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    Written by: Colin Tregenza   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Susan, looking horrified, cries, "Oh God..." Caroline takes the letter from Wayne and asks him, "Who hates you that much?" Susan suggests, "We should call the police." Wayne, however, says quickly, "I don't think it's that serious. I think I know who it is and he's just a kid: one of the toughs down the road... I bawled him out for sitting on my car yesterday." With that, he screws up and piece of paper and adds, "Let's just forget him. Have dinner." Caroline stands behind the bar, looking thoughtful.

Fiona is standing with Ginny in May's room at the mansion. Ginny has a book on top of her head and she's doing some deep-breathing exercises. She breaks off eventually, though, and mutters to Fiona, "Pretty dumb exercise, isn't it? I bet Susan never had to learn to talk like a snob." Fiona comments, "Susan's hardly a snob." May walks back in at that moment and Ginny tells her quickly, "I did my breathing exercises!" Fiona adds, "And they are most impressive!" With that, she leaves them to it. Ginny then says to May, "May, you've got to pick me up whenever I say the wrong things. Anything that's wrong, OK? I want to speak real good like you and Susan." May sighs, "Really well." Ginny queries, "What?" May tells her, "You should say 'I want to speak really well', not 'real good'." Ginny tries it, saying in a plummy voice, "I want to speak really well." She then turns back to May and demands, "OK, what's next?" May rolls her eyes!

At the dinner table at Dural, Caroline is asking Wayne, "How much did he take?" Wayne replies, "Quite a bit. I suppose he couldn't stop himself." Susan chips in curtly, "Wayne helped to Andy get back on his feet... gave him a job... responsibility..." Wayne adds, "He was almost like a brother." Caroline says, "I know he's not an angel, but it does seem slightly out of character." Wayne insists, "I did try and give him a second chance." Caroline murmurs sourly, "Very generous of you..." Wayne then turns to Susan and explains, "That's where I was this afternoon: he's living in the old bus Ginny used to have." Susan asks, "Didn't he want to come back?" Wayne replies, "I don't think so. I walked in, and before I could say a word he came rushing at me screaming he was going to bash my skull in." Susan gasps, "That's terrible." Wayne muses, "I didn't stay. After all, there is a limit to forgiveness." Susan mutters, "I don't know what's got into him." Wayne says quickly, "It's him I feel sorry for: if he flies off the handle with someone who decides to fight back, it's him that's going to end up in hospital." Susan stands up and heads out to the kitchen with a tray of dirty dishes. When she's gone, Caroline comments to Wayne, "First Andy, then a death threat... it's been a pretty rough day." Wayne mutters, "The death threat wasn't anything." Caroline, however, insists, "You don't have to lie in front of me, Wayne. You only said it was a kid's prank to stop Susan worrying, didn't you?" Wayne admits, "Yes - but thankyou for not saying anything." Caroline asks, "Who do you think did it?" Wayne replies, "Andy. Who else?" Caroline says quickly, "Surely it's got to be Alison?; I mean she's got a far better motive and she has the temperament--" Wayne interrupts her, though, and says, "No, she wouldn't risk another brush with the boys in blue. No, it has to be Andy." At that moment, Susan comes back in and offers coffee. Wayne tells her to go ahead, as he's got a couple of calls to make. Caroline adds quickly, "Actually, I should be saying goodnight too. I do have to get up at the crack of dawn." She stands up and walks out to the hallway. Susan gives her a hug and she then makes a quick exit, saying, "Goodnight. Thanks again." Susan closes the door behind her. Wayne goes to head into the study. Susan, however, pleads, "Don't go. We've got some time to ourselves..." Wayne insists, "I really should--" Susan, however, interrupts and tells him, "I just want to be with you." With that, she starts kissing him passionately...

Fiona rejoins Ginny and May in May's room at the mansion. Fiona comments to Ginny that she looks washed-out! Ginny sighs, "I'm knackered." May snaps, "Ginny!" Ginny corrects quickly, "Tired. Sorry." May tells her, "Exhausted." Ginny sighs and then stands up and heads out. When she's gone, May remarks, "Ginny's attitude has certainly improved. I suppose that's Alison's influence." Fiona, though, muses, "I would think it's got more to do with Glen: she wants to be like Susan." May remarks, "Whatever the reason is, it's certainly a change for the better." Fiona, looking doubtful, just murmurs, "Possibly..."

Susan and Wayne are sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, still kissing passionately. Susan smiles, "I'm so glad I married you..." Wayne smiles back, "If this is the effect of a death threat, I think I'll arrange for one every day!" Susan, however, tells him, "Don't joke about it. What if it wasn't a kid?" Wayne, though, insists, "Of course it was. Who else could it have been?" Susan sighs, "You've got to be sick to send one of those things." Wayne tells her not to worry about it. Susan, though, says, "It made me see how I'd feel if anything ever happened to you." They kiss again. Susan then says, "We will be happy together, won't we?" Wayne assures her, "Of course we will." They kiss some more. Susan then comments, "You must have wanted to smother me when I started talking about Glen in my sleep." Wayne, however, smiles, "I love you. Why would I want to smother you?" Susan suggests, "Because I'm stupid?!" Wayne tells her, "I think you're sexy!" He then tries to take things further, but Susan reminds him suddenly, "Don't you think you should make those calls?" Wayne sighs, "Thanks for reminding me." He pulls himself away and goes and heads out to the study. When he's gone, the smile on Susan's face disappears and is replaced by a look of worry.

The front door to Gordon's room at Seabreeze Towers opens and Andy and Caroline step inside. Caroline looks around and comments, "Definite improvement on the bus. How did you come by the key?" Andy explains hesitantly, "Um... Gordon gave it to Wayne, hoping that he could sub-let the place; luckily, he didn't get around to it - and Wayne gave me a copy because I was his right-hand man..." Caroline comments, "I'm sure you're safe, at least." Andy replies, "I hope so. Thankyou for the tip-off." Caroline offers him some coffee, which he accepts. He then goes and draws the curtains. Caroline sighs, "He's not going to shoot you. All you've got to do is lay low for a couple of days. Once Wayne sees that you're not going to follow-up with the death threat, he's going to forget all about you." Andy mutters, "What if there are more threats? Somebody is out there doing it. What if they do knock him off? Guess who'll cop it then?" Caroline listens and then tells him, "I'll get you some supplies tomorrow. You can't risk showing your face outside that door." Andy murmurs, "You're right." He then asks, "Why are you doing this? Fiona must have painted a pretty dark picture of me." Caroline nods, "She did - but it was obvious from what Wayne said over dinner that you've thrown-in over this double-dealing business - and I didn't think it was fair that you were picked as a scapegoat over that death threat." Looking concerned, Andy murmurs, "I'm lucky you went to that dinner." Caroline tells him, "I must be your guardian angel..." Andy nods, "I reckon." He then goes on grimly, "If I do get out of this, I'm going to try and show Fiona I am on the level - even if I am in a wheelchair..."

The next morning, Wayne is sitting in his car, which is parked at the side of a road. A heavy walks over to him and climbs into the passenger seat. Wayne asks him, "Well?" The man replies, "Shot through. All his gear's gone." Wayne snaps, "Damn." The heavy suggests, "Maybe he's hiding at his girlfriend's place?" Wayne retorts, "He hasn't got a girlfriend." He then appears to have a thought, though, and he picks up his carphone, saying as he does so, "Wait a minute..."

The 'phone rings at the country house. Debbie answers it in the kitchen. She listens and then says, "Hi... Andy? No, I haven't seen him since Noosa. Why? What's up?" Wayne tells her, "Unfortunately, there's been a bit of a misunderstanding. I'd like to help him but I don't know where he is. Could you call me if he tries to contact you?" He listens and then says, "Thanks. Oh, and don't tell Andy about it, OK? You know how proud he is: if he thinks I'm trying to help, he'll probably get back on his soapbox again." In Sunbury, Debbie comments, "I hope he's alright." In his car in Sydney, Wayne replies, "So do I, Deb. So do I..." With that, he hangs up, looking pleased with himself.

There's a knock on the front door at Dural. Susan goes and answers it to find Ginny standing on the step. She heads inside and says brightly to Susan, "Good morning! I thought seeing as we're neighbours now, we should get to know each other." Susan replies hesitantly, "Yes, of course - but you've caught me at an awkward moment: I'm just about to go out. How about some other time?" Ginny says quickly, "How about I come with you?" Susan, though, sighs, "Ginny... please." Ginny retorts, "Unless it's business or something." Susan says curtly, "Look, Ginny, I'm going to the mansion and I'll probably be away for quite some time." Ginny just smiles, "The mansion? Great! I know everyone there. Who are you seeing?" Susan, looking uncomfortable, replies quickly, "Fiona." With that, she heads towards the front door. Ginny follows her.

Glen is sitting at the table in Fiona's room at the mansion, trying to fix her vacuum cleaner. Fiona is standing watching him. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Caroline walks in. Fiona asks her if she's finished work for the day. Caroline replies, "Not quite. I'm not called again until ten o'clock, though. I just popped back to ask a favour." Fiona tells her, "Fire away." They sit down. Caroline then says, "You've heard about Andy, haven't you? Wayne fired him." Fiona replies, "Susan told me he'd been caught with his fingers in the till." Caroline comments, "You don't take that seriously, do you?" Fiona mutters, "It wouldn't surprise me." Caroline asks, "Isn't it obvious that Wayne fired him because he couldn't get Maria's tape and he had to make up some story for Susan?" Fiona shrugs, "I suppose it could be." She then asks, "What's the favour got to do in all this?" Caroline explains, "I could tell from the way that Wayne was talking that Andy was pretty sick of working for him, anyway..." Fiona comments sourly, "That's telling a lot..." Caroline sighs and goes on, "He needs all his old friends, Fiona. At the sound of things at the moment, he's got absolutely nothing. I don't think he'll get through this on his own. Can't you please give him another chance?" Fiona, however, shakes her head and says, "I'd like to, but--" Glen chips in and asks, "Why don't we wait and see if he's genuine first?" Caroline retorts, "By then it could be too late." Glen points out, "If Fiona mollycoddles him all the time, he won't make it anyway. He's got to get himself together first. Let's give him a couple of months and see if he's really prepared to make an effort, then sure, give him all the help you want." Caroline cries, "Supposing something happens to him in the meantime? I'm going to hold myself responsible." Fiona asks in surprise, "Why, for heaven's sakes?" Caroline replies hesitantly, "I... I.. can sympathise with him being down on his luck. I made a sort of promise to myself to help him out. I don't seem to be doing a very good job, do I?" Fiona just tells her, "I do think Glen is right, Caroline." Caroline, looking annoyed, stands up and, glaring at Glen, mutters, "It's a tough world, isn't it?" With that, she storms out, leaving Fiona looking thoughtful. Glen stands up as well and goes to get a cloth.

Outside, Susan and Ginny are approaching the front door. Susan, looking annoyed, pleads, "Please, leave me alone. I want to go and visit Fiona by myself." With that, she marches off inside, passing May on the way. May looks over at Ginny and remarks, "She seems in a bit of a hurry." Ginny just mutters, "What does Glen see in her? All I can see is a bad-tempered snob."

Inside, Susan marches into Fiona's room and demands of Fiona, "Where's Glen?" At that moment, Glen emerges from the kitchen. Susan glares at him and then snaps, "Just what are you trying to prove by sending that to Wayne?" She hands over the piece of paper containing the death threat, going on as she does so, "I suppose it gave you some juvenile sense of satisfaction, did it?" Glen, looking puzzled, replies calmly, "I didn't send it." Ginny walks into the room as Susan snaps at Glen, "I saw you when I told Fiona how happy I was with Wayne. You couldn't take it, could you?" She then goes on curtly, "I don't know what you hoped to achieve, Glen, I really don't. If it was fear... tough: Wayne wasn't scared and neither was I. Just angry." Ginny chips in suddenly and snaps at Susan, "Pretty sure of yourself, aren't you? Who do you think you're kidding, poncing around in your ritzy clothes? Leave him alone, you stuck-up tart." Susan listens and then turns and looks at Glen and growls, "I think you're found your perfect match: a spoilt brat." Hearing this, Ginny tries to lash out at her. Fiona restrains her, though. Glen then tells Susan, "You've got it all wrong. I didn't send Wayne anything." Susan just retorts, "I don't know what I ever saw in you. If you ever threaten my husband again, the police will know about it." With that, she storms out. Ginny walks over to the furious-looking Glen and tells him, "Forget her. You can see what she's like." Glen, however, snaps back at her furiously, "What the hell would you know? It was none of your business." He storms out of the room.

Debbie is lying on the couch in the lounge room at the country house. The 'phone rings suddenly and she answers it. She listens and then smiles, "Hey! It's good to hear from you!" At the other end, in the room at Seabreeze Towers, Andy tells her, "I thought it was time to say 'hi'. How's things?" Debbie replies, "Alright! How about you? Are you keeping busy?" Andy tells her quickly, "Actually, I'm taking it easy at the moment: work pressure's off, so I'm doing a bit of reading... watching TV... that sort of stuff." Debbie remarks, "It sounds like you're still on holidays! You're not calling from Noosa, are you?" She picks up a pad and pen lying on the coffee table as Andy replies, "No - but I've got a great view of the harbour... Seabreeze Towers. Sounds like a resort, doesn't it?!" He adds, "It's an apartment, actually - belongs to Gordon Hamilton." Debbie, writing this down, asks, "How come you're staying there?" Andy, though, replies sharply, "Never mind. It's a long story." He then insists, "I'm fine. Honestly... I'll catch you around, OK?" Debbie tells him, "I'm glad you called."

Susan arrives back at Dural, looking upset. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and she goes to answer it in the hallway. She listens and then says, "Hello, Debbie..." She listens again and says, "Yes, OK. I'll let Wayne know as soon as he gets in... You too... Bye..." She hangs up, still looking worried.

At the mansion, Glen walks downstairs to the hallway, sighing heavily, as Fiona and Ginny emerge from Fiona's room. Ginny tells Glen quickly, "I'm really sorry. I mucked it up, didn't I?" Fiona walks off as Glen sighs, "That's OK. I guess you don't know the whole story - but you've got the wrong impression of Susan: she wasn't herself. I've never seen her that upset." Ginny demands, "Then why bother being nice to me? I can never be like Susan, you know, no matter how hard I try." Glen, looking surprised, insists, "Ginny, I'm not just being nice to you; I like you. And that means you, not some imitation of Susan." Ginny snaps, "What's there to like about me?" Glen tells her, "You stand on you own two feet. You want to achieve something, and I admire that. And you've got a great sense of humour - you're fun to be with. And I'd better stop or you're going to get a swollen head!" Ginny gives him a grateful hug. Fiona rejoins them and Ginny says quickly, "Hey, Fiona! Guess what?! Glen's going to shout me to dinner!" Glen, looking astonished, asks, "I am?" Ginny retorts, "Why not?" Glen shrugs, "Why not?!"

Andy is sitting reading a newspaper in the room at Seabreeze Towers. After a few seconds, though, he stands up, sighs heavily and wanders into the kitchen area. All-of-a-sudden, he hears a key being placed into the lock of the front door. He goes and dashes quickly into the bedroom. The front door opens and Wayne steps inside. The heavy he was with earlier follows him and, looking around, comments, "Nice little pad. What do you use it for?" Wayne retorts, "Meeting people I can't take the risk of being seen with." The man remarks, "Sheilas, huh?" Wayne, though, retorts, "No. Blokes like you, mostly." He then reaches into a cabinet leaning against the wall and takes out some papers. Looking through them, he removes a photo of Andy, hands it to the heavy and then says, "This is the guy: I want you to find him and work him over." The heavy asks, "Any ideas where he hangs out?" Wayne replies, "No. Could be anywhere. But he's broke, so he's probably crawled into some sleazy boarding house." The heavy tells Wayne, "I'll find him, but it might take time." Wayne growls, "Two days." The heavy retorts, "Weeks." Wayne snaps, "Days. If you need help, just ask me. I'll pay for extra manpower - but not for tardiness. I want this guy nailed within two days." The heavy puts the photo of Andy inside his jacket pocket and mutters, "OK. Fair enough." Wayne then suggests, "Let's get out of here. I want results." They go. After a few seconds, Andy emerges from the bedroom, looking terrified.

A short time later, Andy is dialling a number on the telephone. Glen answers it at the mansion and Andy asks, "Is Caroline there?" Glen retorts, "No, she's out." Andy asks, "Is that you, Glen?" Glen snaps back, "Yes, Andy, it's Glen. Nice talking to you." He goes to hang up. Andy, though, says quickly, "Wait. You there?" He pauses and then goes on, "Look, I know you don't think much of me and I can't really blame you, but I've got to talk to Caroline; you've got to get a message to her. Wayne's been here with his thug and they nearly got me. I've got to get out of here." Glen asks in surprise, "Why is Wayne after you? He's just sacked you, hasn't he?" He listens and then mutters, "Oh. Yeah. Susan thinks I did it." He listens again and asks, "Where does Caroline fit into all this, though?" He listens and murmurs, "I see." At Seabreeze Towers, Andy says fearfully down the 'phone, "I've got no money and nowhere to go. You've got to help me." There's silence. At the mansion, Glen sighs heavily.

Wayne is talking on a 'phone in an engine room. Susan is on the other end, sitting with some colour charts at the living room table at Dural. Wayne says to her, "Hello, darling. Any messages?" Susan tells him, "Debbie: she rang - and she said that Andrew's at the Seabreeze Towers." Looking astonished, Wayne asks, "Are you sure?" Susan replies, "That's what she said." She then checks in concern, "You're not going to see him again, are you?" Wayne tells her hesitantly, "Er, yes. I thought I'd give him another chance... Yes, I know I'm just a softy!" He then hangs up, looking pleased with himself...

A short time later, Wayne and the heavy burst into the room at Seabreeze Towers. A look of astonishment crosses Wayne's face as he finds Glen sitting in one of the armchairs, waiting for him. Glen smiles, "'Fraid you're a bit late, boys. He's just moved on." Wayne demands, "Where is he?" Glen just tells him, "You've got your lines crossed, Wayne: Andy didn't send that death threat." Wayne mutters, "Really? Why did he disappear, then?" Glen replies, "Because he was scared you might jump to conclusions and try to beat him up - which seems to be a pretty good assessment, doesn't it?" Wayne snaps, "Why would you bother to help him? He's hardly been your best mate lately, has he?" Glen admits, "No - but I know he's pretty upset at having to work for you. And I couldn't sit back and let him get beaten-up for something he didn't do, could I?" Wayne glances at his heavy and remarks of Glen, "This man is a saint..." The heavy takes a step forward. Wayne, though, puts out his arm to hold him back. He then says to Glen, "Maybe you do know who sent that death threat. Wasn't you, was it?" Glen just sits there and doesn't respond. Wayne smiles nastily, "Yes... it has to be. It all fits together now." Glen stands up suddenly and says calmly, "If I ever did want to get you, Wayne, I wouldn't hide behind some anonymous note. I'd just go right ahead and do it." The heavy warns Wayne, "You don't have to take this, you know?" Wayne nods, "You're right - and I don't think I will, either." The heavy takes another step forward. Glen, though, asks Wayne quickly, "What'll Fiona think?" Wayne, looking suddenly annoyed, puts an arm in front of the heavy and sighs, "Wait. Don't touch him." The heavy asks in surprise, "Why not?" Glen retorts, "Because Maria's warned him not to." The heavy demands, "What's he on about?" Wayne just mutters, "Forget it." Glen tells Wayne gleefully, "You know, if someone was out to get you, Wayne - and frankly, it wouldn't surprise me - I'd sure hate to be in your shoes, not knowing who it is or when they'll hit..." Wayne stands there, looking worried.


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