlie's. Charlie walks in from the hallway and Caroline suggests that they get going. Charlie tells her, "I'll just check to see I've got everything." She starts looking through her handbag, but is interrupted by a knock on the front door. She groans, "I'll get rid of whoever it is and then we can go." She heads to the front door to find well-built, attractive young man standing there, wearing a T-shirt and shorts. She smiles in delight, "Oh, hello!" The young man says, "Good afternoon." Charlie beams, "It certainly is! And what brings you to my doorstep?" The man tells her, "A wonderful offer from your local gymnasium." Charlie smiles, "Then come on in." As they head into the lounge room, Charlie tells Caroline, "I'd like you to meet..." She looks at the man and he tells her, "Grant." Charlie then adds, "Grant works in a gymnasium - and he's going to make us an offer which I'm sure we'll find hard to refuse." She indicates for him to sit down as Caroline raises her eyebrows and asks, "Really? What is it?" Grant tells her, "A free fitness assessment and a complementary first visit to our workout classes - plus a special offer here for a two-for-one membership." He pulls out a pamphlet and hands it to Charlie. Caroline comments, "That does sound impressive, doesn't it, Charlie?" Charlie nods, "It certainly does." She then says to Grant, "Tell me, darling, what sort of gymnasium is this? Not one of those smelly, sweaty places with punching bags?" Grant assures her, "We're more a chrome-and-carpet operation. We also provide free champagne after every workout." Charlie smiles, "How civilised!" She then looks at Caroline and suggests, "Darling, what say we forget our shopping expedition this afternoon and do something good for our bodies, instead?" Caroline smiles, "I'm game if you are!"

Craig is fiddling with a pack of cards in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers. After a few seconds, he stands up, looking annoyed. Glen asks, "What's wrong?" Craig mutters, "Fed up sitting around doing nothing. How long am I supposed to stay cooped up here?" Glen suggests, "How about a bit of exercise? Might help with the boredom." Craig retorts, "Push-ups and running on the spot? No thanks!" Glen, though, tells him, "That wasn't what I had in mind. Do you know how to handle yourself in a tight spot?" Craig asks, "What sort of tight spot?" Glen explains, "When it comes to looking after yourself." He adds, "I thought I might teach you a bit of judo." Craig smiles, "You know judo?! I guess I wouldn't mind learning a few tricks of the trade, yeah! How do we start?" Glen tells him, "You make a run for me and I'll show you where you went wrong." Craig bursts out laughing and says, "I think you might be in for a bit of a surprise!" Glen just murmurs, "I doubt it..." He stands there as Craig runs towards him. He then grabs Craig and turns him over onto the couch. As Craig lies there, staring up at him, Glen says, "You've just had your first lesson, mate: always watch your opponent's feet!"

Charlie and Caroline are wandering through the 'Multi Sport Gym' with one of the instructors. Charlie tells him, "I must say I like your decor." They enter a room where a number of people are cycling on exercise bikes and lifting weights. Caroline comments, "This is where it all happens?" The man nods, "Some of our training equipment. We have spas, showers and changing rooms out the back." Caroline asks, "Do you sell workout clothes?" The man replies, "No - but we keep a range for sale. We're out of stock at the moment, unfortunately. Didn't you bring anything with you?" Caroline admits, "No. I'm afraid not." Charlie, however, smiles, "I thought about it, darling. I've got enough for two!"

Alison is sitting with David at the kitchen table at the country house. She's pointing something out in her notebook and saying, "A series of dates... a number after each date... and a special code for each entry. What does that tell us?" David asks, "How many codes have we got?" He peers at the book and points out, "Blue, gold, diamond, red." Alison adds, "The dates come in a series of four. There are four entries on the 6th, four entries on the 13th, four entries on the 20th..." David comments, "They're all exactly a week apart." He then asks Alison if she's got a diary. Alison reaches into her bag as David comments, "Let's see what day of the week we're talking about." Alison asks, "What month?" David tells her, "June." Alison flips through her diary to June and then says, "Right... the 6th June is a Friday. 13th and 20th... they're a Friday too. What does that tell us?" David, standing up impatiently, shrugs, "I don't know. The day after payday?" Alison asks, "The number after each date. What's that? Amounts of money?" David nods, "Could be. The numbers keep repeating themselves, too." He then says more firmly, "I remember when I was working at the pub: Ted told me that Ruby was always in the money on the Friday - and he couldn't understand it because she had to pay the rent on Thursday." Alison asks, "So where did she get the money on the Friday. Colin?" David, sitting back down with a beer in his hand, comments, "Possible. What about the other codes? How do they come into it?" Alison stares her notebook and then asks, "What's another colour close to red? Scarlet?" David suggests, "Pink." Alison says suddenly, "Ruby. A ruby's red. Right. On 6th June, Colin pays Ruby $100." David looks at her and says, "You might have something there. What about the other codes? Diamond?" Alison suggests, "Maybe Colin knew someone called Lil?!" David chuckles, "Diamond Lil?!" Alison comments, "Maybe she was blackmailing him, too?" David, looking suddenly surprised, remarks, "Blackmail?" Alison points out, "Why else would Colin pay out large sums of money to the woman on a regular basis?" David suggests, "Favours?" Alison, though, insists, "No, no, it has to be blackmail. Colin gets fed up with paying out large sums of money to Ruby every week, so he decides to get rid of her - but he needs a patsy to take the blame. Along comes Craig. Next thing, Ruby's dead. Does that make sense?" David sighs, "In a cold-blooded sort of way. What do we do? Go to the police?" Alison, however, tells him, "No. So far all we've got is purely circumstantial." She then suggests, "Why don't I get Colin on his own and try and gain his confidence? He might let something slip if I work on him hard enough." David looks at her warily as she adds, "Come on - let's go back and see what's happening at the Hopkins household." They head out.

Colin and Jean emerge from their house, Colin saying, "I'd rather stay here with you." Jean retorts, "I'll be perfectly alright." Colin points out curtly, "Jean, we've just had a break-in." Jean mutters, "A coincidence. Nothing was taken. It was probably some kids after a bit of a lark." Colin insists, "It still worries me." Jean, however, tells him, "You just worry about keeping up appearances. The best thing we can do right now is to go on living as though nothing has happened." Colin replies, "Then come back to the club with me." Jean asks, "Why? We've missed lunch. You just go and have your meeting with Bob and Jack. I'll be here when you get back." In his car parked across the road, David comments to Alison, "I thought he was never going to leave." Alison suggests, "Let's follow him and see where he leads us."

A while later, Colin's car pulls up back outside the yacht club. He climbs out and goes to the boot. David pulls up several yards away and Alison says to him, "Wish me luck." David replies, "Good luck. You be careful." Alison says sincerely, "Thanks. I will." With that, she climbs out of the car.

A few seconds later, Colin is about to head into the club when Alison runs over to him, calling, "Colin! Fancy running into you here!" Colin turns to look at her and smiles, "What a coincidence. You meeting someone here, are you?" Alison, however, tells him, "No, no. Actually, I'm on my way back to the car. One of my business partners runs the marina here." Colin nods, "I see." Alison persists, "So - are you glad to be back?" Colin replies uncomfortably, "Yes. Always glad." He then asks, "You down here on business, are you?" Alison nods, "Yes - and I'm seeing some old friends. I'm glad I ran into you again. I'm going to be down here for about three days. Perhaps we could have dinner again? Pick up where we left off in Sydney." Colin says hesitantly, "Actually, I'm a bit busy." Putting on a look of surprise, Alison comments, "Oh. I rather enjoyed our last outing. I thought you had, too." Colin insists quickly, "Yes, I did." He then adds, "On second thoughts, I'd love to come. When are you free?" Alison tells him, "Tonight." Colin smiles, "Fine." Alison, reaching into her handbag, goes on, "I'll give you my address. I'm getting a bit sick of eating in restaurants; I think we should try a bit of home cooking." She begins to write down an address as Colin replies, "As long as you allow me to bring the bottles." Alison nods, "Agreed." She then hands him a sheet of paper and says, "This is a private house." Colin asks, "Will there be anyone else there?" Alison assures him, "No - it belongs to friends. They're overseas at the moment, so it'll just be you and me." Colin smiles, "Fine. I'll look forward to it." Alison tells him, "So will I." With that, she walks off.

A few moments later, as she climbs back into the car, Alison tells David, "All set: dinner for two at Beryl's." David gasps, "Beryl's?" Alison asks, "What's wrong with that? She's up in Sydney at the moment. You have a key to the front door..."

A while later, as David opens the back door of the country house and he and Alison head inside, David snaps, "I still think you're crazy. What happens if you're right and the bloke is the murderer?" Alison insists, "The only way we can prove that - and clear Craig's name - is to get some information out of him. I agree there's an element of risk, but I can't see any alternative. I have to get him on his own and get him talking." David then asks her how she's going to work on Colin. Alison tells him, "Colin has an eye for the ladies, so it shouldn't be too difficult. I also think he's one of those people who, if handled properly, tends to brag - just to show how clever he is." David asks, "And you think he's going to spill the beans on Ruby?" Alison replies, "I think he might let something important slip, yes." David stares at her and then mutters, "Alright. I'll go along with your idea on one condition." Alison sighs, "What's that?" David tells her, "That I come along too. It's OK - I'll stay out of the way; I'll hide in one of the bedrooms. But I am coming along in case something goes wrong." Looking put-out, Alison mutters, "Alright."

At the 'Multi Sport Gym', Charlie is sitting on a machine, trying to raise her legs against the force of a wait. She's panting heavily. The instructor tells her, "Remember: breathe out after the depression." Charlie tries again, but sighs, "That's it. I can't do any more." Caroline wanders in suddenly and asks, "How did it go?" The instructor tells her, "Not too bad - but there's a lot of room for improvement, though." He then suggests, "Why don't you ladies relax in the sauna and spa, and if you decide to sign up for a programme, we'll have a chat afterwards." Charlie smiles, "Wonderful!" With that, the instructor walks off, leaving Caroline to ask Charlie, "How do you feel?" Charlie groans, "Like I've been run over by a bus!" Caroline chuckles and then says, "Have you see the advertisement on the wall?" Charlie replies, "No." Caroline leads her over to look at it and points out, "They're looking for a new aerobics instructor." Charlie laughs, "Thinking of applying, are you, darling?" Caroline, however, tells her, "No, no, not me. But I know somebody who should apply for the job. It would suit them down to the ground..."

A while later, Charlie opens her front door. Glen is standing on the step and she invites him in. He asks how the shopping expedition was. As they head into the lounge room, Charlie replies, "We didn't go. We went to our local gymnasium!" Glen muses, "You never struck me as one for pumping iron, Charlie!" Charlie, however, insists, "Oh no, nothing like that! Not yet, anyway!" Caroline chips in from the couch, "It's a nice place. You'll like it, I'm sure." Charlie tells Glen, "Caroline and I have both signed up for a programme. We feel as if we could do with some toning-up. It makes you feel so good; as if you're doing something worthwhile for yourself." Glen asks suspiciously, "So why the hard sell?" Caroline says quickly, "Charlie, didn't you say you were going to take Isabella for a walk?" Charlie takes the hint and heads out, leaving Caroline to ask Glen, "How was your afternoon?" Glen sits down, replying as he does so, "It was OK. Nothing too exciting. Why?" Caroline says quickly, "Just asking." She pauses and then asks, "What are you going to do about your future, Glen?" Glen stares at her and asks, "Just off the top of my head?" Caroline tells him, "You must have some idea." Glen shrugs, "I don't, actually. I haven't got the faintest idea." Caroline points out, "You can't go through life without some sort of direction." Glen retorts, "I have managed up until now." Caroline insists, "Not very well." Glen just shrugs again and replies, "Something will come up sooner or later, I guess." Caroline pauses and then says, "There's a job going at the gymnasium for an aerobics instructor. Why don't you apply for it? I think you'll be perfect for the job." Glen mutters, "Really?" Caroline goes on, "You're good at sport: all those trophies up at the cabin told me that. Why don't you give it a go? Seems to me you've got nothing to lose." Looking thoughtful, Glen murmurs, "I guess there are worse jobs - and it'll sure keep me in shape." Caroline asks, "You will try for it, then?" Glen replies, "Why not? I'll give anything a go once." Caroline smiles, "Good - and who knows where it might lead...?"

Jean is doing some gardening in the front gardening of the Hopkins house when Colin walks up to her and tells her, "Alison Carr's in town." Jean turns to look at him and asks, "Who?" Colin replies, "The woman I was telling you about: the one who was staying at the boarding house." Jean asks in concern, "Did she see you?" Colin tells her, "She recognised me. Invited me out for dinner. I agreed. I'm not so sure I did the right thing now." Jean asks, "Why not? I told you this afternoon we have to act as if nothing has happened. Besides, running into this woman could be more than just a coincidence. Might pay us to find out what she's up to."

It's late-evening, and Colin is sitting on the couch at Beryl's. Alison offers him another port, but he declines. Alison insists, "Surely one more won't hurt?" Colin, however, tells her, "It might if I have to blow into the bag on the way home." Alison shrugs, "Fair enough." She then says, "Tell me: are you going to build another Opera House and engrave your name for posterity?" Colin, however, chuckles, "No, I don't think so. Does that disappoint you?" Alison replies, "Quite the contrary." Colin asks, "You don't like architects?" Alison tells him, "I don't like posterity." Changing the subject, Colin remarks, "What a happy coincidence that you happened to be in Melbourne." Alison tells him, "I did know you lived here." Colin smiles, "You followed me?" Alison replies, "Let's just say I like to mix business with pleasure." Colin asks, "How long does your business keep you in Melbourne?" Alison tells him, "A few days." Colin suggests, "We should see one another again before you have to go back." Alison asks, "Do you have a number I can contact you? I have quite a bit of running around to do; it might be easier if I call you." Reaching into his wallet, Colin tells her, "I have a business card with a private number on it. You should have no difficulty at all finding me." He hands over a card and Alison smiles, "Good." Colin then stands up and announces, "I must go. Thanks for dinner." As they head out to the hallway, Alison tells him, "I'm glad you liked it: much better than a restaurant and much more private." Colin nods, "It was that. I'll expect your call, then." He then opens the front door and adds, "Goodnight." Alison stares at him and then asks flirtatiously, "Don't I get a goodnight kiss?" Colin smiles, "I think that can be arranged." He then kisses her passionately. When they pull away, Alison smiles, "Goodnight." Colin walks off and Alison closes the door. She then knocks on the bedroom door and calls to David, "It's alright. He's gone." David emerges and comments, "Haven't lost your touch, have you? Can still wrap a man around your little finger." Alison tells him, "Some are easier than others." David remarks, "It's obviously worked this time." Alison nods, "Yes, I think it has. I think I've made the breakthrough I was looking for..."

In the kitchen area in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers, Craig puts some dishes away and then turns to Ginny and says, "Thanks for doing the cooking." Ginny smiles, "My pleasure. Frozen fish and veggies wasn't too bad after all, was it?!" She then asks him, "Are you going to be alright by yourself here tonight?" Craig laughs, "Of course I am. I'm a bit old to be scared of the boogie-man, Ginny!" Ginny tells him, "I just thought I might stay a bit longer, if you wanted; watch some TV together." Craig insists, "I'll be fine. Anyway, it's a long way out to Charlie's; you don't want to be too late getting away." Ginny, accepting this, suggests, "I'd better get gong - I don't want to miss my bus." She picks up her jacket and starts putting it on as Craig asks, "What time will I expect you tomorrow?" Ginny replies, "Oh, around ten. Something like that." Craig goes on, "Thanks for all your help, Ginny - and your company. You've been great." Ginny smiles, "I think so too!" Craig then looks at the coffee table and tells her, "Don't forget your bag." He goes to pick it up, but as he does so, it tips over and the contents fall out. Craig says quickly, "I'm sorry." Ginny dashes over to the bag and tells him, "It's alright. I'll get it. Stupid clip - I've been meaning to get it fixed for ages." As she starts packing the contents back into the bag, Craig asks in surprise, "What's Debbie's letter doing here? You said you'd post it." Ginny replies quickly, "I know. I was going to do it on my way home tonight. I didn't want you to think I'd forgotten, that's all." Craig, however, picks up the letter and comments, "It's been opened." Ginny suggests quickly, "Maybe you didn't seal it properly?" Craig retorts, "Of course I did." He then glares at Ginny and growls, "You read it, didn't you? You didn't post it deliberately. What kind of a person are you, Ginny? This was a private letter between me and Debbie. I trusted you. Why did you do it?" Ginny just stands there, tears welling-up in her eyes. Craig snaps, "Come on - you owe me some kind of explanation." Ginny continues to stare at him and then cries, "I did it because I love you, that's why. Because I love you..." Craig stares at her in shock.


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