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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

A short time later, David and Laura head out through the kitchen door, David sighing, "Why on earth I never thought of it I'll never know: of course if she's going to drive for me she'll need a licence." Laura points out that he can hardly blame himself. David, though, insists, "There's got to be some way of being able to save face for her - she's been through enough as it is." With that, he closes the back door and he and Laura head off.

Sometime later, David knocks on the front door at Beryl's and is surprised when Charlie opens it. She invites him in and explains that she's minding the fort while Beryl's out. David asks where she's gone. Charlie explains that she's bought some airline tickets for herself and Robert - to go to London. David gasps, "You're kidding?!" Charlie explains that she's going over to see Kevin for a few weeks. David asks in surprise when she decided that - and how can she afford it. Charlie tells him, "I thought she needed a boost after all the trauma of the wedding, and I couldn't think of a better one." David smiles warmly, "There's no doubt about you, is there?" He then goes on, "Perhaps you can solve a problem for me." Charlie nods, "I'll do my best." David explains, "It's Caroline: to keep working for me, she has to keep her Class C licence. With her record, I think she's going to find that hard. I've been trying to think of a way out without hurting her feelings. She has mentioned to me that she'd be interested in dresses... fashion... that sort of thing. Would you be able to help?" Charlie assures him, "I'll do whatever I can." She adds, "The poor darling - she deserves a break." David muses, "Laura doesn't quite see it that way." Charlie queries, "Laura?" David nods, "She's right in a way, of course: Caroline's not necessarily the best person for the job." Charlie asks him carefully, "Darling, you don't think you're being 'got at' just a little?" David asks her how she means. Charlie replies, "I don't mean to be nasty, but Laura's a very strong-minded woman. I think it's right for you to keep on-side with her to find out all you can, but at the same time I'd be a little cautious." David, though, snaps suddenly, "I didn't get mixed up with her to pick her brains, Charlie. You should know me better than that." Charlie sighs, "It's just that, having met her, she strikes me as the sort of woman who likes a strong man around. You certainly qualify on that score. Be careful - Laura's the type of lady who likes to take over - believe me." David just mutters, "I think you're getting carried away, Charlie. All she wants to do is help me." Charlie, however, sighs, "You're forgetting how well I know you David - and your tastes. Laura reminds me too much of Patricia - and we all know how that turned out." David gives her a look. Charlie warns, "Just take care, that's all."

In Fiona's room at the mansion, Alison is telling Fiona that she found out where Ginny lived and searched the place, all to no avail, which can only mean that Ginny is carrying the tape on her. She adds, "So what I want you to do is, if she comes here again, hold her here for as long as possible and let me know straight away." Fiona laughs, "What are you planning to do: give her a body search?!" Alison replies seriously, "Precisely. It's the only way." Fiona retorts, "What if she doesn't have it?" Alison, however, insists, "Oh, she has it. All we have to do is work out a way to get it from her." Fiona says, "I'll go along with the idea in principle, but I won't guarantee that I'll actually participate." Alison, insists, "You will on the day." She then adds, "See you later," and heads out, leaving Fiona looking worried.

A while later, back at Charlie's, Alison is standing in the lounge room, pouring herself a drink, when she suddenly spots Ginny's reflection in the mirror: Ginny is standing at the patio doors, out in the garden. Alison goes and opens them and Ginny steps inside and says curtly, "Thought I'd call in to say hello; see if you've heard any good tapes lately." Alison sighs, "You think you're being pretty clever, don't you? I'd be very careful, if I were you: you're making quite a mistake." Ginny retorts, "I don't think so." Alison warns, "I wouldn't take Andy's promises too seriously - he simply doesn't have the money to set you up with what you want." Ginny retorts, "I've done pretty well so far - I've already put down a track. They're mixing it now, then it goes to the producer." She adds, "That's where I'm heading, as a matter of fact: to tea with Andy and the producer." Alison glares at her and threatens, "You are not going to leave this house until you hand over that tape." Ginny, however, retorts, "You think I'm stupid enough to carry it around with me? Andy's got it locked away where nobody can get it - including you." She then adds lightly, "I'd better get going - I don't want to keep my producer waiting. And don't worry: I'll see myself out." With that, she heads out through the front, leaving Alison glaring after her.

Glen is saddling up a horse at the stud farm when the owner walks towards him and calls, "Want some good news?" Glen muses that he could always do with that. The owner tells him, "That horse of yours came in: you've won yourself a packet, mate." Glen gasps in astonishment, "It won?!" The stud owner nods, "Romped in." Glen then murmurs to himself, "That ought to be enough..." He then tells the owner, "Sorry to say, but in that case I'll be moving on tomorrow." Looking disappointed, the owner says, "If it's about money or wages, we can talk about it. I don't like to lose a good worker." Glen, however, tells him, "I'm just not in a settling-down mood at the moment." With that, he mounts the horse and adds, "Besides, I want to get back to Sydney and repay a debt..." With that, he rides off.

It's nighttime, and in her room at the mansion, Fiona is snapping at Alison, "And you let her walk out of the house?" Alison retorts, "If Andy's got the tape there's really no point in pursuing it, is there?" Fiona snaps, "If he's got it. But don't forget: Ginny has been duped by Andy before and I would say that there's no way she's going to hand over that tape until she's managed to get every single thing she can out of him." Alison, however, retorts, "There is no way she was carrying that tape." Fiona, though, sighs, "I think you've underestimated her - and now she's warned, there is no way she's going to carry it around with her again. We're right back to square one." Alison curses in anger, "Damn. There must be some way we can get our hands on that blasted thing."

Out in the corridor, Owen is coming downstairs. Janice suddenly walks up to him and demands, "Where are you off to?" Owen replies, "Nowhere in particular." Janice sighs, "You're not still worried about the curator's job, surely?" Owen replies, "What else is there to do?" At that moment, Gordon comes in through the front door and tells Owen, "You're just the man I want to see: I just heard about Andy's idea of making you curator of the Woombai nature reserve." Janice comments, "Natural choice, isn't he?" Gordon tells Owen, "I had no idea that Wayne was planning anything." Janice remarks, "It's a good idea, though, don't you think?" Gordon nods, "Yes it is." He then tells Owen, "I was wondering if it mightn't be a bad idea if you went up for a few days: have a look at the place... see how you like it; maybe come up with a few ideas first and we can take it from there." Owen just looks blankly at Janice, who tells Gordon, "That would be wonderful."

The next day, Laura pulls up in her car in the grounds of the country house. David walks over to her and comments that she's early. As they go to head towards the house, Laura asks, "Did you talk to Caroline?" David replies, "No, but I have organised a couple of casuals to work for me until the kids get back." Laura warns him, "Don't leave it too long - it wouldn't be fair on her." David insists, "I won't. As a matter of fact, I spoke to a friend: I hope she's going to offer her a job, which would at least soften the blow." Laura comments, "You are organised." David shrugs, "Better that she doesn't know I'm behind it, though - a person's pride is important." A man suddenly appears behind them. David tells Laura that he'll see her inside, when he's seen the guy about the interview.

Caroline is sitting inside in the kitchen, sewing, when Laura walks in and remarks curtly, "Being domestic, I see. It's not going to keep you here, though: David says quite a few things during our more intimate moments and I have a feeling he listens to my advice - but I wouldn't worry too much: there's a little plan in mind for you." Caroline just continues sewing, ignoring her. David walks in suddenly and comments, "That didn't take too long: the bloke's ready to go." Caroline stands up and announces, "I might go visiting." David smiles, "What a good idea: get some fresh air. Why don't you go to Beryl's? Charlie's over there - she's always good for a chat." Caroline mutters, "Yes - it might be nice to chat with a... 'friend'..." She glances at Laura and then heads out. When she's gone, David comments to Laura, "Let's hope Charlie makes her an offer she can't refuse..."

At Beryl's, Charlie is dressing Isabella in clothes matching those from the advertising sketches that she showed Beryl! There's suddenly a knock on the door and Charlie goes to get it. She finds Caroline standing there and invites her in. They head into the lounge room and Charlie tells Caroline that she was going to ring her. Caroline spots the sketches on the table and comments, "They look good." Charlie picks up Isabella and smiles, "Isn't my little girl going to look gorgeous?!" Caroline stands there, looking dubious, and then asks, "Do you think you're quite right for the product?" Charlie insists, "I'm sure I can sell biscuits as well as the next person." Caroline comments, "It's not really your image, is it? If it was some terribly chic brand of Swiss chocolates or perfume or something like that..." Charlie asks if Caroline means the biscuits are a bit too downmarket for her. Caroline nods, "Yes." Charlie suggests, "I could always make myself fit the image: put an apron on... slaving over a hot stove..." Caroline comments, "I think they'd see through it, Charlie." Charlie asks, "Do you think?" Caroline murmurs, "I'm sorry." Charlie sighs, "Oh dear... I wonder who I can get to do it..." Caroline says quietly, "Well... I don't look too bad in an apron - and I could do with the work. I'm feeling a bit useless at the moment, and the sooner I get a job, the sooner I might get some of my confidence back." Charlie smiles, "Is that all that's worrying you? Well say no more. Actually, I was going to talk to you about doing some work for me anyway: modelling." Caroline gasps, "Really?!" Charlie smiles, "You'd be ideal!" Caroline tells her, "I'd love that - but I've got to wait until Craig and Debbie get back; I don't want to leave David in the lurch." Charlie, however, replies, "Oh, I wouldn't worry about that: it was David who put the idea into my head in the first place." Caroline murmurs longingly, "Isn't that typical of him..." Charlie insists quickly, "He didn't mean to interfere or anything." Caroline assures her, "I know, Charlie, it's alright. It's just David being himself: thoughtful and sweet..." Charlie, however, tells her, "It wasn't actually David; it was more Laura's idea." Caroline glares at her.

Laura is standing by the kitchen sink at the country house when Caroline storms in and snaps, "Had it all planned, didn't you? Charlie's told me the lot." Laura retorts, "That's only part of it, the job. It won't take David long to realise it's not good for him to be seen with an ex-crim; in fact, he's working on a way to get rid of you right now, as a matter of fact - and I'd say once you start your modelling we'll be seeing less and less of you." Caroline spits, "You hope." Laura nods, "Yes, I do - and you know what influence I can have over him." She adds, "Mind you, it was easy having you as the target. David might be a bit rough around the edges, but he knows where to draw the line - and he's not really into tarts." Caroline glares at her and snarls, "Funny how he chose you, then, isn't it?" She suddenly grabs the lapels of Laura's top and pushes her up against the sink, going on furiously, "I learnt a lot about women like you in prison." Hearing the commotion, David dashes in from the hallway and demands, "What's going on here?" He pulls the two women apart. Caroline snarls at Laura, "It should be you he's throwing out, not me." She then turns to David and cries, "It's about time you realised what she's like, David." With that, she runs out. David looks at Laura and snaps, "You knew damn well I didn't want to hurt Caroline." Laura retorts, "Someone had to tell her what was going on." David snaps, "I don't need your help to handle my friends and I especially don't need you to tell me lies. I had no intentions of kicking her out of the house." Laura retorts, "If you don't you're a damned fool. What do you think this is going to do to you professionally, having her hanging around? You want to be a success, then you better start making a few hard changes - and the first is to send her packing." David stands there, looking angry.

A short time later, David is marching Laura back to her car. Laura is snapping, "Without me around you haven't got a hope of being a success." David snaps back, "That's fine by me." Laura tells him, "You're crazy to let the chance go." David snaps, "I'll work and I'll work damn hard, but I'm not going to step over people in the process." They reach Laura's car and David opens the driver's side door. He pushes Laura towards it. She turns to look at him and snarls, "No guts: that's your basic problem. If I go now I won't be coming back." David snaps, "You said it." He then pushes Laura into her car and walks off. Laura starts the car engine.

Inside, Caroline is standing in the kitchen, and as David comes back in she tells him, "Won't be long - I'll just have to go and get my bags." David, however, replies, "Hold your horses: you're not going anywhere." Caroline protests, "But I--" David interrupts and tells her, "She's gone." He goes on, "I don't know why I didn't wake up sooner: Charlie told me she was another Patricia." Caroline comments, "That's the first thing that sprang to mind the minute I clapped eyes on her. That's why I simply could not cope with her." David tells her, "You'll have to face up to facts sooner or later, Caroline." Looking puzzled, Caroline asks, "Face what facts?" David replies, "If you're going to have a decent crack at getting back on your feet you've got to put what Alison did behind you." Caroline sighs, "Easier said than done." David assures her, "I'll always be here - I'm more than happy to help you." With that, he gives her a hug. Caroline, looking relieved, murmurs, "I'll do my best..."

Ginny is sitting on the bed in her bus, writing her diary:

"The recording session was really fantastic. Can't wait to hear what it sounds like. When it all happens I'm going to buy the best set of wheels you ever saw - one of those really ritzy jobs. And when I go on tour I'll have the best-looking guys in every town wanting to take me out every night - after the concert, of course. It's all happening. The only thing I get twitchy about is the tape: no way I can keep it here - and I'm not going to carry it around with me."

With that, she stands up, puts her diary away, picks up the tape and heads out.

Sometime later, Ginny is at the mansion, and she knocks on May's door. There's no answer, so she turns the door handle and goes to head inside. Janice suddenly marches up behind her and demands, "What do you think you're doing? You can't just walk in like that." Ginny retorts, "I've got an appointment to see her, so drop dead." Janice looks at her watch and comments sourly, "You're fifteen minutes early." Ginny snaps, "Listen, bigmouth - I'm a customer round here." Glen suddenly walks in through the front door and smiles, "Hello, Janice, I'm back." Janice replies warmly, "How lovely to see you again. You alright?" Glen nods, "Not bad." Ginny interrupts suddenly and, looking at Glen with an impressed expression on her face, says to him, "Excuse me, I'm Ginny. You're Glen, I gather?" Glen just nods, "Mmm." Janice then tells him that Fiona is in. Ginny asks him, "Just been somewhere, have you?" Glen replies, "Yeah, a horse stud." Ginny comments, "Bet you're a great rider." Janice snaps at her, "Will you just wait for May?" Glen heads off to Fiona's room, leaving Ginny staring after him. She then gasps at Janice, "Where'd you find him?!"

In Fiona's room, Fiona gives Glen a warm hug and comments, "You're looking so well! The fresh air must have done something for you!" She then asks him if he's having a little bit of time off. Glen explains, "No - I packed it in." Fiona queries carefully, "Why? Susan...?" Glen tells her, "I've done a bit of thinking since I went to the stud about Susan and the wedding. I can't accept it, of course, but I am learning to cope with it." Fiona murmurs, "I'm glad for at least that much. That's the reason you came back?" Glen explains, "No. I owed Alison the money she lent me for the air fare and I've got that back... but... I don't know... I can't really explain it; I feel restless; don't know what to do with myself. I thought the stud may have made me settle down, but it didn't. Every morning I wake up... I don't know quite how I'm going to get through the day..." Fiona sympathises, "I understand completely what you're going through - believe me I do. There's nothing I can do about it, but I can understand about it, if that's any consolation."

Out in the corridor, Ginny heads into May's room, unseen by anyone. She puts her bag down on May's bed and takes out the tape. She then starts looking around the room, trying to decide where to put it. She suddenly spots an old piano stool. She goes an examines it and discovers that one of the edges of the cushion on top has come unsewn. She goes and places the tape under the loose material and then stands there, looking pleased with herself.

Out in the corridor, Fiona is telling Glen, "I won't come up with you. It's the third door on the left-hand side and there's a wonderful view from up there, too. When you've unpacked, why don't you come back downstairs and we'll finish our chat?" She heads back to her room. Ginny suddenly walks up to Glen and comments, "You're still here..." Glen nods, "Just on my way upstairs." Ginny asks, "Staying here, are you?" Glen replies, "For tonight, at least." Ginny asks him, "What are you doing later?" Glen shrugs, "I hadn't really thought about it." Ginny tells him, "I know a couple of terrific places around town." Glen tells her, "Good. I'll be having a quiet night, I think." Ginny says quickly, "There's nothing wrong with that, either - if you've got someone to have it with..." Alison suddenly appears in the front doorway. Glen smiles over at her, "Alison... hello! I was just going to call you, shortly." Alison just looks across at him and Ginny and then walks into Fiona's room. When she's gone, Ginny comments sourly to Glen, "She's a real dog, isn't she?" Glen just mutters at her, "I'll see you around." With that, he heads off back to Fiona's room, leaving Ginny grinning to herself, "You bet!"

In Fiona's room, Alison is telling Fiona, "I think I've just found out a way to get the tape from Ginny." Glen walks in and smiles at Alison, "Hello again." Alison just looks at him and he snaps, "Look, I know I didn't come through, but I did the best I could." He then takes out his roll of cash and, holding it out, adds, "Here's the money I borrowed. We're even." Alison, though, mutters, "Keep it - call it entertainment expenses - not that I can claim it as a tax deduction." Glen stares at her and asks, "What are you on about?" Alison explains, "You know that tape you brought back with you? That little monster outside has it." Glen gasps, "What?" Alison replies, "That's why I ignored you: to put her off. It's quite obvious she's gone ga-ga over you, so why not use it?" Glen warns, "Hang on..." Alison, though, tells him, "You don't have to do anything but get her on-side; butter her up. I'm quite sure she'd tell you where the tape is." Glen asks, "What's the point? There's nothing we can do about Susan." Alison sighs, "I know that, but what about all the people who've been helping you? Once that tape's in our possession, Wayne can't do a damn thing about David or Beryl or any of us. Now don't you think you owe us all some peace of mind?" Fiona chips in, "It is worth thinking about, Glen." Glen stands there, looking worried.

A short time later, Fiona, Glen and Alison emerge from Fiona's room and stand in the hallway. Fiona tells Glen, "She should almost be finished her lesson with May by now." Glen mutters loudly, "I don't like it." Alison retorts, "She's only a kid, for God's sake." With that, she and Fiona head back into Fiona's room. Glen wanders up the corridor and puts his ear against May's door. The door opens suddenly and Glen takes quick step back. Ginny emerges and smiles at him, "Hello again!" Glen replies, "Hello! You've just been in for a lesson, have you?" Ginny nods, "Yeah - she's a funny old bird but I go to give her a bit of company, you know?" She then asks, "Decided whether you're staying here or not?" Glen nods, "It looks as though I will, yes." Ginny smiles, "Then I'll know where to find you." She then asks him, "Are you doing anything for lunch?" Glen replies, "Why? Did you want to go out some place?" Ginny, looking surprised, replies, "I wasn't suggesting that - but if you'd like..." Glen asks, "Why not?" Ginny, reaching into her bag, says, "Tell you what: how about you come to my place?" She writes down the address on a piece of paper and adds, "It won't be anything big or anything, but it'll be nicer: just the two of us..." Glen asks, "What time?" Ginny tells him, "Give us about an hour, OK?" She hands him the address and he replies, "I'll see you then." With that, she smiles at him warmly and says, "Bye." Glen gives her a little wave and she heads out. He then goes and knocks firmly on the door of Fiona's room. Fiona opens the door and she and Alison emerge. Alison asks in surprise, "Has she gone already?" Glen retorts, "She's invited me for lunch." Alison comments, "You accepted, I hope." Glen sighs, "Yes, I accepted." Alison tells him, "All you have to do is go along with her and get that tape." Glen sighs, "It doesn't seem fair: the kid's gone potty over me." Alison, however, tells him, "Don't be fooled by her: she deserves everything she gets." Glen sighs, "If you say so." He then walks off, murmuring, "See you later." When he's gone, Alison comments to Fiona, "Let's pray he goes through with it: he's our last hope..."


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