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    Written by: Ian Coughlan   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

Beryl manages to push the man away and cries that she's not the person he thinks she is. The man continues struggling with her, though, and they end up on the couch in the lounge room. Craig is standing on the front step outside and he looks through the window and sees what's happening. He immediately stamps his foot through the window, smashing it, and he climbs inside, snapping at the intruder, "You mongrel. That's my mother." The man just snarls, "Listen, sonny: this is grown-up stuff. Go climb a tree." Craig starts laying into him, though. The man cries at Beryl, "For God's sake, Rube, tell him we're old friends; we were just having a bit of fun--" He breaks off suddenly as he stares at the top of Beryl's left arm, which has been revealed as a result of her dress ripping. He demands, "Where's your scar?" Beryl retorts, "What scar?" The man shouts, "The scar on your arm. You remember: the fight in Zeppo's bar." Beryl glares at him and yells, "Now do you believe me? I am not Ruby." Turning to Craig she adds, "I am not your mother." The man starts to stammer, "It's uncanny; I could have swore--" Beryl just yells at him and Craig to get out. Craig asks in surprise, "What did I do?" Beryl cries, "Just leave me alone. The whole thing is your fault."

Doug and Caroline are sitting in Doug's hotel room, Doug teasing Caroline that it was a fair bet and he won; she's just not a good judge of character! He adds that she owes him a dinner. Caroline accepts this. They lean in and start kissing. Doug tries to go further, but Caroline warns him, "Settle down!"

Sometime later, Caroline is back at the country house. Tim is mopping the kitchen floor and Caroline comments that Doug isn't impressed at Craig not being at work. Tim suggests that something must have come up. He then tells Caroline that she's got a visitor - in the lounge. Caroline asks who it is. Tim just tells her to go and see.

Caroline heads into the lounge room to find Charlie standing there. She comments in surprise, "You're the last person I expected." Charlie explains that she was down on business and thought she'd bring Caroline a surprise. She indicates a box and Caroline looks inside and exclaims, "My clothes!" Charlie explains that she bought them back from the second-hand shop; she wanted to say she was sorry for the things she said to Caroline after the accident. Caroline asks her what made her change her mind. Charlie quickly says, "Oh... nothing." Caroline remarks, "You know I wasn't driving that car, don't you?" Charlie just stands there looking awkward. Caroline sighs, "If that's the way it is, apology accepted."

Craig is walking along a road, looking upset. He takes out his photo of Ruby, stares at it and then rips it up.

Beryl is talking on the 'phone at her house, saying that Craig fixed up the window for her and then left. At the country house, the back door opens and Tim tells Beryl that Craig has just come in. He hangs up and asks Craig what happened. Craig just mutters that he'll tell Tim about it later. Tim tells him that he knows what happened at Beryl's. Craig, though, just says he'd better get back to work.

Later that day, Caroline arrives back at Doug's hotel room, all dressed up, and comments in surprise on how tidy it is. She adds that the music is soft. Doug explains that it's to set the mood. There's suddenly a knock on the door and Doug comments that it'll be room service with the dinner. He opens the door and Charlie waltzes in, smiling, "Hello, darling! You must be Douglas. I'm Charlie. It was so nice of you to invite me." She goes and hugs Caroline and adds, "You look absolutely stunning." Caroline smiles at Doug and tells him, "I knew you wouldn't mind if Charlie joined us - she's a very good friend of mine." She then adds quietly, "The bet was that I owed you dinner - but not necessarily alone..." Doug stands there looking outgunned!

At the mansion, Fiona knocks on May's door and calls to her that she can't be mad at her forever. There's no answer and so she gives up and heads back to the manager's office. The front door suddenly bangs and a young woman walks in. May calls from her room, "Alright - but only if you promise not to throw water over me." She opens her door but finds Fiona has gone. She sees the woman standing there, though, and asks if she can help her. The woman, though, quickly says she doesn't think so. May tells her that a room became available this morning and she suggests to her that they go and see Mrs. Thompson. She heads next door and knocks on the door of Fiona's new room. Fiona opens it. May tells her that the young woman wants to rent a room. Fiona asks her if she's a student and the woman nods that she is. Fiona suggests that they take a look at the room. She then turns to May and smiles sincerely, "Thankyou, May." May assures her, "It's my pleasure, Fiona."

The next morning, May and Fiona are walking in the grounds outside the mansion. Fiona indicates where she thinks they could put the barbecue. May, though, retorts that this is meant to be a party for Neville - they should have a tea at least. Fiona tells her not to be so silly. She then hands May a $5 note and tells her that it's the manager's bonus for letting that room last night; it's more May's than hers. She adds, "You know: we make quite a good team when we put our minds to it." May smiles, "We always did." Fiona then goes on that she thought she might go into the travel agent's later and pick up a few posters to make the place a little brighter.

Craig is standing in the grounds outside the country house, looking angry. Caroline walks up to him and comments that it can't be that bad. She adds that Tim told her. Craig sighs that he shouldn't have got his hopes up; it's just that it meant so much thinking he'd found her; even if she didn't want to know him, at least she was there. Caroline tells him that he's better off knowing the truth. Craig, though, sighs that every time he gets close to somebody, they dump him or die... Caroline insists that he's got to go on searching until he finds his real mother. Craig pauses and then says, "Maybe you're right."

Sometime later, Craig is back at Beryl's, telling Beryl that he thought he might go down to that bar that that guy mentioned: Zeppo's. Beryl asks what good that will do. Craig suggests, "Maybe he knows mum." He then asks Beryl what she found out about his mum. Beryl tells him, "Hardly anything." She adds that she doesn't want him to get hurt. Craig, though, retorts, "Don't worry about it. Anyway - I'm not your responsibility, am I?"

A short time later, Craig walks into Zeppo's and heads for the bar. The barman asks him what he can do for him. Craig replies that he'd like a squash. As the man pours it, Craig asks him if he's Zeppo. The man replies that he is, and Craig asks him if he's got time for a talk. Zeppo asks, "What about?" Craig tells him, "Ruby Hawkins. She was in a fight here once. Cut herself; ended up with a scar." Zeppo nods, "Oh, Ruby. Sure, I know Ruby. What do you want to talk about?"

At Beryl's, Beryl dials a number on her 'phone and, when it's answered, says, "Hello, Muriel, it's Beryl. Would you mind very much looking after Robert for me for a while? I have to go out..." She listens and then says, "Thanks very much. I'll see you soon. Bye."

At the bar, Craig thanks Zeppo for the information and leaves.

Charlie and Tim emerge from a covered area in the grounds of the country house to find Beryl standing outside waiting for them. Beryl asks Charlie in surprise what she's doing there. Charlie explains that she was down on business and dropped some clothes in for Caroline. Beryl asks if Craig is inside. Tim nods that he is and Beryl heads off.

Inside, in the lounge room, Craig is telling Caroline enthusiastically that he and Zeppo were best mates after a few minutes! Caroline asks if he was able to help. At that moment, though, Beryl comes in and snaps at Caroline that she's not doing Craig any favours by encouraging him. She hands Craig the papers that Jean Hopkins gave her, leading Craig to comment that he didn't think she wanted to help him. Beryl retorts, "I'm not happy about it, but they're yours. I wouldn't get too excited - there's not much there. And I still think you should forget about the whole thing." Caroline asks if that isn't Craig's decision. Beryl snaps, "I can see what he's getting into. You can't." Craig demands, "What am I getting into?" Beryl sighs, "For goodness' sake, Craig, you saw that man yesterday: he was a friend of your mother's - and a 'good' friend, by the look of it. What sort of a person does that make her?" Caroline suggests, "I do think you're jumping to conclusions." Beryl, though, snaps, "You weren't there, Caroline, so you don't know anything about it. Now if you don't mind, this is between Craig and I." Caroline leaves the room. When she's gone, Beryl warns Craig, "For your own sake, I think you should forget all about your mother." Craig, however, retorts, "No - you're the one who doesn't know anything. If you front-up out of nowhere asking questions, how do you expect people to tell you the truth? You have to get them trusting you first and then find out what you can - and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I don't care what you think about it." Beryl mutters resignedly, "Alright. I've done my best," and she walks off.

At the mansion, May is standing in the manager's office, trying to talk a woman into taking elocution lessons. The woman, though, retorts that she'd prefer someone younger. She walks off. May sighs sadly that she's a joke: old, silly and useless. Fiona suggests to her that she advertise. May, though, retorts that the time comes when you have to accept that nobody wants you anymore. Changing the subject, she indicates the wall and shows Fiona her $5 bonus which she's put in a frame. She explains that she thought they should have it framed as a reminder of what good partners they make. Fiona smiles that that's really lovely.

A short time later, May and Fiona emerge from the manager's office. Fiona is holding some posters that she picked up at the travel agent's, but she drops them. As she and May go to pick them up, May picks up a card that was tucked inside them. Fiona asks what it is. May tells her, "An entry form for a competition: first prize - three weeks' Pacific cruise." Fiona asks, "Thinking of sending away are you?" May smiles, "Why not?"

It's nighttime, and Charlie is sitting with Doug in his hotel room. He offers her another drink and she accepts. As he pours it, she comments that it was very nice of him to invite her over. Doug tells her that they had such a good time last night, he couldn't let her go back without saying goodbye. He hands over the drink and, sitting back down, comments that Caroline doesn't say too much about her friends. Charlie asks, "Is that a hint, darling?" Doug grins cheekily, "No - I'm just curious, that's all. I'd like to get to understand her a bit more."

Caroline is talking on the 'phone in the lounge room at the country house, saying, "You can't really blame yourself, David - she does look a lot like her. It's one of those freakish things... Yes, I will... Look after yourself... Bye." She hangs up and Tim, who's sitting on the couch, asks what David said. Caroline tells him, "He was rather shocked - he was convinced that Beryl was Craig's mother. He said he was going to write a letter tomorrow and apologise." Tim comments, "That should help square things." He then indicates a piece of paper in his hand and goes on that he and Donna say more to each other in their letters than they ever did before. He adds, "I never realised how much I'd miss her." Caroline just sighs, "It must be hard on Beryl - she and David were just getting to be friends again before Craig showed up." Tim remarks, "She seemed pretty tense today when she came over." Caroline tells him that David was worried about how well-off Beryl was for money, too. She adds, "I said that I'd write out a cheque for her and tactfully run it over." She then decides to head over to Beryl's right away.

A short time later, Caroline is at Beryl's, telling Beryl that she just called David and now that he knows the truth, he feels very badly about misjudging her. Beryl growls, "I bet he does." Caroline adds that she thought it might cheer Beryl up, hearing that. Beryl snaps, "Did you? And did you think it might cheer me up knowing you and David were discussing my personal life?" Caroline insists, "He just wanted to know how you were, that's all. He also asked me to draw a cheque on his account for you and Robert - to make sure that you don't go short." Beryl glares at her and growls, "You're drawing cheques on his account, now?" Caroline quickly explains that it's just while he's away - to cover expenses for the house and garden. Beryl snaps that she doesn't want his money. Caroline suggests, "I'm sure you'll change your mind once you've calmed down." Beryl, however, growls, "Don't patronise me, Caroline. If you must know, your opinion means even less than David's. You don't even realise what harm you're doing to Craig by encouraging him to go on looking for his mother." Caroline snaps, "If you took five minutes off to stop and talk to him, you'd realise how wrong you are." Beryl, however, retorts, "Over the last few days, I have gained a very clear impression of what sort of person she is, and she's more than likely a criminal as well." Caroline points out curtly, "Even if she is, she's still his mother." She then adds, "Anyway, why are you making this a personal thing between the two of us?" She goes to walk out, adding as she does so that Craig deserves to know who his mother is and she's going to give him all the help she can. Beryl retorts, "Go ahead - but if any harm does come to him, we know whose fault it is, don't we?" With that, Caroline heads off, leaving Beryl looking annoyed.


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