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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Caroline is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion, her feet in a bowl of water following a modelling assignment. She comments bitterly that she supposes she should treat pneumonia as a new experience. Fiona, however, tells her, "If it makes you feel any better, you're not the only one who's had a bad morning: Glen had an awful chewing-out from Susan." She adds that Susan got it into her head that Glen was sending death threats to Wayne. Looking suddenly nervous, Caroline murmurs, "Oh no, she's not blaming him..." Fiona looks at her and remarks, "You don't seem to be at all surprised about the death threats." Caroline explains quickly, "I was at the house when they arrived yesterday." Fiona remarks, "You didn't say anything to Glen this morning." Caroline, though, tells her, "It never occurred to me that anyone would blame him; I thought it was quite obvious who must have been sending them." She starts pampering her feet with talcum powder as Fiona muses, "With what people think of Wayne these days, I'd say the field is wide open." Caroline, however, tells her, "Not really. Something like that takes a special kind of ruthlessness - and apart from Wayne I only know one person who's got it." She then peels some fluff off her foot. Fiona sighs, "I'm ever so sorry - this carpet's getting so dirty. I've been meaning to take a look up in the reception room: I am sure I saw an old vacuum up there that we could use while ours is getting fixed." Caroline smiles, "I'll come with you." With that, she puts her foot down - and straight back into the bowl of water!

Glen is just coming in through the mansion's front door as Caroline and Fiona emerge from Fiona's room. Glen tells Caroline, "I'm glad you're here. You can stop worrying: Andy's safely out of Wayne's reach. I gave him some travelling money: he's probably half way to Adelaide by now. I think I convinced Wayne that he didn't send that note." Fiona comments in surprise, "Not too many people would be so understanding..." Glen just shrugs, "If you'd spoken to him... I really think he's genuine about changing his ways." Caroline remarks, "So now they're blaming you." Glen nods, "Susan obviously does - but I gave Wayne the message I'm not the type to bother with notes." Fiona turns to Caroline and comments, "You still haven't said who you think it is." Caroline tells her, "I'm surprised you have to ask. Surely it would be Alison?" Glen, looking dubious, says, "I don't know... I really don't think it's her style." Caroline, however, retorts, "It's exactly her style. But no point in guessing: we just have to wait until she - or whoever it is - follows up on the death threat." Fiona murmurs, "Yeah..." Changing the subject, she then says to Glen, "I suppose with all this excitement you haven't had a chance to repair the vacuum cleaner?" Glen tells her, "I tried, but I really think it's beyond repair. All that wiring's very corroded - and if the active managed to short to the earth..." He then makes a noise to indicate an explosion. Fiona tells him, "I'm going up to the reception room - I'm sure I saw one up there. The only thing is it's probably a lot older." Glen shrugs, "Leave it there. Tell Wayne to buy you a new one." Caroline stands there, looking worried.

Alison picks up the ringing telephone in the lounge room at Charlie's and says, "Hello?" Charlie, sitting on the couch at Woombai, comes on and says brightly, "Hello, darling. I was wondering if you could do me the teensiest favour. I've arranged for Ginny to go down to Melbourne to meet Lisa and have a chat about her future - and I thought perhaps you wouldn't mind tripping along down there to keep an eye on her." Alison, however, retorts, "I can't, Charlie - I have a meeting of my own. I have to trip along up to Brisbane later this afternoon." Charlie sighs, "Oh dear... I don't like to send her by herself." Alison asks, "Why can't you take her, then? Or are you having too much fun out there in the back woods?" Charlie smiles, "It is rather nice here - and companionable! Still, I suppose I could get away for a couple of hours..." Alison says, "I don't see why you should have to go. Let's consider it a test: why don't we give her a chance to prove herself out there - under combat conditions?" She listens and then adds, "Don't worry - I'll brief her. Leave it all to me..." Charlie says suddenly, "I know: I'll ring David - get Craig and Debbie to meet her at the airport. I'm sure they'll get on." Alison murmurs dubiously, "Yes..." There's suddenly a knock on the front door at Charlie's and Alison tells Charlie she has to go. They hang up and Alison heads to the door. She opens it to find Caroline standing there, a scowl on her face. She snarls at Alison, "You've owed me long enough. I'm here to collect..."

A few moments later, Caroline marches into the lounge room. Alison points out curtly, "No one invited you in." Caroline, however, retorts, "I'm not moving 'til you pay me what you owe me." Alison snaps, "I don't owe you anything." Caroline growls, "It was your fault; all your fault. You were driving when the accident happened. I wouldn't have even been in the car if it weren't for you." Alison just sighs, "That's history. I don't even remember what you're talking about." Caroline snaps, "Give me back the money you cheated me out of. I've tried to work but I can't find a decent job. I need to go somewhere peaceful where I can try to get over--" She breaks off as Alison starts clapping her hands together and comments, "Very good. Maybe a touch over-the-top, but one or two more rehearsals... very impressive." Caroline gasps, "You think it's funny? I'd love to have you go through what happened to me in prison. Then see where the clever sarcasm will go then." Alison muses, "We'll never find out, will we?" Caroline snarls, "I'll never forgive you. Just remember in future: stay away from me - or so help me I'll--" She breaks off. Alison asks, "You'll what?" Caroline doesn't respond, instead turning to walk out. Alison calls after her, "You're staying at Wayne's boarding house while you're in Sydney, aren't you?" Caroline turns to look back at her and snaps, "I'm warning you: keep away from me or you'll regret it." Alison, however, warns, "No one tells me where I can or cannot go. As a matter of fact, I've been thinking it's about time I went to see Fiona." Caroline snarls, "If I thought for one moment you meant it... just stay away." With that, she marches out to the hallway. As she approaches the front door, a broad smile crosses her face... Alison stands in the lounge room, looking thoughtful.

Fiona is wheeling an old vacuum cleaner down the corridor at the mansion, towards her room, when the front door opens and Caroline walks in. Fiona smiles, "Hi! How did you make up with Alison?" Caroline just sighs, "I had some insane idea that she might feel guilty about what she did to me. I tried to get her to give me my money back. I wouldn't have gone there but I couldn't think what else to do: I can't put up with this modelling job much longer." Fiona asks, "What did Alison say when you asked her?" Caroline sighs, "What do you think? She just laughed in my face. I tried to tell her what happened in prison but it was a waste of breath." Fiona mutters, "That woman. She'd better not show her face around here or I'll give her a piece of my mind." Changing the subject, Caroline indicates the vacuum cleaner and asks, "Did you have any luck with Wayne? Is he getting you a new one?" Fiona replies grimly, "I 'phoned him, but naturally he has to check on these first. He's coming over later." With that, Caroline heads off to her room.

In the kitchen at Woombai, Charlie is helping Gordon stack bottles of champagne in the 'fridge. As they do so, she comments that it's Owen that's making Janice so depressed. Gordon remarks, "I thought they'd both agreed not to get married." Charlie just sighs, "Honestly! You men don't understand anything!" Gordon tells Charlie, "It'll take him a couple of days to get the facts and figures on Wayne's feasibility study for the Nature Reserve; that should give her time to get him out of her system." Charlie, though, exclaims, "It's not Owen she has to get out of her system: it's the break-up with him that's got her thinking this way." Gordon asks blankly, "What way?" Charlie explains, "She thinks she's going to be left on the shelf." Gordon comments, "That's ridiculous: she's still just a kid." Charlie tells him, "Her confidence just needs a boost, that's all - a nice young man to take an interest in her." Gordon, though, realising what she's implying, warns, "No, Charlie: no matchmaking..." Charlie, however, insists, "I think it's our duty to make sure she goes to the square dance." Gordon warns, "Charlie..." He then sighs and changes the subject, saying he's in the mood for some home-made bread. He walks over to the work surface. As he does so, Charlie smiles, "To think I nearly went with Janice and Isabella... this is going to be so much more fun!"

Janice is walking Isabella out in the grounds. Isabella barks suddenly and Janice asks her what's wrong. She suddenly spots a large, dark shaggy dog facing them in the distance. The large dog goes running off. Isabella starts chasing after him! Janice watches in horror, crying, "Charlie's going to kill me..." She starts following the two dogs, but trips and falls. As she lies sprawled on the ground, a young man walks over and stands looking down at her. Janice stares back up at him.

In the kitchen at the homestead, Charlie is telling Gordon that she's going to make a sculpted loaf. She then looks at Gordon intently. Gordon, though, tells her, "Forget it: I'm not posing for a loaf of bread!" Charlie muses that it might have been a bit ambitious! She then smiles that she'll sculpt a loaf of Isabella. She and Janice suddenly hear Janice's voice crying, "Put me down! There's nothing wrong with me! It's just a scraped knee!" The man who found her carries her in and Charlie asks in concern, "What's happened this time?" The man explains, "She tripped." Janice demands again that he put her down. The man - who Gordon introduces as Bones Rowe - adds, "She gave her knee a nasty scraping - you got any disinfectant?" He then comments, "All this fuss over a couple of dogs..." Charlie looks at Janice in horror and demands, "Where is Isabella?" Janice explains meekly, "I don't think she's far away - she ran off with his silly-looking mutt." Charlie cries in horror, "Oh no..." With that, she goes running out of the kitchen. Gordon follows her, to help search. Left alone with Janice, Bones opens the oven door and comments, "Something smells good. I might hang around and get myself invited for arvo tea!" Janice looks at him distastefully.

Outside, Charlie and Gordon are calling for Isabella. Charlie is still wearing her apron! Bones' dog runs up to them, suddenly, on his own. Charlie cries in horror, "He's eaten her!" Gordon, though, points out, "Not unless he's got jaws like a boa constrictor!" Charlie starts calling for Isabella again. She eventually emerges from a nearby outhouse. Charlie picks her up and admonishes, "Mother is going to kill you..."

In the kitchen at the homestead, Janice is dabbing her knee with disinfectant. Bones asks her if it's alright. Janice mutters, "Yes." She then adds curtly, "There's no point in you waiting: everyone's already had afternoon tea." Bones, however, laughs, "I was just kidding about that." Janice asks, "Then what are you waiting for?" Bones replies, "To get paid." Janice stares at him and snaps, "You're not serious? I didn't ask you to carry me inside. Anyway, the whole thing was your fault: if your stupid dog hadn't run off with Isabella--" Bones bursts out laughing and Janice asks indignantly, "What's so funny?" Bones explains, "It's me job. I dropped over a load of feed for the owners. Being Mr. H., we'd put it on the slate if he wanted, but he always pays cash. That's the thing about us small family businesses: you know all your customers. Course, it helps if you've lived round here all your life. Not too many people round here who've got secrets I don't know about." Charlie and Gordon come back in at that moment, Charlie chastising Isabella, "Mummy warned you yesterday about associating with rough types." Bones tells Gordon that he's sorry if his dog has been any trouble. Gordon assures him, "There's no harm done." He then offers him some afternoon tea and some home-made bread. Bones smiles, "Wouldn't say no to that!"

Caroline is standing in the hallway at the mansion. Fiona emerges from her room and, seeing Caroline there, asks her if she managed to get some rest. Caroline replies, "I managed to lay down for a while but I couldn't stop thinking about what happened at Alison's. I keep on expecting her to show up here." Fiona, however, insists, "She wouldn't dare - not after the way she's treated you." She then invites Caroline in for a cup of coffee. Caroline, however, declines, saying she had one before she came downstairs. She then asks Fiona, "Is Wayne going to come across to check on the vacuums?" Fiona nods, "Yes. As a matter of fact, I don't know what's happened to him: he should have been here by now." Caroline comments, "It'll be a bit awkward if Alison does show up and Wayne's here: the way they feel about each other..." Fiona points out, "That's not our problem." At that moment, the front door opens and Alison walks in. Fiona glares at her and demands, "What do you want?" Alison smiles, "I thought I'd drop by on the way to the airport; see how everyone is." Caroline snaps at her, "I told you to stay away." Alison retorts, "And I told you it was a free country. Pity I've got a 'plane to catch or I'd stay longer. Still, I'll be dropping-by regularly once I come back from Queensland." Caroline glares at her and cries, "Why can't you leave me alone?" Fiona chips in and suggests to her calmly that she wait in her flat. Caroline walks off meekly. When she's gone, Fiona looks at Alison and says tersely, "Now you listen to me: you're making that woman's life a misery - and I'm not going to stand for it. If you keep harassing her like this, so help me, I'm going to call in the police." Alison comments, "I don't imagine Caroline would thank you for that: she's not on particularly good terms with the law." Fiona remarks sourly, "You think that's funny, do you, that she had to go to prison because of you?" Alison retorts, "She asked for everything she got." Fiona, however, snaps, "You haven't got the faintest idea how much she suffered." Alison just sighs, "Skip the melodrama, Fiona: everyone knows that prisons these days are like holiday resorts. The rest probably did her good." Fiona retorts, "Did it really? Is that why she's on the verge of a nervous breakdown because she has to model for a living? Why she can't stand a man to touch her?" Alison laughs, "We are talking about Caroline?" Glen walks in through the front door as Fiona retorts, "She was attacked in prison by one of the male officers - now maybe that wouldn't bother you very much but it deeply affected her." A look of shock crosses Alison's face and she murmurs, "Sorry, I didn't know. I don't have much time for the woman, but I can sympathise with anyone who's been through that." Glen chips in curtly, "Sympathy is hardly enough. What are you going to do about it?" Alison tells him, "If there was something useful I could do, I'd probably consider it. I don't see how - unless you've got some bright ideas...?" Glen retorts, "No - but give me a chance to think about it." He then comments, "I can hardly believe it - she's kept it hidden so well." Fiona comments, "And can you imagine at what cost?" Looking at Alison, she adds curtly, "If I were you, I would just be very grateful she's not the vengeful type..."

Alone in Fiona's room, Caroline is using a screwdriver to fiddle with the underneath of the vacuum cleaner that Fiona retrieved from the reception room. She uprights it quickly as Fiona comes back in and says, "It's alright - she won't be bothering you again." As Caroline turns to look at Fiona, her hand accidentally swipes a pot plant that's on the table next to her, and it falls on the floor, spilling dirt everywhere. Caroline says quickly, "I'm sorry - I'll get something to clean it up." Fiona, however, assures her, "It's alright - we'll clean it up later on." She then indicates the vacuum cleaner and suggests, "Why don't we use this?" Caroline, however, tells her quickly, "No! You remember what Glen said: it could be very dangerous. I'll find us a dust pan." Fiona, though, says, "That's alright - I'll get one. There's a dust pan down in the cellar. I'll go and get it." With that, she heads out of the room. Caroline follows her, glancing back at the vacuum cleaner as she does so.

Outside, Glen and Alison are talking, Glen saying, "I'll do what I can." Alison replies, "Let me know how it goes. I have to ring a cab for the airport." Fiona and Caroline emerge from the building and Alison asks Fiona if she can use her 'phone. Fiona nods, "Yes. Sure." Alison heads back inside. Fiona heads off to the cellar, leaving Caroline standing with Glen. He asks her gently, "Are you alright?" Caroline smiles, "Fine - except I just knocked over a pot plant. Fiona's gone for the dust pan." Glen, changing the subject, comments, "It must be really hard getting back to living a normal life." Caroline murmurs, "Yes..." Glen goes on, "I sometimes think it's a mistake for a person to do it alone - especially when there's so much expert help available." Caroline asks warily, "What help?" Glen shrugs, "Social counsellors... psychologists... people who understand the sort of pressure that can be applied in a prison." Caroline demands, "What has Fiona been saying to you?" Glen replies quickly, "Nothing, really - I overheard her talking to Alison." Caroline asks quickly, "What about?" Glen tells her, "Just that you'd been given a bad time in prison and it'd had an effect on you." Caroline asks tersely, "Did she say exactly what sort of a bad time?" Glen replies, "We got the general picture, yes." He then adds that it's nothing for her to feel ashamed of. Caroline however, retorts, "I am not ashamed. There is nothing wrong with me." Glen says carefully, "So you're not scared of men touching you...?" Caroline snaps, "No. Not scared. There are certain men I don't want touching me - that seems pretty normal." Glen persists, "So if it was a man you liked... someone you trusted... it wouldn't bother you?" Caroline insists, "Of course not." Glen smiles, "I'm glad to hear it." With that, he puts his arm round her. Caroline cries immediately, "No, Glen, don't. Let go of me." She pulls away. Glen looks at her and says, "OK. You're the best one to know whether you need help or not. As long as you're sure..." Caroline insists, "It's not a serious problem - really." Glen murmurs, "Whatever you say." Alison emerges from the mansion again and tells Glen that she'll wait for the cab outside. She leaves them. When she's gone, Caroline remarks to Glen, "I'm surprised Fiona trusts her that much." Glen asks in surprise, "Huh?" Caroline explains, "Letting her in the house alone. She's probably put strychnine in the sugar bowl." Glen sighs, "I don't think she's as evil as all that." Caroline retorts, "Then you don't know her the way I know her. Take my advice and never get on her bad side: she can make a very dangerous enemy." Glen comments, "Maybe - but I'm still not convinced she's all bad. Anyway, it's you I'm worried about." Caroline retorts, "You shouldn't be. I'm not the one receiving death threats." Glen asks, "You really think she's the one?" Caroline shrugs, "I don't know. But if I were the police and something happened to Wayne, I'd certainly want to know where Alison was when it happened." Glen sighs, "Alison... Wayne... how do they keep getting into the conversation? What I'm trying to do here is have a sensible talk about you, so stop changing the subject." Caroline stands there sheepishly.

Gordon removes the bread from the oven in the kitchen at Woombai. Bones is with him and comments that it smells beaut. Charlie walks in, holding Isabella, and snaps at Bones, "I take it there are no four-legged strangers lurking about under the furniture?" Bones just laughs, "Not Diefer - he's the outdoors type!" Looking relieved, Charlie puts Isabella down. Janice walks in and Charlie remarks to her, "No serious damage, I hope?" Janice replies, "It's just a scratch." Charlie smiles, "Good! We wouldn't want you lame for the dance." Janice says quickly, "On the other hand I think I can feel it stiffening-up again." Bones chips in, however, "You don't want to miss the dance! It's a top night: the whole town turns up." Janice says hesitantly, "I don't think I'll bother - I don't know how to square-dance, anyway." Bones insists, "There's nothing to it." Charlie adds, "Of course there isn't. You'll pick it up in no time. In fact, Bonnie here can give us a lesson right now!" Gordon corrects, "Bones..." Bones smiles, "Yeah, I can do that!"

Caroline is still standing with Glen outside the front door at the mansion. She looks at her watch and comments, "Fiona said Wayne was coming over. He's taking his time." Glen, however, sighs, "Forget Wayne. If it's money you're worried about, don't: there are ways around that." Caroline snaps, "Once and for all: I don't need any sort of therapy. I just have to give it time." Glen sighs, "If that's what you want. When you're ready to discuss it sensibly, you know where I am." As he heads off, Fiona wanders back in through the front door behind them, carrying a dust pan and brush. Neither of them notices her.

A few moments later, Fiona heads into her room inside and goes to starts brushing up the dirt from the plant. As she does so, though, the brush handle breaks off in her hand, and she curses, "Damn!" She stands up, looking frustrated. She then glances at the old vacuum cleaner that she retrieved from the reception room, and she comments to herself, "Come on... it's only going to take two seconds..." She picks up the cable and goes to the socket, saying to the machine as she does so, "If you were going to kill me, you would have done that ages ago!" She plugs the machine in and then walks back over to it. She puts her foot down on the switch on the base of the machine - and a shower of sparks and smoke fly out. Fiona is sent flying back across the room. She hits the couch and then drops to the floor, unconscious...


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