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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Caroline has turned up at the mansion, and as Fiona escorts her into her room, she asks her when she got in. Caroline explains that she came straight from the airport: the art director on the portfolio she's doing sent her to Sydney. Fiona invites her to stay for lunch. Caroline accepts. Fiona then tells her, "Actually, today is a good time to be here because lunch is to be a feast of celebration!" Caroline smiles, "I had noticed a certain optimistic air!" Fiona laughs, "That's putting it mildly: Maria's tape is right back where it ought to be!" Caroline gasps, "You don't..." Fiona smiles, "I do - and Wayne knows I do. And this time it is securely locked away where no one can touch it but little old me. So David can breathe easy. So can we." Caroline beams, "Congratulations."

At Dural, Wayne emerges from the study to find Susan sitting on the stairs with a photo album and a pair of scissors. He asks her what she's doing. She tells him, "It might seem melodramatic, but I mean it: I don't want anything around that reminds me of the man." With that, she picks up a photo of Glen and cuts it in half." Wayne then tells her, "David can take his time paying off the truck." Susan murmurs, "Thankyou." Wayne goes on, "I trust this means I won't be subject to trial-by-hearsay anymore?" Susan nods at him. Wayne insists, "That's all it really was, Susie; no one can prove otherwise." Susan murmurs, "I know." The front door suddenly bursts open and Andy walks in. Seeing Wayne and Susan sitting on the stairs, he smiles, "Welcome home!" Wayne, standing up, storms over to him and, giving him a shove towards the lounge room, orders, "You just get in there." Susan stares at him and then walks upstairs. In the lounge room, Andy is standing by the bar when Wayne walks in and comments sourly, "You've had a great time over the last couple of weeks, haven't you?" Andy removes a small bottle of scotch from his briefcase and then says, "I'll be frank with you, mate: I haven't got the tape." Wayne retorts, "I know." He then goes on, "Seems this damn tape's been a bit of a hot potato, hasn't it? Just out of interest, did you ever have it?" They sit down and Andy replies, "Oh yeah - Owen took it by accident. Then Ginny got hold of it... but don't worry: she ended up with nothing in the long run." Wayne, however, retorts, "Oh, I don't think she's done too badly: she's moved in with Charlie and Alison now. Seems you're the only one who hasn't got anything out of this. Now what are we going to do about that, hmm?" Andy stares at him, looking suddenly worried. Wayne goes on tersely, "What am I going to do with a young exec who holds me to ransom and then tells me I can keep my money because he's lost the goods?" Andy, however, snaps, "Cut the speeches, OK? There's no point - and don't bother sacking me because I've just quit." He goes to stand up. Wayne, though, pushes him back down onto the couch and says calmly but nastily, "Sack you? Andy... I don't want to sack you... what sort of guy do you think I am? I just want everyone to think I've sacked you - because I'm a forgiving sort of guy... and I think we can still work together. And I know if I kicked you out now you'd be broke and you wouldn't have anyone to turn to." Andy growls, "Just tell me what I'm supposed to do first. Being broke might be preferable." Wayne smiles, "I'm sure if you were to turn up in Melbourne, down-and-out, full of repentance, Craig and Debbie could persuade David to take you in - and of course, while you were there, you'd be able to--" Andy interrupts and concludes, "I'd be able to feed back information. A spy in the enemy camps, eh?" Wayne smiles, "Exactly." He then tells Andy, "The only reason I know you didn't have the tape is because I know who does." Andy asks in surprise, "Who?" Wayne replies, "Fiona. She thinks she can use it to keep me in line, but with you down there I can sink David Palmer and still look completely innocent." Andy, however, snaps, "Forget it. I'm sick of the games... I'm sick of the petty little plans... and most of it, I'm sick of you." He stands up and goes to storm out of the room. Wayne calls after him, "What are you without me, though, eh? No one here trusts you an inch, not even Fiona. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go?" Andy shrugs curtly, "I don't know, but I won't be back here. That's for sure." With that, he marches out. When he's gone, Wayne sneers to himself, "Oh, you'll be back..."

A while later, Andy pulls up in his car outside Ginny's bus. He climbs out and walks over to the vehicle. He heads inside and discovers the state it's in following its trashing. He kicks some of the stuff on the floor around and sets a chair upright. He then sits down on it, looking tired and worried.

In the kitchen at Woombai, Owen is talking to Gordon about the Reserve. After he's finished listening, Gordon tells Owen that he's got the job! Janice and Charlie walk in and overhear, and Owen turns and gasps to Janice in shock, "I've got the job!" Janice smiles, "Congratulations!" Owen then tells her, "You can give up casual teaching now; we'll move up here as soon as we can." Gordon chips in, "There's a charming little cottage for sale on the next property." Janice, though, her face dropping suddenly, murmurs in concern, "Hold on a minute." Owen insists, "Strike while the iron's hot, that's what I say, Janice. The sooner we move up here, the sooner you can knuckle down and start fixing the place up." Janice, looking aghast, exclaims, "Me?!" Owen nods, "I'll be too busy setting up the Reserve." Looking suddenly uncomfortable, Gordon and Charlie make their excuses and head out to take Isabella for a walk. When they've gone, Janice snaps at Owen, "I'm not going to be the sort of wife who waits for orders and then does what she's told. What's wrong with a bit of discussion first?" Owen insists, "I'm just trying to get us organised, that's all." Janice retorts, "Exactly: you're organising us. I won't be dictated to, Owen. I don't care what you do in your silly Reserve, but if we're talking about me leaving work, I expect to have a pretty big say in when I'll do so, so if you can't see the difference between working together and being stood over, we'd better rethink the whole engagement." Owen glares at her and snaps, "If you're going to over-react and lay down the law every time I open my mouth, maybe we should." With that, he storms out.

Wayne is sitting on the couch at Dural, grinning suspiciously, "I don't believe this, you know?" He looks across at Caroline, sitting on the other couch, who asks, "Believe what?" Wayne tells her, "I don't believe you could spend how many weeks it was in jail, then stay with David, who hates my guts, then come up here and stay with Fiona who also hates my guts, sit down, look me in the eye and tell me you want to be friends. It doesn't make sense." Caroline muses, "Well... I do. Fiona and David both think that I'm stupid, but as far as I'm concerned, if they want to pick fights that's their business. Me: I've had enough to last me a lifetime." Wayne just shrugs. Caroline then goes on, "I've had plenty of time to think things over in jail. 'Who was to blame?' That was always the question. 'Why was I there?'" She continues, "There are chaplains in prison. The one we had was quite remarkable: old... frail... but gentle. And fearless. I remember thinking it was an odd mixture." Wayne mutters, "Don't tell me you're born again?" Caroline retorts, "I'm trying to be serious." She then goes on, "We spent hours talking one afternoon - and eventually she convinced me that the only one I could blame was really me. I'd lost control because I was enraged - and I was enraged because I had a sort of vendetta philosophy: if anyone hurt me, I'd hurt them. It was a weakness in me. And it's something I'm going to fix. Convinced?" Wayne just remarks, "Seems like jail was quite an experience..." Caroline asserts, "Yes... yes, it was." Susan walks in suddenly. Caroline stands up and Susan runs over and hugs her, crying, "How are you?! Why didn't you call?" Caroline smiles, "I knew you were in Noosa. Who knows what I might have interrupted?!" The two of them sit down and Susan asks Caroline if Wayne has been looking after her. Caroline beams, "Susan, your husband is one of a kind. Just one of a kind..."

Gordon is sitting in the kitchen at Woombai, looking concerned. He asks, "Missing?" Charlie is with him and she cries, "I can't find her anywhere." Janice, also sitting at the table, insists that she'll come home when she's hungry. Charlie, however, sighs, "Isabella isn't used to it here." Gordon tells her to relax and he'll have a look around. With that, he stands up and heads out. As he does so, he bumps into Owen, who's in the lounge room. Owen says quickly, "Mr. Hamilton, I wonder if we can have a word?" Gordon asks, "What about?" Owen tells him, "It's rather sensitive, actually. It's about Janice."

In the kitchen, Janice is sitting polishing the silver. Charlie sits down with her and, picking up a spoon, comments, "Very nice." Janice explains, "They were Grandma Hamilton's. They've been part of the house for decades." A look of upset then crosses her face and she announces, "I don't want to marry him, Charlie."

Out in the lounge room, Gordon is saying to Owen, "Then don't." Owen points out, "But she's done so much for me. I still feel very close to her... and I don't even know why I want to break it off. I guess what first attracted me to her was her strength - she's a lot like mother - but now all we do is snap at each other. I don't think she's the right girl for me."

In the kitchen, Charlie is saying, "I'm sure he isn't. I'm glad you've finally realised it." Janice murmurs gloomily, "I'm not getting any younger, though. Little me, Plain Jane Janice... only two men have ever given me a second glance: one of them left me and I'm about to leave the other. What if it's my last chance? I just couldn't stand ending up an old maid, Charlie." Charlie, however, insists, "You won't. Just look at it sensibly for a while: what you want is what we all want - even me, incidentally. We all want someone to love and share our life with. I'm looking... you're looking... I think Gordon's looking... in fact, I'd say probably half the world is looking. But it's no use pretending if you haven't found it. It just won't work. It might hurt to say 'no' now, but divorce hurts a whole lot more and goes on for a lot longer. Believe me.

In the lounge room, Owen asks, "How do I tell her?" Gordon replies, "You tell her now. Kindly and honestly." With that, he stands up and heads out. Owen stands up as well, looking worried.

In the kitchen, Janice smiles weakly at Charlie and, giving her a gentle kiss, murmurs, "Thankyou." She then goes to head out into the lounge room - just as Owen goes to head into the kitchen. They stop in their tracks as they bump into each other. Owen says eventually, "I was wondering if we could just talk for a moment." Janice tells him, "Yes, fine. I'd just like to say something first." Owen replies, "Yes, well, let's just talk first, please. Please, just sit down?" Janice retorts, "I don't want to sit down." Owen insists, "Janice, just sit, please--" Janice interrupts and snaps, "I'm not going to sit anywhere 'til you shut up and listen to me." Owen retorts, "You're not making this any easier for me." Janice, however, yells, "Just belt up and let me say something." Owen, looking astonished, ceases talking. Janice then tells him curtly, "I want to call off our engagement. Sorry. I meant to break this far more gently. The last thing I want is to hurt you, but the more I've thought about it--" Owen interrupts suddenly and says, "Yeah. I agree." Janice stares at him and murmurs, "Do you?" Owen nods, "Absolutely. That's what I was going to say to you." Looking surprised, Janice comments, "We'll still stay friends, won't we?" Owen smiles weakly, "Who else am I going to argue with?!"

At Dural, Susan is sitting in the lounge room, looking at a magazine, when Wayne walks in and asks if Caroline has gone. Susan replies, "She's coming back for dinner. I didn't think you'd mind." Wayne assures her, "Fine by me." He then asks if they're inviting anyone else. Susan tells him, "I was thinking of asking Andy - if I can find him. Where did he go? Do you know?" Wayne, putting on an expression of meekness, replies, "I had to fire him, Suse. He's moved out. He had his fingers in the till the whole time we were away - except when he was up there with us, of course, and then he just put everything on the Hamilton Industries bill. He knew I'd find out when I got back; that's why he was such a wreck this morning. He was making the most of his last few hours with the company credit card." Looking shocked, Susan gasps, "Oh God..." Wayne goes on, "Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I take him in... give him a job... and he robs me. That's gratitude for you..."

Caroline is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion, growling, "Thank goodness he stayed in his study when I left: I couldn't have stood a goodbye kiss." Fiona comments, "It you will insist on visiting them..." Caroline sits there, looking glum. Fiona then sighs, "What's wrong, kiddo?" Caroline just shakes her head. Fiona tells her, "A kiss from Wayne wouldn't exactly thrill me, either, but it would certainly be preferable to dying." Caroline murmurs, "It's not just Wayne, but he'd be one of the worst." Fiona asks in surprise, "Why?" Caroline looks at her and then says softly, "Don't tell anyone, please. I was, er, attacked in jail. Raped." A look of horror crosses Fiona's face. Caroline continues sadly, "One of the warders took a fancy to me... started giving me special privileges. I was scared in there, Fiona, and he was my friend; my only friend. And because I was scared, I didn't realise that he wanted me in return. Stupid, wasn't I?" Fiona shakes her head sympathetically and murmurs, "No." Caroline goes on, "Afterwards, I couldn't do anything. His record was spotless. There weren't any witnesses, of course. Complaining would've finished any chance I had of getting out early." Fiona asks gently, "There wasn't anything you could do?" Caroline murmurs, "All I could do was sit in my cell and think: 'who was to blame?' That's what I used to think." Fiona insists, "You were in there because of an accident; nobody could say that you--" Caroline interrupts, though, and growls, "I was in there because Wayne and Alison used me as a pawn in their private little war - and if there's any justice in this world, one of these days they are going to suffer too..."

Charlie is blow-drying Isabella's fur in the lounge room at Woombai, chastising as she does so, "You are a naughty girl. Mummy is not amused. She did not bring you up to go rolling around in the mud." Gordon, sitting with her, tells her, "She just wanted to play with the other dogs!" He then changes the subject and comments, "I'll have to ring Fiona tonight - tell her about Janice and Owen." Charlie smiles, "She'll be thrilled!" Gordon goes on, "He's moving out tonight; did I tell you? There's a log cabin just outside the Reserve: it's a bit small for two, but cosy enough for one. I thought he might use it as his headquarters." He then remarks that he should think about lighting the fire soon. Charlie offers him a hand bringing in the wood. Gordon thanks her. He then looks at her and comments, "It's nice having you here - I haven't been this at ease for months, really." Charlie sits there, looking happy. She and Gordon then stand up and go to head outside.

Andy is sitting in Ginny's old bus, eating from a tin of cold baked beans, when Wayne walks in suddenly, a sneer on his face. Andy demands, "What do you want?" Wayne smiles, "I guessed you'd come here." Andy retorts, "I don't know what you want; I haven't got anything else of yours. Why don't you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. Fair enough?" Wayne, however, asks tersely, "How long's your money going to last? You can't eat principles, mate, and no one else is going to give you a feed. The whole world thinks you're the pits at the moment. Your only real chance of sleeping in a real bed and eating real food again is with me." Andy growls, "Just nick off, alright?" Wayne goes on, "Debbie will be there, too. Now that's worth a thought, isn't it?" Andy leaps up from his seat suddenly and goes and grabs the lapels of Wayne's jacket. He snarls, "Get out. Just get out. I have had enough. I can't be bought anymore. I've learnt my lesson and I'll put up with what's coming to me. Now, you step one foot in here and I'll take you apart. Out." With that, he gives Wayne a shove towards the door. Wayne makes a hasty exit. Andy goes and sits down again, looking worried.

It's nighttime, and Susan escorts Caroline into the lounge room at Dural, commenting as she does so, "I hope you're not expecting anything grand!" She then offers Caroline a drink. Caroline asks for a scotch and soda. As Susan goes to the bar to make it, Caroline asks where Wayne is. Susan replies, "He's in the study. Actually, he's just got home. He's been on the go all day; he had a meeting with someone or other. He hasn't even opened his mail." She indicates a pile of envelopes on the bar. She then realises that they're out of ice, and she heads off to the kitchen to get some. When she's gone, Caroline reaches into her handbag, takes out an envelope and goes and places it with the other items of post on the bar. She then moves to stand behind the bar. Wayne walks in suddenly and Caroline tells him quickly that Susan's gone to get some more ice. She then asks warmly, "Busy day?" Wayne nods, "Yes - very energetic, for not much result." He starts opening the mail on the bar. He picks up the letter that Caroline placed there, opens it, reads the contents and then gasps, "Holy--" He breaks off. Susan walks back in and asks in concern, "What is it?" Wayne tells her, "I've been sent a death threat." The piece of paper he's holding has letters cut from a newspaper pasted onto it to make up the words 'I'm going to kill you'...


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