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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

As they stand outside, Micky snaps at Ned that May knows they're heading for Townsville; if she tells the cops, what chance have they got of getting the money? Ned points out that Townsville's a big place. Micky, though, retorts, "Not with all the cops out looking for us." Ned asks, "What are we going to do, then? We can't stay here." Micky tells him, "We're going to have to. We'll have to keep May out of sight and just stay cool until we can figure things out." Janice suddenly emerges from t he mansion and waves at them. Neville walks up behind her and she comments that he's up already. Neville smiled that he thought he'd get some fresh air. His arm then twinges and Janice tells him that he should come to the hospital and see a doctor; it could be more serious than he realises. Neville, though, insists that it was only a fall - he'll be good as new in a day or two. A few yards away, Micky says to Ned agitatedly, "If May starts kicking around, do you reckon they'd hear her?" Ned whispers, "Not outside. In the flat they might. I don't know." Micky growls, "You're going to have to figure a way of keeping them out of the flat - quick."

Janice and Neville head inside, into the manager's office, Janice saying in concern as she does so that she wishes she knew where May was, as it's not like her to go out without saying anything. In the storeroom, May tries to whimper through her gag. She lies there, struggling on the floor. Out in the main room, Ned walks in and asks Neville cheerily how his arm is. Neville grins that it's a bit stiff, that's all. Ned suggests to him that it could be a stress fracture; he should get it checked. Neville looks at his arm and Ned adds, "I reckon you'd be a mug not finding out." Neville muses that he supposes there's no harm in having a quick x-ray. Janice tells him, "I'd come with you, but I can't while May's not here to keep an eye on things." Ned, however, says, quickly, "You go. I'll look after any problems. You'll only be gone ten minutes." Janice accepts this, saying, "I expect May will be home soon." In the storeroom, May continues to struggle and she hits her foot against the door. Janice hears it and asks quickly, "What's that?" Ned asks 'innocently', "What?" Janice replies, "That noise." Ned asks, "What noise?" Janice tells him, "It sounds like it's coming from the wall or in the roof." Ned points out, "It's probably those possums you were going on about." Janice laughs, "Oh yes!" and she and Neville then head out. In the storeroom, May a look of frustration crosses May's face. Ned heads across to the door and starts unlocking it.

At the country house, David is sitting reading the newspaper when Craig walks in with 'L' plates! He adds that he can't wait to get behind the wheel! He then goes on, "If you don't feel like helping me anymore, I'd understand." David asks, "Because of Beryl?" He then adds, "No, it's not your fault she's hanging around the refuge place." Craig, however, explains, "It is, really. If I hadn't asked her to help me find mum..." David interrupts him and says, "Forget it. You weren't to know she'd go that far." With that, he stands up and asks, "Do you want to learn to drive or not?!"

A while later, Craig is driving along in David's car. He asks if they can try some other streets now. David, tells him, "Not for a while." They continue driving along and David eventually tells Craig to pull over. Craig, though, suddenly puts his foot down on the accelerator and David asks angrily, "What are you doing?" Craig has spotted the van belonging go the flower delivery girl, and he starts following it! He pulls out to try and overtake the car in front of him, but another car starts heading towards them on the other side of the road. David threatens Craig that he'll flatten him! The van turns off down a side road, but Craig shoots past the turning. He brings the car to a sudden halt and then starts reversing. David snaps furiously, "That's it," and he turns the engine off. Craig, though, just leaps out of the car, grabs a bike from a passing cyclist and heads off down the side road after the delivery girl! He spots her walking up towards a house, and, jumping from the bike, he runs towards her and leaps at her, bringing her down on the ground! As they both sit up, he smiles, "Hi!" The girl asks in surprise, "What happened?" Craig grins, "Nothing - I just wanted to talk to you." The girl suggests, "'Hello. Excuse me' would probably have worked just as well!" She starts picking up the flowers that she dropped. Craig offers to help, but the girl insists that she can do it.

A short time later, Craig and the delivery girl are sitting on the flap at the back of the girl's van and Craig asks her if she's sure she's not hurt. She smiles that she's fine, adding that it takes more than a knock to damage her. Craig comments, "Pity about the flowers, though." The girl, however, tells him, "I thought we did a pretty good job rearranging them." Craig asks if the guy said anything. The girl replies dubiously, "I didn't wait to find out!" She then changes the subject and asks, "What did you want to talk about?" Craig tells her, "Nothing special. I've seen you around: once at the markets and another time you brought some flowers to Mrs. Morrell - Caroline Morrell." The girl looks thoughtful and then recalls, "Oh yes, I remember now: that lovely old house with all the plants around it." She adds, "It looked a cute old place." Craig suggests, "Why don't you come over and I'll show you around?" The girl points out, "I've got all these other deliveries." Craig, though, tells her that he could help her with them. The girl asks suspiciously, "Don't you have to go to work or school or something?" Craig replies, "Not today. Not really. You see, I work part-time at a supermarket - and I help out at David's sometimes, too - but not today." The girl smiles, "OK, then. That would be great!" She then adds, "I'm Debbie." Craig laughs and replies, "Oh yeah - I'm Craig!"

David is sitting in his car, a short distance from the refuge, watching as Beryl talks to a woman on the front path. The woman is saying to Beryl, "I've hope we've been of some help and given you the chance to get your thoughts straight." Beryl assures her, "You have." The woman adds, "Don't hesitate to come back if you need to." She goes to walk back towards the house. As she does so, Beryl calls to her, "The woman who first told me about the refuge is an old friend of mine - a 'Ruby Hawkins'. Would you remember her?" The woman turns back to her and, shaking her head, says, "I'm sorry - I've only been managing the place two weeks." She adds, though, "I could see if she's left a forwarding address." Beryl asks eagerly, "Could you?" The manager warns her, "It might take a while." Beryl insists, "I don't mind waiting." The manager smiles, "I'll see what I can do and I'll get back to you as soon as I can." With that, she heads back inside. Beryl walks down to the footpath and suddenly spots David in his car, parked along the road. She dashes over to him and, leaning in through the window, snaps, "How long are you going to keep this up?" David retorts, "How long are you?" Beryl growls, "What do I have to do: get a restraining order?" David points out curtly, "He's my son." Beryl retorts, "And mine, David - especially mine. I thought we settled that yesterday." David, though, snaps, "We didn't settle anything yesterday. I thought you might have come to your senses, but you're still staying here so I guess you haven't." Beryl snaps, "Yes - and I'm staying here until I'm good and ready to leave. Right?" With that, she storms off again, leaving David sitting in the car, shaking his head.

Micky is pacing the floor of the manager's office at the mansion, snapping to Ned, "The biggest problem is going to be keeping the Pom out of the way when we move her tonight." Ned insists, "I'll think of something." Micky then growls, "Geez, it's hot." Looking across to the storeroom, Ned points out, "Imagine what it must be like in there." Micky says she's going to go and see what's in the 'fridge. She heads off to the kitchen. Ned immediately walks over to the storeroom, unlocks it and heads inside. Lifting May's head up towards him, he growls, "Listen: you promise not to yell and I'll take that gag off and give you something to drink." May nods weakly and Ned lowers the gag. He starts to give her some sips of water. Micky suddenly comes in, though, and snaps at Ned, "What are you doing? She'll scream the place down."

Outside, Wayne walks up to the front door of the mansion, but finds it closed. Looking surprised, he takes out his keys and opens it.

In the manager's office, Micky and Ned emerge from the storeroom, Micky growling at Ned that she has to watch him every minute. Wayne suddenly walks in and, looking at them, demands, "Who are you?"

A few moments later, Micky says to Wayne, "The owner?" Wayne nods, "Uh huh. That gives me a right to be here. I don't know the same about you..." Ned says quickly, "We're new tenants - just married. Moved in yesterday." He introduces herself and Ned and Wayne then smiles, "Oh yeah, Gordon told me about you." Ned asks, "You live here?" Wayne replies quickly, "No!" Ned points out, "But you said you saw Gordon..." Wayne explains, "That's right. He's my father - we live in the same house together." Looking nervous, Ned asks, "What did he say about us?" Wayne muses, "Nothing much. I was running late and had a few things on my mind. Something about a party last night." Ned grins, "Oh yeah - we had a few drinks. Thought we should get to know each other." In the storeroom, May tries to sit up as Ned goes on, "It's alright us being here, isn't it? Miss. Walters said we could keep some of our things in the storeroom." Wayne laughs, "That party of yours must have put May in a good mood - she's usually pretty territorial about it!" Micky adds, "Somewhere to keep the wedding presents and stuff." Wayne assures them, "No problems." He then walks over to the desk and picks up some files, saying, "I've got a lot of work - I'd better get on with it." Looking horrified, Ned asks, "You're working in here?" Wayne nods, "Yeah - but don't worry: you can bring your things through. It won't bother me." Ned nods uncertainly, "Thanks..." He looks at Micky and the two of them head out.

Caroline is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house as David rants that Beryl never listens to common sense. He adds that it seems that he doesn't have any say at all about how he brings up his kid. Caroline comments, "I take it she's staying?" David retorts, "Oh, she's staying alright." He adds, "It's crazy. I know nothing has happened, but something could; that's my point." Caroline reminds him, "Beryl thinks the world of Robert. She'd leave in a second if she thought he wasn't safe." David sighs, "I know, I know. It's just that it worries me. I can't help it." Changing the subject, Caroline asks where Craig is. David explains about how Craig put his foot down and then jumped out of the car. He adds angrily, "Life's not going to be too pleasant for him around here for a while..."

Debbie is playing with a marionette puppet that Craig has bought for her as she sits next to Craig on a bench. Craig asks if they shouldn't take the van back. Debbie tells him that she doesn't have to have it back until two o'clock. Craig points out, "That was over an hour ago." Debbie gasps in horror, "It can't be." With that, they run off to the van.

Beryl is sitting outside the refuge when the manager emerges and tells her, "Your friend didn't leave an address, I'm afraid." Beryl, looking disappointed, says, "Oh, well, thanks for looking, anyway." The manager goes on, however, "There's one thing I did notice: Ruby used to share a room with a woman named Shirl. She's left now, but she still comes in once a week to help out." Beryl comments, "Perhaps I could talk to her? Would you have her address?" The manager replies, "I do, but it's her day to come in. She should be here any minute." Beryl smiles, "Good. I'll wait, then."

David is sawing some wood just outside the back door at the country house when Craig walks up to him warily and says, "Hi." David turns to him and snaps, "Where the hell have you been?" Craig explains, "I had to thumb a lift back." David growls, "You'd better have a damn good explanation for that stunt you pulled." Craig murmurs, "Sorry - I wasn't thinking. I saw a friend I wanted to talk to." David snaps, "So you run away and leave me to clear the mess up? Thanks a million." Craig murmurs, "You're right. Sorry." David then demands, "Where have you been since?" Craig says hesitantly, "I was helping my friend... deliver some things." David growls sarcastically, "That's nice. I thought I was the one you were supposed to be helping." Craig tells him, "I have - sort of. I've found someone for the job. Someone really good... hard-working... conscientious..." He adds, "In fact, why don't you two have a talk?" David retorts, "I haven't finished talking to you, yet." Craig murmurs, "Oh..." David hesitates and then mutters, "Oh, alright. Tell them to come round sometime and we'll have a talk." Craig, a grin appearing on his face, replies, "Be half a tick." He then ducks round the corner momentarily and returns with Debbie! He quickly tells David, "Now, I know you weren't thinking of a girl, but she's a hard worker - and she loves gardening - and she's had lots of experience with plants." David raises his eyebrows and asks Debbie, "What sort of plants?" Craig says quickly, "Flowers, really." David asks Debbie, "Has he told you what the job involves?" Debbie nods, "Yes." David asks, "And you reckon you could handle it?" Debbie replies, "Yeah, I think so. And anyway, I couldn't make a bigger mess than I did the last one." Craig chips in quickly, "She didn't really. It was my fault." David asks warily, "What was?" Debbie tells him, "I thought I did the right thing, rearranging the flowers. But if you'd heard the things Mr. Stott said to me after that man 'phoned and complained..." Craig interjects, "My fault - I sort of trampled on them a bit." David, looking very wary, asks, "How long have you two known each other?" Craig starts to say, "Well - not really long..." Debbie, though, interrupts him and tells David, "A few hours. It's kind of romantic - except when Mr. Stott fired me. How was I to know he had other jobs waiting on the van? Some people are awfully unreasonable, that's all I can say." David looks away and sighs heavily!

Ned is sitting on the stairs at the mansion as Wayne runs down past him. Janice and Neville come in through the front door and Wayne asks them where they've been. Janice explains that she took Neville to the doctor to get his arm checked: they thought it might be a stress fracture, but it's only a nasty sprain. Wayne then asks, "Where's May?" Looking surprised, Janice asks, "Isn't she back yet?" She looks at Ned, who just says, "Er..." Wayne adds, "I haven't seen her." Janice goes on in concern, "She wouldn't stay out all day - not without telling us." Wayne asks how long she's been gone. Janice replies, "Since early this morning sometime." Wayne asks if they should ring the hospitals in case she's had an accident. Janice nods, "Yes - let's. I'm starting to worry. They head off to the manager's office, leaving Ned looking concerned.

In the storeroom, May hears Janice telling Neville to sit down. She starts wriggling again and manages to move her head sufficiently to knock a music box lying on the floor. It springs open and its tinkly tune starts playing. Out in the main room, Wayne asks in surprise, "What's that?" Janice comments, "It sounds like a music box." Wayne takes his keys out of his jacket pocket and goes and unlocks the storeroom door. Turning on the light, a look of shock crosses his face as he spots May lying on the floor. He immediately picks her up. Janice cries, "Untie her. Untie her." Wayne carries her out of the storeroom as Janice implores, "Tell me who did it to you. Tell me who did it to you." Wayne carries May over to the couch. As he sets her down, May looks over towards the main door. Wayne's, Janice's and Neville's eyes follow hers. Ned is standing there, pointing a gun at them.

A short time later, Micky is in the room as well, growling at Ned, "I don't believe it. I turn my back for ten minutes and the whole thing falls apart." Across the other side of the room, on the couch, Janice growls quietly at Neville, Wayne and May, "How dare they treat me like this? We're not going to stand for it. There's three of us. Neville, you can distract their attention--" Wayne, however, interrupts her and suggests, "Janice, just look after May." Janice insists, "We have to do something." Neville, however, tells her, "Wayne's right: our first concern must be May. Look at her - she's in a terrible state." Over by the window, Micky mutters at Ned, "We're in it now; we'll have to see it through." Ned just agrees, "Yeah." Pointing his gun at the captives, he walks over to them and announces, "Listen, you lot. We're going to be staying 'til the end of the week. Until then, no one goes outside." Janice cries, "But I've got a job." Ned retorts, "Then 'phone in sick - and make it convincing, or your little old lady friend's dead." With that, he grabs May, pulls her towards him and, holding the gun to her head, snaps at her, "You've just been elected hostage of the week." He then pushes her out of the room and Janice calls after her, "It's alright, May. Don't worry." Turning to Wayne and Neville, she whispers, "Come on - we can rush them." Wayne, though, retorts quietly, "No - not yet. We'll get our chance later..."

David is sitting at the kitchen table at the country house with Craig and Debbie, saying to Debbie, "I really don't think you'd like it - it's pretty boring work, for a start." Debbie, however, insists, "Oh no, I never get bored." David persists, "There's other sides to it: we work a lot with organic fertilisers." Debbie smiles, "I really don't mind - I used to do that all the time, helping out in mum and dad's orchard." David comments in surprise, "Your parents have an orchard?" Debbie nods, "Yeah - they live in Orange." She adds, "Look, I've had lots of experience." David tells her warily, "I still don't think it would work out." Debbie, looking downcast, sighs, "It's because I'm a girl, isn't it?" David insists quickly, "Not at all!" Craig, though, tells him, "I've seen you with Beryl and Caroline. You think men have their place and women have theirs, don't you?" David retorts, "That has got nothing to do with it!" Craig raises his eyebrows disbelievingly. David then looks at Debbie and sighs, "Alright: to show you that it's not that, I'll give you a trial. But if you don't shape up, that's it!"

Beryl is sitting with a young woman outside the refuge, telling her, "You can't judge everyone by a few bad experiences." The woman just murmurs, "I guess not." She suddenly spots a woman approaching them and says, "Here's Shirl." She adds that she'd better get back inside. She thanks Beryl for talking and heads off. Beryl stands up and approaches Shirl. She smiles, "Hello." Shirl just glares at her and snaps, "You've got a hell of a nerve coming back here." Beryl protests, "Now look: I know what you're thinking, but I am not Ruby Hawkins." The woman just snaps, "Like hell you aren't." With that, she pulls back her fist and punches it straight into Beryl's face. Beryl slumps to the ground as Shirl approaches her and snarls, "I've been waiting for this for a long, long time..."


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