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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Susan is building a sandcastle on the beach in Queensland. Wayne walks over to her and she smiles, "Mum always used to call me 'The sandcastle builder of St. Kilda beach'! One summer, John, Kevin and I decided we'd build a whole city. We spent a whole day on it, and I remember we built it below the high-tide mark, so just as we finished it, up came the water and washed it all away! I cried all night..." She looks at Wayne, who's staring into space, and asks him if he's alright. Wayne tells her quietly, "I just took a telephone call for you - from the prison." Susan, looking surprised, asks, "Prison?" Wayne tells her, "It's Bill: he's dead, Susan." A look of shock crosses Susan's face. Wayne takes her hand and explains, "There was a fight of some sort. He was stabbed. They wouldn't tell me any more than that. They want you to ring them back when you feel up to it." He then asks, "You OK?" Susan just nods. Looking upset, she murmurs, "He used to try and hide from me how violent it was - for my sake, so I wouldn't worry about him. I think he made a lot of enemies inside because of his temper. Not knowing when to shut up... it's what got him in there and it's probably what got him--" She breaks off. She then starts working furiously on her sandcastle, tears in her eyes.

Alison is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's. Beryl is standing staring through the garden window, saying, "Apparently there was a brawl. No one knows how it started; the prisoners do but they're not talking. When the warders pulled everyone apart, Bill was on the bottom of the heap." Alison asks, "An accident?" Beryl tells her, "No - some sort of home-made weapon. Perhaps the fight was to cover getting at him. Who knows?" Alison asks, "And David arrived while it was happening?" Beryl nods, "Yes." She then sighs, "Poor Bill..." Alison comments, "I never really knew him, but it sounds pretty terrible." Beryl goes on, "Strange how people you don't know can affect your lives, isn't it?" Alison asks her, "How do you mean?" Beryl replies, "You and Bill: you never met, but he had a huge effect on your life." Alison asks in surprise, "He did?" Beryl explains, "If he hadn't killed Sam Selmar, John would never have gone on the run and you'd have never met. In fact, Bill turned all our lives upside down - not that I have any regrets about it, though." Alison looks at her and Beryl asks, "Does that surprise you?" Alison nods, "Yes, it does, rather." Beryl tells her, "I feel it all helped me to grow. I'm a different person to what I was four years ago. Stronger, I think." Alison muses, "A liberated housewife." Beryl glares at her and retorts, "You may not appreciate being a housewife, but I happen to be very proud of it." Alison says quickly, "I'm sorry - it's not the time to be bitchy. It's just all this talk about prison and how violent it is: it's making me edgy." Beryl points out, "You did the wrong thing. You have to face the consequences." Alison mutters, "Thanks for the sympathy." Beryl retorts, "I don't really think you warrant any." Alison tells her, "Then again, we've all got something to worry about, don't we? Now Bill's dead, Wayne has a clear field with Susan: no divorce to wait for. Sure you don't have any regrets...?" With that, she gets up and heads out of the room, leaving Beryl looking concerned.

Fiona is standing with Janice in the hallway at the mansion, asking her if she wants anything from the shops. Janice just mutters, "No thankyou." Fiona sighs, "What am I in your bad books for now?" Janice snaps, "I've been trapped into lunch with Owen and his awful mother tomorrow, and I'm dreading it." Fiona points out, "You haven't even met the woman." Janice retorts, "She's his mother; that's bad enough. On top of that, I had to sit through his awful pornographic slide show." Fiona laughs, "There's nothing unnatural about animals mating." Janice growls, "There's something very unnatural about taking slides of animals mating. I've never been so embarrassed in my entire life." Fiona comments, "May told me you enjoyed the lecture." Janice cries, "The bushcraft part, not Owen's little interlude. He must be a pervert to have slides like that - and I'm going to lunch with him..." Fiona laughs, "I doubt very much you'll be in any moral danger with his mum there!" May suddenly emerges from her room, holding a pair of white gloves, and she asks Fiona and Janice what they think. Janice asks if they're new. May smiles, "They were in 1957!" Fiona warns her, "Don't get your hopes up too high - you're not even on the guest list yet." May, though, assures her, "As good as!" She then turns to Janice and tells her, "You'll want to look your best when you go to Mrs. Brookes' tomorrow, so come in tonight and I'll give you a few tips." With that, she returns to her room. Fiona tells her glum-looking niece, "It's all in a good cause. See how much cheerier she is? They call it Christian charity, love." Janice just glares at her and storms off!

A short time later, Fiona heads outside. Bjorn is just coming up the path towards her and she asks him if he wants anything down the shops. Bjorn replies in a downcast tone, "No thankyou." Fiona looks at him and comments that she's seen happier people at funerals! Bjorn shows her a piece of paper he's holding and explains, "It tells me when I'm wanted back on board." Fiona asks, "You've got to go back early?" Bjorn nods, "Yes." Fiona goes on, "And you're worried about leaving Alison? Oh, come on, sweetie, I know you: another port, another girl. You'll soon get over her." Bjorn, though, explains, "It's not that. I promised I'd be her moral support for the trial." Fiona assures him that Alison is perfectly capable of looking after herself. Bjorn, however, retorts, "She's not as strong as you all think - and she's got no one else to be strong for her. Now I have to be back on board the day before the hearing. There's no way I can see her through it."

Alison is rummaging through a handbag in the lounge room at Charlie's. She takes out a piece of paper as Beryl comes in and demands furiously, "What do you think you're doing? Give me that." She snatches her bag as Alison explains curtly, "I got sick and tired of being kept in the dark." She looks at the piece of paper in her hand and comments, "A receipt from a Manila detective agency." Beryl takes it from her and tells her, "We'll use this my way." Alison snaps, "The trouble with you is you don't know how to use it." Beryl retorts, "I know exactly how to use it." Alison warns her, "Wayne's sharp. The only way to beat him is to be sharper." Beryl says, "I'll just show this to Susie. She can take it from there." Alison sighs, "Wayne's wiggled his way out of tighter spots than that." Beryl smiles gleefully, "A receipt from a detective agency dated from the time he was in Manila won't be easy for him to explain." Alison snaps, "Face him with that outright and it'll be a disaster." Beryl, though, retorts, "You've been underhand all your life. I prefer the direct approach." With that, she storms off. Alison yells after her, "The best chance we have of getting him and you're ruining it."

The tide is beginning to wash away Susan's sandcastle on the beach in Queensland. She stares at it from a short distance away and murmurs to Wayne, "I'll never learn, will I...?" Wayne asks, "Why?" Susan replies, "To build it above the high-tide mark." She then goes on distantly, "It's how Bill and I were: we didn't fall apart all at once. Just lap... lap... over four years." She suddenly runs over to the sandcastle and starts ripping it apart with her hands. Looking back at Wayne, she cries, "I guess I was old-fashioned. Now I'd said it: for better, for worse... richer or poorer... in sickness and in health... 'til..." She breaks off before adding, "I'd got to stick with it. But Bill didn't make it easy. But I loved him - more than anything. I never really thought it would be 'til death us do part..." Wayne moves towards her and takes her hand. He tells her, "It'll be better next time. There will be someone else." Susan just murmurs, "Next time, the waves won't get at it..."

Alison hands Bjorn a drink in the lounge room at Charlie's. She sits down next to him and sighs, "She really is going about using that evidence the wrong way." Bjorn listens, but then says bluntly, "I cannot be with you for the trial." Alison stares at him and protests, "You said you--" Bjorn takes out his piece of paper and, showing it to her, says, "I have little choice. Captain's orders." Alison admits, "Yes, well, you can't risk your job." She then stands up and cries, "I'm scared, though, Bjorn." Bjorn insists, "You'll be fine. You're the gutsiest lady I know." Alison cries, "It's all so unfair. I spent a year terrified I was going to jail for Luke's murder. That was all cleared up and now this. You're the only one who cares." Bjorn points out, "Charlie cares." Alison, though, replies, "Knowing her, she'll probably be too busy making eyes at the judge to give me much support." Bjorn asks, "What about your children: the twins?" Alison sighs, "They're hundreds of miles away. They haven't even bothered to call me since they found out I was still alive." She then goes on, "Bjorn, I don't want to do a number on you but you're the only one I felt I could rely on." Bjorn hesitates and then declares, "I'll wire the captain that I am too ill to travel. If he doesn't believe me, he can fire me." Alison says, "That's not fair." Bjorn, however, tells her, "I've decided. A promise is a promise and I've made one."

It's nighttime, and Janice is sitting in May's room at the mansion. She snaps at May, "I am not plastering my face my like a jezebel." May insists, "You don't have to - but it doesn't hurt to 'improve a little' on nature." Janice snaps, "No, May." May suggests, "At least let me do something about your hair." Before they can get any further, though, Fiona comes in and smiles, "How's it all going?" May sighs, "Thank goodness you're here. She's being difficult. I was just telling her about her hair." Janice protests, "There's nothing wrong with my hair." Fiona muses, "It is a bit drab, dear." Janice glares at her and snaps, "That does it. I am not staying here to be insulted." With that, she storms out. May immediately sighs, "Fiona Thompson, you have the tact of a rhinoceros. I was doing very well with her until you came in." Fiona muses, "Not by the sound of it." May tells her, "If I don't get to that ball, it'll be your fault - and I hope you're proud of yourself." The door suddenly opens and Janice comes in to pick up her handbag. May says quickly, "Janice, don't listen to Fiona: your hair's bad, but it's not that bad." Janice just turns and storms out again. Fiona smiles incredulously at May, "You talk about me...!"

The next morning, Alison and Bjorn are standing outside Charlie's front door, their arms round each other. Bjorn says to Alison, "Make an effort with Beryl this morning. Promise?" Alison sighs, "Alright." They kiss passionately and then pull apart. Bjorn heads off down the path and Alison returns inside. She heads into the lounge room, where Beryl is sitting looking at the newspaper. Alison asks if there's anything in there about Bill. Beryl tells her, "Yes - a small article on page four." She adds, "Probably be front page in Melbourne, though." Alison asks, "What about Susan? When's she coming back?" Beryl replies, "Later today." Alison asks, "Have you spoken to her?" Beryl tells her, "Yes - last night. She's bearing up." Alison pours herself some coffee as Beryl then says, "It hardly seems fair you expecting Bjorn to lie to his captain so he can be at your trial." Alison snaps, "How do you know about that?" Beryl explains, "He mentioned it when you were in the shower." Alison stands with her coffee and sighs, "I don't know why I'm bothering. You know, I'm trying to be pleasant to you and all I'm getting for my trouble is the cold snap treatment." Beryl protests, "I was only saying--" Alison interrupts her and retorts, "You were having a go - and don't deny it. It's like yesterday: you know, I really wanted to help when I said I knew a better way of using that receipt. I told Bjorn it was a waste of time..." With that, she walks out, leaving Beryl looking thoughtful.

Fiona is sweeping the hallway floor at the mansion when Janice comes downstairs holding a long stick. Fiona asks what on earth it is. Janice tells her, "Homework for the bushcraft lecture. It is an improvised trout-fishing rod: if you're lost in the bush you can make one. Could save your life." Fiona says dubiously, "About the only thing you'd catch with that would be a cold!" Janice retorts, "You never take anything seriously." She then announces that she's going to practice casting. She heads towards the front door. Fiona calls, "Shouldn't you be getting ready for lunch?" Janice calls back, "I've got half an hour." She heads outside. May suddenly emerges from her room and asks Fiona if she heard Janice. Fiona explains that she's out-front. May growls at Fiona, "I want to apologise for your behaviour last night - and it may not be too last to salvage something before lunch." She heads off after Janice.

Outside, Owen is heading up the path towards the mansion. Janice is standing with her rod and she comments, "You're early. I'm not ready yet." Owen smiles, "Better early than late, I say. How's the rod going?" Janice smiles, "Good." Owen tells her, "Give us a look." Janice swings the rod back behind her shoulder just as May comes out through the front door. The hook on the end of the string catches in May's hair - and as Janice then swings the rod forward, it pulls May's wig away, revealing her to have thin white hair which is tied back and covered with a band. May places her hands over her head in horror.

A few moments later, Janice cries earnestly, "I didn't see you there, May, I swear." May, tears welling in her eyes, sobs, "Just because I criticised your hair last night, you didn't have to humiliate me." Janice retorts, "I said I was sorry. That's all I can do." With that, she heads off inside. Owen walks over to May and tells her, "A true lady would accept an apology gracefully, Mrs. Walters. I thought you were a different sort of woman." With that, he follows Janice inside.

A few minutes later, May is in Fiona's room, replacing her wig and crying, "I've blown it, that's what I've done. He's besotted with Janice. He was absolutely furious with me for having a go at her about the wig. I'll never get an invitation now." Fiona suggests, "Maybe if you apologise..." May, though, snaps, "I'm the one who deserves the apology. Thank heavens there weren't more people around." Fiona sighs, "Really, I do think you're making a terrible fuss about nothing. So what if people saw you without your wig? It's not the end of the world." May tells her curtly, "Fiona, it's like being naked in public." Fiona retorts, "You can't have it both ways: either you swallow your pride and apologise or you kiss the ball goodbye." May smiles suddenly and says, "Unless, of course, you helped..."

Janice is coming downstairs out in the hallway. Fiona emerges from her room and she asks where Owen is, adding that May has put her foot into it and Janice has got to help. Janice snaps, "She's an ungrateful old--" She breaks off before continuing, "I'm putting up with him for her and she accuses me of deliberately hooking her wig. I've got a good mind to forget the whole thing." Fiona explains, "She just told me to come out here and ask you to hang in there..." Janice snaps, "I see: getting you to do her dirty work for her, is she?" Fiona tells her, "Owen is on your side: he just told May that she is no lady. You're going to have to work twice as hard on him." Janice mutters, "That's all I need."

Beryl is sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, saying, "Poor Bill - he never had much of a life. Oh, his mother tried, but, well, you met her." She's talking to Fiona, who suggests, "Why don't we get you out of the house for a while? Let's take in a movie - or better still, let's go shopping: blow all our money - it always cheers me up." Alison suddenly appears in the doorway. She says, "Excuse me." She then picks up the newspaper from the coffee table and leaves the room again. When she's gone, Fiona says to Beryl, "It can't help having her around." Beryl admits, "Not really." She then asks Fiona, "Do you think she's changed?" Fiona shrugs, "She has done the odd good deed lately, but it's more to get at Wayne, though. Helping us has just been a side-effect." Beryl explains, "She says she wants to help me break up Susan and Wayne. I don't know whether I should trust her or not." Fiona muses, "I probably would, on that." Beryl continues, "She also says I'm going about it the wrong way." Fiona points out, "Let's face it: she is the expert on the subject." Beryl asks, "Should I trust her or not?" Fiona, though, tells her, "You have to make up your own mind about that one, love. I will tell you one thing, though: you can't trust Wayne."

Sometime later, Alison is pacing the floor of Charlie's lounge room, asking a seated Beryl, "Why the sudden change of mind?" Beryl tells her, "I realise it's best to fight fire with fire: you think the same as Wayne so you'll always be one step ahead of him." Fiona is still sitting on the other couch as Alison tells Beryl, "Glad you woke up to yourself." She then goes on, "Let's get down to business. The first thing we have to do is make sure that Susan sees that receipt without having any idea you were behind it..."

Susan and Wayne are back sitting on the beach in Queensland. Wayne tells Susan, "We'll have to get a move on if we're going to make that 'plane." Susan, ignoring this, muses, "You think that love's important, but it's not - well, not as important as they say. I wasted four years on it - and what have I got to show?" She starts fiddling with her wedding ring. She then continues harshly, "The next time I get married, it won't be because of love. It'll be because... because I care for the person... because I respect them... because I can trust them." Looking into the distance, she then stands up and heads towards the sea. Wayne follows her. She takes off her wedding ring and then throws it into the foaming water. Looking astonished, Wayne cries, "Susan!" Susan just tells him, "It's over."

Later that day, Wayne is driving himself and Susan through Sydney. They pass the Harbour Bridge. Susan has a smile on her face, and she places a hand warmly on Wayne's arm. He turns and smiles back at her.

Janice and Owen are walking up towards the front door of the mansion. They stop and Janice tells Owen, "Very nice of your mother to give me the lavender." Owen explains, "That's when I knew you'd won her over. She makes it herself. You know, you're the first girlfriend she's ever given it to." He then takes Janice's hand and kisses it before saying, "Thankyou for a wonderful afternoon. You're a very special girl." Janice says quickly, "Yes, thankyou - and thanks to your mother too. I'll be seeing you." With that, she dashes off inside, leaving Owen to beam, "Of course you will!"

A short time later, in Fiona's room, Janice is snapping, "The man is so thick-skinned. He spent half the afternoon grabbing my arm and I spent it pulling my arm away, then you know what he said on the way home?" Fiona sighs, "I can't begin to imagine." Janice takes her hand and says in an imitation of Owen's voice, "The thing I love about you is your modesty. You're so shy." She then declares, "I think I'm going to have to be rude." Fiona, however, retorts, "Oh no you're not - not until after the ball." She then asks, "How did it go?" Janice opens an envelope and replies, "His mother gave me an invitation alright." Fiona smiles, "May will be thrilled!" Janice, though, tells her, "The invitation's for me. May hasn't got a hope of getting one. When Owen makes up his mind about someone, that's it." The door to the room suddenly opens and May bursts in and demands, "Well?" Fiona and Janice look at each other.

Wayne and Susan are standing by the bar at Dural, sorting through the mail. As they do so, Wayne asks Susan, "Did your mum say why she was coming up?" Susan replies, "I think she was just missing me." She adds, "I'm glad she's here, though - I'd rather tell her face-to-face than over the 'phone." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she muses, "That'll be her." She goes to open the door, leaving Wayne looking thoughtful. By the front door, Susan gives Beryl a warm hug. Beryl tells her daughter, "I'm so glad you're back - I've been worried about you." Susan, however, assures her, "I'm fine. Wayne's been wonderful." They head into the lounge room, where Wayne says, "Hello, Beryl." Beryl nods tersely, "Wayne. Thankyou for looking after Susie." Susan smiles, "He really did. He's been terrific." She walks over to Wayne before going on, "Bill's death was an awful shock. If he hadn't been there..." Wayne puts him arm around Susan as she then tells her mother, "I've got a surprise for you. I hope you'll be happy for me, mum. Wayne's asked me to marry him and I've said yes." Beryl stares at her in horror.


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