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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

A while later, Ginny storms over to her bus, unlocks it and heads inside, pulling the doors shut tightly behind her. She sighs heavily as she sits down, reaches into her bag and takes out her diary. She begins to write furiously, mouthing as she does so, "Talk about triple yuk day." She then mutters to herself, "I've got the tape, but the dumb nerd won't believe me. What have I got to do to prove it to him?" She then appears to have a sudden thought, and she packs her diary back into her bag, picks up her tape player and heads out.

Andy sits down on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, a tape player on the coffee table in front of him. He smiles gleefully, "OK, Maria. Talk to me." Music suddenly starts blasting out, though." Andy stares at the stereo system and then fast forwards the tape. He plays some more. It's still music. He tries turning the tape over, but it still just plays out The Headbangers. Looking furious, he rips the tape out of the player and throws it down by the bar.

Ginny is standing in a public 'phone box, her tape player resting on the shelf. She's saying on the 'phone, "Yeah, I'm looking for Wayne Hamilton - he's staying there with his wife. Important call from Sydney."

In Noosa, Wayne and Susan are standing by a pool, Wayne complaining about the fact that it's been raining. Looking gleeful, Susan pushes him into the pool! Wayne laughs, "Very funny." He then pulls Susan in behind him! He climbs out and Susan follows him, laughing, "I'll get you!"

In the 'phone box in Sydney, Ginny says, "Can you keep trying a bit longer? Maybe he's just in the shower or something?"

As Wayne heads back into his and Susan's room, the 'phone rings. He answers it. In the 'phone box in Sydney, Ginny starts playing the tape. Maria's voice comes on, saying:

"My baby is not Glen's. Glen has been no--"

In his hotel room, Wayne, looking horrified, snarls down the 'phone, "What the hell do you think you're playing at?" Susan runs into the room after him, but he tells her quickly that he thinks he left his jacket down next to the pool and he asks if she can get it. Susan comments that she didn't see him take it down. Wayne pleads, "Please?" Susan sighs, "OK," and she heads off again. Wayne puts the 'phone back to his ear and snarls, "Right, Andy, what do you want now? And this had better be good." In the 'phone box, Ginny is still holding the 'phone to her tape player. Maria is saying:

"It was Wayne; Wayne--"

Wayne snarls furiously, "Now you listen to me: I'm not paying a cent more than I've already agreed for that tape, so you might as well stop wasting your time--" Ginny turns off her tape player as Maria says:

"He is evil."

She then hangs up, looking pleased with herself.

The 'phone rings at Dural, and Andy, who's sitting at the bar, looking glum, answers it. He murmurs, "Yeah?" Wayne comes on and snarls at him, "You try another trick like that and you're finished. Not a cent. Understood?" Andy asks blankly, "What?" Wayne goes on, "And playing that thing over the 'phone. How could you be so stupid? Susan was standing right beside me." Andy, realising what's going on, blusters quickly, "Too bad. I just wanted you to know I wasn't kidding - in case you were thinking of backing out." Wayne growls, "I told you: I've made arrangements. The transfer to your account should be through by now." Andy retorts, "Well it isn't. Seems to me you need a bit of hurrying-up." Wayne growls, "It'll be there. If you knew anything, you'd realise it takes longer than five seconds for a bank transfer to go through. Why don't you try blackmailing the bank? They might hurry it up for you." Andy listens and then says curtly, "Just so you know, I'm not waiting for ever." With that, he hangs up, looking worried.

Ginny is sitting in her bus, looking at a newspaper. There's suddenly a knock on the door and she calls, "Who is it?" Andy calls back that it's him. He steps inside, saying, "I want to talk to you." Ginny muses in delight, "I thought you might." Andy goes on, "I figure I owe you an apology for what I said: you got me at a bad time; I had a lot on my mind. I wouldn't have spoken to you like that otherwise." Ginny mutters disbelievingly, "Yeah, sure." Andy continues, "If you say you've got the tape I believe you - so why don't we start from scratch? I'll give you a hundred bucks for the tape." Ginny asks, "What makes you so sure I've got it? Maybe you were right the first time." Andy retorts, "Somebody's got it and I don't see who else it would be." Taking out a roll of notes, he adds, "A hundred and fifty." Ginny retorts, "I told you what I want." Andy asks, "You mean that stuff about being a singer?" Ginny snaps, "I'm already a singer. What I want is to be a star." Andy sighs, "It just doesn't happen like that. Why don't you take the cash?" Ginny, however, retorts, "No. I'll tell you what's going to happen: I'm going to keep the tape until I find a real producer; not a no-nothing little hotshot like you. And when I find out how much it'll cost to launch me, then I'll talk to you about who's going to pay." Andy warns, "Oh no you don't, because I'm not leaving here without that tape." He starts going through the stuff on her table. Ginny, though, retorts, "Alison's already tried that. She didn't find it, either." Andy suddenly grabs her and threatens, "Then let's try another way." Ginny says quickly, "You touch me and the tape goes straight to Alison. Wonder how your boss would feel about that." Andy lets got of her, reluctantly. Ginny goes on curtly, "If you want to waste your time, you can stay here and tear the place apart as much as you like, but you won't find anything - and I'm late for my voice lesson." With that, she storms out, pausing just outside to catch her breath.

A short time later, May lets Ginny into her room at the mansion. She suggests that they practice their breathing exercises first. The two women breathe in and then out. After only a couple of repetitions, Ginny pleads, "Can't we just do some voice stuff? I'm kind of uptight today." May insists, "We can't hope to sing correctly unless we're in full control of our diaphragm." Ginny tells her, "I'm honest. Let me just try saying something." May gives her a phrase to say, reeling it out in a very well-spoken voice. Ginny tries to repeat it, but says it in a more common voice. May sighs at her that she's swallowing her vowels. She tells her that she's not going to get anywhere unless she relaxes. She asks what the problem is. Ginny sighs, "Just a couple of things I've got to sort out." May suggests, "Perhaps you should make another appointment - and in the meantime take a long walk or go to the cinema; something that will help you unwind a little." Ginny points out, "But I'll have to pay for the lesson, won't I? - and I can't afford to just throw away ten bucks." May corrects with a grimace, "Dollars, dear. Dollars." She then concedes, "Perhaps we could settle for a $5 cancellation fee." Ginny admits, "I can't afford that, either." May sighs, "Very well. I don't suppose $10 will make me or break me. Now, off you go and give me a call when you're ready to try again." Ginny smiles, "That's real good of you." She then goes on, "You know? You remind me of my Aunt Minnie - well, great aunt, really. We got on alright, me and her. Only one in the whole family I could stand." May muses, "I'm flattered..." She then adds, "Now run along before I change my mind." Ginny picks up her bag and leaves. May stands there, looking slightly deflated.

Debbie and Craig arrive back at the country house. As they head into the kitchen, Debbie smiles, "Must be doing something right: that client gave me a $20 tip!" She stuffs the note into Craig's shirt pocket. Craig, though, just stands there, looking glum, and says, "Look, Deb - I've been meaning to have a talk to you. I've kind of lost interest in the holiday idea: it'd take us forever to save anything like enough, even if we scrape every spare cent - and where's the fun in that? Why don't you just buy yourself something nice?" He takes out the $20 note and puts it on the table. Debbie, though, tells him seriously, "I wasn't thinking about the holiday. I thought maybe you could use it for something else: maybe you could give it to your mum." Craig asks in surprise, "My mother?" Debbie nods, "From what we saw this morning, she could certainly use it - and I know you're still worrying about her." Craig points out, "I can hardly just walk up to her and give her $20. I mean, from what I know of her she'd take it quick enough, but she'd want to know who I was." Debbie tells him, "You don't have to front-up. Put it in an envelope and leave it at the rooming house." Craig murmurs, "I guess it would be something. Might make me feel a bit better." Debbie insists, "Craig, you have got nothing to be guilty about. She doesn't deserve to have someone like you caring for her - but seeing you do..." Craig, a smile appearing suddenly on his face, nods, "I reckon you're right. I could even throw in a few bucks of my own, as well." He then adds, suddenly serious again, "But it's not really going to change things - I've still got to face her sooner or later..."

Sometime later, Craig and Debbie walk up to the building where Ruby is staying. Craig sighs, "Here goes..." Debbie tells him, "You don't have to see her, you know? You could just leave the money." Craig, however, insists, "I have to see her, Deb." A woman approaches them suddenly and mutters, "Yeah?" Craig tells her, "We'd like to see one of the tenants: Ruby Hawkins." The woman growls, "You and me, too: she did a flit. I told my old man he shouldn't have trusted her." She goes to walk off, but Craig says quickly, "How much does she owe you?" The woman turns to him and replies, "She still owes about thirty-five bucks. Why? Did she sting you too?" Craig takes out some money and hands over $35, replying as he does so, "I just don't want to see her out of pocket, that's all." The woman asks suspiciously, "What difference does it make to you?" Craig tells her, "I'm her son - and I don't want anyone slinging off at my mother, right?" The woman just shrugs and walks off.

As Debbie and Craig walk back into the country house a while later, Debbie says tersely, "All I am saying is that we should talk about it." Craig, however, retorts, "That there is nothing to talk about - unless you want to have a go at me for blowing our savings." Debbie sighs, "You know I don't care about the money." Craig demands, "Then what's your problem?" Debbie retorts, "It's your attitude. A week ago you would never have told that woman Ruby Hawkins was your mum, let alone pay off all her debts. So what's changed you?" Craig snaps, "It just seemed like the right thing to do." He goes on angrily, "There's two sides to every story. I just don't think it's fair that I should judge her 'til she's had a chance to tell me her side of it. Aunty Jean could have been wrong about her reasons for giving me away." Debbie asks gently, "What if she wasn't?" Craig retorts, "Maybe mum regrets it now." Debbie gives him a hug, and he asks, "Can you see my point about giving mum a go?" Debbie sighs, "If it'll make you feel happier, then why not - but now that we don't know where she is--" Craig interrupts and says, "I've been thinking about that: I'll leave a message with Aunty Jean. Mum keeps in touch with her." Debbie, looking worried, murmurs, "Good idea..."

Ginny stumbles into a room in a recording studio, followed by a large man. She turns and glares at him, snapping, "I don't know who you think you are, but you're going to be sorry. I don't like being pushed around." The man tells her, "Just doing me job, kid. Why don't you shut up 'til you'll find out what you're here for?" Ginny growls, "There happens to be a law against kidnapping people." Andy appears suddenly from another room and tells her, "There happens to be a law against blackmailing people, too." Ginny glares at him and spits, "Might have known it would be you. You've got one hell of a nerve." Andy shrugs, "I want to talk to you and you want to talk to me." The heavy leaves the room. Ginny looks around and asks Andy, "What's this place?" Andy grins sarcastically, "Such a big big rock star and you don't even know what a recording studio looks like!" Ginny snaps, "So now I know. What am I here for?" Andy tells her, "You've got something that I want and I've got something that you want." Ginny snaps, "Bull. Told you I'd find a real producer. I don't need you." Andy, however, retorts, "Don't kid yourself - no real producer would give you the time of the day - except the one I've lined up." Ginny gasps, "What?" Andy nods, "Happens to be the best in the business - and he owes Wayne a favour. And he's also agreed to giving your demo tape a fair hearing." Ginny cries, "But I don't have a demo tape." Andy explains, "That's why we're here: we're going to make one - and I'm going to make sure it's good. You want a career? Well, I'm going to hand it to you on a plate. Do we have a deal?" Ginny retorts, "I don't just want a career; I want to be a star. I told you." Andy points out, "That depends on your talent, doesn't it?" Ginny insists, "I have got it - I just need a decent break." Andy tells her, "Let's hear you. Do we have a deal?" Ginny nods at him.

A short time later, Ginny is standing in front of a microphone. She snaps at Andy that she needs a backing group, and she asks what songs she's supposed to do. Andy comments, "I thought you knew all the answers." He then tells her to put the headphones on. Ginny exclaims, "I won't be able to hear myself." Andy sighs, "Everything you want to hear will come through the 'phones there. It's a standard pre-recording mix. There is no band. You have a choice of around about half a dozen songs, each one in four different keys. Have a listen and choose which one you want to do." Ginny asks, "What if I don't like any of the songs?" Andy just retorts, "They guy is already sold on you, alright? Can we just get started?" Ginny indicates the headphones and mutters, "If I've got these on, I won't be able to hear myself sing." Andy sighs, "We'll mix the voice track through that, alright? Now, can we stop arguing and get on with it?" Ginny puts on the headphones and smiles to herself.

Wayne is dozing on the bed in his and Susan's hotel room in Noosa. Susan is lying next to him and she reaches over and gives him a gentle kiss. He comes-to and smiles, "Hi!" Susan tells him, "Sorry - I didn't mean to wake you. I thought you might be having a bad dream." Wayne, however, tells her that he wasn't sleeping; he was thinking about a business problem. Susan sighs, "You promised me you weren't going to do that anymore." Wayne tells her, "OK. Word of honour. No more thoughts about business until after the honeymoon." Susan smiles, "What you need is something to keep your mind off it, that's all..." She gives him a hug. As she does so, Wayne peers over her shoulder at a copy of the photo of the two of them and a glum-looking David at the wedding. He then tells Susan, "I've just thought of the perfect thing: I made someone a promise; I have to think of the best way to keep it." Susan muses, "Not exactly what I had in mind - but whatever makes you happy." She then hands Wayne a 'Congratulations' card and tells him that it was down at the desk; it's from Craig and Debbie; Gordon forwarded it on. She adds, "Remember you met Craig at the mansion? They work for dad. They're terrific kids - honest as you can get - and they'd do anything for dad. They practically run the business for him." Looking suddenly thoughtful, Wayne murmurs, "Is that right?" Susan then announces that she's going to have a shower and change. She heads off to the bathroom. Wayne picks up the wedding photo and looks at it. He then picks up the 'phone, dials a number for Reception, and when it's answered, says, "Hello. I'd like to put a call through to Melbourne, thanks."

Ginny is singing in the recording studio, the sound muffled by a think sheet of glass. In the control room, Andy is sitting with an engineer. The engineer turns to him and snaps, "Is this a put-on or what? She's terrible!" Andy tells him, "She thinks she's great, OK, and just for the moment I want her to keep thinking that - so when she comes in, please, look impressed." The engineer mutters, "I don't think I'm that good an actor!"

Debbie joins Craig in the kitchen at the country house. She has her chauffeur's uniform on. The 'phone suddenly rings and Debbie goes to answer it. A smarmy-looking man, who's standing in front of a display of posters of popular '80s bands, comes on and says, "This is your lucky day: our computer has selected your 'phone number, which means you have the chance to win some terrific prizes." Debbie gasps, "Yeah? That's great! How?" The man tells her, "All you have to do is answer a very simple question. Are you ready?" He listens and then says, "Let's go. What State is the Sydney Opera House in? You have ten seconds." He starts counting down from ten. Meanwhile, in the kitchen at the country house, Debbie turns to Craig and says, "Quick, quick. What State is the Sydney Opera House in?" Craig replies, "New South Wales. Where else?" Debbie repeats this down the 'phone. The man tells her, "Correct! You have just won a fabulous all-expenses paid dream holiday for two to Noosa!" Debbie gasps, "You're kidding!" She then adds, "Oh, we've got to go out for an hour or so." She listens, writes down a number and then hangs up. Craig walks over to her and asks what all that was about. Debbie exclaims, "You're not going to believe this: we've just won a holiday to Noosa. All our expenses are paid." Craig, however, sighs glumly, "That's just our luck." Debbie asks in surprise, "Why? I think it's fantastic." Craig tells her, "We can't just take off; David's depending on us."

Sometime later, Craig and Debbie pull up in the 'Home In Style' car at the side of a road. They climb out, Debbie sighing, "I never win anything - never - and the one time that I do, I can't collect." Craig suggests, "Let's just see what they say when they 'phone back." The walk round the corner into another road. As they do so, a car comes down the road behind them and roars round the corner they've just left behind. There's suddenly a squeal of brakes and the sound of a crash. Craig and Debbie look at each other and run back round the corner. The 'Home In Style' car has had the front crushed, but the other car has driven off. Craig and Debbie stare at it their car horror and Debbie gasps, "The stupid guy must have been drunk; he didn't even stop." Craig retorts, "He sure stopped us - that'll take weeks to get fixed." Debbie cries, "We just can't work without the car." Craig mutters, "It looks like we're out of business." Debbie cries, "It's just not fair. Why can't anything go right? It's just not fair."

In the control room at the recording studio, Andy removes his headphones as Ginny walks in. He looks pained! Ginny asks eagerly, "How was it?" Andy tells her, "Terrific!" Ginny says, "Let me hear it." Andy, though, tells her quickly, "Not yet - there's a lot to be done: it has to be equalised and mixed-in with the backing tracks." Ginny insists, "I want to hear what I sound like." Andy, however, tells her, "You can't listen to the raw tape. All the top singers, they make it a point: they never listen to their tapes until they've been mixed-down." Ginny asks when it's going to be mixed. Andy replies, "When we get some mixing time - in a couple of days, maybe." Ginny says reluctantly, "If that's what it takes... as long as you realise you're not getting the cassette until things start to happen for me." Andy 'assures' her, "I don't think that'll be too long." Ginny points out, "You didn't think so this morning." Andy tells her, "I'm sorry for what I said - but I was in a rotten mood. Now, since I've heard what a terrific singer you are, I think we should try and work as friends." Ginny mutters suspiciously, "I'll bet. You'll still not getting the tape until I'm ready to give it to you." Andy tells her, "I didn't expect to. I've learnt not to underestimate you - but I do want your word on one thing." Ginny asks, "What?" Andy replies, "You won't sell to Alison." Ginny retorts, "That depends on whether you deliver the goods or not, doesn't it? She's got money; she could buy me all the studio time I need." Andy, however, points out, "I've got the contacts, and that's what you're going to need to swing it for you. Not any amount of money." He then adds, "Have I got your word you won't sell to Alison?" Ginny mutters reluctantly, "Yeah." Andy smiles, "Great. You won't regret it, Ginny. You've got my word on that..."

In the kitchen at the country house, Debbie hangs up the 'phone and says to Craig, "It's all fixed. The man says all we have to do is tell the hotel we're coming and pick up the tickets from the airport." Craig comments, "What do you know? I half reckoned it was some sort of con. I'm just glad David took it so well when you 'phoned him about the car." Debbie nods, "Yeah, he wasn't angry at all - just happy that no one was hurt, I think." Craig asks, "Did he mention if he wants us to get some quotes from body shops?" Debbie, however, replies, "No... he seemed happy to look after everything himself." She adds, "It was lucky he was planning to come home this afternoon, too. I only just caught him." Craig suggests, "We better start packing while the going's good. Noosa here we come!"

In his and Susan's room at the hotel in Noosa, Wayne is saying on the 'phone, "They went for it, then? And you're sure you put their car out of action?" At the other end of the 'phone, the smarmy-looking man smiles, "Yep. Week at least." Wayne grins, "OK - sounds like good work. I'll send you a cheque today." He hangs up as Susan walks into the room, loaded down with shopping bags. He laughs, "My God: the local Chamber of Commerce must be loving you!" Susan, though, grins, "I haven't started yet!" She gives him a hug and then asks, "What would you like to do for the rest of the afternoon?" Wayne suggests, "Let's spend it here, away from the rest of the world - just you and me." Susan tells him, "It's about time we got romantic." Wayne laughs, "Actually, I was thinking more of keeping you away from the shops!" Susan bursts out laughing. Wayne then picks her up and carries her over to the bed. She comments, "You have cheered up. You must have found the answer to that problem." Wayne nods, "To one of them, anyway. Now it's just a matter of making things move along the right track..."


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