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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Beryl smiles gleefully at the living room table as Wayne protests to Susan, "It's not mine - honestly. I don't know anything about it." Susan growls, "You were tracking Maria down, weren't you? And then when you found her... what? Did you get her to make up a few stories?" Wayne sighs, "Hang on..." Susan just accuses, "You've set Glen up, haven't you? How could you do that to him? I should have believed him." Wayne stands up and snaps, "And we know why, don't we? You're still in love with him - aren't you?" Susan just turns away. Wayne screws up the receipt, throws it on the floor and storms out. Susan bursts into tears. Beryl walks over to her and gives her a hug as she sobs, "I'm so confused, mum..." Beryl soothes, "It's best you find out now." Unseen by Susan, she smiles in delight.

Outside, Wayne is pacing in the driveway, looking annoyed. Andy suddenly pulls up in his car and climbs out. He tells Wayne, "You wouldn't believe what happened to me: I got locked in the loo at the service station; it took the guy ages to get me out." Wayne just snarls, "I don't care why you're late. You're late and that's all that matters. You are an employee and it is your responsibility to be here on time." He then heads towards the front door, muttering, "Come on." Andy protests, "I haven't been home yet. I have to unpack." Wayne, however, snaps, "Too bad. It's about time you learnt a bit about priorities - and work comes first. It's about time you got cracking on the bad debts job; I've got to see some return. I'll give you the names and addresses; you'd better not come back without the money."

Inside, Beryl is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room, saying, "Yes, Caroline, I did want to speak to David. It's really Glen I'm trying to get in touch with: I think he should get up here as quickly as he can." She listens and then gasps, "They what?... Do you have any idea where they're heading?" She listens and then says, "Thanks anyway for trying." As she hangs up, Susan walks in from the kitchen. She's still crying. Beryl soothes, "Come on, love. Pull yourself together." Susan cries, "I feel so guilty about Glen." Beryl assures her, "There's no need to - it's best to find out the truth now." Susan goes on, "I really don't want to stay here. Gordon doesn't need nursing anymore, but, frankly, I don't want to see Wayne." Beryl tells her, "There's nothing to stop either of us leaving. Why don't you come back to Melbourne with me?" Susan gives her a hug and sobs, "Oh, mum, I'd like that. I'd really like that." Beryl tells her, "You know, you're still my little girl sometimes." Susan replies, "I might not have said it much, but I do love you - and I need you."

The door to a building opens and David and Glen walk into a room. David looks round and then says, "I know an old friend of yours put you onto this place, but what is it?" Glen explains, "It's a youth centre for the local kids. It'll be free for a while." He adds, "You have to admit that Wayne and an army of private investigators haven't got much chance of finding us here!" David muses that he must be getting long in the tooth: he hopes they don't spend more than a couple of nights shacked-up there! Glen lies back on a bed as he asks, "Isn't Susan worth it?" David replies, "Of course she is." He then adds, "You're really keen on her, aren't you?" Glen tells him, "I've never been so serious about anyone." David smiles, "It's nice to see." He then muses, "I'd better get on to Beryl, I suppose - though I can't ring her at the Hamiltons': too much risk of giving the game away. And we don't want Wayne cottoning onto us being in Sydney. No, I'll try Fiona: she'll be able to tell Beryl where we are." Glen suggests, "Maybe she's found some way to stop Wayne by now." David replies, "With any luck. I want something to hit him with." He adds, "Whatever we do, we'll get him away from Susan - don't you worry, mate."

Beryl is pouring some tea for herself and Susan in the lounge room at Dural when the front door opens and Gordon walks in, carrying a holdall. He joins them and says, "Morning." He then tells Susan glumly, "I was rather hoping that you might be out." Susan asks in surprise, "Why?" Gordon explains, "Because I'm a coward and I have some sad news for you." Susan asks warily, "Oh?" Gordon tells her, "While I was walking Rags yesterday, he ran off. He wouldn't come back when I called. I'm afraid I've lost him; I feel terrible about it." Susan, however, tells him, "There's no need to. He'll probably find his way home - and if he doesn't, I'm sure he can fend for himself." Looking surprised, Gordon remarks, "That's not like you, my girl. What's the problem?" He sits down, but Susan doesn't respond. Beryl says eventually, "Er... we've had rather an upsetting time - or, rather, Susan has. She accidentally found a receipt and it makes it look like Wayne's been trying to pull the wool over our eyes. He's denied all knowledge of it, but Susan thinks he's lying." Gordon asks, "Can I see it?" Beryl indicates the screwed-up piece of paper, which is now on the coffee table. Gordon picks it up, unscrews it, and looks at it. He then says to Susan, "I don't know why you're upset about Wayne denying any knowledge of it. I'm not lying - it's mine." Susan and Beryl look at each other in surprise.

A few moments later, Gordon is explaining, "After my memory came back, all I cared about was trying to find Barbara. When she didn't answer Wayne's cable I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was so desperate to find her I hired a private detective agency - but all I could tell them was that she was travelling somewhere overseas and that her former husband lived in Hong Kong. Well, to cut a long story short, they found out that she was staying in Manila for a while, before going on to Hong Kong. This is simply a receipt for some of the expenses." Susan, looking shocked, murmurs, "I feel awful. Wayne swore he was telling the truth." Gordon asks, "What's it all about?" Susan, though, replies, "I'll tell you later. The first thing I've got to do is find Wayne and apologise." With that, she heads out.

Wayne is sitting on the beach where he and Susan had sat after buying the engagement ring. Susan walks up to him and smiles softly, "Hello." Wayne just says bluntly, "Hello." Susan sits down with him and tells him, "I've got a very big apology to make: the receipt belonged to your dad - he hired some people to try and find Barbara. Wayne, I can only say I'm so sorry for not believing you." Wayne points out, "It proved one thing, though, didn't it: you still haven't got Glen out of your system - that's why you wouldn't set a date for the wedding." Susan murmurs, "I must admit: I'm finding it harder than I thought. But we've got something worth holding onto; I don't want to lose it. I love you, Wayne. How can I make you believe me?" Wayne tells her, "It takes one month to get a marriage licence. If you'll set the date for one month and one day from now, I'll believe you." Susan stares at him, open-mouthed.

A man is loading some boxes onto the back of a ute truck when Andy walks up to him and says, "Excuse me - are you Joe Wilson?" The man nods that that's right. Andy hands him a card and goes on, "I'm from Hamilton Industries. I've come to collect the money you owe on the ute - we've taken over the debt now." Wilson retorts, "I haven't got it. As I told the last fella, I've had a lot of bad luck, mate. The shop was flooded-out a couple of months ago and I lost thousands of dollars' worth of stuff. The insurance company wouldn't come through. If you could just give me an extension for a couple of months... I'll pay more interest." Andy starts to say, "I don't know..." Wilson interrupts him and goes on, "I need the ute. There's lots of greengrocers in the area - and the supermarket. The only way I can keep the business going is by delivering." Andy listens but then says, "I'm sorry, but I've got my job to do, too - and the company wants its money." Wilson tells him, "I haven't got it - honest." Andy retorts, "Then you're going to have to hand over the ute." Wilson stares at him and growls, "It's alright for you - I bet you don't even know what it's like to have a family. The ute's the only way I can keep the business going." Andy just shrugs, "I'm sorry, but if you can't pay then you don't keep the ute." He holds out his hand and demands, "The keys, please." Wilson takes them out of his pocket and, as he hands them over, spits, "I hope you can sleep at night. I know I couldn't. Enjoy your job, do you?"

Beryl hangs up the 'phone in the lounge room at Charlie's. She turns to Alison and Bjorn, who are sitting on the couch, and tells them, "Fiona said David and Glen are already up here. They're staying at some youth centre; she's given me the address." Alison asks in surprise what on earth they're doing there. Beryl replies, "Don't ask me, but it is one place when Wayne won't find them." She then goes on, "I think I'll tell Glen to hot-foot it out to Susie as soon as possible." Alison, though, says quickly that she doesn't think that's the right way to handle it. Beryl asks suspiciously, "Why?" Alison tells her, "You said yourself Susan was looking guilty about doubting Wayne. By now, he would have wheedled his way back into her good books. Glen turning up would only be bad news for him, I'd say." Beryl asks curtly, "What do you suggest?" Alison replies, "I'd go back to the house and be as innocent as I could. Wayne's going to realise someone's out to get him. You're the obvious choice. You're going to have to put him off the scent." Beryl comments, "At least I can go and see David and Glen - try and work out something with them." Alison warns her, "Don't underestimate Wayne, though: he's probably got someone watching you already. What we need is someone he's not going to suspect in a million years to act as a go-between." Beryl muses, "That'll be easier said than done." Alison, though, places her hands on Bjorn's shoulders and smiles, "Oh, I don't know..."

Gordon and Susan are hugging in the lounge room at Dural. Beryl walks in and Gordon tells her, "I'm glad you're back: you've got two hours to get ready." Beryl asks, "Ready for what?" Gordon smiles, "I'm taking you all out to lunch. It's a celebration." Beryl asks, "What's the big occasion?" Gordon tells her delightedly, "Wayne and Susan have just announced their wedding date." Beryl smiles at them, grimly...

At the youth centre, Bjorn is telling David, "Beryl and Alison feel it is much better that you go back to Melbourne - Beryl is worried about you leaving your business for too long." David protests, "I am the girl's father." Bjorn sighs, "I know - I am just passing on what Beryl has asked." David mutters, "Yes, well, I suppose when you look at it there's not much I can do. What do they reckon they can do?" Bjorn explains, "Beryl is to watch Wayne and Susan at the house and tell Alison of anything. I can then come and tell Glen. If Wayne has someone watching us, I can be coming here because I am training for physical fitness. It is important Wayne does not find Glen." David bursts out laughing and says, "It's flamin' ridiculous, isn't it? You running around like a member of the Secret Service and Beryl playing spies... If only Susie could realise how many people are running around trying to save her!" Glen asks, "What am I supposed to be: the hero?!"

Beryl is clearing the dinner table at Dural when Wayne walks in from the hallway, a nasty expression on his face. He says to her tersely, "There was no one else around when Susan found that receipt, was there?" Beryl asks, "What's that supposed to mean?" The front door bangs and Alison walks in as Wayne retorts, "It seems very convenient that you happened to be here when word gets out about Susan and me... then out of the blue comes the receipt." Beryl asks, "Are you suggesting I organised it?" Wayne tells her, "In a word, 'yes'. I wouldn't put anything past you - you're trying to set me up, aren't you?" Alison suddenly chips in, "If anyone was going to set you up, it would be me, wouldn't it?" Wayne spins round to look at her as she adds, "You don't seriously think Beryl would do something like that, do you?" Beryl takes the dinner things out to the kitchen as Wayne snarls at Alison, "I should've known." He adds furiously, "I'm warning you, Alison: keep out of my way. One more stunt like that and you'll regret it." Alison tuts sarcastically, "Big bad wolf's out to get me, is he?" She then smiles, "You don't have a hope of keeping Susan. In fact, you've got the worst track record of any man I know when it comes to women." Wayne retorts, "Look who's talking." Alison just says lightly, "Oh, I'm not interested in women, darling!" Wayne snaps, "You've always got a smart answer, haven't you?" He then goes on, "I told you: keep out of my way. I'm not joking." With that, he walks out, leaving Alison with a grin on her face.

Andy walks up the path to the front door of the mansion to find his things packed in boxes on the step. He calls, "What's going on?" Fiona emerges through the front door and tells him curtly, "I'm throwing you out." Looking surprised, Andy demands, "Why?" Fiona tells him, "I don't particularly like sharing a house with people like you." Andy snaps, "What have I done?" Fiona retorts, "If you don't know, that makes it worse." Andy points out, "We're mates." Fiona, though, tells him, "Were. Were mates." She goes on, "I quite enjoyed having the old Andy as a friend, but the one who's around here now..." Andy snaps, "For heaven's sakes, what have I done?" Fiona tells him, "Since you've been mixing with Wayne you've become hard and selfish and after every buck you can lay your hands on. You've become like Wayne - and that's someone I don't care to have as a friend." Andy murmurs guiltily, "I didn't realise." Fiona retorts. "Obviously - but until you can prove to me that your feet are back down on the ground, you can find somewhere else to live." Andy pauses and then says, "Fiona, I sort of like know what you're on about, and I don't like it much myself, but what can I do to prove to you that I'm not that bad?" Fiona just looks at him.

Sometime later, in the lounge room at Charlie's, Alison is saying to Andy, "I think it's quite clear, don't you? We want you to act as a double-agent." Andy - who's standing next to Fiona - asks, "How?" Alison explains, "You remain working for Wayne; don't tell him you're talking to me, and do whatever he says. In other words, make everything appear quite normal." Fiona chips in, "We've got to know everything Wayne does... says, thinks, plans. We want to know every move he makes." Andy, looking worried, says, "I don't like it. We know what he's capable of. If he found out..." Fiona, however, points out, "You've become such a good pupil he never would find out, would he?" Andy mutters, "I'd rather just leave and forget working for him altogether." Fiona muses, "Oh. And I thought you wanted to make up for the way you've been behaving." Andy insists, "I do, but I don't see how spying on him's going to..." He breaks off. Alison tells him, "Of course, there's also the money. I know Wayne's paying you very well; I understand you wouldn't want to risk losing - so to stop it getting in the way of you making a decision I'm prepared to match whatever he's paying you. If you play the game with us, you'll end up with enough money to run your own nightclub - without relying on anyone for banking." Andy murmurs, "That's something, I suppose. But if he ever found out, I'll be history." Alison retorts, "You'll be history with us if you don't. So... whose side are you on?"

Later that day, Beryl is standing in the lounge room at Charlie's, talking on the 'phone. Alison is standing behind her as she says into the receiver, "I had to talk to you, David, and coming over to Charlie's was the only way. I don't think Wayne's gone so far as to have the 'phones tapped yet, but you never know!" At the youth centre, David replies, "There's one thing you've got to promise me: that you'll get in touch with me if there's anything at all I can do." Beryl nods, "I will." She then wishes him a safe trip and hangs up. Turning to Alison, she suggests, "I'd better get back - I don't want to make Wayne any more suspicious than he already is." Alison tells her, "I'm going to wait around for a few minutes so he doesn't see us together; it's better he thinks of us as individuals and not a combined force." Beryl goes and Alison closes the door behind her, looking thoughtful.

Janice is dusting in the corridor at the mansion when the front door opens and Owen bursts in. He smiles, "Janice, hello! Nice to see a woman not afraid of doing common work when it's necessary!" Janice mutters, "There's nothing wrong with keeping a house clean." She carries on dusting as Owen continues, "I have something that may interest you: after much discussion with mother she convinced me you were right." Janice asks, "About what?" Owen replies, "Charity. One must be charitable to a dear old soul who, although living under reduced circumstances, nevertheless is a lady." Fiona comes in through the front door as Janice checks, "You are talking about May?" Owen asks, "Who else?" He then holds out an envelope and tells Janice, "Her invitation to the charity ball." Janice grabs it from him and says quickly, "Yes, well, thanks very much for dropping it in, Owen. I have to get back to my cleaning." Owen nods, "Of course." With that, he turns and heads out. When he's gone. Janice lets out a cry of exasperation! Fiona soothes, "Uh... uh... calm down. I think you're one in a million. May is going to feel like Cinderella!" Janice retorts, "Yes - with Owen and his mother as the ugly sisters!" She marches off!

David and Glen emerge from the youth centre. David has a bag over his shoulder and he tells Glen, "You take it easy, eh?" Glen retorts, "It's just so damn frustrating. There's absolutely nothing I can do when I want to see her." David points out, "You wouldn't achieve a thing at the moment - you just have to accept it." Glen asks, "How do you know? I mean, I might be able to talk some sense into her." David, though, tells him, "You're wasting your time going over there now because Gordon's taken them all off to celebrate the engagement." Gordon mutters, "That makes me feel really great. Where have they gone?" David, however, retorts, "You wait a minute - don't you start getting ideas. Not after all the trouble we've gone to to hide you." He then wishes Glen good luck and heads over to his ute. A short time later, Glen heads back into the youth shack. He punches a punchbag that's standing in the room.

Beryl opens the front door at Dural. Alison and Bjorn are standing on the step and she invites them in. As the three of them head into the lounge room, Alison comments, "I hope our friend hasn't made any slip-ups in the last hour or so." Beryl replies, "No - and I've been keeping a low profile myself." The study door suddenly opens and Wayne and Andy emerge. In the lounge room, Alison asks Beryl, "Have you managed to tell David about the engagement yet?" Wayne and Andy walk in as she adds, "I'd love to see his reaction: he'll be on the first 'plane to Sydney to knock Wayne's head off." Wayne glares at her. Alison goes on at him, indicating Andy as she says, "I see you've got your little fox terrier with you. I would have thought that if you were going to get yourself a bodyguard you'd have have got someone a little more suited - like Bjorn." Bjorn smiles at Wayne, "She's making a joke about me. I am doing some gymnastics to make myself fit for the ship when I return." Wayne muses, "After a few weeks with her, I'm amazed you haven't booked yourself into a rest home!" There's suddenly a call from the hallway: Gordon says, "Where is everybody?" He and Susan appear at the bottom of the stairs as the party in the lounge room join the two of them. They all head out through the front door.

Sometime later, the party is sitting at a table outside a restaurant. Glen suddenly appears nearby. He hides behind the foliage of some plants and listens as Gordon tells his family and friends, "Today would have to go down as one of the happiest in my life. Wayne, your taste is impeccable - I doubt I could have found such a charming girl myself. I might be losing a darn good nurse but I'm gaining an even better daughter." He goes on, "Of course, in the time that I've known Susan she's almost become a daughter to me in many ways - but what makes the day so important to me is that a short time ago, before my operation, I really didn't think I'd see the year out, let alone Wayne with that wonderful bride-to-be. But now I have many more years to look forward to and the possibility of grandchildren to carry on the Hamilton name." He then adds quickly, "I'm sorry - I was a bit long-winded about all that, but I would like to propose a toast to the happy couple." Everyone raises their glasses and Gordon says, "To Wayne and Susan." The party murmurs, "Wayne and Susan." Glen looks on in frustration...


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