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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Glen is talking on the 'phone in the hallway at the mansion, saying, "Good afternoon. I'd like to speak to Russell Coggins, please." Caroline walks in through the front door as Glen asks, "Are you sure?... I see. Is that 18 Waterford Road, Willoughby?" Caroline walks up to him as he mutters, "It's not. Right, I'm sorry to bother you; I was obviously given the wrong information." He hangs up the 'phone, looking annoyed, and then turns to Caroline and exclaims, "It was just a set-up; one big lie from beginning to end." Caroline asks in surprise, "What was?" Glen explains, "The reason I was sacked from the gym." Caroline asks, "What are you talking about?" Glen tells her, "There was this guy working out at the gym, right? Doing his exercises, not causing any problems... knows how to use the equipment... Suddenly he starts screaming blue murder; reckons he's hurt himself. Wayne turns up later in the day, grinning like a Cheshire cat, reckons it's all my fault and the guy's suing for negligence." Caroline asks, "Why was it your fault?" Glen mutters, "Bad management. I should have been supervising more closely." He goes on angrily, "I'm positive there was nothing wrong with this guy. It was all just a put-on. I checked out his original application and guess what? False name and false address. Does that sound like a con job to you?" Caroline muses, "Anything Wayne's tied up with has to be a con job just by definition." Glen sighs, "I liked what I was doing. I did it well. There was no reason to sack me so Wayne went out and found one. It was just pure spite." Caroline remarks, "He doesn't change, does he?" She then goes on, "If you want your job back, Glen, I'll do anything I can to help." Glen replies, "Thanks - but I don't know what we can do. I've run up against a brick wall trying to find the injured party." Caroline, however, murmurs, "Maybe not... look, you stay here and look after the mansion - I'm supposed to take care of it when Janice is not around - and I'll go off to the gym and see what I can find out." Glen asks, "What do you have in mind?" Caroline tells him, "I don't know yet - but I'm sure to think of something..."

Wayne is sitting on the reception desk at the gym, wearing a tracksuit. He has the 'phone to his ear and is saying, "If you hear of anyone, let me know... Thanks. Be much obliged." He hangs up as Janice walks in. She smiles, "Hello, Wayne. Taken over Glen's job, have you?" Wayne just mutters, "Someone has to fill in 'til I can find a replacement." Janice asks in surprise, "What happened to Glen?" Wayne replies, "I had to let him go." Janice, looking surprised, asks, "Why?" Wayne, however, just picks up the 'phone and starts dialling another number, muttering, "We'll talk about it later." Janice growls, "We certainly will." With that, she marches off to get changed. On the 'phone, Wayne starts saying, "Yes. Hello. My name's Wayne Hamilton. I run a gymnasium--" He breaks off as a female hand is placed suddenly on the receiver and cuts him off. It's Caroline and she snaps, "I want to talk to you." Wayne retorts, "Take a seat and wait your turn: I was making a 'phone call." Caroline, however, suggests "Maybe I should talk to Susan instead." Wayne mutters, "About what?" Caroline says, "You sacking Glen." Wayne shrugs, "Go for you life. I've got nothing to hide." Caroline growls, "Other than the fact that you orchestrated the entire affair right from the beginning?" Wayne insists, "Glen has no one to blame but himself. He simply wasn't up to the job. 'Incompetent' is the word that springs to mind." Caroline retorts dismissively, "Rubbish." Wayne suggests nastily, "Then you prove otherwise, sweetheart..."

Glen is sitting at the desk in Fiona's room at the mansion, talking on the 'phone, saying, "I don't know where Craig is, Deb. He disappeared sometime yesterday afternoon and no one's seen him since. Sorry." Debbie is standing in the kitchen at the country house. Andy is standing behind her, listening as she cries, "Then where is he?" She listens and then says, "He hasn't called me; that's why I'm ringing you... He can't just disappear. Are you sure you don't know? I keep getting the feeling I'm being kept in the dark over something." She listens again before saying, "Yeah, alright - but if he does show, can you let me know? Thanks." She hangs up, reluctantly. Andy asks immediately, "No go?" Debbie sighs, "He says he hasn't got the faintest idea. I'm just fed-up with being the last to be told everything. I think I'll talk to David: he'll know what's going on." She goes to head out. Andy, however, tells her, "You'll have a wait on your hands - it'll be hours before he gets back." He then suggests, "We could try Alison: whatever Dave knows, he probably told her." Debbie snaps, "Of course. Why not? Tell everyone except Debbie. She's not important." Andy just sighs, "She's over at Albert Park." Debbie heads out. Andy follows her.

A short time later, Debbie and Andy walk up to the front door at Beryl's. Debbie knocks on the door and Andy peers in through the window. Debbie knocks again. There's no answer. Debbie then takes a key out of her bag and Andy asks her in surprise how long she's had that. Debbie explains, "Ever since Beryl gave me one - I used to live here, remember?" They head inside just as the 'phone starts ringing. Andy asks warily, "Should we answer it?" Debbie nods, "Yeah - it could be David." She goes and picks it up and says, "Hello?" She listens and then says, "Alison's not here at the moment. Could I take a message?" The caller is Colin Hopkins. He's standing in a public callbox and he replies, "Yes, if you don't mind. Could you tell her I can't make it for lunch? I have some interviews to do; they're only for a clerical position but I just can't put them off, unfortunately. Could you tell her I'll call her tonight?" At Beryl's, Debbie says, "Certainly. And who shall I say is calling?" She listens and a look of shock crosses her face. She then says quickly, "Thanks very much - I'll let Alison know about that. OK. Bye." She hangs up and, turning to Andy, says, "You'll never guess who that was." Andy asks, "Who?" Debbie replies, "Colin - cancelling lunch with Alison because he has to interview people for a job; a clerical assistant. How about that, hey? What better way to find things out about the guy than to work for him?" Andy stares at her and growls, "You're crazy. Forget it, Deb; it's not on." Debbie insists, "I'll do whatever I want to do." Andy, however, retorts, "No way - you're not going to go anywhere near that guy. Do you understand?" Debbie just glares at him. She then murmurs, "Maybe you're right, then. I do tend to get carried away at times, don't I?" She adds, "It's late. I think I should forget about waiting for Alison. In fact, I should get back to the restaurant before I get the sack." Andy tells her, "I'll drop you off, if you like." Debbie, however, insists, "That's OK - I'll catch a tram. Thanks, but, well, you know... putting up with me and all my wild ideas." Andy comments, "Just as long as you're thinking straight now." Debbie assures him, "I am." Andy smiles, "Good." With that, he heads out, leaving Debbie standing looking thoughtful...

A while later, Debbie is standing near the entrance to the depot when she spots Colin Hopkins approaching. She dashes over to him, smiling, "Mr. Hopkins. I was just talking to your secretary inside: she said you'd be here shortly." Colin stares at her and asks, "What can I do for you?" Debbie tells him, "It's about the job: I heard you were wanting a clerical assistant. I was wondering if I could try out for it." Colin demands, "Why?" Debbie replies, "I need a job. I'm very good at that sort of work, too - I've had lots of experience. All I'm asking for is an interview; I don't expect you to give me the job right on the spot." Colin stares at her and then smiles, "Alright. I'll give you an interview..."

Craig and Ginny are walking along a beaten track, past a ramshackle old barn. Ginny sighs, "Where are we?" Craig retorts, "I haven't got a clue." Ginny asks, "Don't you have a map?" Craig snaps, "Oh yeah, Ginny, I carry one around with me in my hip pocket." Ginny mutters, "We should never have accepted that last lift. I don't like this place, Craig: it's spooky." Craig points out, "It's just an old barn." Ginny sighs, "Are we going to walk all night, because it's getting late and at least here we can find a bit of shelter." Craig looks round and then replies, "OK. Seeing we don't know the roads, we'll probably end up getting more lost than we already are. Let's see what we can find." With that, he heads off towards the barn. Ginny follows him.

Janice is standing with Glen in Fiona's room at the mansion, crying, "It's just not fair. There was no need to fire you. A place like a gymnasium would be insured against lawsuits." Glen sighs, "That would have been too complicated. When this Coggins character said he'd be happy with medical expenses and my dismissal, he gave Wayne an out. Simple as that, Janice: the lesser of two evils." Janice mutters, "It's still not fair, whatever Wayne's reasoning." At that moment, Caroline walks in, announcing, "I'm back!" She then spots Janice standing there and smiles, "Hello, Janice." Janice replies, "Hello, Caroline. Glen's just been telling me about losing his job." Caroline nods, "Yes, it was a bit of bad luck, wasn't it?" Janice goes on, "If I hadn't just signed up for six months, I'd go elsewhere." She then adds, "I'm going again this afternoon." Caroline queries, "Twice in one day?" Janice lectures, "One has to push oneself to the limit, Caroline - that's the only way to achieve results." With that, she adds, "I'll see you both later," and she heads out. When she's gone, Glen asks Caroline, "How did you go?" They sit down as Caroline sighs, "Not too good, I'm afraid. Rush these things like a bull at a gate and you always come to grief." Glen mutters, "Back to square one." Caroline asks, "Are you sure you can't remember anything that might help us to find him? You know: anything he said?" Glen, looking thoughtful, declares suddenly, "He had a nickname: 'Bullet'. That's right: he used to be a boxer. I remember him bragging about it to someone at the gym." Caroline muses, "A boxer who goes by the nickname of 'Bullet'. That should narrow the field down a bit." Glen murmurs, "Yeah, it does. I'll find him, too. There aren't too many places where people can box." He stands up and starts flicking through the Yellow Pages on the desk. Caroline points out, "He knows you; he's not going to do or say anything that might show him up as a fake if he knows you're on to him." Glen sighs, "I guess not." Caroline, however, suggests, "What say I go to these gyms and search for Bullet?" Glen points out, "You're always doing the dirty work." Caroline insists, "I don't mind. Really. You've spent a lot of time and effort helping me out recently; just look at it as simply returning the favour. I'll go to the gyms and find Mr. Coggins. I'll get a camera and pose as a journalist or something, and I'll get some shots of him that'll prove that he's no more injured than you or I..."

At the 'Multi Sport Gym', Janice finishes a set of exercises on one of the machines and then groans to herself, "One more set to go." Wayne is fixing an exercise bike nearby, and he calls over, "Come on: no slacking!" He walks over to her as she asks, "How are you going finding a new supervisor?" Wayne tells her, "There's a bloke out the front filling in an application form now. An employment agency sent him over." Janice asks, "Think he'll be any good?" Wayne just shrugs, "We'll have to wait and see. Certainly got the right build for it. I'm a bit worried about upstairs, though: think he's got the lights on but there's nobody home!" Janice mutters, "Don't be cruel!" Wayne then comments, "You really like working out here, don't you?" Janice enthuses, "I love it! Everyone should be doing it." Wayne goes on, "You don't have a job at the moment, do you?" Janice, however, retorts, "Two: working at the mansion while Aunt Fiona's away and casual teaching - when the need arises." Wayne says, "In your teaching course, do you have to do P.E.... sports... that sort of thing?" Janice nods, "Naturally." Wayne goes on, "How would you feel about a real job? Full time. How would you like to be a fitness instructor?" Janice asks in surprise, "Glen's old position?" Wayne nods, "Yeah." Janice retorts, "I couldn't possibly. I'd feel as if I was taking advantage of what I regard as his unfair dismissal. Anyway, I couldn't just walk out of my job at the mansion." Wayne tells her, "I realise you do a good job over there, but even you've got to admit it's not very demanding. Seems to me you're just wasting your talents. What you need is a job that's more challenging." Janice comments, "Like working for you?" Wayne asks, "Why not? Let's face it: the mansion practically runs itself. And you're a darn good administrator - I know that for a fact." Janice, however, tells him, "I'd still feel guilty taking Glen's job." Wayne insists, "I had no option other than to let him go. If I'd gone to court, it would've cost me a fortune." Janice snaps, "Rubbish. Your insurance would've covered you." Wayne tells her, "If I had insurance. When I took over the place, I assumed that it had all been paid up - but it hadn't. It's all fixed up now, but I wasn't covered at the time. I honestly didn't have any choice, Janice. I didn't want to fire Glen - but it was either that or see the business go under, and I thought I had a responsibility to all the people who had paid good money for their classes. I didn't want to see them lose out." Janice comments, "I didn't know it was that involved." Wayne nods, "Well it was. That's the full story. What do you say?" Janice asks, "When would I be starting?" Wayne tells her, "Now. This afternoon." Janice pauses and then smiles, "Alright!" Wayne exclaims, "Great!" With that, he jogs off out to reception, leaving Janice with a broad grin on her face.

Andy is dialling a number on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house. When it's answered, he says, "Oh, good afternoon. Is Debbie Halliday there, please?" He listens and then asks in surprise, "What do you mean? She works there." He listens again and then asks, "She didn't 'phone to say what was wrong?... No, it's OK. I just wanted to see if she wanted to be picked up after work... No, nothing important... Bye." With that, he hangs up. He then walks over and heads out through the back door - to find Debbie walking around the corner onto the courtyard. She smiles, "Hello!" Andy tells her curtly, "I was just about to come looking for you." Debbie, heading inside, comments, "I saved you the trip, then, didn't I?" As Andy follows her back into the kitchen, he asks, "Where you been?" Debbie tells him, "At work." Andy snaps, "Bull." Debbie insists, "I have." Andy growls, "I rang your restaurant, Debbie. You went after that job with Hopkins, didn't you?" Debbie nods guiltily as she replies, "Got it, too. I start tomorrow." Andy sighs, "Debbie..." Debbie insists, "Nothing's going to happen to me." Andy, however, cries, "You don't know that. You are dealing with a madman. Colin Hopkins kills people. Why do it?" Debbie smiles weakly and says, "I know you care about me, Andy, and I appreciate that, honestly, but I love Craig. I guess when you love someone you do whatever you can to get them out of trouble. So please don't worry." Andy just tells her, "I do worry, Deb. I worry a lot."

Ginny is sitting in the ramshackle barn. She takes off her hat and shakes out her hair. She then takes off her earrings as Craig joins her and asks, "Hungry? I found some oranges - a couple of trees up the back." He sits down with her as she sighs, "Seems like we've been on the road for ages." Craig asks, "Sorry you came?" Ginny, however, retorts, "I didn't say that; I just said we've been on the move for a while. I reckon I've spent most of my life on the run - from something or other. Think I'd be used to it by now, wouldn't you?" Craig comments, "You wouldn't have been on the run when you were a kid, would you?" Ginny tells him, "My mum and dad were - and I was dragged along with them. Moving house all the time... landlords chasing us for back-rent... dad finding a new job somewhere... Never settled anywhere for too long. Got jack of it when I was about 13 and split. Never had anything permanent, when I think about it." Craig murmurs, "That's sad." Ginny mutters, "Not something you brag about to your friends, is it?" Craig then says, "What happened between us in Sydney... do you think that was because you were trying to look for something permanent?" Ginny snaps quickly, "No." Craig tells her, "I'm sorry. I was just asking." Ginny retorts, "Don't. It's none of your business." Craig persists, "You said you loved me; if that doesn't make it--" Ginny interrupts and snaps, "Don't go on about it." Craig insists, "It's something we have to figure out. Not talking isn't going to solve anything." Ginny just cries, "I don't want to talk about it, OK? I wish I'd never set eyes on you. I mean, you're not that crash hot; I don't know what Debbie sees in you anyway. Why I let you drag me half way round Australia, I'll never know." Craig reaches suddenly into his knapsack and pulls out a sleeping bag. Ginny demands, "What are you doing?" Craig retorts, "I'm getting ready to bed down. It's getting dark." Ginny picks up her own bag and goes and hangs it up on a nail in a wooden supporting pole nearby. She goes and undoes her own sleeping bag and lies down next to Craig.

In Sydney, Caroline is standing outside a building signposted 'Rex Morgan's Boxing Gym'. The door opens suddenly and a man walks out. A few seconds later, another man goes to walk in, and Caroline says quickly, "Excuse me. That's Rex Morgan's Boxing Club in there, is it?" The man nods, "That's right. Thinking of signing up for a few rounds, are you, lady?!" Caroline, however, smiles, "No. My name's Carol Smith. I'm a journalist. My editor wants me to do a piece on boxing." The man comments, "Looks like you've come to the right place, then." Caroline asks, "You're a boxer, are you?" The man nods, "Yeah - Mike Westlake. They call me 'The Enforcer'." Caroline remarks, "It seems every boxer has a nickname." Westlake replies, "Just about." Caroline goes on, "There's another fellow called... 'Bullet', isn't there?" Westlake smiles, "Yeah, I know Bullet. Hasn't had a fight for ages, though. Generally works as a sparring partner for a few of the blokes on the way up." Caroline comments, "Maybe I should talk to him; he might give me some good stories. Do you know if he ever comes here, boxing, by any chance?" Westlake nods, "Yeah, he usually comes in here a couple of times a week. He might be here now. I'll introduce you to him, if he is." Caroline, however, says quickly, "No. Well, not for the moment, anyway. I'll just walk around... take some shots... soak-in the atmosphere before I do any interviews. I just don't want him to be disappointed in case I don't use him, you understand?" Westlake assures her, "Won't say a word." He then adds, "Shall we go up?" Caroline smiles, "Why not?" With that, they head inside.

It's early evening, and at the 'Multi Sport Gym', Caroline places several photos of an exercising Bullet Bronowski on the reception desk and growls, "Recognise anyone, Wayne?" A look of guilt crosses Wayne's face as Caroline goes on, "Your friend: Bullet. Doesn't look as though he's suffering from any sort of physical injury, does he?" Glen is standing with her as Wayne asks, "Where did you get these?" Caroline explains, "I took them in a boxing gym - this afternoon." Glen chips in, "Seems he had everyone fooled, doesn't it? Even you. Well, I mean, he must have: you gave me the sack on the strength of his so-called injuries." Wayne says meekly, "I can only go on what he told me." Glen, however, snaps, "Sure." Wayne insists, "I had no reason not to believe him." Caroline asks calmly, "What are you going to do about it?" Wayne retorts, "What do you want me to do about it? Threaten him with legal action for telling lies?" Glen says curtly, "How about giving me my job back?" Wayne mutters reluctantly, "Sure. Come here tomorrow." Glen says, "Thankyou." Caroline adds, "I'm pleased you're being sensible about this, Wayne. A 'win on points', you might say!" With that, she and Glen head out. As they do so, Janice emerges from the main room and joins Wayne in reception. She comments, "You don't look too happy." Wayne tells her, "I've got bad news for you, Janice: you're back to managing the mansion." Janice glares at him, looking annoyed.

It's the next morning, and Debbie emerges from an office at Colin Hopkins' depot, holding a clipboard. She walks over to some boxes - and then spots Andy standing next to a truck parked nearby. Looking furious, she hisses, "What do you think you're doing?" Andy, walking over to her, retorts, "Keeping an eye on you." Debbie snaps, "Just go away." Andy, however, retorts, "No." Debbie pleads, "Andy... I think it's very sweet you're worrying about me but right now you're just getting boring." Andy tells her, "I have a feeling something's going to go wrong this morning." Debbie gasps in disbelief, "Rubbish. Just leave, would you?" Andy, however, retorts, "No way. I'm staying right here." Debbie insists curtly, "I am capable of looking after myself, thankyou very much - and if you don't go right now, you can just forget about our friendship." Andy stares at her as she adds, "Right now, you're just sticking your nose in where it's not wanted, understood?" Andy mutters, "If you get into strife, call me." Debbie snaps, "Yes, alright. I'll call." With that, Andy walks off. Debbie stands there, a look of fury on her face. After a few seconds, though, it dissolves into a smile of relief at Andy's caring nature.

Ginny wakes up in the barn to find Craig rolling up his sleeping bag. She looks at him and demands, "Why didn't you wake me?" Craig tells her, "I've been trying to, the last half an hour." With that he picks up his sleeping bag and his knapsack and heads outside. Ginny stares at him and yells, "Wait a sec, Craig. You can't leave me here in the middle of nowhere." Craig just keeps walking." Ginny leaps out of her sleeping bag and goes to remove her bag from the nail it's hanging on. She finds it's stuck, though, and she tugs at it to try and get it down, snapping, "Come on, dammit." All of a sudden, there's a creaking noise, and the pillar begins to give way. Craig turns at the noise and watches in horror as a beam the pillar was supporting begins to fall and then knocks Ginny to the floor. He dashes back into the barn, where Ginny cries, "I'm trapped." The long, thick beam is lying on top of her. Craig asks anxiously, "Are you hurt?" Ginny tells him, "I don't think so; not badly. This wood weighs a ton..." Craig starts trying to raise it. He places his arms under the beam and says, "I'll start lifting. You push as hard as you can, OK?" He then tries to lift up the beam, but it's too heavy and he can't move it. Ginny cries, "Come on! You've got to lift it, Craig." After a few seconds, a puffed-looking Craig mutters, "I can't." Ginny, looking horrified, cries, "Oh God..."


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