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    Written by: Bruce Hancock   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

Susan walks up to Craig outside the supermarket, where he's pushing trolleys. She tells him that she's come to say goodbye; she's leaving tomorrow because she's got a job in Sydney. Craig cries that he won't have a chance with Beryl without her there. Susan, though, insists that her mother will soften.

Beryl arrives back at her house, a box of biscuits in her hands. She finds Susan packing and asks what's going on. Susan explains that she's got a nursing job in Sydney which she'd be mad to pass up. Beryl asks which hospital it's at. Susan, though, tells her, "It's not a hospital. It's home nursing - an old man. Well, not old, exactly. Middle-aged. An invalid."

Doug is knocking on the back door of the country house. Caroline suddenly walks up behind him and Doug comments in surprise that he thought she'd gone to Sydney. Caroline, however, explains that she's decided to stay; somebody's taken her place. They head inside and Caroline asks Doug why he isn't at work. Doug tells her sincerely that he wasn't too keen on the idea of not seeing her again.

At Beryl's, Susan tells her mother, "Gordon Hamilton." Beryl looks at her in surprise. Susan insists that she's only going to look after a patient; it's not as if she's going to get involved in family squabbles. Beryl tries to warn her that she won't have a choice; if Alison Carr-- Susan interrupts her, though, and snaps that everyone's obsessed with Alison. Beryl retorts that she can be a very nasty woman. Susan insists that she can handle herself; all she's going to do is take care of Gordon and if Alison wants to stick her nose in, she won't get very far.

It's early evening and Charlie is sitting in her lounge room with Alison, raving about aristocrats. Alison is reading a magazine, looking disinterested. She eventually snaps that Charlie has been going on for hours; she's sick of it. She then calms down and asks Charlie if she can take a letter to Gordon for her. Charlie, though, retorts that she's staying right out of it. Alison mutters, "If anyone has a right to see Gordon, it's me; he still thinks he's married to me. He also thinks I'm Patricia's best friend; he listens to me. At least, he did: Wayne's probably badmouthing me round the clock." Charlie warns her that she's over-reacting. She then adds that, besides, Wayne is in Melbourne. Alison looks surprised and thoughtful. Glen suddenly walks into the room and Alison asks him if he can do her a favour: she wants to get a letter to Gordon personally; could he give it to him? Glen smiles, "Happy to."

The next morning, Glen is approaching Dural when he sees Susan climbing out of a taxi by the front door. He stares at her and then walks over to her and offers a hand. Susan stares back at him, looking impressed. She then tells him that she can manage. Glen asks her if she's staying at the house and she explains that she's nursing Mr. Hamilton. Glen introduces himself and Susan does likewise. There's an awkward pause which Susan breaks by saying she'd better go. Glen repeats his offer to pick up her case. He adds, "It'll give me a chance to get in your good books - we'll probably be seeing a lot of each other." Susan, though, murmurs, "I don't think so." With that, she knocks on the door. Wayne opens it and, seeing Glen standing there with her, comments that she's already met one of the neighbours! He lets her in and warns her that he hasn't told his dad who's nursing him in case he doesn't recognise her. Glen says he'll get back to the weeds and he heads off. Wayne and Susan head into the lounge room and Wayne smiles at his father, "Meeting the new Wonder Woman!" Gordon looks at Susan and exclaims, "Susan! Lovely to see you!" He tells her to sit down, and adds that it's going to be good having her around. Glen suddenly comes back in and hands Gordon an envelope, explaining that it's from Alison. A wary look crosses Wayne's face. Glen heads off again as Gordon opens the envelope.

Charlie is talking on the 'phone next door, arranging the party for Neville. She hangs up, but the 'phone immediately starts ringing again. Charlie asks Alison to get it. Alison does so and says, "Hello?" She then listens before adding, "Oh. Hello, Gordon." At Dural, Gordon tells her that he got her note, and he asks her to come over, saying he'd like to sort it out. Alison smiles slyly that she'll be right over...

A few minutes later, Alison is approaching Dural when Susan emerges from the house. Alison immediately smiles at her, "Hello, Susan." Susan looks at her blankly as she continues, "I thought you were still in Melbourne." Alison shrugs, "I was. Just arrived." She then says, "Sorry - have we met somewhere?" Alison quickly tells her, "No. I'm sorry - I'm a close friend of Gordon's: Alison Carr. He's always showing me photos of you." Susan accepts this. She then tells Alison that she wouldn't go in to the house just now as Gordon is chatting with Wayne and it's private. Alison heads up to the front door, though. As she does so, she looks round and sees Glen approaching Susan and asking her how she's settling in. She nods that she's pretty good. Alison heads inside. Susan quickly follows, telling Glen that she'll talk to him later.

Alison wanders into the lounge room. Wayne is laughing and Gordon smiles at Alison, "Good morning. Wayne was just explaining what happened. I was expecting something more serious." Wayne tells his father, "It was pretty childish, I have to admit, but I didn't want to spoilt the surprise, that's all." Alison asks blankly, "What surprise?" Gordon replies, "Susan. Wayne knew that you wanted to get me a nurse as well and, rather than have any big arguments, decided to keep you out of the way until Susan agreed to the job." Wayne smiles at Alison, "It was a trifle extreme, I know." Alison stands there, looking annoyed, as Wayne suggests to his father that, now that that's settled, he should get some sunshine. He wheels him out. Susan goes to follow them, but Alison asks her if she can see her for a moment. Susan turns to face her and Alison snaps, "Don't think you're fooling me." Susan asks in surprise, "Sorry?" Alison retorts, "The little 'team' you've formed with Wayne. I know why he hired you: so you'd be a nice, faithful ally." Susan, however, snaps, "Wayne hired me because I'm a qualified nurse - and a friend of Gordon's. You couldn't claim to be either." Alison growls, "I'd watch it, if I were you. In fact, I wouldn't even bother unpacking." Susan just sighs disinterestedly, "I'm scared witless, Alison." Alison retorts seriously, "You should be - and if you stay, you will be." Susan, however, mutters, "Of you? I don't think so."

In Melbourne, Tim turns up at Beryl's with some shopping for her. She's sitting at the living room table, some papers in front of her, and Tim asks her what she's doing. She explains that she's going through Craig's papers: Jean Hopkins gave them to her. Tim asks her if she's got any leads. Beryl laughs bitterly, "A whole address-book full. Must be in there somewhere." She adds that, after meeting Mrs. Hopkins, she can guess what Craig went through. She then stands up and picks up Robert from his playpen, telling Tim as she does so, "I might as well make a start. Muriel's offered to babysit Robert for me, so I can use all the time." Tim replies, "I hope you find her."

Doug and Caroline are drinking tea in the lounge room at the country house. Caroline asks how Craig is working out. Doug replies that he's a sharp kid alright. He praises him for catching a thief charging people to use his car park but then causes Caroline to gasp in shock when he suggests he could introduce the idea to make money for himself. Caroline warns him that Craig won't like the idea. Doug, however, suggests that if Craig agrees, Caroline has to come out to dinner with him tonight - and if he doesn't, Caroline gets a pair of pearl earrings to go with the ring. Caroline smiles that she'd like a pair of pearl earrings.

Tim parks his ute in the supermarket car park and walks over to where Craig's pushing trolleys. He asks how it's going. Craig replies that Doug Fletcher had a word with him earlier and seemed pretty pleased with him. Tim goes to walk off to get some hardware, but then suddenly realises that he's left his dry-cleaning at Beryl's. He tells Craig that he needs it tonight and can't get over there this afternoon. Craig offers to pick it up for him. Tim insists that it isn't that important. Craig, however, assures him that it's no trouble. Tim accepts the offer.

Beryl is talking to a woman standing by the front gate of her house. The woman says, "Ruby Hawkins? No, sorry, love. She came here a couple of times, but that was years ago." Beryl thanks her. The woman then comments, "You look done." Beryl tells her that she's been to fifteen places already; three more to go and then she's back to square one. She then asks the woman if she knows Macauley Street. The woman gives her directions and Beryl thanks her.

A short time later, Beryl walks into a coffee shop and asks the proprietor, who's standing behind the counter, if he knows a Ruby Hawkins, by any chance. The man retorts, "Never heard of her." Beryl tells him that she'll leave her details and she asks him to contact her if he hears something. She writes them down and hands them over. She then leaves the shop. The proprietor stands behind the counter staring at the piece of paper. A customer sitting at a table suddenly walks over to him and asks to look at Beryl's address. The proprietor shows him. The man then thanks him, looking pleased with himself...

Alison is talking on the 'phone at Charlie's, saying she'd like to book a table for seven o'clock. She then hangs up and Charlie asks if she knows him. Alison tells her, "Glen Young." Charlie exclaims, "That's not fair! I found him!" Alison insists that it's not a competition. She adds, though, that from now on, he comes first - starting with tonight.

Glen is working in the grounds at Dural when Alison walks over to him with a glass of lime juice. She hands it to him and tells him that she thought they could go out tonight. Glen, however, retorts, "Actually, I was going to come over. I want to talk to you." Alison smiles, "Leave it for the first glass of champagne - I've booked a restaurant overlooking the harbour." Glen, though, tells her that he doesn't think it's a good idea them seeing each other. Alison asks sharply, "Is it because of Susan?" Glen assures her, "No - we've hardly even met." Alison mutters, "You've changed your tune fairly suddenly." Glen explains, "I've been thinking, that's all. We're just not suited. You're much older, and I--" He quickly breaks off and insists, "That's not what I meant." Alison, though, snaps, "Stop it. You've made yourself perfectly clear." Glen assures her, "I didn't mean to insult you." Alison retorts, "Well you have - so you can go to hell for all I care." With that, she storms off, leaving Glen sighing heavily.

Doug and Caroline walk over to Craig in the car park at the supermarket. Doug tells Craig that he's been thinking about the guy Craig caught: he must have been making a lot of money. He adds that charging people to park in the car park - it's not a bad idea. Craig nods, "No - you'd make heaps." Doug smiles, "I thought you'd like it. You're a smart lad." He looks at Caroline in delight.

Beryl is back at home, in her kitchen, unpacking the shopping that Tim brought round for her. She has her back to the kitchen door and doesn't notice it opening silently. The customer from the cafe sneaks in and says, "G'day, Ruby." Beryl spins round to stare at him in horror as he continues, "Come on... that's no way to greet an old friend." Beryl demands, "What do you want?" The man, walking towards her, leers, "Just a yarn. See how you are." He leans in to try and kiss her, but Beryl pushes him away and snaps, "Who are you?" The man growls, "Still like playing hard-to-get, eh? You haven't dropped a trick." He starts pawing her and Beryl struggles with him as she cries, "You're making a mistake." The man, though, retorts, "No I'm not, Ruby. I've been wanting to get things going again for a long time. So have you; I know it." Beryl cries, "Please..." The man suddenly grabs her wrists to keep her still and snaps, "Look. Enough's enough. We're going to finish what we started. Just relax. Enjoy..." Beryl stares at him fearfully.


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