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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Charlie walks out to her pool, where Glen is swimming furiously. She asks him what the matter is. He swims another length and Charlie walks along the side with him. As he pauses for breath, Glen snaps at her, "It's all I can do not to go over there and crack Wayne's face open." He starts swimming another length, leaving Charlie to muse, "Wayne? My goodness. What's he done now?"

In the lounge room at Dural, Andy is asking Wayne what he's so uptight about. He then realises, "You're worried he'll come and do you over..." Wayne suddenly hears Susan out in the hallway and he dashes out there to ask her if she's alright. She explains that she was just up in her room, thinking. Wayne suggests that maybe she'll see things differently after a bit. Susan, though, insists that she's left Glen and she meant it. She adds that she wants to be alone for a while; she's going out to sit by the pool. She heads outside, leaving Wayne with a smile on his face. He heads back into the lounge room and tells Andy, "Looking good." He adds that he'd better send Maria her final payment before he forgets. Andy warns him, "Just don't let Susan catch you - I reckon there'd be a few awkward questions then." Wayne, though, tells him, "There's an answer to every awkward question if you can think fast enough." Andy smiles, "I'd love to hear you explain that one." Wayne shrugs, "Simple: I'd just say something like--" He breaks off before musing, "As a matter of fact, that might be a good move anyway." Andy asks in surprise, "What might?" Wayne tells him, "Lesson number one: if you want to get somewhere in this world you can turn just about anything to your advantage - if you're smart enough..."

A short time later, Andy joins Susan out by the pool. He sits down with her and tells her that he's not trying to stick his nose in, but he heard what she said in there. He goes on, "The thing is, Wayne didn't want me to say anything, but I just don't like to see you worry so much. If I tell you, will you promise you won't say anything?" Susan asks in surprise, "About what?" Andy takes out an envelope and tells her, "This." Susan asks, "What is it?" Andy repeats, "Will you promise you won't tell Wayne? I mean, he would kill me." Susan sighs, "I don't know what you're talking about, Andy." Andy tells her, "It's a cheque. A big one. He knew how worried you were about Maria - so as soon as you came out here he sat down and made the cheque out. He asked me to mail it for him." Susan takes the envelope and murmurs in surprise, "Wayne did that?" Andy replies, "Yeah - but like I said, he didn't want you to know." Susan stands up and Andy asks quickly, "Where are you going?" Susan just tells him, "It's alright, Andy - you won't get into trouble." Andy insists, "I will if you tell him. He really didn't want you to know." Susan just heads inside, leaving Andy with a sly smile on his face...

Susan heads into the lounge room inside and sighs at Wayne, "You couldn't help yourself, could you?" She holds out the envelope and Wayne demands, "Where did you get--?" Andy wanders in and says, "I'm sorry, mate - she just sort of found out." Susan explains that Andy told her because he knew she was worried. Wayne mutters that Andy has got a big mouth. Susan tells him, "And you've got a big heart. How many men would send money to someone they don't even know?" Wayne shrugs, "Someone has to. Couldn't let her and the little kid starve." Susan tells him sourly, "If it was left to Glen they would. That was a really caring thing do you to do, Wayne. Thankyou." She kisses the top of his head. Wayne smiles at Andy, slyly.

Glen is pacing the floor in Charlie's lounge room as Charlie tells him that he should go to Dural get right now and talk to Susan. Glen, though, retorts that if he goes near her now, it'll only make things worse. Charlie asks him what else he can do. Glen muses, "I met some friends while I was in the Philippines - apart from Maria and her family - and they can find proof that she didn't have a kid. If I get really lucky, someone might have seen her with Wayne while he was there." Charlie asks if that won't take time to find out. Glen points out that anything he does will take time. Charlie asks what happens if Wayne tries to move in on Susan in the meantime. Glen sighs, "What I need is a delaying tactic; something to keep Wayne at arms' length until I can find the proof I need."

Andy is standing in the reception room at the mansion with a geeky-looking young man. Fiona and Janice are also in the room and Andy introduces the man to them as Owen. He adds, "Owen's looking for a meeting room for his bushwalking club." Looking around the room, Owen explains, "I saw the ad in the paper this morning. It's not really what I had in mind." Janice stares at him and asks, "What ad?" Andy explains, "Wayne put one in - I think he got the idea from the photographers yesterday. Since the room's here, it might as well earn some money." Fiona asks Andy how Wayne got him involved. She adds, "I thought Wayne would be the last person in the world you'd want to have anything to do with." Andy explains that he's working as Wayne's personal assistant now. As a look of horror crosses Fiona's face, he adds that beggars can't be choosers. Fiona growls, "Would you mind telling him that we are thinking of turning this place into a recreation room and it would be nice if he didn't rent it out more than once or twice a week?" Andy, however, retorts, "He'll want to rent it out as much as possible, if it brings in money." Fiona, though, tells him, "Yes, I know, but we have got very few tenants here at the moment and a recreation room would be a big plus to attracting more." Andy says he'll see what he can do. He then adds that he'll finish showing Owen around. He walks over to where Owen is talking to Janice and remarks, "I see you two are hitting it off." Owen nods, "I was just saying a lot needs doing here." Janice says she'll get on with it. She and Fiona go to leave the room. Andy tells Owen, "Once we get the windows cleaned and all that, there'll be plenty of light." Owen just mutters, "Yeah, our meetings are at night."

A short time later, back in her room downstairs, Fiona exclaims to Janice in horror, "Bushwalking clubs! We need that like a hole in the head: dozens of total strangers in and out with jungle boots and machetes." Janice agrees, "An awful thought - especially if they're like that Owen." Fiona asks what the matter with him is. Janice retorts, "You should have heard him when you and Andy were talking. He's a real know-all; bossy, too. I can't stand people like that." Fiona smiles pointedly, "No, I guess there are some people just can't help themselves!" There's suddenly a knock on the door and Fiona opens it to let Andy and Owen in. She asks how it all went. Owen tells her that it's not what he wants. Fiona asks him what it was he didn't like about the room. Owen explains, "It's so old-fashioned and gloomy. I give a lecture on bush craft every week and I can't be at my best in such depressing surroundings." Janice protests, "We don't think it's depressing or gloomy and we're the ones who live here." Looking surprised, Owen comments, "Oh. I thought you were just looking at the room. You live here?" Janice retorts, "Yes. Incredible as it may seem, quite a few of us do, and we're very happy." Owen, looking suddenly thoughtful, muses, "Alright. You've convinced me. I'll take it." Janice gasps, "What?" Owen tells her, "If the residents think so highly of the place it must be good." Looking horrified, Janice starts to say quickly, "It's not that good. As a matter of fact, there's quite a lot of things I hate about it." Andy quickly interjects and tells Owen, "She's joking. Does it all the time." Owen nods, "I think that's important in a woman, a sense of humour." Janice looks at Fiona!

Charlie is sitting with Glen in her lounge room, but she sighs, "I'm all out of ideas." She suddenly perks up, though, and smiles, "No I'm not - I've got a terrific one!" Glen asks what it is. Charlie tells him, "We'll go to a movie!" Glen sighs that he doesn't think he can afford to waste the time. Charlie, though, assures him, "Nothing awful's going to happen between now and tomorrow morning, so we'll jump in the car, go to a movie, on to dinner and rage to the wee smalls. You'll wake up in the morning inspired, I promise you." Glen sighs, "I appreciate the thought, Charlie, but..." Charlie tells him, "Don't argue, darling. Mother knows best!" She heads off to get ready, but Glen, looking suddenly thoughtful, asks, "What did you say?" He then goes on, "Charlie, you're a genius! What I need is expert advice on how to get through to Susan - and you just told me where I can get it!"

Susan is sitting out by the pool at Dural, reading. She suddenly spots Glen approaching her. He says quickly, "I just want to tell you something and then I'll go." He then continues, "I don't blame you for the way you feel. It's my fault for underestimating Wayne." Susan sighs, "Please, Glen, I don't want to talk--" Glen interrupts her, though, and goes on, "I'm going away for a while to find a way to prove I'm innocent. I'll come back when I've got the proof. Until then, I want you to remember: I love you. Nothing will change that." With that, he turns to head off - only to find himself face-to-face with Wayne, who demands aggressively, "What do you think you're doing?" Glen retorts, "Leaving." Wayne mutters, "Stay away. I thought I made it clear you're not welcome here." Glen looks over at Susan and tells her, "When I'm ready, I'll come back." He goes to walk off. Wayne protests, "Now you wait a--" Glen suddenly gives him a shove, though, and he falls backwards into the pool! As he resurfaces, he threatens, "You'll pay for that." Glen just ignores him and walks off. Wayne wades across the pool and, looking at Susan, mutters, "I suppose that's his idea of being smart. He'll keep." Susan sits there, looking worried.

It's night time, and Doug is playing with Robert and a toy in the lounge room at Beryl's. As Beryl joins them, he tells her quickly that the toy is just a bit of rubbish one of his contacts gave him. Beryl hands him a shirt and comments, "I hope it's up to your standards." Doug smiles, "It'll be alright - not that Freddy will be taking too much notice of what I'm wearing; he'll be too busy eyeballing Caroline." Beryl asks, "Who is this Freddy?" Doug just replies, "He's an important business acquaintance. I'm meeting with him at David's tonight." Beryl suggests that that's hardly the ideal setting for a business meeting. Doug, though tells her, "It's nice and homey. I've arranged for all the others to be out, so Caroline won't be cramped." Beryl points out, "If you had any real feelings for her you wouldn't be using her like that." Doug, though, assures her, "She's happy. She's doing for the partnership what she does best: wrapping those hot-shot business types round her little fingers. It's just lucky I'm not one of those jealous sorts, that's all." With that, he heads off, leaving Beryl looking bemused.

A while later, the back door opens at the country house and Doug walks in with a middle-aged man. Caroline is standing in the kitchen and Doug tells the man he's with, "Here she is, Freddy. This is Caroline." Freddy kisses Caroline's hand and then smarms, "Tell me: where can I get one like you, love?" Caroline replies, "You might have to go a long way. I'm one of a kind." Freddy chuckles, "I can see that. Looks like I might have to pinch you off me old mate Doug, here." Caroline just suggests, "Why don't you come and have a drink first and you can fight over me later?" She glares at Doug as Freddy leers, "Sounds good to me."

Andy is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion. She asks him if he's sure he wouldn't like something to eat before he goes out. Andy, though, replies that Wayne said there'd be plenty to eat and drink at the dinner. Fiona sighs, "I'm worried about you working for Wayne. I wouldn't like to think of his influence rubbing off on you." Andy, though, assures her, "How can I turn into another Wayne when I've got you to keep me on the straight and narrow?!" Janice suddenly walks in and Fiona tells her that dinner will be ready very soon. Janice looks at Andy and asks, "What did he say?" Andy asks, "Who?" Janice replies, "Wayne - about the recreation room." Andy quickly blusters, "Oh, right. I asked him but he was in a rotten mood. Glen shoved him in the pool and he was sneezing-up a real big storm when I left him." Fiona sighs, "You mean he said 'no'." Andy nods reluctantly, "Yeah, that's right." Janice snaps that she's already told a couple of the girls about the classes. Andy insists that he's just the messenger. He adds, "He said to have you clear our your junk, too." Janice, looking annoyed, protests, "That's got nothing to do with us - it's been in the house forever." Fiona, however, assures her quickly that that's perfectly alright. Turning back to Andy, she adds, "I would like to have that in writing." Andy asks in surprise, "What?" Fiona replies, "That it is our junk that he's asking us to move - just so there's no misunderstanding." Andy nods, "Sure. Fine." He then heads off to have a shower. When he's gone, Janice looks at the expression on Fiona's face and asks her what she's so pleased with herself about. Fiona smiles, "You remember this afternoon, upstairs, and I was just starting to think about something when Andy and Owen came in? I was thinking just how much of 'our' junk that photographer was using yesterday for props." Janice asks, "What about it?" Fiona explains, "Photographers love that sort of stuff. Advertising agencies... film companies... they're always searching for that kind of thing." Janice asks, "You think they might be able to take it away for us?" Fiona replies, "No. I think they might pay us good money to hire it - and I mean good money. Wayne has handed it to us on a plate! I can't wait to see his face when he finds out!"

Charlie is escorting Wayne into her lounge room. He's sneezing heavily, and Charlie smiles that it sounds like a dreadful cold. She suggests that he go home and go straight to bed. Wayne, though, explains that he has to go to a dinner. He adds, "I just came round to make sure you were happy about yesterday." Charlie nods, "Oh yes, darling, the proofs looked wonderful." She adds, "How nice of you to be interested." Wayne muses, "As long as everything went alright." He then goes on, "I noticed Glen's headed off somewhere." Charlie muses, "Has he?" Wayne replies, "Mmm - he's not at the flat anymore and there's no forwarding address." Charlie suggests, "He probably forgot. He's got quite a lot on his plate at the moment." Wayne fishes, "He must be heading off for some time to let the flat go." Charlie just nods, "Quite possibly." Wayne continues, "You think he would have left a contact address with someone..." Charlie, though, sighs, "Really, Wayne, stop fishing. I know what you're after and I'm not telling you anything." Wayne protests 'innocently', "I'd just like to know where he's gone - I'm concerned for him - for his sake." Charlie, though, muses, "I'd be more concerned for your own, if I were you." Wayne says more tersely, "Tell me where he's gone." Charlie just uses her hand to make a zipping movement across her lips. Wayne mutters, "Alright - if you want to be on the losing side, that's up to you." Charlie just smiles, "We'll have to see about that, won't we, darling?!"

Caroline joins Freddy and Doug in the lounge room at the country house, and Freddy leers, "Everything heating up nicely, is it, eh?!" Caroline just smiles back tautly, "Doug told me I'd have to watch you." She offers the two men another drink. Freddy tells her, "Sweetie, I'll have anything that's going!" Caroline bends over to pick up his glass and Freddy take the opportunity to stroke her bottom. Caroline turns and glares at him, but then walks out with the glasses. When she's gone, Freddy says to Doug, "Listen, mate - I bet you're not that hungry really, eh? Why don't you take a stroll and give me and the little lady a chance?" Doug retorts, "I don't see that I really can, Freddy. I think it'd look a bit funny." Freddy just asks, "Who's going to complain? I'm not - and believe me, she's not. Did you see the way she was looking at me in the kitchen, eh? Woo hoo!" Doug tells him, "If you really want to know, she's a friend of mine." Freddy smiles, "In that case, you'll want to see her have a good time, won't you?" Doug retorts, "She's not that kind of girl, Freddy. She's just being polite." Freddy chuckles, "Polite? I know her sort of polite! You give me ten minutes with her and she'll be saying 'Thankyou very much, Mr. Clark. That was lovely. Woo hoo hoo! Hey hey!'." Looking suddenly furious, Doug orders, "Stand up." Freddy asks in surprise, "What?" Doug snaps, "You heard: just stand up." Freddy does so, laughing, "Why? You're the one that's going, mate." Caroline wanders back in with the drinks and Freddy tells her, "Listen, little Dougie here was saying that he can't stay." Doug, however, growls, "Yes he can." He then gives Freddy a shove. Freddy glares at him and snaps, "Here. No one shoves me around." He goes to lunge at Doug, but Doug quickly punches him on the jaw and he drops to the floor. As he stands up again, he threatens Doug, "You are going to be very sorry you did that, mate. Really sorry." Doug retorts, "I don't think so." Freddy looks at Caroline and says, "Go on, love. Tell him - just so's he knows. Tell him you want him out of here so that you can find out what a real man's like." Doug suddenly grabs Freddy's jacket and starts dragging him out to the kitchen. Freddy warns, "Get your hands off me, son. You'll be sorry you did this. You can forget any business dealings we ever had." Caroline goes and opens the back door and Doug throws Freddy out. He closes the door and then tells Caroline, "I've been kind of stupid, I think. I shouldn't have tried to use you like that." Caroline murmurs, "I knew the risks." Doug replies, "It doesn't mean to say I should've let you take them." Caroline just smiles, "I'm sure I would've been safe. I've got my Spencer to protect me!" Doug grins, "Maybe - but I got more satisfaction out of doing it my!" With that, he puts his arms round Caroline and they kiss.

There's a knock on the door of Fiona's room at the mansion and Fiona opens it to find Owen standing there. He tells her that he left his book there that afternoon. He steps inside. Janice, who's also in there, looks at him and says a blunt, "Hello." Owen tells her eagerly, "You know, you're more than welcome to sit in on my meeting - no charge." Janice shrugs, "I'm not the outdoor type." Owen, however, replies, "You should be. Everyone should be. People have told me that that my lectures have changed their lives." Janice, though, retorts, "I'm perfectly happy with mine as it is." Fiona chips in, "You should never give up the chance of a learning experience, Janice..." Owen goes on enthusiastically, "One of my members changed her job so she could be outdoors more. She's much happier for it. You should think about that." Janice, however, retorts, "No I shouldn't. Enjoy your book." Owen asks, "You'll come, then?" Janice retorts, "I'd love to, but I'm busy that night." Owen smiles, "I haven't decided which night yet! You tell me which one you're free and that's the night we'll have the meeting." With that, he bids Janice and Fiona goodnight and leaves. When he's gone, Janice gasps to Fiona, "What a hide! Couldn't he see that I'm not the slightest bit interested in his silly bushwalking?" Fiona smiles, "Apparently not..." Janice snaps, "What are you smiling at?" Fiona chuckles, "I would say that that young man has got more on his mind than just bushwalking!" Janice tuts, "You could have fooled me." Fiona grins, "Yes! He doesn't seem the type of young man to me who would leave a book behind unless he meant to." Janice asks Fiona what she's talking about. Fiona suggests, "Say, for instance, he wanted to come back to talk to somebody and he needed an excuse...?" Janice points out, "There's nobody here except you and me." Fiona nods, "Uh huh - and I don't think it's me he's interested in...!" Janice, realisation dawning, gasps, "Oh no, you don't think he--?" Fiona nods, "If I'm any judge!" Janice stands there looking aghast!

Wayne is sitting at the bar at Dural, wearing a dinner suit. Susan is standing with him, and he tells her, "I know it's not my fault the way Glen feels, but I can't help worrying about him. If I just knew where he'd gone..." Susan points out, "He didn't say - and you're right: it's not your fault or your problem, so stop worrying." Wayne sighs, "I suppose you're right." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Wayne says it'll be Andy. Susan warns him, "You don't look well enough to go out." Wayne, though, shrugs, "I know, but I have to." As he and Susan go to the door, he adds, "It's the Australian Directors of the Hong Kong finance company - the one I'm taking the bad debts from. I can't afford to stand them up - the deal's going to make me a lot of money." Susan warns him not to stay out later than he can help. Wayne opens the door and lets a tuxedo-wearing Andy in." Susan says hi to him and walks off. Wayne tells Andy that he'll get his coat, and they walk into the lounge room. Andy asks Wayne if he found out where Glen is. Wayne, though, sighs, "No."

Beryl opens her front door to find a young man standing on the step. It's Glen. He introduces himself and explains that he's a friend of Susan's. He adds that he wondered if he might have a word. Beryl recalls, "I remember: David's mentioned you. Come in." They head through to the kitchen, where Beryl explains that she's making biscuits to sell." Glen tells her, "I'll come straight to the point. It's about Susan: I think she's in danger of making the biggest mistake of her life, and you might be the only one to stop her." Beryl suggests, "You'd better tell me what it is." Glen explains, "She and I have been seeing a lot of each other lately; in fact, we were about to announce our engagement - but I had a rival, and he used every trick in the book to break us up. I think there's a real chance that she may end up marrying him." Beryl listens and then replies, "I'll be interested to hear Susan's side, Glen, but I can't tell her to stop seeing the man." Glen says, "I appreciate that. I've done everything I can to make her see sense; I just think Wayne might really--" Beryl interrupts and gasps, "Wayne? You don't mean Wayne Hamilton?" Glen mutters, "I wish I didn't." Beryl exclaims, "Why on earth didn't you tell me? I thought you were just being a bad loser, but you're right: if she does get involved with him she is making the biggest mistake of her life - and she'll make it over my dead body..."


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