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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

The next morning, Doug walks into the kitchen at Beryl's, commenting as he does so, "That smells good. I hope there's enough for two!" He finds it's Glen who's doing the cooking, though! Glen explains quickly that he's a friend of the Palmers' who's staying for a few days while Beryl's away. Doug asks where she's gone. Glen tells him, "Sydney - apparently some business problem. She waited up last night to tell you but you were pretty late getting home." He then goes on that Beryl wanted to ask Doug a favour. Doug asks suspiciously, "Oh...?" Glen tells him, "She knows you've got a bit of spare time on your hands, and she's got a few orders for biscuits..." Doug, realising what Glen is implying, retorts, "No way, mate! The only cooking I've ever done is when I was a kid, and that was years ago." Glen sighs, "She's kind of counting on you. She's got a couple of dozen coconut something-or-others to deliver by five o'clock this afternoon. She's left the recipe. If you don't do it, she won't have a business for very long." Doug mutters, "Talk about making a rod for your own back. I wish I'd never mentioned I could cook." Glen tells him, "She said she'd pay award rates." Doug mutters, "Terrific..."

Debbie is washing the kitchen floor at the country house when Craig walks in from the hallway and tells her that she left her friendship ring in the bathroom again. There's suddenly a knock on the back door. Debbie calls, "Come in." Glen walks in, introduces himself and explains that he's a friend of David's. Debbie explains that David is away on a trip. Glen, looking disappointed, says he just thought he'd pop in and say hello. Debbie introduces herself and Craig and Glen and Craig shake hands. Craig, looking slightly jealous, suggests to Debbie that she put her ring on. As she does so, Glen asks if it's a friendship ring. Craig nods that it is and Glen smiles that he should get his girl one. Craig looks suddenly more relieved! He suggests to Debbie that they get outside and start work. Glen offers them a hand. Craig smiles, "Thanks! We won't knock it back!"

In the kitchen at Beryl's, Doug is wearing a pink apron and Caroline is giggling at him. She asks why Beryl can't make her own biscuits. Doug explains that she had to go away for a couple of days and had an order to get out. Caroline sighs that he's obviously forgotten about her arrangement to come over this morning. Doug mutters, "Oh hell. I have." Caroline tells him, "It was only your future we were discussing, not mine. I'll come back when you're not so... 'busy'!" Doug warns, "If you dare mention just one word of this to anyone, you'll be so sorry." Caroline giggles, "It's very tempting!" Doug starts kneading some dough. Caroline offers to help. Doug just asks her if she can do the dishes. Caroline jokes, "Can I borrow your apron?!" Changing the subject, she then muses, "I wonder why Beryl had to go away...?" Doug shrugs, "Don't know. I'm not even going to waste time worrying about it."

At Dural, Wayne is sitting in the lounge room, working and sniffing. Susan joins him and tells him that he should be in bed. Wayne, though, explains that he's got too much work to do. The front door suddenly bangs and Alison walks in, smiling, "Good morning!" Susan asks her how the break was. Alison tells her that it was wonderful. Wayne asks how Bjorn is. Alison replies, "More tanned than he was before, if that's possible!" She adds, "Charlie was mad not to have used that shack whenever she did - it's absolutely beautiful down there." Looking at Susan, she adds, "In fact, I envy you and Glen buying the place." Susan, looking suddenly upset, retorts, "We're not going to now." With that, she gets up and walks off to the kitchen. Wayne tells Alison, "They split up." Alison raises her eyebrows and asks, "Really? How did you manage that? I suppose having me out of the way for a couple of days was part of the plan, was it?" Wayne mutters, "It helped." Alison asks him what he did. Wayne tells her, "Nothing, really. Let's just say that this time fate was on my side." Changing the subject, he then says, "Now that you're back, there's a couple of things I have to bring you up to date on: I've signed the papers to sell the mansion to the company." Alison replies, "Good." She adds, "I must admit I'm surprised how easily you're giving it up." Wayne, though, shrugs, "Why? It's a white elephant. I know a good business deal when I see one." Alison points out, "You have been known to hold grudges. I felt sure I was top of the current list." Wayne just retorts, "You're paranoid. I can tell you: I'm glad to get rid of it." He then hands Alison a file and adds, "I also want you to go through this. It's to go into debt-collecting - I want a report on it." Alison murmurs in surprise, "Debt collecting?" Wayne tells her, "A deal I made overseas. It's all there. I'll be at the mansion if you need me." With that, he stands up and heads out.

A short time later, Wayne heads into the mansion to find an attractive young blonde woman standing in the hallway. He tells her that he thinks all the rooms are taken at the moment. The woman, though, replies with an accent, "It's alright - I don't need accommodation. Can you tell me where I can find Bjorn Nilsson?" Wayne queries, "Friend of yours?" The woman explains, "Uncle." Wayne muses, "Really? Are you just visiting Australia or...?" The woman tells him, "I'm only here for two days, then on to Asia and Hong Kong." Wayne smiles, "You're lucky your visit coincides with your uncle's stay in port." The woman nods, "Yes - I just hope he can show me some of the sights." Wayne asks her where she's staying. She tells him, "A hotel in Randwick - 'The Park View'." Wayne muses, "Never heard of it!" He then adds, "Bjorn's upstairs, in number eight." Andy suddenly emerges from Fiona's room and, seeing the woman heading upstairs, asks Wayne quickly, "She got any luggage she wants taken up?!" Wayne, though, pushes him back out of sight and retorts, "Keep your eyes to yourself, mate - and don't let her see you." Andy asks in surprise, "Why not?" Wayne explains, "Because I might have another job for you to do." They head into Fiona's room.

A short time later, Wayne hands Andy a bottle of mineral water and asks, "Think you can handle it?" Andy replies, "Simple." Wayne, though, warns, "Don't get too smart. It's not as easy as it sounds - and if it backfires, you're the one that's out in the cold: no job, no perks and no flashy car." Andy insists, "It's all under control." Wayne retorts, "I just want to make sure. I don't want Susan getting the slightest inkling - I'm walking a fine line with her at the moment." Andy assures him, "There's no way I want to lose the job or the perks. You've done a lot for me, Wayne - I've learnt heaps just by watching you." Wayne tells him, "The important thing is never to show your hand. Alison thought she had me over a barrel when she talked dad into buying this place. He thought it was a good idea - but I know she did it only to spite me... so I've just been biding my time, waiting for the right moment to come along." Andy muses, "And here it is?" Wayne nods, "Here it is."

At Beryl's, Caroline asks Doug if she can steal one of his cooked biscuits. She does so and takes a bite, but then grimaces, "It's awful." Doug tries one himself and suffers the same reaction. He spits it out and comments, "It tastes like I've used salt instead of sugar." He walks over to two buckets of white powder, dips a finger in one, tastes it and then sighs, "That's what it is." Caroline tells him that he'll have to start again. Doug mutters that there isn't enough time. Caroline offers to help him. Doug, though, says there still isn't enough time. He adds nervously, "Beryl's going to have my guts for garters over this..."

The 'phone is ringing in the kitchen at the country house, and a topless Craig walks in from outside to answer it. He listens and then asks, "What's happened?" He listens again and says, "Yeah, sure, I can leave now, if you like."

A short time later, Doug, Caroline, Debbie and Craig are all working in Beryl's kitchen. Craig comments that Glen got the easy job. Debbie points out that somebody had to stay behind in the garden. She starts fiddling with her friendship ring, and she pulls it off and puts it down on the table. She turns away and doesn't notice as Doug puts some dough down on top of it...

At the mansion, Bjorn and his niece come downstairs, Bjorn commenting as they do so, "What a pity you can't stay over." His niece sighs, "I would love to, but it's an Apex fare and the flight leaves at five." They bump into Wayne in the hallway and he asks if they're off to enjoy the sights of Sydney. Bjorn smiles, "Some of them!" Wayne tells them, "Enjoy yourselves." The niece smiles, "We will - especially driving around in the sports car Uncle Bjorn's new lady got for him!" With that, Bjorn and his niece head out. Andy emerges from Fiona's room and Wayne asks him, "Did you get a good look at them?" Andy nods, "Yeah." Wayne tells him, "Follow them everywhere. Stay close." Andy heads out.

A while later, Andy is sitting in a car, watching Bjorn and his niece walking along near the Harbour Bridge. He climbs out of his car, a camera in his hand, and snaps them. Bjorn has his arm round his niece...

Wayne has arrived back at Dural, and as he takes off his jacket in the lounge room, Susan sighs that she's a bit worried about Gordon: ever since he's come out of hospital he doesn't seem to be able to settle down. Wayne asks where he is now. Susan shrugs, "I don't know. He hasn't come home." Wayne, looking concerned, cries that anything could have happened. Susan says she might go and see if he's dropped into Charlie's. As Wayne sneezes again, she adds that he should go to bed. With that, she heads out. As soon as she's gone, Wayne goes to the 'phone on the bar and dials a number. A 'phone rings in Andy's car and he climbs back into the vehicle and answers it. He listens and then says, "Hi... yeah, not bad... I haven't exactly got what you wanted yet, though." At the other end, Wayne warns, "Listen: you've got about a half an hour before he has to take her to the airport. I don't want it mucked up, 'mate'." Andy assures him, "Don't worry. You'll get the pictures." Wayne growls, "I'd better."

In the lounge room at Charlie's, Susan is telling Alison that Gordon went out that morning and hasn't come back. Alison, though, replies that she hasn't seen him. Susan sighs, "Oh well." She then apologises for interrupting Alison's work. Alison, however, tells her, "I've been finding it rather hard to get back after the break: I can't stop thinking about Bjorn - we had a wonderful two days together." She offers Susan a drink, but she declines. Alison goes on, "He's quite a charmer - the sort of man you have to meet at least once in your life." Susan muses sadly, "I thought Glen was that sort of guy, too. Funny how wrong you can be..." Alison hesitates and then says, "Susan, I have an apology to make. I've been feeling rather guilty about trying to break you and Glen up. The situation with Bjorn's made me realise just how cruel that was." Susan murmurs, "I can't pretend it was pleasant. Still, as things turned out, I'm glad: it showed me what the man was really like. I think I had a narrow escape." Alison asks, "You don't think you're being too hard on him?" Susan retorts, "Not at all: he's hidden things and lied to me since the word go. I'm glad it's over; I don't want to go on finding out about little deceptions every couple of weeks - what sort of life's that? And that's what it would have been like. A leopard never changes its spots." Alison muses, "I have heard the same thing said about Wayne..." Susan, however, tells her, "He's got his faults like everybody else. At least he doesn't try to hide them. What you see is what you get." Alison, though, warns, "I wouldn't be too sure about that..."

Several boxes of biscuits are piled up on the kitchen table at Beryl's, and Craig smiles that he never thought they'd get them finished in time. Doug walks in from the hallway. He's wearing a suit and Debbie laughs, "What happened to the chef's outfit?" Doug explains, "I don't think wearing an apron would go down too well at a business function!" He then thanks everyone for what they did today. Craig laughs, "I don't believe it: finally got a word of praise!" Doug asks Caroline if she's ready. She stands up, but tells him that she's got to go home and get changed first. Doug replies that they'll have to hurry. The two of them head out. Craig takes Debbie's hand in his, but asks suddenly, "Hey - where's your ring?" Debbie looks over at the table and tells Craig, "I remember taking it off and putting it down on the table..." She then cries, "Oh Craig - it's been baked into one of the biscuits." Looking horrified, Craig mutters, "It could be in any of them." Debbie tells him that they can't break open every biscuit; they'll have to forget it; it's gone. Craig, though, opens the back door and tells her, "Guard those biscuits - I'll be back in a tick."

Doug and Caroline arrive back at the country house. Doug tells Caroline that she's got fifteen minutes. Looking horrified, Caroline sighs, "I'll try - but first I want to tell you something." She then puts her arms round him and goes on, "I just want to tell you I think you're a wonderful man. I used to think that all you cared about was the almighty dollar; that you were totally selfish and you wouldn't lift a finger to help anyone if it didn't help you - but what you did for Beryl today... well, I know you hate doing the fiddly little jobs and you really didn't have to. But you did - and I think that's marvellous." Doug, however, smiles, "Don't worry: I'll get something out of it!" Caroline sighs heavily and then heads out to get changed. The back door suddenly opens and a topless Glen comes in. Doug comments that he looks like he's been doing some hard yacker outside. He adds that Glen should talk to David about the fact that he's looking for someone to help Debbie. Glen nods, "I will when he gets back. A bit of hard work's what I need at the moment."

Bjorn and his niece pull up in Bjorn's new car outside the niece's motel. As they climb out of the vehicle, the niece smiles, "I wish I had met Alison - the woman who can keep you faithful must have something very special! She's ruining your reputation!" Bjorn laughs and then warns lightheartedly, "Don't forget who you are talking to, young lady: I'm your uncle, don't forget!" With that, he pulls his niece to him and hugs her tightly. From a distance away, a camera clicks and Andy smiles as he takes an incriminating shot...

Sometime later, back in Fiona's room at the mansion, Wayne opens the packet of photos and starts looking through them. Andy tells him, "I think you'll like the ones at the bottom." Wayne shuffles through them and a broad grin crosses his face as he says, "This is just what I want..."

In the kitchen at Beryl's, Craig is using a metal detector over the boxes of biscuits. It beeps over one box. Debbie takes out the biscuits one at a time and Craig checks each biscuit individually. When the machine beeps again, Craig breaks open the biscuit, retrieves the ring and places it happily back on Debbie's finger.

Andy opens the front door at Dural to let Alison in. He offers to take the file she's holding. Alison, though, keeps it clung to her chest. Andy tells her, "In case you don't know it, I'm working for Wayne now." Alison retorts, "I think you could have done better than that." Andy replies, "It was Gordon who suggested it. I don't think Wayne was too happy about it, though." Alison asks, "Where is he? I've done the report he wants." Andy explains, "In bed - his cold's got a lot worse. He said to leave the papers and he'll go through them later." As Alison hands over the file, she mutters, "He could have got you to call me; save me coming over." Andy tells her, "He was pretty zonked when he finally gave in. He couldn't even be bothered going through the photos of the properties I've taken today - you know: the ones you were thinking about for redevelopment? I think he's made up his mind which one he wants to buy. Anyway, I guess he'll tell you tomorrow what he's decided to do." Alison stares at him and asks, "You still got the photos?" Andy nods that they're inside. Alison heads into the lounge room, leaving Andy with a smile on his face. He follows Alison and warns her, "Wayne's not going to be happy if you go through them before he does." Alison picks up the photos from the bar and retorts, "I'm entitled to my say about which property we buy." Wayne suddenly walks in - he's wearing his dressing gown and looking rough. Alison demands immediately, "What's this I hear about you having already decided which property we're going to buy?" Wayne, though, groans, "Look, I couldn't care less at the moment. I only came down for my tissues and I want to go back to bed. If I don't feel any better in the morning, I'll have to go to the doctor." With that, he leaves the room again. Alison resumes her flicking through the photos. Andy points out a couple of buildings that he thinks are nice. Alison then looks at another shot towards the back of the pile. She stares at it as Andy tells her, "That's just an old motel. Didn't look too promising to me." Alison continues staring at the photo and Andy asks, "You like it?" Alison, though, snaps, "I'll throttle him." She takes that photo and thrusts the others back at Andy, before turning to head out. Andy asks what's wrong. Alison points to the photo she's still holding and says tersely, "You see that car? That's mine. That man is Bjorn. The girl with him is not me." She adds, "If you ever have a girlfriend, Andy, don't do this to her: she could get very, very nasty." With that, she storms off, leaving Andy looking very pleased with himself...


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