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    Written by: Boaz Stark   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

Alison snaps, "I am not paying you a cent." She then tries to grab the tape from Ginny's hand, but Ginny retorts, "Yeah, come on, let's fight for it!" Alison glares at her and then asks calmly, "Alright. How much do you want?" Ginny tells her, "As much as it takes to make me a rock star: recording contracts... concert deals... video clips..." Alison gasps, "That'll cost thousands. The tape isn't worth that much." Ginny just growls, "Suit yourself." With that, she picks up her bag and heads back out through the patio doors. Alison immediately picks up her keys and handbag and heads out the front.

Andy is standing in the hallway at Dural, looking around and saying to himself, "It can't have disappeared. It's impossible." He puts his hand on the telephone table and goes on, "What was here? The 'phone... serviettes... the wedding cake..." He then breaks off and exclaims, "Wedding cake. Hell. You idiot." He picks up the 'phone and dials a number. Fiona answers it in her room at the mansion and Andy tells her that he was wondering if Owen was there. Fiona replies, "I'm sorry, he's out with Janice. Can I take a message?" Andy blusters, "Oh, well, nothing much. Well, not exactly nothing. It's about a job, actually - not with Wayne, with Gordon, so don't worry. If you could tell Owen to call around here tomorrow, say around about nine o'clock?" He listens and then says, "OK. Thanks." He hangs up and sighs heavily, still looking worried.

Debbie is standing in the doorway of the lounge room at the country house. Beryl is standing in the room itself, and Debbie tells her, "I can't hear a thing. I'd love to know what's going on." Beryl replies, "So would I. When I went to see her, Jean made it perfectly clear she didn't want a bar of Craig or his mother." Another clap of thunder rumbles outside, and, changing the subject, Beryl says, "Debbie, I was wondering: are you still staying in hostels?" Debbie sighs, "Yeah - and it's such a pain, too. I can only stay in each one for two weeks, then I have to move on: house rules. I just can't seem to find anywhere else as cheap, though." Beryl suggests, "How about moving in with me? You can pay the same as you pay at the hostels." Debbie gasps in surprise, "Are you sure?!" Beryl smiles, "I'd like you there. It would be nice for Robert and I to have someone around." She adds quickly, "You know: to talk to." Debbie grins, "Alright, then. I can move in tomorrow, then." Beryl tells her, "Tomorrow would be perfect!"

In the kitchen, Jean is saying earnestly, "She needs help, Craig." Craig retorts sourly, "She's managed before." Jean tells him, "She can't this time." Craig demands, "How do you know?" Jean replies, "Because I've seen her." Craig demands, "What does that prove?" Jean tells him, "When you see her, you'll know. She didn't come crawling for a handout this time. She's desperate. You could see it in her eyes." Craig asks, "Why do you care what happens to her?" Jean retorts, "I'm human. I don't like watching people suffer." Craig glares at her and growls, "You didn't mind watching me suffer, did you? As soon as Maisie died you couldn't wait to tell me she wasn't my real mum." Jean insists, "You deserved the truth." Craig retorts, "But I didn't deserve to know where she was." Jean protests, "I didn't know." Craig persists, "You wouldn't help." Jean cries, "I was angry. Maisie was my sister and Ruby made her life hell. Anyway, I didn't think she was worth tracking down." Craig demands, "And now she is?" Jean tells him, "Now I've seen her. Now I know her life's hell, too. She needs you, Craig. You owe it to her." Craig gasps, "Owe it to her? For what? She didn't gave a damn about me when I was growing up." In the lounge room, Debbie and Beryl look at each other as Craig raises his voice and yells, "Do you know how many months I spent thinking about her? Wanting to see her? I almost drove Beryl crazy because I thought she was Ruby - and you stand there and tell me that I owe it to her?" Jean says tersely, "She's your mother." Craig, his face red, shouts, "I don't owe her a thing." Beryl and Debbie burst in suddenly and Beryl asks Craig in concern, "Are you alright?" Jean turns to her and snaps, "Keep out of it." She then adds quickly and more calmly, "I'm sorry." Beryl asks what's going on. Jean tells her, "Ruby needs help." Beryl comments, "And you think Craig can give it to her?" Jean insists, "She needs him." Beryl retorts, "She might need someone, but not Craig." Jean tells her, "I don't agree." She then takes a piece of paper out of her handbag and writes down an address on it. She tells Craig, "That's her address. Think about it - please." With that, she heads off, leaving Craig looking stony-faced.

Fiona walks downstairs at the mansion. Owen and Janice are walking along the hallway and she joins them and asks if they had a pleasant evening. Janice smiles that it was very pleasant. Fiona then tells Owen, "Andy called earlier on - something about a job. It seems that Gordon has found a use for you, and if you're interested, if you will front-up at Dural nine o'clock sharp tomorrow morning." With that, she wishes the two of them goodnight and heads off to her room. Janice smiles at Owen, "There, you see? I told you. I knew something would turn up." Owen, though, gasps suddenly, "The interview's tomorrow. I've never been for a job interview before. What do I do? What do I say? What do I wear?" Janice suggests a suit. Owen, still looking worried, asks, "What if I mess it up?" Janice tells him, "Owen, you've got to be positive. You're a very capable person; Gordon wouldn't be offering you a job otherwise. And I'm behind you all the way."

The next morning, at Charlie's, Alison is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room, saying curtly, "Don't 'Hello, darling' me, Charlie. How could you be so stupid as to give that tape to Ginny? I have been up all night following that girl from one nightclub to another to try and find out where she lives." She listens and then sighs, "No, I didn't. She saw me while some would-be playboy was trying to chat me up and gave me the slip." She listens again and says, "I'll see you when you get back." She then hangs up, looking frustrated.

Ginny unlocks the padlock on the door of her bus and heads inside. She goes and sits down on her bed and pulls off her boots and several necklaces. She then picks up the cassette and stares at it, gleefully.

Andy opens the front door at Dural and finds Owen standing on the step. He invites him in - and looks annoyed when Janice then follows him inside. Owen says, "I hope you don't mind that I brought Janice along, but we are getting married..." Andy insists quickly, "No, no, no, that's OK." He invites them into the lounge room. As they head in there, Andy starts to say, "Listen, Owen, you didn't happen to see--" Before he can get any further, though, Janice interrupts and asks, "What's this about a job for Owen?" Andy says quickly, "A job? Oh, right. I thought there might be something for him up at Woombai." Janice queries, "Woombai?" Andy explains, "It's a Hamilton property up near Scone." Janice asks, "What sort of a job?" Andy blusters, "You see... Wayne was thinking of setting up a, er, wildlife nature reserve. I thought Owen would make a great curator." Janice smiles, "He'd be the perfect man for the job. There isn't a thing Owen doesn't know about wildlife." Andy muses, "So I've heard..." Janice then goes on, "We were told, however, he'd be working for Gordon. It's a minor point, of course - it doesn't really matter - but I'd just like to sort everything out." Andy turns to Owen and tells him, "Strictly speaking, Gordon does own Woombai - and you would be working for Gordon - but it's Wayne who has the final say on whether or not you get the job." Janice asks, "When will the reserve be opening?" Andy says quickly, "Soon, soon, I think - when Wayne comes back from his honeymoon." Janice smiles, "Sounds excellent." Owen adds, "Excellent." He and Janice stand up to go. Andy starts to say to him, "Listen, you didn't happen to--" He's interrupted again, though, by Janice asking, "What sort of salary would the successful applicant earn, Andy?" Owen turns to her a protests, "I really don't think we should go into this at this moment." Janice, however, retorts, "It's important, Owen: you'll have a wife and family to consider soon." She then turns to Andy and continues, "If you've got a map of the area, I'd like to see how far away from the shops and hospitals we'll be, too." Andy looks at her, a bemused expression on his face!

Beryl is playing with Robert in the lounge room in her house in Albert Park. Debbie walks into the room, holding a horse's saddle, and Beryl comments, "That's quite a showpiece." Debbie explains, "It was my father's. He used to ride it in some of the country meets." Beryl looks at the saddle and then asks about the large chain wrapped round it. Debbie tells her, "Somebody tried to steal it once." Beryl declares, "Well, you don't have to worry about that here: I've rung the security firm and someone's coming over this morning to discuss putting an alarm in." Debbie smiles, "Terrific. I'd hate to lose it." Craig comes in from outside, carrying a suitcase. Debbie heads off to her room. Craig looks over at Robert, sitting on the floor. He then murmurs, "He's a lucky guy." Beryl walks over to him and says softly, "Craig, I'm sure Maisie loved you as much as I love Robert; if anyone's missed out it's been Ruby." Craig just sighs, "Maybe Aunty Jean's right: maybe I should see her." Beryl asks in surprise, "Why?" Craig replies, "What if she does need me?" Beryl tells him, "I wouldn't necessarily believe what Jean Hopkins said. She did say Ruby's been to see her a few times; maybe she just wants to palm her off on to you?" Craig, however, shakes his head. Beryl goes on, "Anyway, now that Jean knows where you are, she can tell Ruby and if Ruby does need you, let her come to you. There's no reason for you to go to her. There's no reason for you to feel guilty; absolutely no reason at all." Craig, however, murmurs, "I do, though..."

In the lounge room at Dural, Andy is showing Owen and Janice a map of Woombai, the farmhouse and where he thinks Wayne intends to set the nature reserve up. He then declares, "Look at the time - I'm afraid I'm going to have to call it to a halt; business does go on." Janice thanks him for showing them the map, adding, "I'm sure you'll agree: Wayne would benefit from involving Owen right from the start." Andy nods, "I'm sure he would." The three of them walk out into the hallway, and, as they stand by the door, Owen shakes Andy's hand. As he and Janice turn to go, Andy says quickly, "Listen, Owen, you didn't happen to see a tape on the hall table, did you? Remember the day after the wedding: you came out here to get a piece of wedding cake." Owen murmurs nervously, "Oh yes, I did. I wrapped it up in the cake by mistake. Was it yours?" Andy tells him quickly, "Yes, it was. I wouldn't normally worry about it much; it's just that an old girlfriend gave it to me and I'm sort of like sentimentally attached to it." Janice asks, "What's on it?" Andy replies quickly, "Oh, just a bit of music, that's all. The Headbangers - heavy metal. You wouldn't like it much." Owen tells him, "I'll make sure you get it back as soon as possible." With that, Andy opens the door and lets him and Janice out. He still looks worried.

A salesman is standing with Beryl in her kitchen, telling her about a security system. After he's finished his spiel, Beryl asks him how much it costs. He tells her, "$2500. There's also a monthly $50 fee for the surveillance company's protection - but I'm sure you'll agree it's a small price to pay for peace of mind." Beryl sighs, "It's a little bit too steep for me, I'm afraid." The salesman starts to tell her about a cheaper option. He hands Beryl a pamphlet and she says, "As long as we're safe." The salesman hands her another leaflet and goes on, "This one is less than half price with no monthly payments. We'll even throw in a portable panic button." Beryl smiles, "Alright - I'll take that one."

Out in the lounge room, Debbie is sitting with Robert on her lap. She says to a glum-looking Craig, "Why don't we get out and get a few things for a party? Beryl won't mind; we'll celebrate my moving in here - like a housewarming." Craig, however, mutters, "I'm sorry, Deb. Not in the mood." Beryl and the salesman join them from the kitchen, the salesman saying, "I'll send our men round this afternoon to install the system." Beryl thanks him. She then tells Debbie and Craig, "I've taken the plunge!" She takes Robert from Debbie and goes to the front door to see the salesman out. In the lounge room, Debbie asks Craig, "Do you want to come for a walk?" Craig, though, just stares at her and then says, "I have to see her, Deb."

Ruby is tottering along a street on high heels when she spots Jean walking towards her. The two women approach each other and Ruby says in her tarty voice, "Glad you could make it, Jeannie." Jean takes an envelope out of her handbag and snaps, "This is your last payment. I won't be coming here again." Ruby just chuckles nastily, "Sure. You'll be hearing from me. Bye." She turns and totters away again.

It's mid-afternoon. There's the sound of a drill in the background as Beryl and Debbie sit in the kitchen at Beryl's, Beryl saying, "I'll be turning it on every night - so if you have to get up, you've got 35 seconds to turn it off or the alarm will go off." Debbie asks dubiously, "What if I forget?" Beryl tells her, "It might take a little time but I'm sure you'll get the hang of it." She then demonstrates the portable panic button, explaining, "If you think someone's in the house, you push that and it'll go off straight away." Craig suddenly appears in the doorway from the hall and says, "I'm going to see Ruby. Coming, Deb?" Debbie nods, "Yeah, sure." Beryl cries in concern, "Craig, do you really think that's a--?" Craig interrupts her, though, and retorts, "I've got to do it; I just do. I'm sorry. I have to see for myself. I'll catch you later." With that, he and Debbie head out, leaving Beryl looking worried.

A while later, Debbie and Craig approach the address that Jean wrote on the piece of paper. They stop and look at the rundown place and Craig says, "This is it. Let's go in." Before they can move, though, they spot Ruby coming towards them. As she passes an elderly man standing by some dustbins, he stops her and says, "Just a minute - where's your rent?" Ruby pleads, "Oh give a girl a break. I'm flat broke." The man snaps, "You're already three weeks behind. Either pay up or get out." Ruby, placing her hands on the man's shirt and straightening his collar, smiles flirtatiously, "There's more to life than money. A girl can settle debts other ways..." Debbie and Craig look on in horror. The man tells Ruby tersely, "Just pay up, OK?" Ruby glares at him and snaps, "Shove it." She then storms off. Debbie asks Craig, "Do you want to go after her?" Craig, though, looking disgusted, sighs, "Let's just go home."

In her bus, Ginny rouses from a sleep. She's sits up on her bed and picks up the cassette from where it's resting beneath her. She places it in her tape player and then presses 'Play'. She then listens to the start of Maria's confession, looking thoughtful.

A short time later, the 'phone rings at Charlie's. Alison answers it. Ginny is standing in a public 'phone box, and she takes the 'phone's handset and places it against one of the speakers of her tape player, which she has rested on the shelf in the box. She presses 'Play' and Maria's voice starts saying:

"Susan. Although I never met you, Glen tells me of you. Of--"

At Charlie's, Alison listens, a frown on her face.

The tape continues playing:

"As he does, I feel the terrible guilt of what I have done to you. The terrible lies I have told for money given to me by Wayne Ham--"

Ginny turns the tape off suddenly. Putting the 'phone back to her ear, she then says curtly, "Surprising what you hear on cassettes nowadays, isn't it?" Alison mutters, "Isn't it just..." Ginny goes on, "Seeing you're not interested, I thought Wayne or even Andy might be - unless you change your mind." Alison pauses, then says, "Alright. Why don't I come over to your place and we can talk properly?" Ginny, however, retorts, "And let you know where I live? I'd rather keep that a secret; I'd sleep easier. I'll be in touch - we'll meet when and where I want to." Alison warns, "Don't push your luck, Ginny." Ginny just retorts, "Like I said: I'll be in touch." She hangs up, leaving Alison looking annoyed.

Janice and Owen are busy searching Fiona's room at the mansion for the tape. Owen, however, sighs that it's just not there. Janice insists that it must be. Owen tells her, "Andy's going to be very upset if we don't get it back to him." Alison walks in suddenly through the gap in the bookcase. She's holding a small book. Janice stares at her and demands, "What were you doing in May's room? That's her address book." Alison nods, "That's right. I'm looking for someone's address." Janice asks, "Whose?" Alison replies, "Ginny Doyle. She's one of May's pupils." Janice asks in surprise, "What do you want her address for?" Alison tells her, "We did community service together. She took something of mine by accident and I want it back." Janice asks, "What was it?" Alison replies, "Nothing important - it's just that it had sentimental value." Owen mutters, "There seems to be a lot of that going missing." Janice asks Alison, "Have you tried the Corrective Services Department?" Alison sighs, "Yes, I have. They're not allowed to give out that sort of information." Owen suggests, "What about one of the girls she worked with? They might know." Alison muses, "You might just have something there, Owen..." With that, she hands the address book to Janice and says, "Could you put that back?" She then heads out. When she's gone, Owen comments, "At least she's going to find what she's looking for." Janice murmurs, "We'll just have to wait for Aunt Fiona, I suppose." Owen remarks, "If only we could replace it." Janice says quickly, "Why don't we? There's lots of record shops around here; one of them's bound to have The Headbangers." Owen points out, "Because it was an ordinary cassette, obviously someone had taped it off a record." Janice shrugs, "We'll buy the record and a blank cassette and do the same. He doesn't even have to know." Owen murmurs, "I don't know, Janice - it's illegal." Janice points out, "You want the job, don't you?" Owen nods, "Yes." Janice tells him, "Let's go, then. You can take it to him this afternoon." They head out.

Alison is in Ginny's empty bus, rummaging through her belongings. The door is suddenly flung open and Ginny steps inside. Seeing Alison there, she shrieks in horror, "What are you doing here?" Alison just smiles, "Hello. You really should use that padlock--" Ginny interrupts her and snaps, "How did you find me?" Alison tells her, "One of our community service friends." Ginny cries, "No one was supposed to tell." Alison muses, "I made it worth their while." She then demands, "Where's the tape?" Ginny just retorts, "Where's the money?" Alison, however, tells her, "I do not intend funding the Ginny Doyle debut album." Ginny glares at her and snaps, "Get out. Just get out, OK? It's not even here." Alison glares back and replies, "Alright - but I'm going to get that cassette, whatever it takes." With that, she picks up her bag and leaves. When she's gone, Ginny reaches inside the top she's wearing, removes the cassette and murmurs, "You'll never get it now..."

Janice and Owen are standing in the hallway at Dural. They hand Andy a cassette and he smiles, "Great! Listen: I can't tell you what this means to me." Janice assures him, "It was the least we could do - after all, you're going to help Owen." Owen asks, "Would it help if I prepared a résumé on my bushcraft training?" Andy looks at him blankly and then nods quickly, "Whatever gives you the advantage, sure." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Andy opens it to find Ginny standing there. She steps inside and says, "Got a moment?" Andy indicates Janice and Owen and tells her, "I'm a bit busy at the moment. I--" Ginny interrupts and insists, "It won't take long." Janice glares at Andy and comments sourly, "I didn't know Ginny was a friend of yours." Andy shrugs, "We know each other." Ginny asks Andy, "Can we talk somewhere private? It's important." Owen says quickly, "Janice and I were going anyway." He then tells Andy that he'll get on to the résumé straight away, and he and Janice head out. Andy closes the door behind them. He then tells Ginny curtly, "You should've called before you came around." Ginny retorts, "I didn't think you'd mind when you heard what I had to say. I've got Maria's tape." Andy asks in surprise, "How did you know about it?" Ginny tells him, "I played it; how do you think I know about it?" She then goes on, "From what I can make of it, Wayne wouldn't like Susan hearing this tape - and he can have it back, Andy, if he gives me enough to make me a rock star." Andy just sighs, "I hope you sing better than you lie." Ginny looks at him with a puzzled expression and says, "Huh?" Andy tells her curtly, "I happen to know that you don't have that tape, so stop wasting my time." Ginny protests, "Yes I do - and it's yours if you get me a recording contract." Andy laughs in disbelief, "You have to be kidding. You couldn't make it in the rock scene if your pants were on fire. Backing you would be a waste of time and money; you just don't cut it, get the message?" Ginny glares at him and snarls, "You'll be sorry. I wouldn't give it to you for a million bucks now." With that, she runs out. Andy stands in the hallway, holding the cassette that Owen and Janice gave him, and smiles to himself, "I'll keep my million bucks, thanks..."


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