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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Ginny is lying on her bed in her bus. She becomes suddenly aware of Alison's voice saying, "Indulging in a bit of self-pity, are we?" Ginny turns and stares at her visitor standing in the middle of the bus. She snaps, "Get out." Alison is holding the demo tape, and she goes on, "If someone had done this to me I'd be fighting mad. That last thing I'd do was give up." Ginny cries, "I'm not giving up. I'll take Charlie's job." Alison just muses, "The piranhas in the rag trade would eat you alive - unless, of course, you decide to accept some help from me." Ginny, looking puzzled, snaps, "I must have missed something." Alison tells her, "I owe you - and I always pay my debts." Ginny queries in surprise, "You owe me?" Ginny indicates the bus and explains, "Wayne didn't do this; I did. We wanted to scare you so much you'd tell Glen everything. Wayne was destroying David Palmer's life. Fiona and I needed this tape to stop him." Ginny, looking horrified, cries, "So you destroyed my home?" Alison shrugs, "There wasn't very much of value here." Ginny, however, cries, "Everything in here meant something to me." She points to the floor and adds curtly, "That is the only photo I had of my mum." Alison says calmly, "Let me make it up to you." Ginny snaps, "Forget it." Alison asks, "Do you owe anyone any money? Charlie's out of town: you could sit and wait for her to come back, of course, or you could let me advance you some money; pay everything off and come and live at Charlie's; put your career in my hands. I'll go and wait outside. If you do decide to come, just pack the bare necessities, OK?" She then holds out the tape and adds, "Whenever you're feeling a bit down, just play this. Anger is a great motivator." Ginny takes the tape and Alison heads outside.

A short time later, Ginny emerges from the bus carrying several bags and her tape player. Alison points out, "I said the bare necessities." Ginny ignores this. She puts down her bags and then heads back inside and picks up the ornamental teapot. She then looks round and says sadly, "Well, old girl... this is it. Hope your next tenant's not a wino." Outside, Alison stands with a smile on her face.

As they arrive at Charlie's, Alison tells Ginny that the guest room is at the end of the hall upstairs. They head into the lounge room and Alison adds, "We'll start your training first thing in the morning." Ginny demands in surprise, "What training?" Alison explains, "How to behave socially; how to sell yourself." Ginny asks what happens if she doesn't go along with it. Alison replies, "I'll drop you right back in the gutter. Without me, you'll never get out of it." Ginny retorts, "Charlie will get me out of it." Alison, however, tells her, "Charlie is a very old and very dear friend of mine. Don't forget that." Ginny stares at her. Alison then tells her to make herself at home, as she has to go out for a while. Ginny picks up a photo from the coffee table and asks, "That the girl Glen's stuck on?" Alison looks and nods, "Yeah, that's Susan." Ginny mutters, "Wonder what he sees in her..."

Wayne and Susan finish checking in at the airport in Noosa. As they walk away from the desk, Susan sighs that she wishes they didn't have to leave. Wayne tells her that they'll come back to Noosa for their holidays every year - with the kids! They kiss passionately.

Glen is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion. Alison is standing with him and he tells her, "I might have known you'd go overboard." Alison retorts, "You told me I should help her." Glen retorts, "I meant find her a job, not do the whole Pygmalion bit." Fiona walks in suddenly, smiling, "Home, sweet home!" Glen looks at her in surprise and asks what she's doing home so early. Fiona grins, "Mission accomplished - well, almost! Owen and Janice got lost and they had to spend the night in the bush together!" She adds that it didn't exactly go well! She then asks, "How was everything here?" Glen admits reluctantly, "We lost the tape." Alison explains about Ginny hiding the tape in the the piano stool and it being sold. Fiona sighs, "That gives Wayne a clear field almost, doesn't it?" Alison just muses, "Maybe. Maybe not." Fiona asks her if she has something in mind. Alison looks at her 'innocently' and asks, "Who? Me?"

It's nighttime when Wayne and Susan arrive back at Dural. Wayne lifts Susan up and carries her through the front door. A look of annoyance crosses his face as Alison then emerges from the lounge room to greet them. She says tersely, "It's supposed to be good luck to carry your bride across the threshold. Every marriage needs little bit of good luck, doesn't it...?" Wayne glares at her.

A few moments later, Alison, Susan and Wayne head into the lounge room, Alison explaining that she has no intention of playing gooseberry; she just thought they should ease out of the honeymoon with a romantic dinner for two. She indicates the living room table, and Susan smiles, "What a lovely thought." Alison beams, "What are friends for?" She then indicates a carrier bag that Susan puts down on the table. It has a pineapple on it, and she remarks, "I love your bag. I wouldn't show it to your dad, though: he's getting the rough end of the pineapple these days." Wayne says quickly, "I thought the idea was to ease us out of the honeymoon..." Alison just muses, "Mea culpa!" She adds that Wayne's right: they should leave the gloom and doom until later. Susan, though, cries, "If dad's in trouble, I want to know about it." Wayne nods at Alison, "Go on." Alison explains, "Some idiot destroyed every cash crop David owns. Went through the place with a grader." Susan gasps, "Oh no..." Alison continues, "Apparently, he was sent to the wrong address. David will get compensation; it could take months, though. And his truck was stolen, too." Wayne comments, "You're kidding..." Susan cries, "Has he gone to the police?" Alison replies, "Yes - and they found it for him: at the bottom of a quarry. It was a complete write-off." Susan gasps, "I can't believe it. How can one man have such a run of bad luck?" Alison muses, "Mmm. Seems incredible, doesn't it? Of course, I'm such a cynic that my first thought was that someone was deliberately out to ruin him." Susan demands, "Who?" Alison replies lightly, "Exactly. Who? Anyway, I'm probably wrong." Wayne asks Susan if she wants to ring her dad. Susan nods, "Yes," and she heads out to use the 'phone in the hall. When she's gone, Alison comments to Wayne, "They do say ignorance is bliss." Wayne just retorts, "You're wasting your time, Alison. There's no way you can pin any of that on me." Alison shrugs, "I won't have to - once Susan hears Maria's tape." Wayne demands, "How can she? Andy's got it." Alison, however, replies, "No he hasn't. I do. I beat him to the punch. That's why he shot through: didn't want to face the music." She goes on, "I want to see you sweat for a while, Wayne, but the axe will fall - sometime..." Wayne glares at her.

Debbie - wearing her chauffeur's uniform - and Craig walk into the lounge room at the country house. David has the TV on while he does some paperwork. Caroline is lying asleep on the couch. Debbie hands over a bag of money and David comments, "You two might get your wages!" Debbie insists that they're in no hurry. David, however, insists, "I don't care who else has to wait: you two get paid." Craig points out, "You can't keep putting people off." David tells him, "It'll be alright once I get that compo money and the truck insurance." Craig asks, "When will that be?" David sighs, "Soon, I hope. I'm already behind in my loan repayments." Debbie tells him, "Wayne wouldn't mind waiting." David, though, retorts curtly, "I don't want any favours from him, thankyou." He then says more lightly, "Oh, Susan called and said to say 'hello'." With that, Debbie and Craig head off to bed. David sits, staring at the TV. Caroline rouses slightly and he gets up and goes and puts a blanket over her. She suddenly starts shaking and talking in her sleep, saying, "No... no... no, Ryan... no..." She wakes up to find herself staring into David's face as he tells her that it's just a nightmare. She murmurs, "It was so real... I saw the walls... and the bars..." David tells her that it's alright now; she should forget it." Caroline, however, cries, "I'll never forget it." David puts his arm round her, but she pulls away quickly and cries, "Don't." She then explains meekly, "Sorry, David, it's not you. I just can't stand being touched." David asks in surprise, "Why?" Caroline, however, says quickly, "Forget it. I'm sorry. I just don't want to talk about it." She then gets up and runs out of the room, leaving David looking concerned.

The next morning, Alison is setting out a table of breakfast things in the lounge room at Charlie's. Ginny walks in from the hallway and, looking at the table, demands, "Call this breakfast?" Alison explains curtly, "It's a businessman's breakfast. You're going to have to get used to it." She tells Ginny to sit. Ginny does so. Alison then orders, "Serviette." Ginny picks it up and places it on her lap. She then starts to tuck messily into a grapefruit. Alison stares at her and tells her that she needs to do something about her appalling table manners. She adds, "Watch this." She then shows Ginny how to eat the grapefruit properly. Ginny tries it, but bursts out laughing. Alison tells her, "Come on, keep going." Ginny tries again, more daintily, and smiles, "Think I'm getting the hang of it!"

Wayne is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, looking at a pile of mail. Susan walks into the house from outside, laughing, "I think Charlie's gone punk! I caught a glimpse of her latest houseguest wearing a nightshirt covered in graffiti!" Looking suddenly interested, Wayne asks, "Was it a girl? Young? Real guttersnipe?" Susan, though, explains, "Alison shooed her into the house before I could say 'hello'. She was young. Attractive." Wayne mutters, "Ginny." Susan asks, "You know her?" Wayne replies quickly, "Through Andy. He was chasing her for a while." Looking puzzled, Susan asks, "Where is Andy?" Wayne just growls, "Good question. I wish I knew." The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Susan goes and answers it at the bar. Debbie comes on. Susan asks her how it's all going. Debbie tells her, "If you want the truth, it's sink or swim time down here - but you're not supposed to know." Susan sighs, "Why does dad have to be so damn proud? Is there anything I can do to help?" She listens and then smiles, "No problem. I'm sure he won't mind... Call you back later. Bye." She hangs up. Wayne asks immediately, "Who won't mind what?" Susan tells him, "Debbie thinks that it would help a lot if you deferred dad's loan repayments - just until the insurance comes through. You don't mind, do you?" Wayne snaps sarcastically, "Why should I mind? He's always been so terrific to me." He goes on furiously, "I'd be a hypocrite if I tried to make out I didn't resent the way he tried to bust us up." Susan mutters, "I guess I've got my answer." Wayne, however, sighs, "No... of course I'll defer them. The insurance shouldn't be long coming through." Susan smiles at him as he adds, "You should know I can't refuse you anything!" With that, Susan stands up and announces that she's going to go into town, to see if she can get some ideas on redecorating the house. Wayne nods, "Good idea." She adds, "When Andy does show up, you give him a good talking-to." Wayne muses, "Sure will..." Susan heads out. When she's gone, Wayne picks up a file on which is written the words 'David Palmer'. He opens it and murmurs to himself, "I'm just in the mood to dish it out..."

Caroline is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. Craig and Debbie are about to head out when David walks in through the back door and snaps, "The insurance company reckons I'm trying to rip them off." Caroline gasps, "That's crazy." David goes on, "They've been investigating me and found that I owe money all over the place; that I'm late-paying; and they reckon I stole the truck and wrote it off just to get the insurance money. And if they had their way, I wouldn't be getting a cent." Caroline asks, "What now?" David replies, "They can't make it stick. They've got to pay up eventually." Debbie and Craig head out. When they've gone, Caroline tells David, "I turned down a job offer this morning. I'm going to see if it's still going." David warns, "No more centrefolds - I'd rather stay broke!" As Caroline goes to the 'phone, she replies, "You worry about me too much, David." David muses, "I'm not too sure after last night." Looking suddenly uncomfortable, Caroline says, "It was just a nightmare, that's all. Anyway, my days as a centrefold are finished. This job is much worse!"

Sometime later, Caroline is sitting on a chair on an outside shoot, wearing a skimpy dress. As the make-up artist brushes powder on her face, Caroline comments bitterly, "It would have to be a freezing day, wouldn't it?" The make-up artist tells her, "Think hot roaring fires... steamy jungles..." Caroline, though, retorts, "Or better still: Alison Carr. You have no idea how those simple two little words send my temperature soaring..."

At Charlie's, a set of cutlery is laid out on the table in front of Ginny, and she indicates them each in turn and recites, "Soup... entrée, main course, sweet." Wayne walks in suddenly through the open patio doors. Ginny glares at him and snaps, "Who invited you?" Wayne tells her, "I thought maybe we could do business - and just to show my good faith, here's a little something on spec." He takes out a wad of cash from his jacket pocket and holds it out. Ginny, though, tells him, "I haven't got it any more." Wayne demands, "Who has?" Ginny replies, "That's what we'd all like to know." Alison comes in through the front door and overhears as Wayne snaps, "Who has it?" She walks into the lounge room as Ginny retorts, "I don't know, bird-brain. I hid it in May's music stool, and by the time Andy and I got to it, someone snapped it up." Alison glares at her and growls, "Thankyou very much, Ginny." Wayne bursts out laughing and remarks, "She's got a big mouth, hasn't she?" He heads back out. Ginny turns to Alison and sighs, "I know: when the enemy comes sniffing around..." She places a serviette in her mouth to indicate silence. Alison tells her grimly, "You're learning."

Susan is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion. Fiona is saying awkwardly, "I think maybe we should have lunch on neutral territory: Glen's here." A look of shock crosses Susan's face. Fiona adds quickly, "It's alright: he's outside, doing some odd jobs." Susan asks warily, "Are you still friends with him?" Fiona nods, "Yes." Susan cries, "I don't believe it. You know how he tried to wreck my wedding day." Fiona tells her, "He honestly believed that he was doing the right thing." Susan, however, snaps, "Rubbish. He's just a sore loser." Fiona suggests, "We'll never see eye-to-eye on this. Why don't we just agreed to disagree?" Susan, though, retorts, "How can I when you're saying you believe Glen's story?" Fiona sighs, "All I'm saying is he believes it." Susan mutters, "He's done a great snow-job on you." Fiona, though, snaps, "He's not even in the same league as Wayne in that department." She then apologises quickly, saying, "I'm sorry. That was a knee-jerk reaction. I should have put that in the past tense." Susan accuses, "You don't think Wayne's changed, do you?" Fiona starts to say, "I would like to think--" Susan interrupts and snaps, "I live with him. You can't be that close to someone and not know what they're like." Fiona, though, tells her, "Sometimes we only see what we want to. I did that with the great love of my life: Scott. When we finally caught up with each other again, I saw him for what he was - and it broke my heart. So you can't blame me for reserving judgement, can you?" Susan stares at her.

Out in the corridor, the front door opens and Ginny walks in. Fiona and Susan emerge from Fiona's room. Ginny looks at them and then says to Susan, "I know it's bad manners not to wait to be introduced, but I'm Ginny Doyle." Susan replies, "Susan Hamilton." Ginny nods, "Yeah, I know. We're neighbours." The front door opens suddenly and Glen walks in. Looking shocked, Susan stares at him. Ginny says brightly, "Hi, Glen!" Glen just ignores her, staring instead back at Susan. Fiona suggests to her that she'd better go. Glen murmurs, "Susie..." Susan just tells Fiona quickly, "I'll book a table Wednesday. Can't wait to tell you about the honeymoon - it couldn't have been more perfect." With that, she heads off. When she's gone, Glen asks Fiona, "Is she as happy as she makes out?" Fiona just points out, "You saw the way she looked at you." Glen growls, "Yeah. She'll never leave him, though." He walks off to his room, leaving Ginny to comment to Fiona, "He's got it bad, hasn't he? I wonder how it feels to have a guy so stuck on you." Fiona assures her, "You'll know, one of these days." Ginny, though, retorts, "Who needs it? Being in love's more trouble than it's worth."

Sometime later, Susan is at Charlie's. As Alison escorts her into the lounge room, Susan cries, "You've got to make Fiona see Glen's conning her." Alison, though, retorts, "I'm sorry - I don't think I'd sound very convincing." Susan mutters, "Don't say he's got to you, too?" Alison shrugs, "I know it goes against all logic, but when you compare Glen's track record against Wayne's..." Susan snaps, "How would you like it if I wiped you because of your track record?" Alison replies, "Upset - but I couldn't blame you: up until now I've been very like Wayne: all talk and no action. But I'm finally doing penance for my sins." Susan murmurs, "Really?" Alison explains, "Ginny's my version of the penitent's hair-shirt. She was the girl with the billboard PJs this morning." Susan nods, "Yes, I met her at the mansion." She then asks Alison how she met her. Alison explains, "She was on my community work stint. I could see she was headed for trouble if someone didn't take her by hand." Susan comments, "It's not like you to be altruistic." Alison shrugs, "I wanted to balance the books for teaching Wayne all the wrong values." Susan cries, "If you can change, so can he." Alison replies, "I thought so too, until I heard about David's bad luck." Susan gasps, "Are you saying Wayne was responsible for that?" Alison points out, "David almost talked you out of marrying him, and he's very big on revenge." Susan, looks suddenly worried. Alison remarks, "Still, marrying you might have reformed him." Susan mutters, "You're saying I'm his version of the hair-shirt; is that it?" Alison nods, "Something like that. That is the only thing you've got in common with Ginny." She adds, "I hope Wayne's finally seen the light - I would love nothing better than for it to be happy-ever-after." Susan insists, "It will be - you'll see." She doesn't look convinced, though.

Fiona is vacuuming the floor in her room at the mansion. Ginny is standing behind her, saying enthusiastically, "Have I got news for you! Just goes to show you should never take anything for granted!" Fiona, looking annoyed at the vacuum cleaner, starts slamming the cleaning head on the floor. She ignores Ginny as she holds out a tape and goes on, "Just guess what I just found!"

The 'phone rings at Dural and Wayne answers it at the bar. Fiona is holding her 'phone to a tape player. Maria's voice starts playing suddenly, saying:

"Susan. Although I never met you, Glen tells me of you. Of what a lovely woman you are."

Fiona turns the tape player off. She then puts the 'phone to her mouth and asks, "Heard enough?" Wayne gasps, "How the hell did you get hold of that?" Fiona tells her, "Ginny found it in May's room." Wayne cries, "She said it was in a stool." Fiona replies, "Which was falling apart. Must have fallen out of the bottom. Anyway, it was in May's room all the time." She listens and then chuckles, "You can swear all you like; it's not going to change anything. I'm calling the shots now." Wayne warns, "You know what playing it to Susan would do to her, don't you?" Fiona asks, "Why do you think I'm giving you a chance to clean up your act?" Susan walks into the lounge room at Dural suddenly and snaps, "I want to talk to you, Wayne." Wayne tells her, "I'll be with you in a sec." He then turns back to the 'phone and asks Fiona reluctantly, "What's the deal?" Fiona replies, "Unconditional surrender. And you're to leave David alone. And if you ever lay a finger on Beryl's baby, I'll play that tape to Susan so fast..." At Dural, Wayne says, "They seem like very reasonable terms." Fiona warns, "You just see that you stick to them." With that, she hangs up. Wayne says down the 'phone, "I'll have the contract signed straight away." He then hangs up and turns to Susan, clapping his hands together and smiling, "Now!" Susan just glares at him and demands, "Were you behind what happened to dad?" Wayne, looking surprised, retorts, "What the hell are you talking about?" Susan tells him curtly, "I know you resent him from trying to stop the wedding - you said so yourself - and we both know you're not a man to forgive and forget." Wayne growls, "Who have you been talking to? Alison? Fiona?" Susan retorts, "Both - and they both believe Glen's story. Fiona's even letting him stay over there." Wayne sighs, "And you ran into him?" Susan admits, "Yes." Wayne growls, "And you're picking a fight with me because you still can't face your own feelings, right?" Susan insists, "I hate him." Wayne retorts, "Is that why you called out his name in your sleep?" Susan's mouth drops open in shock. Wayne goes on curtly, "That's what happened on the first night of our honeymoon - so as far as I'm concerned, you're the guilty party here." Susan cries, "With all the trouble at the wedding, he was bound to be on my mind. And if you're so worried about it, you should have said something." Wayne laughs bitterly, "What was I going to say without sounding paranoid?" Susan tells him, "We have to be honest with each other, Wayne, if we want the marriage to work." Wayne snarls, "'I hate Glen', you tell me, then you talk about being honest. Susan sighs, "I did feel something today - but it only made me angry with myself. I never want to see him again." Wayne murmurs, "I can live with that." Susan then demands, "What about dad?" Wayne tells her, "I did think of doing something - but because I love you, I didn't. I'll wipe his whole loan debt if that's what it takes to convince you." Susan sighs, "We both know dad would never let you do that." Wayne demands, "Are you saying I'm trying to cover myself with a safe bet?" Susan retorts curtly, "I'm saying I love my father very much - and if I ever caught you trying to hurt him, that would be it: I'd leave you." Wayne glares at her. Susan stares back at him and then walks out of the room, leaving Wayne looking worried.


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