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    Written by: Greg Haddrick   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Mark Piper

Gordon tells Micky, "No one's been through your room." Janice suggests, "It could be possums." Micky, though, snaps angrily, "Possums don't know how to open handbags, you stupid twit." Ned warns her, "Alright, Micky. Cool." Micky snaps at him, "One of these creeps has gone through my things and they stand there and blame a stupid possum, for God's sake." She adds, "What if they know?" Janice demands, "Know what?" Ned, however, says quickly and calmly, "Look, I'm sorry we seemed a bit sort of edgy. We were hoping to keep it quiet, but, well, fact is, we've just got married. We're not brother and sister." May, looking delighted, smiles, "Why didn't you say so?" Ned tells her, "No one knows. Our olds don't get on too well. We were just trying to have a couple of days to ourselves - before letting the cat out of the bag." With that, he and Micky make a rapid exit. When they've gone, May smiles at Gordon, "Oh, they're honeymooners. How sweet! I'd say that explains everything." Gordon sits there looking dubious.

Out in the corridor, Micky snaps at Ned that that was really clever: now they've got to act like they're married. Ned just mutters, "You want to get out of this mess, don't you?" He goes and picks up a newspaper that's lying next to the public 'phone and starts looking through it. He stops a few pages in as he finds himself and another man pictured. He snaps, "Damn. Anyone read this?" Micky retorts, "How the hell would I know?" Ned thrusts the paper at her and growls, "Get rid of it." Micky asks him what he's going to do. He tells her, "Get them upstairs. Make sure they don't watch telly; we don't want anyone watching the news, do we?"

In May's room, May comments that she feels easier knowing the truth. There's suddenly a knock on the door and May calls, "Yes?" Ned walks in and tells her, Gordon and Janice that he and Micky were feeling a bit bad that everyone got off on the wrong foot and they were wondering if they'd like to come up to his and Micky's room for a drink. May smiles, "We'd be delighted." Gordon, though, points out that the stairs are a bit of a problem for him. Janice suggests to Ned that he and Micky could come down there. May suggests that they could make it a small party - but it would have to be in the office. She adds that Neville won't mind. Ned mutters dubiously, "OK..."

At Charlie's, Glen is showing Charlie the article that Ned spotted in the newspaper. It's headlined 'Gaol Break'. Charlie asks Glen what else it says. Glen tells her, "Not a lot. One of the guys was killed - that was her husband, I suppose - and Micky and the other bloke haven't been found yet." As a look of disappointment crosses Charlie's face, he adds, "Don't give up hope: the cops will catch up with her sooner or later." Charlie sighs, "What if they don't? She'll never be able to clear herself." Glen asks in surprise, "Who: Micky?" Charlie retorts, "No. Alison. Really, darling, I--" She breaks off as she realises what she's said. Glen asks in surprise what it's got to do with Alison. Charlie, looking guilty, sighs, "The truth is that Micky has some information that Alison needs to--" She breaks off before concluding, "That Alison needs, that's all." Glen asks, "What for?" Charlie tells him, "I can't say, honestly - but it's very important. I didn't tell you earlier because you and Alison weren't on the best of terms and I thought maybe--" Glen concludes, "You thought maybe I'd mess it up for her." He sighs, "I thought you knew me better than that." Charlie murmurs that she's sorry. She then indicates the newspaper and goes on, "If Alison reads that... I have to find her." Glen asks, "She didn't let you know where she'd be?" Charlie muses, "She could have gone to Woombai..." She concedes, though, "No that's far too obvious." She then exclaims, "I know: my holiday home in the Hawkesbury; that's where she would have gone!" Glen heads to the 'phone and asks, "What's the number?" Charlie, though, tells him, "There's no 'phone. I'll have to drive." With that, she heads off.

Micky wheels Gordon into the manager's office at the mansion. Janice and May head off to the kitchen to get some food. Ned follows to give them a hand. When they've gone, Gordon suggests to Micky that they might as well see what's happening in the world. He goes to switch the TV on, but Micky says quickly, "We can watch TV any old time. Why don't we talk; get to know each other a bit?" Gordon asks, "What would you like to know?" Micky asks nervously, "Are you paralysed?" Gordon smiles, "No, no. I was in a car accident. Left me a bit weak, that's all. At least I'm still alive." Micky, suddenly looking upset, mutters, "Yeah, you've got to be thankful, don't you?" She then goes on, "Married?" Gordon tells her, "My wife died a few weeks ago." Micky suddenly cries bitterly, "Geez... it tears your guts out, doesn't it? There's just nothing you can do." Gordon murmurs, "No. Nothing." Ned comes back in as Micky starts to say, "My, er--" He warns, "Micky..." and Micky goes on quickly, "My uncle died last year. I still miss him." Janice calls to Gordon from the kitchen, "Tablet time." Gordon wheels himself out there, leaving Ned to snap at Micky, "Give the game away, why don't you?" Micky growls, "Shut up. What's in the kitchen?" Ned replies, "Nothing - not even a radio." He continues, "I can't figure you out, Micky: one minute you're ready to attack the lot of them, the next minute you're almost crying on his shoulder." Micky retorts, "I'm human, OK?" Ned warns her, "Just don't go making friends." Micky insists, "I wasn't." Ned goes on, "If we can make it without hurting anyone, fine. But if we get in trouble, I'm going to do whatever I have to, friends or no friends, get it?" Micky mutters, "Yeah, sure, Mr. Tough Guy. So will I."

It's dark outside. In the manager's office at the mansion, Gordon comments to May that he hopes Neville doesn't want a quiet night at home. May replies that, if he does, he can use her room. Micky indicates the door to the storeroom and asks what's in there. May snaps, "My personal belongings." Janice joins them with some plates of food and announces that the sausages rolls and party pies are ready for the oven. May smiles that it's almost time to change. Ned looks at her and she explains that a woman always dresses for a party. Janice opens the door for her and they go to head out - only they find Neville standing there, holding his left arm with his right hand. Gordon asks him what happened. Neville explains, "Wayne and I went riding, and I found out just how spirited Australian horses are!" Janice tells him that she'll get some antiseptic. Neville, though, assures her, "A hot bath and I'll be good as new." He then adds, "If I'd stayed in one piece, I was going to ask you out tonight. Seems you had other plans, anyway..." He looks around and introduces himself to Ned. Ned introduces himself and Micky and Gordon chips in that they're newlyweds; they're having a small party for them. Neville suggests that he'd better make himself presentable, then. He, May and Janice head out.

A short time later, in May's room, Janice is with May as she digs out the dress that Janice wore when she had dinner with Wayne. May points out that she told her it wouldn't be too long before Neville was asking her out!

In the office, Neville pours some drinks and, as he hands one to Gordon, explains, "Wayne suggested I ask Janice out, and considering how kind she's been since I arrived, I thought it was the least I could do." Gordon takes his drink and comments to Neville, "We've rather spoilt your night." Neville, though, assures him, "We can go out another time. There's no rush." With that, he walks over to the TV and switches it on. A news reader is saying, "In Sydney, a man and woman are still at large after a daring gaol break this morning--" Looking horrified, Ned demands of Neville, "What are you doing?" Neville explains that he needed to see the rugger results. He turns down the volume and Ned looks relieved. May suddenly calls from the hallway that she needs someone to carry something. Ned heads out to help her. Micky comes back in and, staring at the TV, points out that they don't want it on; it's supposed to be a party. Neville, though, pleads that he just wants to see the sport; it's only for a moment and then it'll be off for the rest of the evening. He turns the volume up again. The presenter is now saying, "The man who penned the fake Hitler diaries is forging a new career while he's out on bail--"

In the corridor, Ned is carrying a pile of May's old records and May warns him not to drop any. They head into the office and Gordon asks what on earth they've got there. May explains that she thought the evening needed some genuine flavour. She goes and turns off the TV. Neville gasps in annoyance that he was watching that!

Charlie arrives at her property in Hawkesbury and switches the lights on. Looking around, she calls, "Alison... Alison..." There's no answer, though, and she eventually sighs in disappointment, "Oh, where have you got to?"

Glen is polishing the leaves of the rubber plant in Charlie's hallway when the front door opens and Alison walks in. They look at each other warily and Alison asks, "Where's Charlie?" Glen tells her, "She's out looking for you." Alison heads into the lounge room and Glen follows her. He tells her, "She knew you'd be pretty upset. She told me why, too - or at least, partly. I know it's you that has to find Micky; I don't know what for. She thought you might have been at her house in Hawkesbury; she probably won't be home 'til around midnight." He then asks gently, "You want anything?" Alison just stands there and shakes her head. Glen murmurs, "I'll leave you to it, then." He heads back out to the hallway. Alison slumps down on the couch and sighs heavily. She picks up the newspaper and looks at the front page. After a few seconds, Glen walks back in and sits down next to her. He tells her, "The cops will find her? OK? They will find her." Alison leans in towards him and he puts his arm round her.

A while later, Alison finishes a drink and Glen asks her if she's feeling better. Alison comments that she didn't expect him to care. Glen muses, "Just a caring sort of guy, I suppose. Gets me into all kind of trouble." He continues, "You must be a pretty tough sort of woman as well: whatever you need from Micky must be important." Alison replies, "It is - very. I wish I could say more, but..." Glen assures her, "You don't have to say anything." Alison, though, tells him, "I want to." She pauses before going on, "Nothing's really gone right in my life now for... well, two or three years, I guess. It may not seem long but it seemed endless to me. Those two weeks I spent with you were the only time I really felt... positive. It was fun, but it meant something, too." Glen nods and murmurs, "Then Susan came along?" Alison tells him, "I wasn't only losing a lover; I was losing the only man who'd given me a sign of happiness. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?" Glen assures her, "No." Alison insists, "I'm not trying to justify what I did - it was stupid... petty. I just want you to try and understand why I did it, that's all." Glen assures her, "I do - and it's alright. " Alison then asks him, "Could you stay for a while - 'til Charlie gets back?"

Janice and Neville are dancing in the office to one of May's records, but Neville finds it difficult with his sore arm and they have to retire! The record finishes and May goes to put another one on. She comments that they haven't seen the honeymooners on the floor, yet. Ned mutters, "Not likely to, either." May starts looking through her record collection and comments, "We have Waltzing in Dreamland here somewhere." Micky, though, snaps at her, "Forget it. It's late enough as it is." Ned adds, "We'd look idiots - really!" May finds the record, but Micky insists, "Seriously - I think we ought to get going. If we kicked on here any longer, we'd be in no shape to enjoy the rest of the night - if you know what I mean..." Ned laughs, "See you all in the morning!" With that, he and Micky leave the room. When they've gone, Janice remarks grimly, "She's subtle, isn't she?" May muses, "Funny you should notice!"

Out in the hallway, Ned growls at Micky, "You'd better put a muzzle on that temper of yours, Micky, pretty damn fast." Micky retorts, "I can't help it, alright?" Ned retorts, "Course you can. You've got to, if we're going to get out of this." Micky asks bitterly, "How can I stand there and dance like some newlywed? The guy I was going to marry's dead, for God's sake." Ned snaps, "So's my mate - and I've also got a wife who's divorcing me and half the police force on my trail. You're not the only one who's finding out life's crook. But there's money in Townsville - and somehow we're going to get it." Micky mutters, "Sure. We'll get it. Just don't expect me to act like nothing's happened, OK?" With that, she runs off upstairs. Ned sighs heavily.

Alison is lying in Glen's arms on the couch at Charlie's when Charlie walks in. Alison looks at her and exclaims, "Charlie!" Charlie smiles and tells her, "I've been trying to find you." Alison nods, "I know. I came back when I read about Micky Pratt." She adds, "I'm really grateful for everything you've done. It means a lot, knowing I still have friends." Charlie gives her a hug.

The next morning, May is walking in the grounds of the mansion, reciting Keats out loud! She picks up the newspaper that's lying on the ground and starts looking at it. Micky appears in the doorway of the mansion and stares at her, looking worried. She suddenly reaches into her jeans and pulls out a gun. She approaches May as a look of shock crosses the old woman's face and she gasps, "No! It couldn't be..." She folds up the newspaper and goes to head inside. As she turns, though, she finds herself face-to-face with a pistol...

A few moments later, Micky is guiding May along the hallway inside, the pistol to her head. She calls, "Ned? You got a minute? I need you down here." May cries, "What are you going to do?" Micky spits, "Shut up." She yells again for Ned and he runs downstairs and demands, "What's the problem?" Micky hands him the newspaper and tells him, "She read it."

A short time later, May is sitting on the couch in her room. Ned is tying her hands behind her back. He tells Micky to find something to gag her with and then they've got to figure out what to do with her. Micky snaps, "Why do anything? Let's just go." Ned retorts, "We can't leave her in this room. Someone will find her before we've started the car." He and Micky start unravelling May's scarf to use as a gag. As they do so, Ned suggests to Micky, "How about our room? No one will look in there for ages." Micky, though, retorts, "What if someone sees us taking her up there?" Ned snaps, "What other choice have we got? As long as we've got enough time to get to Townsville... that's where we were going; that's where we're still going." May chips in, "Oh there isn't any ticket for you." Ned glares at her and demands sharply, "What?" May retorts, "I did search the room yesterday. The tickets are made out for her and Les someone." Micky says to Ned quickly, "Come on, she's lying. There was one for you as well." May, though, insists, "Oh no there wasn't." Ned glares at Micky and reminds her curtly, "In the car you said Les wasn't meant to get hit; I was, wasn't I?" Micky snaps, "Don't be so stupid: you were mates. There were three tickets." Ned demands, "What do you mean 'were'?" Micky retorts, "I had to get rid of them, didn't I?" Ned mutters sarcastically, "That was handy." Micky snaps, "We could hardly travel under our own names now." She then indicates the scarf and growls, "Hurry up and put that thing on her." Ned, tying the gag around May's mouth, snaps at Micky, "What are we gonna do?" Micky retorts, "We're going to have to leave her here." Ned insists, "We can't." Micky, though, snarls, "Look. We can't take her upstairs and we're definitely not taking her with us. Where else is there?" Ned suddenly suggests, "The storeroom." Through her gag, May tries to cry, "No!" Micky heads out to the hallway and finds it empty. She goes and opens the office door, but finds Janice just about to emerge from the room with a tray of breakfast for Neville. She explains that she thought he'd appreciate a little nursing. Micky asks if he's up or still in bed, as she was going to thank him for last night. Janice tells her that she's better off thanking May - but Neville is still in bed, fast asleep. She walks off up the corridor. Micky returns to May's room and whispers to Ned, "OK - let's go." Ned picks May up and puts her over his shoulder. They head out of May's room and into the office, and Ned takes May's keys for the storeroom out of his pocket. He hands them to Micky. Out in the hallway, Janice is just coming downstairs. In the office, Micky struggles with the storeroom lock but finally manages to get the door open. Ned puts May down on the floor inside, leaves her and closes the door again. He re-locks it. He then asks Micky what they need from upstairs. Micky, though, retorts, "We haven't got time." They head out into the hallway, closing the office door behind them. Janice suddenly walks back along the corridor and smiles, "Good morning, Ned." Ned replies lightly, "G'day, Janice!" Janice asks Micky, "Did you just try and see May?" Micky replies, "Yeah, but she didn't answer." Janice explains, "She's not there." Ned suggests, "She's probably gone for a walk." Janice mutters, "Nice of her to tell me - she knew I was bringing her breakfast this morning." Micky asks, "Didn't she leave a note?" Janice tells her, "No, not a thing - not even the paper." She then concludes, "Some competition's just started and she's trotted off to enter; that'll be it." Changing the subject, she asks, "Either of you like some toast?" Ned replies nervously, "No thanks." Janice muses, "Oh well. Might as well eat it myself. See you later. Bye." With that, she walks off. Micky and Ned head outside, leaving May tied and gagged on the floor in the storeroom...


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