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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

At the country house, Charlie is sitting at the kitchen table with Isabella and Craig as Debbie tells her that she thought it was a trick question! Charlie smiles, "I couldn't be happier for you. I wouldn't mind a trip to Noosa!" Debbie takes Isabella and comments, "She's lovely, Charlie." Charlie sighs, "I wish the friends I'm staying with thought so. They keep saying a dog's place is outside. I told them that Isabella's a person, not a dog, but they don't believe me." Craig chips in, "Why don't you stay with Beryl? I'm sure she wouldn't mind a houseguest for a few days." There's suddenly a knock at the back door and Debbie goes to open it. To her obvious astonishment, she finds Caroline standing there! Caroline steps inside and smiles, "Surprise! Just passing. Thought I'd drop in!" Debbie gives her a warm hug and smiles in delight, "Welcome home!" Craig goes and gives her a hug as well and Charlie does likewise. As she does so, she comments, "We weren't expecting you." Caroline explains, "I got remission - for good behaviour." Craig smiles, "Great!" Caroline then goes on seriously, "Don't ever let those idiot talk-back radio people ever tell you going to prison's like staying at a luxury hotel. Believe me, it's not. What made it even worse was knowing that I was doing time when it should have been someone else..." She then brightens up again and says, "Enough of that. How about some more hugs?!"

A car pulls up outside and David climbs out of the passenger-side door. Laura climbs out the driver's side and David tells her that she saved him the price of a cab fare. He looks around and then comments, "It's good to see the old place is still here." Laura asks in surprise, "Didn't you like Adelaide?" David tells her, "There was nothing wrong with it - but it's not the farm." Laura remarks, "That sounds like yesterday's talk. You're supposed to be thinking like a businessman now." David assures her, "I can't wait to apply some of the things I've learnt." Laura tells him, "I'm pleased to hear that." David questions dubiously, "Does it make you feel good when one of your investments shows a return?" Laura, however, insists, "I just want to see you do well." David warns her, "I'm my own man, Laura. Always have been and always will be." Laura assures him, "I wouldn't want it any other way." David mutters, "Good." He starts to head towards the house. Laura stands there, looking slightly worried.

Inside, in the lounge room, Debbie is wiping yellow zinc cream on Debbie's nose. Debbie is also wearing a pink sunhat and sunglasses, and Craig declares, "Miss. Noosa 1986!" Everyone bursts out laughing! David walks in suddenly asking, "What's going on here: fancy dress is it?" He then spots Caroline standing in the middle of the floor and, looking astonished, smiles, "G'day! When did you lob-in?" Caroline replies warmly, "About ten minutes ago. Pleased to see me?" David, going and giving her a tight hug, says, "What do you reckon? Welcome back! It's good to see you again." Caroline then notices Laura standing in the doorway, and she says a taut, "Hello." David turns and introduces Laura to Caroline. Laura says curtly to Caroline, "An old friend, are you?" Caroline tells her, "David and I have known each other for quite a while, if that's what you mean." Laura murmurs, "Yes, that's what I meant. Pleased to meet you." Caroline them comments to David that she heard he's been away on a business seminar. David smiles, "That's right!" Caroline laughs, "Can't imagine you in a pinstripe suit." Laura, however, says quickly, "I think David would look very handsome in a pinstripe suit." Awkwardness fills the air, but Craig breaks it by asking David, "How did the seminar go?" David exclaims, "Great! I learnt how to get the best out of people who work for you." Debbie checks, "You're not going to turn into a slavedriver, are you?" David says with a laugh, "Just depends how on much effort you put in the job, doesn't it!" Caroline asks in surprise what made him decide to go. David explains, "It was all Laura's idea." Caroline murmurs, "Oh." She then changes the subject and suggests, "No more business talk. Drinks all round?" There are murmurs of agreement, and so Caroline declares, "Seeing the kids are off to Noosa, I'll make up a tropical punch!" She leaves the room. Laura watches her go, an expression of disapproval on her face.

A short time later, Caroline is standing by the kitchen table, the ingredients for the punch in front of her, when Laura walks in and offers a hand. Caroline declines curtly. Laura then comments tautly, "David was surprised to see you. He obviously wasn't expecting to find you in his lounge room. Where have you been?" Caroline looks at her and replies, "Away. Short break." Laura remarks, "They don't come often, do they?" She then asks, "How did you meet David?" Caroline tells her, "Through friends. It was amazing, actually." Laura queries, "In what way?" Caroline replies, "The way we 'clicked'. You know how it is when you meet people for the first time: you know that you're just going to get along with them - whereas with other people..." Laura concludes, "You take an instant dislike to." Caroline nods, "Exactly." Laura tells her, "I'm glad we understand each other." Caroline replies, "So am I."

It's nighttime, and Charlie is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Beryl's. Beryl is telling her about the security system she's had installed. Charlie then smiles, "Thankyou for putting us up, Beryl - we really do appreciate it." Beryl assures her, "You're more than welcome." Changing the subject, she goes on, "You said you had some ideas for promoting the biscuit company." Charlie nods, "Yes. In fact, I've got an appointment with an advertising agency in the morning." She then reaches into an envelope resting next to her on the couch and she removes some sheets of paper. She tells Beryl, "I had some sketches done that should help us capture the top end of the market." She shows Beryl the first sketch: it's of her holding Isabella. She tells Beryl, "The business girl enjoying our morning cup of coffee and one of our biscuits." She shows Beryl the next sketch: it's of her holding Isabella, but with a scarf wrapped round her head! She tells Beryl, "The farm girl enjoying a herbal tea and one of our biscuits." She shows another sketch - again of her and Isabella! - and announces, "Jasmine tea and biscuits." She then asks, "What do you think?" Beryl replies hesitantly, "They're very good, Charlie." Charlie smiles, "Won't Isabella look gorgeous?!" Beryl replies hesitantly, "Yes, but what happened to 'Biscuits like mum used to make'? That was our original marketing idea." Charlie points out, "There's nothing wrong with a bit of sophistication, darling." Beryl, however, tells her, "I do think we shouldn't get too far from the basic biccie appeal." Charlie shrugs, "I suppose the advertising agency will tell us whether I've come up with a good idea or not." Beryl murmurs warily, "Yes..."

Caroline is sitting alone with David on the couch in the lounge room at the country house. She's saying, "There's nothing much to tell. I shared a cell with two other women. We lived our life by a routine: a bell to wake up, a bell to go to sleep. I suppose it could have been worse, but not much." Laura walks in suddenly, carrying a tray of drink, and she says, "You make a marvellous tropical punch, Caroline. You must give me the recipe." She then turns to David and asks him how he's going to run his business with his only car off the road. David tells her, "I'll get another car on a short-term lease process." Laura goes on, "With the kids away, who's going to drive it?" David replies, "Caroline." Caroline looks at him and asks in surprise, "Says who?" David looks back at her and says, "I just assumed--" Caroline interrupts and snaps, "Well don't." Laura looks on as David says in surprise, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean to upset you." Caroline suggests curtly, "Ask next time. Don't assume." David shrugs, "Alright." He then asks her, "Would you be able to drive for me while the kids are away?" Caroline smiles warmly and replies, "Of course I will. I'm not about to let you down when you need me." David thanks her. He adds, "The fact is, I am going to be flat-as-a-tack for a while. I've even got a bloke coming for an interview today about driving the truck for me." Caroline asks in surprise, "Won't you miss that?" David tells her, "I would once, but not anymore. The guys that make the money in this are the guys that sit back and run the show; not the poor mugs out on the road." Caroline comments, "I was always under the impression you liked that kind of life." David retorts, "I did - once." Laura chips in, "So there. Don't try and hold the man back." She then says, "David, I thought we should go over to my place. I've got some new promotional ideas; maybe we could discuss them over dinner?" David, however, says, "I might give it a miss. Busy day tomorrow; need to get an early night." He adds, "Why don't you drop over tomorrow, if you get the chance?" Laura, looking put out, mutters, "I'll see if I can fit you in." She then asks, "Will you at least show me out?" David stands up. Laura does likewise and tells Caroline, "It was nice to meet you, Caroline. No doubt we'll bump into each other again." She and David head off to the kitchen, leaving Caroline to mutter to herself, "No doubt...

The next morning, an 'Air N.S.W.' 'plane lands in Noosa.

Susan and Wayne are standing in the reception area of their hotel, Susan suggesting, "Why don't we go and see the coloured sands?" Wayne, though, tells her, "I'm in a lazy mood. I'd much rather just lay around the pool." All-of-a-sudden, Susan notices two people coming into the reception area, and she exclaims, "It's Craig and Debbie!" She walks over to them and asks in amazement, "What are you doing here?!" Craig explains, "We won a radio competition!" Susan asks, "When did you get in?" Debbie replies, "Only about half an hour ago." She then indicates a blonde woman standing nearby and adds, "Tina just drove us here from the airport." Craig then introduces Tina to Wayne and Susan and explains, "We used to go to High School together. We got off the 'plane, looked around for somebody from the Noosa National and there she was. We couldn't believe it!" Tina smiles at Craig and Debbie that she'll get their rooms organised, and she walks off. Susan asks Debbie, "How did dad let you have time off?" Debbie's face falls as she explains glumly, "Somebody ran into our car and put it off the road. Luckily it was parked." Craig then suggests to Debbie that they'd better go and sign-in. As they do so, Wayne stands a few yards away, a gleeful smile on his face...

Caroline is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, doing some sewing. David walks in from the hallway, wearing a smart suit, and comments, "We haven't had time to sit down and have a decent talk yet, have we?" Caroline just murmurs, "Well..." David then asks, "Did you get Doug's letters that I sent to the prison?" Caroline nods, "Yes. Thankyou." David takes a beer out of the 'fridge and asks, "When's he coming back?" Caroline, however, replies, "He isn't. Apparently he's doing quite well in the States so he's decided to stay on. He did ask me to join him..." David asks, "Are you?" Caroline tells him, "No. I'm sure he only asked me out of a sense of obligation once he'd heard I'd be sent to prison. Hardly enough reason to go and live with someone, is it? Besides, nothing would get me to leave Australia at the moment." David asks in surprise, "Why not? A holiday might do you good." Caroline, however, replies, "I've got too many things to do before I can think about overseas travel." David shrugs, "Fair enough." He then adds, "It's a pity Doug's not coming back, though - he'd have made a damn good contact." Caroline stares at him in surprise and remarks, "You're certainly determined to make a go of the business, aren't you?" David replies, "Why not? Probably the last chance I get to make something of myself." Caroline warns him, "You'd just better be careful you don't end up by riding roughshod over your friends in the process." David just chuckles. Caroline then tells him, "When Debbie gets back I'll be looking around for something else." David asks, "What did you have in mind?" Caroline shrugs, "I don't know. Something that will allow me to move around a bit; pop up to Sydney now and then to see old friends. Maybe something in the fashion industry - I've always liked clothes." She then comments, "You seem to have taken an interest in them too, lately, dressed in your trendy business suit. You look quite the man-about-town." David smiles, "A man can't look a scruff!" Caroline just muses, "Laura's got a lot to answer for..."

The 'phone rings in Fiona's room at the mansion. May walks through the gap in the bookcase wall and answers it. She listens and then exclaims, "Glen! How are you? It's wonderful to hear your voice!" Glen is walking across a field, wearing old clothes and wellington boots. He replies, "I'm fine. How about you?" He listens and then says, "Good." He listens again and then says, "I'm on a horse stud, in the country. It's OK - it's just a place to earn a crust until I pay back Alison the money I owe her." He then asks, "Is Fiona there?" May tells him, "No, she's not here. Can I give her a message?" Glen just murmurs, "Tell her I called." He then asks, "Have you heard anything about Susan?" May smiles, warmly, "Oh yes, they're having a marvellous time! Gordon Hamilton was here for dinner last night and he says they're as happy as larks. Typical newlyweds." Glen murmurs, "That's good to hear." He then tells May that he'll talk to her again soon. At the mansion, May says, "Alright - it's been lovely chatting with you, Glen. Bye." As she goes to hang up, Fiona walks in and, overhearing the conversation, gasps, "Is that Glen? Don't hang up." It's too late, though. May tells her, "He's working on a horse stud." Fiona asks if he left a number. May replies, "No, but I'm sure he'll call again because it was you he was after." Fiona sighs, "Poor lad - he's having a terrible time trying to get over Susan. He probably wanted somebody to talk to. Poor boy. I feel so very sorry for him."

Sometime later, Glen is brushing the mane of one of the horses at the stud. Another guy walks over to him and asks, "Feeling lucky?" Glen looks at him and the guy explains, "I just had a hot tip from a bloke who was down at the barrier trials this morning. 'Empire Lass' in race four. Interested?" Glen nods, "I could be. How much you putting on?" The guy shrugs, "We just got paid. Ten bucks?" Glen, looking thoughtful, reaches into his shirt pocket, takes out several notes and, handing them over, says, "On the nose." The guy gasps in surprise, "All of it?" Glen sighs, "Why not? Might as well live dangerously."

Caroline is icing a cake in the kitchen at the country house. David is talking on the 'phone, snapping, "I've been a good customer to your mob. If I don't get a car today I'll take my business elsewhere." Caroline looks at him in surprise as he goes on, "Come on, don't give me that bull. If I was a big-time operator you'd be falling over yourselves." He listens and then says, "That's more like it. I'll have someone pick up the car this afternoon." He hangs up as Laura comes in through the back door. She comments immediately, "Caroline, you look quite at home up-to-your-arms in cake-mix!" Caroline glares at her. Laura then asks David if he's organised another car. David nods, "Just off the 'phone." Laura tells him, "Good. I've brought over these promotional ideas." Caroline warns, "Don't start to talk business now - I'm just about to give David his lunch and it'll give him indigestion." Laura muses, "Rather that than your cooking..." David says quickly, "Let's keep it civil, shall we?" Caroline, however, snaps, "When are you going to wake up to yourself? This woman is trying to run your life." She points at Laura. Laura retorts, "I'm trying to do nothing of the sort." Caroline snaps at her, "Of course you are - it's as plain as the nose on your face. But don't worry: I'm not going to let you wreck David's life the way Alison did." Laura looks at David and asks, "What's she babbling about?" David tells her with a sigh, "Nothing. That's the end of it from both of you." He then looks at Laura and adds, "I think it would be best if we leave things go until after lunch." Caroline mutters at Laura, "You'll be staying then, will you?" Laura looks at David and remarks, "You really do make a habit of surrounding yourself with little homebodies, don't you? Beryl... this one..." Caroline growls, "My name is Caroline." Laura just goes on, "You'd probably save yourself a lot of time and money if you hired yourself a full-time housemaid." David warns, "Laura..." Caroline adds curtly, "Yes. Would you mind leaving?" Laura, however, retorts, "Why don't you? I'm sure David would be a lot better off without a half-crazy houseguest." Caroline glares at her and snarls, "Why you..." With that, she picks up a bottle of squirty cream from the table, aims it at Laura's face and presses the button!

A short time later, just outside the back door, David is saying to Laura curtly, "It's just as much your fault as Caroline's. You gave as good as you got." Laura retorts, "I didn't cover the woman's face in cream." David sighs, "Don't be too hard on her; she's been through a rough trot, lately." Laura, however, snaps, "David, the woman's unbalanced. Stop making excuses for her. What she did is totally inexcusable, and if you had any concern for me whatsoever you'd give her her marching orders." David, though, retorts, "No way. She needs me - especially now. She'll come good; she just needs time to get her act together, that's all." Laura demands, "Why? What's wrong with her?" David retorts, "Nothing that I want to go into right now - especially with someone she doesn't get on with." Laura, looking annoyed, mutters, "Alright. I'll call you." With that, she storms off. From the kitchen doorway, Caroline declares, "Good riddance." David turns to her and warns, "Caroline, you're not making life too easy for me at the moment." Caroline insists, "She started it." David steps back inside and retorts, "I don't care who started it; you're both acting like schoolgirls. You really want to get yourself together." Caroline looks at him and he goes on, "I can't afford to get off-side with Laura. I need her help and support to get the business off the ground." Caroline queries curtly, "Is that why you're involved with her?" David gives her a look. Caroline then says more calmly, "I'm sorry - I had no right to say that." David nods, "No, you didn't." Caroline tells him, "I feel I don't know you anymore, David. Once, you wouldn't have looked sideways at a woman like Laura. You've changed - and I'm not sure it's for the better."

Laura has turned up at Beryl's, and as Beryl escorts her into the lounge room, she explains, "I just dropped by to see if you're happy with the security system." Charlie is sitting on the couch and Laura says 'hello' to her. Beryl tells Laura, "It seems fine; it just hasn't been put to a real test yet." Laura suggests, "Let's hope it never has to be." She then turns to Charlie and tells her, "Craig and Debbie said they thought you might be around here." Charlie explains, "Beryl's kindly offered to put us up for a few days." Beryl offers Laura a cup of tea. Laura accepts and Beryl heads off into the kitchen. Laura goes and sits down, asking Charlie as she does so, "How long are you staying down?" Charlie replies, "A few days. All depends." Laura then changes the subject and comments, "Caroline's an interesting person, isn't she?" Charlie replies, "She's a sweetheart, once you get to know her." Laura goes on, "Yes. You know, I feel so sorry for her - this dreadful experience she's just been through..." Charlie looks at her in surprise and comments, "She talked to you about it?" Laura smiles, "Oh yes. We had quite a long chat after you left last night." Charlie mouths, "Oh..." Laura continues, "Tell me: how did the whole thing begin? I mean, I'd hate to say something I shouldn't. I wouldn't want to upset her." Charlie starts to say, "It all began with the car accident, actually." In the kitchen, Beryl is setting out some cups on a tray as Charlie reveals to Laura about Caroline being sent to jail. Back out in the lounge room, Laura comments, "And now she's been released. I see." She then adds, "At least the whole thing's behind her, now." Charlie nods, "That's what I tell her: she's got to get on with her life and forget the whole sordid business." Beryl comes back in and announces to Laura, "It shouldn't be long." Laura, however, says apologetically, "Beryl, I'm going to have to love you and leave you, I'm afraid. I've just remembered an appointment I have." She adds, "I'll be in touch," and she dashes off. Beryl sits down with Charlie and asks in surprise, "What was that all about?" Charlie shrugs, "Not quite sure, darling." Beryl comments, "Oh well - you and I can have a nice cup of tea. It's always good for the nerves." Charlie sighs, "You're not still worrying about Wayne?" Beryl, however, retorts, "Of course I am, Charlie. That's why I had the security system installed." Charlie says, "I just thought, now that he's finally got what he wanted - Susan, I mean..." Beryl, however, tells her, "Wayne will never give up, Charlie. He'll always be a threat against David... Robert... me..." Charlie insists, "Not once Alison's found Maria's tape. She's promised she will get it back." Beryl asks, "Even if she does, what's to stop him acting out of pure spite? He's done it before." Charlie admits, "That's true." She then suggests suddenly, "Why don't you go away on a holiday? Get away from it all for a while. Go to London; see Kevin and Lynn." Beryl sighs, "I'd love to, Charlie, but I don't have the money, so there's no point in even thinking about it." Charlie tells her, "I'll loan you the money, so that's no problem." Beryl, however, insists, "No, thankyou all the same. I don't like borrowing money." Charlie tells her, "You can pay it back." Beryl asks, "How?" Charlie replies, "Out of the profits of Beryl's Biccies." Beryl points out, "We're not even making a profit yet." Charlie smiles, "Future profits. Now, I'll hear no more arguments: you are going to London and that is that!" Beryl smiles at her, gratefully.

Caroline is wearing the chauffeur's uniform as she stands in the kitchen at the country house. David hands her a piece of paper and says, "That's the address. Go there after you pick up the car from the leasing company. The bloke's name's Mr. Renwick. He wants you there at four o'clock sharp, so you'd better get a move on." Laura walks in suddenly through the back door. David mouths to Caroline, "No trouble..." Caroline just looks at Laura and tells her, "I owe you an apology, Laura. I'm sorry about what happened at lunchtime. No excuses - I just went too far." Laura assures her, "Apology accepted." With that, Caroline heads out. Laura then looks at David and says, "You'll have to fire her - you realise that?" David retorts, "I'll do nothing of the sort." Laura, however, tells him, "She's an ex-crim. She's just out of prison." David asks, "Who told you that?" Laura replies, "Charlie - not intentionally; she let it slip accidentally - but really you have no alternative." David retorts, "Yes I do have an alternative: she stays. She's paid her debt to society." Laura, however, tells him, "It's got nothing to do with paying debts. Caroline needs her Class C licence for the job, and as an ex-crim her chances of holding onto that are practically zero. So you see, really, you have no choice: you'll have to get rid of her for the sake of your business." David stares at her.


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