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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Craig runs back across the park, stumbling as he treads on branches from trees and piles of undergrowth. He doesn't notice as the jumper he has wrapped around his waist falls off and lands on the ground. He runs up to the road and grabs a man who's walking along the street. He cries, "My mother's been murdered. I didn't mean to hurt her. I didn't mean to hurt her." The man stares at him and then says calmly, "Come on. Come on... I think we should talk to a cop. Don't you? Come on."

The 'phone rings at the country house and David answers it in the kitchen. He listens and then gasps, "Russell Street? What? Are you sure?" He listens and nods, "That's Craig alright. I'll get down there as soon as I can." With that, he hangs up, grabs his jacket and heads out.

Craig is sitting in an interview room at a police station. A Scottish detective is asking him, "Can you remember exactly what time it was, son?" Craig replies, "No. I don't know. A couple of minutes before I went up to the bridge." There's suddenly a knock on the door. Another detective opens it and a uniformed officer steps inside and says, "You asked for Mr. Palmer as soon as he arrived, Sergeant." The Scottish detective stands up and, shaking David's hand, says, "Detective Sergeant Haddrick, Mr. Palmer." David turns to Craig and asks, "You alright, cobber?" Craig just nods at him. Haddrick then tells David, "A woman named Ruby Hawkins has been found down on the Yarra bank. The apparent cause of death is severe head injuries." David sighs heavily in concern and asks if he can take Craig home now. Haddrick, though, replies, "I'd like to ask him a bit more first." He then asks David if he and Craig are related. David replies, "No. He boards with me; he works for me. Good kid." Haddrick asks, "You know Ruby Hawkins?" David replies, "I know of her; never met her." With that, he walks over to Craig, who says softly, "I was just getting to know her, Dave." David tells him, "I know. Don't worry - the police will track down whoever did it." Haddrick stands there, looking at Craig suspiciously.

A hand is placed on the outside handle of the back door at the country house. It belongs to Jean Hopkins. She pulls it away and then places an ear to the door, listening. Hearing nothing, she bends down and starts reaching into her bag. All-of-a-sudden, she hears voices. They're Andy and Debbie's. She goes and hides quickly behind the pile of furniture in the courtyard. Andy and Debbie walk round the corner, Andy saying, "You've got to let him know, Deb: he can't have both - it's either you or his mum." Debbie unlocks the back door and she and Andy head inside. As they do so, Debbie sighs, "I don't know that I'm into ultimatums." Outside, Jean stands up from her hiding place and takes out her bag again. Inside, Debbie offers Andy something to eat. Andy asks for a toasted ham and tomato sandwich. Debbie, however, says, "I think we've run out of tomatoes." Andy comments, "There's some outside, aren't there?" Debbie nods, "I'll look." With that, she goes and opens the back door. Jean looks round sharply. However, Andy then says to Debbie, "I thought there were some beside the 'fridge." Debbie smiles, "Oh, yes!" She closes the door again. Outside, Jean removes Craig's jumper from her bag, together with a blood-covered hammer. She wraps the hammer in the jumper and then stuffs the jumper behind a toolbox on a nearby rack of shelves. She stands up quietly and creeps away...

In the interview room at the police station, Craig is saying, "I just wanted her to know that I cared about her." Haddrick takes a piece of paper from the other detective and says, "Craig, we found this on your mother. It says 'Must see you. Usual place. 2pm.' And it's signed by you." He shows it to Craig and asks, "Is that your writing?" Craig stares at the note he wrote and nods, "Uh huh." Haddrick asks, "Can you tell me why you wrote that note?" Craig explains, "I wanted to see her again." Haddrick comments, "You told me earlier you didn't know her all that well." Craig retorts, "I was getting to; or at least I thought I was. I just wanted to let her know how I was feeling about her." Haddrick asks, "How were you 'feeling about her'?" Craig replies, "Confused." Haddrick points to the note and asks, "What about what it says here - 'the usual place': was that the Yarra?" Craig tells him quickly, "No, that was meant to be the pub. I was going to meet her at the pub." Haddrick asks, "Why go to the river, then, if you were expecting her at the pub?" Craig hesitates and then says, "I was told to go to the river." Haddrick points out, "You were the one that sent the note to her. Did she contact you?" Craig shakes his head and replies, "No, no, I had a 'phone call." Haddrick asks, "From your mother?" Craig tells him, "No, I don't know who it was." Haddrick asks, "Could it have been your mother?" Craig insists, "No, it wasn't her." Haddrick pushes, "But it was a woman?" Craig cries, "I'm not sure now. I think it was. It was kind of funny." Haddrick asks, "In what way?" Craig murmurs, "It's really difficult to remember, but it..." He then begins to break down, and, looking shaky, cries, "I'm s-s-sorry... I-I-I just can't get her out of my mind." David turns to Haddrick and says quietly, "Sergeant, I know you've got to question the boy, but it's been a hell of a shock." Haddrick assures him, "I realise that." He then turns back to Craig and asks, "Anything else you can remember?" Craig murmurs, "Just that I'll never forget seeing..." He breaks off. Haddrick sighs, "Alright, son. Do you feel up to making an official statement? We'll just put what you told us down on paper and get you to sign it. Alright?" David tells Craig, "We'll have you home in no time." Haddrick asks David, "Do you know anything that could help us, Mr. Palmer?" David looks at him and retorts, "No, I don't - only that whatever Craig tells you will be the truth." Haddrick muses, "I wouldn't have thought otherwise." He then turns to Craig and adds, "Anything else comes to mind, you contact us, alright?" Craig nods at him.

It's dark when David and Craig walk round the corner and into the courtyard at the country house. David comments that it's getting chilly. Craig is wearing David's jacket, but he tells David that he should have kept it. David retorts, "You shouldn't have lost your sweater." Craig shrugs, "Doesn't matter." They head inside to find Andy sitting at the kitchen table. He leaps up and says quickly, "I can explain what I'm doing here." David, however, tells him, "Don't bother - I've got more important things on my mind." Andy starts to say, "But I thought you'd want to--" David interrupts him and says, "It might come as a surprise to you, but I've known you've been hanging around for a few days - so you'd better move in until you can get your act together; I don't fancy being responsible for you being in the shed, freezing to death. Craig looks at him sharply and David murmurs, "Sorry, mate." Debbie looks at Craig and asks him, "What did David apologise for?" David says hesitantly, "Deb... something drastic's happened." Craig mutters, "Excuse me." He heads out to the hallway. Debbie turns and calls after him, "Craig, what's wrong?" She follows him out. When she's gone, Andy asks David, "What's happened?" David tells him, "His mother's been murdered and he found the body." A look of shock crosses Andy's face.

In the lounge room, Craig is sobbing to Debbie, "The whole time I was talking to her... she was dead... just there... dead... The worst part about it is that I never really told her how I feel - last time I saw her we argued and said some terrible things to each other... and there's nothing I can do now..." Debbie murmurs sympathetically, "Don't blame yourself." Craig just goes on, however, "God... there was this guy when I ran up to St. Kilda Road... I was really off my head... he must have thought I was mad..." Debbie murmurs, "I'm sure he'd understand." Craig retorts, "Not the way he was looking at me. Going on about how I didn't mean to argue with her... the cops probably thought I was crazy too... I'm never going to forget this, Deb... I'm never going to forget that I didn't tell her how I feel..." With that, he breaks down in Debbie's arms.

The next morning, Andy is sitting having breakfast at the kitchen table. As David sits down with him, he comments, "The odd thing about Craig I can't understand for the life of me is why he wanted to meet her in the first place. I mean, they had an argument and he said he didn't want to see her again." A look of guilt crosses Andy's face, but he doesn't say anything. Debbie and Craig walk in from the hallway, and David says brightly to Craig, "Good morning, cobber. How are you today?" Craig murmurs, "Much better, thanks." David asks, "Manage to get some sleep?" Craig nods, "After a few hours, yeah." David offers him some breakfast. Craig, though, declines, saying, "I'm more interested in getting out there and talking to a few people." David asks, "About your mum?" Craig replies, "Yeah. I don't care how long it takes... I'm going to find whoever did it and I'm going to have them." Debbie sighs, "Why don't you leave it to the police?" Craig retorts, "I reckon I might have a better chance." David mutters, "Yes - and you might have a better chance of getting yourself into strife." Craig growls, "I don't give a damn what I get myself into. I want whoever did it and I'm not going to stop until I have them." Debbie suggests, "Wouldn't it be better to wait 'til you've calmed down a bit?" Craig, however, retorts, "I won't be doing any calming-down, Deb; not while they're still out there somewhere." Debbie tells him, "Then I'm coming with you: you're not taking any risks by yourself." David, standing up from the table, adds, "I might buy into a bit of that - I don't want to see either of you get yourselves into trouble."

The 'phone rings in DS Haddrick's office and he picks it up. Jean is standing in a public 'phonebox - a handkerchief wrapped around the mouthpiece of the 'phone - and she says hesitantly, "Oh... yeah... the switch put me though to you. It's about Ruby Hawkins." Haddrick asks quickly, "Yes, madam, do you have some information?" Jean tells him, "Perhaps something you could work on." Haddrick says, "Could I have your name and address, please?" Jean retorts, "I'd rather not. Either you want the info. or you don't." She listens and then says, "Right, then. All I'm saying is that Ruby was a good pal of mine and that she and her kid didn't get on. You can ask anyone: they'll all tell you the same thing." In his office, Haddrick picks up another 'phone and says down it quietly, "Try a trace on 643." He then hangs up and turns back to the first 'phone, saying, "Yes, go on, what else?" Jean shrugs, "That's all. She was after him for money. Ruby was always looking for a dollar and the kid didn't like it." With that, she hangs up quickly and stands there, looking worried. In his office, Haddrick hangs up and snaps, "Damn." He then picks up the second 'phone and says in an annoyed tone, "Forget it. Lost her."

Andy opens the back door at the country house to find two men standing there. He asks them what he can do for them. The first man introduces himself as DS Haddrick. He then introduces his colleague as Detective Wilson. Andy comments, "You've come to see Craig, I suppose. I'm sorry - he's out with David; David Palmer." Haddrick asks, "And you are?" Andy replies, "I'm Andrew Green. I'm just staying here for a while. I'll let him know that you dropped in, OK?" He goes to close the door. Haddrick, however, says quickly, "I've got a few questions for you, too, if you don't mind." Andy says nervously, "Course not. Come in." Haddrick and Wilson enter and Andy closes the door. He then says, "I tell you: Craig can't wait to see whoever did it to his mum behind bars." Haddrick looks at Wilson and remarks, "I'm sure he wants to see someone caught..." Andy starts clearing away his breakfast things, saying, "I'm not as hungry as I thought..." Haddrick asks him, "Did Craig have any breakfast?" Andy replies, "No. He said he wasn't hungry. It's understandable, I suppose - he was more anxious to get out and start--" Haddrick interrupts and demands, "Start what?" Andy says quickly, "Nothing. Just start the day. He was a bit tired, which, again, is understandable." Haddrick asks, "Why do you say that?" Andy retorts, "It was a hell of a shock, after all." Haddrick asks, "You think it was?" Andy replies, "Of course it was."

Craig, David and Debbie are walking along outside a large building. Craig sighs, "How would your mates know anything about it, Dave?" David tells him, "You'd be surprised what the blokes in the market know." They head in through an entrance. David tells Craig and Debbie to stay where they are while he goes and gets the good word. He walks off. After a few seconds, Craig says sadly to Debbie, "You know, I think it could have worked out between me and mum... working together. The stall wasn't much, but it could have been a beginning... I just enjoyed helping her out, and I thought that perhaps one day we'd move into something bigger. I even thought the time would come when you'd be able to accept her; get on with her. I was really convinced the whole thing could happen. Guess she put a dampener on it." They suddenly spot David approaching them again, and Craig asks, "How did it go?" David sighs, "The blokes that I thought that might be able to help us haven't heard anything. They're going to have a nose-around, though." Debbie suggests, "Why don't we go back to the park? The people around there probably know more than anybody." David comments, "That seems a sensible idea." Craig mutters, "Yeah - starting with the barmen and the barladies." They walk off.

Sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, Andy asserts, "That's crazy: Craig couldn't have done it." Haddrick, however, points out, "Look at the facts so far, though: he told a man he stopped on Prince's Bridge... that he didn't mean it... also, there was evidence of blood on him." Andy retorts, "He found her, didn't he? That's quite possible." Haddrick smiles, "That's true." He then asks, "How do you reckon he got on with his mother?" Andy shrugs nervously, "I don't really know; I never actually saw them together." Haddrick suggests, "Craig would've made some sort of remark to you, though, wouldn't he?" Andy murmurs, "Yeah, but..." Haddrick goes on, "We have talked to a lot of her friends..." Andy sighs, "They did argue - I mean, she was a bit... you know... sort of like..." Haddrick nods, "Sure. We know all about Ruby. She was quite a lady!" Andy chuckles, "Yeah, I think that's what got to him the most: the fact that she wasn't a lady." Haddrick says quickly, "So he didn't like her?" Andy protests, "I didn't say that." Haddrick pushes, "It must have been hard to accept, though, being dumped as a kid." Andy replies, "It was always on his mind, but don't blame him." Haddrick says, "Of course not." He then goes on, "One thing I can't understand, though: he wrote the note to her. You know about that?" Andy nods, "I know of it. He wanted to get in contact with her again." Haddrick asks, "You know why?" Andy replies, "To try and patch things up, I suppose." Haddrick comments, "So they had been arguing?" Andy admits, "Yeah." Haddrick muses, "I wonder why he didn't go to the pub, though. That's where they usually met, isn't it?" Andy tells him, "He got a call, changing the place or something." Haddrick, sitting down, asks, "When did he tell you that?" Andy replies, "Last night." Haddrick asks, "Were you here when he got the call?" Andy tells him, "No - but if he said he got it then he got it." Haddrick asks, "Did he ever talk to you about the fights they had?" Andy replies, "Just the one - but it must have been a beauty; I mean, he even got to the stage where--" He breaks off. Haddrick prompts, "Go on." Andy sighs heavily and says, "No, he wouldn't have meant it." Haddrick asks, "Meant what? It could help him." Andy mutters, "I doubt it." Haddrick says sharply, "I think you should tell us." Andy hesitates and then says, "He said he wished she had died - meaning before he'd met her. That way he would have never what sort of woman she was like..." Haddrick mutters disbelievingly, "Yeah, yeah, sure." He then asks, "Mind if we have a look around the place?" Andy asks, "Aren't you supposed to have a search warrant or something?" Haddrick reaches into his jacket pocket, takes out a sheet of paper, and replies, "Got one." Andy looks at it warily.

A short time later, Haddrick is searching the shelves out in the courtyard. Wilson emerges from the kitchen and Haddrick asks him, "Nothing inside?" Wilson shakes his head. Andy comments, "You didn't expect to find anything, did you?" Haddrick muses, "You never know what you come across in some houses." He carries on searching the shelves and all-of-a-sudden spots the jumper. As he lifts it out, Andy gasps, "That's Craig's." Haddrick comments, "Pretty good quality wool. Plenty of weight..." He then unwraps the jumper to reveal the blood-covered hammer inside. Andy stares at it in horror. Haddrick muses, "I wonder... Craig's, is it?"

David, Craig and Debbie are walking along a street, approaching the pub. David is snapping at Craig, "I came along to stop any nonsense from you. I know how you feel but you're only going to stuff up any chance you might've had if you charge in there like a bull at a gate." Craig retorts, "They're the people; they knew her - like Ted: he could tell you everything." David sighs, "Fair enough - but you can't go barging into a pub and accuse the first bloke you find of murder." Debbie cries, "Craig, please - listen to David and let him go in." Craig, looking annoyed, mutters, "Alright. But if you find out anything..." David assures him, "I'll let you know, alright?" With that, he heads into the pub. Craig looks at Debbie and snarls, "If the guy's in here that did it to her..." Debbie tells him, "You're not thinking rationally, Craig. Just calm down, OK? I don't know what's happened to you; you were fine at the markets." Craig growls, "When you suggested coming here, I knew that was it: the most logical place to find out what happened." Debbie points out, "You don't know. Let David handle it." Craig just snarls, "She was my mother..."

David is standing in the pub and he has the handset of the public 'phone to his ear. He's saying, "How in the hell did you find me?" At the other end, Andy is standing in the kitchen at the country house, and he explains, "You had to be somewhere where she used to hang out." He then goes on, "The main reason I'm ringing is to tell you that the cops are here. They reckon Craig is the number one suspect." David gasps, "You're kidding. I knew they might have been angling that way earlier, but the way they were talking I thought they'd scrubbed it." Andy tells him, "No way - they've even got a search warrant; they've been right through the house and everything. The worst part is they found a hammer in the courtyard. They reckon it's the murder weapon." David asks, "How can they prove that?" Andy explains, "It was wrapped in Craig's sweater." David comments, "That doesn't prove a thing. What about fingerprints? Some real evidence?" Andy replies, "I don't know about fingerprints, but--" David says suddenly, "Hang on." A barman walks past him and David says, "Can I have a pot, thanks?" He then returns to the 'phone and says, "Andy, you tell them I'll be home shortly." Andy, however, replies, "I'm not too sure if they'll be all that interested. I think they've got Craig in the gun." Haddrick calls out suddenly from the courtyard, "Andy, could you come out here?" Andy tells David that he has to go. David says quickly, "You just try to convince them that Craig really loved his mother, alright? And the last person he'd want to see harmed would be her. Just try and convince them he's innocent. Andy nods, "I'll do my best." With that, he hangs up and heads outside. Haddrick asks him impatiently, "Got a minute?" Andy asks, "More questions?" Haddrick replies, "Just one. You're aware that misleading the police in an investigation is frowned-upon?" Andy nods, "Yeah, sure." Haddrick retorts, "Right. Then you won't mind answering just one question for us - honestly." Andy replies, "Of course not." Haddrick asks, "Where's Craig?" Andy hesitates and then says, "At the moment?" Haddrick nods, "At the moment." Andy stares at him.

Craig is pacing the footpath outside the pub. He mutters to Debbie, "Where the hell is he, Deb?" Debbie sighs, "David said to stay out here and we're staying." Craig cries, "He's been in there too long. I could've talked to every guy in the bar by now." Debbie asks, "Do you want to call Ginny? She's just in with Lisa, I think." She indicates a building nearby. Craig, however, retorts, "What could she do?" Debbie shrugs, "I don't know. I just thought it might help you a bit." She adds, "It's no good getting hysterical." Craig snaps, "I am not hysterical. I've just got to do something, Debbie. I feel so helpless." Debbie sighs, "OK, but David said he'd help. Give him a chance." At that moment, David emerges from the pub. Craig asks him quickly, "What did you find out?" David, however, just says, "Craig, some time back, my son, John, was accused of murder. I didn't believe him when he said he was innocent." Craig asks, "What's that got to do with me?" David just retorts, "Shut up." He then goes on, "I want an answer from you: did you murder your mother?" Craig stares at him and gasps, "What are you--?" David interrupts and snaps, "Just answer me: yes or no." Craig cries, "Of course I didn't." David nods, "Fine. That's all I wanted to hear." Debbie asks, "Why did you even have to ask him that?" Craig adds tersely, "Good question." David explains, "I've been on the 'phone to Andy - he's at home. The police are there and they've got your sweater." Craig asks in surprise, "At home?" David continues, "What they've found in it they think is the murder weapon." Debbie gasps, "That's ridiculous." Craig stares at David and insists, "I lost my sweater; I didn't take it home." David replies, "Exactly - which can only mean one thing: you're being set-up by someone." Debbie asks in horror, "Who'd want to do that?" David shrugs, "Damned if I know, Deb - but I'm not going to see Craig framed for something he didn't do. It happened once before with John and I'm not going to make the same mistake twice." He looks at Craig and asks, "You swear you had nothing to do with it?" Craig retorts, "Yes - of course I do." David tells him, "That's fair enough for me. I'm with you - no matter what they think."


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