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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Craig walks in through the back door suddenly and says, "Debbie--" He breaks off in horror as he spots Robert sitting in front of the heater. He dashes in and picks him up, gasping, "That was close..." He then looks at Debbie fast asleep at the table and calls, "Debbie... wake up... are you OK?" Debbie begins to come-to and she murmurs, "What...?" Craig tells her, "Robert nearly burned himself on the heater and you're out like a light. What's going on?" Debbie wakes fully and cries, "Heater?" My God!" Craig, however, assures her hurriedly, "It's alright. I've got him." Debbie murmurs, "Thankyou." She then asks him what he's doing there. He explains, "I just came over to see how you are. I thought you might want to do something; get away from work for the day. I'm worried about you, Deb." Debbie groans, "Why?" Craig retorts, "Because you've been so tired and tense." Debbie, however, snaps suddenly, "I am not tense. You're such a nerd sometimes... you just fuss, fuss, fuss. I'm managing fine, OK?" Craig asks bluntly, "Then what do you need pep pills for?" Caught off-guard, Debbie asks quietly, "What pep pills?" Craig retorts, "The ones in your bedside drawer." Debbie glares at him and snaps, "We've been searching now, have we?" Craig sighs, "I was looking for a pair of nail scissors." Debbie glares at him again and then takes Robert from him, telling the little boy, "We'll go outside, eh?" She goes to walk off. Craig grabs her arm, though, and demands, "What are you doing with them?" Debbie snarls, "Nothing. They're not dangerous, alright? You can buy them over the counter at any chemist shop. They're caffeine, that's all. I'm going to OD on caffeine; are you satisfied?" With that, she storms out, leaving Craig looking worried.

Charlie is placing a tray of morning tea on the garden table on the patio at the back of her house when David walks over to her. He asks her if she just got in. She smiles, "Less than a minute ago." David asks if Alison is coming out. Charlie replies that she won't be long. She then adds, "I was rather surprised to hear you were paying her a visit... pleasantly surprised, of course! It's about time you two started talking again." David muses, "Maybe. Still, half of me is saying I shouldn't be here." Charlie comments, "Just can't help yourself, huh?" David replies, "No - not that it's easy to shrug off a death threat, though: it would be a bit heartless of me if I didn't get a bit worried." Charlie smiles, "It's good to see!" Changing the subject, she then asks how Ginny is. David laughs, "Gets the kitchen in a bit of a mess: dresses here... pins there!" Charlie smiles, "At least she's not afraid of hard work!" David nods, "That's true." Charlie then asks him what he thinks of her designs. David, though, chuckles, "I wouldn't know - she doesn't make them for me!" Charlie explains, "It's fathers like you that give their teenage daughters money to buy them with." David muses, "Well, my daughter wouldn't wear anything that I've seen so far!" Charlie smiles, "They can't be too bad, then!" David looks round towards the house. Charlie assures him, "She won't be too long." David comments, "That was one of the problems, you know - between Pat and me: she always wanted the glam life." Charlie insists, "There's nothing wrong with that." David, however, sighs, "It's not me, is it? I can't see myself fitting in with that set." Charlie tells him, "I don't think she feels the need to impress as much as she used to." David muses, "Maybe." He then murmurs, "I don't know what it is, Charlie: I think I'm crazy sometimes - I know what she's like, but here I am again! I think I need my head read sometimes!"

Debbie sits down on the couch at Beryl's and starts fussing over Robert. Craig stands watching her, snapping, "Debbie... what are you hiding?" Debbie, however, retorts, "Drop it, alright?" Beryl arrives home suddenly. She walks in, holding her retrieved suitcases, and smiles at Craig and Debbie, "Hello, kids!" Debbie stares at her and then says quickly, "Beryl, I'm so sorry, honestly - it was all my fault--" Beryl interrupts and asks in concern, "What's happened?" Craig, however, insists, "Nothing. I was here in time. It's OK." He then indicates Debbie and explains to Beryl, "She fell asleep and I came in to find Robert heading for the heater." Debbie cries, "I forgot it was on and I... I didn't want to fall asleep... all I did was I put my head down and--" Beryl takes Robert from her and assures her, "It's alright, Debbie - no harm's been done. I'm probably just as much to blame as you: I could see you were tired; I should have taken him with me." She then asks, "Was it a late night last night?" Debbie shakes her head and murmurs, "No." Craig demands, "Wasn't it?" Debbie sighs, "It was no later than normal." Craig, however, glares at her and yells, "For crying out loud, Deb, will you stop lying?" Beryl warns, "Craig..." Craig, however, turns to her and snaps, "She's got pep pills at home." Beryl gasps in horror, "Drugs?" Debbie yells at her, "Why does everybody think they're drugs? They're not drugs; they're legal." Craig demands, "Why have you got them?" Debbie just snaps, "Craig, it is not a crime. Would you stop carrying on like some stupid cop or something?" Craig ignores her and demands, "How often are you taking them?" Debbie just shouts, "They're not dangerous, alright?" Beryl points out calmly, "They were this morning." A look of shame appears on Debbie's face as Beryl's comment hits home. Craig sits down with her and sighs, "Why, Deb? Please, just tell me what's going on." Debbie, tears welling suddenly in her eyes, murmurs, "I was just trying to help David. I've got a part-time job - it's only folding pamphlets and putting them in envelopes, but it just means that I can earn a little bit of extra money to help out with food and stuff." Craig asks, "Does Dave know?" Debbie shakes her head and sobs, "I was only trying to help him. I thought I could. I wanted to, but I don't want to hurt anybody..." With that, she breaks down in Craig's arms.

Ginny is working in the kitchen at the country house when Beryl, Debbie and Craig walk in through the back door. Beryl introduces herself and Ginny does likewise. She then looks at the expression on Debbie's face and asks what's happened. Craig retorts quickly, "Nothing." Ginny mutters, "Doesn't look like it." Debbie asks her what time David's supposed to be home. She replies, "Tomorrow morning, I think." Craig suggests to Debbie that she go to bed and catch up on some sleep. Debbie asks, "What if someone calls?" Craig assures her, "I'll manage." Ginny nods knowingly at Debbie, "Hey! You don't have to go to bed..." Debbie, however, tells her, "They know. I don't want to take any more of those pills; I can't." Ginny shrugs, "Guess that explains the long faces, then, huh?" Craig stares at her and demands, "What do you know about it?" Ginny, however, ignores him and says to Debbie instead, "Look, why don't you go to bed? I'll fill-in if he needs two drivers." Debbie murmurs, "Thanks." She walks off to her room. Ginny then looks at Craig and snaps, "Look, don't bawl her out, OK? If it's about the pep pills, I put her onto them." Craig snarls in shock, "You what? That was really nice. Great friend you are." Ginny retorts, "Keep your shirt on, Superboy. She was working hard, finding it tough and needed a boost every so often." Craig snaps, "She was working two jobs, needed a boost every night and was up to six tablets a day - so don't try and pass the buck, sister." Ginny gasps in surprise, "Two jobs?" Craig snaps, "Yeah, she was keeping it secret but helping Dave out at the same time: she'd fold pamphlets and stick them in envelopes from midnight to 3am, so don't act like you don't know about it." Ginny insists, "I didn't." Craig, however, goes on, "Everything's a big game as far as you're concerned, isn't it? 'Oh, what will I do this week? I know, I'll get someone hooked. Won't that be a laugh?'" Ginny glares at him and snaps, "I care about Debbie as much as you do, and I think that's what you hate, you know? You're so damn jealous she's got another friend to talk to. Well, you better get used to it, buster, 'cos she's a nice kid and she's going to have lots of friends." With that, she marches out to the hallway. Beryl looks at Craig and muses, "You two don't get on very well, do you?!" Craig mutters, "Look what she did." He then sighs, "I'm sorry. I just care about Debbie; I hate seeing her unhappy." Beryl points out, "At least Debbie has woken up to herself and the mystery's been solved. You should be pleased." Craig nods more calmly, "I am. Thanks."

Charlie is sitting on the patio outside her house, holding Isabella and reading the newspaper. David walks over to her suddenly, holding a bunch of flowers, and he tells her, "You've got a present, Charlie." Looking surprised, Charlie asks, "Where did they come from?" David explains, "A guy just delivered them. I was on my way to see Fiona and there he was, looking for the right house." Charlie, looking at the flowers, muses, "I still think he's got it wrong: this sort of arrangement is for an expectant mother, which is certainly not me. Must be for Susan." David just tells her, "Have a look at the card." Charlie does so and reads, "Let me know the date of Isabella's happy event. Love Gordon. P.S. Koko is a male." Charlie's face drops in horror!

A while later, Fiona and May are laughing as they sit in Fiona's room at the mansion with David. Fiona smiles that she can just imagine Charlie. David grins, "Charlie was making a list when I left: she's going down to Melbourne tomorrow to see how Ginny's getting on and she's giving Alison these detailed instructions on how to look after the pooch!" Fiona pours some tea and then, changing the subject, asks, "Did Alison tell you about Maria's tape?" Looking suddenly serious, David sighs, "Yeah. If it's gone it's gone. No use crying about it." Fiona murmurs, "Quite right." She then adds, "Anyway, Wayne seems to be mellowing somewhat since he found out he's going to be a dad. He's been quite tolerable this last week or so." David mutters, "As long as he's good to Susie." He then asks Fiona if she's heard from Caroline. Fiona, however, admits, "Not a peep. It seems like she's vanished off the face of the earth."

Caroline is still trapped in the water tank near Glen's parents' cabin. She calls, "Help. Help." There's no answer, though. She pulls her jacket more tightly around her.

Glen approaches his car, which is parked at the side of the road where it swerved. He opens up the bonnet, looks inside and then sighs, "The steering rod." He slams the bonnet down again and walks off.

A short time later, Glen heads into the cabin and puts down his bag. The 'phone rings once and he goes and picks it up. He listens and then muses, "That's something, I suppose. Now... a spanner. The shed."

In the water tank, Caroline cries wearily, "Help me. Help me. Someone. Please. Help me." Glen is approaching the shed, and he hears her voice. He walks over to the tank and, looking in, says in surprise, "Caroline? How the hell did you get down there?" Caroline just cries, "Oh, Glen. Thank God."

A few minutes later, Glen and Caroline are in the cabin. Glen is pouring Caroline a scotch and telling her that she's lucky he came back - he almost left it a couple of days. He adds, "It must have been cold last night." Caroline nods, "Yes. Yes, it was." She then adds, "I suppose you're wondering how I got here." Glen, however, tells her, "Everyone's finally figured it out." Caroline asks sharply, "Figured what out?" Glen replies, "How you sent Wayne death threats and tried to blame Alison. In case you're wondering, it almost worked, too: Alison did shoot him, but she took a gun from here and dad only kept blanks. Wayne knows what happened in prison, too." Caroline cries in horror, "I'm not going back. I'd rather die in that tank than go back--" Glen interrupts her and tells her, "You're not going back. No one's gone to the cops, so settle down, OK?" Caroline gasps, "What do you take me for? Of course they have. You don't think Wayne and Alison are just going to sit--" Glen interrupts again and insists, "They haven't. They feel sorry for you, alright? They know it wasn't your fault; not really. They want to see you better, not back in prison." Caroline laughs hysterically, "They think I'm crazy. That's a laugh." Glen points out, "Normal people don't go around sending death threats, Caroline." Caroline, however, retorts, "I'm normal; it's them: they're the crazy ones. Can you honestly call Wayne 'normal'?" Glen, though, points out, "We're not talking about Wayne; we're talking about you. Now, can you honestly look back over the last few weeks and say you've been acting sanely?" Caroline growls, "The only think I regret is that I didn't make sure that Alison used live ammunition." With that, she goes to storm out. Glen calls after her quickly, "You can't leave under your own steam." Caroline snaps, "Then kindly help me home." Glen, however, retorts, "No." Caroline gasps, "I beg your pardon?" Glen tells her, "We're staying right here, away from everyone. It'll give you a chance to get your head together." Caroline spits, "My head's fine; it's my body that hurts." Glen, however, insists, "We're going to sit and we're going to talk. I don't care how long it takes, but you're going to admit that you're kidding yourself, because I think deep down you know you're wrong. You would've felt as guilty as sin if Wayne had really been shot." Caroline, however, retorts, "I would have felt fantastic."

It's evening time, and Glen is talking on the 'phone at the cabin, saying, "She's talked herself into hating Wayne and Alison; I mean real hate: you know - pathological stuff." At the other end of the 'phone, Fiona, sitting in her room at the mansion, asks in concern if he's sure he can handle it. Glen replies, "I'd like to think if I take it slowly I can get through to her. I'm not trying to play the amateur psychologist." He listens and then sighs, "What are the choices? We could let her go, which would be plain stupid. We could take her to the police, who may recommend treatment, but who'd throw her in prison. Do you want to see that? Or we can keep her in a controlled environment until she admits she needs help - until she wants help - then give her all the help she needs. That's what I want to do; if I can't, well, we'll have to think of something else." Fiona muses, "Point taken. Just take care, will you?" Glen replies, "I will. Bye." He hangs up and then looks down at Caroline lying asleep on the couch.

It's the next morning, and Ginny is looking at some designs in the kitchen at the country house. Debbie walks in suddenly and Ginny comments, "If it isn't Rip Van Winkle!" Debbie asks how long she's been a sleep. Ginny tells her, "Twenty-two hours. Must be a record of some sort!" She then adds, "You're a real dumbo, you know? Why didn't you tell me you had a second job? I would've helped you. I do all my best work after midnight!" At that moment, David walks in through the back door and smiles, "Hello, girls!" Ginny asks him immediately, "How's Alison?" David just muses, "Oh, she's doing OK." Ginny nudges, "Pleased to see you, was she?!" David just replies, "You watch it, sport!" He then tells Debbie, "I called into Beryl's on the way. She told me what happened yesterday. How are you feeling?" Debbie insists, "Better now." Ginny adds, "It was my fault: I put her on to the pills." David, however, assures her, "I'm not blaming anyone." He then tells Debbie, "I know why you did it and I thank you for caring and trying do to something. I'll make it up to you, too." Debbie starts to protest. David, however, tells her quickly, "I said I would. Alright? That's it!" Debbie smiles and then sighs, "I'd better have a shower." She walks off. David then tells Ginny that she'd better get a move on, as Charlie was rolling-up at Beryl's when he left. As Ginny goes to head out, David adds, "You got the address?" Ginny just retorts, "Do I look like an idiot?" With that, she marches off.

Glen steps outside the cabin and breathes in the fresh air. Caroline follows him outside meekly, and he tells her, "I always like a short walk before breakfast when I'm in the country. It makes you feel alive and vital. Know what I mean?" Caroline doesn't respond. They start walking along slowly. As they do so, Glen asks, "What's it like in prison - without space?" Caroline just retorts, "I don't remember." They walk towards Glen's car and Caroline snaps, "You fixed it yet?" Glen replies, "No, I haven't. Why?" Caroline retorts, "Because I'd like to leave." A smile crosses Glen's face suddenly and he comments that Caroline's doctoring job on the steering wasn't much of a plan: she couldn't be sure who was going to drive it next. He goes on, "What if it was just me? What if I'd ended up wrapped round a barbed-wire fence or something?" Caroline insists, "It wasn't dangerous." Glen, however, points ahead of them and retorts, "I almost ploughed into that tree!" Caroline growls, "It was meant to shake-up Alison and force her into a showdown with Wayne, which is precisely what it did." Glen comments, "Blind luck. I can just as easily have been killed. Now, wouldn't that have worried you just a tiny bit?" Caroline snaps, "Shut up, Glen. It's irrelevant." Glen insists quickly, "I'm not angry; I just think it was a dumb plan, that's all - either that or you really don't care about anybody else. Or maybe it's because I'm a man; is that it?" With that, he places his hands on her shoulders. She pulls away, though, and starts marching off. Glen calls, "Where are you going?" Caroline cries, "Anywhere. I don't care. I'm just going away." Glen says quickly, "Wait a minute. What's the problem?" Caroline turns to face him and snaps, "Your sledgehammer attempts at psychiatry." Glen tells her, "I'm no psychiatrist. I'm just one of your mates. You've been through a damn hard time lately, and no one's denying it - but you're no cold-blooded murderess. Stay for a few days. No one will bother us. I just reckon you need a place to take time out... relax... unwind. What do you say?" Caroline murmurs, "Doesn't seem as though I've got much choice, does it?" She then adds, "Do me a favour, huh? Don't try to analyse me." Glen nods, "Alright!" He then offers, "Breakfast?" Caroline murmurs, "Thankyou."

Ginny is laying out her clothing designs on the living room table at Beryl's as Charlie stands telling Beryl, "I made Alison promise: she has to have Isabella at the vet's by 9am this morning. No excuses: I have to know as soon as possible one way or another." Ginny then looks at Charlie and asks, "You right?" Charlie smiles, "In your hands, darling!" Charlie hands over a sketch and tells Charlie that it's the one she showed Mr. Alexander yesterday. Charlie and Beryl stare at it. Charlie's face begins to drop gradually. Ginny doesn't notice, though, going on, "That's just the beginning, Charlie. Trust me. My other designs will knock you out." Charlie, however, glares at her and growls, "As, no doubt, will the other things you've been stealing." Ginny gasps in surprise, "What?" Charlie tells her curtly, "I saw exactly the same design in a shop window on the way back from the airport. Obviously you've copied it, and needless to say, I am not impressed." Ginny protests, "Hang on a minute." Charlie, however, retorts, "No point denying it, my dear girl. I saw it, plain as day - and I know the shop in question, too. They are a firm of the highest reputation, I can assure you." Ginny snaps, "I don't care who the hell they are: if they've got that design they copied it off me." Charlie growls, "Don't be absurd." Ginny, though, insists, "It's mine, Charlie. I modelled it on Debbie's uniform, and it owes nothing - nothing - to anyone else." Charlie snaps, "Then please explain how an unconnected boutique in Carlton already has it in production." Looking puzzled, Beryl chips in suddenly, "Carlton's not on the way to the airport." Charlie growls quickly, "I detoured. I like detouring." Ginny suggests, "Maybe it's just a coincidence?" Charlie retorts, "Something as individual as that?" Ginny cries, "I don't know. I don't know what's happened, but I didn't steal anyone else's design. My career's at stake; you think I'm stupid enough to go round copying stuff?" Charlie retorts, "I think you were scared. You desperately wanted to succeed and the only way you could be certain you would was to steal an already-successful design." Ginny snaps, "It's not true. It's not. I want to make it - sure, who doesn't? - but I'm no thief and I never have been. I'm not a follower and I never stole nothing - and I'm going to prove it, too. I'm going to find out who nicked my design and how they nicked it, and when I do I expect a pretty big apology."

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, looking at some paperwork. Craig comes in suddenly from outside and David asks him what he's up to. He replies, "Been replanting the market garden." He then asks, "Seen Deb around?" David tells him, "She was having a shower last time I heard. Got herself into a bit of a mess, hasn't she?" Craig asks, "She told you?" David replies, "No, Beryl did. I have spoken to her, though." Craig smiles, "Beryl was great. She could have really blown her stack, but instead she just stayed calm and cooled us down. I was lucky she was around." David says warmly, "Always good at ironing things out. No fuss, too. Gets to the bottom of things, fixes what has to be fixed. End of story. And a mighty good mum." Craig murmurs, "I can imagine." He then goes on, "Maisy used to be like that, you know? Nothing was ever too much trouble." David is staring at a piece of paper in front of him and he mutters, "Hell." Craig asks, "What?" David explains, "Flamin' insurance company. Still not paying out. Stole my truck, they reckon. Dumped it in a quarry." Craig asks, "Isn't there something you can do?" David retorts, "Sure. Fight it. Take them to court if I have to. I need the money." He then announces that he's a bit bushed and he needs forty winks. He heads off to his room. When he's gone, Craig picks up the letter from the insurance company, looks at it and then puts it back down again. He then opens the back door to head out - only he finds someone standing there. It's Ruby. She says, "Hello, son." Craig stares at her in shock and mouths, "Mum..."


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