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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Beryl cries, "Susie, you can't!" Wayne points out that it's not as though Bill and Susan were still together. Susan asks Beryl to please be happy for her. Beryl, though, tells her, "I warn you, love: you marry him and you'll be ten times unhappier than you ever were with Bill." Wayne comments, "I guess that means you don't approve." Susan snaps at Beryl to go. Beryl retorts that she's not going to let Susan ruin her life a second time. Susan cries that she doesn't think she's ruining her life. Beryl asks Susan if she loves Wayne. Susan admits hesitantly, "In a way... It's not like Bill, of course. Wayne knows that; we've talked about it. I respect him... trust him..." She then declares, "Yes, I love him." Beryl warns, "You go ahead with it and I will not be at the wedding." Susan just repeats her request for Beryl to go, adding that they'll talk about it tomorrow. Beryl shakes her head and says sadly, "I never would have believed it of you, Susie. Wayne, of all people..." She walks out. Susan bursts into tears. Wayne holds her.

Andy is driving along in his car, looking laid-back. The radio is on loudly. He suddenly spots a young woman standing at the side of the road and he pulls up next to her. He asks her where she's heading. She replies that she's going all the way to Sydney. Andy smiles, "Me too!" She climbs in; she's wearing just a skimpy top and shorts. Andy suggests, "Let's go all the way together, eh?!"

David is in the kitchen at the country house, talking to Beryl - who's in Charlie's lounge room - on the 'phone. He's saying that if Susan was younger, he'd give her a damn good hiding. Beryl tells him that she can handle it; she's calmed down. She adds that, if he comes up there, she'll be furious. With that, she tells David that she'll keep in touch and she hangs up. In Sunbury, David turns to Glen - who's standing by the kitchen sink - and asks if he got the gist of that. Glen replies that it sounds like they've got trouble on their hands. He asks David if he's going to stay in Melbourne. David, though, retorts, "No way." Glen asks, "Mind if I come with you?" David replies, "Love you to. Susan needs her head read."

Andy is driving the young woman along, telling her that he's in no rush to get home. He suggests that they stop overnight somewhere for dinner... wine.... The woman smiles, "Sounds good to me!" The carphone suddenly rings and Andy answers it. He listens and then says, "When did you get back from Queensland?... You what?!... Congratulations! Who knows?" He listens and then chuckles, "I bet your name's mud!" At Dural, Wayne mutters, "You could say that again." He then asks Andy where he is. He listens to the response before ordering, "Turn around and go back. I want to know what's going on at David's." He listens again and then growls, "You're paid to do what I tell you to, so do it... I don't care; I want to know what they're planning... Do you want the job or don't you?... Toss her out, whoever she is, and get back to Melbourne. And keep your ears open." With that, he hangs up.

A short time later, Andy brings the car to a halt and the woman climbs out reluctantly. Andy starts to turn the car round.

David is driving himself and Glen along a road, but Glen warns David that his speed is creeping up a bit. David sighs that thinking of Wayne makes him mad. Glen suddenly spots Andy's car coming towards them. David tells Glen to get down, and Glen hides as Andy drives past. When the coast is clear, Glen sits up again. David comments that he thought Andy was up in Sydney. Glen suggests that he must have left something behind. David remarks, "At least he's out of our hair in Melbourne."

Beryl opens the front door at Charlie's to find Wayne standing on the step. He waves a white handkerchief at her and smiles, "Truce?" Beryl just mutters, "You've got a lousy sense of humour." She turns and heads back to the lounge room. Wayne follows her. Beryl tells him curtly, "It's useless talking, Wayne. I've watched you over the years: you hurt every woman you touch." Wayne insists, "I won't hurt Susan." Beryl snaps that, even if he's turned over a new leaf, it won't be for long. Wayne asks, "Nothing I say will change your mind?" Beryl retorts, "No." Wayne tells her, "I think you're wrong, there." He then goes on, "I made a business deal, recently: I bought some bad debts off a finance company. It opened my eyes to a whole heap of allied projects - such as buying loan packages off of financially-troubled creditors. Doug Fletcher was one: David owed him $150,000 - so I gave Doug's accountant a quick forty grand on the spot, and in return, David owes me. He's in hock to me for his truck, Beryl. Now, if some unfortunate accident prevented him from making a payment on time, I'm legally in a position to ruin him." Beryl glares at him and growls, "Get out." Wayne just smiles nastily, "It's your choice: you don't make waves and he can keep his business." Beryl mutters, "So much for changing. I'm sure Susie would love to hear that little threat." Wayne tells her, "I'd just deny it. I'd say you were making up stories to get at me." Beryl orders him to get out. Wayne says lightly, "I tried to do it the nice way. Think about it."

Sometime later, Beryl is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion, telling her that she handled it all badly, first by getting mad... Fiona sighs that she can't believe Susan fell for it. Beryl explains that Susie's vulnerable: she's looking for someone to lean on. Fiona remarks grimly, "Leaning on Wayne is about as safe as dancing on rotten floorboards!" Beryl explains, "I'm just worried that I might have ruined Alison's plan by blowing my stack." Fiona, however, tells her, "Alison's not the only one with brains. Let's nut-out our own little plan. We've got to make quite sure that you've got free-run of that house so you can plant the evidence." Beryl sighs, "There's no hope of that now." Fiona, though, muses, "I don't know... I think you'll buckle under Wicked Wayne's threats. You'll have to go crawling back on your hands and knees, begging for forgiveness..."

Debbie is fussing over Rupert just outside the kitchen door at the country house. Andy joins her and Debbie comments that she thought he'd be halfway back to Sydney by now. Andy tells her that he got delayed in town. He then hands her a card and adds that he thought he'd drop by and give her one of those. Debbie reads, "Andrew Green, Executive Assistant, Hamilton Industries." Andy says, "Give us a buzz if you're ever in Sydney." Debbie thanks him. She then shows him her friendship ring. Andy comments that Craig is a lucky fella. He adds, "The best man won out." Changing the subject, he then asks 'innocently' and wide-eyed, "Hey, listen, have you heard about Wayne and Susan?" Debbie gasps, "Yes!" Andy asks, "What's the reaction been down here?" Debbie tells him, "They went through the roof. You'll never guess what they've done." Andy prompts, "Tell me..."

Beryl is in the lounge room at Dural. Susan is giving her a hug and thanking her for changing her mind. Beryl tells her, "I still can't say I'm happy, but it's your decision. It's only fair I should give Wayne a go." Susan assures her, "I'm not stupid. I know all the things he's done, but the way he's been looking after me he must have changed." With that, she goes to dash out and give Wayne the good news. Beryl stops her, though, and says, "I was wondering, love: it's very difficult for me, being around Alison. Do you think I could move in here until it's time to go back for the funeral?" Susan smiles, "That would be great!" Beryl goes on, "The way things have been with Wayne, I don't really feel I should be the one to bring it up. Could you make it seem like your idea? It would be easier for me." Susan nods, "Sure." She adds, "It'll be fine, mum. You'll see." With that, she heads out of the room. Beryl stands there looking worried.

It's nighttime, and Janice and May are laying the dinner table in Fiona's room at the mansion as Fiona works at the desk. Janice is saying, "I hardly said a thing over lunch. I was hoping it would make his mother think I was stupid. All it did was make her like me more: apparently, she hates girls who talk too much." May then grumbles that she wishes Owen would give her a second chance; she'll never get to the ball now. Fiona, looking exasperated, calls over, "There are a lot of people in this world with worse problems than yours. I do wish you'd stop and listen to yourselves." She goes on angrily, "I just can't take your problems seriously after talking to Beryl. Now, she really is in trouble, but she is not wasting her time whinging about it; she is doing something about it. Now why don't you take a leaf out of her book and do something about it or keep quiet?" With that, she storms out to the kitchen to see if dinner's ready.

Andy is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house, having finished eating dinner. Debbie goes to clear away his and her plates. Andy, though, asks whether, before she does that, he can make a private call. He adds that there are a few things he wants to tell Wayne about the business. Debbie nods, "Sure." She leaves the room.

Susan, Wayne and Beryl are sitting at the dining table in the living room at Dural. Wayne is saying, "You're more than welcome to stay here any time you life, Beryl. It's just a pity you're being dragged back to Melbourne for the funeral." Beryl muses, "Oh, I wouldn't exactly describe it as being dragged back..." The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Wayne goes to get it. While he's talking, Susan tells Beryl, "He's trying very hard, mum." Beryl insists, "So am I." Susan warns her, "You're still a bit snappy." Beryl sighs, "I know, I know. I can hear myself doing it. I'm sorry. I'll try harder." Wayne suddenly turns to the two women and tells them that it's business, so he'll take it in the hall. He heads out there. He picks up and then says tersely into the receiver, "You must have found out more than that from her?" At the other end, Andy shrugs, "Just that Glen and David are on their way up - and the mood they're in, they're just as likely to deck you one." Wayne comments, "Might be good if they did: Susan wouldn't want to know either of them then." He then adds, "Debbie must have said something about Beryl..." Andy, though, tells him, "Just that she called." He listens and then goes on, "No, nothing... Look, I asked as much as I could; I'm not a miracle worker." Wayne sighs, "Yeah, well, Beryl's moved in here claiming that everything's OK and she's all in favour - which I don't believe for a second." Andy agrees, "It does sound a bit suss." He then asks Wayne what he wants him to do now. Wayne tells him, "Get back up here. I'll need you around if David and Glen are going to start getting heavy." He hangs up.

The next morning, David and Glen climb out of David's car, both complaining about their stiff necks. David comments that some cars weren't made to be slept in! They head into a service station: it's Les Connor's place. David introduces Glen to Les - who's behind the counter - and then asks for two of his breakfast specials. He and Glen go and sit down, David adding as they do so, "Could you be quick about it, Les? Got some urgent business in Sydney." Les asks, "Same thing Beryl headed up for?" David nods, "Yeah - but worse: stupid kid's got herself engaged to a no-hoper."

Beryl heads into the lounge room at Dural. She finds it empty. There are some files lying on the bar, and she goes and opens one and makes to place the receipt in there. She suddenly hears Wayne and Susan's voices, and she stuffs the receipt back into her pocket. Wayne and Susan walk into the room from the kitchen. Susan looks upset and Beryl asks her if she's alright. Susan, breaking down into tears, sobs, "No, not really..." Beryl takes her and helps her onto the couch. She asks gently, "What is it?" Susan cries, "Mrs. Todd called. She doesn't want me to go to the funeral." Beryl asks sympathetically, "Why?" Susan replies, "She says I caused it. She said he changed after I left; if I'd stuck by him, none of it would have happened. He started stirring up trouble with a lot of the men like he just didn't care. She said I as good as killed him." With that, she gets up and runs out to the hallway. Beryl stands up to follow her, but Wayne grabs her arm and tells her, "It's OK - I can give her all the comfort she needs." Beryl glares at him and then threatens, "If you ever come between me and my daughter..." Wayne just tells her, "If you give me a fair go, you can see your daughter as often as you like. Otherwise..." With that, he heads out to the hallway, where Susan is standing, still crying. He suggests to her that she needs some fresh air, and he opens the front door. The two of them head out, leaving Beryl alone in the lounge room. She immediately heads back over to the files on the bar, places the receipt inside one and then stands back, looking triumphant.

May is sitting out in the sun in the grounds of the mansion. Janice walks past her and May calls over to her and tells her about the poem she's reading about the pointlessness of pride and material gain. She then tells her that Fiona is right: it doesn't matter if she goes to the ball or not; she's a selfish old woman who's put Janice in an awkward position with a man she doesn't like. She goes on, "You tell him to get lost - and don't worry about me."

Wayne and Susan are sitting on a wall by a beach. Wayne slips an engagement ring onto the fourth finger of Susan's left hand and then asks, "You sure?" Susan nods, "I'm sure." The two of them start kissing passionately.

A while later, Susan and Wayne are walking hand-in-hand along the beach. Wayne asks Susan what she's thinking. She tells him, "I was just going over some old memories. It's not going to be easy for me to forget Bill." Wayne assures her, "I understand." He then suggests, "Let's get married as soon as possible. What do you say?" Susan asks in surprise, "Why the rush?" Wayne explains, "The sooner we get married, the sooner everyone will stop trying to break us up." Susan points out, "Mum's come around." Wayne, though, reminds her, "There's still your dad. And Fiona. And you can bet Alison will stick her bib in it again." Susan tells him, "There's no need to worry; there's nothing anyone can do. Besides, I don't think it's right. Don't ask me why - I just don't think it is." Wayne murmurs in disappointment, "Sure."

May is heading down the front path at the mansion when Owen comes bounding up towards her. She says a blunt, "Good morning." Owen just ignores her. May walks walks off. Janice emerges from the house and Owen joins her. Holding out a copy of National Geographic magazine, he smiles, "I brought that book we were talking about last night--" Janice interrupts him, though, and snaps, "I don't want your silly book. I don't want to see you, either." With that, she storms off back inside.

Fiona emerges from her room as Janice marches along the corridor past her. Owen runs in and asks Janice in surprise, "What did I do wrong?" Janice turns to him and snaps, "The fact you don't know makes it even worse." Owen insists, "All I did was ignore Mrs. Walters." Janice snaps, "That was enough - and it's Miss. Walters." She goes to walk off upstairs. Owen grabs the cuff of her blouse and tells her, "I did it for you. After the way she spoke to you yesterday, I--" Janice, interrupts him and retorts, "I don't need you to stick up for me, thankyou; we've sorted all that out. And May Walters is a lady, whatever you think." Owen murmurs, "I didn't realise." Janice snaps, "Well, you should've. As far as I'm concerned, you can forget your silly ball." Owen protests, "But you've got to go. I mean, mother is expecting you and--" Janice interrupts and snaps, "That's too bad." She then appears to have a thought and says more quietly, "Unless... unless May goes too. You can apologise for the slight by inviting her to the ball." Owen retorts, "I can't do that - it's mother's ball." Janice tells him curtly, "Go and ask if it's alright - 'cos I'm telling you now: no May, no me." Owen turns and heads out through the front door. Fiona grins at Janice, "Bravo!"

Andy pulls up in his car at Les Connor's service station. Les is standing outside and Andy asks him if he's got a men's room. Les replies that it's round the side. Andy heads round there, calling back as he does so, "Fill her up, eh?" David and Glen emerge from the café area, Glen asking as they do so, "Is that who I thought it was?" David muses that it looks like Wayne's called in the reinforcements. Glen suddenly smiles and says, "Hey, I heard the loos around here have a habit of locking on people..." David looks at Les and asks, "Do you reckon you could ignore a bit of yelling from the loo, Les?" Les muses, "Getting a bit deaf in me old age, fellas!"

Beryl is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural, placing the files from the bar carefully on the coffee table. Susan and Wayne arrive home. They join Beryl and Susan shows her mother the ring. Beryl comments that it looks very expensive. She adds, "It's lovely, darling." She then offers the two of them a cup of coffee. She adds that she'll clear up first. She goes to pick up the files from the coffee table, but deliberately makes a hash of it and drops some of the papers over the floor. She sighs, "Oh, clumsy me!" Susan says she'll get them. Beryl goes to get the coffee. As Susan starts clearing-up, Wayne asks her if she needs a hand. She tells him to relax, though. As she finishes putting the file back together, she picks up one final piece of paper. It's the receipt, and she looks at it in surprise. Noticing the expression on her face, Wayne asks, "What is it?" Susan tells him, "This receipt. Why did you hire a private detective in Manila?" Wayne grabs the receipt from her as she goes on, "You said you went there on business. What did you need a private detective for?" Wayne looks at her, guiltily.


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