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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Gordon walks over to Maggie, bends down and checks her pulse. She's still breathing. He helps her up, and she comes-to, moaning, "I feel dizzy..." Gordon tells her that he'll get an ambulance. Maggie, though, cries, "No. I'll be alright. Don't fuss." Gordon offers her a brandy. Maggie, though, retorts, "Not on an empty stomach - I'll be back on the floor in no time." Gordon asks her in surprise, "Haven't you eaten?" Maggie replies, "I haven't had time - I've been too busy." Gordon warns her, "You shouldn't be overdoing it." Maggie insists, "I'll be alright." Gordon, though, tells her, "The first thing I'm going to do is cook you a meal and then you can go home and have a good rest." Maggie murmurs, "If it'll make you happy..."

Charlie is sitting with Doug and Caroline in the lounge room at the country house. The three of them are trying to work out what all the fuss with Rupert was about! Changing the subject, Doug offers Charlie a biscuit. Charlie smiles that they're very good. Doug goes on that, when they go into mass production, there's no way they're not going to have one hell of a business on their hands. He then goes on that they need a backer: someone with enough cash and business sense to really get Beryl's biccies up-and-running. Charlie, looking puzzled, says she doesn't see how they can make a profit based on the selling price. She adds that, as far as she can make out, the more biscuits he sells, the greater the loss will be. Doug retorts, "That's impossible." Charlie sighs, "Maybe I'm wrong - I have been before - but I'd rather not get involved, if you don't mind." With that, she heads off to powder her nose. Doug muses to Caroline that he thought Charlie would jump at the chance. Caroline suggests, "Obviously she's done her sums differently to yours." Doug, however, sighs, "No, it's just an excuse. I've just gone bankrupt. She considers me a bad risk, that's all. It's the only explanation there is.

In his room at Seabreeze Towers, Gordon serves some food to Maggie, who's sitting on the couch. She comments that she didn't know he was into frozen dinners! Gordon smiles, "I keep an emergency supply in the freezer!" Maggie offers to pay for it. Gordon, though, tells her not to be silly. Maggie mutters, "That's the trouble with the world today: no one's prepared to stand on their own two feet. Well, I'm not like that. I made it this far without charity; I'm not about to start now."

Caroline is wiping up dishes in the kitchen at the country house when Craig comes in on his own. Caroline asks where Debbie is. Craig replies that she's at Beryl's. Caroline asks what she's doing there. Craig explains, "She found a rabbit with a wonky leg yesterday and she put him in a cage and was going to look after him until he got better." Caroline realises, "And she named him Rupert?" Craig nods, "Right. She was going to tell you about him this morning, but when you started saying rabbits were pests and should be shot..." Caroline cries, "Not pet rabbits." Craig tells her, "That's what I tried to explain to her, but she wouldn't listen. So she decided to hide him where she thought you wouldn't find him. Next thing you know, the cage is empty and you're serving up rabbit stew!" Caroline laughs, "And she thinks I cooked him?!" Craig chuckles, "That's about the strength of it!"

Debbie is sitting staring into space in Beryl's lounge room. The 'phone rings and she reluctantly gets up and answers it. She listens and then snaps, "I don't want to talk to you." At the other end, though, Caroline sighs, "Debbie, don't hang up. I didn't cook your rabbit. I don't know what happened to him but he certainly didn't end up in the casserole. My rabbit came from the butcher's - I've still got the receipt if you don't believe me." Debbie asks uncertainly, "Then what happened to Rupert?" She listens and then tells Caroline, "I'm sorry. I've always been one for jumping the gun." Caroline suggests, "Why don't I send Craig over to bring you home?" Debbie thanks her. She then hangs up and curses to herself, "God, Deborah... talk about stupid..."

The next morning, David is searching in a toolkit in one of the sheds in the grounds of the country house when he hears Craig calling, "Here, rabbit. Rupert, come here." He looks across to another shed, where Craig is busily looking behind planks of wood! Glen joins David, who asks warily, "Who's Rupert?" Glen tells him, "An escaped rabbit. Debbie's adopted him as a pet!" David turns back to the shed. Glen, changing the subject, goes on, "Dave, I spoke to Beryl early this morning. She says that things aren't going the best up in Sydney." David asks what's wrong. Glen tells him, "Apparently, when she got there, Wayne had taken Susan off on some sort of holiday." David sighs, "You're joking..." Glen continues, "Still, Beryl thinks she can sort Wayne out when they get back - she says she's got some sort of ace up her sleeve." David mutters, "I hope she has - for Susie's sake." Glen murmurs, "I should be up there doing something myself." David, though, retorts, "No you shouldn't: we don't want Wayne knowing where you are until we find out how he got on to Maria." He goes on, "I know how you feel and I know it's not easy, but all you can do is sit it out." Glen sighs, "Yeah..."

Inside, in the kitchen, Debbie and Caroline are laughing about the rabbit. David and Glen walk in and David stops in his tracks as he finds someone else standing in the kitchen. He nods curtly, "Andy..." He then asks him what he's doing in their neck of the woods. Andy explains that he's taking a bit of a holiday. Caroline smiles, "He's got a job with Wayne, now: Personal Assistant." Andy adds, "Wayne's given me a couple of days off while he's away on business." He then turns to Glen and comments that he didn't expect to see him down there: everyone in Sydney's wondering where he got to. Glen tells him quickly, "I met David when he was up in Sydney. We got along and he offered me a job in his market garden. Simple as that." Andy comments, "I thought that was Debbie's job." Debbie tells him, "It is, but there's plenty of work to go around." She invites Andy to come out and give them a hand, and she heads off. Before he can follow her, Andy is stopped by Glen, who says, "I suppose Wayne's told you how I mouthed off at him before I left Sydney? It was all heat-of-the-moment stuff. I didn't mean any of it. Fact is, I like it down here. I don't think I'll go back up-north. Nothing for me there in any case." Andy tells him, "I might catch up with you before I head back." With that, he heads outside.

Out in the grounds, Craig is still looking for Rupert. Debbie joins him and asks, "Any luck?" Craig sighs, "Not so far." Craig then acknowledges Andy reluctantly. Andy tells him, "I wondered if you'd still talk to me: I owe you an apology over that business with Doug." Craig holds out his hand and replies, "Forget it." They shake. Craig then indicates a car nearby and comments that it looks like Andy's landed on his feet. Andy smiles, "It comes with the job." He offers Craig and Debbie a drive. Craig, though, tells him that they'll have to make it later; they've got to find Rupert. Debbie suggests that they try behind the hen house. She and Craig walk off. Andy follows them a few paces behind.

David is talking on the 'phone in the kitchen, saying, "I just thought I might have been able to catch her at your place, that's all." Caroline passes through and announces that she's heading off to work as David then asks on the 'phone, "You got any idea where she may have gone?" At the other end, Fiona is standing in her room at the mansion, and she replies, "She's gone out shopping with May and then I think they're going to one of those concerts in Martin Place." She listens and then says, "I'm sorry, David, I've got no idea." David shrugs, "That's OK. I'll 'phone her tonight at Charlie's place." With that, he hangs up. He then turns to Glen and says, "As long as Wayne doesn't get back before tonight, it should be OK." Glen comments, "He mightn't even connect Beryl's visit with me." David, though, retorts, "Oh yes he will - if Andy's told him where you've been."

Outside, Craig, Andy and Debbie approach Andy's car and Debbie asks, "Where do we look now?" Craig suggests, "Start all over again, I suppose." Andy indicates his car and asks enthusiastically, "Did I tell you it came with a 'phone?" He runs over to the car and climbs in to demonstrate it. All of a sudden, a furry nose peeks out from under the back seat. Debbie exclaims, "Rupert! He's in here!" She goes and picks the animal up - and then notices a number of droppings on the back seat. Andy cries in horror, "Yuck! How am I supposed to clean that?" The car's going to stink to high heaven now."

In the kitchen at Beryl's, Doug is looking in a cupboard and muttering, "I wish I knew what happened to those $50 vouchers. They can't have just disappeared." Caroline assures him that they'll turn up eventually. She then asks when they're going to stop for lunch. Doug tells her, "When we've cooked another batch of cookies." Caroline mutters, "You can't think of anything else, can you?" Doug asks, "What else is there?" Caroline points out, "You haven't even asked me why I'm going off to Sydney." Doug stops in his tracks and murmurs, "I'm sorry. I get carried away sometimes. I'm listening now." Caroline hesitates and then says slowly, "My court case for the car accident has finally been listed." Doug points out, "You don't have to worry: Alison's already admitted that she was driving." Caroline, though, retorts, "I was fighting with her. If I hadn't been, we'd never have run into Gordon and Barbara." Doug just assures her, "When you walk into that court room looking a million dollars, the judge is going to be so bowled over he won't have the heart to do anything else but let you off." Caroline sighs, "I hope so." There's suddenly a knock on the back door and Doug opens it. Charlie bursts in and smiles, "Hello, darling. Guess what: I've just been out and bought a packet of Beryl's biscuits. I must be your first customer to win a $50 voucher!" Doug, looking surprised, comments, "I haven't sent any $50 vouchers out yet." Charlie, though, tells him, "Of course you have, darling: all those boxes on the table last night. You delivered them this morning, didn't you?" Doug replies, "Sure - but I certainly didn't put any $50 vouchers in them." Charlie tells him, "No - but I did." Doug, looking suddenly wary, asks, "When?" Charlie smiles, "Last night, while you were in the shower. I thought I'd save you the job!" Doug demands curtly, "Charlie, how many vouchers did you put in?" Charlie tells him, "However many were in the packet." Doug, sitting down nervously, murmurs, "A hundred. $5000. I'm a dead man. Beryl's going to kill me for this." Charlie cries, "Oh dear. I thought... well, I thought you were going to put a voucher in every box of biscuits." Doug tells her tersely, "The $50 vouchers were going one in every thousand boxes." Charlie muses, "Oh, I see. Oh, at least your marketing idea makes sense now!" Caroline suggests quietly, "I suppose we'd better go and collect those that haven't been sold yet." Charlie, however, tells her nervously, "I think it's too late, darling. Once word got out, there was an absolute rush on them. Oh dear... I have made a mess of things, haven't I?" Doug sighs, "It's done now. I'll just have to figure out a way of coming up with the $5000 payout that we're just about to be hit with. Charlie smiles quickly, "Oh, I'll pay it - I don't mind doing that. I mean, it was my fault." Doug looks at her and says, "Charlie, last night when I asked you for your backing, you turned me down." Charlie explains, "Because I thought you were going to put a voucher in every box of biscuits." Doug retorts, "So now you know otherwise..." Charlie tells him, "Now I know how it's going to work I think it's a fine idea." Doug suggests, "Maybe we're talking about a $5000 tax loss on your latest business venture?" Charlie looks at him blankly and asks, "Pardon?" Doug tells her, "Beryl's Biccies, Charlie: the hottest little investment in town. How would you like to get in on the ground floor?!"

Gordon is sitting with Fiona in her room at the mansion. She's pouring some tea as he tells her, "I always said you were a great cook. You'll have to give me some tips!" Fiona laughs, "Why?!" Gordon tells her, "Susan will be moving on soon... Wayne's not always there. I'll have to learn to fend for myself." Fiona points out that there are lots of good restaurants round Dural. Gordon, though, says he can't eat out all the time. Fiona assures him, "You're more than welcome to come here." Gordon insists, "A few cooking tips would save you a lot of trouble." Fiona, though, tells him, "I wouldn't even hear of it. Anyway, it's high time we started spending some hours together. It's been ages since we sat down and had a good chat." She goes on sadly, "I was sorry to hear about Barbara. We don't have to talk about it, but if you ever need a friend..." Gordon murmurs, "Thankyou. I do miss her and I suppose I always will - but you can't spend your time looking over your shoulder: you have to move on... make new friends... discover new interests..." Fiona looks at the camera on the table in front of them and remarks, "Like photography?" Gordon nods, "Yes." He then picks up the camera and takes a film out of his pocket, explaining, "You never know when that shot of a lifetime is going to present itself!" He doesn't notice as a receipt falls out of his pocket and lands on the floor.

David is working on the engine of the ute in the grounds of the country house. Glen joins him and comments that he thought David was catching-up on some shut-eye. David, though, sighs, "I couldn't drop off. I was trying to think of something to get Wayne to pull his dopey head in." Glen asks, "Any luck?" David nods, "As a matter of fact, I did." He then closes the ute's bonnet and tells Glen, "Jump in." Glen asks where they're going. David tells him, "To see a bloke who'll cause so much trouble for Wayne he won't have a chance to think of Susan, let alone try to sweet-talk her into marriage."

Sometime later, David and Glen are heading up a road towards a building signposted 'H.M. Cross River Prison." Glen asks David, "When did you arrange to meet this Bill?" David replies, "When you were picking out the weeds in the garden." Glen asks, "You reckon he can cut Wayne off at the knees, do you?" David tells him, "If he goes along with what I have in mind." With that, he brings the ute to a halt, turns off the engine and says, "Wish me luck." He climbs out of the ute and starts heading towards the prison gate.

Maggie is fussing over Rags in Gordon's room at Seabreeze Towers. The vacuum cleaner is plugged in nearby. The door suddenly opens and Gordon comes in. Maggie immediately snaps at him, "I was just checking your dog hadn't spilt water everywhere." She then goes to the table and picks up a plastic box containing some food. She hands it to Gordon and tells him, "I've got something for you. It's a meal. Just needs heating up. To repay you for last night." Gordon smiles, "That's very kind of you." Maggie starts polishing the sideboard as Gordon then asks her how she's feeling. She retorts, "I'm here, aren't I?" She adds, "Putting up with that neighbour of mine's bound to see me in an early grave." Gordon asks, "Why's that?" Maggie explains curtly, "She looks after me little girl. I pay her, of course, but it doesn't stop her complaining. She says she's a real little monkey; says she never gives her a moment's peace." Gordon comments in surprise, "I didn't know you had a daughter." Maggie tells him, "Cassie. She's nine." Gordon remarks, "And the apple of her mother's eye, huh?" Maggie smiles, "She's beautiful - and no bother. You wouldn't find a quieter kid." She then adds more sourly, "Still, it's none of your business. You don't have to pretend you're interested." Gordon assures her, "I was not pretending, Maggie. I happen to be interested. I just lost my wife. I have a son and a daughter of whom I'm extremely proud. So when I come down to it, my situation isn't all that much different to yours, is it?" Maggie looks at him.

Charlie is standing in Fiona's room at the mansion smiling, "I'm so excited! Don't you think it's wonderful?!" Fiona, who's looking at some paperwork, just murmurs, "If it's going to benefit Beryl in the long run, I suppose it is." Charlie suddenly notices a receipt on the floor and she picks it up and asks Fiona if it's something important. Fiona looks at it and remarks, "It's a rent receipt. Gordon must have dropped it when he was here this afternoon." She reads, "Seabreeze Towers." Charlie comments, "It sounds like a motel or something." She then gasps, "Don't tell me Gordon's got himself a little hideaway?!" Fiona laughs, "Why on earth would he want to do that?" Charlie shrugs, "Who knows? But a lot of men like to have a little 'love nest' on the side." Fiona laughs, "I hardly think so - not Gordon. No, after Barbara it'll be a long long time before he'll even look at another woman."

Gordon is sitting with his camera in his room at Seabreeze Towers when there's a knock on the door. He calls that it's not locked. The door opens and Maggie comes in. She tells him, "I've just brought you some fresh towels - and I've got a proposition to put to you." Gordon asks, "Oh yeah?" Maggie goes on, "It's obvious you're having trouble coping on your own - cooking, that sort of thing. If you're interested, I'll teach you how to cook. Ten dollars a lesson, one lesson a week." Gordon considers it and then suggests, "Ten dollars a lesson, five lessons a week." Maggie, looking shocked, murmurs, "Gee, that's a lot of money." Gordon assures her, "I can afford it." Maggie smiles, "Alright. Five it is!"

David heads out through the gate at Cross River Prison. There's a siren going off, and Glen approaches him and asks, "What's all the racket about? What's the problem?" David sighs, "The problem is my great plan has come unstuck: there's no way Bill can help us now." He adds wearily, "I just don't know what else I can do, mate. I just don't know..."


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