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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Fiona asks Alison if she's sure. Alison replies that it had to be Wayne - and Andy had to be in on it too. Fiona cries that Andy hates Wayne. Alison, though, points out that Andy works for Wayne, doesn't he? Fiona suggests that Andy could have been tricked into it. Alison, though, retorts that the chances of Andy being there at that precise moment are too ridiculously remote. Fiona sighs that she can't believe Andy would help Wayne. She adds that she'll have a piece of him when he gets back. Alison queries, "Back?" Fiona explains that he's headed off on some business trip. Alison snaps, "Damn. If he'd been here I could have used him." Fiona asks warily, "What for?" Alison tells her, "Andy's doing Wayne's dirty work; that means he can be bought. I'll just offer him a higher price and get him to tell Susan what Wayne's been up to." Fiona asks if it's fair to bring Susan into it. Alison retorts, "If Wayne wants trouble, he'll get it. Let the punishment fit the crime, I say." Fiona suggests that there's not very much Alison can do until Andy gets back. Alison sighs, "No." She then appears to have second thoughts, though, and she murmurs slyly, "Maybe there is..."

Alison arrives back at Charlie's and joins Charlie in the lounge room. Charlie immediately cries to her that she left her bag by the swimming pool and someone stole her beach wrap. Alison stands there, looking disinterested, as Charlie goes on about it. She then tells Charlie that she'll get it back for her. Charlie asks her in surprise if she knows where it is. Alison nods, "Bjorn's got it." Charlie gasps, "What on earth for? You don't mean to tell me he's... kinky?!" Alison laughs, "No - he was desperate at the time!" She adds, "Come on - I'll tell you all about it while I get ready." She then announces, "Charlie, I want you to lend me your sexiest dress - your very sexiest dress." Charlie asks her suspiciously what she's up to. Alison retorts, "I'm going to show Wayne that there are certain people you don't mess with..."

Susan is laying a picnic table by the pool at Dural as Wayne walks over to her alongside a middle-aged man who's asking, "The operation was a complete and total success?" Wayne replies, "It was a bit hairy there, for a while." The man assures him, "We're all very relieved - your father's got a lot of friends in the business world." Wayne introduces the man to Susan as Bob Marshall and explains to Bob that Susan is dad's nurse. Susan leaves Wayne and Bob to it, and the two men sit down. Bob tells Wayne that he'd like to see Gordon before he goes. Wayne replies quickly, "He's out right now - visiting - but I'm sure he'd love to see you if he's back in time." He then suggests, "Let's get down to it."

Gordon is standing by the reception desk at Seabreeze Towers, looking impatient as the receptionist chats to one of her friends on the 'phone. He eventually clears his throat loudly and the receptionist turns to him. Gordon tells her that the young lady who was at reception earlier let him see one of the apartments and he's decided to take it. The receptionist tells her friend on the 'phone that she'll call her back. She hangs up and then asks Gordon which one it was. Gordon tells her, "Number 37." The receptionist takes out a file, looks at it and asks, "Hamilton, right?" Gordon nods, "That's right." The receptionist goes on, "Did she explain to you about the different rates? There's overnight, weekly and long-termers. Makes it sound like jail, doesn't it?! Which are you?" Gordon tells her, "Long-termer. Six months at least..."

David has turned up at Dural, and in the hallway, Susan gives him a warm hug as she tells him that she's glad he could drop over. David smiles that he'll be doing plenty of Sydney trips from now on, so she'll probably get sick of him! They head into the lounge room and Susan gets David a beer from behind the bar. He looks around and asks where everyone is. Susan explains that Wayne is out by the pool and Gordon is out. David asks how Gordon is. Susan replies that he's a lot better. David then asks, "What about Glen?" Looking suddenly downcast, Susan mutters, "He's not here anymore." David asks in surprise where he is. Susan mutters, "I don't know and I don't care." David remarks, "I thought you two were getting on like a house on fire..." Susan retorts, "Were." David asks, "You broke up?" Susan nods, "Yes..." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Susan goes to answer it. Alison is standing there, wearing a skimpy bright-pink dress and sunglasses. She says in a squeaky, cutesy voice, "Hi, Susan!" Susan stares at her in surprise and asks, "What are you doing?" Alison walks inside, replies, "Practising," and lights a cigarette.

Outside, Wayne is telling Bob Marshall that he has nothing to worry about: Gordon mightn't be at the helm anymore, but it's still the same old company. Alison suddenly calls over in her cutesy voice, "Yoo-hoo! Wayne! Hello, darling!" She blows him a kiss and then totters over to him on her high heels. She gives him a smacker of a kiss - which leaves a bright lipstick mark on his cheek - plonks herself down on his lap and sighs, "Susan told me you were out here talking boring business matters, but I've come out anyway." She looks at Bob Marshall and says, "Hello! Who are you?" Bob replies curtly, "Bob Marshall." Alison holds out her hand to him and smiles, "Hi! I'm Alison. I'm Wayney's girlfriend!" Wayne glares at her and growls, "What the hell are you up to?" Alison smiles at Bob, "He gets so cross if I butt-in without asking!" Turning to Wayne, she chides, "Don't be so stuffy, darling - you know I have good ideas!" Turning back to Bob, she adds fluffily, "He won't admit it, but I help him with everything. I help him make all the decisions." There's silence, but Alison says to Wayne quickly, "Keep talking. If it's a good deal, I'll let you know, Wayney."

A short time later, Wayne and Alison are standing in the hallway and Wayne is snapping furiously, "What the hell's got into you? You have just stuffed-up a very important deal." Alison retorts disinterestedly, "What a shame." Wayne snaps, "Go out there and tell him it was a joke." Alison, though, retorts, "It wasn't. I know about Bjorn and Elke." Realisation crosses Wayne's face. By the bar in the lounge room, David comments to Susan that it sounds like Alison's just done her dash with Wayne again. Susan agrees that Alison certainly seemed mad about something. David then announces that he's going to hit the road. He adds, "Do you mind if I head off through the kitchen? I've had enough of her tricks over the years and I'm not getting dragged-up through this one." The two of them head over towards the kitchen door. Out in the hallway, Wayne is snapping at Alison, "So what? I had a bit of a joke with you and your boyfriend. He's a Swedish gigolo." Alison retorts, "I enjoy his company - and I don't want you butting-in again." Wayne gasps, "You don't think you're going to get away with what you did out there, do you?" Alison retorts, "I think I have." Wayne snaps, "Do you have any idea what you might have cost us?" Alison retorts, "A lot, I hope." She then adds, "Just remember: every time you hit out at me, I'll hit back - only harder. I bet Susan would like to know what you've been up to." Wayne mutters, "She wouldn't believe you." Alison suggests curtly, "Let's see, shall we?" She heads into the lounge room, but finds it empty. Wayne gloats, "Huh! Looks like you're just going to have to wait - and I'll make sure I get in first. Now, get out." Alison, however, sits down on the couch and retorts, "No - unless you want to throw me out, and how would that look to Mr. Marshall? Shouldn't you be out there salvaging what you can with him?" Wayne growls, "She won't believe you." Alison retorts, "I wouldn't bet on it." Wayne heads out to the hallway. He suddenly hears Susan's voice in the lounge room and she asks Alison where Wayne is. Alison replies that he's still out the back. Susan tells her, "I heard you arguing." Alison nods, "Yes. Any idea what it was about?" Susan just shrugs. Alison goes on, "How would you feel about someone who'd manufactured evidence to split up Bjorn and I?" Susan asks in disbelief, "Are you saying Wayne did that?" Alison tells her, "I certainly am. He did it with you and Glen, too: made things look bad for him so you'd split up." Susan stands there looking shocked. In the hallway, Wayne looks worried. In the lounge room, Susan asks Alison if she has any proof. Alison tells her, "No - but when I do get it you'll be the first to see it." Susan hesitates and then says tersely, "Dad's right: you're a troublemaker. I don't believe you. Wayne's never been anything but a wonderful friend; all you've ever been is a stirrer." With that, she turns and storms back to the kitchen. Wayne wanders into the lounge room and gloats at Alison, "Told you. Now get out." He grins at her, nastily. Alison growls, "I'll get that proof. That's a promise." With that, she heads off, leaving Wayne with a broad grin on his face.

Owen is setting up his equipment in the reception room at the mansion. He tells Fiona that he hopes she's right about the security there. Fiona assures him that everything will be locked-up and Janice will be checking on it every hour. Owen asks if Janice is around. Fiona replies carefully, "Somewhere or other..." Owen asks if she's coming tonight. Fiona tells him, "Probably not. Janice is not interested in the mating habits of anything - least of all wildebeest." Owen gasps, "You can assure her that everything's very tasteful. My mother put the slides together - she wouldn't let anything like that through." He then adds, "She'd like Janice..." Fiona muses, "Would she, now...?" Owen replies, "No doubt about it - she likes decent girls." He asks, "Does Janice do charity work?" Fiona nods, "She has been known to." Owen replies, "I knew it. My mother does a lot of charity work: Mrs. Duncan Brooke - you've probably heard about her." Fiona gasps in surprise, "Not the Mrs. Duncan Brooke? She's in the social pages every other day!" Owen nods, "That's right." Fiona smiles, "Well, well, well. Social connections, eh...?!"

A short time later, Fiona is standing with Janice in the hallway downstairs. Janice is doing some dusting as Fiona tells her, "She's very well connected - and she does an enormous amount of charity work." Janice asks suspiciously, "What are you getting at, Aunty?" She adds, "If it's got anything to do with that awful Owen, you can forget about it." Fiona replies warily, "It has, but in a sort of a way. It's more May." At that moment, May comes downstairs and Fiona asks her if she's feeling alright. May just snaps, "Oh...." and walks off to her room. When she's gone, Fiona sighs to Janice, "Look at her, poor love. Feels useless." Janice asks warily, "You two aren't cooking this up between you, are you?" Fiona sighs, "I swear on a stack of bibles that none of this was prearranged. May has just always had an impeccable sense of timing." Janice mutters, "OK - so she's miserable. What do you want me to do?" Fiona tells her, "Go to Owen's lecture tonight." Janice starts to protest, but Fiona interrupts quickly, "He has promised me it is going to be very, very tasteful." She adds, "Please hear me out - for May?" Janice sighs, "Alright." Fiona tells her, "I want you to get into Owen's good books. He's obviously very taken with you and you know what they say: a woman can get a man to do anything if he's interested in her." Janice asks nervously what she's supposed to get him to do. Fiona replies, "Just think how May would feel if she got an invite to Mrs. Duncan Brooke's next party do. It would perk her up no end. I know it's silly, but that's the way May thinks. Now, do you love her enough to do this one little thing for her? All you have to do is be pleasant to Owen." Janice glares at Fiona and rolls her eyes.

A few minutes later, Fiona waves Janice into the reception room, where Owen is setting up a slide projector. He looks up at her in delight and smiles, "All ready for tonight. You are coming?" Janice replies through gritted teeth, "Wild horses couldn't keep me away..."

At Dural, Susan is cleaning in the lounge room when Wayne walks in, holding a file. Susan asks if Mr. Marshall has gone. Wayne nods, "Uh huh. Guess what?" Susan guesses, "He signed?" Wayne smiles, "Yep!" Susan goes and gives him a hug and she grins, "That's great! Aren't you clever?! I thought Alison had ruined it for you." Wayne tells her, "You're the clever one. If you hadn't come out and asked what the joke was--" Susan interrupts and asks, "He believed it was a joke, then?" Wayne beams, "He did after you appeared. I guess I owe it all to you." Susan assures him, "You would have talked your way out of it sooner or later." Wayne, though, replies, "I doubt it." He then adds, "We make a pretty good team, don't we?" Susan smiles, "I guess we do." She then says more seriously, "Alison didn't only try and cause trouble with Mr. Marshall; she said some awful things to me about you." Wayne asks what they were. Susan, though, replies, "It doesn't matter. I just wanted you to know I don't believe them." Wayne smiles, "Thanks for trusting me." He then goes on, "Tell you what: Bob wants me to go straight to Queensland and talk to his district managers. Why don't you come too?" Susan, looking suddenly wary, points out that she couldn't leave Gordon. Wayne, though, tells her that they can get someone else in. He adds, "A holiday for you - to say thankyou for everything you've done." Susan asks suddenly, "You're not worried that Alison's going to get at me about you while you're away, are you?" Wayne murmurs, "That's part of it." Susan, however, tells him, "Don't be. I know she's lying." With that, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. She then goes on, "The holiday was a lovely idea, and if I could, I would - but your dad has to come first." She turns away, leaving Wayne looking disappointed.

In the reception room at the mansion, Fiona is going through the antiques and other items that she's planning to hire out. May is with her, writing things down and looking glum. Fiona tells her to buck up. May, though, sighs, "You don't know what it's like to be useless. Life has passed me by." Fiona tells her, "People are like fashion: they could be hanging around for years and all of a sudden they're in vogue again." May mutters, "That may be true for some. Me? I'm like an old frock that's been thrown in the wardrobe never to see the light of day again." Fiona bursts out laughing and then asks May, "What would you say if I said that you could be invited to the biggest social do of the year?" May retorts, "I would say that you are teasing me and that's cruel. Now, stop it." Fiona, however, explains, "Owen's mother is a socialite - and if you play your cards right with him, you could end up getting an invite. He's very taken with you." May snaps, "You're fibbing." Fiona, though, tells her, "'A delightful conversationalist'. Those were his exact words." Looking surprised, May smiles, "Fancy that!" She then asks, "Is it a garden party, his mother's do?" Fiona, though, tells her, "No - it's a ball. Formal: white tie and tails - right down your alley." A look of delight crosses May's face.

At the service station, Beryl - still wearing her waitress's uniform - is talking on the 'phone, asking for the time that the next bus to Sydney passes through Rawleigh. She listens and then gasps in horror, "Two hours?!" She looks at the 'phone in disgust.

Debbie is putting some carrots in a bag just outside the back door at the country house. Craig suddenly comes round the corner and muses, "Going into business by yourself, are you? Start your own roadside stall with what you pinch?!" Debbie smiles, "Just a few carrots for tea!" Craig points out, "You hate carrots. What's going on?" Debbie replies, "Nothing." Craig, though, sighs, "Come on, Deb..." Debbie explains reluctantly, "I found this little rabbit out in the garden yesterday - and I didn't like to say anything because I know how David gets about rabbits round the veggies and I thought that you might too - so I took him back to the youth hostel and now I'm looking after him." Craig comments in surprise, "You've got a rabbit in your room at the hostel?!" Debbie sighs, "I know: no pets allowed - but it was such a sweet little bunny and it was sick." Craig warns her that she'll get turfed out if she's not careful. Debbie, though, assures him, "I've got him hidden - and no one's going to find him." Craig muses, "Famous last words..."

At the service station, Beryl has her back turned to the counter. She's looking in a 'fridge as she hears the main door open and someone come in. She calls out, "I'll be with you in a minute." She takes out a cake and then turns to the counter. Seeing who's standing there, she exclaims, "David!" She then drops the cake on the floor, where it breaks into little pieces. David asks in surprise, "What are you doing here?!"

Craig is in the kitchen at the country house when Debbie walks in through the back door, sheepishly, carrying a rabbit cage and some bags. She tells Craig, "You were right: the manager found out." Craig chuckles, "You poor old thing. So now you're both homeless." Indicating the rabbit, Debbie says, "Craig meet Rupert. Rupert meet Craig." Craig remarks, "Looks like I'm stuck with both of you, doesn't it?!" Debbie sighs, "It's stupid, right?" Craig tells her, "It's a good thing I'm around." He hugs her tightly.

Beryl is sweeping up the cake from the floor at the service station as she tells David, "I've never been so happy to see anyone my whole life!" David comments, "You've got a funny way of showing it: dropping cake all over the place!" Beryl smiles, "It was just such a surprise." David tells her, "This has been one of my regular stops for years." Beryl mutters, "Can't imagine why." David tells her, "You don't have to worry about it anymore. I'll give you the dough and you can tell him to shove it!" Beryl assures him, "I will - in a very ladylike way, of course!" David goes on, "It might be an idea to tell Wayne to do the same thing. Are you sure that he's out to crack onto Susan?" Beryl replies, "Sure enough to head up and see her." David offers to go with her. Beryl, though, tells him, "No, no, I'll be fine. If we both go, he might smell a rat. It's best to catch him off-guard: I'll just say I'm up there for a holiday. But I'll be checking it out: there is no way Wayne is going to marry Susie."

Gordon arrives back at Dural. Susan emerges from the study and tells him that they were getting worried about him. Gordon smiles, "I am on top of the world!" He then asks where Wayne is. Susan explains that he's upstairs, packing, as he has to follow-through a deal. Gordon recalls, "The one with Bob Marshall. Good on him." Susan then looks at some bags of new clothes that Gordon is holding, and asks him if he's been lashing out. Gordon, though, tells her, "It's just a few things. Nothing interesting." Susan accepts this and goes to put on some tea. Wayne comes downstairs and smiles at his father, "Thought I heard your voice. How's it going?" Gordon smiles, "Fine!" He adds that he won't be needing Susan much longer. Wayne tells him, "Funny you should say that. I have a favour to ask: think you could do without her as of now...?"

It's nighttime, and at the mansion, Bjorn and Alison emerge from Bjorn's room. Bjorn is telling Alison, "It was a nightmare at the time, but looking back on it it was very funny!" Janice suddenly comes round the corner and clears her throat, loudly. Bjorn smiles, "You are right, Janice: I am leading her astray!" Janice mutters, "So I see." Bjorn goes on, "I hear you are going to a raunchy evening: the mating habits of the wildebeest." Janice snaps, "The main purpose of the evening is a lecture on bushcraft - but Owen likes to share his wildlife slides as a diversion during the evening." She marches off.

A few seconds later, Janice storms into the reception room. Owen is in there and he tells Janice er that he's glad she's early. Janice ignores this and starts ranting about how May is very delicate and it shocks her to see things like Alison and Bjorn. Owen, however, replies that elderly people are a lot less shockable than people give them credit for. Janice continues, "She's a lovely person, May; very good company. She's the life of any party she's goes to." Owen asks disinterestedly, "Really?" Janice tells him, "Oh yes - absolutely charming. Very witty." She then continues, "Speaking of parties, I hear your mother's having one. Do you invite people to them?" Owen nods, "Sometimes." He adds, "I'm glad you're interested." Janice assures him, "I am. Very." Owen goes on, "She told me I could ask anyone I wanted to to this one." Janice smiles, "Good. Of course, whoever you ask has to be able to fit in. Now, May--" Owen interrupts without listening and tells Janice, "There's only one person I want there. I was going to ask later, but since you brought the topic up: I'd be very honoured if you came as my partner. Of course, mother would like to meet you beforehand, too; she likes the sound of you. When would you be free for lunch?" Janice stares at him, looking shocked.

Gordon is carrying a suitcase downstairs in the hallway at Dural. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and he answers it. He finds Beryl standing there and she smiles that she thought she'd pay Susan a surprise visit. Gordon tells her, "What a shame - she would have loved that." Beryl asks him in surprise what he means. Gordon explains, "She and Wayne are on their way up north. You're about half an hour late." A look of horror crosses Beryl's face.


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