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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Glen runs into the flat and then looks out through the window to see if Wayne is coming. Andy is standing in the lounge room, and he asks Glen in surprise what he's doing there. Glen just turns and glares at him and orders him to shut up. Andy starts to say, "If you're looking for Susan--" Glen interrupts him and repeats, "I said 'shut up' and I mean 'shut up'. Get back in that bedroom and if you make one sound - just one little sound - I'm going to flatten you." With his back to the door, Glen doesn't notice Wayne creep in and walk up behind him. He strikes out and thumps Glen with the bar. Glen collapses to the floor. Andy looks at Wayne in horror.

A short time later, Wayne and Andy drag Glen into the bathroom, where they start tying him up.

A few minutes later, Wayne and Andy emerge from the bathroom, Wayne telling Andy as they do so that if you really want to get something, you need to persevere. Andy asks what they're going to do with Glen. Wayne replies that they have to wait for Gordon to go out and Susie to leave, then he can organise a couple of blokes to pick him up. Andy asks in concern, "Then what?" Wayne replies, "They watch him - until after the wedding. After that, I don't care; it doesn't matter." Andy gasps, "And when he comes back and tells Susie what you did?" Wayne asserts, "He won't." Andy says curtly, "I damn well would." Wayne, however, sighs, "Andrew, Glen knows Susan. She's the sort of who makes a decision, and if she regrets it later... tough; she lives with it. So he knows that after the wedding it's too late. Getting her to believe the truth will only make her unhappy; it won't win her back. The last thing he wants to do is make her unhappy." Andy muses, "I guess you know." Wayne smiles nastily, "I certainly do..."

Alison arrives back at Charlie's to find Glen's holdall on the coffee table. She starts calling for him, but there's no answer. Looking concerned, she tuts, "Oh no..."

Glen starts to come-to on the bathroom floor in the flat at Dural. He finds his wrists and legs bound. He starts yelling, "Help me! Someone! Let me out." In the lounge room, Andy cries, "Hell. He's come-to. We'd better gag him." Wayne takes a handkerchief out of his pocket and heads through to the bathroom. As he does so, he tells Andy to put a tape on. Andy puts on some loud music, but looks worried. In the bathroom, Glen tries to speak through the handkerchief tied round his mouth, but he eventually gives up. Wayne just smiles, "That's what I like to see: a guy who knows when he's beaten." He adds nastily, "Some of us are winners, some of us aren't." With that, he leaves the room. Glen lies there looking worried.

Alison is walking along behind the bushes outside. She sees Wayne smiling to himself as he emerges from the flat, but mutters to herself, "You won't be smiling for long..." She walks on, and then spots the piece of paper that Glen dropped. It's his airline ticket, and as she picks it up, she snaps to herself, "Oh damn."

At the country house, Debbie serves Craig with a huge sandwich and tells him that it's good for him. Craig tries it and smiles, "Lettuce and tomato!" He then tells Debbie that he's still not happy about her driving. Debbie, however, assures him that she can handle herself - and he'll be driving right behind her; nothing can go wrong. Craig asks in concern, "What if I don't know you're in trouble?" Debbie sighs, "OK. Let's organise a signal system, then: if I'm in trouble, I'll wave." David suddenly walks in from the hallway. He's wearing a smart jacket, and he asks, "How do I look?" Debbie smiles knowingly, "Well...!" Craig asks him where he's off to. He explains that he's going to have lunch with a lady called Laura Banning. Craig recalls, "The one who bought Doug's mall?" David nods, "I'm going to see if I can promote 'Home in Style' there." Craig wishes him luck. David muses, "She wasn't easy to get to meet - I only got past her secretary by mentioning Doug's name a couple of times." Debbie asks, "Where you taking her?" David replies hesitantly, "Er... 'Maxine's'." Craig laughs, "Which bank are you robbing?!" Debbie asks, "Can you afford it?" David assures her, "I can afford a Waldorf Salad or something. Just because they have $20 main meals doesn't mean to say I have to buy one, does it?!" With that, he heads out.

Susan and Wayne are standing at the bar in the lounge room at Dural. Susan is sighing that it would have been a lot cheaper if they'd just invited half the people. She then comments that they haven't booked a band yet. Wayne tells her that he'll get Andy to organise a mobile disco. Susan, however, retorts, "There is no way I am getting married to disco music!" Wayne shrugs, "Fair enough!" Susan asks, "Couldn't we have a live band?" Wayne nods, "Sure - within reason." Susan tells him, "I wouldn't be expecting Dire Straits; just a nice little competent group who can keep in tune and play all day." Wayne smiles, "Right. I'll book Springsteen in the morning!" Susan laughs and strokes his arm tenderly. She then asks, "You looking forward to it?" Wayne replies lightly, "What a dumb question! I love you, Susie. I'm glad all the hassles with your dad haven't spoilt it for you." Susan tells him, "I don't think it's been easy for either of us, really. I think we're both pretty resilient."" Wayne smiles, "Need to be, eh?" Susan sighs, "I wish mum and dad realised how much you've changed." Wayne assures her, "They will - I'm sure they will - as soon as they see how happy you are. The main thing is that we stay together - always." Susan nods, "I hope so." Wayne assures her, "We will."

Next door, Alison is holding Isabella as she paces Charlie's lounge room. She's saying to the dog, "Now let's assume we're Holmes and Watson for a minute. I'll be Holmes! Alright, so what have we got? Let's examine the evidence: we know that Glen's missing and that his ticket's been found behind a tree in the Hamilton grounds - which suggests either a struggle or a very hasty departure. Now... supposing Wayne discovers Glen and somehow overpowers him. It's unlikely, knowing Wayne... but again, he had such a smug smile on his face, so it is possible. But where did he put him? One assumes that he wanted to keep him out of the way somewhere - which leads us to the big question: where is 'somewhere'?" She looks at Isabella and sighs, "Come on, contribute something. I can't do it all by myself!" Isabella doesn't respond, though! Alison goes on, "All I saw was Wayne leaving the flat to go to the house. It can't be the house because Gordon and Susan are there - and it can't be the flat--" She breaks off suddenly as realisation dawns. She then hisses, "The flat!" She puts Isabella down quickly, picks up her bag and dashes out.

A short time later, Alison dashes up to the front door of the flat. She can hear the loud music playing inside. She hesitates and then knocks on the door. Andy opens it and demands, "What do you want?" Alison tells him quickly that Wayne wants to see him inside. She adds, "Susan insisted he stay back and talk about wedding plans, so he sent me over." Andy thanks her. He steps outside, closing the door, but leaving the music on. He 'explains', "That sound system cost a packet; I'd hate to have it knocked-off." He walks off. Alison stands on the step and reaches into her handbag for her keys.

At 'Maxine's', David is sitting at a table with Laura Banning, who asks him, "What are you having?" David says quickly that he thought he might just have a salad. Looking at the menu, he adds, "But I can't seem to find the prices..." Laura points them out, saying, "There it is: $45 a head. Expensive salad." David, looking shocked, muses, "Mmm..." A waiter walks up to them and asks if they're ready to order. Laura asks for chilled caviar. David looks at her in surprise and then says, "What the hell. I'll have the same thing." The waiter asks, "And to drink?" David opens the wine list. Laura, though, tells him, "With caviar, it can only be champagne, David." David looks at her, warily. Laura asks the waiter for her favourite and he walks off. David then tells Laura that he supposes he should start explaining about 'Home In Style'." Laura, however, says, "I only really discuss business with people I know, Mr. Palmer. So, tell me about yourself..."

Alison is inside the flat at the back of Dural and she turns off the loud music. She then calls quietly, "Glen! Glen!" Glen starts making noises in the bathroom and Alison dashes in there, snapping, "I knew it." She bends down and begins to untie his wrists. The knots are tight, though. Glen indicates his gag and Alison moves to untying that, adding as she does so that they don't have much time to get out. She manages to get it off. Glen then indicates some scissors by the sink.

In the lounge room in the main house, Susan is asking Wayne where they want flowers. Andy suddenly walks in and says, "Wayne... what do you want?" Wayne stares at him and retorts, "What do you mean 'what do I want'?" Andy asks, "Didn't you want to see me?" Wayne tells him, "No." Andy stands there looking puzzled.

In the bathroom in the flat, Glen is asking Alison how she knew where to find him. Alison replies, "A relatively simply process of deduction." She removes the final bonds, then hands him his ticket and suggests they go. Glen tries to stand up, but then mutters that they've cut his circulation; he can hardly walk. Alison retorts that they can't stay there. Glen manages to get up and Alison helps him to the door. He mutters that he supposes he's missed the 'plane. Alison retorts, "Not yet." As they head into the lounge room, Alison gives Glen her car keys and tells him to go straight to the airport. She adds that she'll get his passport and meet him at the airport - but first she wants to make sure Wayne doesn't follow them. Glen grimaces as he tries to move his legs. Alison tells him that he'll have to move, because if he doesn't they'll be caught and Wayne will marry Susan.

By the bar in the main house, Wayne is musing to Andy quietly, "She must know Glen's in the flat." Andy asks, "How?" Wayne retorts, "How the hell would I know?" He then adds, "Did you lock the door?" Andy nods, "Of course. She can't get in." Wayne replies, "Good." He then realises, "Yes she can - she's got keys." Andy murmurs, "Oh God." He goes to run out. Wayne grabs him quickly, though, and then turns to Susan and tells her that he and Andy have just got to go and check on a couple of things. They head out into the hallway and Wayne closes the lounge room doors behind them. The two of them then run down the hallway out towards the flat.

A few seconds later, they head into the flat and into the bathroom to find it empty. Looking annoyed, Wayne looks at Andy and says, "Alison... Charlie's place. Come on."

At Charlie's, Alison takes a pencil out of the sideboard drawer and goes to write on a piece of card. She places the card back in the drawer. There's suddenly a thumping on the front door and Wayne shouts furiously, "Alison." Alison sighs, "Alright, I'm coming." She goes and opens the door. Wayne steps inside and snaps, "Where is he?" Alison asks 'innocently', "Who?" Wayne just snarls, "Don't play dumb. I'm not in the mood." Alison sighs, "I'm sorry. I don't have the faintest idea--" Wayne interrupts and snaps, "Glen. You just abducted him from the flat." Alison smiles incredulously, "I abducted him?" Wayne snaps, "Where is he?" Alison muses, "You seriously don't expect me to stand here and tell you?" Wayne orders Andy, "Have a look around." Alison snaps at him that this isn't his house. Wayne, though, ignores her and suggests to Andy that if Glen left in a hurry, he might have left something behind. Alison mutters that she has half a mind to call the police, and she walks over to the 'phone, standing in front of the sideboard. Wayne approaches her and, indicating the sideboard drawer, asks, "You mind a minute?" Alison mutters, "Pardon?" Wayne orders, "Get out of the way, Alison." He then lifts her up and puts her down a few feet away! He opens the drawer and takes out the card that Alison was writing on. Alison snaps, "Get out - both of you." Wayne reads the card and then smiles at her, "We're leaving." Turning to Andy, he asks, "Know your way to the 'Rose View Motor Inn'?" Andy nods, "Yeah. Why?" Wayne indicates the card and shows that it's written on there that Glen is in room 253. He then looks at Alison and smiles nastily, "I think you're losing your touch." With that, he and Andy head out again, leaving Alison with a delicious smile on her face!

In the kitchen at the country house, Craig is telling Debbie that if she thinks she might be in trouble, she should stick her hand out and tap the roof. Debbie suggests instead that, if she's in trouble, she can stick her hand out the window, and if she's not, she'll leave it inside. Craig accepts this. He then pretends to be a drunk customer and he places his hand on her leg. He asks her what she does. She just sits back, a smile on her face, and makes a delighted purring sound!

At 'Maxine's', Laura Banning takes a sip from a glass of champagne and asks David if he still sees much of his ex-wife. He replies that he does every now and then; they're still friends. He then reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out a rough version of the pamphlet that they're hoping to produce. He hands it to Laura and explains that the idea is to put them in shop windows and hand them out at the mall. Laura muses that it's a good idea... although she's not sure that her shoppers would be too impressed with the suggestion that they're all drunkards. David suggests, "The competition would attract them, wouldn't it? I mean: every 500th customer wins a free trip." Laura just raises her glass to him and murmurs, "Whoopee-doo..." David insists, "It's got something. The whole point is it's not meant to ferry alcos home. It's a bit of a novelty; it's a luxury. Turn your car into a hire car at a 'phone call's notice. Limo at the end of the line." Laura takes the pamphlet from him and says, "What I think it needs is a touch of humanity. Why don't you put your photo on it?" David gasps, "What?" Laura repeats, "Your face. A photo." David laughs, "Get away! People don't want to look at my ugly dial!" Laura, however, tells him flirtatiously, "It's far from ugly, David..." The waiter comes to clear the plates away and offer dessert. David and Laura both decline. David adds, "Just the bill." The waiter looks at him in surprise and says, "I'm sorry?" David repeats, "The bill." The waiter, looking confused, tells him, "But Mrs. Banning's already signed." Laura thanks him and he walks off. David looks at her and comments, "I thought I was supposed to be taking you out to lunch." Laura just replies, "I chose the restaurant so I thought it only fair I pay." David asks, "Who says?" Laura retorts, "Me - so forget it." She then adds, "Let me think about it and I'll give you my answer tomorrow. Er... dinner at my place. Eight o'clock." David, however, retorts, "Listen, lady. You've got the info. Check it out by all means. When you make up your mind, give me a call. Just because I'm doing a deal with you doesn't give you the right to order me around." With that, he stands up, adds, "Thanks for lunch and the champers. Very generous of you," and walks off. Laura remains seated at the table. The waiter walks past again and she calls to him, "Mark... I think I will have dessert." A thoughtful expression crosses her face.

Back at the country house, a disappointed-looking Debbie is asking David why Laura didn't go for it. She adds that it wouldn't be costing her anything; why does she need a whole day to think about it? David suggests, "Maybe she's that sort of woman - that can't say 'no' to your face? I bet her secretary rings tomorrow." Debbie sighs, "I can't think why she'd be saying 'no' at all." David retorts, "That's the impression I got. I'll think of somewhere else to advertise. I'll give it some thought tonight." Craig asks what the rush is for: they've only got one driver and too much advertising means they mightn't be able to cope with the demand. David mutters, "You're expecting a lot, aren't you?" Craig explains, "I just thought the plan was to start small, build a reputation, then expand gradually." David retorts, "It was - but a few things have happened, though: the guy I've been paying off the truck to has turned a bit nasty lately and he's thinking up an excuse to get it back. Giving him his track record, it won't be long before he does. So, it's got a little bit urgent to get things off the ground, that's all." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Craig goes and answers it. After a few seconds, he turns back to David and Debbie and smiles, "Where's the keys? We've got a client. Guy called 'Mark'. Pick-up from 'Maxine's'. Someone must have been eavesdropping." David just mutters, "I bet that Laura left the pamphlet behind. Told you she wasn't interested." Craig looks at Debbie and says, "Let's hit the road, kiddo."

Sometime later, Debbie is driving Laura Banning home. As they head along the road, Laura asks, "Been busy lately?" Debbie explains, "No. We've only just started, really." She then asks, "How did you get to hear about us, Mrs...?" Laura tells her, "Brown. Lyn Brown. Er... the waiter at the restaurant-- " Debbie chips in, "He'd picked up our pamphlet, had he?" Laura nods, "Yes." Debbie smiles, "We've been leaving them everywhere." Laura comments, "Your boss must be keen to expand." Debbie grins, "That's business, isn't it?" Laura goes on, "How does he treat you - your boss? Is he the sort of guy who likes to put people in their places?" Debbie assures her, "David... no. He's just an ordinary, decent sort of a guy. He's nice." Laura muses, "Hmm..." She then asks Debbie if she could put the aerial up." Debbie reaches out through the window. In a car behind her, Craig sees Debbie put her hand out and he mutters, "Oh hell." As Debbie pulls up at a set of traffic lights, Craig brings his car to a halt. He then climbs out, dashes over to the car in front, opens the passenger-side door and drags Laura out! As she stands by the car, looking astonished, Craig stares at her, realises she's a woman, and murmurs in shock, "I'm sorry..." Laura looks at Debbie and demands, "What the hell's going on?" Craig explains nervously, "I thought you were attacking her." Debbie explains to Craig, "I was just putting the aerial up." Craig tries to tell Laura, "We had a signal system--" Laura, though, interrupts and snaps, "Don't bother with excuses. What sort of business is this?" Craig assures her, "We'll give you the trip for free." Laura, however, snaps, "The trip's over, boy - and so is your business. You go back and tell David Palmer that Laura Banning is not happy. Misunderstanding or not - I'm suing."


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