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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Susan goes on, "You're not giving me any choice, Wayne." Wayne, however, retorts, "What sort of choice are you giving me? Basically, I am being held at ransom." Susan demands, "What else am I supposed to do? I'd rather have a child without a father than..." She breaks off and then murmurs, "I'm sorry - but I can't see any way round it. It would've been different if we found out about the disease before I was pregnant; maybe I would've thought children too big a risk too. The fact is, I am pregnant and I want to have it." Wayne mutters, "The risk doesn't matter anymore?" Susan cries, "For goodness' sake, it's only a fifty percent chance, not a hundred. Besides, it'll be thirty years before we find out; who's to say they won't find a cure by then?" She then goes on more calmly, "Look, I don't want us to fight, but you've got to understand what this baby means to me." Wayne murmurs, "I'm beginning to." Susan goes on, "It's everything. I've always wanted a family." Wayne demands, "Is that why you married me? To have a family?" Susan starts to say, "How could you even--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "That's what it sounds like, Suse: I'm just a means to an end; a more practical husband than Glen, maybe." Susan cries, "Stop it - please. Of course a family was part of the reason I married you - but our family, not Glen's or anybody else's. Yours and mine - and we can have one." She puts her hands on his arms, continuing, "We can have one - as long as we give the baby support... love... The risk doesn't matter; nothing else matters." Wayne murmurs, "I have to admit I haven't been looking on the good side of things." Susan tells him, "It's important." Wayne murmurs, "You're right: it is important." Susan, tears beginning to well in her eyes, smiles, "You mean...?" Wayne tells her, "I guess I'd better get used to the idea of being a dad! And I think it's time we faced the world again. How about we fly back to Sydney this afternoon?" Susan gives him a relieved hug.

Craig is standing with Ginny in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers. He asks, "Are you sure it's safe?" Ginny insists, "Relax. No one will find you." Craig asks, "What if Gordon comes over?" Ginny explains, "He leases the apartment to his company and Alison's booked it for three weeks; she said she's going to use it for meetings. Relax. We can't go wrong." Craig sighs, "You must think I'm acting like a kid." Ginny tells him, "A murder charge would rattle anybody." Craig adds, "Being away from Deb doesn't help." A look of annoyance flickers briefly across Ginny's face before she responds, "You'll get by. Nothing she could do if she was here, anyway." She then adds, "Pity you can't call her - especially not at David's. Just wait 'til everything blows over." Craig, looking disappointed, mutters, "Yeah..."

The front door opens at the mansion and Beryl - holding Robert - Janice and Owen walk in. Beryl is saying, "Since they're both away, we should use their rooms and keep the others free for boarders." Janice, however, insists, "It's alright: I'll make the decisions. Aunt Fiona appointed me Temporary Manageress." Beryl muses, "Sorry! Alright, what do you suggest?" Janice says, "I think Owen should use May's room and you use Fiona's." Beryl smiles, "Good decision." Owen heads off to May's room while Janice goes and unlocks the door to Fiona's room. As she does so, she asks Beryl how long she's planning to stay in Sydney. Beryl replies, "As long as Susan needs me." Unseen by either of them, Colin Hopkins is hiding behind the wall at the bottom of the stairs, listening to their conversation. Beryl heads into Fiona's room and Janice goes to head upstairs - but as she does so, she spots Colin standing there suspiciously and she asks him curtly, "What are you doing?" Colin replies quickly, "I was just on my way out." Janice demands, "You're a resident?" Colin nods, "For a while. From Melbourne, on business. Colin Smith." He holds out his hand. Janice shakes it, saying as she does so, "Very well. You can pay your rent to me from now on - I'm up the stairs." With that, she heads upstairs. Colin stands there, looking thoughtful.

Susan sets down a tray of tea things in the lounge room at Dural. As she does so, Gordon comments, "I thought Beryl was going back to Melbourne." Susan explains, "She decided to stay; make sure I was OK." Wayne walks in from the kitchen as Gordon tells Susan, "It seems silly for her to sleep at the mansion when you're the reason she's in Sydney. Tell her to come over here." Susan smiles, "I will. Thanks. It'll be nice to see Robert." She doesn't notice the brief look of annoyance that crosses Wayne's face. As Wayne sits down with Susan, Gordon asks, "Did you two have a chance to talk at Woombai?" Wayne just looks at Susan. Gordon asks, "And?" Susan tells him, "We're going to have the baby." Gordon smiles, "You've made a future grandfather very happy!" Susan grins, "Wayne's already talking about schools... colleges... doctors... He's way ahead of me!" Wayne, however, mutters darkly, "I have to be: I might only be around for a few more years and I'm going to make sure the baby's set up with everything." Gordon comments, "Taking a dim view of things, aren't you?" Wayne retorts, "It's on the cards - same as it'll be for the baby." Gordon insists, "Doesn't mean the baby has to have more than any other child." Wayne, however, mutters, "If he only lives 'til 30, I'm going to make sure those thirty years are the best." Susan, looking surprised, comments, "I don't understand: what do you mean by 'the best'?" Wayne explains, "Enough money for the kid to be able to buy anything he wants." Gordon remarks, "The family's hardly poor; I don't see that's a problem." Wayne, however, retorts, "I'm talking about money made by me. Something the baby will be proud of." Gordon points out, "You are making money." Wayne mutters, "Through the company, yeah. Inherited money's different, dad. I want to start a business of my own - from scratch. What do you say? All I need is some capital to start with." Susan says quickly, "There's more to being a father than money. You can't buy the child's affection." Wayne insists, "I know. I'm going to do it right in every other way - but the kid has to be financially secure." Gordon comments, "You're asking a lot of yourself." Wayne, however, tells him, "I can do it. I can borrow from the company to start with." Gordon asks, "How much? We're fairly heavily committed at the moment." Wayne retorts, "We can pull out of something - the Reserve, say. I'll have the money we put aside for that." Gordon remarks, "You can't be serious. Owen has his heart set on that. Anyway, I think it's very promising." Wayne, however, insists, "The return will take years. I'm talking about high-risk ventures with fast pay-offs." Gordon, however, says, "No. I'm sorry. I couldn't. You'd get more capital from that bad-debt list you bought. Follow that up. It's worth three times the Reserve."

Beryl is sitting on the floor in Fiona's room at the mansion, dressing Robert. She then turns to Janice and asks, "Do you know any childcare centres round here? As I'm going to be in Sydney for a while I thought I might as well enrol him." Janice tells her, "There's one out at Edgecliffe, I think. Rawson Street, on the corner. Maybe Owen will drive you there now?" Owen, however, is sitting at the desk, working on his model of the Reserve, and he murmurs, "I've got to finish this first." Janice sighs, "For goodness' sake, Owen, take a break; the model looks fine." Owen, however, retorts, "It has to be perfect: I'm showing it to Wayne and Gordon this afternoon." At that moment, the door to the room opens and Gordon steps inside, smiling, "Knock knock!" Janice comments, "Speak of the devil!" Gordon looks at Beryl and tells her, "Susan and I thought you should come to Dural; it's more practical to be under the same roof." Beryl murmurs, "Thankyou, Gordon, but I don't think Wayne would be too keen." Gordon insists, "Nonsense, he's fine." Beryl, however, says, "Still, it might make things uncomfortable. Next time." Gordon accepts this, reluctantly. He then turns to Owen and looks at the model of the Reserve. Owen explains, "It isn't finished yet. You weren't supposed to see it 'til this afternoon." Gordon comments, "Very impressive - although maybe the fence is a little high." Owen, looking put-out, gasps, "Gordon, trust me. I know what I'm doing." Turning back to Beryl, Gordon tries, "You can't be persuaded, eh?" Beryl replies, "No - but you could give us a lift to the play-centre, if you wouldn't mind!" With that, she and Gordon head out.

Ginny is talking on the 'phone in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers. She's saying, "Righty-o. Thanks. I'll tell him." She hangs up and then says to Craig, "That was Alison. She spoke to David this morning; told him about Hopkins being at the guest house." Craig gasps, "David knows where I am?" Ginny insists, "No harm." Craig, however, retorts, "Like hell. He thinks I'm a ratbag for not facing the police. He'll probably come up here and bawl me out." Ginny insists, "Don't worry - he's too busy with his new job at the pub." Craig asks in surprise, "Which pub?" Ginny explains, "Where your mum drank. He's trying to find out who knows what - and if anyone does, maybe Hopkins did do it on his own." Craig, however, sighs, "No, I still don't believe that. He's just not the sort of guy who'd... Oh, I don't know... this is all driving me crazy. I'm so sick of being cooped up here." Ginny suggests, "Could be worse - you mightn't even have me." Craig, however, ignores this, going on curtly, "What really gets me is that everybody else is out there trying to clear my name and I'm stuck in here like a useless lump. How about we go back to the mansion? At least I had more room - and I could talk to people." Ginny points out, "The police will be watching the place like hawks." Craig reminds her, "There's no reason to, anymore: Fiona's in England, remember?" Ginny asks, "What about Hopkins?" Craig replies, "He might've checked out. Come on... I'll go nuts if I stay here." Ginny hesitates and then says, "Tell you what: to make you happy, I'll go over and suss it out. But don't get your hopes up: if Hopkins is still there, you're staying put."

Colin Hopkins is talking on the public 'phone in the corridor at the mansion, growling, "I've been trying to find him, Jean. Getting in's not the problem... there might be others inside, as well." He listens and then mutters, "Alright, alright, alright, I will. Some people left there a few minutes ago; I'll give it a go now... Alright, you don't have to remind me. I know what happens if I blow it." With that, he hangs up. He then turns and looks at the door to Fiona's room. He pauses before going and knocking on the door. There's no answer: the room is empty. He opens the door and steps inside, looking around carefully as he does so. He closes the door and creeps forward. He tiptoes over to the desk, opens the drawer and looks inside. He then closes it and then picks up a bag that's lying nearby. It's Beryl's suitcase. He undoes the zip and looks inside. He doesn't notice as the door to the room opens suddenly and Janice demands, "What on earth do you think you're doing?"

A few moments later, Janice marches in and snaps, "I demand an explanation." Colin says quickly, "I, um, came around to pay the rent. I saw the door open and I thought I could leave a cheque on the desk." Janice looks at the desk and mutters, "I don't see any cheque." Colin blusters, "I wasn't sure if this was the right room or not, so I thought I'd check the name tag." Janice glares at him and snaps, "Rubbish. I told you my room was upstairs. I don't know what you're up to, Mr. Smith, but it looks very much like stealing. If you're not off the premises in ten minutes, I'll call the police." Colin says quickly, "Don't do that. Please, don't do that." Janice snaps, "Then leave." Colin walks out of the room, guiltily.

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, looking through some sheets of paper. Susan joins him and asks him what he's up to. He sighs, "Going through these bad debts. Trying to scrape up some capital. It's not easy." Susan picks up a file and starts reading through it. After a few seconds, she gasps, "How many of them are for $50,000?" Wayne, looking surprised, comments, "I haven't come across anything worth more than a few hundred yet." Susan points to an entry in the folder and smiles, "Try ' Multi Sport Gym'." Wayne looks and comments, "You're right." Susan laughs, "Of course!" She then adds seriously, "Seems strange, though: most gyms are doing well these days." Wayne muses, "It could be made to do well." He then smiles, "You think you're pretty clever, don't you?!" Susan grins, "Just call me 'Hawkeye Hamilton'!"

Janice is sitting at the desk in Fiona's room when there's a knock on the door and Ginny comes in. Janice asks her what she can do for her. Ginny replies, "For starters, I could handle a hundred bucks and a night on the tiles." Janice stares at her blankly! Ginny then explains seriously, "I came to see if a guy called Colin Smith is still here." Janice retorts curtly, "No, he isn't." She then adds, "What do you want to see him for? He's nothing but trouble." Ginny asks, "What happened?" Janice explains, "I caught him ferreting through Beryl's suitcase." Ginny gasps, "Dead set." Janice adds, "Of course, I ordered him off the premises immediately. Can't have thieves in the house." Ginny nods, "Fair enough, too." Janice asks warily, "He's not a friend of yours?" Ginny, however, says, "No way. Glad to see he's gone." With that, she heads out, smiling, "Thanks. See you later."

As Ginny arrives back at room 37 in Seabreeze Towers, Craig runs up to her and demands, "Is he still there?" Ginny hesitates and then says, "Well, um... 'fraid so." Craig curses, "Damn it." Ginny goes on, "Looks like you're stuck here. Come on, it's not so bad: there's heaps we can do." Craig demands, "Like what?" Ginny suggests, "Game of cards? Not Snap or Patience; a decent game - like Strip Poker." A look of surprise crosses Craig's face. He pauses and then says, "Alright. On one condition: my rules." Ginny smiles, "They'd better be good!"

An middle-aged man is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, smoking. Wayne hands him a cup of tea and tells him, "I've purchased a debtor list - and your gymnasium is on it." The man says quickly, "You know the kind of difficulties I've been having then?" Wayne replies, "I sympathise - although I'm sure you'd understand that now the money is owed to me I have to ask you to repay it." The man stares at him and says, "Listen: the fitness business has its ups and downs. You get the new equipment, they love you; someone else gets newer stuff, they leave you. Simple as that. I need some time to get back on top, that's all." Wayne, picking up the file, says, "I wish I could oblige, Mr. Corbett, but I see from the records the debt's been outstanding for eighteen months. I can't wait any longer; I need a repayment by next week." Corbett retorts, "I can't do it. I've got an overdraft as long as your arm as it is. You'll get your money; have a little patience." Wayne tells him, "In that case, I'll make you an offer: you sign over the gym to me and I'll cancel the debt and pay the balance of your overdraft." Corbett stares at him and mutters, "You can't be serious. I couldn't possibly." Wayne, however, insists, "I'm deadly serious. There's no option." Corbett growls, "It doesn't matter. I won't do it." Wayne warns, "If I drag this through the courts, you'll lose the lot and still be in financial difficulty, My proposal's generous by comparison." Corbett hesitates and then mutters, "Yes. Well. I don't seem to have any choice." Wayne tells him, "It would be better for everyone if we make the transition as swift as possible. I'll send over my lawyer in the morning with the papers." With that, he heads over to the lounge room doors, opens then and lets Corbett out. Gordon walks in as he goes. As Wayne closes the doors again, Gordon asks him, "Who was that?" Wayne replies quickly, "Nobody. Salesman." He then asks, "Where you been?" Gordon tells him, "Over at the mansion. I saw Owen. He's getting very jumpy about the Reserve." Wayne asks, "What's the problem?" Gordon murmurs, "I'm not sure. Impatient for construction to begin, I suppose." He adds, "I can't say that I blame him - we've been talking about it for months." Wayne murmurs, "Plenty of time." Gordon, however, tells him, "No, he's right, Wayne. I want you to go over there this afternoon and tell him that we're going ahead." Wayne looks at his father sharply as Gordon goes on, "I know you're against the proposal, but I've made up my mind - so why don't you be the bearer of good tidings, OK?" Wayne just mutters, "Yeah, alright."

Ginny is sitting at the table in room 37 at Seabreeze Towers. She's shuffling a deck of cards. Craig emerges suddenly from the bedroom, wearing several layers of clothing! Ginny laughs, "You look an idiot!" She then hands him the cards and tells him, "Your deal." He starts dealing, chuckling as he does so. Ginny asks, "What?" Craig tells her, "I was thinking: imagine if Debbie walked in now." Ginny's face drops. Craig goes on, "Probably love it. We play crazy games all the time!" Ginny just mutters, "Don't try and distract me." She then puts down some of her cards and mutters, "Three."

Owen is sitting with the model of the Nature Reserve in Fiona's room at the mansion. Janice opens the door to find Wayne standing there. He tells her that he's come to see Owen - alone. He adds that they won't be long. Janice leaves the room. When she's gone, Owen indicates the model and smiles at Wayne, "Here it is: it's all finished. I'm sure you'll--" Wayne interrupts him, though, and says curtly, "There's no need to show me: we've made a decision." Owen queries, "Oh?" Wayne tells him, "You can stop work. The project's off." Owen, looking shocked, gasps, "I don't understand." Wayne retorts, "Simple. The Sanctuary's scrapped." Owen protests, "But Gordon said it was great; he said--" Wayne interrupts and retorts, "He's changed his mind." Owen hesitates and then snaps, "No. It's you. You decided, didn't you?" Wayne just retorts, "It doesn't matter who decided. The result's the same." Owen, standing up, mutters, "I won't accept that - not until I've talked to Gordon." He goes to walk out. Wayne, however, grabs his arm and threatens, "You kick up a fuss, Owen, and I'll kick back - a lot harder." Owen starts to say, "I hope you're not implying--" Wayne interrupts again and snarls, "You keep your mouth shut or you'll find out exactly what I mean." With that, he walks over to the door, turning just to add curtly, "All you need to know is: the project's off." He heads out, leaving Owen looking devastated.

At Seabreeze Towers, Ginny is wearing most of her clothes still; Craig has had to remove most of his and is sitting topless and without shoes and socks! Ginny declares her latest hand, smiling, "I've got a full house. Now you're in trouble!" Craig suggests, "Let's call it quits." Ginny, however, insists, "No way! Come on: off with the jeans!" Craig goes to undo them. Ginny, however, smiles after a few seconds, "Alright, we'll pack it in! You're lucky I'm soft!" Craig comments, "Got to admit: you're a lot softer than I thought." Ginny stares at him and he adds quickly, "Don't get me wrong: I'm beginning to realise I'm not so tough, either." Ginny tells him, "You've had a rough trot; it would get to anybody." Craig tells her, "It never has before - over the last couple of years I've learnt to look after myself. It just feels wrong having David and Debbie out there working for me." Ginny replies, "I know what you mean: I grew up the same." Craig comments, "You would've had parents, though." Ginny tells him, "Been in and out of Homes for years." Looking surprised, Craig remarks, "I never realised." He then adds, "This might sound strange, but it's good to be with someone who understands." Ginny smiles, "You're not such bad company yourself." Craig tells her, "I'm glad you're here. I hadn't got round to thanking you before. You've been great. Thanks." With that, he takes her hand and kisses it. Ginny stares at him...

At the mansion, Owen is ripping apart his model of the Nature Reserve when the door to Fiona's room opens and Janice walks in. She asks, "What's the verdict?" Owen snaps, "It's off. The whole project is off." Janice, looking astonished, asks, "Why?" Owen retorts, "Because Wayne said. 'Just shelve the project and shut up'." Janice gasps, "You can't let him treat you like that." Owen, however, snaps, "I've got to. He's got the authority; there's nothing else I can do." Janice growls, "There certainly is: you go straight over and speak to Gordon." Owen mutters, "I'd only make a fool of myself." Janice sighs, "Owen, you're doing it again." Owen snaps, "What?" Janice retorts, "Letting people walk all over you. Remember telling me how you never learned to stand up for yourself? Well, now's the time you did. Wayne's a perfect example." Owen sighs, "I don't know what I can do." Janice, however, snaps, "Don't be ridiculous. You have spent hours on this project. He can't throw it away without an explanation." Owen stares at her and then nods, "You're right. I'll go and see Gordon right now." He heads out.

A short time later, Owen is marching up the driveway towards Dural when a hand reaches out from some nearby bushes and grabs him. The hand belongs to Wayne, and he snarls, "Where do you think you're going?" Owen retorts, "I'm going to see Gordon." Wayne snaps, "Like hell. You've got a short memory." Owen insists, "You can intimidate me, Wayne." Wayne, however, removes Owen's glasses, throws them a few yards away and threatens, "You take one step toward that house and you're history." Owen crouches down on the ground and starts feeling his way forward along the grass. As he does so, he cries, "Do what you want. I don't care, but you're not putting me off. I'm going to find out why you cancelled the Reserve." He finds his glasses and picks them up. He stands up again as Wayne snarls, "Maybe you wouldn't be so gung-ho if Janice started getting hurt." Owen cries, "Leave her out of this." Wayne, however, growls, "That's up to you." Owen insists, "I won't be bullied." Wayne, however, grabs the lapels of his jacket and snarls, "The best thing you can do, Owen, is go back to the mansion, pack your things and leave - and if you whisper one word about the Reserve, Janice will wish she'd never met you..."


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