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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Craig tells Laura, "Look, I know I gave you a bit of a scare, Mrs. Banning, but you can't go suing Dave." Laura retorts, "Just watch me." Debbie cries, "It's not fair." Craig tells her, "Dave's not doing too well - financially. You know." Debbie insists, "It was our fault. If you want to sue anybody, sue us. It was just a mistake." Craig explains about the hand signal system and Debbie adds that she'd forgotten about it when she put the aerial up. Laura listens and then comments, "You said David's got some financial problems..." Debbie explains, "He was a truckie, but some guy he owes wants to repossess his lorry, so he's started up this." She adds, "I can understand you being angry, Mrs. Banning, but Craig didn't mean anything, honest." Craig appeals, "You can't go blaming Dave - I mean, he wasn't even here." Laura suggests, "Perhaps if I understood a little bit more about David's financial problems I'd be a bit more, er... 'sympathetic'. How about we have a chat over a cup of coffee?" Craig asks eagerly if that means she's going to forget about suing. Laura smiles, "Maybe..."

Sometime later, at the country house, David is muttering to Craig and Debbie, "Serves her right. If she dresses and acts like a bloke, it'll do her good to get treated like one. As if she could sue you for shaking her up a bit... she's talking through her hat." Debbie comments, "It doesn't matter anyway - she was really friendly by the time we left." Craig adds, "Even asked us to pass on an invitation for lunch tomorrow." David asks, "Who to?" Craig replies, "You!" David protests, "I had lunch with her today." Debbie tells him, "She said same time same place and your shout. She said she's ready to talk business." Looking suddenly delighted, David exclaims, "You little beauty!"

Alison is with Fiona and Beryl in Fiona's room at the mansion. Beryl asks her if she's sure Glen got on the 'plane OK. Alison nods that she watched him with her own eyes. Fiona muses, "I thought that was very clever, slipping Wayne the red herring about the motel." There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona opens it to find Owen standing there. He tells her, "Janice isn't in. I thought she might be here with you." Fiona explains tersely, "She started casual teaching today. I don't think she's home yet." Owen accepts this. He then hands Fiona an envelope, tells her he found it in her letterbox, and turns and goes. Alison announces that she'll be off, and she heads out. Fiona opens the envelope and then gasps, "Oh no..." Beryl asks, "What is it?" Fiona asks, "Do you remember Neville?" Beryl recalls, "The English boy." Fiona hands Beryl a piece of card and says, "That's his wedding photo. His father must have sent it." Beryl looks at the photo of Neville and Celia and comments that they make a lovely couple. Fiona, though, sighs, "I don't think that'll be any consolation to Janice - she was broken-hearted when he left." Beryl suggests, "Don't give it to her, then." Fiona declares, "No, I don't think I will. I'll keep it and show May and then I'll get rid of it. The poor kid's confused enough as it is." Beryl says warily, "You don't think she's going to be silly enough to make some sort of commitment to Owen, do you?" Fiona cries, "I most certainly hope not." She puts the photo in a drawer in a nearby cabinet.

Owen is sitting on the stairs out in the hallway when Janice walks in through the front door. He comments that she looks like she's had a rough day. Janice sighs that they've been on a field trip to the museum. She sits down on the stairs. Owen asks her if she's going upstairs. Janice tells him, "In a minute. I'm pooped." Owen corrects quickly, "You're tired." Janice protests, "That's what I just said." Owen, though, explains, "It's the way that you said it. You mustn't start picking up your aunt's vocabulary." Janice lets out a big yawn and leans her head against the wall. As she does so, Owen, looking down the hallway ahead of him, tells her, "I'm not very good at this sort of thing, so I won't beat around the bush. This isn't just any visit - it's for something very special." He continues, "I don't think I'm being egotistical by saying that your father likes me - perhaps even admires me. I like and admire him." He goes on, "I'm very attracted to you, Janice, and although we come from different social backgrounds, I'm prepared to ignore that, and so is mother. I'm sure you'll try very hard to fit into our world. I think you know what I'm trying to say: I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?" He looks at Janice to find that she's fallen asleep! He nudges her. She looks at him and murmurs, "Sorry. Did I nod off? Were you saying something?" Owen sighs sadly, "No. Nothing that can't wait..."

Gordon walks into his room at Seabreeze Towers. Maggie is cleaning and Gordon comments that he didn't expect her to still be there. Maggie explains that the vac pegged out. Cassie runs out of a bedroom and asks her mother if she can get her kite and show Mr. Hamilton how much she's done. Maggie tells her, "Hurry up." Cassie runs out through the main door and Maggie explains to Gordon that the kite is down in reception. Gordon murmurs, "I'm glad she's enjoying it." Maggie looks at the expression on his face and asks him if he's alright. He tells her, "I've had one hell of a day." Maggie asks, "Work?" Gordon replies, "No. Family. The future in-laws aren't too pleased about the wedding." Maggie asks in surprise, "Why?" She then apologises, saying it's none of her business. Gordon, however, assures her that it's alright. He then explains, "They don't exactly approve of my son, Wayne." Maggie retorts, "If he's anything like you, they should be glad their daughter's got him." Gordon muses, "Unfortunately, he can be a bit of a handful at times - although I think they're being a bit unfair to him this time." Maggie tells him not to let it get to him. Changing the subject, Gordon asks her if she's done anything about that medical examination for life insurance. Maggie says quickly, "Sort of - I've been trying to get hold of the doctor." Gordon accepts this. He then suggests, "Let's do a deal: I'll forget about Wayne if you forget about Cassie. We'll sit down and have a nice quiet drink to perk ourselves up. What do you say?" Maggie muses that she should be getting home - but she accepts!

Beryl is talking to David on the 'phone in Fiona's room at the mansion. She sighs, "I really can't believe Gordon would let Wayne pull the wool over his eyes again." In the kitchen at the country house, David murmurs, "I suppose we all want to think the best of our kids." Beryl points out, "At least there's still hope - thanks to Alison." David just mutters, "Yeah, right." He then thanks Beryl for calling and hangs up. From over by the sink, Debbie asks David if Mr. Hamilton tossed Beryl out. David mutters that he took Wayne's word over hers. Debbie asks him what he'll do if Wayne and Susan do marry. David retorts, "I'm going to make damn sure that's not going to happen. Now, can we drop it?" Changing the subject, he asks if there are any jobs lined up for tomorrow. Craig tells him, "A lady rang and asked us to take someone called 'Horace' for a ride." Debbie adds, "Said it was for his birthday. Must be a pensioner or something." David muses, "Just make sure that I don't get home from lunch to find you've decked a pensioner!"

The next day, David is sitting at a table in 'Maxine's'. He stands up as Laura Banning walks over to him. She comments that he looks surprised, and she asks if he didn't expect her to turn up. She has her hair down and is wearing a dress, and David smiles, "I'm sorry - you look so different!" Laura tells him, "There's one thing I learnt early: dress to suit whoever you're dealing with. Yesterday, I thought the tough, aggressive approach was right. I was wrong." David muses, "It's good to see you look like a woman." They sit down and Laura goes on, "I'm sorry about the misunderstanding yesterday. It's just... you're an attractive man. I thought my proposition might flatter you." David explains, "I just don't reckon it's a woman's place to come on strong like that." Laura suggests, "Let's start again, shall we?" David accepts this and then remarks, "You must be interested in 'Home In Style' to bother to check it out." Laura admits, "I was curious - both in the business and in you." She adds quickly, "That's not another come-on. It's just that... well, not many men have treated me like you did yesterday. I find it... fascinating."

The back door opens at the country house and Debbie and Craig walk in with a large dog. Debbie laughs at Craig, "And you thought it was going to be a dirty old man!" Craig bends down with the dog and smiles, "What do you reckon, Horace?!" Debbie comments, "It's sort of sad, really: the poor lady can't have much luck if she's so potty about her dog." Craig tells her, "You know what I like about you? You care about people." They kiss.

At 'Maxine's', Laura asks David if he'll have a liqueur with his coffee. He declines, though. Laura then asks, "Where were we?" David recalls, "You were saying you like the service and you're going to think about pushing it." Laura nods, "That's right." She then declares, "Well, that effectively ends the business part of the afternoon." David tells her, "I'd like something in writing - best for both of us." Laura replies, "I'll do that Monday - but let's just relax now. Talk about you." David laughs, "We talked about me yesterday! I don't want to bore you." Laura, however, assures him, "I wouldn't call you 'boring'. 'Different', perhaps, but certainly not 'boring'!" She then suggests, "How about we cancel the coffee? I can make coffee at my place. You may... I don't know... relax a bit more." David, though, looking suddenly annoyed, mutters, "There you go again." Laura asks, "There I go what?" David retorts, "Doing a line. You're a good-looking lady - and if I decide to do something about it, you will be the first to know. But until I do, cool it." Laura stares at him and says curtly, "I'm not used to being spoken to like that." David suggests, "Then you must go out with a lot of wimps." Laura persists, "Look - I find you an attractive man. I want to go home with you. Now, is it 'yes' or 'no'?" David retorts, "It's 'no' until I say so. What do you reckon I am? You come in here, acting like it's all going to be different from yesterday, then you turn around and give me the exact same line. I don't like being conned." Laura sighs, "You're the most arrogant, self-opinionated--" David interrupts her and says, "I know what I want and what I don't want." Laura asks, "What would you do if I said either you come home with me or the deal's off?" David replies, "I'd tell you to shove it!" Laura says coolly, "You're a fool." Standing up, she then adds, "You can expect to hear from my lawyer. I think I may sue after all."

Back in the lounge room at the country house, Debbie is asking David incredulously, "What, she actually said that you either... well, you know... or there was no deal?" David sighs, "Yeah. She said the same thing yesterday, too." He adds sourly, "We all got stuck with dogs for the afternoon, did we?!" Craig, looking taken-aback, laughs, "Be fair, Dave! I wouldn't exactly say she was a dog!" David muses, "She may look alright. She's a dog of a person, though." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Craig answers it. He listens and then turns to David and says, "Mrs. Banning's lawyer." Looking shocked, David mutters, "Hell. I didn't think she would--" He breaks off and then says, "Tell him she hasn't got a leg to stand on, and go ahead and sue, because she's wasting her money..." He then takes the 'phone and says extra-loudly, "And ask him what he had to do to get her business!" Craig takes the 'phone back and starts to say to the lawyer, "Mr. Palmer can't talk--" He breaks off and listens. He then hangs up and muses, "I think he heard!" David smiles, "Good. I've called her bluff. Now let's see what she does."

Fiona is adding up some figures in her room at the mansion. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Janice walks in. She asks, "Have you got any bobbin pins? I need them for tonight." Fiona points out the drawer in the cabinet nearby and replies that she thinks there are some in there. Janice walks over to the drawer and goes to open it. Realising what she's done, Fiona suddenly screeches, "No!" and she runs and pushes the drawer shut! Janice gasps, "Careful - you nearly got my fingers!" She then adds suspiciously, "Keeping secrets, aunty?!" Fiona, however, insists, "Of course not. Whatever makes you say a thing like that?" She quickly reaches into another drawer and takes out some pins. Handing them over, she smiles, "I knew I saw them there." Janice heads off, leaving Fiona looking relieved. A few seconds later, May walks in, carrying her wig. Fiona asks her if Janice is still outside. May replies that she went upstairs. She adds, "Why?" Fiona shows her the photo of Neville and Celia, explaining, "She almost found this. Take a look at it so I can get rid of it." May exclaims, "It's Neville! When did it come?" Fiona replies, "Yesterday. I forgot to show it to you last night - but I don't want Janice seeing it." May sighs, "You can't get rid of it - it's a lovely photo. Hide it somewhere. Anyway, Neville would be very hurt if he thought you hadn't kept it." Fiona sighs, "I know, but if Janice sees--" May interrupts and says, "I'll hide it, then." Fiona, though, reminds her, "Come on, May, you're as vague as all get-out!" She then muses, "I'll find somewhere for it." Changing the subject, she asks, "Everything ready for tonight?" May nods happily, "Yes! Charlie's friend, Lisa, has done a wonderful job with the dresses. I only have to comb out my wig and everything's ready." Fiona asks, "Where is Charlie? She didn't come in with you." May replies, "She dropped me off at the gate and then she went off again." Looking surprised, Fiona comments, "That's very unlike Charlie, passing up afternoon tea." May tells her, "I think she's up to something. In fact, I know she's up to something: the last thing she said to me before she came in was, 'I have some organising to do, and if I have my way, there'll be another guest at the ball'." Fiona smiles, "That'll make Owen Brooke spit chips, won't it?!"

Janice runs downstairs in the hallway - carrying a bag of rubbish - to find Owen walking towards her from the front door. She comments that she didn't think she'd see him until tonight. Owen hands her some flowers and Janice smiles that they're lovely. He then picks up the rubbish bag and says, "Let me put this out for you and then I'd like to come back for a little chat." He heads out. May emerges from Fiona's room and tells Janice that she'd better try on her dress to make sure everything's alright. She then comments, "Lovely flowers." Janice explains that Owen gave them to her. Looking surprised, May remarks, "Oh! I didn't think he had a romantic bone in his body!" Janice insists, "He's a decent man." May walks off as Owen comes back in. He then says to Janice, "I tried to tell you last night, but you were tired, and... this is a decision that can't be made while you're half asleep. I'd like to know tonight because I'd like to surprise mother. I want you to marry me, Janice."

A few moments later, a surprised-looking Janice says, "I'm very honoured, Owen. It's a bit of a surprise, I guess. I don't know what I think." Owen, looking puzzled, comments, "I can't see why you're so uncertain. I mean... we have known each other for quite a few months - well, almost! - and I know mother would be thrilled if she could announce it tonight." Janice, however, points out, "It's not something you can rush. It's for life, isn't it? That's why I need to think; I need a few moments alone." With that, she walks off to Fiona's room. Owen calls to her, "I'd make you a good husband, Janice. You couldn't ask for more than that."

Janice heads into Fiona's room and shuts the door. Fiona turns to look at her and gasps, "Did I hear right? He'll make a good husband?" Janice looks at her and cries, "He just proposed, aunty. What do I do?" Fiona assures her, "You'll do whatever your heart tells you to do. If you don't love him, you shouldn't marry him." Janice sighs, "I just don't know." Fiona, however, tells her, "I think you probably do." Janice admits, "Perhaps." Fiona asks, "Would you like to sit down and talk about it?" Janice nods at her.

Out in the hallway, Owen is pacing the floor slowly, straightening up the pictures on the walls. He looks around at Fiona's door and then sits down on the stairs, looking hopeful.

In Fiona's room, Janice is saying sadly, "All the girls used to laugh at me, you know? They all had boyfriends and they went out every weekend. They had nice clothes, too. I told myself it didn't matter; they were jezebels; loose girls. Mostly I used to sit at home wishing... Not that I wanted to do anything wrong; I just wanted to have some fun like them; fall in love like them. They used to have a name for me: 'The Old Maid'. I hated that name. I always thought I'd end up one, too - 'til Neville. I loved him... when he went away it was like a big hole had been scraped out in here." She indicates her heart. She then goes on, "That night, after he'd gone, I could hear all the girls at school again: 'Old Maid'..." She bursts into tears as she continues, "I know there's a lot of bad points to Owen, but..." Fiona concludes, "He's a husband." Janice nods sadly. Fiona, however, cries, "Oh, darling, you can't marry just so you won't be left on the shelf. Do you love him - even just a little bit?" Janice replies, "Dad likes him." Fiona points out, "That's not what I asked, darling." Janice shakes her head and sighs, "No, I don't love him." Fiona says, "Then don't marry him." Janice, however, cries, "Look where love got me. At least if you don't love someone they can't hurt you - not like Neville did." Fiona insists, "You can't marry someone just to spite the girls back at school. So what if they called you an old maid? They were wrong. There's plenty of young men who would find you so attractive." Janice sobs, "They haven't been beating down the door." She then stands up and announces, "I'm going to say 'yes'." Looking horrified, Fiona says quickly, "You mustn't." She then sighs, "I want to show you something." She goes to the drawer in the cabinet and takes out the photo of Neville and Celia before continuing, "I wasn't going to show you this, but I think it's important now." She shows it to Janice, but Janice turns away. Fiona insists, "You have to look at it. Look at the expression in their eyes: they adore one another; it's wonderful to see. That's the expression I want to see in your eyes when you marry. Oh, Janice, I love you so much and I don't want to see you taking second best. You must look." Janice turns her eyes to the photo, but glances at it only momentarily before running out of the room. Fiona stands there looking worried.

Out in the hallway, Owen stands up and asks eagerly, "Well?" Janice tells him, "Yes, Owen, I'll marry you." Owen throws his arms around her in delight. As Janice hugs him back, though, she looks concerned.


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