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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

In the grounds at the country house, Craig is teaching Debbie how to use a pickaxe and a hoe. Debbie isn't really concentrating, though: instead, her attention is focused on a nearby wheelbarrow, and she suggests to Craig that it's time he showed her round the garden! She runs over to it, climbs in and Craig starts pushing her along! David wanders over and starts watching them, a look of resigned disbelief on his face. Caroline joins him and tells him that there's a 'phone call for him from the women's refuge: the manager wants to talk to him. She adds, "You'd better hurry. It doesn't sound too good." David turns and dashes off inside as Debbie eventually falls out of the wheelbarrow, giggling merrily!

A few minutes later, in the kitchen, David barks down the 'phone, "Don't give me excuses - and you'd better keep that woman away from me when I come over." He slams the receiver down and Caroline asks him what's happened. David retorts, "Exactly what you'd expect in a place like that. Beryl should have listened to me." He goes to head out, adding, "Jump in the car and I'll explain on the way."

Sometime later, David is holding Robert as he and Caroline stand in the grounds of the refuge. A woman tells him, "It was an accident, Mr. Palmer. Shirl didn't mean it." David points out curtly, "You don't belt someone black-and-blue and say it was an accident." The woman insists, "She thought Beryl was someone else - fair dinkum - a woman who used to live here, called Ruby." David mutters sarcastically, "Great. I'm sure Beryl felt a lot better after that." The woman insists, "Shirl felt real bad when she found out." David snaps, "She'll feel a damn sight worse if I lay eyes on her." With that, he and Caroline walk off, David muttering as they do so, "I told Beryl she shouldn't have stayed here. I knew there'd be trouble; you could smell it." Caroline tells him, "Don't blame yourself." David murmurs, "I suppose it's no use complaining about it now. I'll get over the hospital." Caroline suggests, "Why don't I take Robert home? You'll want to see Beryl alone." David thanks her.

A while later, David approaches Beryl's hospital bed, which is in an open ward. Beryl turns away from him and cries, "Don't look at me, David. I know what you're going to say." David sits down next to the bed and insists, "You shouldn't feel bad." Beryl murmurs, "I should've listened to you. If Robert had been hurt I don't know what I would have done. I'm sorry." David points out, "You're both OK. That's all that matters." Beryl goes on, "The stupid thing is, I think one of the reasons I did it was to see if we did matter." David soothes, "Of course you do."

Sometime later, David is back at the country house, and in the kitchen, Caroline asks him in surprise, "She's not going to let that Shirley woman get off scot-free, is she?" David explains, "If you could have seen the state Beryl was in, you'd probably understand. All she wants to do is forget it - and I can't blame her." He then offers Caroline another cuppa. She declines, though, before asking if anybody else knows what happened. David replies, "I don't think so." Caroline comments, "Craig's not going to take it too well. He'll probably blame himself for asking her to go to the refuge in the first place." David muses, "Better keep it quiet." Caroline smiles, "That won't be too hard - at the moment, he doesn't even know if the world exists!" David grins, "Oh yes he does: just that it's smaller and its name is 'Debbie'!"

Outside, Craig is teaching Debbie about packing tomatoes in a box. Debbie looks across at the compost heap and comments that there's a flower growing in it. Craig explains that it's really fertile soil. A male voice suddenly says behind them, "G'day!" It's Andy - and he's wearing expensive new clothes! Craig and Debbie turn to face him and Craig asks, "You looking for someone?" Andy explains, "I'm a friend of Caroline Morrell's." He then introduces himself, saying, "Andy Green. Her daughter told me she was staying here." Craig shakes his hand and tells him, "Yeah - in the house now." Andy explains, "I just wanted to say 'hi' to her while I was in Melbourne." Craig asks, "You know her from Sydney?" Andy nods, "Yeah, but I haven't seen her for a while. I've been working on a cruise ship - the job just finished yesterday." Looking impressed, Debbie comments, "A cruise ship? That must have been fun!" Andy smiles, "It was tremendous! I got paid for having a good time!" Craig, looking put-out at Debbie's interest, says quickly to Andy, "I'll take you to see Caroline, if you like." The three of them start heading towards the house, Debbie asking Andy eagerly as they do so, "What was your job?" Andy explains, "Running the disco. It was meant to be about five hours, but the way everyone raged, it ended up being about ten! I swear the whole ship turned into wombats: sleep all day and went crazy at night!" Craig looks at him in annoyance.

It's evening-time, and at the mansion, the TV is on in the manager's office as Janice puts a tray of food in front of Wayne and Neville at the table. She tells Micky - who's still holding a gun - that May should have something some dinner, too. Micky, though, retorts that she's asleep - and Ned won't be eating, either, as he's keeping an eye on her. She walks over to the couch. At the table, Wayne says quietly to Janice, "Keep her occupied. I want to talk to Neville and figure out a way of getting out of here." Janice turns and looks at Micky and then goes and sits down on the couch in front of her. She starts lecturing her on the dangers of junk food as Wayne whispers to Neville, "What do you reckon I should do?" Neville retorts quietly, "We. I'm going to help." Wayne, though, tells him, "No way - you'll be useless because of your arm." He then asks, "Do you think I should suggest helping her to escape to Queensland?" Neville replies, "She'd never believe you." On the couch, Micky lights a cigarette and Janice snaps at her, "Do you mind?" She stands up to go and pick up an ash tray. As she does so, she trips over a jacket that's lying on the floor. She puts her hands out in front of her to get her balance, and as she does so , she hits the wall that separates the manager's office from May's room. Wayne watches and notices that the panel she hits swings slightly. Janice doesn't notice, though, and she just picks up the ash tray and returns to the couch. Wayne gasps at Neville, "Of course! May said there were other secret panels around. I'll just wait until she goes to the bathroom and then I'll rush in and jump Ned." With that, he turns and stands up, saying to Micky that he's just going to get a glass of water. As Janice keeps on lecturing Micky, Micky doesn't notice Wayne straightening the panel.

Susan is sitting in the lounge room at Dural, with Gordon and Rags. She's fussing over Rags, but Gordon comments that she thinks the dog is taking advantage of her sympathy! Susan coos at the dog, "That's not true, Rags, is it?!" Gordon warns her, "You want to watch out: when you have children, they'll do the same thing. I hate to tell you how many times I've been taken for a ride!" Susan smiles, "It wouldn't bother me - I'd probably like it!" Gordon asks, "Do I detect a note of cluckiness?" Susan just grins, "Maybe!" Gordon, looking more serious, muses, "I know what you mean: I'd rather like a few more children myself." Susan looks at him in surprise and remarks, "I thought you would have had enough of them!" Gordon clarifies quickly, "Grandchildren! You only see them when they're at their best - and I have no desire to change any more nappies!" He pauses and then says, "I keep hoping that Wayne will start thinking about starting a family soon. I know he'd like to." He looks at Susan keenly, but she just glances down at Rags and laughs, "How about you? Thinking of putting another room on the kennel?!"

Micky is still watching TV in the manager's office at the mansion. Janice tries to engage Wayne and Neville in a game of cards, but neither of them are interested. Micky suddenly stands up and announces that she's going to leave the room for a couple of minutes. She adds threateningly, "Remember: Ned's still got May. Any problems, she collects a bullet - and that means anything at all." With that, she leaves the room. Wayne immediately stands up and heads over to the wall adjoining May's room. He pushes on the panel, which starts rotating. Janice whispers, "Wayne! Don't!" Wayne, though, keeps pushing until the gap is wide enough for him to leap into May's room. He finds it empty. Micky suddenly walks back into the manager's office and snarls at him, "OK, buddy."

A few moments later, Wayne is back in the manager's office. Micky snaps at him, "I ought to blow your damn head off right now. Geez, you're a bunch of losers. I knew you were up to something; that's why I left the room - to find out. You didn't really think I'd leave the old girl next door, did you?" Janice cries, "Where is she?" Micky retorts, "She's upstairs - where Ned can get a good view of the whole street." She goes on, "If you've got any more smart ideas like calling the cops, you'd better forget it - because the minute someone comes through that door, you're gone." Janice cries, "This is a boarding house. People live here. They come and go all the time." Wayne adds, "You're not going to get away with keeping us here. My father's expecting me home." Micky suggests curtly, "You'd better call him - now." She picks up the 'phone as Wayne demands, "What am I going to tell him?" Micky retorts, "I don't care - just so long as he doesn't expect you until the end of the week."

At Dural, Susan is telling Gordon that they should take Rags to the vet for a tetanus shot. Gordon takes Rags from her and starts stroking him absentmindedly. As he does so, Susan asks, "What's wrong? You've been a bit down." Gordon sighs, "Oh nothing. I just can't stop myself thinking, sometimes. I still haven't come to terms with Patricia's death." Susan comments, "It must be hard for you." Gordon explains, "Sometimes, I think I'm improving: you know, I go half a day without even thinking of her. Then..." He goes on, "I was talking to Micky at that party." Susan asks, "What's the connection?" Gordon explains, "She lost someone, too. I realised that I'm not even coming close to forgetting her." Susan suggests, "Maybe you should do things to distract you - like invite some old friends around, or something. I'd organise you a dinner party, if you want to." Gordon, though, laughs, "It would be too embarrassing - I'd probably not even remember them!" Susan insists, "Yes you would!" She then suggests, "How about Barbara?" Gordon muses, "Oh yes, I remember her, but she's just a neighbour; hardly an 'old friend'." A look of disappointment crosses Susan's face. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Gordon answers it. Wayne comes on and says, "Listen: a few things have come up and I've decided to stay at the mansion for a couple of days." In the office at the mansion, he listens as Gordon replies, but then insists, "No... no, nothing's wrong... just there's heaps to fix around the place, and if I'm going to be working late, I may as well sleep here, too. Besides, May's come down with a cold and I want to keep an eye on her." He listens again and then assures his father, "No. There's really no--" He breaks off and asks, "Can you hang on a minute?" Turning to Micky, he says quietly, "He wants to bring some clothes over." Micky mutters, "OK - in a cab. No one with him." Wayne returns to the 'phone and tells Gordon, "That would be great. Can you put them in a cab tomorrow morning? Great. See you." He hangs up and Micky asks, "Did he buy it?" Wayne nods. At Dural, Gordon tells Susan, "You needn't worry about Wayne's dinner - he's staying at the mansion for a few days." Susan asks, "Problems?" Gordon muses, "He says there isn't, but I'm not sure; he sounded a bit odd..."

Debbie, Andy, David, Craig and Caroline are sitting around the kitchen table at the country house as Andy tells stories about the cruise. Caroline then asks him what his plans are now. Andy tells her, "I want to open up my own nightclub. I'm sure I could; I only need someone to back me." David suggests, "You should have a talk to some of Caroline's friends. Doug can afford to throw some money around." Caroline, looking annoyed, mutters, "Doug and I aren't friends. I simply work for him; that's as far as it goes. But I think the disco's a good idea." Andy corrects, "Nightclub - yeah, and I'm pretty keen." Changing the subject, Caroline asks, "What about that girl who went off on the cruise with you... your friend, Kelly? Is she going to be part of it?" Andy just mutters, "Oh... she's signed up on another cruise. I won't be seeing her much, anymore." He then stands up and announces that he'd better be going. David asks him where he's staying. Andy replies, "On-board, for a couple of days. Don't know, after that." David tells him, "You're welcome to camp here, if you like." Andy thanks him. Debbie suddenly stands up and says, "Andy, can normal people go on the ship as well - just for a look around?" A look of annoyance crosses Craig's face as Andy asks Debbie, "When do you want to come?" David points out to her that she's supposed to be working in the garden. Craig, though, chips in that he could give her a hand and they'll be finished by lunchtime. David shrugs, "Fair enough." Andy tells Debbie that he'll pick her up tomorrow, and he heads off.

Craig and Debbie are working in the market garden the next day. Debbie tells Craig that it's really good of him. Andy joins them, dressed in another new outfit, and smiles, "Morning!" Debbie comments to him, "Gee, you've got some nice clothes." Andy thanks her. He then suggests that they get going. Debbie gives Craig a kiss and smiles, "You're terrific." She and Andy then walk off. Craig slams a hoe into the ground in annoyance.

Inside, in the kitchen, Caroline is holding Robert's hands as he takes some tentative steps across the floor. She then lifts him up and smiles that he's a good boy. David, who's wearing a suit, announces that he's off. Caroline asks where he's going. He explains, "To see my bank manager. Try and sweet-talk him into giving me a loan." Caroline laughs that she wondered what the tie was all about! David grins, "I feel like a strangled chook! Still, if it helps me get my mate's truck, I won't be complaining." Caroline comments in surprise, "I thought you were finished with trucking." David, though, explains, "Nah, I couldn't shake it. Once I started driving them again in Adelaide, I thought: I just have to give it another shot." Caroline asks, "What about the market garden?" David replies, "I did my sums, and with the right help I can make a go of both of them." Caroline remarks dubiously, "So the first person you hire is Debbie. I call that a sharp executive decision!" David grins, "Put the boot in. I don't mind!" Caroline suddenly remembers that she's got to call Doug and tell him that she's babysitting Robert. There's a knock at the door and David opens it to find a delivery man standing there. He hands David a package and explains, "For Caroline Morrell, from Mr. Fletcher." David signs for the package and then, handing it to Caroline, smiles, "Speak of the devil!" Caroline opens the package to find a diamond bracelet inside. She snaps, "The cheek of the man." David muses, "For someone you don't like, he doesn't seem to have the message." Caroline retorts, "No. But he's going to get it - again and in person..."

Doug is working at the desk in his hotel room when there's a knock on his door. He calls, "Come in." Caroline walks in - holding Robert - and Doug smiles, "Did you get my peace offering?" Caroline snaps, "I certainly did - and you've got a damn nerve--" Doug suddenly interrupts and demands, "What's with the baby?" Caroline explains, "I'm minding him. His mother's in hospital." Doug warns her, "You're not having him here." Caroline retorts, "I wasn't going to. I called to say that I won't be here for a couple of days." Doug snaps, "I've got paperwork coming out of my ears." Caroline growls, "I'm sorry. I made a promise. I'll stay and help you if he can stay with me." Doug snaps, "I'm not running a nursery. Someone else can take care of him." Caroline glares at him and retorts, "I'm not handing him out to a perfect stranger. It would be cruel." Doug snaps, "Rubbish. There are qualified babysitters. Hire one. I'll pay for it." Caroline retorts, "That's not the point." Doug growls, "The point is I'm responsible for a multi-million dollar corporation here, and I won't have my concentration broken by a baby crawling around the office. With that, he hands her a cheque and adds, "Here. Find someone." Caroline glares an him and shouts, "Like hell I will. I'm not handing him around like a bowl of peanuts. You think you can get anything you want with a cheque - including me." Throwing the bracelet at him, she goes on, "Well, go and buy someone else." With that, she storms out.

Susan is walking up the pathway to the mansion, holding a packed bag. Inside, in the manager's office, Micky grabs Wayne and pulls him to the window, demanding, "Who's she?" Wayne sighs, "My father's nurse. She must have brought the clothes." Micky snaps, "Take the bag and get rid of her." Wayne heads over to the office door and opens it. He heads out to the hallway and goes to close the door behind him. Micky, though, snaps quickly, "No you don't, pal. I'm not stupid. I want a nice view of the back of your head." She hides behind the door as Wayne goes and opens the mansion's front door, calmly. Susan steps inside and smiles, "I've brought your clothes." Wayne says quickly, "Sorry I can't offer you a coffee, but I'm flat-out." Susan assures him, "That's OK. I'll check on May and go. I heard she was sick." She takes another step inside, but Wayne blusters, "She's sleeping. It's best not to disturb her." Susan insists, "It's worth waking her up. I want to check if it's only a virus." She suddenly spots Janice and Neville in the manager's office, and she heads in there, smiling, "Hi! I didn't see you in there. How's the arm?" Neville nods nervously, "Fine. Thanks." Wayne goes and stands in front of Micky, keeping her hidden behind the door. He tells Susan, "Honestly - don't worry about May. I'm keeping an eye on her." Susan insists, "It won't take a minute." Wayne persists, "She needs the sleep. She didn't get any last night." Susan finally accepts, "OK. If she gets any worse, give us a call straight away." With that, Wayne guides her back to the front door and thanks her for bringing the clothes. Susan replies, "No problems - but don't work too hard, OK? You look like you need the rest more than May." She leaves and Wayne heads back into the office. Micky emerges from behind the door and growls, "Not bad. You saved yourself."

David is sitting with Beryl at the hospital, telling her, "She's even decided to take a few days off to look after me." Beryl mutters, "That's very good of her." David insists, "It's OK - Caroline's had a lot of experience with kiddies. She's treating him like a prince." Changing the subject, Beryl asks him how he went at the bank. David sighs, "No good. They reckon it was too big a risk." Beryl comments, "That's bad luck." David tells her, "I've still got one other chance, though: I'm seeing Doug Fletcher this afternoon." Beryl remarks in surprise, "I didn't know you knew him." David nods, "We get on pretty well, actually. He's not a bad sort of a bloke - and he's not short of a bob." Beryl comments in amazement, "I don't believe that's David Palmer talking. You wouldn't let me lend you anything - when I had something to lend..." David laughs, "Well if you still had it, I'd probably take it. I'm not so proud anymore!" Caroline suddenly joins them and tells David that she thought Beryl would like to see Robert. David announces that he'd better get going and he heads off. Caroline tells Beryl that Robert has got something to show her. She places him on the floor and then helps him as he makes some tentative steps across the tiles. Beryl stares at him, but then, after a few seconds, mutters, "That's enough, Caroline." Caroline, picking Robert up again, tells her, "I'm sorry. I thought you'd be pleased." Beryl, looking upset, murmurs, "Do you remember the first time Samantha walked?" Caroline smiles, "Of course. It was wonderful." Beryl goes on, "Then you can imagine how you would have felt if you'd missed it." A look of horror crosses Caroline's face as she realises her mistake.

David is sitting with Doug in his hotel room as Doug looks at some pages of figures. He comments, "I don't know, Dave. It's an awful lot of money." David points out, "It's a good truck, though, Doug - and the business will be a goer." Doug asks, "What if it's not? My money goes down the gurgler." David insists, "I'm not a fly-by-nighter. I've been trucking for years." David tells him, "You've got to look at it from my side of the fence: there's not much guarantee." David suggests, "What if I put my house up as collateral? I wasn't going to take the money off you blind. You can come over any time you like to look at the books - and if I'm on the road, Caroline can give them to you." Doug looks at David and then comments, "That sounds more reasonable." David adds, "If you don't like the way things are going, then I'll sell up and pay you back." Doug remarks, "That's fair enough." He pauses and then declares, "In fact, you've got yourself a truck!" David shakes his hand, a broad grin on his face.

Caroline is feeding Robert in the kitchen at the country house when David bursts in through the front door, a cheque in his hand, and announces, "I got it! You little beauty!" Caroline asks, "What?" David tells her, "The cheque - for $150,000." Caroline smiles, "Congratulations. That's--" She breaks off as David shows her the cheque and enthuses, "My mate's wife is going to be so pleased. She sure can use the money." Caroline comments sourly, "David, this cheque is written out by Fletcher Industries." David nods, "Yeah. No wonder he's so successful: he's got more nous than two bank managers put together!" Caroline gasps, "Don't be ridiculous: he's just using this as a means of getting to me. He knows I live here; it's a good excuse." David asks in surprise, "What are you talking about? It's got nothing to do with you. I made him a proposition and he liked it." Caroline insists, "You don't understand. I don't mean to be disrespectful but Doug couldn't give two hoots for your trucking company." David snaps, "What's going on between you and Doug is your own affair. As far as I'm concerned, I've got my truck on my own initiative and I'm glad. Simple as that." With that, he snatches back the cheque and heads out through the hallway door. Caroline sits down at the kitchen table and, looking at Robert, muses, "Alright. If Doug wants to get at me by throwing money away, I'm going to start getting at him by taking it..."


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