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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Ruby says hesitantly, "I know what you must be thinking, but I don't want you to be too hasty; I just wanted to see you; to talk. If you don't want anything to do with me I'll understand." She goes to walk off, but Craig steps outside quickly and says, "No." Ruby turns back to him and goes on, "You must think I'm the worst kind of mum a person can have, but I want you to understand why I did what I did." She pauses and then says, "I left you with Maisy because I knew you'd be better off; believe me, it wasn't easy; I still haven't quite gotten over it." She then takes a photo from her bag and adds, "I've carried this around with me ever since the day I left you with her." Craig stares at the picture and asks, "That's really me?" Ruby nods, "Yeah." Craig then asks, "How did you know where to find me?" Ruby explains, "Through Jean. I was going to stay out of your hair but I suppose blood's thicker than water. I just wanted to see you." She then asks if they could go inside and talk. Craig, however, tells her, "David's just come back from a trip. He's sleeping. Better not." Ruby murmurs, "Fair enough." She then comments, "You've grown into a good-looking kid. Any mum would be proud of you; I know I am." She turns again to walk off, but Craig says quickly, "Is there anywhere I could contact you if--" Ruby nods, "Yeah, yeah, I set up a stall every day; that would be the best place." She takes a piece of paper out of her bag and, as she writes the address down, adds, "I hope you'll come around; I would like to get to know you; at least, put my side of things properly." She hands over the piece of paper and then says, "It was nice talking to you." With that, she heads off, leaving Craig looking thoughtful.

The front door opens at Beryl's and Ginny dashes out. Beryl follows her, calling, "Ginny..." Ginny, however, turns to her and snaps, "You don't need to say it: you're on Charlie's side." Beryl, however, sighs, "Stop and listen. I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinion, young lady, and as far as I'm concerned you did the wrong thing giving those tablets to Debbie - but owning up them proves to me you're not a liar." Ginny shrugs, "Nice to know - but I don't think that's going to prove anything to Charlie." Beryl muses, "Maybe... but perhaps I can help. You wait here while I go and get my coat and bag and then we'll go to Carlton and do some window-shopping..."

A while later, Beryl is looking through a rack of clothes in a shop in Carlton. She comes across a jacket that matches one of Ginny's designs. As she examines it, a shop assistant walks across and comments, "I don't think that size is right for you, madam." Beryl, however, explains, "Actually, it's for a young teenager." Ginny walks in suddenly and says to the assistant, "Excuse me, I wonder if you could help me, please." The assistant glares at her and retorts, "I'm serving this lady" - she indicates Beryl - "at the moment." Beryl, however, assures her, "That's quite alright." The assistant leads Ginny across to another part of the shop, leaving Beryl to study the outfits on the rack. The assistant shows Ginny some dresses, but Ginny just chucks them on a chair. Beryl finishes looking through the rack of outfits and then says to the assistant, "Thankyou very much." She walks out. The assistant shows Ginny another dress, but Ginny mutters, "No, no, too old-fashioned for me. Actually, most of this stuff's more for your age group. Sorry." With that, she walks off, leaving the assistant with a furious look on her face and a pile of dresses on the chair!

Outside, Ginny asks Beryl what she got. Beryl tells her, "The name and the label." She hands over a piece of paper, which Ginny reads. She then declares, "I know them. Sydney mob. Now it all comes clear: Andy's behind it." Beryl asks in surprise, "Andy?" Ginny retorts, "He's got the contacts up there. He's nosed around when nobody was in the house and then sent the designs up to them." Beryl warns her, "Be sure of your facts before you start making any accusations." Ginny, however, retorts, "As far as I'm concerned the facts are the facts. He'll wish he'd never been born." With that, she marches off, leaving Beryl sighing heavily.

Craig is doing some washing-up in the kitchen at the country house when Ginny storms in snapping, "Where is he? Andy, I'm going to throttle you." Craig warns her quickly to keep her voice down as David's trying to sleep. Ginny storms into the lounge room to find it empty. Craig follows her and she demands, "Where is he?" Craig shrugs, "I don't know, but keep your voice down." Ginny growls, "He knew I'd get onto him, that's what it is. He's run for his life. That's all the evidence I need..."

Sometime later, Craig knocks on the front door at Beryl's. Beryl opens it and, noticing the look on his face, asks immediately, "What's happened?" Craig tells her, "My mother came to see me." Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "What did she want?" Craig replies, "She wants me to know her side. Something's telling me to keep away, but it's only fair that she should be given a go. Can you tell me what to do?" Beryl murmurs, "Come in."

A short time later, in the lounge room, Beryl is saying to Craig, "There are some decisions we just have to make for ourselves, and whatever the consequences we have to put up with them. You only came to me because it's so difficult, not because you want my advice." Craig admits, "That's true." He sits down and sighs, "I honestly don't know which way to go after today." Beryl sits down as well and asks, "What did she say to make it so hard?" Craig explains, "It's not so much what she said - well, it was partly - but she showed me this photo when I was a baby. She's been carrying that around with her all these years. If I didn't mean something to her that's hardly the sort of thing she'd do, is it?" Beryl murmurs, "I suppose not." Craig goes on, "She seemed genuine. She didn't really push it; she gave me the choice. That's why I don't know." Beryl points out, "You've seen enough evidence of how she lives; what her tastes are like. Don't you think it's really a matter of deciding whether you can really get along?" Craig comments, "That's only something being together's going to prove." Beryl nods, "True - but I'm concerned you're building yourself up to something that might not happen. You are different people with different ideals... different values. It's like choosing a friend, really: you don't chose someone you don't have anything in common with, do you?" She continues, "I'm also worried about what it might do to you if it doesn't work out. I really don't want to give you any advice, but I think you should leave things the way the are; I really do." Craig murmurs, "It's funny: I thought you'd say that. But I've still got all these things running around in my head... reasons why I should give her a go." Beryl points out, "You don't have to rush into it. Give yourself some time; you could always get in touch with her through Jean." Craig, however, tells her, "Finding her's not hard - she gave me this address where she has a stall." He hands over the piece of paper and Beryl looks at it. Craig then goes on, "I will think about what you said. I don't know... I just wish she'd never shown up again. It's just brought back all the problems I had before..."

Janice is sitting in the lounge room at Woombai with Susan, who asks brightly, "What are you doing up here, anyway?" Janice explains, "I happened to have a few days without any casual teaching and I found some information that I thought might be useful to Owen for the Nature Reserve, so I thought I should bring it up." Susan smiles, "Right! Well, you're more than welcome - I could do with a bit of company: Gordon's gone to Sydney to see his doctor for a check-up." Janice comments, "Nothing serious, I hope." Susan, however, assures her, "No, just routine." She then adds, "Wayne and Owen have gone on a survey of the property, so it's just us girls!" Janice asks, "How is Wayne about the project?" Susan smiles, "He's all for it; he thinks it's a wonderful idea!" Janice smiles, "That's good news!" She then picks up an item wrapped in gift paper and says, "I've brought something for you." Susan takes it, saying, "You shouldn't have - you've already given us the doll!" She unwraps it to reveal another book. She looks through it and exclaims, "They look like hard work. What are you trying to do to me?!" Janice smiles, "Make you a healthier mother than you already are." Susan says sincerely, "That's very sweet of you. Thankyou very much."

Wayne and Owen are walking through the bush; Owen is outlining his plans for the Nature Reserve. As they walk along, Owen talking non-stop, Wayne trips suddenly and falls down. Owen turns back and says lightly, "Watch your step." Wayne looks up at him, a scowl on his face. He then asks Owen curtly how much his plans cost. Owen explains that he's investigated a few local nurseries, and once they've found out it's for the Reserve, he's sure they'll be willing to help. He goes to walk on. Wayne, though, mutters, "I've seen enough for today, thanks." With that, he walks off back towards the homestead. Owen turns and starts following him, enthusing, "It's going to look splendid. I mean, if we build..."

Susan and Janice are sitting in the lounge room at the homestead. Susan is looking at the book of exercises, but she says slightly dubiously, "They're very good, Janice, but I think it's still a bit early for me, yet!" Owen and Wayne walk in suddenly, Owen saying as they do so that he thinks it was a very fruitful walk. He quickly spots Janice sitting there and he smiles, "Janice! Nice to see you!" Janice just nods, "Owen." Susan asks him and Wayne if they've had a good morning. As Owen replies, "Very productive, yes," he doesn't notice Wayne standing behind him, opening and closing his hand rapidly to indicate Owen had been talking non-stop! Susan smiles and then says to Owen quickly, "I'm sure Wayne wouldn't mind you relaxing until lunchtime. You two " - she indicates Janice - "must have a lot to catch up on." Owen insists, "I still have a lot to think about." Wayne, however, insists, "Not really, Owen. I've got an idea of what you have in mind now. The next step's a feasibility study - and I think you deserve a break for all the excellent work you've done so far." Janice stands up from the couch and smiles at Owen, "You've obviously been working very hard." Owen replies eagerly, "Why don't I show you a few of my ideas?" With that, he picks up a map and he and Janice head out. When they've gone, Wayne gives Susan a warm hug, grinning, "You are a gem!" Susan smiles, "You've been very good with him, and I know how hard it's been. You're a treasure!"

In Melbourne, Craig walks round the corner of a street and stops. A man emerges suddenly from a nearby building and Craig stops him and says, "Excuse me. You haven't seen a lady with red hair and a street stall here today, have you?" The man nods, "She packed up a couple of hours ago." Craig thanks him. The man heads down the road and approaches some men who are digging up the road. As he does so, he calls, "Hey, Andy!" Andy is one of the workmen and he looks up as the man chucks him a can of drink. Craig stares at Andy working there. He then walks over to him and growls, "You deserve to be flattened." Andy sighs, "What have I done now?" Craig retorts, "You've been stealing Ginny's stuff and selling them off to some other designer." Andy stares at him in surprise and snaps, "You're off your head." Craig points out curtly, "You had all the opportunity in the world: 1) Staying at the house; 2) You've got it in for Ginny; and 3) You need the money." Andy, however, retorts, "If I'd earnt any decent money, do you reckon I'd be doing this?" He points at the hole he's digging. Craig snaps, "If you didn't do it, then why did you up and leave without so much as a word to anyone?" Andy sighs, "It was obvious that I was not wanted. When I asked Ginny why, she said I had to do a lot more than just say I was sorry. That's why I'm here: I'm trying to earn enough money to pay David back for the damage I've done. Now, are you convinced that I did not steal any of Ginny's designs?" Craig just stares at him and mutters, "Sorry."

A while later, Craig is sitting with Ginny at the kitchen table at the country house. She sighs, "Damn, I was sure it was him. I've lost my job because of it." Craig asks in surprise, "Lost the job?" Ginny explains, "I did my block with Charlie and Lisa when Charlie reckoned I was using Andy as a way out, so I got the bullet." She then adds curtly, "I'm not giving up: I'm going to go up to Sydney and sniff out whoever's responsible. Consider yourself booked. May as well drive to the airport in style."

Owen and Janice walk into the lounge room at the Woombai homestead, Owen saying, "I guess it was when I was about five: mother took us to Queensland and we visited a nature reserve and I never forgot it; I wanted one for myself! Then it wasn't until years later that I realised that's the sort of job I wanted: something where I could work outside and commune with nature." Janice stares at him as he adds, "It probably sounds very romantic, but that's what I wanted." Janice insists, "A lot of people are like that. It's just a wonder it took you so long." Owen explains, "Mother wouldn't have a bar of it: she wanted me in a profession. So I studied accountancy. It was useless - or rather, I was useless." Janice tells him, "You should have stuck to your guns and told her what you really wanted to do." Owen, however, sighs, "Not that easy. See, I've never been a really confident sort of person. At school: that's where it all started: I didn't get on with the other children and it was only because of mother drilling into me that I was better than them... that's why I survived." Janice comments, "Your mother's a very strong woman." Owen mutters, "Too strong. She was the one that made up the decisions for me, you know? I've hardly ever made a decision for myself, Janice. How could you imagine that? I mean, you're such an independent person." Janice assures him, "I haven't always been like this: I had a tough time when I started school, too." Owen queries, "Really?" Janice nods, "'Cos of my name." Owen asks in surprise, "What's wrong with 'Janice'?" Janice replies, "Nothing - but 'Janice' is my second name." Owen asks, "What's your first name?" Janice, however, tells him, "I can't; it's ghastly." Owen points out, "We're close enough friends, aren't we?" Janice, though, retorts, "I can't. Truly." Owen sighs, "Look, I told you all about my bad--" Janice interrupts and retorts, "I can't." Owen persists, "Come on..." Janice repeats, "I can't." Owen says again, "Come on..." Janice snaps eventually, "Alright, then: it's Eulalia." Owen stares at her and then bursts out laughing! Janice begins to do likewise! After a few seconds, she giggles, "You see, my mother was looking through this book on the lives of the Saints and she thought how beautiful it was! She didn't know what sort of things the kids at school would say: they used to yodel it! Anyway, one day I just had enough and I decided I was going to be Janice and that was that; I wouldn't answer to anything else. So it finally stuck." Owen stops laughing and then tells Janice, "That's the difference between you and I: you were strong enough to stick up for yourself. I didn't." Janice replies, "Until now. You're going to make me very proud of you, Owen."

Wayne is leaning against a tree outside, writing something down in a notebook, when Susan creeps up on him and smiles, "There you are!" Wayne looks at her, a startled expression on his face, and he gasps, "You frightened me! I thought it was Owen there for a second!" He kisses her. She then looks round and sighs, "It's beautiful here." She then asks him what he's up to. Wayne explains, "I'm working on a rough case for the Reserve - based on The Mouth's information!" Susan asks, "Look good?" Wayne tells her, "It looks expensive. I've got a bit more figuring to do; hopefully I can make it viable - commercially." They start walking along, Wayne's arm around Susan. She asks, "You are happy with the idea, though?" Wayne smiles, "It's great! It would be nice to see things grow a bit more each year. It'll be marvellous for the kids for holidays. Just think: in twenty years or so, there'll be waterholes and trees and a whole lot of things where there's only scrub. It'll be great." Susan's face drops as she remembers the potential problems, and she falls silent. After a few seconds, Wayne asks, "What's wrong? Doesn't the idea appeal to you?" Susan replies quickly, "Of course it does. It's hard to think that far ahead; that's all. It's nice to hear you talking about the Reserve the way you are, though." She then smiles, "You're going to be a dreadful dad: I can see you spoiling the kids rotten! The Reserve sounds like it's going to be a very expensive toy!" Wayne tells her sincerely, "Nice dream, though. I hope I can pull it off."

In Melbourne, Craig and Ginny are standing outside a shop. Craig is saying impatiently, "Debbie doesn't really need a present. You'll never make this flight." Ginny just shrugs, "I'll go standby. It doesn't matter." She then adds, "Go on. Hurry up. Size ten, remember?" With that, she gives Craig a push and he heads into the shop. Ginny stands outside, a smile on her face. The shop is the clothing store that Beryl and Ginny visited earlier. Craig approaches the same assistant and says, "Excuse me - I'm looking for a gift for my girlfriend." As he keeps the shopkeeper distracted, she doesn't notice Ginny creep in, move across to the window display and stick up a poster on the glass. When she's finished, she makes her way back to the door and then calls, "Craig, it really doesn't matter anymore." Craig glares at her and snaps, "Do you mean we've wasted the time?" The assistant looks at Ginny distastefully and says to Craig, "Friend of yours?" Craig retorts, "Sort of." He walks out. The assistant then says to Ginny curtly, "You're very good for business, Miss." Ginny, however, shrugs, "Don't worry, sweetheart: you'll be doing a roaring trade soon, courtesy of Ginny Doyle." With that, she follows Craig outside. He snaps at her immediately, "Don't ever try and get me to shopping with you again. Why do you always make such a big deal of things?" Ginny just looks gleefully at the poster she's placed in the window. It says 'EVERYTHING ½ PRICE!'"

Beryl is doing some ironing in her kitchen when there's a knock on the back door and Craig steps inside. Beryl asks him how he is. He tells her, "Not bad. I was on my way home from the airport - a job - and I thought I'd call by and tell you what I've decided about mum." Beryl asks, "And?" Craig replies, "What you said was right - but I think I should give her a go, so I went down where she was supposed to have her stall today." Beryl asks, "What happened?" Craig tells her, "She wasn't there. She must have left early. I won't get the chance to go back until tomorrow afternoon - work, and so on." Beryl asks, "Do you really want to?" Craig nods, "Yeah. Now I do." Beryl comments, "You've got tonight and tomorrow morning to think about it." Craig sighs, "I know - but I've got to go through with it." Beryl murmurs, "If that's what you really want." Craig replies, "It is."

A while later, Craig is walking along the track back up to David's when he spots Andy leaning against the outside of one of the sheds. He storms over to him and demands, "What the hell are you doing here?" Andy starts to reply, "I was, er--" Craig interrupts and snaps, "Using the shed for somewhere to sleep?" Andy admits, "Yeah." Craig mutters, "I see." He then sighs, "I suppose you have to sleep somewhere." Andy asks, "You going to tell anyone?" Craig pauses and then says, "I guess you're not doing any harm. I didn't see you." He walks off. Andy calls after him, "Thanks." Craig looks back and says, "Don't snore too loud."

Beryl is walking along a street. She steps through a gap in a fence and looks across to where Ruby is setting out her stall. She starts approaching her, slowly, watching and shaking her head. She pauses and then appears to renew her resolve. She starts marching towards Ruby more forcefully. Ruby is still laying out her wares when she becomes aware of a figure standing in front of her. Without looking up, she starts to say, "I've got some lovely silver bracelets here--" She does then look up, and breaks off as she finds Beryl standing in front of her. She stares at her in disbelief. Beryl says eventually, "Don't worry: I'm not too impressed by the likeness, either. I've been put through hell with people thinking I was you - not the least of which was young Craig." Ruby comments lightly, "Oh, you know him, do you?" Beryl retorts, "Let's say he found me; naturally, he thought he'd found you. All I want to say on the subject is: stay away from him." Ruby, however, growls, "Mind your own business. He's my kid." Beryl warns, "I'm not going to stand by and watch you con him." Ruby asks, "What makes you think I'm going to?" Beryl sighs, "Do you really want me to start?" Ruby insists, "Everything I've told that kid's the truth." Beryl mutters, "Really? I have spent some time helping him track you down, and along the way I got to know you pretty well. I think I've got you tagged. You are out to con him, aren't you? You'll take every cent he's got; your own son." Ruby spits, "Watch your mouth." Beryl, however, retorts, "I'm telling you to watch more than your mouth." She then growls, "Jean told you Craig was looking for you, didn't she, and you thought you'd get some money out of him." Ruby looks around, shiftily. Beryl mutters, "Thought so." She then adds sourly, "And I loved the bit about the old photograph - it was a nice touch, but I bet my bottom dollar you got it out of some junk shop and you used it to soften him up." Ruby glares at her and then snaps, "I don't know who you are, but get the hell out of here." Beryl ignores her. She says instead, "I might look like you, but believe me, that's as far as it goes. Now listen closely: you go anywhere near Craig, you'll come up against me - and if you think you're tough, don't try me. I'm sure the police would be more than interested in some of your activities. Do you really want to take me on, Ruby?"


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