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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Alison is trying to get an outside line on the 'phone in the cabin, but without success. After a few seconds, she slams the 'phone down, looking scared.

At the mansion, Caroline wanders into the reception room, holding a cassette tape. She hears someone coughing outside suddenly, and she hides the tape under a magazine on the coffee table. Janice wanders in, groaning, "How long does it take for a hangover to start?" Caroline asks her how much she drank. Janice sighs, "A whole glass!" Caroline murmurs, "I really don't think you've got much to worry about." Janice goes on, "The thing is, I don't normally drink at all; I'm just not used to it. But Wayne insisted that we celebrate and I didn't want to hurt his feelings." Caroline repeats, "I don't think you've got anything to worry about." Janice sighs, "I do feel a bit funny, though; a bit down in the dumps. Maybe some music will cheer me up?" She picks up some tapes sitting on the coffee table and starts looking through them. Caroline announces that she might go and lie down, as she's not in the mood for any hot-gospelling. As she walks out, Janice calls, "One of the girls took a message for you. Did you see it?" Caroline looks at the noticeboard. Janice then sighs, "Maybe I'll just sit and read for a while." She picks up the magazine on the coffee table. The movement reveals the tape that Caroline hid under it, and Janice picks it up and shrugs, "Oh, you can never find the tape you want." With that, she opens the box and places the tape in the player on the table in front of her. Caroline looks at the message on the board and says, "This is from Wayne. Do you know when he called?" Janice turns on the tape player and the recording of the distorted male voice starts playing. Caroline spins round in horror and demands, "Turn that off." She dashes over, turns off the player and removes the tape from it. She then asks Janice curtly why she didn't give her the note earlier. Janice just stares at her and announces that she's going to her room. Caroline calls after her that she's off to the Hamiltons', as she's keeping Susan company.

Alison is running around the main room at the cabin, checking all the doors and windows are locked and the blinds are pulled. She's breathing heavily. Her eyes fall on the rifles, and she takes the top one of the three down from the wall. She checks it, but finds it's empty. She tries to open the cabinet door, but it's locked, so she picks up an item from on top of the cabinet and starts trying to force the doors.

At Dural, Susan is walking downstairs in the newly-decorated hallway, carrying a packed suitcase, when there's a knock on the door. She calls nervously, "Who is it?" Caroline calls back that it's her. Susan goes and opens the door reluctantly, and she asks Caroline what she's doing there. Caroline explains, "Wayne left a message that he was going out. I thought you might like some company." Susan sighs, "Didn't you get the other message?" Caroline replies, "No. Has something else happened?" Susan invites her in and Caroline notices the suitcase. She asks, "Going somewhere?" Susan nods, "Yes. Woombai. The decorators have made such a mess... and Wayne thought it would be best if I was well out of the way in case whoever it is actually tries to do something." Caroline comments, "That's probably a good idea." Susan adds, "Wayne 'phoned the mansion before he left. He talked to someone; I thought it must have been you." Caroline asks if he said where he was going. Susan replies, "I think he was going to the police." Caroline looks away quickly and then asks if there's anything she can do to help. Susan tells her, "Not really." She then adds, "It's times like this it's nice to know your friends care." Caroline assures her, "Of course we do. Just try not to upset yourself." Susan, though, murmurs, "How can I? It's just one thing after another. All I want to do is live a normal life; is that too much to ask? I wish people would just leave us alone." Caroline puts her arms round her and says, "I just wish there was something I could do..."

At the cabin, Alison is still trying to force the lock of the cabinet containing the ammunition. Someone suddenly starts trying to open the locked front door, and she turns and stares at it in horror. Unable to open the cabinet, she picks up the rifle again. She suddenly hears movement by the window, and she creeps towards it and thrusts the rifle through the blind. A yelp of pain sounds and Glen stumbles in. He grabs hold of Alison and soothes, "It's alright... it's alright..."

A short time later, Glen carries Alison to the couch and lies her down. She murmurs, "Sorry. Did I hurt you? I thought you were someone coming after me." Glen tells her, "My fault. I thought you'd be in bed; I didn't want to wake you." Alison pants, "Glen, while you were gone, someone 'phoned. He knows I'm here. I tried to call the police but I couldn't get a line out." Glen asks, "What did he say?" Alison murmurs, "He knows where I am. He described the room... the furniture... everything. It was as if he could see me while he was talking. What if he's out there now? He could pick me off any time he likes." Glen, however, points out, "With all the blinds drawn? Believe me, from outside you can't see a thing in here - otherwise I'd have known you were getting ready with the rifle butt, wouldn't I?" He then suggests, "Why don't you get some sleep?" Alison gasps, "You must be joking!" Glen assures her, "Don't worry: I'll be standing guard with a loaded rifle." Alison points out, "You can't stay awake all night." Glen, however, tells her, "It wouldn't be the first time." With that, he picks up the key to the ammunition cabinet and unlocks it. Alison murmurs, "I doubt whether I'll be able to sleep anyway." Glen, loading ammunition into the rifle, assures her, "Yes you will. No one is going to get past me. Tomorrow I get to work and turn this place into a fortress. By the time he's finished, if he wants to get in he'll have to bring an army with him." Alison stares at Glen in relief.

The next morning, Gordon is talking on the 'phone at the Woombai homestead, saying, "Of course it's alright - you should have left earlier; no need to stay in a motel overnight... Alright, we'll see you soon." Charlie and Owen come in from outside as Gordon hangs up. Charlie tells Gordon, "I was just taking my two little darlings for a morning walk and look who we found!" Gordon looks at Owen and says calmly, "Hello, Owen. Had breakfast?" Owen nods, "Hours ago." He then starts to unravel some sheets of paper and says, "The area is just perfect for a Nature Reserve. The birds, for a start: you won't believe the number of species I counted." Before he can go on, Gordon suggests, "Why don't you put all your facts and figures in a written report and we'll go over it later, eh?" Owen, however, replies, "No need - I wrote it all down as I went along." Charlie smiles, "How frighteningly professional." Owen asserts, "It has to be. If we expect government backing we can't put up a sloppy proposal." He then turns to Gordon and continues, "I recommend we close off certain areas to the public so we can concentrate on the development--" Gordon interrupts him and says, "Owen, it looks fine, but can we go over it later? I've got other things on my mind at the moment." Owen sighs, "Alright." He picks up his papers and then says, "Oh! What did you think of the camel?" Gordon murmurs, "The camel... it's not a bad idea, the camel. Not the right idea for Woombai, though. We sent it back." Owen gasps in horror, "Sent it back?! The public would've loved it." Gordon replies, "Maybe, but I'm sure it's not wise to have an animal like that around children - and besides, we don't have the facilities." Owen starts to unfold the papers again, but Gordon tells him, "I wouldn't get too carried away until Wayne sees the feasibility study." Owen insists, "It's only a formality. It can't fail." He then head off, saying he'll get changed and they'll talk about it. When he's gone, Gordon muses to Charlie, "I wonder whether we should have started all this..." He then changes the subject and says, "That was Susan on the 'phone. She's on her way up. There's something you should know before she arrives." Charlie smiles, "Yes, darling: she's preggers. I know all about it!" Gordon mouths in surprise, "Oh?" Charlie replies, "Of course, she wasn't sure when she told me, but I was. We women have an instinct about these things!" Gordon tells her, "As it happens, you were right." Charlie goes on, "And you thought I couldn't keep a secret. Well, isn't it the most wonderful news?! You a granddaddy! I just know it's going to be a boy, don't you?" Gordon just says tersely, "It's a bit soon to know anything, Charlie. We'll have to wait and see." With that, he walks off, leaving Charlie looking puzzled.

Janice comes downstairs at the mansion as Caroline stands in the hallway with the public 'phone to her ear, cursing, "Damn." She hangs up as Janice asks if something's wrong. Caroline tells her, "I've got to go off on a job and I wanted to talk to Wayne before I left, but there doesn't seem to be any answer." Janice asks her, "Did you catch up with Susan yesterday?" Caroline nods, "Yes. Why?" Janice explains, "Wayne 'phoned just after you left. He wanted to know where you were; I told him to be patient: you'd only just got the message. Then he told me about the latest threat. He's sure it came from Alison, but I told him it couldn't be." Caroline asks in surprise, "Why couldn't it be?" Janice points out, "Because Alison and Glen left Sydney before Susan told anyone she was pregnant - and whoever wrote the note knows about the pregnancy, so it couldn't be Alison." Caroline's face drops and she murmurs, "Oh... well, maybe it's all for the best." Janice asks in surprise, "Pardon?" Caroline says quickly, "Nothing. Nothing." She then adds, "When this job's over, I think I'll go back to Melbourne; get on with things." With that, she announces, "I'd better be going, otherwise I'll be late." She heads off, leaving Janice looking puzzled.

Charlie hangs up the 'phone at the Woombai homestead as Gordon wanders in. She tells him, "Bad news, I'm afraid, darling." Gordon asks what's happened. Charlie explains, "I have to pop back to Sydney; sort out a little business problem." Gordon comments, "That's a shame. Still, you've had a good break." Charlie sighs, "It's been lovely. I just don't like leaving you in the mood you're in." Gordon remarks in surprise, "I'm not in any mood." Charlie, however, insists, "I'm not blind; you haven't been yourself for days. You don't even seem very happy about the baby." Gordon retorts, "Don't be ridiculous: I'm delighted." Charlie comments, "You're hiding it very well." Gordon tells her, "You should know me by now: I don't show my emotions. Honestly, I couldn't be happier." At that moment, Susan walks in and Charlie dashes over to her and gives her a hug, exclaiming as she does so, "Darling, I believe it's all official! Congratulations! Isn't it thrilling?!" She then announces that she'd better go and pack. Gordon says quickly, "Don't forget Mr. Appleby's coming over this morning." Charlie queries, "Who?" Gordon reminds her, "Koko's owner." Charlie then explains to Susan that Koko's owner called last night. She adds that she knows Isabella is going to miss her friend terribly...

Owen is sitting outside, fussing over Koko, when an elderly man walks over to them and says to Koko, "There you are, you little tearaway." He picks up Koko and then introduces himself to Owen, saying, "Bill Appleby. 'Phoned last night about picking up the dog, here." Owen introduces himself and explains, "Koko and I were just getting acquainted." He then comments on the unusual spelling of 'Koko'. Bill tells him, "Short for Kokoda - I was in New Guinea in the War." Owen smiles, "Oh, right! So she's a little digger!" Bill glares at him and sighs, "Cor blimey." He then looks at Koko and goes on, "Reckon I should have called you something else, eh? Gets downright embarrassing after a while." Owen queries, "What's that?" Bill explains, "The name: Koko. People always think it's a girl's name, for some reason. Can't see it meself." Owen asks, "Isn't it?" Bill sighs, "Of course not. He might be little, but he's all male!" Owen comments, "My apologies, then. I was sure Charlie told me it was a girl." Bill retorts, "Then you can tell this Charlie bloke he's got it wrong." Owen explains, "Actually, Charlie's a woman." Bill stares at him again and then looks at Koko and says, "Strewth. And you reckon you've got problems!"

Inside, Susan sits down with Gordon and tells him, "I meant what I said yesterday: if Wayne is carrying Huntington's it could be years before it shows up, and by then they're sure to have found a cure." Gordon asks, "If they haven't?" Susan retorts, "Then what's the use in telling him? He can't do anything about it - and for all we know, the disease might never show up in Wayne or the baby. We'd be ruining his life for no purpose at all. What right do we have to do that?" Gordon sighs, "I don't know, I suppose." He becomes aware suddenly of Charlie standing in the doorway, and he buries his head in his hands, looking annoyed.

A few moments later, Charlie says awkwardly, "I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I... you poor darlings. How awful." She then looks at Gordon and adds, "That's what you've been so worried about. I knew there was something. Why didn't you tell me?" Gordon explains, "We didn't want anyone to find out." Charlie mutters, "And if you told me, they would; is that what you thought?" Gordon sighs, "Oh come on, Charlie, be fair: you have been known to let things slip in the past - and I really didn't want Wayne to find out." Tears starting to well in her eyes, Charlie murmurs, "You needn't worry: he certainly won't find out from me." She then adds curtly, "Thankyou for putting me up. Goodbye." With that, she storms off. When she's gone, Susan says gently to Gordon, "I think you hurt her feelings." Gordon, though, asks, "What was I supposed to do?" He hesitates and then sighs, "Oh hell..." He stands up and runs out.

Outside, Charlie is closing the boot of her car as Gordon runs out of the homestead and pleads, "Charlie, wait. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound untrusting." Charlie, though, sighs, "It's not your fault: you're only saying what everyone thinks. I'm not so insensitive that I don't know I'm regarded as a bit of a joke. You're right: sometimes I do gossip more than I should, but I'm very fond of you, Gordon: I'd never do or say anything to hurt you." Gordon tells her softly, "I know that." Charlie, however, insists, "Oh no you don't. To you I'm just 'silly old Charlie; good for a bit of a giggle but not to be trusted with anything serious'. At least I know now; it's better than fooling myself." She climbs into her car. Gordon reaches in through the open window and takes her hand, saying as he does so, "Charlie, I was unfair to you - but only because I was too involved in my own problems to give it any real thought. I do trust you; I'm just sorry it took me so long to realise it." Charlie growls, "You know I'll never forgive you." Gordon replies, "I don't know what else I can say." Charlie sighs, "Waiting until I have to leave before you say something as nice as that..." Gordon tells her, "I'll try and be quicker off the mark next time. You take care, OK?" Charlie smiles weakly, "Same to you." With that, she starts the engine of her car and drives away. She only travels a few yards, though, before bringing the car to a halt, turning off the engine and climbing out. She sighs, "Trust me to spoil a good exit!" Gordon asks, "What did you forget?" Charlie replies, "Isabella!"

Glen is sitting in the cabin with a fishing rod, when Alison joins him. She looks at her watch and asks, "Why didn't you wake me? It's after midday!" Glen replies, "Seeing you didn't get to sleep until dawn... How do you feel?" Alison tells him, "Not great. I kept waking up; bad dreams." She then asks him if he checked the 'phone. Glen nods, "Yes - it's still off the hook at the other end. If it's one of the local call boxes it could be days before someone comes to use it." Alison mutters, "Terrific." She then looks at the fishing rod Glen is holding and asks what it is. Glen explains that it's his dad's. Alison mutters sourly, "Why not? No point in wasting a trip. If we're going to get killed, we may as well take some fish with us." Glen, however, tells her, "It's not fish I'm after. Come outside and see." He gets up and opens the door. Alison follows him tentatively.

A few moments later, outside, Glen is showing Alison a length of fishing wire which is stretched out at knee-length. He tells her, "This goes all the way round the cabin. Someone comes walking through, they won't see it and it sets off the bells." He demonstrates, ringing some bells attached to the wire. Alison exclaims, "That's brilliant!" Glen adds, "If they want us, they're going to have to come by helicopter!" Alison starts following the wire round the cabin. Glen asks her what she's doing. Alison explains, "I believe you; I just want to see." Glen warns, "Be careful: there's an underground water tank round the back. It's boarded over, but I wouldn't like to trust the wood; it's been there for ages." Alison nods, "OK."

A short time later, Alison reaches the back of the cabin and bends down by the water tank. She starts removing the planks of wood that cover it, calling to Glen as she does so, "I've found your tank. It looks deep." Glen calls back, "It is. The sides are all covered with slime, so there's nothing to hold on to. I know: I fell in when I was a kid and my parents had to haul me out!" Looking thoughtful, Alison murmurs, "Is that right...?" She then stands up and goes and picks up some fallen leaf-covered tree branches lying nearby. She goes and places them over the opening to the tank, thereby hiding it. When she's finished, she crouches next to the covering, looking pleased with herself.

Janice is sweeping the corridor at the mansion when Caroline walks in through the front door. Janice asks her, "Had a good day?" Caroline, though, retorts, "I've had a rotten day. I spent the entire morning lying around in freezing wind on Bondai Beach having cold suntan oil slopped all over me by some slimy octopus calling himself a model. The man simply could not keep his hands to himself." Janice asks, "Couldn't you complain?" Caroline retorts, "I did. He was the director's brother-in-law; they thought it was a great joke." Janice comments, "That's awful. Still, at least you won't have to do it anymore." Caroline asks in surprise, "Why won't I?" Janice points out, "You said this morning you're going back to Melbourne." Caroline, however, growls, "I was in a slightly more forgiving mood then. Today has brought a few things back to me." Janice asks, "Such as?" Caroline, though, says quickly, "Oh... just 'things'. Sorry if I seem a little vague: just put it down to the monster of a day I've had." Janice offers to make her a cup of tea. Caroline, though, tells her, "I haven't got time. I've got another assignment. It'll mean I'll be on location for a day or two. I have to go up and pack; leave immediately." Janice insists, "Surely you can take five minutes for a cuppa?" Caroline, however, says curtly, "No, no, it's a long trip. There's a lot to do. The sooner I get started, the better..."

At the cabin, Alison is laughing as Glen tells her a story about a time he leapt in through the window of his father's bedroom to find his father having a nap on the bed; the bed collapsed as four million wasps came in after him; he ran out through the door and shut it, leaving his father and the wasps alone! Alison asks what his father did to him. Glen smiles, "I think he planned on killing me - but my mum wouldn't let him. One of the many times she saved my life!" Alison laughs, "I still don't believe you. I must admit, though, it makes for a very good story. All-of-a-sudden, the bells attached to the wire outside start ringing. Glen looks at Alison and says quietly, "Stay here." He then picks up the rifle and heads outside.

A few moments later, Glen is running stealthily across the ground outside. As he approaches the corner of the shack where the bells are ringing, he snaps, "Freeze." He points the rifle - to find a cow standing in front of him, munching on the nearby foliage! He smiles and then calls to Alison, "It's alright: you can come on out!" Alison emerges from the cabin to see the cow standing there. She then looks at the expression on Glen's face and snaps, "Maybe you think it's funny, but I don't. We have to find out whoever's doing this and stop him before I go completely mad." With that, she turns and heads back inside.

A short time later, in the cabin, Glen says, "Let's go back to that 'phone call you had last night. Can you remember what the person said - I mean exactly?" Alison nods, "I think so. They said 'Having a good holiday, Alison?' Then something like 'Too bad you won't be around to enjoy it for long'. Then they went on to describe the room: the wooden floor, the guns on the wall, the blue armchair... When I asked them why they--" Glen interrupts suddenly and says, "The blue armchair? Are you sure they said that?" Alison retorts, "Yes. Why?" Glen points out, "What blue armchair"? Alison looks around and admits, "They were right about everything else; I just assumed that was, too." Glen stands there, looking thoughtful, and then murmurs, "The photos... with my things back in Sydney. They were taken years ago before mum threw out the blue armchair. Now, if someone in Sydney has gone through my things and found those photos..." Alison declares, "Wayne." Glen nods, "I'd say it's a fair bet." Alison growls, "Right. That's it. I'm going to get that tape from Fiona - and I am going to use it. Wayne is finished."


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