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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

A detective is testing David's toolbox for fingerprints in the courtyard outside the country house when David walks round the corner. He heads inside, with a sigh. Andy is sitting at the kitchen table and David mutters to him, "Hell, what a mess." Andy replies quietly, "I didn't let on where Craig was." David murmurs, "Good. Give him a bit of breathing space." DS Haddrick walks in from the hallway and nods to David, "Afternoon, Mr. Palmer. Sorry about the invasion." David mutters, "I guess you've got your job to do, but I know one thing: Craig couldn't have murdered anyone." Haddrick comments, "That may be the case - under normal circumstances." David snaps, "Under any circumstances." Haddrick, however, goes on, "I should tell you that we found the murder weapon wrapped in Craig's jumper near your toolbox." David growls, "Craig lost his jumper after Ruby's body was found. I know that for a fact because I had to give him my jacket. It's an obvious plant: whoever murdered Ruby used Craig's jumper to frame him." Haddrick just raises his eyebrows. He then says, "I gather Craig had a pretty nasty argument with his mother just before the murder." David retorts, "The day before: Ruby told him to nick off and not to see her again. Sure, he was upset, but not enough to do her in." Haddrick comments, "Maybe. We'll test the hammer for fingerprints and run a blood check. Meanwhile, I'd like to interview Craig again. Where is he?" David replies, "He should be home soon."

Craig emerges from a clothes shop. He's wearing a dark jacket, dark shirt, trousers and a trilby hat. Debbie follows him out of the shop and he comments, to her, "I don't know about this, Deb: hiding out..." Debbie points out, "You've got to give David time to find out who's setting you up." Craig shudders and, indicating his clothes, comments, "It doesn't feel much like me, you know?" Debbie laughs, "It's not supposed to! You're in disguise! The police will be looking for some guy in blue jeans, not a smart young executive!" She then hands him a carrier bag and, indicating a spot nearby, says, "Meet me back there in twenty minutes, OK?" Craig asks in surprise, "Where are you going?" Debbie smiles, "Just some last-minute organising." With that, she walks off.

A short time later, Craig is on the spot Debbie indicated, when she returns with Ginny in tow. Ginny is wearing clothes as smart as Craig's and she smiles at him, "Like my disguise? Pretty good, hey?! Meet your newly-appointed guardian angel." Debbie explains, "You needed help, Craig." Indicating Ginny, Craig demands of Debbie, "What's she doing in a disguise?" Ginny tells him, "They're going to be looking for a trendsetting fashion model, not a conservative businesswoman." Craig warns her, "You'll get in big trouble." Ginny grins, "I know. I'm an accomplice!" Craig mutters, "I'm serious, Ginny." Ginny, however, retorts, "You're going to arrange it all without being seen, are you?" Craig sighs and then asks, "What if we get caught?" Ginny tells him, "We won't - unless we stand around here arguing all day." Craig, still looking reluctant, gives Debbie a kiss and murmurs, "Shouldn't be too long." With that, he and Ginny walk off. Debbie calls after them quietly, "Be careful..."

Glen and Caroline have arrived back in Sydney and they head into the mansion as May comes downstairs. Looking surprised to see them, she asks, "Where are you two off to?" Glen explains, "Just returning, actually. We spent a few days in the bush." May smiles, "No one told me. It must have been very relaxing getting out into the wild." Caroline muses, "Yes - it was a bit wild at times!" May goes on, "I've always found that a little adversity brings out the best in people." Caroline, glancing at Glen, nods, "That's very true, May. Very true." May then continues, "I've faced some adversity myself, recently: you'll remember Connie Hogg and her so-called memoirs?" Glen murmurs, "How could we forget?!" May goes on, "I'm fighting back." Caroline queries, "Your memoirs?" May nods, "Yes, indeed. What's more, I've been invited to a luncheon to put my side of the story." Glen asks, "Who by?" May shrugs, "Some woman from one of the papers, I think. I didn't bother with the details. But I am going to set the record straight: I believe the public is entitled to know that my establishment was the most prestigious and I was the most respected Madam in Sydney." With that, she heads off to her room, a smile on her face. Glen and Caroline turn and head down the corridor.

Fiona is working at the desk in her room where there's a knock on the door. She calls, "Come on in." The door opens and Glen and Caroline step inside. Fiona looks at them and smiles warmly, "Oh, hello there! Welcome home!" She invites them to sit down, commenting as they do so that they must be tired after the long drive. Caroline tells her, "Pleasantly tired. We had a lovely time sightseeing on the way back. We stayed in this quaint little guest house last night. We're feeling very relaxed." Fiona smiles, "I'm so glad you're feeling better. At least everything seems to have worked out." Caroline replies, "Thanks to Glen. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm 'learning to cope', as they say." Fiona says, "I think you're both learning." She then asks Caroline if she's going back to Melbourne yet. Caroline, however, replies, "No. I was thinking if it's alright I'll stay on here for a while." Fiona smiles, "Of course! You can have the same room you had before." Caroline thanks her. She then announces that she'll go and change. As she does so, Fiona says to Glen, "I had to rent your room; we'll have to work out something else." Caroline says quickly, "If there's a shortage of space, I don't mind sharing - I've got used to him now!" With that, she leaves the room. Glen goes to follow her, but Fiona asks him to sit down again. As he does so, Fiona goes on, "Thank goodness you've come back. I've just had a 'phone call from Craig." Glen stares at her.

The detective is still dusting for fingerprints in the courtyard outside the country house when Debbie walks round the corner. She looks at him hesitantly and then heads inside. Andy is sitting at the kitchen table and he asks Debbie if she's OK. Debbie just replies, "Is David back?" Andy nods, "Ages ago. He's in there, talking to the cops." He indicates the lounge room. He then asks, "Where's Craig?" Debbie shrugs nervously, "I don't know. He wanted to walk for a while so I just came home." Andy comments, "He'd better hurry and get back; the cops are getting pretty impatient." Debbie murmurs, "They'll have to talk to me, then, instead." Andy assures her, "Don't worry - they will. Just watch what you say." Debbie stares at him and he explains, "You remember when Craig said he wished his mother had died when he was born?" Debbie nods. Andy continues, "Well, I let it slip. I was trying to explain to them what a lousy mother Ruby was and, well, it just came out wrong. I could've kicked myself." Debbie tells him, "Don't worry - I think the hammer's much worse evidence than that." David walks in from the hallway suddenly and comments to Debbie tersely, "You took your time. Where's Craig?" Debbie replies, "I don't know exactly." David demands, "Wasn't he with you?" Debbie tells him nervously, "Yeah, but... um... he's gone away." David snaps, "The young idiot. Doesn't he know he's only going to make it worse for himself?" Haddrick walks in at that moment and asks Debbie if he could have a word with her. He, Debbie and David head into the lounge room.

Detective Wilson is writing some notes in the lounge room. He passes these to Haddrick as he walks in. David apologises to Haddrick for the lack of chairs, explaining, "Just re-doing the room." Haddrick assures him, "No problem." He then asks Debbie, "Did Miss. Doyle come back with you?" Debbie, looking puzzled, replies, "No." Haddrick then asks, "How would you describe your relationship with Craig, Debbie?" Debbie replies, "We're very close." Haddrick presses, "Close enough to know where he is at the moment?" Debbie stares at him and then replies, "No." Haddrick asks, "Who would be that close?" Debbie doesn't respond. Haddrick comments, "So, no one knows where he is. Are you aware that all our evidence points to Craig?" Debbie cries quickly, "You can't accuse Craig of a murder. I know him; he wouldn't do that." Haddrick says calmly, "He was resentful towards his mother for dumping him when he was a baby--" Debbie interrupts and cries, "He wanted to forget all that and be friends with her." Haddrick just goes on, "--so much so that when she rejected him again, he lost his temper--" Debbie cries, "No, he wouldn't." Haddrick points out, "He told the first person he met that, quote, 'He didn't mean it'." Debbie protests, "He wasn't talking about...; you see, he'd had an argument with her the day bef--" She breaks off as she realises what she's saying. She looks at David in concern, but he tells her calmly, "It's alright: he knows all about it." Haddrick comments, "You wouldn't think of concealing information, would you, Debbie?" Debbie hesitates and then replies, "All I'm saying is that he wasn't talking about the murder when he said he didn't mean it." Haddrick asks, "Then what was he talking about?" Debbie replies, "That he didn't mean what he'd said to her." Haddrick sighs, "Alright." He looks at Wilson before suggesting, "Let's move on. The note we found on Ruby: 'Meet me at the usual place'. Obviously Craig didn't give it to her - not while she was alive, anyway; it wouldn't make sense, would it? But he knew about it and admitted that he wrote it. So who delivered it for him?" Debbie stands there looking blank and Haddrick asks, "You didn't?" Debbie replies, "No." Haddrick asks, "Who do you think did?" David suggests, "If he went to the pub and she wasn't there, he could have left it with anyone: a friend... the barman..." Haddrick asks Debbie, "What do you think he meant by 'the usual place'." Debbie replies, "The pub." Haddrick points out, "But he didn't meet her at the pub." Debbie nods, "Because he got a 'phone call changing it." Haddrick asks, "Did he?" Debbie replies, "Yes." Haddrick asks, "How do you know?" Debbie tells him, "I was here when he got it." Haddrick comments, "So you knew he was going to meet his mother?" Debbie murmurs, "I wasn't sure it was his mother." Haddrick points out, "You were here when he left." Debbie tells him, "I overheard him saying he was going to meet somebody, but he... he wouldn't tell me who it was." Haddrick demands, "Why not? Rather odd, isn't it? After all, you're his girlfriend." Debbie insists, "He knew I didn't want him seeing his mother. Of course he wouldn't tell me. Look, he didn't do it. I'm telling you: he didn't do it." Haddrick demands, "Then why isn't he here?" Debbie just stares at him. Haddrick sighs, "I'll just check up and see how my forensic bloke's going. Then we'll talk again." With that, he and Wilson head out of the room. Left alone with Debbie, David asks quietly, "How long is Craig going to play this game? Where is he?" Debbie just murmurs, "Staying away until they find the real murderer." David sighs heavily, looking annoyed.

Craig is standing in his disguise by a parked car at the side of a road. Ginny goes to walk up to him but then spots a policeman nearby. Making a sudden decision, she starts running towards Craig, saying loudly, "Darling! Sorry I'm late." She then says quietly to Craig, "Kiss me. Quick. There's a cop behind you." They start kissing. The cop stares at them and then walks off. Craig pulls away quickly and says, "Thanks." Ginny tells him warmly, "My pleasure..."

Debbie, David and Andy are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, eating. David comments, "So Ginny's disappeared too. The plot thickens." There's suddenly a knock on the door, and Andy goes to open it. He finds a woman standing there and she says to Andy, "Hello, I'm Craig's aunt." She steps inside and then says to everyone, "I'm sorry to disturb you. I'm Jean Hopkins. I've just heard the dreadful news." David stands up and replies, "Craig's mentioned you. You've been here before, haven't you?" Jean nods, "Yes. I was trying to help him get in touch with his mother - rather belatedly, I'm afraid." David then introduces himself, Andy and Debbie. Jean asks, "How's Craig taking it?" Debbie murmurs, "He's alright." Jean replies, "Of course he is. Is he here? I'd like to say hello. I know we haven't been very close, but I--" David interrupts suddenly and says, "He's not here." Andy adds, "He's taken off." Looking surprised, Jean asks, "Is that wise? That's a very suspicious thing to do." David comments, "Maybe - but it's his decision, isn't it?" Jean shrugs, "I suppose so - but the sooner he talks to the police, the sooner--" Debbie interrupts and protests, "Why? Why? He's innocent." Jean blusters, "But the sooner--" David interrupts and says curtly, "Mrs. Hopkins, Craig's on the run because someone framed him." Jean gasps, "The police think he did it? Have you told them your suspicions?" David replies, "Yes, but they're not convinced - so it's up to us..." Jean concludes, " prove Craig's innocence." David nods, "Yes." Jean adds, "If there's anything I can do to help, please, let me know." With that, David opens the door and she leaves. As he closes the door again, he comments to Debbie, "I reckon she thinks he did it." Debbie sighs heavily, "How are we going to prove he didn't? There's not much to go by." David suggests, "We'll start at the pub." Andy chips in, "Ruby hung out with some rough types; maybe one of them got drunk and lost his temper." Debbie, however, tells him, "It can't be. What about the 'phone call?" David nods, "You're right: it's got to be planned. Whoever rang Craig and changed the meeting place is our man." Andy asks, "What do we know about the 'phone call?" Debbie replies, "Craig said the voice sounded disguised - probably a man's voice or maybe a woman with a deep voice." David adds, "It's got to be a public 'phone - there was a lot of background noise." Andy asks, "Traffic?" David replies, "No: people... music... I think. Some sort of bells. Craig thought they were ship's bells." Debbie asks, "Can you 'phone from a ship?" David nods, "Yeah." Andy mutters, "Great - probably a hundred miles out to sea, by now." Debbie, however, points out, "They couldn't be, if they murdered Ruby." Andy suggests, "Maybe there was more than one?" David, looking thoughtful, murmurs, "I think we need more information. I think it's about time that I did a little bit of snooping..."

The owner of Ruby's local pub is wiping over a table when David wanders into the bar, holding a beer. He asks cheerily, "How's it going, cobber?" The owner just mutters, "Surviving." David goes on, "I heard your barman say he was chucking his job in yesterday. You looking for a replacement?" The owner asks, "Can you pull a beer?" David nods, "With my eyes shut - and I can make sure your customers respect the joint." The owner hesitates. David insists, "Come on... I've got to be better than the other bloke." The owner stares at him and then says, "OK - you can start tomorrow."

Andy is standing with Debbie in the kitchen at the country house. He comments, "Whoever it was must have known that Craig would make the perfect fall guy." There's silence. Debbie then says, "Hey, I've got it: that creep with the van. He was with Ruby outside the pub, remember?" Andy recalls, "Oh yeah... Ted somebody, wasn't it?" Debbie mutters, "Bet it's him. A real sleaze." Andy asks, "But a murderer?" Debbie retorts, "I'd believe it. He wouldn't stop at anything if there was something in it for him." Andy points out, "We need a bit more evidence than that." Debbie says quickly, "The voice on the 'phone. From what Craig said it sounds just like him." Andy, however, asks, "How do these ship's bells fit in, hey?" Debbie hesitates. She then suggests, "He probably gets stuff smuggled in from ships and he was ringing from there - or he has an accomplice. It has to be." Andy comments, "It sounds a bit far-fetched to me." Debbie, however, retorts, "No, it all fits. I'm going to find out." Andy warns quickly, "You can't go getting involved with weirdoes like that." Debbie demands, "Why not?" Andy replies, "If you're right, he's a murderer. Why don't you let David check it out? It's no job for a girl." Debbie glares at him and snaps, "That's right, is it? Well, I've already proved that I can handle myself with Ted - and I'm going to prove Craig's innocent, and if you say one word to David I'll never forgive you." Andy mutters, "It's crazy." Debbie just snaps, "You promise?" Andy sighs, "OK - but I'm coming with you." Debbie murmurs, "It's a deal."

The police have set up a roadblock and they stop a car that's approaching it. The driver is Ginny. She's alone in the car and she asks, "What's the hold-up, officer?" A policeman tells her, "We're searching for an escapee from the prison farm. Have you seen him?" He shows her a photo. Ginny, however, says quickly, "No, sorry, can't help you." The officer goes on, "We're searching all cars in the area. Can I have the keys to your boot, please?" Looking uncomfortable, Ginny retorts, "I already am running very late." The officer, however, tells her, "It's just routine. It won't take long." With that, Ginny turns off her car's ignition reluctantly and hands the keys to the officer. He goes and opens the boot. It empty. He then returns the keys to Ginny, who mutters, "Thankyou very much, officer." She starts the car and another officer removes a barrier to let her through.

Craig is standing at the side of the road from which Ginny has just travelled. Glen drives up suddenly in his moke and calls, "Craig?" Craig turns and stares at him and smiles, "Glen! Hi!" Glen tells him to hop in. As he does so, Craig comments, "It was great of you to stick your neck out like this." Glen assures him, "No trouble. Fiona told me you were innocent; I'm only too pleased to help." With that, he turns the moke round and heads off back down the way he came.

A while later, the front door opens at the boarding house and Glen and Craig step inside. Fiona emerges from her room and smiles warmly, "Craig... hello, darling." Glen walks off and Craig and Fiona head into Fiona's room. Fiona suggests to Craig that he have a lie-down. Craig insists, "I'm OK." Fiona, however, looks at his face and tells him, "No you're not. Now, what's wrong? You made it, didn't you?" Craig retorts, "This is wrong: me coming here. Running from the cops is one thing, but I shouldn't be dragging everyone else into it." Fiona points out, "You're innocent." Craig asks, "So?" Fiona tells him, "There is no law against protecting the innocent." Craig retorts, "There is if the police are after you." Fiona warns, "Stop quibbling!" Craig sighs, "Alright, alright." He then asks, "Where do we go from here?" Fiona replies, "Nowhere, for now. Don't worry - you're perfectly safe." Craig gasps, "Safe? Here? People come through here all the time, don't they?" Fiona smiles, "I'll put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door!" Craig asks, "What about the bookcase?" Fiona smiles, "Don't worry about May: she's out with some journalists, giving them the May Walters story. She could be gone for weeks!" Craig retorts, "And I could be here for weeks." Fiona sighs, "Come on, settle down. I know it's risky, but we've got all day to try and find another hiding place." She then murmurs, "You know, I remember when Johnny was in your shoes, once - Johnny Palmer; David's son: like you, he got away for a while until we could prove he was innocent. You know what they say about history." Craig mutters, "'We never learn from our mistakes'?" Fiona smiles, "No, Mr. Doom and Gloom! 'It repeats itself'. Now, come on - you're going to be alright!"

Jean Hopkins is standing in a public 'phone box, talking on the 'phone and fiddling with a handkerchief in her hand. She says down the 'phone, "I found out from David Palmer... well, I had to find out somehow. Palmer thinks Craig's innocent and he's determined to prove it." She listens and then says, "No, they wouldn't tell me where - but we've got to find him soon, Colin." She listens again and then says quickly, "No, you stay in Sydney. He might be heading that way... I know he used to room in some boarding house in Elizabeth Bay. He's got friends there."

Craig is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion. Fiona suggests to him, "Why don't you go and put your head down? You wanted men need your rest!" Craig stands up and Fiona adds, "Sweet dreams." Craig mutters, "Fat chance of that." Fiona, however, insists, "Come on, it's under control. Trust me. I'm an old hand at this. All you've got to do is wait. We'll do the rest. There's absolutely nothing to worry about."

In the 'phone box in Melbourne, Jean is saying, "Not a block of units; it's an old house... dirt cheap. Get a room there if you can. If you see him, call the police. The sooner they charge Craig, the sooner we can relax."

In her room at the mansion, Fiona says to Craig, "Now why don't you go and relax?" With that, she gives him a comforting hug...


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