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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Wayne stands there, suddenly still, his hands clutched to his abdomen. After a few seconds, though, he realises he hasn't been hit, and he reaches out quickly for the gun and grabs it. Alison, looking nervous, starts to say, "I'm sorry, Wayne, I didn't--" She breaks off, though, as Wayne pulls open the gun and then laughs, "Blanks! You tried to shoot me with blanks! You can't get anything right, can you? - not even killing me! Where did you get these from? A joke shop?" The look of horror on Alison's face disappears quickly and she smiles, "Yes, that's right. You don't think I actually wanted to kill you? I just wanted to teach you a lesson - and I hope you've learnt something from it, because next time it won't be blanks - and that's no threat, Wayne." She goes to walk out, but Wayne grabs hold of her arm suddenly and forces her back into the chair by the desk. He growls, "Just a second." He then walks over to the door of the room and closes it. Turning back to Alison, he says tersely, "You and I have one or two things we have to settle..."

Out in the corridor, Janice and Fiona have just come in. Janice is saying to her aunt curtly, "I showed him how to change a nappy, using the practice doll, and then I went into the kitchen and when I came back he was gone; disappeared." Fiona just murmurs, "I'm sure he can't have gone too far." She goes and picks up the mail that's lying on the hall table and puts down the cassette of Maria in its place as Janice snaps, "The least he could have done was leave a note, explaining where he'd gone." Fiona, however, retorts, "Believe me, Janice, Wayne's going to have an awful lot more explaining to do than why he walked out on you. Glen's on his way to see him at the moment." Janice asks in surprise, "Why?" Fiona replies, "Because of what he's been up to lately - like trying to kill people." Looking shocked, Janice gasps, "That's a bit strong. What proof have you got?" Fiona tells her, "An independent witness." Janice comments, "I was under the impression Glen had instructions not to go anywhere near the Hamilton house." Fiona just retorts, "The mood Glen is in at the moment, I doubt very much that he'll take any notice of instructions. Wayne was responsible for him - and Alison - almost losing their lives in a car crash." Janice, tears welling in her eyes, murmurs, "I don't believe it..." Fiona tells her curtly, "I do - unfortunately for Wayne." Janice then looks at the tape that Fiona placed on the hall table, and she asks what it is. Fiona explains, "That's Maria's tape: proof that Wayne filled Susan's head with lies so she would marry him and not Glen." They suddenly hear Alison's voice yelling, "Of course you were sending me death threats; who else would it have been?" Wayne retorts, "You, probably, to cover your own tracks for sending me death threats." Fiona looks at Janice as Alison snaps, "I did nothing of the sort." Wayne points out, "You just tried to kill me." Alison yells back, "I thought you tried to kill me - and Glen." Janice murmurs to Fiona, "I think Glen's made a wasted trip out to the Hamilton house..." With that, the two of them start heading towards Fiona's room. In the room, Wayne is spluttering, "I don't believe you, Alison. How?" Alison retorts, "By wrecking the steering on our car." Wayne snaps, "What car? I didn't touch your car." Alison snaps, "Then who did?" Wayne retorts, "It wasn't me." Fiona and Janice walk in at that moment and Fiona snaps at Wayne, "You had the opportunity - and you went to the trouble to find out where Alison was hiding." Wayne gasps, "What?" Alison tells him curtly, "You were the only one who knew the photos were in Glen's luggage. You found them and worked out where the cabin was." Wayne snarls, "You're crazy." Alison, however, retorts, "Come on, Wayne, don't play the innocent; no one believes you. And what about the taped 'phone message? God, you must have been behind that; you must have known where I was staying to know where to ring." Wayne snarls, "I didn't make any 'phone call. Anyway, you should talk: what about the wreath?" Alison retorts, "What wreath?" Wayne growls, "The one you sent me. The florist described you down to your last freckle. And you knew about the baby, so you used that in your next note." Alison sighs tersely, "Stop making up ridiculous stories: you were the one sending threats." Looking at Wayne, Fiona chips in, "And you were heard making them - not by me or Alison; somebody totally impartial." Wayne looks at her and snarls, "You've always got to put your two cents' worth in, haven't you?" Fiona shrugs, "You can say what you like, Wayne, but it's true. Young Danny - one of the tenants - he heard you say that you were going to kill Alison." Wayne gasps, "I didn't actually mean I was going to kill her. It was just something I said in the heat of the moment. I didn't mean it seriously." Janice chips in suddenly, "Wayne wasn't the only one who knew about the photos in Glen's luggage." Wayne and Alison turn to look at her and she goes on, "I saw Caroline looking at them in the reception room. She even borrowed May's magnifying glass so that she could read the writing on the signpost. Maybe she was trying to track down the name of the nearest town to the cabin?" Alison says curtly, "That still doesn't put Wayne in the clear. And what about the taped 'phone message? How does he explain that?" Janice asks, "What did it sound like?" Alison retorts, "It sounded like him, with a wildly distorted voice, describing the contents of Glen's cabin." Janice tells her, "If you come with me, I might be able to unravel that mystery, too."

A few minutes later, everyone is upstairs in the reception room. Janice puts a tape in the tape player on the coffee table and turns it on. Music starts playing and she turns it off again, quickly, commenting, "I'm sure it's here somewhere." Fiona points out curtly, "You haven't told us yet what we're about to hear, Miss. Marple." Wayne adds curtly, "I hope you're not wasting our time, Janice." Janice, however, retorts, "I wouldn't have thought time spent getting you off the hook was time wasted." Wayne snaps immediately, "I don't consider myself on the hook; it's this other pair of Doubting Thomases you have to convince." Janice suddenly throws up her hands in despair as she gives up looking through the tapes on the table, and she mutters, "I don't know where it is; she must have taken it with her." Fiona sighs, "Janice, please, will you tell us what happened?" Janice nods curtly, "Alright. I was in here yesterday, with Caroline; I was trying to find some music to put on - and instead, I put on this tape with this weird voice, saying 'Hello, Alison, are you having a nice holiday?' and Caroline leapt across the room and just snatched it out of the recorder." Wayne looks at Alison and comments calmly, "Seems Caroline's been rather busy lately, doesn't it?" Alison retorts, "Yes, just a touch." She then adds, "It looks like you and I have been played for a couple of suckers. I honestly didn't send you that wreath." Wayne replies, "I didn't send you any death threats, either. You wait until I get my hands on her..." Alison asks, "Where is she? Does anyone know?" Janice nods, "Yes." Wayne demands, "Where?" Janice replies nervously, "I'm not sure that I should tell you because the Bible says in situations like this we should turn the other cheek." Wayne, however, snarls, "Forget the other cheek. Where is she?" Janice tells him meekly, "She's away on a modelling assignment; she won't be back for a couple of days." Alison gasps in surprise, "Modelling? She remodelled our steering column; that's the only 'modelling' she's been doing." Fiona chips in suddenly, "Hold it, hold it. Janice maybe has a point: instead of feeling the need to hit back, if we stop and think about it we just might understand why Caroline set out to cause this trouble." Wayne, however, growls, "You stop and think; I fully intend to knock the living daylights out of her." Fiona tells him, "She blames you - and Alison - for the time she spent in jail - and what happened to her there." Wayne looks at her and she explains, "She was raped - by one of the warders." A look of shock crosses Wayne's face and he mutters, "First I've heard about it." Fiona retorts curtly, "It's not something you shout from the rooftops, is it? And it certainly explains why she felt the need to 'hit back' at those she saw as responsible." Wayne turns to Alison and asks, "Do you feel sorry for her?" Alison tells him, "I feel sorry for any woman who's been raped, no matter who she is." Wayne asks, "Even Caroline?" Alison insists, "Any woman."

May is dusting out in the hallway when two visitors suddenly come in through the front door: Beryl and a toddling Robert! Beryl smiles, "Hello, May!" May turns to her and gasps, "Beryl! How wonderful to see you! When did you get back?" Beryl explains, "A couple of hours ago. It took ages to get through Customs." May then smiles, "How was dear England?" Beryl replies, "England was fine." She then adds, "I'm only staying in Sydney one night; actually, I was hoping I could stay here." May smiles, "I don't think that's any problem; I'm sure Fiona would love to have you stay here." Neither of them notices Robert sitting on the floor by the hall table, pulling the tape out of a cassette he's found lying around...

Ginny is standing by the kitchen table at the country house, preparing some food, when David walks in from the hallway and asks her what she's doing. She tells him, "I don't want you to starve or die of thirst on the way up to Sydney, do I?" David comments, "I didn't know you cared!" Ginny tells him, "I don't. In fact, I'll be glad to get you out of my hair for a while; you're starting to sound more like a dad every day." David just muses, "You look after yourself - and behave yourself, too." Ginny nods, "Yes, pop!" David goes to head out. As he does so, though, Ginny says quickly, "David, you don't know where Alison is, do you? I've tried calling her a few times and she doesn't seem to be answering." David, however, tells her, "Oh, I wouldn't worry too much: Alison's capable of looking after herself." He then adds reassuringly, "I'll drop in while I'm up there, just to check out that she is OK." Ginny comments suddenly, "That's why you're going, isn't it - up to Sydney? It's why you lined up the trip: you're worried about her too." David just retorts, "See you when I get back, Ginny." With that, he heads out, leaving Ginny with a smile on her face.

At the mansion, Wayne and Alison are walking down the stairs in the hallway. Wayne is saying, "We still can't let her get away with it." Alison asks, "What do you have in mind? Do you want to throw her back in prison?" Wayne sighs, "No." Alison goes on, "If what Fiona said is true, we can't blame her for what she's done; we should be feeling sorry for her." Wayne suddenly notices a pile of tape pulled from a cassette lying strewn across the carpet. He picks up the tape and its case. Alison looks at it and asks, "What's that?" Wayne suggests, "Caroline's tape?" Alison, however, replies, "I don't think so; Janice didn't find it." Wayne shrugs, "It must belong to one of the tenants; it wouldn't be May's or Fiona's - they wouldn't throw their rubbish out into the hall." A look of concern crosses Alison's face suddenly as he says this. He goes to walk off, but Alison says quickly, "Where are you going?" Wayne retorts, "To throw it away." Alison demands, "Why?" Wayne points out, "Look at it: it's useless." Alison tells him quickly, "Not necessarily - it might still be playable." Wayne indicates the pile of tape in his hands and laughs, "You don't do this to a tape if you're going to play it again!" Alison, however, insists, "Let's find out who owns it first, before we throw it out. I mean, somebody may be looking for it. You never know." Wayne looks at her suspiciously.

Fiona is sitting in her room, holding Robert. Beryl and Janice are standing watching and Fiona smiles, "My goodness, Beryl, he's grown so much!" Beryl nods, "I'll certainly agree with that!" She then adds that she thinks it's time he had a sleep. Fiona suggests that she put him down in the bedroom and Beryl accepts the idea. She takes her son from Fiona and heads off. When she's gone, Fiona tells Janice, "I want you to head out to the Hamiltons' house, find Glen, tell him what's happened and then get him out of the house before Wayne turns up. I don't want them meeting face-to-face; not with tempers running the way they are."

Out in the corridor, Wayne is still standing holding the pile of tape. Alison says to him slightly nervously, "Wayne, why don't you just give it to Fiona?" Wayne asks, "Why? What's the big deal?" Alison replies quickly, "There's no big deal; it's just common sense: she lives here; whoever it belongs to can claim it any time." At that moment, Fiona and Janice emerge from Fiona's room. Wayne looks over at them and, holding up the pile of tape, calls, "Do either of you own this?" Janice just replies, "No." She then heads out. Looking suddenly wary, Fiona approaches Wayne and Alison and asks Wayne, "Er... where did you find it?" Wayne points to the carpet and replies, "Right down there." Fiona smiles, "I think it's mine. Thanks very much, Wayne." Wayne comments lightly, "Didn't like what was on it, eh?" He then adds, "What was on it?" Fiona laughs nervously, "Just some old-time music, actually." Alison chips in and snaps at Wayne, "Just give it to her." Wayne, however, says, "Tell you what: I'll have it unravelled and I'll pay for splicing or whatever needs to be done." Fiona insists quickly, "Don't be so silly - good heavens, it's not that valuable." Wayne offers, "I'll throw it out and buy you a new one." Alison snaps again, "Just give it to her." Wayne looks at her in surprise and shrugs, "Alright. There's no need to yell. It's just dance music, isn't it?" Fiona stands there sheepishly. Wayne then demands, "What's really on it, Fiona?" Fiona shrugs, "Nothing." Alison goes to grab the tape, but Wayne pulls it away, taunting as he does so, "It's Maria's confession, isn't it?" Fiona and Alison, both looking glum, don't respond. Wayne taunts, "I thought you were going to put this somewhere safe and sound. Oh well, not to worry." He then adds gleefully, "I might buy myself a lottery ticket; couldn't possibly lose today!" With that, he heads off down the corridor. Fiona and Alison look at each other.

Beryl emerges from the bedroom in Fiona's room and walks over to her bag on the desk. The door to the room bangs suddenly shut and she turns to find Wayne standing there. He walks over to her as she growls, "Don't you know how to knock?" Wayne ignores this and asks instead, "What are you doing in Sydney?" Beryl tells him, "I just stopped off to thank Fiona for getting hold of Maria's tape - so I wouldn't be too cocky if I were you, Wayne; one step out of line, we play it to Susan and that's the end of your marriage. Believe me." Wayne nods and smiles knowingly before telling Beryl, "She hasn't got it anymore." Beryl stares at him sharply. Wayne holds up the pile of tape in his hand and adds with a smile, "I do. It's going to be burnt tonight. Ritual sacrifice. So I guess that makes me a free agent again, wouldn't you say?" He then goes on, "Oh, and there won't be any more threats to baby Robert: I was only bluffing anyway. A calculated gamble: anyone who really knows me would realise there's no way I'd ever harm a kid - speaking of which: did Susan give you the good news?" Beryl growls, "What good news?" Wayne smiles, "We're going to have a baby. Great, isn't it?" Beryl stares at him, looking horrified. He goes on, "Face it, Beryl: you're stuck with me as your son-in-law for the rest of your life and there's not a damn thing you can do about it..." With that, he kisses her on the cheek and heads out!

It's nighttime, and Debbie is making herself a warm drink in the kitchen at the country house. Ginny walks in suddenly from the hallway. She's wearing her pyjamas and she comments, "I thought I heard someone messing about. You just get in?" Debbie sighs, "Yeah. It was nearly midnight before the guy decided he wanted to be driven home." Ginny asks, "Craig hit the sack already?" Debbie nods "Yeah - he was dead on his feet." Ginny remarks, "You look the same." Debbie, however, assures her, "I won't be up much longer." Ginny accepts this and, saying, "Night night, then," heads back to bed. When she's alone, Debbie goes and sits down at the table, reaches into her bag, takes out a pill and pops it in her mouth. She then sips some of her drink. A male voice says suddenly, "You're up late." Debbie jumps as she turns to look at Andy standing in the doorway. She snaps at him, "Don't frighten me like that." Andy indicates a pile of envelopes on the table from which Debbie has just picked up the top one and asks what she's doing with them all. She tells him curtly, "I'm writing addresses on them." Andy comments, "I can see that." Debbie explains hesitantly, "It's a part-time job: I address envelopes for a mail-order company. It's a way of earning extra money." Andy sits down at the table and remarks, "I didn't know you were that desperate." Debbie retorts, "I'm not - but David is, thanks to you. It gives me enough money to help out with all the household expenses." Andy comments, "Putting yourself to a lot of trouble, aren't you?" Debbie glares at him and snaps, "I thought you'd be too selfish to understand." Andy, however, insists, "I am not a selfish person, Debbie, and I never have been. I was ambitious, sure, but that's all. I know it got in the way and ruined a lot of friendships for me, and I regret it, honestly, but..." Debbie just mutters, "Good." Andy pleads, "Can't you give me a second chance?" Debbie, however, growls, "Andy, I don't want to speak to you. I don't like you; I never will. Now, will you just go away and let me get on with my work?" Andy stares at her. He then stands up and heads out, leaving Debbie looking worried.

The next morning, Susan is standing outside the Woombai homestead when Wayne pulls up in his car. He climbs out and smiles, "Miss me?" Susan replies, "Nope! Well... maybe just a little bit!" They kiss passionately. When they pull away from each other, Wayne smiles, "I needed that!" He then tells Susan, "I sorted out the death threat business." Susan gasps, "You have? Who was behind it?" Wayne tells her, "Caroline." A look of shock crosses Susan's face.

Inside, Gordon is standing with Owen in the lounge room. They're looking at a map and Owen is saying, "80% of it will have to stay bushland." Gordon nods, "Obviously! There's no point in putting a nature reserve on clear grazing land!" Wayne and Susan walk in and Wayne smiles, "Hello, everyone!" He then asks Owen how he is. Owen enthuses, "Very well, thankyou - your father and I have just been going over the plans of the Reserve." Gordon chips in, "He still wants to bring in a camel as one of the attractions." Wayne muses, "I've always liked that idea..." Gordon stares at him in surprise, and Wayne adds quickly, "Of course, you'd have to build proper yards for him." Owen says eagerly, "That's no problem: I found out that Koko's owner owns a timber mill; we can get all the timber from him. Just as well Charlie took the little fellow in and looked after him as she did!" Gordon corrects, "Little girl, you mean; it's a female." Owen, however, replies, "Not according to his owner." Gordon stares at him and then murmurs, "Oh no... Charlie is going to have a fit!"

Alison is sitting on the patio at Charlie's, reading the newspaper. David walks in suddenly through the back gate. He walks over to Alison and, indicating the newspaper, asks, "What's on the front page? Anything interesting?" Alison looks up at him in surprise and replies, "Not very." She then asks, "What are you doing here?" David tells her, "I came to see you, didn't I?" Alison asks in surprise, "Why?" David sits down with her and explains, "Andy's been telling me you've been getting some death threats." Alison asks, "Where did you see Andy?" David explains, "He's staying at my place. And Ginny's worried about you: tried to make some 'phone calls but got no answer." Alison comments sourly, "Worried her meal-ticket had kicked the bucket, was she?" David insists, "I think it's more than that. I think she's very grateful that you've put yourself out to give her a break." Alison muses, "Maybe." David sighs, "Anyway, whatever, I told her I'd call and see you. Now, has someone been threatening you?" Alison hesitates and then says, "Yes: Caroline." David stares at her before chuckling, "Come on... you're having me on!" Alison, however, replies seriously, "I wish I was." She then goes on, "I suppose I should tell you the full story: you're closer to her than most; if anyone can help her it's probably you."

Beryl sits down in Fiona's room at the mansion and repeats, "Huntington's disease?" Fiona nods, "Mmm. Nobody can be sure of anything, but there is the possibility." She then growls, "I could have kicked myself yesterday, about that tape. I'm inclined to believe Wayne, though, when he said he was only bluffing about Robert: he's always liked kids; you can't take that away from him - and he has been a perfect husband to Susan, whether we like to admit it or not." Beryl just murmurs, "Mmm..." Fiona encourages, "Why don't you call her? You've still got a few minutes before you have to go to the airport. I know you want to. Go on: call her up; congratulate her on the baby." Beryl sits there thoughtfully and then picks up the 'phone. As she does so, May walks in through the gap in the bookcase and says to Fiona, "I'm sorry to interrupt; I just wondered if you'd finished with the Sunday papers." She picks them up as Fiona muses, "The next time I get a paper bill, May Walters, we're going to spilt it fifty-fifty." May smiles, "That's fine! You pay the dollars, I'll pay the cents!" With that, she heads back to her room. At the desk, Beryl says down the 'phone, "Hello, Susan, it's mum, love." At Woombai, Susan squeals, "Mum! Hi! How are you?" Wayne is sitting on the couch behind her as she listens and then says, "Thanks! It took us by surprise, as well, but we're both glad." She listens again before replying, "Oh, very much the proud father-to-be - he's worse than I am... Thanks, mum: it means a lot - to both of us... Alright. Call me when you get to Melbourne; we'll have a nice long chat... OK... Bye." She then hangs up and turns to Wayne, telling him, "Mum. She called to congratulate us on our baby." Wayne asks in surprise, "Us?" Susan nods, "'Us'. You were most definitely included. I think she's finally accepting you." Wayne grins, "Fancy that!"

David and Alison are walking slowly along the grounds at Charlie's. David is saying, "I knew she'd been through a bad experience; not rape, though." He then sighs, "I should have made her tell me; none of this nonsense would have happened." Alison murmurs, "No." David adds, "I appreciate you and Wayne not calling the cops. You got any idea where she is?" Alison replies, "I called Fiona earlier this morning. Glen's gone back to the cabin to repair the moke, and he's going to keep an eye out on the way: she's probably trying to hitch a ride back to Sydney." David murmurs, "Yeah..." Changing the subject, Alison then says, "I'd understand if you said no, but if you like, you're more than welcome to stay for morning tea. Charlie will be home soon - she's spending the night at some new guesthouse between Woombai and here. Very chic, apparently. It won't be much - morning tea, that is - and of course, if you're busy..." David, however, replies quickly, "No, no, no, I'm not busy." Alison smiles, "Good." She then adds, "I must admit, though, I didn't expect you to say yes, after all we've been through." David explains, "Fiona told me how upset you were when you found out that Wayne was trying to run me into the ground - and how you tried to get hold of Maria's tape to make him pull his head in. That meant a lot to me." They stop walking and David then says, "I'll tell you what: I'll return the favour by looking after Ginny while she's in Melbourne." Alison smiles, "I'd like that." David adds, "I can see why you took her under your wing: she reminds me of you when we first met: a couple of muddle-headed teenagers!" Alison looks at him warmly and comments, "I thought you'd have forgotten that." David, however, replies softly, "There's some things you don't forget - ever." Alison smiles, "No..."

Debbie is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen at the country house, saying, "Yes, they're all done: I stayed up and finished them all last night. I'll drop them over some time today." She listens and then says, "Whenever I can get away - but they'll be there." She hangs up as Ginny walks in from the hallway and smiles, "Morning!" She then indicates a tray on the table and asks, "That for the patient?" Debbie nods, "Yeah." Ginny mutters, "I can't see why he can't come to the table and have breakfast like the rest of us; I still say he's not that sick." Debbie comments, "Yeah, well, he won't be around much longer." Changing the subject, she then says, "Beryl's due in from Sydney soon, so I thought I'd drop across to her house and open it up and buy her a few bits and pieces - bread... milk... you know: that sort of thing." Ginny comments to her, "You look as if you ought to go back to bed." Debbie, however, insists, "Oh no, I'm feeling fine." She then picks up the tray and hands it to Ginny, saying, "Can you take this in to His Lordship - and make sure you don't spill the orange juice all over him!"

In the lounge room, Andy is busy doing press-ups on the floor when Ginny calls loudly, "You out of bed yet, Andy?" He quickly dashes back to the couch, covers himself with the sheets and lies there looking weak. Ginny walks in with the tray. As she does so, Andy answers her question weakly, "I would be if I wasn't feeling so crook this morning." Ginny hands him his tray but then comments, "Oh, that's a pity: I was hoping to spill orange juice all down your pyjama front." Andy glares at her and demands, "Where's Debbie? She usually brings my breakfast in." Ginny retorts, "She's gone over to Beryl's: she's coming home today." She goes to walk out, but Andy calls after her, "How long is it going to be before people stop treating me like a leper? I mean, how many times do I have to say I'm sorry?" Ginny, however, turns back to him and snaps, "Do you think that's all it's going to take? A couple of 'I'm sorrys'? You make me want to puke, Andy. Words prove nothing. You're going to have to do a lot better than that to get back into everybody's good books." With that, she marches out, leaving Andy looking thoughtful.

Debbie is standing with Beryl in the kitchen at Beryl's, asking her about her trip. Beryl smiles, "We had a marvellous time. Kevin and Lynn are both well and so is little Davey - though he's not so little any more: he starts kindy next week. Makes me feel old!" Debbie bends down to Robert and asks him, "How was your holiday, Robbie? Was it good?!" Beryl looks over at her and comments, "You're looking a bit tired, Deb." Debbie just shrugs, "I am a bit, but I'll survive." Beryl then says, "I hate to ask you - you've done so much already - but some of my luggage came down on another flight; could you stay and keep an eye on Robert while I go out and get it?" Debbie smiles, "No problem." Beryl adds, "Make sure he doesn't go near the heater -" she indicates the small heater in the middle of the kitchen floor "- it fascinates him." Debbie nods, "Right. Sure." With that, Beryl heads out. Debbie bends down and starts playing with Robert's toy bus. She then smiles at him, "You play with your bus. Stay there and you play with that while Debbie sits down before she falls down, OK?" She then moves across to the kitchen table and sits down. After a few seconds, she lays her head on the table. She doesn't notice as Robert stands up from from where he's playing and starts toddling across to the heater with its burning red bars...


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