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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Caroline walks round the corner of the corridor at Doug's hotel. She meets a bellboy outside Doug's room; he's pushing a trolley. Caroline asks him if it's for Mr. Fletcher and the bellboy replies that it is. Caroline then asks, "How would you like to make yourself $20...?" She smiles naughtily! In his room, Doug is pacing the floor when there's a knock on the door and a female voice calls, "Room service." Doug calls back, "Come in." He doesn't look at the door as it opens and Caroline walks in, wearing the bellboy's uniform and pushing the trolley. She smiles, "Surprise!" Doug turns to look at her and asks her in astonishment what she's doing there. Caroline explains, "I wanted to see you again - so I borrowed the uniform!" Doug smiles, "I'm glad you're here." Caroline hesitates and then says, "Too quick to judge - that's my problem. You're obviously a much better person than I realised: helping out a friend the way you did, despite all my carry-on; it was very good of you to lend David the money for the truck." Doug smiles, "He's a good man. I think my loan's pretty secure!" Caroline then goes on, "I was jealous, Doug, of Alison - and I was hurt, too." Doug insists, "It was a one-night stand, nothing more. Alison means nothing to me. You do." Caroline says uncertainly, "If we did decide to give ourselves a second chance, I'd want more than what you had with Alison." Doug assures her, "It goes without saying. I promise." He leans in to kiss her, but Caroline says quickly, "I'd better return this uniform to the bellboy. Why don't you come over later on; join me for a few drinks?" Doug smiles, "I'd like that." With that, Caroline steps back out into the corridor, looking pleased with herself...

Wayne is helping May down the stairs at the mansion as Ned walks behind them, pointing his gun at them and snapping, "Don't get any ideas about trying to make a run for it." They head to the manager's office and May sighs that she's glad to get out of that room upstairs. She offers Ned some tea and Ned thanks her. She heads off to the kitchen to make it. Ned goes and picks up a copy of the newspaper. As he looks at the story about him and Micky, he asks Wayne, "That cutie who nurses your old man: friend of yours?" Wayne doesn't respond. Ned goes on, "May said she is. Got a look from the room when she left. Wouldn't mind if she was here... make life a bit more interesting, don't you reckon? Bet she knows how to turn it on for the boys, too..." Wayne glares at him and snarls, "Shut your mouth, you ugly son of a--" He suddenly lunges towards Ned, but Ned quickly points his gun at him and snaps, "Go on - try it." May walks back in and offers milk. Ned, though, snaps at her to forget the tea, and he orders her and Wayne to sit down. Staring at Wayne, he growls, "I don't know why you got so upset. No woman's worth worrying about - I'll tell you that straight. I know."

Susan is back at Dural, and in the lounge room, Gordon asks her, "What do you mean 'strange'?" Susan replies that it was more Wayne's attitude than anything else: as soon as she tried to get in to see May, he became tense and abrupt. Gordon smiles, "When it comes to mood changes, my son is an expert!" Susan, though, sighs, "I don't know. I just get the feeling there's more to it than that..."

Alison is staring out of the lounge room window at Charlie's as Glen sits with Charlie on the couch and comments, "They must have planned on using that warehouse as a hideout - then I came along and scared them off." Alison sighs, "The question is: where are they now?" Charlie tells her, "Don't give up yet, darling. Think positive." Glen says to Alison, "I honestly believe that Micky and her friends are still in town. I'll keep my eyes and ears open at the depot. Something will come up; you'll see." Alison hesitates and then tells him, "I've been accused of committing a serious crime, Glen. Micky Pratt is the only person who can prove my innocence. Without her testimony, I could very well end up in prison." Charlie looks at her in surprise. Glen murmurs, "I wondered what it was about." Alison explains, "I'm telling you because I'm grateful for your help and also because I trust you." Glen just stands up and mutters, "I have to go. See you later." He heads out. When they're alone, Charlie gasps at Alison, "Why on earth did you do that? He could go to the police." Alison, however, retorts, "If he doesn't, Caroline will - when she's had her fun playing cat and mouse. I need all the allies I can muster, Charlie; I'm taking a calculated risk on Glen joining the ranks." Charlie points out, "You've got an awful lot to lose." Alison, though, replies, "Not half as much as I've got to gain. Besides, the best relationships in the world are based on mutual trust. Anyway, it can't do any harm, can it...?"

Robert is lying asleep in his high-chair in the kitchen at the country house as Andy sits next to him, holding a sailor's cap. Caroline - who's doing some ironing - asks him where he got it from. Andy explains that it belongs to Debbie - she forgot to take it when he dropped her off. Caroline asks if she enjoyed her guided tour. Andy replies, "She seemed to - I think I made a pretty good impression!" Caroline remarks, "Out to impress, were you?" Andy smiles, "She's a nice girl. I reckon we could have a bit of fun together." Caroline tells him, "Craig's taken her out this afternoon." Andy, though, insists, "It's alright - I wasn't thinking of anything serious. Too much on my plate for romance." Caroline muses, "Oh...?" Andy explains, "I meant it when I said I'm heading for the big time, Caroline. No more backyard discos. You don't get anywhere thinking small." Caroline asks, "Is your friend Kelly going to feature in you future plans?" Andy, though, just replies, "No. That all sort of finished." Changing the subject, he asks Caroline how things are going with her. Caroline murmurs, "Can't complain. Doug and I are seeing each other again." Andy comments, "I wouldn't mind meeting him." Caroline replies, "I'm sure you will, eventually." She then asks, "Have you got any plans for this evening?" Andy tells her, "Not so far." Caroline goes on, "It gets a bit lonely with David away. I was wondering if you'd like to come out for a few drinks later on." Andy smiles, "Sure. Why not? Thankyou." He then continues, "This Doug Fletcher - he's pretty loaded, isn't he?" Caroline nods, "You could say that." Andy muses, "I wonder if he'd like to back the newest entrepreneur to hit the nightclub scene...?"

Sometime later, Andy is standing at the door of Doug's hotel room as Doug looks at a card and reads, "Andrew Green?" Andy nods, "That's right. Friend of Caroline's." Doug tells him curtly, "I'm rather busy at the moment, Andrew. I've got a lot to get through." Andy replies, "I appreciate that, but I heard you were a pretty shrewd businessman with an eye for a good investment." Doug sighs and stands aside to let him in. Andy then tells him, "I won't take up much of your time by going into details yet. I just mainly want to introduce myself and establish my credentials." Doug nods, "I'm listening." Andy goes on, "I've been working in the music business for round about two years now, as a DJ. I've got my own set-up, but it's been pretty much small time: weddings... parties... that sort of thing." Doug remarks, "You want to move up in the world?" Andy nods, "That's right. I've got the contacts... experience... All I need is someone to back me." Doug asks, "And I'm first on offer?" Andy tells him, "There's a lot of money to be made out there, Mr. Fletcher. You won't regret it." He then hands Doug a file of papers and adds, "Think it over. I'd better let you get back to work." With that, he heads to the door. As he does so, Doug tells him, "I'll say one thing for you: you've got a lot of get-up-and-go." Andy replies, "You get left behind pretty quick if you sit on your backside." With that, he goes, leaving Doug looking thoughtful.

May pours Ned a cup of tea in the manager's office at the mansion, commenting as she does so that there's nothing like a good cuppa; she's glad he decided to have one after all. She sits down next to him and then asks him where his family comes from. Ned replies, "Down on the south coast. My family had a dairy farm." May goes on, "Did you have a girlfriend?" Ned recalls fondly, "Faye. Ended up marrying her." He adds bitterly, "She went for a divorce when I started doing stir. 'Never marry your childhood sweetheart' - that's what they say." May comments, "You're still in love with her, aren't you?" Ned nods distantly, "I thought we might get back together. That's why I teamed up with Les when he said he was going over." May asks, "Do you know where she works?" Ned nods, "Yeah." May asks, "Have you ever thought of calling her there?" A thoughtful look crosses Ned's face.

At Dural, Susan heads out to go and get a repeat prescription for Gordon's pills. As she opens the front door, she finds Glen standing there. They look at each other awkwardly and Susan then dashes out. Glen heads into the lounge room, where Gordon thanks him for coming over. Glen asks, "What's on the go?" Gordon explains, "It's something that Susan said about Wayne. She saw him around lunchtime and thought that he was acting strangely. I'd like to go in and make sure nothing's wrong." He then adds, "I'd better leave her a note." He leans across to a pad. Glen asks him if he reckons it's serious. Gordon replies, "I didn't think so at first, but I'd rather be sure than sorry."

May has the 'phone to her ear in the manager's office at the mansion. She says, "I want to speak to Faye Parker, please." She listens and then says, "When...?" She listens again before gasping, "Oh..." She removes the 'phone from her ear. Ned demands, "What's wrong? Doesn't she want to talk to me." May cries, "I'm a silly old woman, Ned. I should never have suggested you call her in the first place." Ned grabs the 'phone from her, though, and snaps down it, "I want to speak to Faye Parker." He listens for several seconds and then puts the 'phone down. A look of fury crosses his face and he snarls, "She was right: Faye's not there. She's off on her honeymoon with her new husband." He suddenly snatches up the 'phone, ripping the cord out of its socket, and throws it against the wall. Pointing his gun at May and Wayne, he snarls, "I bet you think that's funny, eh?" May cries, "No. No, we don't." Ned just yells, "Shut up." He then goes and picks up a vase of flowers and throws that against the wall. He snarls, "No more tricks. You do, and you can kiss each other goodbye."

Glen has pulled up in his cab outside the mansion and he's helping Gordon into his wheelchair. As he does so, he comments, "All quiet on the western front." Gordon remarks, "Either they're all asleep or having afternoon tea."

Wayne is pacing the floor of the manager's office inside, looking hot and bothered. He walks over to the window and a look of horror crosses his face as he sees his father and Glen approaching. He mutters, "Idiot." Ned walks over to him and demands, "What's going on?" Wayne retorts, "The stupid gardener's brought my father here." Ned snaps at him, "You'll just have to get rid of them, won't you?" With that, he drags Wayne over to the office door. He then points his gun at May's head and snarls at Wayne, "You'd better get out there, pal."

A few seconds later, Wayne heads out onto the front path and smiles at his father, "What are you doing here?" Gordon tells him, "Came to see you. Susan was worried about you." Wayne asks blankly, "Why?" Gordon explains, "She thought you were acting a little strangely earlier." Wayne assures him, "No more than usual!" He then adds quickly, "Really - there's no need to go in." Gordon, however, insists, "I want to. Is there any reason why I shouldn't?" Wayne replies quickly, "No. As you can see, I'm perfectly OK." Gordon, though, tells him, "As I'm here, I'd like to see May." Glen asks him what time he should pick him up. Gordon, though, tells him that he'll call a cab. Glen accepts this and walks off. Wayne starts pushing his father inside.

In the manager's office, Ned peers out the window and snaps at May, "He's bringing him in." May says calmly, "Ned, Mr. Hamilton's a good man. I don't want to see him get hurt." Ned retorts, "He won't. As long as you and wonder boy play along and pretend nothing's wrong, he can go home when he wants and stay in one piece." May cries, "I know you're upset about your wife and I don't blame you, but if Mr. Hamilton should say the wrong thing..." Ned snarls, "You're scared I'll go off the deep end, right? Well, fingers crossed he doesn't say the wrong thing, eh?" There's suddenly a knock on the office door and Ned orders May, "Let him in."

Andy arrives back at the country house. Caroline is in the kitchen but she tells Andy that she has to go out: she wants to take Robert to the clinic as she thinks he's got a sore throat. Andy looks at Robert playing in his stroller and laughs that he doesn't seem to be too worried about it! Changing the subject, Caroline then tells Andy, "I've invited someone else out for a drink: Doug Fletcher." She adds, "Don't ask me why, but I have to keep him at arm's length; he wants something that he can't have and I just have to make sure that I'm out of reach." Andy offers quickly, "I don't mind filling in for you. It'll give me a chance to do a soft sell on him." Caroline mutters, "You can do what you want. I just want to make sure that I'm not here when he arrives." There's suddenly a knocking on the back door. Caroline turns Robert's pushchair round and heads out to the hallway and the front door. Andy closes the hallway door behind her.

Sometime later, Caroline is pushing Robert along outside a shopping mall. She brings him to a halt and then tells him, "I think we'll stop off in a nice warm coffee shop, don't you?" She adds with a sigh, "The things we have to go through for a man...!"

Susan is letting Alison into Dural, but as she does so, she says curtly, "Gordon isn't home. You can leave the papers with me; I'll make sure he signs them." Alison retorts, "As you're playing messenger girl, I wonder if you'd remind Glen if he comes over that he's having drinks with me this afternoon." Susan asks, "Is he likely to forget?" Alison smiles, "No - not really." Susan mutters, "Very subtle." Alison looks at her blankly and asks, "Sorry?" Susan retorts, "You're letting me know that you and he are together." Alison smiles, "Am I?" Susan snaps, "I wouldn't hold my breath. Glen would never get involved with you." Alison just muses, "We'll see..."

At the mansion, Gordon is sitting reading a magazine in the manager's office as Wayne tries to work at the desk, only to find his calculator broken. May is clearing the room of tea things as Ned sits on the couch. May offers everyone some fruit. Ned accepts and May heads out to the kitchen to fetch it. Gordon asks Ned if he and Micky are enjoying life at the boarding house. Ned mutters that it's OK. Gordon asks where Micky is. Ned replies that she had to go out shopping. May comes back in with a bunch of bananas, wrapped in newspaper. She hands one to Ned. She then passes the newspaper to Gordon and he breaks off a banana for May. He hands it to her and takes a banana for himself. He then folds up the newspaper - and suddenly notices the photos of Ned and Les staring out at him... Ned says to him, "You should be eating plenty of these, Gordon." Gordon looks at him sharply and retorts, "Eh?" Ned smiles, "Fruit. Keep the doctor away, and all that." Gordon murmurs, "Yes, I suppose so." He quickly folds up the newspaper as a tense look crosses his face. Wayne dashes over to him and asks him if he's OK. Gordon murmurs, "No, actually - I seem to have overdone things. I think I might leave." Wayne tells him, "I'll call you a cab." May, though, cries quickly, "You can't." Everyone looks at her and she explains, "The 'phone cord: I tripped over it this morning, remember? It's broken." Ned suggests, "Use the one in the hall." Wayne wheels his father out there. Ned watches them go. Out by the 'phone, Gordon murmurs to Wayne, "I know what's going on." Wayne dials as Gordon adds, "As soon as I'm out of here, I'll go to the police." Wayne finishes dialling the telephone number for Dural, but then snaps, "It's engaged." He suddenly becomes aware of Ned standing next to him, pointing his gun at Gordon. He's holding the newspaper article, and he snarls at Gordon, "I thought you had a crook turn a bit too quick. Now, back inside." Gordon suddenly starts panting heavily. Wayne cries, "Dad?" Gordon bends over double and murmurs, "Pain..." Ned snaps, "Get off. You're not pulling that one again." Gordon gasps, "It's serious." Wayne asks him, "Have you got your pills with you?" Gordon murmurs, "Susan was going to get a repeat. I've going to have to go home." Wayne turns to Ned and snaps, "You've got to let me do something." Ned just stands there and Wayne cries, "For God's sake - he could be dying." Ned demands, "The pills at your place?" Wayne nods, "Yeah." Ned, indicating Gordon, replies, "He stays here. I'll get Micky and the others down. You and me can go and get the pills." He then dashes off upstairs as Wayne tries to comfort his father.

Sometime later, Wayne and Ned walk in through the front door at Dural. Susan joins them from upstairs and Wayne introduces Ned, explaining that he's staying at the boarding house. Susan smiles at Ned, "Pleased to meet you." Ned leers, "Likewise..." Wayne then tells Susan, "Dad's decided to stay in town for a while and sent us to get his pills." Susan asks, "Is he alright?" She heads into the lounge room and Wayne and Ned follow her. As they do so, Wayne replies, "Yeah - he's fine. He just wanted to be on the safe side--" He breaks off as, behind him, Ned whacks him round the head with the butt of his gun. Wayne slumps to the floor as Susan gasps in horror. She stares at Ned, who says menacingly, "Don't need him around for the time being, do we? Much more interesting if it's just you and me, right, sweetheart...?" Susan looks at him fearfully.


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