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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

David carries Robert into the lounge room at Beryl's as Beryl arrives home. He's laughing at his son, "Your mother's been telling me Muriel's been spoiling you again!" They sit down as Beryl mutters, "He's got as many toys in there as he has in here. I think she buys a new one every time she goes to the supermarket." David declares, "I would do the same - if I could afford it." Beryl comments more calmly, "She does go overboard a bit, but I'm glad that she loves babysitting the little terror because it's a godsend sometimes." David chuckles at Robert, "Have you been a naughty boy, eh?" Beryl, however, snaps suddenly, "Don't encourage him." David looks at her in surprise and asks, "What's the matter, Curly?" Beryl, however, replies quickly, "Nothing. It's not important." Changing the subject, she then asks, "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" David tells her, "I need the name of a good solicitor." Looking surprised, Beryl asks, "What for?" David explains, "The insurance company won't pay out the claim on the truck: they reckon I set the whole thing up. I've got to take them to court to get my money." Beryl gasps, "That could cost a fortune. There must be some other way. Surely the police have a report on it?" David nods, "They do, but apparently they're not sure, either." Beryl, looking concerned, suggests, "There's Tony Parker; we've used him before: he's a good solicitor." David, however, muses, "We need someone who specialises in insurance cases." Beryl tells him mutedly, "I don't know anyone." She then says suddenly, "Victor might: he had that case for their holiday home last year, remember?" David nods, "That's a good idea." Beryl declares, "Fine. Problem solved, then." David looks at the expression on her face and sighs, "What's the matter, Beryl? I know something's up." Beryl explains hesitantly, "I went to see Craig's mother." David asks in surprise, "How come you're involved?" Beryl replies, "I didn't want to be, believe me, but when he told me about it I just got the funny feeling she was pulling the wool over his eyes, so I went to see her and I told her off. Now, I don't know why but I'm upset about it." David smiles, "We're two of a kind, Beryl: always getting mixed in someone else's problems!"

Craig is standing in the kitchen at the country house, writing a note to Debbie. He places it on the table as Charlie comes in through the back door and snaps, "Where's our little punk? I'm going to rip her to shreds." Craig smiles, "I presume you mean Ginny? Cool it, OK? She's not here: she's gone back to Sydney. I dropped her at the airport about a couple of hours ago. She'll nearly be there by now." Charlie, marching over to the 'phone, growls, "Then she's going to have a big surprise waiting for her." She starts dialling.

Alison is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, holding Isabella, when the 'phone starts ringing. She answers it and then smiles, "Charlie, how are you?" She listens and adds, "By the way, your new sofas have arrived. They look wonderful. They had to be better than the last lot!" She listens again and then says, "Ginny? No, she's not here." In Melbourne, Charlie snaps, "As soon as she arrives, I want you to throttle her. The scheming little punk has double-crossed me." Ginny is just coming in through the front door at Charlie's and she overhears Alison ask, "What do you mean 'double-crossed' you?" Charlie explains, "She's not designing anything: she's copying Justin Slade's collection." Alison sighs, "Come on, Charlie... you sure?" Charlie insists, "Darling, I've seen them - in Justin's Carlton shop this morning." Alison tells her, "They can't be the same, Charlie: Ginny wouldn't copy anything." Charlie retorts, "I'm telling you: they are the same. If they're not copied, at the very least she's selling stuff to him as well as Lisa; that could be it, I suppose. She's after the quick buck." She then declares, "She's gone too far this time: outright betrayal is something I will not tolerate. As soon as she comes in, I want you to give her her marching orders." Alison tells her, "Don't worry, I'll fix it." Ginny appears in the doorway at Charlie's. Alison looks at her and then tells Charlie, "I have to go. I'll see you later. Bye bye." She hangs up. Ginny walks over to the drinks cabinet and starts packing some things into her bag. Alison asks her what she's doing. Ginny snaps, "I'm going before I'm told to get out." Alison, however, asks, "Who said anything about getting out? You don't honestly think I believe all that rubbish about you selling your designs to Justin Slade? No, I think it's odds-on you've been set up. Now all we have to do is work out a way to prove it..."

A few moments later, Ginny asks, "What makes you so sure I didn't do it?" Alison retorts, "Your ego wouldn't let you copy anything - and once you'd done all that hard work, you wouldn't let anyone else take the glory, no matter how much cash they offered." She then continues, "The first step is to find out who set you up. I could make a few discreet enquiries." Ginny, however, tells her curtly, "Thanks for the offer, but it's my problem and I'll solve it my way." Alison comments, "Just thought you might need some help." Ginny, however, picks up the Yellow Pages and retorts, "I'm going to call the manufacturers." Alison says quickly, "That's not going to do you any good. If you don't mind me saying so, you're going about it entirely the wrong way. You'd have a lot more luck if you forgot the aggro and turned on a bit of charm. I've always found it works wonders." Ginny snaps, "That's you, not me." Alison sighs, "Fair enough." Ginny hesitates and then says, "Um... how would you go about turning on the charm?" Alison starts to say, "I'd have to think about it, but I'd probably--" Ginny, however, interrupts her and says, "No, let me. I'll figure it out." Alison smiles at her and says, "Alright. You figure it out."

A while later, Ginny is pacing up and down the lounge room floor at Charlie's. Alison sighs at her, "If you're going to continue to pace up and down could you at least do it behind this couch - " she indicates the one she's sitting on " - where the carpet's not so worn?" Ginny starts pacing behind the other couch. After a few seconds, she murmurs, "Mmm..." Alison asks her what she's come up with. Ginny, however, replies, "Nothing: I've got something in my shoe." She then snaps, "I know what I'd like to do: kick the world's teeth in." Alison laughs, "Take it from one who's tried: it doesn't work." She goes on, "I learnt a long time ago the more you think about something, the less likely you are to come up with an answer. Why don't you drop it for a while? It'll all fall into place when you least expect it. Why don't you go out and rage for the night?" Ginny smiles, "Now that's an idea!" Alison muses, "It'll also give the carpet time to recover!" She adds, "Go on: go and enjoy yourself." With that, Ginny heads out, leaving Alison looking thoughtful.

Craig is cooking dinner in the kitchen at the country house when Debbie walks in from the hallway. He asks her how she's feeling. She insists, "I'm fine, Craig. One good sleep was all I needed, OK?" She then asks him what he's been up to. Craig replies, "Quite a bit, actually. Sit down and I'll tell you." Debbie, however, suddenly spots a package by the 'phone and asks, "What's this?" She goes and picks it up as Craig explains that Ginny left it for her. Debbie opens it and finds a note inside. She reads, "Dear Debbie, By the time you read this, I'll be back in little old Sydney town. Sorry I had to rush off, but something important came up. Hope you like the 'Get Well' present. See you soon, Ginny." Debbie then takes out a pair of red braces! Handing them to Craig, she laughs, "I think you'd look better in these than I would!"

David is sitting having dinner with Beryl at her living room table. He pours her another glass of wine, commenting as he does so, "You were a little bit uptight there, for a while." Beryl muses, "Yes. Makes me wonder whether I've done the right thing." David, however, assures her, "Of course you have. The last thing young Craig needs is to get mixed up with a no-hoper. Hopefully, you'll scare her off." Beryl sighs, "Hopefully." David adds, "I'll tell you one thing: she'll get plenty from me if she comes round to my place again." Beryl tells him, "I don't want to see her again either. Once is enough, thankyou." David chuckles, "Met your match, did you, love?!" He then smiles, "You haven't changed, Beryl. I know circumstances may have forced you to get tough once in a while, but beneath it all you're still a softy. You know, that's what attracted me to you in the first place." Beryl muses, "Sometimes I think I'm just a bit too soft for my own good. Still, I'm enjoying being out of the rat race. It's nice to be just a plain, ordinary mum again." David tells her, "Don't hit me for saying it, but it's what you've always done best." Beryl laughs, "It's what I've always had the most experience at." David then says, "I was thinking before, when I was playing with young Robert: it's a pity there's no kids in the street his own age that he could play with." Beryl replies, "The same thing's been worrying me. That's why I've enrolled him in the local play centre. He starts tomorrow." David comments, "That's a good idea. I'll give you a lift, if you like." Beryl smiles, "Thankyou. It'll be nice for him to have his mum and dad there on the first day."

Sometime later, David arrives back at the country house. Debbie and Craig are in the kitchen, and Craig looks at David and remarks, "You seem a lot brighter than you were this morning." David explains, "I got the name of a good solicitor from the bloke who lives next door to Beryl. I'll get in touch with him first thing in the morning and get the drum on how to fight the insurance company. Right now, I'm going to watch a bit of TV." He heads off into the lounge room. When he's gone, Debbie asks Craig in concern, "What's all this about insurance companies?" Craig explains, "They aren't going to pay out on David's truck. They reckon he set it up." Debbie cries, "Oh no..." Craig goes on, "A lot of things have been happening today. Guess who turned up earlier? Mum." Debbie stares at him and gasps, "Really?" Craig nods, "Yeah. I wasn't that friendly with her, either. When I thought about it later I felt a bit guilty. She told me where I could find her, so I went down to see her today, but I missed her. I'll try again tomorrow." Debbie, looking worried, sighs, "Why, Craig?" Craig retorts, "Because it's important to me." Debbie tells him, "You know what she's like. You know what you've been through. I think you're crazy." Craig snaps, "I might be, but I can't just give her the thumbs-down without hearing her side of the story." Debbie asks, "What difference will that make?" Craig retorts, "I might understand a bit more." Debbie insists, "I wish you wouldn't. It's a mistake." Craig pauses and then says, "Alright. If you really don't want me to, I won't see her." Debbie looks back at him and then sighs, "No, you just can't do it for my sake. If that's what you feel you have to do, then you'd better do it." Craig gives her a loving hug.

The next morning, Craig and Debbie walk round the corner of a street. There's a woman standing behind a stall ahead of them, but it's not Ruby. Craig comments to Debbie in surprise, "She doesn't seem to be here." He then approaches the woman behind the stall and says, "Excuse me, I'm looking for Ruby Hawkins. This is where she sets up her stall, isn't it?" The woman replies, "It was, yeah." Craig queries, "Was?" The woman tells him, "She's not coming back." Craig retorts, "She told me if I wanted to see her this is where she'd be." The woman just says, "I'm sorry, son." Debbie suggests to Craig, "She's probably just decided to move on somewhere else. You know what she's like: she's not reliable." With that, she walks off. Craig stares at the woman again and asks, "Are you sure she said she wouldn't be back?" The woman tells him, "I'm positive. It was right after her twin gave her heaps. She just packed up and shot through." Craig, looking surprised, asks, "Did you say 'her twin'?" The woman nods, "Yeah." From a few yards away, Debbie calls, "Craig. Come on..." Craig walks over to her, looking furious...

David is standing with Beryl in her kitchen as she finishes dressing Robert. She asks David, "Does he look alright?" David just smiles, "I don't know why you're being so fussy: give him an hour at the centre and he'll be out in the sandpit with the rest of the kids! Stop mollycoddling him." They head into the lounge room as Beryl sighs, "Alright." David tells her, "I know how you're feeling: we've been through it with Kevin and Susan too. He's only going to be away for a few hours." Beryl retorts, "Yes, but the first day's always the hardest." She puts on her coat as David takes Robert and smiles, "I reckon you're going to enjoy this, cobber!" They head out.

Ginny joins Alison in the lounge room at Charlie's and asks, "What's for breakfast?" Alison tells her, "The usual: croissants and coffee. No grapefruit." Ginny groans, "Isn't there any cereal?" Alison retorts, "I think the nearest we've got's a bit of muesli." Ginny pulls a face. Alison then asks her, "How did you go last night? Did you come up with any answers?" Ginny says quickly, "Hundreds - but I don't know which one's going to work best. Um... if those sketches had been yours and you had them stolen, where would you start?" Alison, however, just says, "I have to go out for a while. I won't be long. If you do decide to go out, will you please remember to lock the door?" She stands up before adding, "In answer to your question: if it were me I'd go straight to the top. Justin Slade owns the label. He's the one I'd see." Ginny mutters, "The last thing I want to do is crawl to some balding old businessman." Alison points out curtly, "You asked for my advice." Ginny retorts, "Yeah, well thanks." Alison heads out, leaving Ginny looking thoughtful.

May and Fiona are sitting watching TV in Fiona's room at the mansion. Connie Hogg is on TV, and May is gasping to Fiona, "It's lot of lies. She was a prostitute, and not a very good one at that." On the TV, the presenter says, "Thanks a lot, Connie. Great memories of Sydney in the War years. Connie Hogg's memoirs - The True Story of Lady Constance--" May starts talking over him, growling, "The way she carries on, you'd think butter wouldn't melt in her mouth." Fiona reaches across suddenly and switches the TV off. May gasps, "What did you do that for? I was watching that!" Fiona retorts, "You are going to give yourself a heart attack if you go on like this. Just because the woman you hate most in the world has written a bestselling autobiography--" May interrupts and sighs, "Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't watch it, but I can't help myself." Alison walks in from the hallway suddenly as Fiona tells May, "You're not gong to watch it here." May retorts, "Then I shall go to the recreation room." She storms off. When she's gone, Alison muses to Fiona, "I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with problems." Fiona laughs, "It's just too silly to even mention. Let's just say May won't be told." Alison comments, "I've got someone at home, a third her age, who's exactly the same!" Fiona asks, "Who, Ginny?" Alison nods, "Mmm." She then adds, "Mind you, when I was her age, I think I was a bit like that too: I wouldn't listen." Fiona gives her a look! Alison continues, "So, I'm afraid, like me, she's going to have to learn the hard way - the only difference being when she falls flat on her face I'll be around to pick up the pieces." Fiona smiles, "That's youth for you. With May it's a little bit different - although sometimes I think she is going through her second youth." At that moment, May walks back in and says, "You're quite right, Fiona: I shouldn't get upset by that jumped-up little tramp! I shall go and read some poetry to calm myself down." With that, she heads off to her room. Fiona looks at Alison and suggests, "Let's get down to business." She hands her a sheet of paper.

Craig is sitting on the path outside the front door at Beryl's. He stands up as Beryl approaches. She smiles, "Hello. What are you doing here?" She opens the door as Craig replies, "I've been waiting to see you." They head inside, into the lounge room, and Beryl asks, "What's the problem?" Craig snaps at her, "Thanks for mucking everything up." Beryl asks in surprise, "Sorry?" Craig growls, "You went to see mum, didn't you? Told her to keep away from me." Beryl insists, "Only for your own good." Craig gasps, "You were the one who told me it had to be my decision - so why did you go and stick your nose in?" Beryl sighs, "You're letting your emotions cloud your reason. She did only go to see how much money she could con out of you. She almost admitted it, so don't think motherly love had anything--" Craig interrupts and points out, "Almost admitted it. She didn't, in other words. Right? It's just what you want to believe. You're the one who's biased. You don't like it because she doesn't conform to your idea of proper behaviour. Well, I don't go along with that. I'm going to find her and I'm going to get to know her - and this time, stay out of it, OK?" With that, he storms off, leaving Beryl looking worried.

At the country house, David is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen, saying, "I'll see you at half past four, then." He hangs up and Debbie comments, "Wow! You were lucky to get in so soon." David explains, "They had a cancellation." The back door opens suddenly and Beryl walks in. She says, "I've come to see Craig. Is he around?" David replies, "No. Why?" Beryl explains, "He found out I'd visited Ruby. He was waiting for me when I got back after the play centre. He was furious when he left; I thought he would have come back here." David tells her, "Not yet, no." Beryl insists, "Someone's got to make him see reason. He can't keep turning a blind eye to what Ruby's really like." Debbie, looking puzzled, comments, "I wonder why he didn't tell me any of this. I went with him to find Ruby, but some stallholder just said she'd upped and left." David suggests, "If she's buzzed-off, there's nothing much Craig can do." Beryl points out, "He can speak to Jean: she might know where Ruby is." David, however, tells her, "The kid's probably off somewhere just letting off some steam. I'll straighten him out when he gets home." Beryl warns, "He's a very determined young man, David." David insists, "I can be very determined too, when I have to be. Now, you just go home and stop worrying about it." Beryl sighs, "Alright." David then tells her, "I'm going to the solicitor's now. Do you want a lift or are you happy with the bus?!" They head out together, leaving Debbie looking worried.

Ginny opens the front door at Charlie's to find a suave-looking young man standing there. Ginny is dressed in smart, sober clothes, and she says to the man, "Hello. Are you Justin Slade?" The man nods, "Yes." Ginny tells him, "I'm Mrs. Bartlett's secretary. Come in - we've been expecting you." She lets him in and they head into the lounge room. As they do so, Slade asks, "Have you any idea why Mrs. Bartlett wants to see me?" Ginny, however, replies, "Sorry - she confides me with most things, but this time...; she should be home any minute, though. Can I get you a drink while you're waiting?" Slade smiles, "Thankyou." Ginny asks him what he'd like. He replies, "Scotch and water. No ice." He sits down as Ginny makes up the drink. She then hands it to him and he smiles, "Cheers." He takes a sip from the glass and then coughs slightly, before commenting, "You certainly mix a lethal drink." Ginny asks, "Too strong?" Slade assures her, "Don't worry. I'll manage." Ginny looks at him, a smirk on her face.

Fiona is sitting at the desk in her room at the mansion, adding up some figures, but looking frustrated. May is sitting on the couch and calls over, "Having a few problems, are we?" Fiona sighs, "I can't get the books to balance. They were alright until Alison found a mistake; now I can't get them to add up properly." There's suddenly a knock on the door. Fiona calls, "Come on in." Charlie's voice, however, calls back, "You'll have to open-up." May goes and opens the door and Charlie walks in, her handbag in one hand and a package in the other. Fiona smiles, "What a lovely surprise!" Charlie beams, "Hello, Fiona, darling. I can't stay - I'm on my way home from the airport. I'm just dropping off a present from Beryl." She puts down the package. Fiona insists, "You didn't have to do that." Charlie, however, tells her, "If I'd left it in the house for one minute, I'd have been tempting fate!" Fiona asks in surprise, "Why? What is it?" Charlie replies, "Beryl's home-made jam! I have enough trouble keeping slim as it is." With that, she walks back to the door, explaining, "Alison's waiting in the car." She trills, "Bye!" and heads back out.

At Charlie's, Justin Slade stands up, hands Ginny his glass and suggests, "Maybe we should just forget about this appointment and I'll come back when Mrs. Bartlett's here?" Ginny replies quickly, "She said she wouldn't be long. Let me freshen up your drink." Slade nods, "Just one more." As Ginny pours the drink, she says casually, "I suppose you're like us, at the moment: up to your ears, getting the new summer range out?" Slade, however, replies, "We're almost finished. We'll be starting to think about winter in the next few weeks." Ginny asks, "What look's going to be the 'in thing' next season?" Slade, though, suggests, "I think you should be asking Mrs. Bartlett that." He then sighs, "Look, I'd really better go. Get her to ring me at the office to fix another time." At that moment, though, the front door opens and Charlie's voice calls, "Isabella!" She walks into the lounge room and, finding Ginny standing there, snaps, "What are you doing?" Slade comments to Charlie, "Took your time, didn't you?" Charlie ignores him and growls at Ginny, "How dare you entertain that man in my house - and in my clothes, too." Ginny protests, "I can explain." Slade asks Charlie, "Didn't you want to see me about something?" Charlie retorts, "No." She then tells Ginny, "Don't try and bluff your way out of it - I can see what's been going on: you two have been working together." Ginny growls, "We have not." Slade asks Ginny, "What's she carrying on about?" Charlie snaps, "It's no use arguing, Ginny. I caught you, red-handed." Alison walks in, suddenly, a smile on her face, and Slade stares at her in surprise. He walks over to her and says quietly, "G'day. Long time. Maybe we can get together for a drink when things aren't quite so heated?" Alison smiles, "I'm sure we can. Slade adds, "It's time I left." With that, he heads off. Charlie is still ranting at Ginny, "You may have pulled the wool over my eyes before, but you've come to the end of the line, Miss. Doyle, so take my clothes off, pack your bags and go." Ginny stares at her and then marches out towards the hallway. As she does so, Alison says suddenly to Charlie, "If she goes, I go as well." Charlie stares at her in surprise.


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