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    Written by: Foveaux Kirby    Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Micky and Janice are walking down the corridor at the mansion, heading for the manager's office. Micky is still demanding to know who Glen was. Janice retorts that he's a friend. Micky then asks who Charlie Bartlett is. Janice retorts, "Charlie is also a friend and lives near Gordon." They head into the office, where Ned is sitting on the couch. Janice slumps down at the table with Neville and cries, "I'm so stupid. I should have managed to convey something to Glen. I should have told him. I lied, Neville; I've never lied before in my life." Neville points out that it was under duress - and people's lives are at stake. Janice cries bitterly, "We probably won't survive anyway - they've already killed Wayne." Micky suddenly announces that she's going upstairs. She heads out.

Out in the corridor, Micky picks up the 'phone book next to the telephone and starts looking for a number.

In the office, Janice cries at Neville that she can't take too much more; she's got to do something. Neville suggests calmly, "Hold on to my lucky charm - and please, try to stay calm." Janice, though, pulls the charm out of her lapel and yells, "Don't be so childish. What good is it? It hasn't helped Gordon or May. I've had enough. If I'm going to die, I'm going to give them something to remember me by."

A short time later, Micky runs downstairs, out in the corridor. She's wearing a headscarf and dark glasses so that she won't be recognised. She heads out through the front door and looks round. There's a woman sitting outside and Micky approaches her and says, "Excuse me. My name's Lyn James. I've just moved in here and I've lost my car keys. I need to get to the hospital - my mother's really sick. It's going to take forever to get a cab. I know it's a bit much to ask, but you don't happen to have a car I can borrow, do you?" The woman warns her, "It's only an old bomb." Micky tells her, "I don't care, as long as it gets me there." She then offers the woman $10, adding, "I've got to see my mother." The woman takes out her keys and replies, "OK. It's the green Mini by the front gate."

Inside, May is sitting with Neville and Janice at the table in the office. They're playing cards, but come to the end of their game. May says she'll go and see how Gordon is. Ned, though, stops her in her tracks and, looking through the partition, growls, "No need - I can see him from here. Dead to the world. That stuff you gave him did the trick alright." From the table, Janice mutters, "Pity you didn't have any." Ned glares at her and snaps, "Get me something to eat." Janice retorts, "Get it yourself." Ned, picking up his gun, points it at Janice and repeats curtly and slowly, "Get me something to eat." Janice, though, snaps, "No - I've had enough of you." Ned shouts, "Get it." Janice snaps again, "No." Ned walks right up to her and, aiming the gun at her head, warns, "If you're not out in the kitchen by the time I count to ten..." Janice just mutters lightly, "Alright - if you're going to make such a fuss about it..." With that, she stands up and heads off.

At Charlie's, Glen is telling Alison that he thought Micky might have gone to the mansion looking for Charlie and left a contact number with someone, but Janice didn't know anything about it and May was in bed, sick. Alison sighs, "Thanks, but I thought you'd be wasting your time." Glen adds, "There was something about the place. Can't remember what, now." Changing the subject, he asks where Charlie is. Alison explains, "She's gone to see her friend at the taxi office; thinks she might have an idea where Micky is. Bit of a wild-goose chase, if you ask me." Glen comments, "Seems like we've reached a dead end." Alison, though, tells him, "Not quite." Glen looks at her in surprise and says, "Let's have it." Alison explains, "I hired a private detective to help me locate Micky. He told me that Les Baker - the one who died in the jail break - was connected with criminals in Townsville." Glen asks where that gets her. Alison tells him, "Even though he was killed, the others could have gone up there to hide out." Glen suggests that it's a bit of a long-shot. Alison retorts, "It's the only shot I've got left. Anyway, I'm going up to Townsville this afternoon." Glen asks her if she'd like him to come with her. Alison asks, "What about your job?" Glen replies, "I'm only a casual on the taxis - I can always pick it up later. There's nothing to keep me here." Alison suggests, "Susan?" Glen mutters, "Hardly." Alison raises her eyebrows and asks, "What happened?" Glen shrugs, "She found someone else." Alison comments sourly, "Didn't take her long..." Glen just retorts, "Book me a seat to Townsville. I'll go home and pack. I'll see you later." With that, he heads off, leaving Alison with a smile on her face.

Neville and May are playing cards again at the table in the manager's office at the mansion. Janice carries a tray of food into the room from the kitchen and puts it down on the coffee table in front of Ned. He smiles sarcastically, "Look at this. You really shouldn't have bothered!" Janice smiles, "No trouble!" All-of-a-sudden, she picks up the pepper pot and throws pepper into Ned's face. He recoils back and his gun flies off the couch and onto the floor. Janice goes to reach for it, but Ned is immediately on top of her, also trying to grab it. They start struggling. Neville leaps up from the table to help, but May pulls him back. Janice eventually manages to grab the gun and she pushes Ned away from her. As he recovers his composure, he finds himself looking down its barrel. He glares at Janice and snarls, "You haven't got the guts." He stands up and Janice snaps, "Get over there." She indicates the corner of the room. Ned, though, lunges at Neville. As he does so, Janice pulls the gun's trigger. A shot fires and it hits Ned. As he falls onto the floor, he pulls Neville down with him. Janice drops the gun on the floor in horror at what she's done. Ned immediately grabs it. He yells at Neville to get back. Neville climbs back onto his seat at the table. A look of fear crosses Janice's face as Ned aims the gun straight at her...

There's a knock on the front door at Charlie's and Alison opens it. Micky is standing there, still wearing her headscarf and dark glasses. Alison looks at her and Micky asks, "Does Charlie Bartlett live here?" Alison nods, "Yes, she does. What do you want?" Micky explains, "I heard she was looking for a friend of mine: Micky Pratt." Alison replies, "That's right. Better come in." She closes the door, looking thoughtful.

A short time later, in the lounge room, Alison invites Micky to sit down. Micky remains standing, though, as she asks, "Where's Charlie?" Alison replies that she's not home at the moment. Micky demands, "Who are you?" Alison tells her, "I'm Alison Carr. It's me who wants to speak to Micky, not Charlie." Micky mutters, "Yeah?" Alison goes on, "I willing to pay, as well." Micky asks suspiciously, "How do I know you're not fronting for the cops?" Alison assures her, "I have my own reasons for avoiding them." Micky comments, "You said you're willing to pay..." Alison nods, "That's right - if you're prepared to take off your shades and tell me what I want to know." Micky takes off her glasses and mutters, "I didn't want to take any chances out there." She then asks, "What's it about?" Alison suggests that they sit down. They do so and Alison then says, "You drove taxis in Melbourne a couple of years ago, didn't you?" Micky mutters, "I might've." Alison asks, "Do you remember picking up a boy from outside a hospital one night? He was probably wearing pyjamas; maybe jeans. You took him to a block of flats and waited. Twenty minutes later, he came out and you drove him back to the hospital." Micky muses, "Yeah - sounds a bit familiar... don't know: it's hard to remember that far back." Alison retorts, "We'll talk about money later." She then says, "Tell me about the boy." Micky recalls, "He was strange - he was real nervous when I picked him up outside the flats; he shook like a leaf all the way back to the hospital." Alison mutters, "He had good reason to: he'd just killed a man - and I was blamed for it. I'm on the run, just like you." Micky realises, "So you think my story's going to get you off?" Alison tells her, "I know it will." Micky warns, "There's no way I'm going to go to court." Alison assures her, "You don't have to. All you have to do is write a statement saying that you picked up a boy called Jeff O'Brien from outside the hospital that night, fill in the whole story and stress his mental condition when he came out of the block of flats." Micky asks, "What's the fee?" Alison tells her, "I'll pay you $10,000 if I think your statement's good enough to get me off." Micky looks at her and replies, "For twenty, I'll state that Jeff paid me $50 to forget I ever picked him up." Alison smiles, "It's a deal. If you write out your statement now, I'll write you out a cheque for $20,000." Micky, though, laughs bitterly, "I'm not that stupid - I know you'll cancel the cheque just as soon as I get out of the house. No, I want the twenty grand in cash - and then you get the statement." Alison warns her, "It'll take a while to arrange." Micky retorts, "You've got four hours - and I'll ring and make a place and time for the pick-up." She adds, "If you change your mind and call the cops, I'll just say you bribed me to make a statement." Alison assures her, "No police, I promise. I just want that statement." Micky nods, "OK. Four hours, then." With that, she heads off, leaving Alison looking relieved.

Ned is sitting in an armchair in the manager's office at the mansion, a towel wrapped over the shotgun wound to his leg. Neville is sitting with Janice on the couch, asking her in concern if she's alright. She murmurs, "I feel dizzy." Neville asks Ned, "Can I get her a glass of water?" Ned, though, snaps, "No - she can go thirsty." He then adds, "The old girl should've got Micky by now." At that moment, though, May comes in and announces, "She's not in her room." Ned asks, "Did you check the rest of the house?" May retorts, "Yes, and I can't find her anywhere." Ned growls, "You'd better not be lying." May adds, "Her bag's not there, either. Maybe she's gone?" Ned snaps, "Micky wouldn't run out on me." May points out, "If she has, you're in a real fix." Neville chips in, "That's right. You really ought to think about giving yourself up and having that leg attended to." May adds, "It could become infectious." Ned, though, yells at them, "Shut up. I'm not giving in - and I'll tell you something: if Micky isn't back in half an hour, you three are going to be sorry. I'll be better off without you anyway."

In Melbourne, Andy has set up his Red-Hot Specials stall at the shopping mall. He tries to entice a passing customer into buying something, but the guy just walks on by. Craig joins him and Andy mutters, "So much for your stall idea; Doug's going to be real rapt." Another customer walks up and looks at the table. Andy smiles, "Hello, sir. Lots of bargains here." The man just glances at the table and then walks off, muttering, "Crap." When he's gone, Craig tells Andy, "You're handling it all wrong. What you need is a gimmick; something that'll attract attention." Andy retorts, "I've done everything except stand on my head." Craig tells him, "I've got an hour to kill before Debbie gets here for my driving lesson. I bet I could sell half this stuff by then." Andy demands, "How?" Craig replies, "Watch. Back in a minute." With that, he walks off, leaving Andy looking puzzled.

In the office at the mansion, Janice tells Ned, "You really should get that leg seen to." Ned, though, just yells, "Shut up!" Janice insists, "It needs to be re-dressed. I'll do it for you, if you like." Ned growls, "Like hell you will." May suggests, "You can't wait for Micky to come back." Neville comments, "It hurts?" Ned yells, "Course it hurts, you stupid drongo!" Neville asks in surprise, "'Drongo'? Sorry?" Ned just snaps, "Micky will be back." May suggests, "It could be hours, though, couldn't it?" Ned glares at her and then says, "Alright, grandma: get the keys to the storeroom." May stands up carefully and walks over to the desk.

Debbie is walking along in the shopping mall, a smile on her face, watching Craig dressed up as a pirate as he sells the items on Andy's stall. She joins Andy and asks him if he thinks Craig will be very long, as she's starving. Andy comments, "I reckon he'll be a while - but we can have lunch; I'm a bit hungry, too." Debbie smiles, "OK!" With that, Andy wanders over to Craig and tells him, "I'm just going to take Debbie for a bite to eat, OK?" He then rejoins Debbie and they head off, leaving Craig looking put-out.

Micky walks into the manager's office at the mansion to find it empty. She calls, "Ned?" There's no answer. She checks the kitchen but finds that empty as well. She then heads out into the corridor to find May helping a limping Ned to walk along it. She demands, "What the hell's going on?" They head back into the office and Micky asks Ned, "What's wrong with your leg?" May tells her, "Janice shot him." Ned adds, "She got hold of the gun. There was a bit of a scuffle. It went off." Micky asks, "Is it OK?" Ned retorts, "It's not too bad." Micky asks, "Where are the others?" Ned indicates the storeroom and retorts, "In there - 'cos you weren't around to keep an eye on them while I got my leg cleaned up." He then demands, "Where the hell did you get to?" Micky tells him quickly, "I needed some fresh air, so I went for a walk." She adds, "Don't worry, nobody saw me. And I got a paper." Ned asks, "Anything in it about us?" Micky, however, retorts, "I haven't looked yet." She picks it up, but Ned snaps, "Forget it. We've got to talk." He then orders May to get into the kitchen. May heads out there. When she's gone, Ned says to Micky quietly, "I want to get out of here - now. Things are getting too hot and there's too many people around." Micky, however, tells him, "Stay cool, Ned. If we wait a couple of days, the cops will think we've left town and then we've got less chance of getting caught." Ned retorts, "No. The longer we wait--" In the kitchen, May listens, a smile on her face as Ned and Micky start arguing.

Alison is pouring drinks for herself and Glen in the lounge room at Charlie's. Glen comments, "Lucky break, eh, her walking in on you out of the blue?" Alison smiles, "I think the tide's beginning to turn my way at last." She then adds, "I don't trust Micky, though - I wouldn't be surprised if she just took the cash and forgot about the statement." Glen offers, "I'll come with you, if you like. Make sure she doesn't." Alison warns, "As long as she doesn't see you..." Glen smiles, "I'll be Mr. Invisible!" Alison says, "Thanks." She then adds, "Listen, you couldn't pick the money up for me, too? I'd like to wait here for her to ring back." Glen nods, "No trouble." Alison adds, "I've already rung the bank and arranged it all. All we have to do now is wait for her to ring back. There's nothing more I can do." Glen suggests, "Take it easy." Alison, though, sighs, "I've waited so long." She adds, "Thanks for helping." Glen assures her, "It's the least I can do. I know how much I'd hate to be accused of something I hadn't done." Alison murmurs, "I just couldn't bear it if anything went wrong now." Putting his arm round her, Glen assures her, "It won't - I'll make sure of that."

Craig is clearing up the remainder of the items on the stall at the mall. Andy and Debbie join him and Andy comments, "There's hardly anything left. That'll put a smile on Doug's face!" Craig hands Andy the money and Andy tells him, "You've done wonders." With that, he walks off. When he's gone, Debbie asks Craig, "Could you handle a driving lesson now?" Craig replies, "Easy!" He adds, "I'll have to take my costume back first. See you in the car park." With that, he walks off, leaving Debbie with a smile on her face.

A short time later, Craig joins Debbie in the car park. She hands him a sandwich to eat for his lunch and then tells him, "I thought we'd take the car out to the main road for a bit, and then go into a side street for some parking practice." Craig, looking miles away, nods, "Uh huh." Debbie asks what the matter is. Craig explains, "I don't think it's safe to take a driving lesson today." Debbie asks why not. Craig tells her, "Everything's gone wrong. I should've never got out of bed this morning." Debbie asks in surprise, "Why?" Craig replies, "First of all, Andy skips out on me at the stall and takes you to lunch; then all those mad bargain-hunters nearly trampled me to death; and to top it off, when I take my costume back, I have to fork out ten bucks for repairs!" Debbie smiles at him and, giving him a kiss on the cheek, tells him, "Don't be sad. Things will get better; they always do. And you're going to get that driver's licence. Come on!"

At the mansion, Micky is standing in the hallway, talking on the 'phone and holding a piece of paper in her hand. She's saying, "Yeah, I wrote it down exactly the way you wanted. You got the money?" At Charlie's, Alison - who has Glen standing next to her - replies, "Yes, it's all here. Where do we meet?" Micky tells her, "There's a park about ten minutes from your place."

In the manager's office, Janice, Neville and Ned are sitting at the table. May walks in through the partition from her room and Ned asks how Gordon is. She replies that he's alright. Ned then puts a cigarette in his mouth and starts looking for his lighter. Unable to find it, he says to May, "Give us Micky's handbag, will you?" May picks it up from the couch and hands it to him. He opens it. As he does so, May asks, "How much longer are you planning to stay here?" Ned retorts, "I haven't decided yet - but it's not indefinite: probably just for a couple of days--" He breaks off as he comes across two airline tickets in the bag. He looks at them carefully for several seconds and then shouts, "Micky... MICKY!"

Out in the hallway, Micky says down the 'phone, "Wait on the bench, OK? I've got to go." She hangs up and stuffs the piece of paper containing her confession in between the pages of a magazine she picks up. Ned emerges from the office, tickets in hand, and snaps, "I just found these. So much for throwing them away, eh? Two tickets for you and Les. What about me? I never had one, did I?" Micky tries to push past him, growling, "I'll explain in the flat." Ned, though, pushes her back and retorts, "You just stay here. We're going to have this out. I was right before, wasn't I? I was going to get dumped as soon as we made the break. But then Les got killed and you had to stick with me. That's what happened, isn't it? Well?" Micky sighs agitatedly, "OK, so I lied about the tickets - but that's because Les thought it would be safer if you travelled up to Townsville separately." Ned demands, "How was I meant to get there: walk?" Micky tells him, "I don't know; Les didn't say. Look, just calm down - it's all over and done with. If you and I don't stick together now, we're finished."

In the office, May is looking at the newspaper as Neville comments, "I'd say our friends are getting near breaking point." May agrees, "The stress is getting to them well and truly, and if we can keep them arguing I don't think they'll stay much longer." Neville muses, "The trick is how to do it without getting hurt ourselves." May, still looking at the newspaper, declares suddenly, "I think I've found a way..."

Micky and Ned are sitting on the stairs out in the corridor, Micky saying, "So we both know where we stand now, OK?" Ned growls, "As long as you tell me exactly what's happening from now on." Micky replies, "I promise. Now, we'd better get back in there before those three get up to something." The two of them stand up and head into the office, where Janice asks, "Calmed down, have we?" Ned snaps, "Keep your trap shut." Micky suggests to Ned that he go and see what Gordon's up to. Ned heads across to the partition. When he's gone, May indicates the newspaper and says to Micky, "I think there's something here that might interest you." Micky grabs the paper and reads the headline May that indicates: 'Prison Escapee's Funeral Today'. She's still staring at it when Ned returns and demands, "What's up?" Looking upset, Micky murmurs, "I've got to go out for a while." Ned asks, "What for?" Micky just mutters, "I won't be long." Ned reminds her curtly, "You said you were going to tell me exactly what's happening from now on." Micky mutters, "Yeah, well it's Les's funeral, OK? I'm going to get some flowers." She picks up her headscarf and dark glasses as Ned snaps, "The cops will trace them in a minute." Micky retorts, "I'll buy them off the street and I'll put them in a cab." She heads for the door. Ned grabs her and snaps, "It's still too risky." Micky, though, yells, "I'm going to do it whether you like it or not." With that, she storms out. Ned shuts the door behind her. May sits at the table, a smile on her face...

Sometime later, Micky is standing at the side of a road as cars flash past. She's wearing her headscarf and dark glasses and holding a bunch of flowers. She suddenly notices a taxi approaching and she holds out her hand. The car stops next to her. She opens the door and, putting the flowers on the front seat, says to the driver, "Hi. Can you take these flowers to this address?" She shows him a card and he nods, "Sure." Micky closes the door again and he drives off. Micky watches him go, an expression of anguish on her face. As tears well in her eyes, she begins to cross the road - and doesn't notice a car heading straight for her. It hits her and she yells out as she's knocked down. The driver climbs out of his car, sees Micky lying there and then quickly climbs back into his car and drives off. Micky is left lying on the road, not moving...


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