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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Ned approaches Susan and warns her menacingly, "There's no one else here to help you..." Susan suddenly starts undoing the top buttons of her blouse and suggests calmly, "In that case, it would be better if I didn't fight you..."

Outside, Glen is heading up the driveway in his cab.

Inside, Susan tells Ned, "You could get twenty years for this, you know?" Ned just growls, "I've done five already."

The cab pulls up outside and Glen climbs out.

Inside, Ned goes to kiss Susan. They suddenly hear a car door bang, though, and Ned demands, "Who's that?" Susan gasps, "How should I know?" There's suddenly a knock on the front door. Susan tells Ned that she'll have to see who it is; everyone knows she's home. She dashes out to the door as Ned warns, "Watch what you say." She closes the lounge room doors behind her and then opens the front door to find Glen standing there. He explains, "I thought I'd check if Gordon got back safely." Susan replies nervously, "Yes, he did - but he's resting." Glen, heading towards the lounge room doors, suggests, "Seems like a good chance for us to have a serious talk, eh?" Susan, though, grabs his arm and says quickly, "I don't think that would be a very good idea." She then starts doing up the buttons on her blouse and adds, "Wayne is here with me, too..." Glen, realising what she's implying, snaps, "That says it all, doesn't it? I won't bother you again." With that, he storms out.

Outside, Glen heads to his cab, climbs in, starts the engine and drives off.

Inside, Susan returns to the lounge room and Ned tells her curtly, "OK: back to where we were." Susan gasps, "It won't only be me you're hurting. My husband won't like it." Ned grabs her and snaps, "Tough." He starts to try and kiss her, but Susan carries on quickly, "It's just that, ever since he's been inside, I haven't been with another man." Ned pulls away to look at her and she continues, "I wanted to be faithful. It seems a bit sad, somehow, that it has to happen with a man who's been inside too - like breaking faith, or something."

Janice is sitting with Neville on the couch in the manager's office at the mansion, crying, "I don't think Gordon's heart will stand it. Neville tells her gently, "All we can do is sit tight and--" He breaks off as Micky comes in through the partition to May's room. Janice demands, "What have you done to him?" Micky retorts, "He's lying down. The old girl's with him. You two shut up." On the couch, Neville tells Janice quietly, "I think you've been a real trouper over the last two days; not many women would have stood the pressure." Janice smiles, "You're rather terrific yourself." Neville suddenly reaches into his shirt pocket and takes out a small item. He tells Janice, "My lucky charm. It was a gift from someone very close to me." He pins it on Janice's lapel, adding, "While you're wearing it, no harm can come to you." Janice stares at him longingly. Micky suddenly calls over and snaps, "Hey. Quit whispering."

In the lounge room at Dural, Susan is tending to a still-unconscious Wayne, who's half-lying on the couch. Ned hangs up the 'phone on the bar and says to Susan curtly, "OK - you were telling the truth. How long's he in for?" Susan replies, "At least another five years." Ned asks, "What's he in for?" Susan tells him, "Murder." Ned comments, "Reckon he's worth waiting for, do you?" Susan replies, "I've waited three years so far..." Ned murmurs, "I reckon a woman should wait. Not all of them do." Susan tells him, "It's not easy." Ned growls, "It's not easy in there, either." Susan murmurs, "I know." She then asks, "What were you in for?" Ned replies, "Armed robbery." Susan asks, "Was it worth it?" Ned retorts, "Was at the time." Wayne suddenly starts groaning and Susan asks Ned if she can get some bandages. Ned demands, "Where from?" Susan explains, "There's a first-aid kit in the hall in the cupboard." Ned warns her, "No tricks." With that, she dashes out to the hallway. She pauses and then heads across to the study, where she dials a number on the 'phone on the bookcase against the wall. When it's answered, she says quietly, "Police, please... yes, could you--" She breaks off as she becomes aware of a gun pointed at her head. Wayne suddenly lurches into the room and cries, "Susan..." Susan goes and grabs him and helps him across to the bed in there, which is laid out for Gordon." Ned snaps at Susan, "I thought you couldn't be trusted." He goes to the small high window in the study wall and checks it. Susan cries at him, "Please - he needs attention." Ned just snaps, "Well give it to him." He then yanks the telephone out of the wall, runs back out into the hall and locks the study door behind him. Susan sighs heavily.

In May's room at the mansion, Janice is soothing Gordon's brow and telling him to relax, as he lies on May's bed. She then heads through the partition into the manager's office and turns towards the kitchen. Micky stops her, though, and demands, "Where are you going?" Janice snaps, "To get some more water for him." Micky, however, orders, "Stay where you are. The old girl's in there. I don't want the two of you cooking anything else up." Ned suddenly walks into the office from the hallway and Micky demands, "What happened? Where's the guy? He didn't get away?" Ned snarls, "He won't be going anywhere..." Neville asks, "Did you bring the tablets?" Ned, though, just retorts, "Why bother? He's probably better off without them now." Looking furious, Janice starts walking towards him and she yells, "You cold-blooded, evil man." Neville quickly pulls her back. Janice suddenly notices a weak-looking Gordon appear in the partition to May's room and she runs over to him. Ned mutters, "Hang on. I suppose you'd better have them." With that, he reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out the pills. He hands them to Neville and he and Janice head through to May's room. When they've gone, Micky demands of Ned, "What the hell happened? Why'd you have to get rid of him?" Ned, though, retorts, "I didn't get rid of him. I had to thump him one - so I locked him and the nurse in one of the rooms. They can't get out." Micky points out curtly, "They could yell for help." Ned, though, snaps, "The place is sitting in the middle of about five acres. The room I locked them in's got bars on the windows. I ripped the 'phone out, too. There's no way they can get help." Micky cries agitatedly, "We're in trouble. We're in big trouble. Everything's going wrong. We've got to get out of here." Ned, though, snaps, "Cut it out. We're staying until I'm sure the cops have cooled a bit."

At Dural, Susan is shouting out through the high study window. She's yelling, "Hello. Is anyone there. Please? Please... someone help." She eventually crumples to the floor, crying weakly, "Please... someone..." Wayne lies on the bed, unconscious.

It's dark outside. Doug is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house as Andy tells him eagerly that he'll get his money back in around three months. Doug insists, "I want to see the proof of the pudding mate. You give one person a hundred bucks and he'll double it in a week; you give it to someone else and he'll blow it overnight." Andy protests loudly, "But I know the business backwards." Doug retorts, "You might - I just want to see some practical ideas." Andy snaps, "I can give you plenty." Doug, however, tells him, "Not about nightclubs. Something I know - like the shopping mall: how about you coming up with some ideas to bring in some more custom; see what you're like as an ideas person, first?" Andy nods in acceptance. They suddenly hear a sneeze outside. It's Caroline, and Doug mutters, "Not before time." He goes and opens the back door. Rain is pouring down and Caroline closes up her umbrella. She pushes Robert inside and tells him that it's time to feed him. She then sneezes again and Doug suggests to her that she go and take her clothes off and have a hot shower. Andy adds that he and Doug will feed Robert. Caroline heads off. When she's gone, Doug says quietly to Andy, "Take a walk, mate." Andy protests, "In the rain? But I wasn't going to go out tonight." Doug warns him, "If you're want to work for me, you are." Andy picks up an umbrella reluctantly and heads off, muttering as he does so, "Have a nice night." When he's gone, Doug looks at Robert and then heads over to try and find his food. After a few seconds, he gives up, walks over to the back door, opens it and calls, "Andrew..." There's no answer, though. Doug looks back at Robert and sighs, "What a way to win a woman..." He then suggests, "OK, kid: you're tired after your long walk. How about a big feed and then a nice long sleep, eh?" Robert looks at him as he picks up a jar of food, spoons some out and spills it down himself!

In the study at Dural, Wayne begins to come round again. Susan looks at him and then dashes over to a table by the door. She picks up a letter opener and tries to use it on the lock, but without success.

Caroline walks back into the kitchen at the country house, wearing her dressing gown. Doug is sponging himself down and Caroline asks here where Robert and Andy are. Doug explains that Robert's asleep. He adds, "He's eaten - well, almost. Most of it got on me!" Caroline smiles, "Why didn't you let Andy feed him?" Doug tells her, "He had to go out for a while." Caroline's face drops and she murmurs, "Oh. Did he?" Doug suddenly goes and puts his arms around her. Looking wary, Caroline warns, "Doug..." Doug, though, tells her, "You can't dress like that and get away with it!" Caroline warns him, "If we were in the office, I'd have you up for harassment." Doug, however, points out, "We're not in the office." Before he can get any further, though, the back door opens, and to Caroline's obvious relief, Craig walks in. She quickly pulls away from Doug and asks Craig how his night out was. Craig smiles, "Great." He starts taking off his wet clothes, enthusing as he does so, "My night out was fantastic!" Looking annoyed, Doug suddenly picks up his jacket and snaps, "I think I'll go." Caroline just replies dismissively, "Drive carefully in the rain!" Doug heads off, leaving Caroline to grin at Craig, "I think he's a bit put-out." Craig offers, "I could have gone to bed..." Caroline, however, insists, "You're perfectly alright where you are." She starts to prepare some hot milk, saying as she does so, "When I was in the shower, I had the most wonderful idea: I thought of hinting to Doug that a fur coat would be a beautiful present - but unfortunately he's gone, and I missed my chance." She turns back to look at Craig - only to find him slumped over the table, asleep. She smiles, "What love can do...!"

The next morning, Caroline is feeding Robert in the kitchen. Andy is sitting next to her at the table as she mutters, "All I'm saying is: what a rotten thing to do to me." Andy insists, "I didn't have much choice. You know him as well as I do: when he said I was going for a walk, I wasn't going to argue." Craig comes in from the hallway and asks Andy, "You ready?" Andy nods, "I've got some great ideas for Doug." With that, he and Craig head out. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Caroline answers it. She listens and then says, "Good morning. How are you?" In his hotel room, Doug replies, "I'm fine." He then goes on, "Get your act together - I've got a car on the way to bring you over here." Caroline sighs, "I'm not at your beck and call, you know." She listens again and then asks, "Surprise? What sort of surprise?" She listens to the response and then says, "Alright, you've convinced me. I'll have to bring Robert along, though." Looking disappointed, Doug mutters, "I'll have to put up with it, I suppose - as long as you don't expect me to be dad all morning." With that, they hang up. At the country house, Caroline turns to Robert and muses, "What is he playing at...?"

Andy and Craig are walking across the grounds outside, Andy saying curtly to Craig as they do so, "You're wrong." Craig asks, "How am I wrong? You're not going to get people in there by yelling at them." Andy asks him tersely, "What sort of thing would you do?" Craig shrugs, "I don't know." Andy retorts, "There you go: first to criticise, and you haven't got any suggestions yourself." Craig points out, "Yeah, well I'm not the one trying to think of some, am I?" He pauses and then says, "There might be one way, though, I reckon: Doug gets really ratty about things that stay on the shelves too long." Andy mutters sarcastically, "What, have a sale? Oh yeah, that's real original." Craig suggests, "Make it a red-hot-special stall. Put all the things on it that aren't selling, but add some stuff they really want. People are stupid when it comes to a bargain; they'd buy anything. Call it 'The Hot Spot', or something." Andy comments that that would help the other places, too, like the coffee shop. Craig agrees, "Of course it would. Doug would be rapt to see that place doing better business." Andy remarks0, "That seems to be doing pretty well OK now." Craig, though, tells him, "Doug likes to see an increase in the throughput of the place each week." Looking thoughtful, Andy muses, "Yeah... that might be the answer!"

Caroline is sitting next to Doug on the couch in Doug's hotel room as two models parade in front of her in fur coats. Doug asks, "Which one?" Caroline sighs, "I don't know. They're both beautiful." Doug says uncertainly, "You're not having both..." Caroline laughs, "I didn't mean that, stupid!" She then points to one coat and says, "I think... that one."

Later that day, Andy is walking along the corridor outside. Doug suddenly emerges from his room and Andy stops him and tells him, "Mr. Fletcher, I've got a great idea." Doug mutters, "You've got two minutes." Andy tells him, "You have a special stall each day... call it something like 'The Red-Hot Special'... You put the slow items on it, but to convince the people they've got a real bargain, you put some good stuff in there, too. They'll buy the lot. Why? Because they're stupid when it comes to a bargain - and it'll bring other people into the place, like the coffee shop, and all that." Doug just looks at him and then says, "Great. Great. Go with it." He goes to walk off but adds, "Make sure the artwork's good. Real eye-catching stuff." He then adds, "You keep up that sort of thinking, I might even reconsider your nightclub idea. See you." With that he walks off, leaving Andy looking pleased with himself.

Glen is walking up the path to the mansion. He knocks on the closed front door, but there's no answer. He knocks again, but there's still no response. He then turns and starts heading back down the pathway. Round the back, a plain white door opens and Janice and Micky emerge, Janice carrying a basket and snapping as they do so, "That stupid boiler - it's taken twice as long to get the washing out of the way." They walk over to the washing line - and suddenly hear Glen's voice calling, "Anyone around?" Micky tells Janice nervously, "Get rid of him - quickly - and no tricks." She ducks out of sight behind some washing hanging on the line. Janice walks across and approaches Glen. She asks him bluntly what he wants. Looking surprised, he explains, "I was just looking for May." He then asks, "You alright?" Janice retorts, "I'm fine. May's in bed. Virus. She can't be disturbed." Glen soothes, "Keep your shirt on. I just wanted to ask May if a lady called Micky Pratt has been here in the last few days." Janice mutters, "I wouldn't know." Glen goes on, "I'm pretty sure she would have: she was trying to check on who was doing the radio calls for the cab company. I think she thought the woman lived here and came to see May about it." Janice snaps, "I said I have no idea." Glen suggests, "It wouldn't hurt me to see May for just a minute, would it?" Janice retorts, "I said she wasn't to see anyone. That includes you." Glen sighs, "Alright. Don't get so excited." He adds, "As soon as you can, will you get May to call Charlie Bartlett? It's urgent." Behind the washing, a thoughtful look crosses Micky's face. Janice just says to Glen, "I'll do that. Excuse me - I have some work to do." Looking surprised, Glen mutters, "Sorry to interrupt," and he walks off. Janice watches him go and then returns to the washing line. Micky immediately demands of her, "Who's he?" Janice replies quietly, "Just a friend. I doubt you'd know what that means." Micky snaps, "Shut your mouth."

On the bed in the study at Dural, Wayne is groaning as Susan sits next to him and says, "Breath deeply." Wayne starts to cry quietly and deliriously, "It's not fair..." Susan tells him, "None of it's fair. We'll be alright, though, Wayne." Wayne goes on breathlessly, "I shouldn't have done it, dad. I shouldn't have done it. I should never have let her go..." Looking surprised, Susan asks, "Who?" Wayne pants, "I love her... I love her... Susan... Shouldn't have let her go all those years ago... I love her, dad." A look of shock crosses Susan's face.


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