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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Alister Smart

A while later, Ginny is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion, saying, "Then he just turned and walked away. I would've thought he was joking, but the look on his face..." Fiona asks in concern, "Where is he now? You didn't just leave him at the beach, did you?" Ginny explains, "I went after him and I kept asking what he meant, but he wouldn't say anything else - except if I cared about him at all, not to follow him." She then asks, "Fiona, what did he mean about dying?" Fiona sighs, "If you know that much, you might as well know the lot: he could have Huntington's disease." Ginny asks, "What's that?" Fiona explains, "It's a hereditary illness; it doesn't usually strike until middle-age - and until it does, there's no way of knowing if someone has it. If he has, there is no cure... but worse than that, he could have passed it onto the baby." Ginny, looking shocked, murmurs, "Oh, wow..."

Sometime later, Fiona and Ginny walk into room 37 at Seabreeze Towers. Fiona calls, "Wayne... is anyone here?" Ginny picks up Wayne's jacket, which is lying on the floor, and comments, "He's been here." Fiona picks up an electric razor from a bench and comments, "This is still warm: that's a good sign." She then finds and picks up a sheet of paper on which Wayne has written 'Don't try to follow me!" She stares at it and remarks, "He's still serious about vanishing... but at least we know he's alive. Gordon and Susan will be relieved to hear that." She then adds, "If he should contact you, you will let me know, won't you?" Ginny demands, "Why would he?" Fiona points out, "You were with him this morning. You were talking. Maybe he wants to talk again." Ginny retorts, "I don't want to get involved." Fiona, however, tells her, "You are already involved." Ginny mutters that Wayne has got no reason to contact her. She then announces that she's going, and she walks out, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Debbie, David and Craig are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Debbie is saying to Craig, "I just think you should be careful, that's all." Craig mutters, "You're not going to understand, are you?" David insists, "Course we understand." Craig, however, retorts, "You haven't the faintest idea what it means: I'm finally getting to know my mother." Debbie insists, "We do. That's why we don't want you rushing into things: we know how much it'll hurt you if it doesn't work out." Craig just snaps, "It will. She knows there's lots of ways we're different - but she's giving me a chance. Why can't you do the same for her?" David chips in, "We're not saying don't give her a chance; it just that sometimes it takes a long time to get to know people. Just don't make any rush judgements." Craig mutters, "You can talk." He then goes on curtly, "Alright, maybe she's got some rough edges, but what do you expect? If you'd had the tough life she's had, so would you." David retorts, "That's not the point: just don't let her talk you into something shifty." Craig growls, "Don't worry: all I'm going to do is set up a stall and help her get back on her feet." With that, he stands up and storms off to his bedroom. When he's gone, Debbie sighs at David, "See? He won't listen to us anymore. I just wish I could tell him the truth... but I don't want to break his heart. Every time I try, I just can't get the words out." David tells her, "I still say give him time. He's no fool: he'll soon see through her." Debbie, however, sits there looking dubious.

Ruby is sitting at a table in a bar. She takes a swig from a glass of beer. Jean walks into the bar suddenly and approaches Ruby, looking wary. She snaps at her, "Well? What is it?" Ruby tells her, "I want a hundred bucks." Jean snarls, "You're not getting it out of me." Ruby retorts, "Oh yes I am. You've got no choice." Jean snaps, "We can't afford it. You've been bleeding us dry for years; there simply isn't any more. It's all we can do to keep body and soul together." Ruby suggests curtly, "Then you'll just have to sell them." Jean gasps, "What?" Ruby spits, "Your soul. Or your body. I don't care what you do; just get me that money." Jean snarls, "You're just not listening: I don't have it." Ruby snarls, "Stop complaining, Jean. Either you get that money today... or I'm not going to be able to keep our secret any longer." Jean cries, "Why don't you leave us in peace? We can't take it any longer." Ruby just shrugs, "I'm doing the taking, baby. You're giving." Jean snaps, "It's not fair. I gave you the address of that boy of yours; you said you were going to get him to support you." Ruby shrugs, "So I changed my mind. You're just going to have to keep paying whether you like it or not - and don't tell me you can't afford it: you're still members of that yacht club; business can't be that bad." Jean glares at her as she adds, "Better hurry, Jean: banks are opening soon."

David is pottering around in the kitchen at the country house when there's a knock on the back door. It opens and Alison steps inside. He smiles at her, "I didn't know you were in town!" Alison smiles back and asks, "How's things?" David replies, "If you've got three or four hours, I'll tell you!" Alison comments, "Seems like I've come at the right time. I'd say you could do with some company - and a diversion to get your mind off things." David asks warily, "What sort of diversion?" Alison tells him, "I've just found out who stole Ginny's designs - but I need proof - and to get it, I need you. So... how about it?"

A while later, Alison and David are standing at the side of a road. David is holding a video camera, and as he examines it, he remarks, "It seems pretty simple." Alison takes a few steps back. David points the camera at her and then says, "We're recording." Alison just stands there. David sighs, "Come on... do something..." Alison claps her hands together and smiles, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am now about to perform for you my famous double back somersault!" David calls, "Your double what?!" Alison sighs, "Don't tell me you don't remember!" David muses, "I remember when we were kids you tried to do some silly stunt to impress me and nearly broke your neck." Alison retorts, "I dislocated my shoulder - and I wasn't trying to impress you. You never did believe I could do that, did you? I only slipped that day because the grass was wet!" David chuckles. Turning off the camera, he then asks Alison what it says in the manual she's holding about playback. Alison starts to riffle though, murmuring, "Should be here somewhere." David smiles at her, warmly.

Debbie is doing some washing-up in the kitchen at the country house when Andy pokes his head round the back door and says to her, "Coast clear?" She nods, "Yeah - David's out with Alison." Andy steps inside and asks, "How are you getting on?" Debbie just sighs, "Fine." Andy asks, "Any luck with a job?" Debbie replies, "Not yet - but I haven't been looking very hard." Andy then comments that she looks worried about something, and he asks if it's still Craig. Debbie nods in concern, "He's believed everything his mother's told him. I know he's going to get hurt, but he won't listen to me anymore - she's made sure of that, too." Andy tells her, "Don't let it upset you, Debbie - it'll work out." Debbie murmurs, "I suppose..." She then declares more brightly, "Anyway, I shouldn't be dumping my troubles onto you - you've got enough of your own." Andy smiles, "Oh, I'm doing OK. Even got a steady job!" Debbie grins, "That's great. Where?" Andy replies, looking suddenly wary, "It's a good break. If the audiences like me, it could really lead to something." Debbie asks in surprise, "What audiences?" Andy tells her, "The people who come and see the show." He then looks at his watch and adds quickly, "I've got to split." As he heads for the door, Debbie smiles, "A show? That is fantastic! Where? I'll come and see you!" Andy, however, tells her hesitantly, "It's no big deal - really. I don't want to be late on my first day. See you later." With that, he heads out quickly, leaving Debbie with a grin on her legs.

A while later, Andy is standing outside a grotty-looking building, the front door of which has a large poster on it advertising a 'Miss. Lovely Legs' competition. He's wearing a tuxedo and is spruiking for business, calling to passers-by, "Come on, come on, inside this door is excitement you would not believe: gorgeous women... gorgeous supple, athletic bodies... to see them dance is to witness a miracle - and believe me, I would not lie..." A few feet away, a man is tending to a drunk collapsed on some steps...

Craig and Ruby have set up their pitch in the middle of a busy market place. Ruby snaps suddenly, "Oh hell." Craig asks, "What's up?" Ruby tells him, "I've got one of my headaches coming on. They're a damn nuisance, sometimes." Craig offers, "Take an hour or two off; I can handle things." Ruby 'insists', "I wouldn't leave you alone on your first day." Craig, however, assures her, "I can manage. You've been working yourself pretty hard." Ruby comments, "If you're sure..." Craig smiles, "Of course I'm sure. Off you go." With that, Ruby heads off, saying as she does so, "You're a good kid, Craig." A few seconds later, a young woman approaches the market stall and Craig starts trying to sell her some goods. From across the other side of the market, Ruby watches him, a delighted grin on her face...

Debbie is sitting with David and Alison at the kitchen table at the country house. After a few seconds, Alison stands up and tells David that it's time they went. The back door opens suddenly and Ginny walks in, carrying a suitcase. Alison demands in surprise, "What are you doing here?" Ginny explains, "Just want to get out of Sydney for a while." Alison mutters in exasperation, "I wish you hadn't." Ginny retorts, "Why? I want to know what's happening. You got any proof yet?" Alison snaps, "Not yet - but it's all under control." With that, she gives Ginny some money and tells her to go out, have a good time and take Debbie with her, as she needs cheering-up. Debbie protests, "No, no, I'm fine. I've got some work to do around the house." David, however, insists, "No you haven't. Go out and have some fun." Ginny and Debbie accept the offer and head off to their bedrooms to change. When they've gone, David remarks to Alison, "Nice thought, wanting Ginny out of the way." Alison smiles, "How did you guess?!" With that, they head out.

A while later, Alison is hiding behind some bushes in a park. David is standing in front of them, and he calls over to Alison quietly, "What do I do now?" Alison tells him, "They're going to be meeting over there by that birdbath." She indicates a bench and birdbath a few yards away, continuing as she does so, "You get as close as possible, without being obvious, and get it all down on tape." David asks, "What if something goes wrong?" Alison, however, mutters, "Just go and get into position. Hurry." David walks off. He approaches a car parked nearby, rests the video camera on the bonnet and aims it at the bench. A few seconds later, music starts blaring out from a ghettoblaster and a young woman goes and stands by the bench. David calls over, "Ma'am, excuse me? Would you mind moving?" The woman turns and looks at him and retorts, "What is this: a private park or something?" David explains quickly, "No... I'm just taking some shots." The woman stares at him warily and he adds, "Some rare birds come there in the afternoon and I'm just taking some shots of them." The woman moves her ghettoblaster further along the bench. David calls over to her and says, "I need peace and quiet. I have to record their mating call." The woman stares at him and mutters, "You're a weirdo." With that, she walks off. David turns and looks at Alison in relief.

Andy is still spruiking outside the strip club when he hears a burst of laughter and spots Ginny and Debbie approaching with smiles on their faces. He tries to turn away, but it's too late: Ginny taunts, "Well, well, well, look who it is: the great record producer, Captain Showbiz. Got yourself a new gig, have you?" Andy retorts, "It's a job." Debbie comments, "I thought you said you were working for the show." Andy, however, replies, "No, I didn't. You just jumped to conclusions, Deb." Debbie then says, "It's nothing to be ashamed of." Ginny laughs, "You reckon?" Debbie, however, points out, "At least he's got a job - and that's more than you and me. I think it's quite a nice place." Ginny suggests, "Why don't we go and have a look?" Andy says quickly, "I don't think it's the sort of thing that Deb should see." Debbie retorts, "I'm not ten years old. Do you think I've never seen a strip show before?" Andy asks, "Have you?" Debbie nods hesitantly, "Yeah, yeah, of course." Andy goes and stands in front of the door and says, "I'm serious - you won't like it." Ginny suggests, "Why don't we go and see for ourselves?!" With that, she pushes Andy out of the way and she and Debbie head into the building. Andy stands there, looking worried.

Craig is counting the money he's made from the market stall when Ruby totters over to him. He asks, "Feeling better?" Ruby smiles, "Yeah, lots. Looks like you did real good." Craig hands over the money and comments, "Not bad, huh?" Ruby says quickly, "I'll give you your share when I've deducted costs." Craig nods, "Sure. There's no hurry. I'll just finish packing and we can go and do something." Looking surprised, Ruby asks, "Like what?" Craig suggests, "Spend some time together." Ruby, however, tells him quickly, "Maybe some other time - the head's still a bit..." Craig persists, "We can just for a walk somewhere - the fresh air will probably help." Ruby gives in and sighs, "Alright - but not for long."

A while later, Craig and Ruby are walking along a street, Craig talking animatedly... they stop outside a toy shop and Craig offers to buy Ruby something... they take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, Craig holding a toy kangaroo... and they walk along by a lake. As they do so, Craig says, "I had a good time. Did you?" Ruby nods, "Yeah, I did." Craig continues, "If we keep on doing as well as we did today, I can save up and find us somewhere to live. Would you like that?" Ruby tells him, "You don't have to look after me." Craig, however, insists, "Of course I do. I'm your son. I want to. What do you think?" Ruby just replies hesitantly, "I don't know. We'll see. There's plenty of time..."

Sometime later, Craig and Ruby walk into Ruby's local bar, Craig saying, "I don't want an answer or anything, but I'd like you to think about it." Ruby tells him, "I will." She then adds quickly, "Look, Craig, I've got to meet someone here: one of my suppliers. Could you come back in half an hour?" Looking slightly surprised, Craig nods, "Sure. See you then." He walks out. When he's gone, Jean stands up from another table - where she was sitting with her back to the door - and marches over to Ruby, snapping, "I thought you weren't going to use him." Ruby retorts, "I'm not." Jean snaps, "I saw him working your stall while you were here with your scummy friends. You can't stop lying for a second, can you?" Ruby growls, "What would you know about it?" Jean retorts, "I know you. You're blackmailing Colin and me and cheating your own son." Ruby snaps, "I am not cheating him; I'm paying him a share of the profits." Jean tuts, "Huh! Did you tell him it's all stolen? That it's virtually all profit? You let him work all day for you for a pittance. 'What's in it for Ruby Hawkins?' That's all you ever care about. You're a selfish, heartless woman." Ruby starts to protest, "Look, I may have had plans to use him, but--" She breaks off and then demands, "Where's the money?" Jean tells her curtly, "I don't have it; I'm waiting for a cheque to clear. You can come to the house and collect it tomorrow." Ruby spits, "I said today." Jean retorts, "I don't have it. It's tomorrow or not at all; take your choice. Frankly, I'm almost at the point where I don't care." With that, she storms off, leaving Ruby looking worried.

David and Alison are standing in the lounge room at the country house. David presses the rewind button on his video player and asks Alison, "Good enough?" Alison smiles, "Perfect. Nice and close on their faces and you could hear every word they said." David asks, "So what did Slade get so mad about? The tape wouldn't have proved a thing if he hadn't done all that yelling." Alison explains, "That was the key part of my plan - which, in all modesty, I can only describe as 'brilliantly ingenious'!" She then goes on, "I told Ginny to deliberately make those designs bad so that when the girl who works for Lisa handed them over, Slade would think she was trying one on. And it worked: in the course of their little argument, they incriminated each other ten times over!" David chuckles, "You think you're smart, don't you?!" Alison smiles, "Oh, I have my moments!" David laughs and then comments, "Anyway, thanks to you, Ginny's career is back on the rails." Alison insists, "It's no more than she deserves. You know, that girl has talent." David comments, "Bit of growing-up to do, though." Alison, however, tells him, "You'd be surprised how much she's developed since I started 'moulding her'. She's getting more mature and responsible every day." At that moment, they hear a loud burst of female laughter and Ginny and Debbie run in. Debbie is wearing a banner saying, 'Miss. Lovely Legs'. Alison reads it aloud and Ginny giggles, "In a contest. I talked her into it. Only took a few glasses of bubbly!" David says quietly to Alison, "Mature and responsible...?!" Looking annoyed, Alison says to Ginny tersely, "If you're at all interested, we now have evidence proving that it wasn't you selling the designs to Slade." Ginny, becoming suddenly serious, gasps, "You do? Where?" Alison points to the video player. Ginny asks, "How did you get it?" Alison tells her, "A little foresight. A little perseverance." David adds, "And a little help from her friends!" Ginny says sincerely to Alison, "Thanks a lot, eh? I mean that." Alison tells her, "Just don't ruin your chance."

Ruby is sitting at a table in the bar, a cigarette in one hand, a drink in the other. Craig walks back in and asks, "Your meeting go alright?" Ruby mutters, "Yeah." Craig then says eagerly, "I've got an idea: why don't we go and see a movie?" Ruby just retorts, "No, Craig." Craig asks in surprise, "Why not?" Ruby tells him, "I'm calling off our partnership." Craig stares at her and murmurs, "You're kidding. Why?" Ruby retorts, "Because you're taking it too serious. I don't want to be stuck in some nice little house in the suburbs with some son sticking to me like glue. That's why I gave you away in the first place." Craig, looking puzzled, starts to say, "But I thought you said--" Ruby interrupts and tells him sourly, "Yeah, 'cos I thought you'd be good for some money. What a laugh that was. I've been leading you on kid; taking you down. Everything I've told you's a pack of lies. I gave you to Maisy because I didn't want you and I don't want you now. You get on with your life and let me get on with mine. Right?" Craig, looking furious, growls, "Yeah. Sure. Alright. I was trying to do you a good turn because I like you; because I felt sorry for you; but if this is the way you want it - you want to lead your life like this: ripping people off; drinking yourself stupid - you're welcome to it." With that, he storms out, leaving Ruby sitting at the table, staring blankly ahead of her.


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