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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

A moped pulls up several yards away from the cabin and Caroline climbs off. She puts her riding gloves in the bike's front basket and does likewise with the helmet. She then picks up a small bag. She stares across at Glen's car, which is parked nearby, reaches into the bag and removes a spanner. She then walks quickly across to the car and pulls back the restraints that keep the bonnet closed. Lifting up the bonnet, she reaches into the engine with the spanner...

Around the back of the cabin, Glen is winding up the fish wire as Alison stands with him and demands impatiently, "How much longer is this going to take?" Glen just suggests, "If you want to save time, why don't you go inside and finish packing?" Alison, however, retorts, "I'm not going anywhere by myself; just hurry up, alright?" She then adds, "I thought you said this place was isolated." Glen replies, "It is, mostly, but what if someone comes up for a quiet spot of fishing and ends up wrapping themselves up in this lot?" He indicates the wire. Alison mutters, "The only people prowling around will be Wayne's thugs - and they deserve to be wrapped up." They suddenly hear a noise and Alison asks in concern, "What's that?" Glen assures her, "It's just that old cow." He then points across the way and adds, "Look, you can see her over there." Alison, however, grabs his arm and, pulling him towards the cabin, says nervously, "Let's get out of here. I've had as much as I can take."

A few moments later, as they head inside, Alison cries, "I'll be packed in two minutes." Glen suggests that she sit down for a moment. Alison, though, retorts, "I just want to get back to Sydney and get that tape." Glen insists, "How about a cup of coffee?" Alison pauses and then sighs, "Alright, I'll calm down - but I don't want a coffee. Why don't you just go and get packed?" Glen nods, "OK. I won't be long." With that, he heads off to his room. As soon as he's gone, Alison heads over to the cabinet with the rifle ammunition in and takes out a small box...

Outside, Caroline finishes tinkering with the engine of Glen's car. She closes the bonnet and re-secures it before going and hiding behind some nearby trees. Alison and Glen come dashing out of the cabin suddenly and run over to the car. They climb in and Glen goes to start the engine. The ignition refuses to engage. Alison sighs in horror, "Don't tell me we're out of petrol." Glen tries again, and this time the engine jumps into life. Alison comments, "Thank God. Let's go." Glen puts the car into gear and drives off. As he does so, he goes to turn the wheel - only to discover that it has no effect. He cries out in horror, "The steering's gone!" He slams his foot on the brake, but this causes the car to swerve, and he sideswipes Caroline's unattended motorcycle, parked at the side of the track. It falls over. The car then skids to a halt. As Caroline looks on from behind the tree, Glen says to Alison, "Are you alright?" She pants, "Yes, yes, I think so." Glen then goes on urgently, "We hit a bike back there. We'd better clear out: whoever jemmied the steering's probably still around." They climb out of the car and, leaving their packed bags behind, Glen pulls Alison down the track. Caroline watches them, a smile of glee on her face. When Glen and Alison are out of sight, she returns to her motorbike. She examines it and, realising it's damaged beyond repair, sighs heavily. She looks over towards the cabin.

A short time later, Caroline heads into the cabin. She walks over to the 'phone and tries to get an outside line, but there's nothing. She puts the receiver down, sighing heavily, "Damn..."

Craig walks into the kitchen at the country house as Ginny hangs up the 'phone and sighs, "She's still not answering." Craig asks, "Who?" Ginny explains, "Alison. I've been trying to get on to her for two days. Maybe something's happened to her?" Craig points out, "She's probably on a business trip." Ginny asks, "You reckon? Someone tried to poison her, you know." Craig mutters, "If Andy's telling the truth." Ginny glares at him and growls, "You don't even care, do you?" Craig, however, retorts, "Firstly, I hardly know the woman. Secondly, it's not that I don't care; it's just I don't panic. And thirdly, you're only panicking because you think she's your passport to fame and glory." Ginny, looking annoyed, snaps, "What would you know? She's really helped me. Why shouldn't I want to know if she's alright? I mean, it's not as if I like her or anything - but sure, she's given me some good tips, like how to handle Mr. Alexander." Craig just shakes his head. Ginny then announces, "I'd better get moving - I'm meant to meet him this arvo." Craig asks, "Showing him the outfit?" Ginny nods gleefully, "Yep. They're going to tell me whether they love it or really love it." Andy calls out suddenly from the lounge room, "Anyone there?" Craig looks at Ginny and asks, "Isn't it your turn?" Ginny retorts, "Haven't got time!" Craig heads off to the lounge room, wearily.

A few seconds later, Craig asks Andy curtly, "What do you want?" Andy indicates the plate of food on the coffee table next to him and says, "I can't eat that." Craig asks, "What is it?" Andy retorts, "Ginny made it: it's supposed to be my lunch, but it's just a scungy pile of grease, if you ask me. I don't expect anything like roast duck; just something vaguely edible." Ginny walks in at that moment and snaps, "If you don't like the service, rack off." Craig tells Andy, "I'll make you something else." Andy smiles, "Thanks, Craig, you're a real mate." Craig, however, glares at him and snaps, "I am not your mate. I just want you to get better as soon as possible so you can get out of here." With that, he walks out. Ginny tells Andy tersely, "It's a real downer having such a dreg around." Andy sighs, "And I suppose you're a great success?" Ginny tells him curtly, "It just so happens I'm off to see a manufacturer right now. We're going to talk about my latest design." Andy chuckles, "I bet he chucks it in the bin." Ginny, however, retorts, "I doubt it. He knows talent when he sees it." With that, she marches out of the room.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural and Wayne emerges from the study to answer it. He finds Janice standing outside. As she walks in, Wayne indicates a bag she's holding and asks, "What's all this, then?" Janice smiles, "Your childcare library!" She then produces a doll from behind her back and adds, "And this is for the baby." They head into the lounge room and Janice sits down. She then comments to Wayne, "You look a bit tired." Wayne explains, "I spent half the night down at the police station." Janice tells him, "I think you should get away from all this and be with Susan." Wayne replies wearily, "There's nothing I'd like more, but I promised the cops I'd hang around town for a few days; they're hoping to make an arrest soon." Janice nods, "I see." She then takes some of the books out of her bag and smiles, "An expectant father must be prepared, Wayne; it'll be a nice surprise for Susan." Wayne starts looking at the pictures in one of the books and comments, "These look a bit out of date." Janice retorts, "I was brought up on them." Wayne muses, "It's a wonder you survived!" Janice demands indignantly, "What do you mean?" Wayne tells her, "Surely you don't believe you were delivered by a stork?!" Janice smiles, "Of course not. It doesn't say that... does it?" Wayne grins, "Yeah, you're right, it doesn't!"

Alison and Glen are walking slowly along a quiet road, away from the cabin. Alison sighs heavily, "This is ridiculous: nothing to eat, nothing to drink, no money... why did you have to panic? We didn't have to leave everything behind." Glen, though, retorts, "Stop whinging - we're damn lucky to be alive. Remember, I didn't have to come on this little holiday at all." Alison murmurs, "I'm sorry. Here am I complaining and you probably saved my life." Glen tells her, "Forget it." They walk on a little further until Alison growls eventually, "I'll make damn sure Wayne doesn't forget it."

At the cabin, Caroline is looking through various drawers, but fails to find anything useful. She eventually comes across a large map, and she unfolds it and murmurs to herself, "Now... where's civilisation?"

In the kitchen at the country house, Ginny is humming to herself as she works on a jacket resting on a mannequin. Craig comes in through the back door and says, "Hi." Ginny carries on humming while Craig goes to the 'fridge. After several seconds, Ginny says impatiently, "Come on, ask me." Craig retorts, "Ask you what?" Ginny sighs, "About the interview." Craig smiles, "Alright. How did the interview go?!" Ginny replies, "They couldn't stop raving!" Craig asks, "About your outfit?" Ginny nods, "Yep. They're going into production with it!" Craig asks in surprise, "Who'd buy it?" Ginny suggests, "You could." Craig queries in surprise, "Me?" Ginny replies, "For Debbie - she'd love it." Craig mutters, "I bet." He then indicates the mannequin and laughs, "It's lucky it can't see itself - it'd die of embarrassment! Anyone could throw this stuff together." Ginny retorts in annoyance, "You certainly couldn't - you're too square." A bell rings suddenly from the lounge room. Craig looks at Ginny and smiles, "It's your turn!" Ginny marches off to see to Andy. When she's gone, Craig walks over to the mannequin and touches the jacket that she was working on. It immediately falls onto the floor, in pieces...

Ginny heads into the lounge room and demands impatiently of Andy, "What's the problem?" Andy replies, "I want a drink." Ginny points to a jug of cordial on the table and snaps, "What's that?" Andy murmurs, "Sorry." Ginny then accuses, "You wanted Debbie to come in, didn't you?" Andy looks away guiltily. Ginny snaps, "Can't you get it into your thick head that she thinks you're the pits?" Andy growls, "She's a hundred times better than you." Ginny just taunts, "Poor Andy... Mr. Down-and-out falls for a girl who couldn't care less about him." Andy snarls, "You just wait: I'll get somewhere as soon as I'm better." Ginny, however, retorts, "Don't make me laugh - you're not even sick; you're only sponging off David because you've got nowhere to go." With that, she marches out of the room triumphantly, leaving Andy looking worried.

As she heads back into the kitchen, a look of horror crosses Ginny's face as she sees Craig fiddling with the jacket, which he's tried to place back on the mannequin. She snaps, "What are you doing?" Craig replies quickly, "I'm sorry, it's-it's--" Ginny interrupts and snaps, "Leave it alone." Craig steps back and insists, "All I did was take a pin out." Ginny examines the jacket and gasps, "You've wrecked it. How can one pin do that?" Debbie walks in suddenly and asks, "What's happened?" Craig and Ginny ignore her, though, Craig telling Ginny curtly, "I swear, that's all it was." Ginny snaps, "You're just jealous. Can't stand seeing me get on, can you?" Debbie pleads, "Please, just keep it down." Ginny, however, goes on angrily at Craig, "You've always had it in for me." Craig retorts, "You're paranoid." Debbie yells suddenly, "WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP?" Craig and Ginny turn and look at her in surprise. Debbie stands there, looking guilty.

In the lounge room at Dural, Janice is teaching Wayne how to change a nappy. She removes a tea-towel from her bag and lays it on the floor. Wayne looks at the doll that she brought over and asks, "Does she have a name?" Janice replies, "Rebecca." Wayne comments, "Unusual name for a doll." Janice indicates the tea-towel on the floor and then tells Wayne, "Let's see your form." Wayne just picks up the-towel and wraps it round the baby's waist! Janice smiles, but then says, "Give it to me!" She takes Rebecca and the tea-towel and goes on, "Now, pay attention. This might seem funny now, but in a few short months it's going to be horrifyingly real." Wayne sits there, looking suitably chastised!

In the kitchen at the country house, Ginny is trying to fix her jacket as Craig paces the room commenting in concern, "I've never heard her yell like that before. Do you think she's alright? I just don't know what got into her." Ginny mutters, "She couldn't stand all your carrying-on; that's what got into her." Craig snaps, "My carry-on?" Ginny retorts, "Yes. You're not going go try and lay it at my feet, are you?" Craig snarls, "You weren't exactly a passive observer, Ginny; in fact, I think you started--" He breaks off as Debbie walks in suddenly from the hallway, wearing her chauffeur's uniform. He looks at her and asks gently, "You OK?" Debbie retorts, "Fine, thankyou." She goes and picks up the keys to the limousine as Craig adds, "I'm sorry, alright?" Debbie mutters, "Forget it." Craig then asks, "You going out on a job?" Debbie retorts sarcastically, "Very good." Craig asks, "Do you need a second driver?" Debbie, however, snaps, "Look. No. It's only a pick-up from a hotel. It only takes one car." Craig then asks, "How long are you going to be out for?" Debbie, looking annoyed, harrumphs, "Craig!" Ginny chips in, "Leave her alone, thickhead." Craig pauses and then says to Debbie, "I'll be finished here around about six. If you're still going I could meet you somewhere and take over." Debbie, however, retorts, "I can manage, alright? I'll see you later." With that, she heads out. When she's gone, Craig looks at Ginny, who's staring at him. He demands, "What's your problem?" Ginny shrugs, "Nothing. What's yours?" She then goes on, "If you want my advice, Craig, don't baby her. She's a tax-paying member of the workforce, not a kid."

Alison and Glen are walking along another road. A car approaches from behind, and Alison holds out her arm to it. It drives on past, though. Another car appears in the distance and Alison says quickly to Glen, "You stay out of the way." She pushes him towards some nearby buses and then holds out her arm. She starts to walk along sexily, wiggling her backside as she does so. The car driver, unfortunately, is a vicar, who drives past her, tutting in shame as he does so! Alison stares after the departing car, looking annoyed. Glen emerges from the bushes, laughing! Alison glares at him and snaps, "Alright - you have a try." Glen nods, "Alright - I'll give it a go." As another car comes up behind them, Glen stops walking and then stands at the side of the road in a manly stance and wiggling his thumb sexily. The driver is a young woman, and she smiles as she spots Glen. She mouths to herself, "Wow!" She pulls up next to Glen and Alison and grins, "Jump in!" Glen opens the door to let Alison in. She climbs into the back. Glen jumps into the front passenger seat and the young woman asks him, "Where you headed?" Glen replies, "Sydney." The woman smiles, "Unreal! So am I!" With that, she pumps up the stereo and drives off.

Caroline is standing outside the cabin. It's raining. She looks around and then starts walking forward. All-of-a-sudden, the ground gives way beneath her and she falls into the water tank that Alison had set-up as a trap. Landing on her feet, and finding herself in a confined space, Caroline panics, "Oh no..." She then starts yelling, "Help! Glen! Glen! Anyone? Help...!"

Back in Sydney, Alison is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion, saying to Fiona curtly, "It makes perfect sense: Wayne has access to the mansion; he could have looked through Glen's belongings and found the photos while you were out." Fiona, who's sitting next to Glen at the table, sighs, "Yes, I suppose so." Alison goes on, "The whole thing was a set-up; Wayne wanted that 'phone call to scare me so much I'd take off and get myself killed." Fiona points out, "If I play that tape to Susan it's going to ruin her marriage." Alison snaps, "Too bad." Fiona adds, "She's expecting, you know?" Alison nods, "You told me. Will the kid want a murderer for a father?" Fiona sighs, "Oh..." There's suddenly a knock on the door to Fiona's room and Danny walks in. He says in his thick American accent, "Excuse me. I was after Mrs. Thompson, but if it's inconvenient..." Alison retorts, "Yes, it is." Danny just stands there, though, and Alison demands angrily, "What is it?" Danny explains, "I thought I should tell you: I've got some evidence for the prosecution." Alison nods, "Go on." Danny continues, "Wayne's about my age, isn't he? Dark hair?" Alison replies, "That's right - he owns the place." Danny goes on, "That's him, yeah. Well, yesterday, I walked in on him and Caroline in the reception room and they were talking about you. And Wayne said, 'If I can get my hands on her, I'll kill her'." Glen jumps up from his seat and asks, "You positive?" Danny insists, "That's what he said." At the table, Fiona murmurs, "I see..." Danny then adds, "I'll leave you to it. If you need any legal advice, my rates are very competitive!" With that, he walks out. Alison looks at Fiona and demands, "Well?" Fiona stands up from the table and walks over to the desk. She picks up a bunch of keys and murmurs, "I'll get that tape." Alison asks, "Where is it?" Fiona replies, "In my solicitor's safe - at his house." Alison asks Glen if he'd mind tagging along. Glen nods, "Alright." With that, he and Fiona head out. Alison sits down at the desk, looking weary. She opens up her handbag, reaches into it and removes a pistol...

Wayne is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, reading a book called Baby and Child. He sighs, "They make it look so easy..." Janice assures him, "You'll get there!" Wayne comments sourly, "If I don't get bumped-off first." Janice suggests, "Let's not think about that, eh?" Wayne, however, tells her, "I'm afraid you might have to: the police will be in touch with you soon." Janice asks in surprise, "Why?" Wayne explains, "I had to give them a list of everyone who knew Susan's pregnant: the creep who sent the note probably found out from one of them." Janice points out, "A lot of people know now: news travels fast. Charlie knows, Alison knows, Aunt Fiona knows..." Wayne comments in surprise, "You told me Alison didn't know." Janice replies, "She does. I found out this morning: Aunt Fiona told her." She adds, "It probably doesn't matter because she's out of Sydney, but I suppose she might have told someone." Wayne, looking suddenly very thoughtful, murmurs, "You never know, do you...?" Changing the subject, Janice tells Wayne that she'll leave the tea-towel she brought over for him by the sink, so that he can practice with it. She heads out of the room. As soon as he's alone, Wayne picks up the 'phone on the bar and dials a number. The 'phone rings in Fiona's room at the mansion and Alison picks it up and says, "Hello?" At Dural, a look of surprise crosses Wayne's face as he hears her voice. Alison says again, "Hello?" At Dural, Wayne just hangs up the 'phone, picks up his jacket and dashes out.

Ginny heads into the lounge room at the country house, and tells Andy, who's lying on the couch, "Alright: up. Time to change your sheets." Andy stands up and Ginny thrusts a set of new sheets at him. He stares at her and she snaps, "You don't expect me to do it for you?" Andy retorts, "I am still getting over a very bad case of food poisoning." Ginny just shrugs, "Tough. Some exercise will do you good. Anyway, I don't reckon you're that crook. Putting on a bit of an act, if you ask me." Andy points out, "No one's asking you, are they?" Ginny continues, "I suppose you think you're better off if everyone thinks you're still at death's door; that way no one's going to chuck you out, are they? Well, you don't fool me and you won't be fooling everyone else for much longer, either: they'll soon wake up to you, then you'll be out on your ear." Andy glares at her, but before he can say anything, Craig walks in. Ginny mutters at Andy, "I'll come back and get your dirty sheets." With that, she goes. Craig tells Andy, "Dave's just been talking to a truckie mate: he's got a job driving a load up to Sydney." Andy mutters, "That's great. How long will be be gone for?" Craig replies, "A couple of days. He asked me to tell you he hopes you'll be gone by the time he gets back." Andy looks at him in surprise and then murmurs, "I'll do my best, won't I? I don't want to put anyone out for any longer than I have to." Craig goes to walk out. Andy calls after him, "I really am trying to make up for what I've done." Craig just retorts, "All we want, mate, is for you to get on your way. Second you're healthy: out."

Alison is pacing the floor of Fiona's room at the mansion, sighing heavily. She looks at her watch and sighs again. She then sits down at the desk. The door to the room flies open suddenly and Alison stands up in surprise. She turns to find Wayne standing there, a furious look on his face. He snarls, "Damn you. I've had just about enough of you." He walks over and grabs her arm. Alison pulls away quickly, though, and snatches up the pistol from the desk. Turning back and pointing it at Wayne, she threatens, "I'm warning you: stay away." Wayne goes to put his arms up. As he does so, he looks around the room, nonchalantly. He then turns back to Alison and makes a lunge for the weapon. As he does so, a shot rings out...


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