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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Wayne goes on, "It really would be better this way. Apart from avoiding all the hassles, you've got to admit it's kind of romantic... the two of us sneaking off to get married." Susan pulls away from him and sighs, "That's the part I don't like: sneaking." Wayne assures her, "I just meant doing what we want and not worrying about what the rest of the world thinks." Susan murmurs, "It's not how I'd do it if I had a choice... but you're right: the way things are, going through the ceremony would be a nightmare." She adds sadly, "I just wish dad had been a bit more understanding. I think he had high hopes for me and Glen." Wayne stands up and holds her, telling her gently, "Enough of that. From now on, we don't worry about other people. It's just you and me - OK?" Susan nods, "OK." Wayne smiles, "You start packing and I'll make the arrangements." With that, he heads out of the room. Susan stands there looking worried.

Beryl takes a sip of tea in Fiona's room at the mansion and smiles, "I needed that! I'm not used to all this intrigue and excitement!" Fiona points out, "We certainly put it over Wayne." Beryl reminds her, "That's assuming Glen made the pick-up; we didn't hear from him last night." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Fiona comments that that's probably him now. She goes and answers the call and then nods to Beryl. On the 'phone, she asks, "Is everything alright?" Glen is talking on a public 'phone and he replies, "Of course! You didn't think my plan would go wrong?!" He listens and then says, "I'm sorry - I stayed out all night with the guy I got the bike off." He then adds, "I'm not due back at the airport for a while so I'll catch a taxi back to the motel and wait there." Fiona warns him, "You just be sure and stay out of sight until the last minute. Don't you dare come back here; you don't even think about coming back until you've got all the information you can find." Glen assures her, "I won't. Don't worry." With that, he adds that he'll see her when he gets back, and he hangs up. A thoughtful look then crosses his face.

A short time later, outside, Glen climbs into a taxi and the driver asks him, "Where to, pal?" Glen replies, "Rose View Motor Inn. And then to Dural..."

Susan is walking downstairs at Dural. Wayne follows her, carrying two suitcases, and he comments, "Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hamilton. Got to admit - it has a nice ring!" Susan smiles, "Yes, it does." Wayne puts the cases down in the hallway and then goes on, "You know, doing it this way will probably help things with your dad." Susan murmurs in surprise, "I don't see how." Wayne explains, "A big church wedding would just rub his nose in it. This way, there's no fuss. It'll be done before anyone can tell him, then he can get used to the idea and calm down. At least, I hope so; I couldn't handle a re-match." He touches his face gingerly with his hand. Susan just mutters, "I don't care if he gets used to the idea or not - I'll never forgive him for what he did to you." Wayne assures her, "It'll all be OK. You'll see." He gives her a gentle kiss before going on, "In three hours we'll be married. We'll get the ring on the way to the Registry. Then we can be on the first flight to Noosa." Walking over to the telephone table, he adds, "I'll just leave a note for dad." He places an envelope on the table as Susan sighs, "I hope he doesn't feel too let down - I'm sure he had his heart set on a big family wedding." Wayne just shrugs, "He'll be a bit disappointed - but when he knows we're happy, he will be, too." With that, he picks up the cases and smiles, "Come on - let's go." He goes and opens the front door - to find Beryl just about to come in, pushing Robert. She stares at Wayne and Susan and demands, "What's going on?" Susan starts to say nervously, "I was going to call you..." Wayne interrupts her and snaps at Beryl, "What does it look like? We're sick of all the family interference." Beryl retorts, "If you mean David, surely you're not surprised he was a bit upset?" Wayne growls, "Bit upset?" He indicates his face and adds, "You call this 'a bit upset'? Anyway, as far as I'm concerned, the worst thing is him refusing to go to the wedding; it's just being cruel to Susan and we can live without that. Now that we've got the licence, we're going to do everything straightforward and simple." Beryl mutters sourly, "I don't have to ask whose idea that is." Susan pleads, "Please, can't you just be happy for me? I've had enough of fighting." Beryl retorts, "You're asking me to be happy about you running off to get married in some seedy Registry Office?" Susan protests, "It's not seedy - and yes, I am." Beryl tells her curtly, "Well I'm not. No good has ever come out of rushing into something as important as marriage." Wayne chips in, "We're not rushing into anything; Susan and I have wanted it for a long time. It's other people who are the problem." Beryl asks Susan calmly, "Could we just talk about this?" Wayne, though, tells her, "There's no time. The office is booked." Beryl says to Susan, "If you go with him, Susie, you'll be making the worst mistake of your life." Susan sighs, "Mum, I've heard it all from dad." Beryl snaps, "Then why didn't you listen? The only good thing that Wayne ever does is ruin other people's lives, and I don't want him ruining yours." Susan cries, "He loves me." Beryl, though, snaps, "Oh does he? Is that why he tried to blackmail your father? And threatened to ruin his entire livelihood?" Susan retorts, "I don't believe that for a minute. And it still wouldn't excuse dad for doing that." She indicates Wayne's face." Beryl insists, "Your father didn't do that; Wayne did it to himself." Susan exclaims, "Do you have any idea how ridiculous that sounds?" Beryl sighs, "I don't mean literally, Susan; no doubt he paid someone to do it. That's the way he operates: he always gets someone else to do his dirty work." Susan snaps, "Stop it." Wayne interjects suddenly, "Susie, I think if the truth is known, your mother's as much against the wedding as your father; she always has been." Susan stares at Beryl and demands, "Is that right?" Beryl cries, "Susan, please. Break it off now before it's too late." Susan, though, turns away and cries, "Stop it. First dad and now you. I can't take any more." Beryl snaps at her, "You're going to have to get used to it, because if you marry Wayne, your life is going to be one heartbreak after another." Susan cries, "Leave me alone." She then runs out of the house. Beryl goes to follow her. Wayne, though, grabs her arm and snarls, "You had your chance. She's not your daughter anymore. She's my wife."

Outside, Glen is hiding behind a large bush. He watches as Susan runs out of the house, looking upset.

Inside, in the hallway, Beryl snaps, "You are a sorry excuse for a human being, Wayne. Do you honestly think you can drag a girl like Susan down to your level? Sooner or later she'll see right through you." Wayne just shrugs, "We'll be married by then." Beryl growls, "Over my dead body." Wayne comments, "That would make life more peaceful!" Beryl ignores this and goes on forcefully, "You might be able to talk her into marrying you, but there's no way you can force her to stay with you." Wayne retorts, "I don't think I'll have to - Susan's not the type to walk out on a marriage." Beryl glares at him and then goes to head outside. Wayne, though, stands in front of the door and growls, "I think you've upset her enough today." At that moment, someone starts trying to turn the door handle outside. Wayne calls, "Who is it?" Gordon's voice comes back, "Wayne?" Wayne lets him in, but keeps his back to him. Gordon asks, "What's all the shouting about? Something wrong?" Beryl snaps at him, "Yes. Your precious son thinks he can walk all over people and get away with it. Well, he might have got away with it up until now, but not when it comes to my daughter." Gordon asks, "Why? What's happened?" Wayne shrugs quickly, "I don't know. I think Beryl's had a change of heart." He then turns to face his father. Gordon stares at him and gasps, "My God! What happened to you?" No one answers, and so Gordon says curtly, "I think someone had better tell me what's going on..."

Glen tries the outside handle of Charlie's garden doors. He finds they're unlocked, and he opens them and heads inside. The lounge room is empty - but Alison suddenly walks in from the hallway and, finding him standing there, demands in horror, "What on earth are you doing here?" Glen explains, "I need a favour." Alison snaps, "Why didn't you use the 'phone?" Glen assures her that no one saw him. Alison mutters, "You'd better have a very good reason for taking the risk." Glen tells her, "Something's wrong with Susie." Alison sighs heavily. Glen goes on, "I was just over there--" Alison interrupts and snaps, "What?" Glen clarifies, "In the grounds, I mean; I didn't go near the house." Alison asks sarcastically, "Why not? Why didn't you just knock on the front door, dressed as a duck? You're determined to get caught; you might as well do it in style." Glen insists, "She was upset." Alison retorts, "So am I. What on earth did you think you were doing?" Glen explains calmly, "I wanted to see her before I left, alright? Not talk to her; just see her. The last thing I expected was to find her in tears - and I can't go 'til I find out what's wrong." Alison cries in exasperation, "Are you serious? You're prepared to ruin the entire plan - if you haven't already - just because Susan's feeling a bit weepy?" Glen insists, "It was more than that; she was really upset - and I have to know why." Alison, though, retorts, "No you don't. Just forget it. She's got pre-wedding jitters. Maybe her goldfish died. I don't know. Whatever it is, there's no point in worrying about it." Glen tells her, "I still want to know what's wrong." Alison, however, says curtly, "There's no way you're going back to that house again. There's far too much at stake." Glen nods, "I know. That's the favour I need." Alison asks warily, "What?" Glen explains, "Maybe I can't go over there, but there's no reason why you can't..." Alison stares at him incredulously.

Wayne, Gordon and Beryl are walking into the lounge room at Dural, Wayne saying as they do so, "I bent over backwards being nice to him, dad, I really did. David didn't want to know." Gordon demands, "What on earth made him hit you?" Wayne shrugs, "I don't know. I guess he just snapped." Beryl growls, "That's absolute nonsense - every word. David didn't start the fight; Wayne did." Gordon looks at her and then says, "Beryl, I think a lot of Wayne, but I have no illusions about his boxing ability. I can't see him picking a brawl with a man of David's size." Beryl retorts, "He probably thought David was too good-hearted to fight back." Gordon points out curtly, "He was wrong on that score, wasn't he?" Beryl indicates Wayne's face and insists, "David didn't do that. He hit Wayne once - and it wasn't even hard." Gordon snaps, "Does that look like one punch to you?" Beryl retorts, "I don't care what it looks like, Gordon. I'm telling the truth." Gordon asks, "Were you there?" Beryl admits, "Well, no..." Gordon demands, "Then how do you know what happened?" Beryl retorts, "David told me." Gordon laughs wearily, "He's hardly an unbiased witness." Beryl indicates Wayne and snaps, "And he is? I don't know how he got himself in that condition, but David didn't do it. He probably paid someone to beat him up." Gordon gasps, "He what?" Wayne interjects and says, "Dad, dad, it doesn't matter. If Beryl wants to think the worst of me, let her." Beryl, though, retorts, "I don't 'think' anything. What about the threat to repossess David's truck? Did you tell your father about that?" Wayne, however, just sighs at her, "Oh, give up. I love Susan and I have no reason to try and hurt people she loves. Why are you so set against me, Beryl?" Beryl looks at Gordon and says, "Gordon, I know you're his father, but you can't believe what he's saying." Wayne goes on, "All I am saying is I wish you'd stop being so damn one-eyed about it. But I guess that's too much to ask, since you and David seem to resent me so much." He adds, "If nothing else, I thought you'd consider Susan." Beryl retorts, "I am considering Susan." Looking at Gordon, she continues, "Gordon, you can't possibly give your blessings to a wedding that's going to bring so much unhappiness." Gordon looks at Wayne and asks, "You are telling me the truth?" Wayne nods, "Yes, dad, I am. Do you believe me?" Gordon tells him, "Yes, I believe you. I know what David thinks of you, and I know how violent he can be when he loses his temper." He then turns to Beryl and adds curtly, "I think you're believing what you want to believe." He walks over to the 'phone on the bar and Beryl asks him, "Who are you calling?" Gordon replies, "David." Beryl sighs, "At least give him a chance to tell his side of it, Gordon - for friendship's sake." Gordon pauses his dialling and then retorts, "He should have thought of friendship before he bashed-up my son. And you should have thought of it before he took sides. I'm sorry, Beryl, but he's no longer welcome in this house. In fact, I'd rather not see him again." He then adds, "Unless you change your tune, the same goes for you." Beryl, looking aghast, turns and walks out of the room. Wayne gives her a nasty grin as she passes him...

Susan is sitting outside by the pool, looking upset. Beryl walks over to her and tells her wearily, "It's alright - I'm not going to try and change your mind; you're too much like your father in that respect. But you know how I feel and I'm not going to change, either." Susan murmurs, "There's not much to say, then, is there?" Beryl admits, "No." She then adds, "Gordon knows how I feel, too, and he's as much as said that if I don't apologise to Wayne I should leave. I think you know what I'll do." Susan just murmurs, "It's up to you, mum." Beryl sits down with her daughter and goes on sadly, "I know I haven't put things very well, and the worst thing is I don't have proof, so I suppose I can't blame everyone for thinking it's a personal thing between Wayne and me, but it's not, Susie, I swear it. Before long, I will have proof. I just wish you'd leave the wedding plans as they are and give me those couple of extra weeks." Susan, though, cries, "I can't, mum." Beryl asks, "Why not? Wayne's the only one who wants to hurry things up. I'm sure Gordon would prefer to have it done properly. And in your heart, I think you would, too." Susan hesitates, but then says, "I couldn't do that to him. I've told him 'yes' and he's made all the arrangements." Beryl murmurs reluctantly, "Alright." She then stands up and says, "Susan, you're my daughter and I love you; nothing will ever change that. If ever you need me, I'll be there. Remember that." She then walks off, leaving Susan looking upset.

Beryl heads back inside. Wayne is standing in the lounge room, holding a drink, and he says to her nastily, "Beryl. Anything I can do for you? Cab to the airport, maybe?" Beryl just glares at him and retorts, "One of these days, Wayne, you're going to get everything you deserve. I just hope I'm there to see it." She then walks off again, leaving Wayne with a sly grin on his face.

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison is snapping, "Glen, for the last time, no. Apart from anything else, I'm running late for work." Glen pleads, "What if Wayne has finally given himself away? If Susan's found out the truth, it could just be a matter of going over there and talking to her." Alison, however, snaps, "You listen to me: I want the goods on Wayne. I have spent a lot of time and money setting this up and you are going to go through that if I have to put you on that 'plane myself. Now, when I get the chance, I'll go over there and see what's been happening. When you contact me from Bali I'll fill you in." Glen sighs, "I still don't see why you can't go over there now. It's not much to ask." Alison, though, retorts curtly, "Do you think you're the only one with problems? I have got to spend the morning working with some self-obsessed would-be starlet." Glen mutters, "Alright, alright." Alison then adds, "Since you're here, it's probably safest if you stay and then go straight to the airport this afternoon." Glen nods, "OK." Alison tells him, "I'll get back as soon as I can. Alright?" With that, she heads out, leaving Glen looking thoughtful.

At the soon-to-be-orphanage, Ginny is painting a wall. Her music is still blaring loudly out of her radio. Looking annoyed, Alison calls across from the other side of the room, "Could you turn it down a bit, please?" Ginny just snaps, "It isn't doing any harm, is it?" Alison retorts, "You know it gets on my nerves." Ginny just shrugs sourly, "It helps mine. Can't have things all your own way." Alison mutters, "If I had my own way it would be off altogether." She marches over to Ginny, going on, "I am simply asking you in the most civil tone I can muster to turn it down. Please - it's called compromise." The supervisor suddenly calls over from where she's sitting reading a newspaper, "Turn it down, Ginny, huh?" Ginny does as she's told, reluctantly. She then mutters, "I thought you were allowed a bit of freedom on your birthday." Another young woman working in the room looks over at her and asks in surprise, "Is it your birthday?" Ginny nods, "Yeah!" The supervisor smiles, "Congratulations. How old are you?" Ginny tells her, "Nineteen." The other woman proposes three cheers. As she and the supervisor deliver them, Alison carries on working, looking annoyed.

Gordon sits down on the couch at Dural, demanding as he does so, "For heaven's sake, why do you want to elope?" Wayne explains, "Mainly for Susan's sake: she couldn't stand any more hassling. I've thought about it and this is the best way." Gordon, however, retorts, "Rubbish. I'm not going to stand by and let you and Susan be cheated out of a proper wedding." Wayne insists, "It will be a proper wedding; it just won't have a lot of family and friends there, that's all." Gordon mutters, "By the sound of it, you won't have any. For God's sake, Wayne, I'm proud of you. I don't want to see you skulk off and be married in secret." Wayne tells him softly, "We'd both prefer it - honestly." Gordon, however, retorts, "I don't believe that. Anyway, the invitations have gone out. I've booked the caterer. I know that Susan's upset about David not being here but I'll willingly stand by to give the bride away." Wayne says, "I don't see why a big wedding should be so important." Gordon tells her, "It hasn't got to be a big wedding; just a day that we can all look back on. Surely waiting a couple of weeks isn't going to change anything?" Wayne just raises his eyebrows in annoyance. Beryl - holding Robert - is coming downstairs in the hallway, and she overhears as Gordon tells his son, "It really means a lot to me, Wayne. It may be old-fashioned, but to me a Registry Office simply isn't a real wedding." Beryl puts Robert in his stroller as Wayne sighs, "I guess if it means that much..." In the lounge room, Gordon stands up as he says, "It does." Looking annoyed, Wayne sighs, "Yeah, alright. We'll wait." Gordon puts a hand on his son's shoulder and smiles, "I'm sure you won't regret it." In the hallway, Beryl stands up from placing Robert in his stroller, a look of delight on her face.

A short time later, Beryl is in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona gasps, "Thank goodness Gordon talked him out of it. As long as Wayne doesn't change his mind again, I think we've still got time. Why don't you stay here until we hear from Glen?" Beryl thanks her. Fiona then looks at her watch and adds, "His 'plane should be leaving in about three hours' time. He's probably on his way to the airport now. It won't be too long before he'll be well and truly out of Wayne's clutches..."

Glen is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, passport in hand, a thoughtful look on his face. After a few seconds, he reaches into a holdall on the coffee table and takes out a sheet of paper. He looks at it and then puts it in his jacket pocket. He puts his passport into the holdall. He then heads out through the garden doors, leaving the holdall on the table...

Wayne is sitting with Susan by the pool at Dural. She's suggesting weakly, "It's probably best in the long-run." Wayne murmurs, "I hope so. I just don't want anything to go wrong." Susan asks lightly, "What could go wrong?" Wayne replies quickly, "Nothing. I'm just a born worrier." He then suggests, "Come on - let's go back inside." As he stands up, he makes a face as he catches sight of movement behind a bush nearby. It's Glen ducking down out of sight. Susan doesn't notice anything, though, going on instead, "If you're worried about my parents, don't. I've got a mind of my own, Wayne." Wayne turns to look at the bush again, a frown on his face. The bush is shaking. Susan notices the expression on his face and she queries, "Wayne? What is it?" Wayne is staring at the bush, but he tells her quickly, "Nothing. I just remembered I was meant to check the pool pump; make sure the time switch was working properly. You go on inside and I'll be with you in a minute." Susan tells him, "Don't be long - I'll start getting lunch." She heads off and Wayne starts to walk towards the bush. Before he's taken more than a couple of steps, though, Gordon emerges from the house and smiles, "Good, I've got the two of you. Listen, we need to decide whether we hold the reception in the house or out in the grounds." Wayne tells him urgently, "I'm easy. Whatever you think's best." He goes to walk off again, but Gordon muses, "Obviously I think the grounds would be a lot more pleasant. The problem is we're at the mercy of the weather. Then, if we hold it indoors and it's a beautiful day we'll be kicking ourselves. What do you think?" Wayne, still glancing across at the bush, doesn't answer.

At the soon-to-be-orphanage, Ginny is holding a can of paint. She's telling the third woman working there, "My motto's always been 'When you go to a birthday party, you go to drink the value of the present you take' - you know: break even. My new man bought all the grog for mine last night, so I didn't have to fork out anything. Came off way ahead." The other woman asks, "What did you get?" Ginny tells her, "Everything: clothes... tapes... all of this stuff." She indicates the jewellery she's wearing. As Alison paints a wall across the room, trying to ignore her, she goes on, "What did John Lennon say? 'Those in the cheap seats, clap. The rest of you rattle your jewellery'?! Well, the best is yet to come, though: my man's taking me out to Vincent's for tea tonight." A thoughtful look crosses Alison's face... Ginny continues, "I've been trying to decide what I'll go for: seafood or meat - or both, maybe." Alison carries on painting. The supervisor suddenly walks in and announces, "Well, ladies, you'll be devastated to hear your time's up." Ginny puts down her paint pot and smiles, "Catch you later." She adds in a trill voice, "See you later, Mrs. Princess Lady Alison!" She heads out, leaving Alison with a smile on her face.

Sometime later, Ginny walks up to an old bus parked in the middle of a field and unlocks the door. She heads inside and then emerges again and goes and picks up a bag lying on the ground next to an old table. She reaches into it and removes some wrapped-up sandwiches. She then removes a bottle of champagne from a paper bag and opens it with a pop. She pours some into a glass before proposing to herself, "Happy birthday, Ginny!" She takes a sip of the drink.

Alison is sitting with Fiona and Beryl at Fiona's dining table at the mansion. She's saying, "I told Glen I'd stay away from the house for a while - to keep Wayne's cronies off his tail." Fiona mutters, "It was a stupid thing for Glen to do." Alison insists, "I made sure he got that message." Beryl remarks, "It's certainly been a day for close calls, hasn't it? I hope we don't have any more." Fiona looks at her watch and muses, "I think we're pretty safe now."

Gordon is still standing with Susan and an impatient-looking Wayne on the driveway at Dural. He's commenting, "The house is certainly big enough; it's not a question of room. I just think it would be more pleasant in the grounds." Susan points out, "We could always move inside if it rains." Gordon reminds her, "And need a dozen waiters to carry everything in!" Wayne suggests, "How about a marquee again?" Gordon, looking thoughtful, nods, "Why not? They're easy to get." Wayne smiles quickly, "I'll organise it. Problem solved. Let's eat - I'm starving!" The three of them go to head inside, but Wayne suddenly 'recalls', "Oh, I still haven't checked the pool pump. I'll be with you in a minute." Gordon and Susan walk on, while Wayne turns back and walks over to the pool. He picks up the cleaning net and dips it in the water. He then looks over at the bushes and starts approaching the one he saw moving. Still hidden behind the bush, Glen realises what's happening and he carefully and quietly creeps backwards and then runs off towards Charlie's. He doesn't notice as the sheet of paper he placed in his pocket falls onto the ground. By the bushes, Wayne picks up a heavy iron pipe that's lying on a nearby picnic table and holds it in his hands, a nasty smile on his face...


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