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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

Debbie is piling up some old furniture in the courtyard outside the back door of the country house when Andy pokes his head round the corner and asks, "Coast clear?" Debbie smiles and nods, "Yes - David's taken Beryl to the airport." Andy asks, "Where's she off to?" Debbie explains, "Sydney. She's gone to visit Susan for a while." Andy, changing the subject, then tells Debbie, "There's a job going for you, if you're interested." Debbie replies dubiously, "I'm not working in any strip clubs, Andy." Andy, however, assures her, "It's a restaurant a couple of doors down. I can introduce you to the owner, if you like." Debbie nods, "OK." She goes and picks up a chainsaw as Andy goes on, "I gave you a big rap." Debbie muses, "I can't imagine what you found to say!" Andy smiles, "I managed to think up a few things. It was hard, but I managed!" He then asks, "Do you want to go there tomorrow?" Debbie asks, "Morning?" Craig marches suddenly round the corner, mutters, "G'day," and storms inside. Andy comments to Debbie, "Looks like I'm not the only one with troubles..."

Debbie heads inside to find Craig making himself a sandwich, furiously. He mutters, "Come in to say 'I told you so', I suppose?" Debbie asks sympathetically, "What happened?" Craig snaps, "What do you care?" Debbie insists, "Of course I care." Craig sighs more calmly, "I know you do. I just don't want to talk about it, that's all." Andy is still standing outside, listening as Debbie then says to Craig, "You're cutting at that loaf like it was Ruby's head or something." Craig snarls, "I wish she'd died when she had me." Debbie tells him, "You don't mean that. Let's get some fresh air; we'll go for a walk." Hearing this, Andy walks off quickly. In the kitchen, Craig yells, "I just got in; what would I want to go out again for?" Debbie suggests, "A walk with me might help." Craig just yells, "I feel like some food, OK?" He then calms down and murmurs, "Sorry." Debbie goes and starts massaging his shoulders, saying gently as she does so, "Tell me." Craig sighs, "You were right: she's been using me all along." Debbie asks, "How did you find out?" Craig pants, "She got nasty and told me. Said she's made everything up. I feel such an idiot..." Debbie comments, "At least now you know." Craig sighs, "I wanted her to like me. I wanted her to feel proud of me; proud of the way I'd grown up." Debbie remarks, "I can't understand why she'd suddenly turn nasty." Craig murmurs, "Reckoned I'd just end up being more trouble than it was worth. I wish I'd never seen her..."

Ted Flogit is sitting with Ruby in her local pub. As he shuffles a pack of cards, he comments, "That kid of yours has got good taste in sheilas." Ruby just mutters, "I wish I'd never met him." Looking surprised, Ted asks, "Is he trouble or something?" Ruby mutters, "Yeah." Ted asks, "How come?" Ruby sighs, "He just is. I was going to rip him off; take everything he had. Suddenly I thought 'I'm his mum. I couldn't do it'. Don't ask me why." Ted deals some cards and Ruby looks through them. She puts two down on the table and Ted deals replacements. Ruby looks at them and then throws the whole lot down on the table and mutters, "I'm just not interested." Ted pulls the cards back to him and looks through them. He then raises his eyebrows and comments in surprise, "I never thought I'd see the day when Ruby Hawkins would toss away a full house." Ruby sighs, "Yeah, well I never thought I'd see the day when she'd give up a dead cert scam, either. I could've used that kid." Ted asks, "Why didn't you?" Ruby retorts, "I'm his mum." Ted asks, "You going soft in your old age?" Ruby shrugs, "Soft in the head, maybe." She then reaches into her handbag and hands Ted some money for another drink. He heads to the bar, leaving Ruby at the table, groaning, "Why do I have to care...? What do I care...?"

It's the next morning and Caroline is standing in Glen's parents' cabin. She picks up a gold statuette from a cabinet and smiles at it. Glen joins her and tells her, "'Best and Fairest, 1979'." Caroline asks, "Aussie Rules?" Glen nods, "Yeah. We lived in Adelaide for a few years." Caroline then remarks, "'Best and Fairest'. That's still you." Glen shrugs, "I don't know about that." Caroline tells him, "I don't have a trophy to give you, but..." She breaks off and then gives him a kiss on the cheek and smiles, "That's my 'Best and Fairest' award for 1986." Glen grins, "Thankyou. You think you'll be OK?" Caroline nods, "I'm going to get professional help. I know I need it." Glen tells her, "Good on you." Caroline then asks, "What about you?" Glen asks, "What do you mean?" Caroline replies, "Everything you've told me about your achievements: you can't turn your back on them for the rest of your life." Glen comments, "I don't see why not." Caroline tells him, "You've got to face up to yourself the way I did, otherwise it's a terrible waste of potential." Glen doesn't respond. Caroline then asks him, "You got a footy in the house?" Glen nods, "Somewhere, yeah. Why?" Caroline smiles, "We've been miserable for too long. Let's have some fun!"

A short time later, outside, Caroline and Glen are playing with an Aussie Rules ball. Glen tries to teach Caroline to kick it and catch it. She falls over as she lunges to catch it and Glen runs over and asks if she's alright. Smiling happily, she tells him, "I'm fine! I'm really fine!"

David is working under the kitchen sink at the country house. There's suddenly a knock on the back door and he calls, "It's open." Alison walks in and, looking at him, remarks, "You're trusting. I could've been anyone." David, sitting up, tells her, "We don't get any weirdoes around here. Keep the place unlocked half the time." He then returns to working under the sink as he asks what brings her around. Alison smiles, "Nothing in particular - I just thought I'd visit my partner in crime." David suddenly cries out, "Oh hell." Alison asks, "What's the matter?" David tells her, "I've cut my finger." Alison asks, "You got any antiseptic? Band aids?" David sits up and points to the cupboard and Alison goes and gets them. She returns with some antiseptic and starts cleaning the wound. As she does so, David smiles, "Look at us: a while ago I wouldn't have given you the time of day. Now you're playing Florence Nightingale; saving my life." Alison comments wryly, "You never could stay angry with me for long." David, staring into her eyes, says weakly, "There's plenty of times I wanted to..." He then adds quickly, "Better whack a band-aid on." He stands up and walks over to the table. Changing the subject, Alison asks, "How's Craig going?" David replies, "The poor kid's on a bit of a downer. His mother gave him the heave-ho." Alison comments, "That's good, isn't it?" David nods, "Yeah - but try to convince him of that. I'm just worried he's going to try to patch it up with her." Alison comments, "You care about him, don't you?" David tells her, "Yes, I do. I don't see John and Kevin these days... the kid's almost like a son to me." Alison muses, "Yes, he is a bit like John. I can see why you feel that way." David explains, "That's why I hope he keeps away from Ruby now that the break's been made." Alison suggests, "It shouldn't be a problem if she gave him the flick." David, however, sighs, "You never know with a con like her. She's just as likely to change her mind tomorrow: first run of bad luck and she'll be back on the doorstep." Alison comments, "It really worries you, doesn't it?" David tells her, "Of course it does: you want what's right for your kids - even if they're not your own!" Alison murmurs, "Yes..." David adds, "Nothing much I can do about it, though." Alison murmurs, "No, no, I suppose not..."

Ruby is standing behind her market stall. A passer-by picks something up and then walks away, shaking her head. Ruby calls after her angrily, "Hey! I wouldn't go turning my nose up if I were you; it's the best stuff you'll see around here." A few yards away, Alison's, who's approaching the stall, stops in her tracks and stares at Ruby, mouthing, "My God, they're alike." She walks over to the stall. Ruby smiles at her and says, "Best jewellery in town. I can tell a lady with taste when I see one, and you've come to the right spot. It's all top stuff." Alison, however, snaps, "I have no intention of buying anything. I'm here about Craig. You're no good for him. I want to make sure you stay away." Ruby mutters, "And who are you?" Alison replies, "Friend of a friend - and I have connections. If you see Craig again, I can tell you now: you're buying more trouble for yourself than you can handle." Ruby growls, "Nobody tells me what I can do." Alison retorts, "I am. You stick to your decision to keep away from him - for your own sake." With that, she walks off. Ruby glares at her and then marches after her. She grabs her arm, spins her around and snaps, "I don't know who sent you, or who your friends are, but you go and tell 'em Ruby Hawkins does what she likes when she likes, and no one - I mean no one - stands over her. You and your friends chew on that. If I want to see that kid again, I'll see him. Now, you get out. Alison warns her, "I mean what I say." Ruby gives her a shove and snarls, "I said rack off." Alison walks away. Ruby storms back over to her stall.

A while later, David is sitting at the kitchen table with Alison, looking pensive as she tells him and Debbie, "I thought I was doing the right thing. I thought I could make her stay away. Now all I've done is make it worse, I think." David sighs, "Why can't you stay out of things?" Alison tells him, "You seemed worried. I wanted to do something. You helped me yesterday." She then sighs, "Why can't I leave well enough alone?" Debbie asks, "You think Ruby might come back now, just to spite you?" Alison nods, "She seemed pretty steamed-up." David mutters, "What do you reckon? Someone like you going round being heavy with her... that's like waving a red rag to a bull." Alison points out curtly, "I didn't have to tell you what I'd done - but I thought... well, I thought you should know." David mutters, "Big deal." Alison then suggests to Debbie, "Why don't you go for your job interview? I can handle it. And I'm sorry; I really am." With that, Debbie heads out. Alison calls after her, "Good luck with the job." Debbie murmurs, "Thanks."

A short time later, Debbie is walking with Andy down a quiet street. Andy is asking, "Are you sure Alison wasn't out to cause trouble? She can be pretty deadly when she puts her mind to it." Debbie, however, insists, "No way. She just wanted to help David out." They reach a building and, glancing inside, Debbie comments, "It looks OK." She then asks how she looks. Andy assures her, "Great." He adds, "No need to bung it on; just be yourself." Debbie tells him, "I'm too worried about Craig and Ruby to sparkle." Andy insists, "Forget it: she won't turn up." Debbie asks, "What if she does? If Craig takes her back, I think I'd have to give up on him." She then muses, "Oh well... time to sparkle," and she heads into the restaurant.

A while later, Craig is standing outside the back door of the country house as Debbie and Andy come round the corner, Debbie enthusing, "Gee, if the tips are as good as he said, I'll make a packet!" She then runs over to Craig and says, "Guess what: I got the job! I start tomorrow night." Craig just mutters, "That's good." Debbie adds, "I can't wait to tell David; is he in there?" She indicates the kitchen. Craig nods, "Yeah. So's Alison." With that, Debbie runs inside. When she's gone, Andy comments to Craig, "I heard you had a bit of trouble with your mum." Craig mutters, "Yeah." Andy goes on, "I see her around the area a bit - you know, the club? The pub on the corner seems to be her stamping ground." Craig nods, "Yeah, it is, I think." He then adds, "Look, I don't want to be rude, but I'd rather not talk about it." Andy, however, goes on, "It's just that... it's Alison, that's all: she warned your mum off." A look of fury crosses Craig's face. Andy says quickly, "Please, don't go off half-cocked. If you front them with it they'll know it's me who told you and I'll be out on my ear. Now, I'm doing you a favour so you do me one and keep it to yourself." He then adds, "I'll tell you what, though: maybe your mum didn't want to dump you; maybe she did it because Alison told her to. I don't know, but I reckon it's worth getting in touch with her again." Craig murmurs, "Maybe it is..." Andy goes on, "I have to get to work. Do you want me to tell your mum you want to see her?" Craig hesitates and then says, "OK." He takes out a pad of paper and writes down a note, saying as he does so, "Just tell her that I'm stuck here for a while but I'll call-by as soon as I can. OK?" Andy nods, "Sure." Craig hands him the sheet of paper and adds, "Give her this, OK?" Andy tells him, "Done." Craig then adds, "Thanks, Andy." Andy walks off, leaving Craig looking worried.

Charlie is sitting in the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, telling Owen, Janice, Susan and Beryl - who's holding Robert - that she's having a new drive laid and couldn't let Isabella get near the dust, so she got a helicopter up to Woombai! She then suggests to Owen and Janice that they give Beryl and Susan their privacy. As she heads out of the room, she asks Owen about the Nature Reserve. Janice takes Robert from Beryl and heads off to put him to bed. When they're alone, Beryl throws her arms around Susan. Susan sighs, "I needed you here so much, mum. Thanks for coming up." Beryl asks, "Any more news on Wayne?" Susan replies, "Nothing more than Charlie would've told you. I'm so worried..." Beryl soothes, "It's OK, love. It's OK." Susan goes on, "I know you don't like him, but he does love me - no matter what you think - and I want his baby so much." Beryl insists, "I know, love." Susan, bursting into tears, sobs, "If he died... Oh mum..." She breaks down in Beryl's arms.

Debbie is doing some baking in the kitchen at the country house when Craig walks in from the hallway and announces that he's going out. Debbie asks, "Where to?" Craig, however, tells her, "Nowhere special. I'll see you later." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Debbie asks Craig to get it. He does so and says, "Hello... Speaking... Who is it?" He listens again, and then with a furtive glance at Debbie, says, "She told you to ring me?... Where?... OK, I'll be there in about half an hour... Thanks." With that, he hangs up. Debbie asks, "Who are you meeting?" Craig retorts, "No one special." Debbie asks, "What's going on?" Craig just snaps, "It's none of your business." With that, he heads out. As he opens the door, David and Alison walk in and David announces, "Alison's going." Alison smiles at Craig and Debbie and tells them, "I'll see you both next time I'm down." Craig just glares at her and mutters, "Maybe." He storms off. Alison looks at Debbie and asks, "What's the matter with him?" Debbie shrugs in concern, "I don't know..."

Ruby is sitting on a park bench, by a lake. She takes a puff of a cigarette, exhales and stubs the cigarette out. A few yards away, a gloved hand pulls back the branch of a tree, allowing the person to look at Ruby more closely. They then start walking towards her, slowly and quietly. On the bench, Ruby takes out a sweet and pops it into her mouth. As the person who's approaching her grows nearer, they take a hammer out of a belt around their pocket. Ruby then becomes aware of them, turns to them and demands, "So? What did you want to see me about?"

The kettle boils in the kitchen at the country house. Debbie switches it off and offers Alison and David some tea. Alison, however, declines, saying, "No thanks - I have to go." She then adds, "And I'm sorry again about interfering." Debbie insists, "I know you thought you were doing the right thing. I'll see you later." With that, Alison and David head outside. David closes the door behind him and Alison says, "She's a sweet kid. Craig's lucky." David nods, "Too right he is." Alison then tells him, "The apology I gave to Debbie goes for you too. You calmed down?" David points out, "We're talking, aren't we?" Alison insists, "I want to make sure you're not going to hold any grudges." David muses, "You know what your trouble is? You've always wanted to be able to control everything; always wanted to. You're a hell of a lot better than you were, but it's still there. Do us a favour: next time you're itching to stick your bib in... don't. It'll save us all a lot of trouble!" Alison smiles at him and says, "That's the nicest ticking-off you've ever given me. We friends?" David nods and smiles at her, warmly.

Craig is walking across the park to the bench where Ruby is sitting. She has her back to him, and the hood of her jacket has been pulled up over her head. Craig stops behind her and smiles, "Hi, it's me. I got your friend's call. It's good timing: I was just on my way out to look for you." Ruby doesn't respond. Craig goes on, "I know about Alison coming on heavy with you." He then crouches down behind her and continues, "I know I came on a bit heavy myself, wanting you to share a house with me and all, but you're my mother, and I wanted us to get to know each other." He stands up again and moves to stand at the side of the bench. He then says, "If it's just Alison that made you tell me to get lost..." He breaks off before crying in concern, "I don't know what else to say. I mean, you asked me to come here... Mum...?" Ruby still doesn't say anything. Craig then puts his hand on her arm - and Ruby's body falls forward. Craig recoils in horror as he realises she's dead.


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