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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Russell Webb

On the 'phone, Glen cries, "Please - listen to me." He then looks at the 'phone in annoyance and hangs up. Wayne suggests to him and Susan, "I think you'd like a bit of privacy," and he walks out. When he's gone, Susan demands of Glen, "Why didn't you tell me about her?" Glen replies, "It never entered my head." He then explains, "I met her while I was overseas, in Manila. She was a nice kid and I got to know her family. They were pretty badly off, so I started sending a bit of money every now and then, to help out. When you and I started getting serious I wrote to her explaining that I wouldn't have that much to spare any more because we'd need it. I thought she'd understand, but apparently she doesn't." Susan challenges, "And that really is the true story?" Glen asks, "Why wouldn't it be?" Susan retorts, "She 'phoned earlier - and Wayne answered. He pretended she was a girlfriend of his; I'm just wondering why he bothered to cover for you." She then growls, "You had an affair with her, didn't you?" Glen sighs, "No I didn't. Wayne obviously got hold of the wrong end of the stick." Out in the hallway, Wayne is standing listening, a nasty smile on his face, as Glen goes on, "I can clear this whole stupid thing up very quickly: I've kept all her cards and the letters and the letters her parents sent; even the receipts. It'll prove to you there's nothing more to it." Susan looks down at the floor, disbelievingly. Glen mutters, "I'll go and get them now." Out in the hallway, Wayne heads quickly over to the study. As Glen emerges from the lounge room, he looks at Wayne and then storms out of the house. Susan follows Glen out of the lounge room and starts calling for Wayne. Wayne emerges from the study and asks softly, "How did it go?" Susan just sighs heavily. They head back into the lounge room, where Wayne looks around 'innocently' and asks, "Where's Glen?" Susan tells him, "He's gone to get some letters from Maria to prove I got it all wrong." She continues, "I feel terrible not trusting him. You must have misunderstood what was going on." Wayne shrugs, "Sorry." Susan, though, replies, "Don't be." She adds, "I do feel bad, though - I didn't think I was the jealous type." Wayne assures her, "If you really love someone, being jealous is often proof that you do. Believe me." He then adds, "Anyway, I'm glad it's nothing serious." There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Wayne goes to answer it. He finds Andy standing there, and he smiles, "Hello, stranger!" He invites Andy in and they head into the lounge room where Andy tells Wayne, "Your dad said you might be able to fix me up with a job." Wayne looks at him in surprise and nods, "Perhaps." He then asks how his dad is. Andy replies, "He's OK. He didn't have much time for talking; he was more interested in packing." Looking suddenly horrified, Wayne dashes over the bar and exclaims, "He shouldn't be going anywhere. He's not well enough." He looks up a number in the telephone index and then dials it. When the call is answered, he says agitatedly, "Yeah, it's Wayne Hamilton. Could you tell me why you let my father check out?" He listens and then gasps, "He what? No, I'll come straight over." He hangs up and tells Andy, "He's gone without telling anybody." Andy says, "I'll come with you." Wayne asks him to let Susan know he's going.

A short time later, Wayne is standing in Gordon's empty room at the hospital. Andy walks in and Wayne snaps at him, "I don't believe it. He wouldn't walk off without leaving me a note or something." Andy tells him that he didn't, and he hands Wayne a note that the matron gave him. Wayne reads it and Andy asks what it says. Wayne tells him, "He wants some time on his own for a while." He then snaps, "How could they just let him walk out? The man has had a serious bypass operation. They know he's had bad news from Barbara. They're going to regret it, I tell you. If anything has happened to him, I'm going to sue them for millions..."

Susan is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural when the front door opens and Glen marches in. Susan stands up and tells him, "You left before I could say I was sorry. I trust you - you didn't need to go and get the letters." Glen sighs, "Am I glad to hear you say that: would you believe when I got home the place has been burgled?" Susan murmurs, "Oh no..." Glen goes on, "Yeah - all that stuff from Maria and her family is in a box with some spare cash. They must have seen the money and took everything: the box... letters... the lot." He adds, "Someone must have interrupted, though, because they left the stereo in the hall and the back door was open. I reckon I was lucky not to lose more." He then murmurs, "At least you believe me, though. That's the main thing." He gives her a hug, but Susan still looks worried.

The next morning, Caroline walks into the kitchen at the country house, where Doug is waiting for her. She's holding her mink coat, but Doug tells her that she won't be needing it for her interview. He explains, "Brian Webster's not the sort of bloke who'd be impressed. He wants an assistant, not a model." Caroline tries to grab the coat, but Doug insists, "I'm telling you he wouldn't like it. I'm minding it for the day." Caroline gives up and sighs, "OK. Come on - let's go."

Wayne is working at the living room table at Dural when Glen wanders in. He asks Wayne if he's got a second. Wayne looks at him. Glen points an angry finger and growls, "I'm only going to tell you this once, mate: back off with Susan." Wayne shrugs, "I don't know what you're talking about." Glen, though, snaps, "If you try stirring any more between Susan and I I'm going to rip you apart." Susan walks in as Wayne tells Glen calmly, "I've apologised to her for putting my foot in it and I'll apologise to you, if you like." Susan glares at Glen and tells him curtly, "That's right, Glen: he has apologised." Wayne just murmurs, "If you'll excuse me, I have to go to the mansion and check the books." He heads out. Susan looks at Glen and tells him, "You're being very unfair, you know. He didn't mean any harm - and he's worried sick about his dad." Glen mutters, "Sorry." He then adds, "You do believe me about the letters, don't you?" Susan retorts, "I said I did."

Andy is sitting in Fiona's room at the mansion when Wayne wanders in. Andy tells him immediately, "I've got a little surprise for you." Wayne mutters, "What?" Andy replies, "I've found out where your father is." Wayne demands, "Where?" Andy just says, "You see, I thought about it all night - then I went to the hospital this morning and spoke to the patients in the rooms either side." Wayne mutters, "Just tell me where he is." Andy, however, goes on, "He got really friendly with one of the ladies there and she told him about a woman who rented out rooms." Wayne demands, "Where abouts?" Andy, though, tells him, "Hang on, hang on." He then continues, "I rang the woman, she said he'd slept there and he was on his way home in a taxi." Wayne mutters, "Home? To Dural?" Andy nods, "Yeah." Wayne stands up and says, "I'd better get back." Andy, however, says quickly, "Just a moment: I didn't do all that snooping around because I felt like it." Wayne looks at him in surprise and asks, "What do you want: money?" Andy laughs, "In a way. I just wanted to show you how useful I could be - so how about a job?" Wayne stares at him and then mutters, "OK - I'll think about it." He adds, "We've only got one going at the moment - I doubt you'd be interested." Andy suggests, "Try me." Wayne tells him, "Collecting bad debts. Not really your scene." Andy asks, "You mean you need someone who can 'heavy' people?" Wayne nods, "There'd be an element of that." Andy asks, "Who said I couldn't do it?" Wayne looks at him in surprise and comments, "You've changed a bit, haven't you?" Andy smiles, "Yeah. Seeing the light, I suppose. I used to think you had it wrong - you know: playing it tough with people - but I reckon when it comes down to the crunch it's the only way." Wayne agrees, "If you want to get on in business it is." Andy asks, "Then how about the job?" Wayne replies, "I'll give it some thought." With that, he walks out. Andy sits there, looking thoughtful.

Gordon is sitting on the couch in the lounge room at Dural. Susan is with him, chiding, "You should be in bed." Gordon, though, insists, "I'm fine." The front door suddenly opens and Wayne walks in. He heads into the lounge room and tells his father, "Dad, you've had me worried out of my brain." Gordon points out, "I left a note. I thought you'd understand I wanted some thinking time." Wayne protests, "But in your condition... you shouldn't have." Gordon, thought, insists, "I am not a baby." He then stands up and announces that he'll have a stroll in the garden. Wayne asks him in concern, "Do you think you're up to it?" Glen, who's sitting on the other couch, tells Gordon, "I'll come with you, if you like - I've got some work to do at Charlie's." He and Gordon head out. When they've gone, Wayne looks at Susan and tells her, "I don't blame Glen, you know; if it was the other way round I'd feel the same." Susan, though, tells him, "That's not what's on my mind: it's the letters he said that he had. It just seems so convenient that he had a robbery. I felt awful thinking that, but it's hard not to." Wayne points out, "There's really only one way to put your mind at rest: ring Maria; ask her." Susan tells him, "I wouldn't know how to find her." Wayne, though, replies quickly, "That's not too difficult. The only way I knew about her in the first place was because I saw one of her letters. There was a name on the back... er... 'The Paradise Bar', I think." He then walks over to the 'phone on the bar and adds, "Directory Assistance should be able to help." Susan sighs, "I feel so sneaky." Wayne, though, points out, "But it would put your mind at rest." He picks up the 'phone and holds it out. Susan walks over to him and takes it, sighing as she does so, "I guess so." Wayne tells her the number, "0103," and, as she dials, adds, "If you don't find out once and for all, it'll never be the same between you and Glen." Susan puts the 'phone to her ear. When the call is answered, she says, "Yes, an overseas number, please: Manila. Philippines. 'The Paradise Bar'. Thankyou." She listens and then tells Wayne, "It'll take a minute." She adds, "I feel a bit guilty." Wayne assures her, "There's nothing wrong with confirming what Glen said. If it's the truth - and there's no reason to suggest it's not - all you're doing is helping him prove it." Back on the 'phone, Susan is given a number, which she writes down. She then thanks the operator and hangs up before starting to dial the Manila number. She suddenly puts the 'phone back on the hook, though. Wayne asks in surprise, "What's wrong?" Susan retorts, "I can't go through with it." Wayne, looking mildly annoyed, asks, "Why not?" Susan tells him, "It's saying I don't trust him, and that's wrong. I'm just being silly and jealous and it's up to me to overcome it." With that, she adds, "I'll see how your father's coping," and she walks out. Wayne stands there, looking frustrated.

Caroline arrives back at the country house, followed by a suave-looking man wearing a suit. Caroline tells him, "It's very thoughtful of you to drive me home, Brian, but I really have an awful lot of things to do." Brian, playing with her hair, suggests, "Perhaps I can help." Caroline, though, tells him quickly, "No, not really. I'm delighted at having the job and I'll see you tomorrow, as planned." Brian tells her, "You can't be that busy for the rest of the day... or night." Caroline retorts, "I am, you know." Brian smiles, "Like playing games, do you?" Caroline, though, just walks to the door and mutters, "I'd like you to leave, please. Now." Brian looks at her and asks in a sour tone, "What's the story? I gave you the job, didn't I?" Caroline, however, growls, "When you gave me the job it did not include any extra-curricular activities." Brian smiles, "That's not what Doug said. What's good enough for Doug should be good enough for me." Caroline glares at him and snaps, "That is not true. Whatever Doug told you is in his mind, and that is all - and if you think I'll seriously consider working for you under those conditions you need your head examined. Now, would you mind leaving?" Brian nods in exasperation, "Alright. I'm going." He walks out, but then turns back and retorts, "I can't wait to talk to Doug." Caroline snaps, "Neither can I." She slams the door in his face.

Sometime later, Caroline is at Beryl's. Doug is sitting on the couch asking incredulously, "What have I done?" Caroline snaps, "You told that creep that I gave you extra service while I worked for you." Doug protests, "Not in so many words. There was a reason. I was going to talk to you about it over dinner tonight." Caroline mutters, "Oh, I see." Doug goes on, "The idea was that you keep him at arms' length long enough to keep us in a bit of money and then you can quit." Caroline smiles nastily, "Very charming." Doug insists, "Nothing would've happened - I know how good you are at playing the game." Caroline glares at him and then snarls, "You really are a salesman, aren't you?" Doug goes to put his arms round her, but suddenly stares into the kitchen and cries, "Oh no - my biccies!" He runs out there and opens the oven. He then takes out a tray of burnt biscuits. Caroline joins him and asks, "What on earth are you doing?" Doug explains, "I'm trying to cook." Caroline mutters, "Cook?" Doug tells her quickly, "I was the eldest kid, you see, and mum was never in very good health, so I used to do a lot of the cooking. I thought I'd try my hand at baking a few biccies - I didn't have anything else to do with my time." Caroline, however, smiles disbelievingly and muses, "Oh yes? I know exactly what you were up to: you were after Beryl for a franchise deal and you were trying to copy her recipe so you could have her over a barrel." Doug laughs, "What?!" Caroline, though, retorts, "Don't look so innocent: either she came up with the franchise or you were going to start manufacturing the biscuits yourself." Doug, however, smiles, "You are a genius! I honestly never thought of that - I was just trying my hand at baking a few biccies - but that is a brilliant idea!" Caroline looks annoyed with herself.

Wayne walks into the reception room at the mansion. Andy is in there and Wayne asks him what he's doing. Andy is fiddling with a tea urn and he explains, "Fiona asked me to fix it. Need every cent I can lay my hands on." Wayne tells him, "Might be able to help you out." Andy asks, "Really? What, so you can give me the job?" Wayne replies, "If you can prove to me you're willing to do whatever's necessary." Andy retorts, "Try me. See how I go." Wayne smiles at him, nastily.

A photo of a Filipino woman is turned over to reveal writing on the back saying 'My Dearest Glen. Remember me forever. Maria.' Andy is holding the photo, standing in the lounge room at Dural. There's no one else in there, but he looks around and then walks over to where Glen's jacket is lying on the couch. He places the photo on the floor and then ruffles Glen's jacket to make it look as though the photo has fallen out. That done, he heads quickly back out to the hallway - where he bumps into Susan. He introduces himself hurriedly and he and Susan shake hands. Andy explains that Wayne let him in. He adds that Wayne just went upstairs for something. Susan offers him a cup of tea, but he declines. He then heads into the study to wait. Susan walks into the lounge room, where she quickly notices the photo lying on the floor. She goes and picks it up and looks at the photo of Maria. She turns the photo over and reads the writing on the back. A grim look crosses her face. She then marches across to the 'phone on the bar and picks up the handset. She starts dialling the number for Manila. Out in the hallway, Wayne comes downstairs and is about to head into the lounge room when he hears Susan say, "I'd like to speak to Maria Lopez, please." He stops in his tracks as Susan then goes on, "Yes. Maria. My name is Susan Palmer." She listens and then says, "Oh, now, please don't cry... Yes, I understand... I understand... Yes, I'll try and do something for you." An upset expression crosses her face. Out in the hallway, Wayne listens, a gleeful smile on his face as Susan continues, "No, I didn't know that... Please, I'll see what I can... yes, I'll try and help you, yes. Alright. Goodbye." Wayne walks into the room as she hangs up. He smiles, "Hello." Susan turns to him, and, 'noticing' the expression on her face, he asks, "What's the matter?" Susan murmurs, "I just 'phoned Maria. You were right: Glen's been lying his head off. He did have an affair with her and you know why he's been sending her money? For his child. She had a son by him."

A short time later, Wayne is walking with Susan out to the hallway. She murmurs, "Now I know why he pretended the letters had been stolen: they would have blown it for him. The reason why she's been trying to talk to him is because he sent her a letter saying he wasn't giving her any more support - and stupid me believed it was all innocent." Tears start to well-up in her eyes and she runs off. Wayne goes and knocks on the study door and says quietly, "You can come out." The door opens and Andy emerges. Wayne smiles at him, "You've got yourself a job!" Andy just comments, "It must be costing you a packet to bribe this Maria sheila." Wayne, though, shrugs, "Oh, it's a lot to her but it's only peanuts to me. Besides, she's not doing it for the dough, so much - she convinced herself Glen was really in love with her; that's why she thought he was sending the money - so it's not the cash she's after, it's revenge - and from my point of view it couldn't be better..."

Beryl arrives back home to find Doug on the 'phone saying, "OK, Freddy. Good man. See you tonight." He hangs up and tells Beryl, "I have had a fruitful afternoon. I had forty grand for an hour!" Beryl gasps, "You made it and lost it in an hour?" Doug explains, "I didn't actually see it: my accountants took it straight out of my hands and paid some of my debts with it." Beryl asks how he got it. Doug explains, "I sold the money David owes me on the truck. Of course, I lost on the deal - he really owes me 150 - but at least I'm out of the red for a while." Beryl asks, "Who does David owe to now?" Doug just shrugs, "Some bloke. I don't know - his accountant got in touch with my accountant. Names never really came into it." Changing the subject, he asks where Robert is. Beryl explains, "He's still with Muriel. I have some deliveries to make." Doug smiles, "While we're on the subject, I've got something to show you." He heads into the kitchen and points out two trays of biscuits on the table, asking Beryl, "There. What about those?" Beryl asks in surprise, "Who made them?" Doug smiles, "I did. Go on: try one." Beryl does so and then comments, "Not bad. Not bad at all. Almost as good as mine." Doug laughs, "They are as good, and you know it - so I've got a deal for you: you sign with me - give me a franchise - or I'll pinch the recipe and do it myself." Beryl mutters, "I see. Put me on the dole. Put my son at risk. So that's how tough businessmen work, is it?" Doug, looking suddenly rueful, muses, "You can't blame me for trying." Beryl tells him, "You wouldn't have succeeded anyway: you missed out on my secret ingredient and I'm not telling you what it is. Besides, I've got a deal for you." Doug asks in surprise, "Oh?" Beryl tells him, "I'll do all your ironing for an extra $20 a week - only because I can't stand looking at the way you do it yourself." Doug immediately takes some money out of his pocket and, handing it over, smiles, "Offer accepted!"

A while later, Doug heads into the kitchen at the country house and tells Caroline, "OK: start thinking about what you're wearing out to dinner tonight." Caroline grins at him and exclaims, "You're in business with Beryl!" Doug, though, tells her, "Not quite. This is someone else, but he could help us out." Caroline smiles, "That's marvellous!" She then adds, "Where's my mink?" Doug tells her bluntly, "I sold it." Caroline smiles uncertainly, "Don't be mean!" Doug, though, insists, "I did - that's where the money came from. When it dawned on me that you'd mucked-up the job with Brian I realised we didn't have two cents to rub together, so I sold it." Caroline glares at him and snaps, "How dare you. That was my property; you should have asked." Doug assures her, "When we've got the money together again you can have ten coats." Caroline, however, snaps, "When. If. Big deal." Doug smiles, "Don't worry - I've bought you a present." He hands over a gift box, adding, "It's the next best thing for keeping yourself warm in winter." Caroline opens the box to reveal a pair of longjohns! She laughs and Doug grins , "I thought you'd like them!" They hug warmly and Doug suggests, "Let's get back to where we were before the biccies caught fire!"

Susan marches into the lounge room at Charlie's and dumps Glen's jacket and some papers on the couch. Glen asks in surprise, "What did you bring those here for?" Susan retorts, "I'm returning them. You're not needed over at the Hamiltons' anymore." Glen asks in astonishment, "What's going on?" Susan tells him, "We're finished. I've spoken with Maria. I know the truth. I know you're having an affair and that she's got a child." Glen just stands there as Susan goes on, "If you'd been honest with me, I would have accepted it, but I can't forgive the way you've just suddenly stopped supporting her." Glen protests, "I did not have an affair with her and she certainly doesn't have a child. I told you: her parents were in dire straits and I was just helping them out." Susan, though, cries, "Don't lie to me." Glen mutters, "Wayne's the one who's been lying." Susan, however, retorts, "Wayne's got nothing to do with it. I told you: I spoke with Maria. If there's any skerrick of decency left in you you'll send her the money she needs." With that, she goes to walk out. Glen follows her and protests, "You're being ridiculous. None of it's true." Susan, though, snaps, "I told you, Glen: we're finished." With that, she storms out.

Wayne is looking out of the window in the lounge room at Dural. As he sees Susan approaching, he dashes over to the couch and sits down. Susan storms in and Wayne says 'in concern', "You look upset. What's the matter?" Susan murmurs, "I've finished with Glen." Wayne soothes, "Oh, Susie. You know all I cared about was whether you were happy." Susan bursts into tears and falls into his arms. As he hugs her, Wayne tells her gently, "Take it easy. I just want you to know you've got a friend." Susan sobs, "I know. I'm so lucky to have someone like you." Wayne assures her, "I'll do everything I can to make you happy again. You'll forget about Glen. You'll see." He smiles nastily...


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