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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Gordon is sitting on the couch inside, looking at a magazine, when Wayne and Susan walk in, Wayne saying, "There's no point arguing about it: we don't have a choice." Susan snaps back, "Of course we have a choice." Wayne demands, "What: bring a child into the world who'll spend half his life in an insane asylum?" Susan cries, "The chances of that happening are--" Wayne interrupts her and retorts, "Susan, we can't take the risk." Susan cries, "You don't even care." Wayne insists calmly, "Of course I care. Put yourself in his shoes for a second: at middle-age, his life becomes the most miserable existence possible - and what would you say to the people who could have prevented that from happening?" Susan snaps, "You keep thinking of the worst." Wayne retorts, "That's what we have to think of." Susan, however, cries, "No it's not. We should be thinking of the best: all the good things that could happen. I'm not giving up on our baby, Wayne. No matter what you say, I'm going to have him or her and that's all there is to it." With that, she runs out. Wayne goes to run after her. Gordon, however, says quickly, "Let her go." Wayne insists, "She's not thinking straight." Gordon just repeats, "Let her go. It's going to be quite some time before either you or Susan can talk sensibly about the baby. Give her time, and you take yours. It'll be better for both of you."

The picnic party is walking back up to the front door outside. Janice indicates the verandah of the homestead suddenly and says, "Look, Wayne's back. He must have sorted out that lovers' tiff with Susan." Wayne and Gordon are emerging from the house and Gordon smiles, "How was the picnic?" Charlie declares, "Wonderful, darling." Owen then tells Wayne, "You and I have a lot of details to finalise yet with the Reserve." Wayne replies, "We will, later." Owen asks impatiently, "When later?" Wayne retorts, "When I say so. Alright?" He walks off. There's a tense silence for several seconds, which Janice breaks by suggesting that they go and rinse out the dishes. Beryl asks Janice if she can take Robert. She hands him over and adds, "I'll be back in a minute."

A short time later, Wayne is standing inside, in the lounge room, saying curtly, "It must've been a tough decision, Beryl." Beryl asks, "What must've?" Wayne replies, "Coming up to Sydney. Staying under the same roof as me. I gather you've heard about my disease?" Beryl nods, "Possible disease. Yes, Fiona told me." Wayne comments, "Must've made your day: Wayne finally getting what he deserves." Beryl stares at him and then insists, "I don't think that way, Wayne. I don't particularly like you and I doubt I ever will, but I wouldn't wish Huntington's disease on anyone." Wayne spits, "Spare me the pity, Beryl; I couldn't stand it, particularly coming from you." Beryl tells him, "You might not have to: from what I hear, the chances of you getting the disease are rather slim." Wayne stares at her and demands, "Why are you here?" Beryl replies, "Because Susan asked me. You're both going through a difficult time and I want to do what I can to help." Wayne mutters, "Let me guess: you're going in to bat for your daughter, right? You're just as much in favour of her having the baby as she is." Beryl points out, "That's what marriage is all about: having families." Wayne retorts, "Sure - if that's the right thing to do. But it's not the be all and end all." Beryl tells him, "It's what Susan wants; I know that much. She's always wanted a family." Wayne remarks sourly, "That would certainly explain one or two things, wouldn't it?" Beryl asks, "Such as?" Wayne retorts, "Like the way she refuses to even think about not having the baby. I reckon it's the only reason why she married me." Beryl sighs, "Of course it isn't: she loves you." Wayne growls, "Maybe she just loves the idea of having a family? Maybe I'm just the means to an end...?"

A while later, Beryl is standing in the kitchen with Susan, saying, "Wayne's certainly upset at the thought of you going ahead with the pregnancy." Susan sighs, "I know - but I'm not giving in. Do you think he'll ever change his mind?" Beryl replies, "He might - if we go about convincing him the right way." Susan asks, "We?" Beryl smiles reassuringly, "I'm in your corner, darling; I'll do whatever you want." She then adds, "Whatever it is, it'll have to be soon because for some reason he's got it into his head that you don't love him any more." Susan cries, "That's crazy." Beryl goes on, "He seems to think you're more in love with the idea of having a family than you are with him." Susan insists, "They go together, mum; they're not two things you can separate." Beryl nods, "You know that and I know that - but right now Wayne doesn't. So we have to convince him that having the baby is the right thing to do." Susan asks, "How do we do that?" Beryl smiles, "Simple: we show him the joys of fatherhood..."

Colin Smith is pacing the corridor at the mansion. He pauses and listens outside Fiona's door. There's suddenly a noise behind him and Alison walks in. Looking surprised to see Colin standing there, she smiles curtly, "And what can we do for you this time?" Colin says quickly, "Actually, I was looking for the laundry." Alison comments, "Outside the manager's office?" Colin nods, "I thought it might be around here someplace." Alison, looking at his empty hands, asks, "You have laundry to do, have you?" Colin replies quickly, "Not with me, no; it's upstairs - I thought I'd check out the facilities first. Can you help me?" Alison retorts, "The laundry's out the back, where you'd expect it to be." Colin smiles, "Of course. I should've checked there first." With that, he walks off. Glen walks in suddenly through the front door. Alison says to him immediately, "He's here, isn't he? He's here in the boarding house." Glen asks 'innocently', "Who?" Alison retorts, "Craig." Glen blusters quickly, "I don't know. I shouldn't think so. It's not the safest place--" Alison, however, interrupts and mutters, "Come on, Glen - don't try and talk your way out of it. He's here, right? Whereabouts?" Glen sighs, "I'm not supposed to say. No one's even supposed to know." Alison comments, "Alright, let me guess: Fiona's flat. Seems the most obvious place." Glen sighs heavily. Alison then goes on, "There's someone else looking for him, you realise? At least, I think so." Glen asks in surprise, "Who?" Alison replies, "One of the residents: I caught him hanging around outside Fiona's door. Yesterday, I caught him snooping around outside May's bedsit. Now, he could be casing the joint for a robbery or he could be looking for someone. If Craig is in Fiona's flat, I'd say he's pretty close to finding him. It's time you told me what the secret is, don't you think?"

A short time later, in Fiona's room, Fiona is saying tersely, "Colin Smith is a perfectly respectable architect from Melbourne." Glen, however, tells her, "Alison has caught this guy snooping on two separate occasions. Doesn't that at least make you a little bit suspicious?" Fiona retorts, "No, not necessarily. Since when does a resident looking for the laundry constitute snooping?" Alison sighs, "What about him being in May's bedsit? If he'd found the bookcase door he could have walked right in on you." Fiona retorts, "If we assume that he knew the bookcase came into my flat - and I very much doubt that he knew that. Look, I appreciate your concern, I really do, but let's not get trigger-happy. If we are to suspect someone like Colin, we've got to suspect everybody else in the building." At that moment, Craig emerges from his bedroom. Everyone turns to look at him. Fiona asks him if he managed some sleep. Craig nods, "I managed a doze." He sits down and comments to Fiona, "You said something about a Colin..." Fiona nods, "Yes, Colin Smith. Why, do you know him?" Craig replies, "No, no. The only Colin I know was Jean Hopkins' husband." Alison remarks, "It's not exactly an original alias, but maybe he's not that clever?" Glen mutters, "Clever enough to be on the spot." Fiona asks Craig, "What does this Colin Hopkins look like?" Craig shrugs, "It's been a few years; I'm not sure. Er... he was quite a tall man... strong build... grey hair..." Alison nods quickly, "That fits." Fiona, however, sighs, "Come on, Alison, it fits my brother, too. It fits a hundred men; it doesn't prove anything." Glen, however, asks, "What if she's right? Do we take the risk of there being a spy in the camp?" Fiona hesitates and then sighs, "No we don't. OK, where do we look for another hiding place?" Glen asks, "What about Charlie's?" Alison, however, tells him, "No, no, the police have been there once already; they're just as likely to come back." She then suggests, "The Hamilton house. No one's there and it's the last place anyone would think of looking." With that, she reaches into her handbag, takes out a key and says to Glen, "You go with him, Glen. You take this front door key and just make sure you stay out of sight." Glen comments, "You do realise I'm not supposed to go anywhere near the Hamiltons'? What if Gordon or Wayne find out?" Alison, however, retorts, "Who's going to tell them?"

It's dark when the front door opens at Dural and Glen and Craig step inside. Glen has a torch to light the way and the two of them head into the lounge room. Craig looks round and remarks in awe, "I didn't realise this place was such a mansion. Must have cost a fortune." Glen murmurs, "Yeah, well the Hamiltons aren't short of a bob. They know how to use it, too." Craig asks, "What do you mean?" Glen replies bitterly, "They can buy things, can't they? You know: people... influence... anything to get what they want... or who they want." He turns his torch onto a photo taken of Susan at her wedding to Wayne and mutters, "An ordinary bloke doesn't stand a chance." Craig picks up the photo and, indicating Susan, asks, "Do you count her as a Hamilton?" Glen, however, replies, "No. She's too good." He then sighs, "Come on, I'll show you round the rest of the house - but remember: no lights. We don't want any suspicious neighbours calling the cops."

Alison is looking out through the window of Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona asks, "Is his car still there?" Alison nods, "Unfortunately, yes." Fiona shrugs, "He has to go out for dinner sooner or later, so we won't have too much longer to wait." She then takes down a key from the board by the door and Alison asks, "Is that a spare key to his room?" Fiona nods, "Sure is - and as soon as he disappears, I am going to do a bit of snooping on my own; I'll find out whether I have a Colin Hopkins or a Colin Smith as my latest guest." All of a sudden, they hear May's voice wailing, "Fiona!" Alison muses to Fiona, "If I were you, I'd have that bookcase nailed-up!" May walks in through the door from her room, smiling, "Fiona, dear, I have the most wonderful news!" She sits down on the couch. Fiona says hesitantly, "Look, May, dear, I am very busy at the moment--" May, however, interrupts and tells her, "Not as busy as you're going to be. You and I are going to London! Isn't it exciting!" Fiona looks at Alison as May goes on enthusiastically, "After today's interview, I'm going to be turned into a celebrity! They loved everything I had to say: all my stories and anecdotes about how it used to be in Australia during the Forties... so, they're sending me on a lecture tour to England! And you're coming too - as my secretary!" Fiona stares at her blankly and demands, "Since when?" May enthuses, "The promoters are paying for everything. You'll even have a living allowance. It's all been organised." Fiona, however, retorts, "You can just un-organise it. I've got far more important things on my plate at the moment than to go globetrotting with you as your secretary." May, looking surprised, comments, "I thought you'd be pleased." Fiona tells her, "I am pleased - for you. Now look: you go to London; I just can't drop everything at the moment." May demands, "Why not?" Fiona replies, "Because. Now look, May, if you don't mind, I really am very busy." Looking put-out, May stands up and mutters, "Sorry. If I'd known, I wouldn't have interrupted." With that, she storms off back to her room." Alison calls over to Fiona from the window, "He's getting into his car now." Fiona stands up quickly and, heading for the door to her room, replies, "Good. Let's go."

Out in the corridor, Fiona and Alison approach the stairs, Fiona saying, "You keep a look-out, huh?" Alison replies, "And you be careful: don't leave anything out of place." Fiona assures her, "He'll never know I've been there." With that, she heads upstairs. Alison sits down on the bottom step - and jumps suddenly as Colin comes back in and smiles, "Evening!" Looking shocked, Alison jumps up and comments, "I thought I just saw you drive off." Colin nods, "You did. I got down the road a hundred yards and realised I'd left my wallet behind." Glancing up the stairs quickly, Alison tells Colin, "Oh, well, er, look, I could lend you some money." Colin, however, assures her, "That's alright: I've got plenty upstairs." Alison says quickly, "No, no, what I mean is I'd like to buy you dinner - by way of apologising for the way I spoke to you this afternoon about the laundry - and yesterday, outside May's bedsit. I'm afraid I get a bit carried away at times, especially when I've had a bad day. So, would you be my guest?" At that moment, Caroline walks up to them and says curtly, "Hello, Alison." Alison just nods, "Hello, Caroline." She looks back at Colin and goes on, "There's a very nice little place round the corner. Italian." Caroline asks Alison, "Is Fiona in?" Alison replies, "Yes." She then corrects quickly, "Er no, no." Colin tells Alison, "I must say, I'd be delighted to join you for dinner." Alison smiles, "Then let's go, shall we?" Caroline asks Alison again, "Is Fiona in or isn't she?" Alison mutters, "For goodness' sake, Caroline, I don't know. Why don't you go and look for yourself?" Colin says to Alison, "I must fetch my wallet first. I don't like the idea of the lady paying." He starts heading upstairs, but Alison blusters, "No, no, it's alright, really. I'd also like to discuss some renovations with you. You did say you were an architect." From the top of the stairs, Colin nods, "That's right." Alison asks, "Where from?" Colin replies, "Melbourne." Alison continues quickly, "As you can see, this is rather an old house and has massive potential for renovation. Perhaps you'd like to discuss it with me?" Colin pauses and then comments, "Well, I suppose we could talk over a few ideas - in general terms." Alison declares, "Good. Well, then it's going to be me picking your brains; the least you can do is let me buy you dinner. Plus, you never know... a couple of bottles of wine could make the evening quite interesting..." Colin stares at her and then starts walking downstairs, smiling, "You've convinced me." Caroline mutters slyly to Alison, "When everything else fails, mmm, Alison?" Alison retorts, "There's no reason why business has to be all work and no play - is there, Colin?" Colin replies, "My sentiments exactly." Alison, looking at Caroline, adds sourly, "I don't think you're in any position to be throwing stones." With that, she adds, "Goodnight," and she and Colin head out. As they do so, Fiona comes back downstairs. Finding Caroline standing there, she smiles, "Are you looking for me?" Caroline replies, "Only to say hello." Fiona then asks, "Have you seen Alison?" Caroline replies, "She just went out with someone. Obviously back on form..." Fiona asks in concern, "Colin?" Caroline nods, "I think that's what she called him." Fiona says quickly, "Oh, well, I wouldn't be too hard on her - there was obviously a very good reason why she'd want to get Mr. Smith out of the building." Caroline asks, "Why? What's going on?" Fiona, however, tells her, "I can't really say - but don't worry: it'll all come out in the wash - sooner or later..."

The next morning, Glen serves Craig with some breakfast at the Hamiltons' new dining table. He then sits down himself. Before he has even started eating, though, there's a knock on the front door. Craig looks at Glen in concern. The knocking is repeated. After a few seconds, Fiona calls, "Glen, it's me." Glen goes to answer the door and lets Fiona in. They head into the lounge room, where Fiona smiles, "Hello, Craig. How are you two making out?" Glen tells her, "We're doing OK. We'll have to get a few supplies in today." Fiona listens and then announces, "I went through Colin's room last night." Craig asks, "Did you find out about his last name?" Fiona nods, "I sure did. It's 'Hopkins'." Craig comments, "I don't get it. What's he doing here with a false name?" Fiona replies, "Looking for you, of course." Craig asks, "Why?" Fiona suggests, "Obviously, he has something to do with the murder and the attempt to frame you." Craig insists, "I can't believe it. He's made of money. Why would he want to kill mum? What's the point?" Fiona tells him, "That's what we've got to find out - and then we can go to the police."

Beryl is feeding Robert in the kitchen at the Woombai homestead. Susan is standing with her, and Beryl asks her to take over the feeding as she has to get the washing out of the washing machine. She walks off. Susan puts on a cute voice and says to Robert, "Now, you're going to be a good boy and eat all your breakfast for Susan!" Wayne looks on from the kitchen table as Susan spoons some food into Robert's mouth." After a few seconds, Susan indicates the bowl and says to Wayne, "Darling, could you hold this food? It might make it easier." Wayne, however, retorts, "You can manage." Susan insists, "I think it would help if you did." Wayne snaps, "Says who? Beryl? I know what you're doing: getting me to play fathers with Robert and I might change my mind about my own son." Susan cries, "That's not true." Wayne, however, growls, "Bull it isn't. You and your mother have had your heads together since she arrived. Well, you've wasted your time. My mind's made up: we're not having that baby."

At Dural, Glen hands Craig a plate of sandwiches, telling him, "I got some peanut butter, some banana and sliced ham. That should keep us going." They go to start eating, but suddenly hear a car pulling up outside. Glen dashes to look out of the window and he then cries, "It's Gordon and Charlie. Let's get out of here." As he turns back to Craig, he hits the new couch and, yelling out in pain, collapses to the ground." Craig asks him quickly, "Are you OK?" Glen mutters, "I knocked my knee." He then adds quickly, "Get out of here. Get rid of the food and take off to Charlie's. Alison will know what to do. Just go, will you? Go!" Craig picks up the plate of sandwiches and heads off to the kitchen. The front door opens out in the hallway and Gordon and Charlie walk in. They head into the lounge room where they find Glen sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch. Looking astonished, Gordon demands, "What the hell are you doing here?" Glen tells him quickly, "I can explain." Gordon retorts, "I hope so - and it had better be damn good." Glen goes on, "Alison was over here earlier, just keeping an eye on the place. She thought she heard someone inside and she didn't think it was safe for her to come in, so she asked me if I'd check it out. I know I'm not supposed to be here, but everyone was away, including Susan, so neither of us thought it would matter." Gordon asks, "Did you find anyone?" Glen admits, "No." Gordon suggests, "It might have been a good idea if Alison had called the police." Glen nods, "It probably would have - but we didn't, and I was caught out. I'm sorry: it won't happen again." He then explains, "I fell over trying to get out of the place. I saw you pull up and knew you wouldn't be too pleased to find me here. I guess I didn't look where I was going. You going to report me?" Gordon stares at him and then says, "No, not this time - it seems you were trying to do the right thing." Glen murmurs, "Thanks." Gordon, however, goes on curtly, "The next time that either you or Alison think my house is being burgled, let the police handle it, eh?" Glen nods, "We will."

A short time later, Glen is sitting on the couch at Charlie's. Alison hands him some painkillers and he takes them with some water. As he does so, Craig comments, "We're lucky we heard the car drive up: Gordon and Charlie would've walked in on us if we hadn't." Alison asks, "She wasn't making any noises about coming over here?" Glen replies, "Not for the time being." Alison murmurs, "Good - that will give us time to think." She then looks at Craig and asks, "Where are we going to hide you this time?" Craig comments, "Starting to become a real problem for everyone, aren't I?" Alison, however, tells him, "Of course not. Don't be silly." She then asks Glen, "What about your cabin?" Glen, however, replies, "Not this week - my parents are up there." Alison muses, "Charlie's cabin is out of the question: there isn't a 'phone." Craig asks, "Is that a problem?" Alison replies, "It would be if we wanted to contact you - or vice versa. It's hours from anywhere." She then appears to have a thought and declares, "Of course, there is one place no one would dream of looking. We'd better get you there quick-smart before Charlie decides to put in an appearance..."

In Fiona's room at the mansion, May is snapping at Fiona, "In that case, the best I can offer you is a postcard, but I still can't understand why you won't budge on the matter." With that, she goes and opens the door - to find Alison outside, about to knock. May storms off and Alison walks in. Fiona asks her, "How did you make out with Mr. Hopkins last night?" Alison muses, "I managed to keep him at arms' length. It wasn't easy." She then adds, "Gordon's back." Fiona looks at her sharply. Alison assures her quickly, "It's alright: it was a close shave but Craig managed to get across to Charlie's before anyone saw him." Fiona murmurs, "It's just as well he wasn't here, too: the police came round this morning." Alison asks, "Looking for Craig?" Fiona replies, "They just wanted to know if he'd been in touch. Somehow they found out that he stayed here before he went down to Melbourne. They're getting close, Alison. We are going to have to find a decent hideout; we can't keep taking these risks." Alison assures her, "It's all under control: I have Craig where no one will find him - and don't ask me where. I think it's better if as few people as possible know what's going on." Fiona, looking annoyed, snaps, "That's just fine. And what am I supposed to do: sit around and twiddle my thumbs or something? I thought I was supposed to be helping Craig too." Alison tells her, "You would be helping him if you accepted May's offer." Fiona looks at her in surprise. Alison explains, "The police have been here once already. They'll be back because they're watching you. They know you hid John Palmer when he was on the run and they'll be wondering if you're doing the same thing with Craig - so take the trip: it'll take the heat off the mansion and everyone in it. The police won't know where to look." Fiona hesitates, looking thoughtful, and then says, "Alright. I will. But you've got to take care of things for Craig." Alison assures her, "I promise." Fiona mutters, "Good."

Wayne and Susan are walking along slowly in the grounds at Woombai. Wayne says, "I understand why you and your mother tried to soften my attitude. It's not going to solve our problems. At least let's be honest when we try to come to some sort of decision." Susan comments, "You can't get this disease out of your mind, can you?" She then continues, "If your mother decided not to have you because she thought she might be passing it on, we wouldn't be here now. Have you thought of that? We'd never have met - and we'd never have fallen in love." Wayne, however, tells her, "Our case is different: mum didn't know she might have been passing it on, so it was a decision she didn't have to face. We do know." Susan asks, "So you're not going to budge then?" Wayne just sighs heavily. Susan then declares, "Alright. Seems to me we've talked enough. We're just going round in circles. I'm going to have the baby, Wayne - and you're not going to stop me. If you try, I'll go away and have it someplace else." Wayne gasps, "Leave me?" Susan retorts, "There's no point in bringing up a child with a father who never wanted him in the first place - so yes, I guess that's what I am saying: we either have the baby or I'll leave you."


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