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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Bjorn is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion. Fiona is laughing at him because he's tired out after one day's sightseeing. Bjorn explains "My niece has energy to burn and she wanted to see everything!" The 'phone suddenly rings and Fiona goes to answer it. Alison comes on and says she was wondering if Bjorn was in. Fiona replies, "He's right here." She hands the 'phone over and Bjorn tells Alison that he was just about to call her. He goes on, "When I was out today I found the perfect place for us to have dinner." Alison, though, asks, "Can't we stay in tonight? I wanted to have you all to myself..." Bjorn smiles, "I am on my way." He listens before adding, "Sure. Bye." He then hangs up and tells Fiona that he'll see her tomorrow sometime.

A while later, Alison has dressed-up and, as a knock sounds on the front door, she goes and sits seductively on the couch in Charlie's lounge room. She calls, "Come in." Bjorn does so and Alison teases, "You're bad for me. I couldn't keep my mind on my job today." Bjorn wanders over to her and smiles, "If you will insist on putting your work before me..." Alison suggests, "I'm sure you found a way to amuse yourself..." Bjorn, putting his arms round her, replies, "As a matter of fact I did, but you know I'd rather be with you." Alison pulls his hands away and snaps, "Would you?" She glares at him, but then smiles calmly, "Sorry. It's been one hell of a day. My nerves are still jangly." Bjorn asks, "Wayne being difficult again?" Alison, though, tells him, "For once, he isn't the problem." Bjorn tells her that he'll fix her a drink. Alison, though, replies quickly, "Alcohol won't help when I'm so hyper." Bjorn smiles flirtatiously, "I do have another suggestion..." He nuzzles her neck. Alison, though, tells him, "Humour me first. I feel like doing something mad to unwind." Bjorn asks, "Like what?" Alison suggests with a smile on her face, "Why don't we go for a skinny dip?" Bjorn protests, "But it's freezing out there." Alison, starting to undo his shirt buttons, assures him, "The pool's heated out there." She adds, "Come on - it'll be fun." Bjorn asks, "It will make you happy?" Alison smiles, "It will - very..."

A short time later, a naked Alison and Bjorn head outside and Alison immediately shivers, "It's going to be cold." Bjorn smiles, "You'd better race me to the pool if you don't want goosebumps." Alison, though, retorts, "Don't worry about me - I'm going to be nice and warm in here." With that, she head back inside and shuts the door behind her. Left outside, Bjorn cries, "Stop playing around." Alison, though, calls back curtly, "If you can do it, why can't I? I know how you amused yourself today. I even know the name of the motel, so there's no point denying it." Bjorn protests, "You saw me with Elke." Alison snaps, "Elke? Getting a bit homesick for Sweden, were we?" Bjorn cries, "Stop making a fool of yourself and let me in." He starts pulling on the door handle. Alison, though, snaps, "You're the one who's going to be making a fool of yourself when you have to walk home." Bjorn cries, "Don't be so childish, Alison. Let me in." Inside, Alison turns on some music really loudly. Bjorn yells, "Elke is my niece." It's no good, though. After a few seconds, Bjorn makes his way carefully round to the front of the house, where he pulls some leaves off a bush and holds them in front of himself to protect his modesty. He makes his way to his car, but finds it locked. He goes and removes a piece of wire which is wrapped around Charlie's post box and uses it to start trying to pick the lock.

In the house, Alison turns the music off, looking gleeful. She suddenly hears a car alarm going off outside and her grin broadens. She picks up the car keys triumphantly.

Outside, Bjorn moves quickly away from the car and round the side of the house, where he finds a small bag sitting on the wall by the pool. He takes out what looks like a duster and holds it in front of himself, but it isn't very big and he discards it in disgust. He then spots something else in the bag and he turns and starts creeping away, looking pleased with himself.

Andy is standing in the hallway at Dural, looking at some leaflets that have arrived with the post. One is titled 'Seabreeze Towers'. Gordon comes in through the front door and he asks Andy if Wayne is home. Andy, though, replies, "No - he drove down the shops looking for you." Gordon mutters, "He still doesn't trust me out by myself, does he?" Andy points out, "You have just been through a very big operation." Gordon snaps, "And nobody will let me forget it." He then calms down and apologises. Andy heads off.

A short time later, Gordon is sitting out by the pool. He starts looking through the pile of post, including the leaflet Andy had been holding about Seabreeze Towers. He suddenly becomes aware of a a figure nearby. It's Bjorn, who's wearing a woman's pink frilly dressing gown! Gordon stares at him. Bjorn says quickly, "I know how I must look, but I can explain. I don't dress up in women's clothes by choice, but I was over at Charlie's--" Gordon interrupts and says, "You're a friend of Charlie Bartlett's... and you're doing that as a dare?" Bjorn replies, "More a test of my ingenuity. I went skinny dipping and the door slammed on me. Lucky me, Charlie left her beach bag by the pool. You've no idea how pleased I was to find it, but I'd rather not have to wear it all the way home, so...?" Gordon takes the hint and smiles, "I'm sure that we can find you something more suitable!" He then introduces himself. Bjorn does likewise and Gordon recalls, "Friend of Fiona's." Bjorn nods, "From the cruise." Gordon comments, "She's talked about you a lot. You must lead a very exciting life." Bjorn murmurs, "A little too exciting at times..."

It's evening time and Andy heads into the mansion. He meets May in the corridor and asks how it's going. May replies wearily, "As well as can be expected, I suppose. How was your work today?" Andy smiles, "Great. I've really landed on my feet; finally made it to the big time." May mutters, "Enjoy it while it lasts." With that, she walks off. The front door suddenly opens and Elke walks in. Andy looks at her and says quickly, "Hi. You looking for the manager?" Elke replies, "No." Andy then remarks, "You're Bjorn's niece. I thought you were flying out today." Elke explains, "My 'plane has been delayed until tomorrow, so I guess my uncle is stuck with me for a night." Andy stands there, looking horrified.

A few moments later, Andy tells Elke, "That's bad luck. You should have 'phoned Bjorn from the airport - you just missed him." Elke suggests, "Perhaps I could wait?" Andy, though, tells her, "You'll be waiting for ages - he's gone out for dinner, then a show, then onto a party..." Elke sighs, "That sounds like him. Oh well - I guess an early night won't hurt." Andy, however, says quickly, "That sounds a bit boring." Elke tells him, "I have no money." Andy smiles, "Luckily, I do, and I'm in the mood for raging - so why don't I show you Sydney by night, huh?" With that, he puts his arm round her and guides her to the front door, looking relieved.

Alison opens the front door at Charlie's to find Bjorn standing there, wearing clothes that are too large for him. She snaps, "Found yourself a friend, did you? Pity her husband's the wrong size." Bjorn explains, "Gordon Hamilton helped me out." He heads inside and into the lounge room. Alison follows him and growls, "Had enough time to think up a good lie?" Bjorn retorts angrily, "The girl I was with is my niece, Elke. I took her out sightseeing - so next time you set your spies on someone, make sure they get their facts right." Alison snaps, "I didn't have you followed; the motel you chose happens to be one of the buildings Wayne's going to buy. You turned up as Andy was photographing it." Bjorn yells, "And you found me guilty without giving me a chance to explain?" Alison goes and picks up the photo and demands, "Doesn't this look incriminating to you? Sexy blonde... seedy motel. You even had the nerve to take her there in the car I was paying for." Bjorn snaps, "That is my niece - and you would have met her if she had been stopping over for more than a day." Alison retorts sarcastically, "Oh, she's gone, has she? Oh dear, how unfortunate. What a pity she can't confirm your story." Bjorn snaps, "If my word is not good enough for you--" Alison interrupts and yells, "Your word's a joke." Bjorn insists, "Elke is my niece and I can prove it." Alison retorts, "If she's your niece, I'm Queen Victoria." Bjorn snaps, "Then I am abdicating." With that, he picks up his clothes and adds angrily, "Being the royal consort is a pain in the neck." Alison glares at him and, grabbing his clothes back, snaps, "You're not walking out on me - I'm the one who kicked you out, remember?" She goes to the front door and flings it open as Bjorn retorts, "How could I forget?" Alison snarls, "Next time you get caught out, think up a more convincing lie - the one about the niece has whiskers on it." With that, she throws his clothes outside. Bjorn looks at her and then heads out after them. Alison slams the door shut and then heads back into the lounge room. She looks upset.

Out on the town, Andy is holding Elke's hand as they walk into a swish-looking building. Elke protests, "I cannot afford this. Let's go back to the motel where I stayed last night." Andy, though, tells her, "It's too far to drive." Elke reminds him, "You were the one who wanted to watch the sun come up over the ocean..." Andy suggests, "Then it's only fair that I foot the bill, eh?" Elke tells him, "You've spent far too much on me already." Andy smiles, "You're worth it." Elke says warily, "One-night stands are not my style, Andy." Andy, though, assures her, "That wasn't exactly what I had in mind." He then continues, "I've done a lot of travelling myself and I know what it feels like to be in a strange country and not know anyone. A lot of people went out of their way to help me - and it's my turn now." They approach the reception desk and the man sitting behind it asks, "You two going or staying?" Andy tells him, "The lady's staying." The man asks, "How long?" Andy replies, "One night. What will that be?" The man tells him, "$79." Looking suddenly shocked, Andy hands over all the money he has in his pocket. Elke suggests that she'd better put in a wake-up call or she'll miss her 'plane. Andy, though, tells her, "No need. I'll get you to the airport." Elke asks, "Will you be able to get the time off work?" Andy smiles, "Uh huh - I have a very understanding boss." With that, he leads her off to her room.

The next morning, Gordon is standing in the hallway at Dural, practising his golf swing with a walking stick. The front door suddenly opens and Andy walks in. Gordon comments, "You were on the job early." Andy shrugs, "Busy day and everything." He then asks if Wayne is in. Gordon explains that he had to go to the doctor to get something to clear his head. Andy murmurs, "I know how he feels." Gordon asks, "Late night?" Andy tells him, "It was business - taking care of a VIP for Wayne. That's what I wanted to talk to him about." Gordon asks what the problem is. Andy stutters, "Um, th... th... there's no real problem; it's just that last night sort of like sent me broke and I've got to run this guy out to the airport very soon." Gordon tells him, "I'll get some cash out of the safe." Andy thanks him. Gordon adds, "Word of advice: don't let Wayne work you too hard - you'll burn yourself out." Andy smiles, "Me? Never! I'm fireproof..."

Beryl is sitting in a roadside service station with another woman. She asks the woman to excuse her, and she heads up to the counter where she says tersely to the man standing behind it, "I ordered a sandwich twenty minutes ago." The man retorts, "I've only got one pair of hands, lady." Beryl snaps, "My bus is due to leave any minute." The man snaps back, "I've still only got one pair of hands." Beryl growls, "This has been the worst trip of my life. First I had to go up to Mount Macedon to put my little boy with my parents; then I rush back to Melbourne only to find the bus wasn't leaving for another two hours." The man retorts, "Don't blame me." Beryl goes on angrily, "Then the bus broke down and we had to sit for hours waiting for it to be fixed. Now you're determined to make me starve for the rest of the trip." The man just indicates the sandwich he's making and asks, "Do you want this toasted?" Beryl, though, snaps, "I don't have another three hours." With that, she slams a coin down on the counter and walks off.

A short time later, Beryl is in the ladies' toilets, rinsing her hands and wiping her neck with a tissue. She suddenly hears a vehicle horn outside and, looking horrified, she dashes over to the toilet door and goes to open it. Unfortunately, the lock comes off in her hand. She starts banging on the door, yelling, "Wait for me - I'm locked in. Let me out. That's my bus. Somebody - please."

A short time later, the man from behind the counter heads outside to the toilets and snaps at the still riled Beryl, "What are you trying to do: knock the door down?" Beryl yells through the door, "The handle's broken and I've missed my bus." Realising who's stuck, the man groans, "Oh gawd, not you again." Beryl snaps, "Could you unlock the door and let me out of here?" The man taunts, "Say 'please'..." Beryl mutters, "Would you please get me out of here?" The man tells her, "I'll have a look around for a screwdriver." He takes a screwdriver out of his pocket! Beryl pleads, "Do you mind hurrying? I've got to catch up with that bus." The man sighs, "Keep your knickers on." With that, he starts work on the lock.

Inside the service station, a young man walks in and, finding the place deserted, starts lifting some sweets off the shelf and stuffing them into his pocket. The proprietor suddenly walks in, followed by Beryl, and he says to the young man curtly, "You were going to pay for that, weren't you, sport?" The man retorts, "Sure." Beryl mutters to the thief, "If I were you, I'd avoid this place like the plague: the service is non-existent and the tea is lousy." The owner warns, "Any more of your lip and you don't use my 'phone, understand?" Beryl goes to the 'phone while the owner serves the thief. The thief pays for his goods. The owner turns away. The thief suddenly spots Beryl's handbag on a table by the 'phone. As he walks out, he picks it up surreptitiously and hides it under his jacket. On the 'phone, Beryl asks for a taxi to be sent to Les Connor's service station. She adds that it's urgent. She then hangs up and sighs heavily.

David is standing in the hallway at the mansion, and Fiona is smiling at him, "Hello, darling! Oh, you're a sight for sore eyes!" David asks if he can crash for a while. Fiona smiles, "You can stay as long as you like!" David sighs, "I can sleep for a week - but I've got to get over to Rawleigh this arvo and pick up a load!" Fiona tells him to go and have a wash. He heads off. May joins Fiona and Fiona asks her if she's off to give Ben his elocution lesson. May mutters, "Yes." Fiona tells her, "Cheer up - you mightn't have to work for very much longer: the money will start rolling in when we hire all the junk up in the recreation room. All we're waiting for is that letter from Wayne to say we can keep the proceeds." May, though, snaps, "What's the point of money if people don't treat you with respect?" Fiona, looking taken-aback, asks who's been upsetting her. May retorts, "Ben's parents: they're insufferably condescending. They treat me like some old dear who's never amounted to anything. When I think of the things I've done... the celebrities I've had at my feet..." Fiona smiles, "You'll be right." May just mutters, "It makes my blood boil." She storms off.

At the service station, Beryl approaches Les Connor - who's fixing the lock on the ladies' toilet - and tells him, "My taxi's here." Connor mutters, "Good. Go and annoy someone else." Beryl tells him meekly, "I can't go anywhere unless you give me loan. My handbag's been stolen - it was probably that guy that was here before." Connor laughs in disbelief, "You're asking me for a loan?" He starts heading back into the service station as Beryl protests, "I'll write an IOU and you'll get the money back when I get to Sydney." She adds, "I am trustworthy - I can give you a number of names of people who'll vouch for me." Connor, though, retorts, "Nobody takes me down, lady." Beryl sighs, "I'm not trying to take you down, but the taxi's there and it's got to be paid. There's $20 on the meter and it's still ticking over." Connor just snaps, "Why don't you go and ask the driver for a loan? I'll come and watch - I could do with a good laugh." Beryl cries, "Please. I'm nearly out of my mind with worry about my daughter who's about to make the biggest mistake of my life and I can't stop her." The man holds up his hands in surrender and sighs, "OK, OK, I'll give you the money - on one condition." Beryl mutters, "I might have known there'd be a catch..."

A short time later, Beryl is dressed in a staff uniform and Connor is telling her, "If there's no price on the package, there's a checklist." He hands her a sheet of paper. He adds, "Think you can handle it?" Beryl retorts, "I'll do a better job than you." Connor mutters, "You never stop, do you?" He then points out, "You could've turned me down." Beryl, though, retorts, "What choice did I have?" Connor tells her, "Everybody's got a choice, lady. Why don't you try hitching?" Beryl sighs, "Look, I'll work for you until the next bus comes through - but the less we talk, the better I'll like it." She then says wistfully that her first job was in a place like like the service station. She adds, "It's where I met the man I married..." Connor mutters, "He gets my sympathy." Beryl murmurs, "David saved me from being fired: I spilt pav all down the front of me and all down the floor." Connor muses, "And you're still a walking disaster." Beryl goes on distantly, "He paid for the pav... squared things off with my boss... it's how it all got started." Connor tells her curtly, "I reckon he deserves a medal having survived being married to you." Beryl, though, tells him, "Neither of us survived it. The sad thing is we still love each other..."

At Dural, Gordon is making his way gingerly downstairs when the front door opens and Andy comes in. Gordon asks him how his VIP is. Andy replies that he's just on his way to pick him up. He heads off. When he's gone, Gordon takes out from his suit pocket the leaflet for Seabreeze Towers.

Andy is waiting in the lobby of the hotel where he dropped Elke the previous night. Elke joins him and he asks, "All set?" Elke asks if she can have five minutes to call her uncle. Andy, though, tells her quickly, "I don't think he came home last night; at least, he wasn't home when I left." Elke accepts this. She then tells Andy, "It really is good of you to take time off to wave me goodbye." Andy smiles, "What the boss doesn't know won't hurt him." They climb into the lift. As the doors close, Gordon walks into the building, approaches the reception desk and says to the woman behind it, "I'd like to see one of your apartments." The woman nods, "Certainly." She hands him a leaflet and goes on, "These are our rates - they're on a sliding scale depending on how long you stay." Gordon replies, "Fine - I just might be staying indefinitely..."

Fiona is working at the table in her room at the mansion when there's a knock on the door. She calls, "Yes?" The door opens and Alison walks in. She mutters, "Going into the rag and bone trade, are we?" Fiona retorts, "That depends on Wayne." Alison hands over an envelope and tells Fiona, "There's your letter of authorisation." Fiona thanks her. Alison goes to walk off, but Fiona calls after her, "Just a moment - you might just as well have the rent money." Alison snaps, "Fiona, I don't have time to hang around." Fiona, though, assures her, "If you're worried about running into Bjorn, forget it - he's gone out." Alison mutters, "Picking up the blonde he was with yesterday, was he?" Fiona, though, tells her, "That would be a bit difficult: Elke would be on her way to Singapore by now." Alison muses, "He's coached you well." Fiona sighs, "All Bjorn told me is that he's fed up with your possessiveness - and I don't blame him. He can't even take his niece out for a day's sightseeing without you tagging along." Alison demands, "What do you know about his niece?" Fiona retorts, "I have seen photos of her. Bjorn is very much the proud uncle." Alison takes out her photo and demands, "Is this her?" Fiona looks at it and smiles, "Yes, that's Elke." She adds, "Where did this come from?" Alison growls, "Andy took it. Wayne's been looking for properties to develop. Bjorn just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time." Fiona sighs, "And you, of course, didn't stop long enough to ask for an explanation." Alison, however, is staring into space, and she muses distantly, "Or at the right place at the right time..." Fiona asks, "Pardon?" Alison turns to her and tells her, "Wayne's been biding his time ever since I talked Gordon into buying this place from him. He knows how much Bjorn means to me. I've been set up. Expertly."


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