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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

There's a sharp knock on the front door at Charlie's. Alison answers it to find two policemen standing there. One of them says, "Mrs. Bartlett?" Alison replies, "No, she's away. I'm Alison Carr." The policeman tells her, "We're actually looking for Virginia Doyle." Alison replies, "She's in Melbourne, on business. Why did you want to speak to her?" The first officer looks at his colleague and then says, "Mrs. Carr, a woman called Ruby Hawkins was murdered in Melbourne two days ago, near Prince's Bridge." Alison, looking shocked, comments, "Murdered? And you think Ginny had something to do with it?" The officer explains, "We'd just like to talk to her - and Mrs. Hawkins' son, Craig: they disappeared yesterday morning; we think that Miss. Doyle may be hiding him here in Sydney." Alison gasps, "You can't be serious! You think Craig killed her?" The officer just asks, "Have you seen either of them?" Alison retorts, "No. It's preposterous. What evidence do you have?" The officer ignores this and asks instead, "Have either of them contacted you?" Alison retorts, "No. I know nothing about it - and they're certainly not here." The officer asks, "Do you mind if we see for ourselves?" Alison snaps, "What if I do?" The officer tells her, "I'm afraid it wouldn't make any difference: we have a search warrant." With that, he hands the warrant over and he and his colleague step inside. Alison warns, "Don't break anything." She stands there, looking worried.

The 'phone is ringing in the kitchen at the country house when the back door opens and Ginny dashes in. She picks the 'phone up and says, "Hello?" She listens and then says, "Hi, Alison. What's up?" In the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison retorts, "You tell me. The police have been around here, looking for you and Craig." Ginny mutters, "They didn't waste much time." Alison goes on curtly, "They told me Ruby had been killed." Ginny nods, "Yeah - and Craig's been blamed for it: whoever it was planted a hammer in the courtyard and wrapped it in one of Craig's jumpers." Alison sighs, "Poor kid." Ginny goes on, "We all know he didn't do it, but it looked pretty bad, so he took off." She listens and then says, "I can't say... sorry, I can't." Alison snaps, "I'm not exactly a total stranger. If you told me where he was, I might be able to help." She listens and then demands, "Where's David?" She listens and retorts, "Get him to call me as soon as he gets home, alright?" She then mutters, "Yes. Bye," and she hangs up, snapping, "Damn."

The front door opens at the mansion and a white-haired middle-aged man steps inside. He knocks on the door of Fiona's room. Fiona calls back, "Who's there?" The man calls out, "Colin Smith. I've come to see about a room." The door opens and Fiona peeks her head through a narrow gap. Colin repeats, "I'd like to rent a room." Fiona steps out into the corridor and shuts the door behind her quickly. She then smiles, "You're lucky: there is one available." Colin asks, "What's the rent?" Fiona replies, "How does $35 a week sound?" She walks off to show him his room, but he asks quickly, "Don't I have to sign anything?" Fiona smiles, "That's alright. I'll get you later on." Colin tells her, "I'd like to settle it all now - I have to go out soon: business." Fiona assures him, "That's alright. I'll get you on the way back." Colin, looking annoyed, mutters, "That's very kind of you." Fiona then says cheerily, "No trouble at all. Now, you're going to have to share the bathroom with the rest of the people, so it won't be long before you're going to feel like a member of the family..." With that, she heads off upstairs, still talking. Colin stands in the hallway and looks round at the door to her room...

Alison is standing with the 'phone to her ear in the lounge room at Charlie's. She sighs, "Oh, come on..." She hangs up in annoyance as the front door bangs and Ginny walks in. Looking surprised, Alison demands, "What are you doing here?" Ginny mutters, "Nice to see you, too." Alison goes on, "Where's David? I've been trying to call him for three hours." Ginny retorts, "He called just before I left: he's got a job as a barman at the pub where Ruby used to hang out." Alison asks in surprise, "What for?" Ginny explains, "He's going to try to get to know some of her friends... look for clues to the real killers." Alison growls, "Who does he think he is: Quincy?!" Ginny asks, "What's wrong?" Alison sighs, "I can just imagine what Ruby's 'friends' are like." Ginny comments slyly, "We are protective..." Alison pauses and then asks, "Where's Craig hiding?" Ginny doesn't respond. Alison mutters, "Some help you are." She then asks, "What are you doing back here, Ginny? If you're the only one who knows where Craig is, he might need you." Ginny replies quickly, "Debbie knows where he is, too - and I couldn't get any work done down there." Indicating the smart clothes she's still wearing, she then adds, "I'm feeling really uncomfortable. I'd better go and change." With that, she heads off to her room, leaving Alison glaring at her back as she walks out.

Colin is talking on the public 'phone in the hallway at the mansion, saying, "I think you're right about the kid staying here, Jean. When I got the room, the manager seemed pretty keen on keeping me out of her flat. Something's going on." He listens and then snarls, "You do better... I know it's my fault... I'm doing the best I can, alright?" With that, he hangs up sharply. He turns and looks at the door to Fiona's room.

Janice and Owen have created a model of the Nature Reserve, which is set up on the table in the living room at the Woombai homestead. They're setting out mini trees and animals to show how the real thing would look. Charlie is standing with them, cutting up bits of bushes for them to use. Beryl walks in, holding Robert, and she comments, "I didn't think you needed to build a model, Owen; I thought Gordon and Wayne had already approved of the Reserve." Owen explains, "I thought Wayne and Gordon should see what they're investing in. I should have thought about it before, but I was thrilled when Janice gave me the idea..." He looks at Janice, longingly. He adds, "We make a good team." Beryl goes and sits down on the couch. She then asks Charlie if she ran into Susan while she was out, adding, "She said she was going for a walk, but that was ages ago." Charlie replies that she hasn't. Janice sighs, "It must be awful having marriage problems - especially so soon. I'm sure she and Wayne will work things out." Beryl murmurs, "Yes..." The front door bangs suddenly and Susan walks in. Looking at the model of the Reserve, she murmurs, "Looks great..." Beryl comments to her daughter, "You've been gone for some time." Susan retorts, "I needed it - I felt so cooped-up in here." She then offers, "Anyone like some sandwiches?" Owen smiles, "I'm famished." Susan heads off to the kitchen. Beryl follows her.

Gordon is cleaning the pool at the back of Dural. He doesn't notice as Wayne appears in the distance and stares at him. He then wanders up to his father; he's looking tired and dishevelled and has several days' stubble on his face. He says softly, "Like some help?" Gordon turns and looks at him in surprise. Wayne says quietly, "How are you, dad?" Gordon smiles, "Alright now." With that, he gives Wayne a hug. He then adds, "You need a shave!"

A short time later, Gordon is sitting on the couch in the lounge room as Wayne pours drinks for the two of them. Gordon asks his son, "You just wandered around?" Wayne explains, "I sat in coffee shops most of the time." Gordon asks, "Where did you sleep?" Wayne replies, "Here and there. I didn't have much money. I just had to be alone for a while - to think." He hands his father a glass of scotch and Gordon asks, "Any conclusions?" Wayne nods, "A few. I have to talk to Susan." Gordon tells him, "She's still up at Woombai." Wayne gasps, "On her own?" Gordon, however, smiles, "Far from it. Owen, Janice, Charlie, Beryl... they're all up there. Give her a call; she'd like to know that you're back." Wayne says, "I want to talk to her alone - face-to-face." Gordon nods understandingly, "Leave it to me: I'll see what I can arrange."

In the lounge room at Woombai, Owen and Charlie are arguing over where to put a tree on the model. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Charlie goes to answer it. Gordon comes on and, after exchanging pleasantries, he asks Charlie, "Is anyone with you?" He listens and then says, "I see. Well, try not to react when I tell you this, but Wayne's home." At Woombai, Charlie exclaims loudly, "Oh, darling! That's wonderful!" She then clasps her hand to her mouth as she looks meekly at Janice and Owen! Gordon says quickly, "Don't say anything, eh, but Wayne wants to come up and talk to Susan alone. Can you get everyone out of the house?" Charlie tells him, "I'll do my best." Gordon smiles, "Fine. We'll take a page out of your book and come up by helicopter. We should be there in an hour or so." Charlie grins, "Marvellous! Bye!" She hangs. Looking thoughtful, she then turns to Janice and Owen. Janice comments to Charlie, "Sounds like good news." Charlie says hesitantly, "It is! Um... Gordon and I bought a ticket in... Lotto. And it's won!" Owen asks, "First Division?" Charlie says quickly, "No, it isn't that much - but I still feel like celebrating! Let's go on a picnic!" She stands there, looking pleased with herself!

In the kitchen, Susan is playing happily with Robert as Beryl prepares some food. After a few seconds, Susan's face drops and she offers to take over with the sandwiches. Beryl tells her gently, "I know it's hard, love... not knowing for sure." Susan sighs, "When I was little, you always knew when I'd been naughty or when I was upset. I thought I'd developed a poker face!" Beryl muses, "I'm afraid you haven't." Susan murmurs, "You don't know what it's like, mum. It's like Wayne and the baby have got a dark cloud over their heads, just waiting to burst." Beryl tells her, "Every parent carries that fear, Susie. A few days ago, Robert was nearly burnt on the radiator." Susan mutters, "That's different." Beryl, however, asks, "Is it? We don't know what's going to happen to the people we love. Wayne may have the disease and he may not. Same for the baby. We just don't know." She then asks, "Do you want to have the baby?" Susan replies quickly, "Of course." Beryl tells her, "Then go ahead and pray to God that it will be OK - just like I pray that Robert stays from radiators!" Charlie walks in suddenly and announces, "We're all going on a picnic!" Beryl points out, "But we're making all these sandwiches." Charlie smiles, "Pack them in a hamper and off we go. It'll be fun!" She then looks at Susan and gasps, "Oh! Silly me! We can't go - Wayne might ring and we'll all be out." Susan, however, tells her, "It's OK: you go on; I'll wait here." Charlie smiles, "Good. We're all organised. We're leaving in ten minutes." With that, she heads back to the lounge room. When she's gone, Susan takes Robert from Beryl, kisses him and then tells Beryl, "I love you, mum."

At the mansion, Colin Hopkins is standing outside the door to Fiona's room, trying to listen for any noise. He hears footsteps suddenly and Ginny walks in through the front door. Colin pretends to be looking at the noticeboard nearby. Ginny knocks on Fiona's door, but there's no answer, so she goes and knocks on May's door. There's still no answer, so she tries the door and finds it unlocked. She heads inside. Colin watches her.

In her room, Fiona is standing against the door, listening to try and work out who was knocking. Craig is sitting on the couch and Fiona tells him, "Whoever it was has gone." They hear the bookcase squeak suddenly and they both turn and stare at it in alarm. Ginny bursts in and smiles, "Hi! It's only me!" Fiona sighs, "You could've given us a bit more warning." Craig comments to her, "I thought you were driving back to Melbourne." Ginny nods, "I did - then I flew up." Craig asks, "Why?" Ginny retorts, "I couldn't work down there with all that fuss you caused. Besides, I thought you might need a hand." Craig murmurs, "Thanks - but you should've stayed away. The less involved you are, the better." Ginny, however, reaches into her bag and tells him curtly, "I had to give you this." She removes an envelope and hands it over. Craig looks at it and smiles, "It's from Debbie!" He then tells Ginny, "I take all that back: you can come up any time!" He then gives her a kiss on the cheek. As he pulls away, Ginny stares at him... Craig starts reading the letter and laughs, "She says that she feels like I've already been gone for six months!" Looking suddenly uncomfortable, Ginny says, "Hey, I'm beat. Been up all night. Better get a few hours' sleep." Craig thanks her for dropping the letter over. Ginny replies, "No worries." As she heads towards the door, Fiona says, "A little bit more warning next time - please?" Ginny just grins, "And take the excitement out of your day?!" With that, she heads out. Colin is still standing outside, looking at the noticeboard. He stares at Ginny in surprise as she emerges from Fiona's room. He says quickly, "Excuse me: I couldn't help noticing that you went in that door there --" he indicates May's room "-- and came out of the manager's office." Ginny nods curtly, "That's right." Colin goes on quickly, "I'm an architecture buff. Love old houses; full of surprises, you know? I was just wondering how you did it." Ginny demands, "Who wants to know?" Colin holds out his hand and says, "I'm Colin Smith. I just moved in." Ginny ignores the hand and retorts, "There's a door between the two flats. Don't ask me why, but it comes in handy sometimes." She goes to walk off. Colin, however, says quickly, "Excuse me once more: doesn't she mind you using it?" He indicates May's room. Ginny explains, "She's not there." With that, she heads off. Colin stands there, looking thoughtful. He then listens again at Fiona's door for a few seconds before walking along the corridor to May's room. He opens the door and steps inside, closing the door again behind him. He looks around at the room. Unable to spot the linking door, he starts examining the bookcase. He taps one of the shelves, looking thoughtful.

Craig is sitting in Fiona's room, reading the letter from Debbie. Fiona hands him a soft drink and smiles, "I think Ginny likes you." Craig replies, "I like her, too. It's funny: a couple of weeks ago, we couldn't stand each other." Fiona, however, smiles, "No, I mean really likes you..." Craig laughs, "No way! I'm not her type, believe me!" Fiona asks, "And what is her type?" Craig laughs, "I don't know, but it's not me, that's for sure." He then says more calmly, "Debbie asked me if I could call; let her know I'm OK. Can I use the 'phone?" Fiona, however, asks, "Do you think that's wise? What if the police are still there? You don't want to put Debbie in, do you?" She then comments, "Mind you, there is no reason why I shouldn't 'phone and make sure the coast is clear." She picks up the 'phone and starts dialling. When it's answered, she smiles, "Hi, how are you, Andy?" She listens and then says, "I'm fine, fine. I heard of Craig's disappearance... from Ginny... How are David and Debbie bearing up?" She listens and a look of shock crosses her face as she then asks, "There's no doubt about that?" She listens again before saying, "You just tell David that I called, would you?" With that, she hangs up. She then tells Craig hesitantly, "They're down at the police station. The police have tested the hammer they found in the courtyard. The fingerprints were all smudged on it, but it was definitely Ruby's blood. There's a warrant out for your arrest." Craig gasps, "But I didn't do it." Fiona insists, "I know, I know. Don't let it get to you - it just means that our job's going to be a little bit harder..."

In May's room, Colin is taking books off the bookcase, trying to find the trigger to open the doorway.

Out in the hallway, Alison marches in through the front door and goes and knocks on the door of Fiona's room, sharply.

In May's room, Colin puts the books back on the bookcase, looking frustrated. He then heads back towards the door to the room and opens it. Alison watches him as he emerges and snaps, "What are you doing in there?" Colin says quickly, "Hello. I'm new here. I mistook that for the bathroom." Alison points out curtly, "You don't have to see inside to see that it isn't." Colin replies, "I opened the door and it looked so interesting inside that I had to go in and have a look. I'm a Forties decor buff; that's all." Alison mutters suspiciously, "Are you?" Colin nods, "Mmm. Colin Smith. Architect." He holds out his hand. Alison shakes it as she replies, "Alison Carr. Co-proprietor." Colin insists, "I didn't mean any harm." Alison just retorts, "For future reference, the bathroom's there." She points out another door. She then adds, "When Mrs. Thompson returns, tell her I'd like to see her." Colin starts to say, "But she--" He breaks off, though, and, a gleam in his eye, nods, "Yes, sure." With that, Alison heads out, leaving Colin looking thoughtful.

At Woombai, Susan is sitting flicking through a magazine in the lounge room at the homestead. She looks over at the 'phone and sighs heavily. All-of-a-sudden, she hears the sound of a helicopter outside, and she stands up and heads out to see what's happening.

Gordon and Wayne are approaching the homestead as Susan opens the front door. Wayne smiles at her. She smiles back, looking relieved. She runs over to him and, giving him a warm hug, smiles, "It's about time you showed up." Wayne hands Gordon his bag and Gordon heads off inside. When he's gone, Susan cries, "I've missed you. Don't do it to me again." Wayne tells her earnestly, "I won't." He then goes on seriously, "I might die and I might not; I don't know - but I need you." Susan places his hand on her belly and assures him, "We'll both be here." Wayne, however, says, "We can't put a child through it: it'll be too cruel, Susan." A look of shock crosses Susan's face as he goes on, "It's killing me to say this, but I know I'm right: it would be better if the baby wasn't born at all."


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