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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Beryl asks, "Where up north?" Gordon, though, replies that he's not sure, exactly. Beryl asks why Susan went with Wayne. Gordon tells her, "That was my idea, actually: a paid holiday for the wonderful way she treated me while I was ill - and the break will do her good." Beryl murmurs, "I'm sure it will." She then checks, "You did say it was your idea and not Wayne's?" Gordon nods, "Mmm." Beryl adds, "And you're playing fares and expenses?" Gordon replies, "Yep. There's no objection to your daughter being shouted to a holiday, is there?" Beryl assures him quickly, "No, no, that's fine. It just caught me off-guard." Gordon tells her, "It'll only be a few days. I'm sure you and Fiona will have plenty to talk about." He adds, "I suppose that's where you're staying: Fiona's?" Beryl, looking put out, says quickly, "Yes, yes, that's the usual arrangement..." She suddenly notices his packed case and comments that she's caught him at the wrong time. Gordon, however, assures her, "Never." He then offers her a lift into the city. Beryl, though, says she'll pop over and see Charlie. Gordon tells her that he'll run her over.

Charlie is serving a tray of tea in the lounge room at her house, and she asks Beryl, "Gordon didn't say where he was going?" Beryl replies, "No, he didn't." Charlie muses, "Strange. He never mentioned going away. Still, it's his business, not ours." Changing the subject, she goes on, "Actually, after speaking to Glen, I expected you sooner." Beryl explains that she got stranded half-way up from Melbourne. Charlie continues, "I must say, I wasn't really surprised when Glen told me what Wayne had been up to: that dreadful story about Maria - I only hope you can convince Susan it was a lie so she can see what Wayne's really up to." Beryl murmurs that Wayne has taken Susan on a business trip; no one seems to know where, so she has no hope of getting in touch with her. Charlie sighs, "Trust Wayne to organise something like that." Beryl, though, explains that it was Gordon who suggested Wayne take Susan with him on his business trip. Charlie asks in surprise why he did that. Beryl replies, "Out of the goodness of his heart - to say thankyou for the way she looked after him." She adds bitterly, "It may not have been Wayne's idea, but you can bet your life he'll take advantage of the situation and convince her what a wonderfully caring person he is." Charlie comments, "You're not going to let him get away with it, are you?" Beryl replies that she can't see that there's much she can do at the moment. Charlie, however, tells her, "Of course there is, darling: you can start making plans to pull the rug out from under him when he gets back. If you can't organise a little welcome-home surprise for him, I'm sure I can..."

Gordon is staring at framed photographs of Wayne and Angela . He places them on a shelf in a cabinet in his room at Seabreeze Towers. He then places a photo of Woombai on another shelf. There's suddenly a knock on the door. Gordon opens it to find a woman standing there. She introduces herself as Maggie Hunt, his cleaning lady. Gordon invites her in. She looks over at where Rags is sitting on the couch and demands, "He belong to you?" Gordon nods, "For the moment." Maggie retorts, "I hope you don't expect me to clean up for him because I won't." Gordon assures her, "He's thoroughly house-trained." He then goes on, "I believe that you come in every day..." Maggie retorts, "Yeah. Just don't ask what time because it varies: cleaning's not the only thing I do - I've got a lot of jobs, so I can't be pinned down to a regular time." Gordon smiles, "Suits me." With that, Maggie tells him that she'll see him tomorrow and she goes. Gordon looks over at Rags and sighs, "What do you think of our cleaning lady, eh? I don't think she's too keen on you, fella."

Alison arrives back at Charlie's, and, as she heads into the lounge room, starts to say, "Charlie, you'll be pleased to know that Bjorn--" She breaks off as she finds Beryl sitting on the couch. Beryl says coldly, "Hello, Alison." Alison nods, "Beryl. The people you meet..." Charlie explains to Alison that Beryl is there on a mission of mercy: she's there to see that Susan doesn't ruin her life by getting involved with Wayne. Alison tells Beryl, "I wish you luck. Susan's far too good for Wayne. Anyone's too good for Wayne." Beryl muses, "That would have to be the first thing we've ever agreed on!" Charlie smiles, "I know you two have never hit it off, so to speak, but while you're both here it would be nice if there were no arguments." Beryl tells her, "I certainly don't intend to start any." Alison mutters, "Nor do I." Charlie tells Alison delightedly, "Wonderful - because Beryl's going to be staying here while she's in Sydney." Looking shocked, Alison demands, "What's wrong with the boarding house?" Charlie tells her, "It's full - we just called Fiona - and with you two smoking the peace pipe, at least I can sleep nights while I'm in Melbourne." Alison asks warily, "What are you talking about?" Charlie smiles, "I'm flying down on business tomorrow afternoon - so for the next few days it'll just be the two of you!"

The next morning, Charlie is sitting on her couch as Beryl paces the room saying, "There is nothing wrong with your idea, Charlie - it's the break-and-enter part I don't like." Charlie, however, assures her, "Darling, we won't have to break anything - Alison's got a key to the front door." She looks over at Alison, who's standing eating a bowl of cereal. She then goes on, "We have to find something on Wayne, right? And the best thing we could find would be something to prove that he bribed Maria to break up Glen and Susan." Beryl sighs, "It is wrong to go into someone's house without them knowing." Charlie tells Beryl that Gordon won't mind if they have a little wander through his house; he'd like them to keep an eye on it. Beryl sighs, "I don't know, Charlie." Charlie retorts, "I do. It's Susan's future we're talking about, and I think this is one case in which the means justifies the end."

A short time later, the front door opens at Dural and Charlie walks in. She's dressed all in black and wearing sunglasses! Beryl follows her in. Charlie looks round and comments, "It's awfully dark in here." Beryl suggests, "Perhaps if you take your sunglasses off!" Charlie does so. The two women head into the lounge room and Charlie starts looking round. Beryl says she'll search around upstairs, and she heads back out to the hallway.

In his room at Seabreeze Towers, Gordon is preparing himself scrambled eggs on toast. The kettle boils and Gordon turns it off. The toast pops out of the toaster and Gordon almost burns himself as he picks it up. He then realises that he's overdone the eggs. He sighs, "Oh no..."

Caroline is standing in the kitchen at the country house. Debbie asks her how she'd feel about having another guest: a rabbit. Caroline, however, tells her, "We've got more than one, darling. Glen says there's dozens of them and they're all raiding the carrot patch. I'll tell David about it when he gets home. He'll deal with them somehow - they can be a real menace if they get out of hand." With that, she heads off. Debbie looks at Craig and tells him, "Nothing about Rupert to Caroline, alright? Not if we want him to stay alive." Craig assures her, "I promise."

Doug is placing some biscuits in boxes in Beryl's kitchen. Caroline is standing with him as he tells her, "It's going to work for sure: every time a customer buys a box of biscuits, he or she has a chance of winning some money." Caroline asks, "How much money?" Doug replies, "$2... $5... $50..." Caroline gasps, "You'll send Beryl broke." Doug, however, replies, "I'll double her sales, you mean." He then adds, "We're not going to put money vouchers in every box; only some." Caroline sighs, "I hope you know what you're doing." Doug tells her, "Trust me - I'm a businessman!" He then turns to head out, adding as he does so, "I'm going to go and organise the vouchers. You can stay and look after the store this morning."

Charlie opens a small box in the lounge room at Dural. She opens it but doesn't find anything. She sighs and calls, "Found anything yet, Beryl?" Beryl calls back, "Not yet." Neither of them hears the front door open and Gordon stepping inside. He heads into the lounge room and stares at Charlie going through one of the cabinets. After a few seconds, he demands, "What the hell do you think you're doing, Charlie?"

A few moments later, Gordon growls at Charlie, "I'm still waiting for an explanation." Charlie murmurs, "Yes, darling. Of course. I expect you are." She then adds quickly, "Isabella. She went missing." Gordon asks, "And you thought you'd find her in my living room?" Charlie laughs, "No, darling. In the garden! That's where I was looking originally - then I thought I saw someone in the house. Beryl said you'd gone away, and it could have been a burglar, so I thought I'd investigate." Gordon asks her where she found the key. Charlie explains, "I borrowed Alison's." Beryl wanders into the room and says to Gordon cheerfully, "You're back sooner than I expected." Gordon, though, tells her, "I'm not, actually - there's just something I forgot to take with me in the first place." Charlie asks him where he's staying. He just replies, "With a friend. With everybody away I thought I'd take a few days' break myself." Beryl smiles, "That's a good idea." She then adds, "I suppose you're wondering what Charlie and I are doing--" Charlie interrupts her quickly, though, and says bluntly, "I've just explained." She tells Gordon, "Beryl was looking for the burglar upstairs and I was looking downstairs." Beryl raises her eyebrows! Gordon suggests, "You should have gone to police." He then adds, "As long as you're both alright. There was no one there, I take it?" Charlie replies, "Not down here." She then suggests that she and Beryl had better be going, and they head out. In the hallway, Charlie sighs to Beryl that it's a pity it was all a waste of time. Beryl, though, takes some folded-up papers out of her pockets and says, "Maybe it isn't. I found these in Wayne's room. There might be something in them." They head out. In the lounge room, Gordon is looking through an old book of recipes!

Rupert the rabbit is hidden in his cage outside the back door of the country house. Debbie is feeding him some carrots. Craig joins her and she asks who was on the 'phone. Craig explains that it was some guy wanting Caroline; he gave him Beryl's number. Changing the subject, he suggests that they'd better get started in the garden. Debbie sighs, "OK." Craig then goes on that he thinks Debbie is going a bit overboard hiding Rupert from Caroline: she was talking about wild rabbits. Debbie, however, retorts, "As long as she doesn't know about him, I've got nothing to worry about." She gets up and heads off to the garden, not noticing that the cage door is slightly open...

At Beryl's, Caroline says on the 'phone glumly, "Thanks for calling. Bye." She then joins Doug in the kitchen. He shows her the money vouchers that he's had made up and asks her what she thinks. She's miles away, though, and just murmurs, "Yes..." Doug goes on that he wants to start looking for a small factory; line up some staff... find somebody to provide some financial backing... Caroline just says, "Doug, I have to go to Sydney in a couple of days. That was my solicitor: something's just come up." Doug tells her, "Let me know when you want to go. I'll take you to the airport." Caroline stands there, looking worried.

Gordon is peeling a potato in his room at Seabreeze Towers. There's suddenly a knock on the door and he answers it to find Maggie Hunt standing there with a vacuum cleaner. She marches inside and, looking around, asks curtly what's going on. Gordon tells her, "Lunch. It smells alright so far." Maggie warns him not to expect her to wash his dishes. Gordon suggests to her that she come back in an hour; he should be finished by them. Maggie retorts, "I'll be back when I can fit you in." She mutters to herself tersely, "You come to do a job and you can't get into a place for dirty dishes and dog hair. I don't know how some people live with themselves." With that, she marches back out of the room, leaving Gordon to muse to Rags, "Well, fella, we're definitely off Maggie's Christmas card list!"

Charlie and Beryl are sitting in the lounge room at Charlie's, looking through the papers that Beryl brought back. Charlie looks at her watch and suggests that she must get to the airport soon. Beryl suddenly comes across something and laughs, "'The Facial Rejuvenation Centre'? Why would Wayne have one of their cards?!" Charlie takes the card from her and slips it under her blouse! Alison comes in and asks the two women if they found anything. Beryl retorts, "Not yet." Alison asks, "Then why aren't you back at Gordon's?" Charlie explains, "Because he came in while we were searching the place." Alison taunts, "Got your information wrong, did you, Beryl? I thought he was supposed to be away." Beryl retorts, "He is. He just came back to collect something." She suddenly comes across something in the pile of papers and murmurs, "Hello... What's this?" Charlie and Alison look at her and she tells them, "Ladies, I think I have found what we're looking for..."

Later that day, the front door bangs at Beryl's and Doug escorts Charlie into the lounge room. He's saying, "Beryl's in Sydney. Didn't you know?" Charlie exclaims, "We must have crossed paths on the way!" She then adds that she's down on business. Doug asks what sort of business. Charlie explains, "My accountant has said I have to find another 'income-producing asset' - or something like that! I already own a fashion house, but it's not enough, apparently, so I'm going to look into one or two things." Doug asks, "And you'll go with whoever comes up with the best offer, right?" Charlie smiles, "Something like that." They head into the kitchen. Charlie looks around and smiles, "Biscuits! Delicious!" Doug offers her one. Charlie takes it and Doug asks her how long she's down in Melbourne. She tells him, "Just tonight and tomorrow." Doug invites, "You must have dinner with us - with Caroline, out at David's place." Charlie smiles, "Thankyou." She then asks him how he's managing while Beryl's away. Doug tells her, "I'm going from strength-to-strength." He then explains about the cash vouchers and adds that they should double the sales at least. He tells Charlie to make herself at home and he'll shower and change before they go out to David's. He heads off. Charlie picks up a pile of the cash vouchers and places one - for $50 - in a box of biscuits. She then places another $50 voucher in another box...

Debbie and Craig come round the corner and go to head into the country house. Debbie notices suddenly that Rupert's cage is empty, and she cries in horror, "Someone has let him out!" Craig asks her if she's sure she closed the door properly. Debbie retorts, "Of course I did." She then cries, "Caroline. I bet it was her; I bet it was Caroline. What chance have we got of finding him now?"

Later that evening, Caroline is serving up dinner to Debbie, Doug, Charlie and Craig. She sits down to eat her own food and Doug asks what kind of meat is in their casserole. Caroline tells him, "Rabbit!" Looking shocked, Debbie stands up and cries, "How could you? Rupert wasn't a rabbit; he was like a person - and you've just gone and killed him. How could you?" With that, she runs out, leaving Caroline looking taken aback. Everyone looks at each other.

At Seabreeze Towers, Gordon is sitting on the couch in his room, fiddling with a new camera. Rags is lying next to him and Gordon eventually muses, "It's a bit more complicated than a box brownie, fella! We'll try it out tomorrow, eh?" He then ties a lead to Rags' collar and suggests that it's time for a walk along the beach. They head out of the room.

Bjorn is sitting on the couch at Charlie's. Beryl hands him a drink and tells him that Alison shouldn't be much longer. At that moment, the front door bangs and Alison walks in, sighing heavily. Bjorn stands up and smiles, "Hello." Alison gives him a kiss and Beryl tells the two of them that she'll leave them to enjoy their night. She goes. Alison suggests to Bjorn, "I suppose I should explain why I'm late: I've just been to see my solicitor." She pours herself a drink as she goes on, "I have a court appearance coming up. You shocked?" Bjorn tells her gently, "No." Alison explains, "I was involved in a car crash... and to put it simply, I pushed all the blame onto a lady called Caroline Morrell. She was the passenger." She goes on, "I had a reason: I was up on a murder charge at the time and I couldn't risk being fingerprinted in case I was found out." She adds quickly, "You don't have to worry - I've been proved innocent on that matter - but I decided to do the right thing and tell the truth about the accident. I was under the impression that the most I'd get would be a stiff fine and a rap over the knuckles. My solicitor thinks I could end up in jail..." She continues, "I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to walk away. Most people would." Bjorn, however, puts his arm round her and says, "I have done some things that I am not proud of, too. I will not judge you." Alison sighs, "I'm scared, Bjorn." Bjorn tells her, "Don't be. No one's going to hurt you. I won't let them."

Gordon - with Rags still on his lead - arrives back in the corridor outside his room at Seabreeze Towers. He opens the door and he and Rags head inside. Gordon immediately spots a bucket of cleaning things standing on the floor. There's no one around, though, and he calls in surprise, "Maggie?" He goes to look for her in the bedroom, but there's no sign of her. He returns to the main room, and approaches the kitchen. All-of-a-sudden, he spots Maggie lying sprawled on the floor, not moving...


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