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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

It's nighttime, and Fiona is knocking on May's door, pleading with her to open it. There's no response, though. Fiona calls that she's sorry. Janice suddenly emerges from May's room and tells Fiona that May is very upset; pouring water over a person robs them of their dignity. Fiona sighs that she knows what she did was wrong, but May was beginning to drive her crazy. She adds that May brought Neville there so she can look after him.

Sometime later, Charlie is talking on the 'phone in her lounge room, saying to Fiona that she heard all about May's visitor; she's dying to meet him. Fiona - who's using the 'phone in the manager's office at the mansion - tells Charlie that she thought they might give May a surprise and organise a 'Welcome to the Colony' party for Neville in the garden at the mansion. Charlie smiles delightedly, "Why not?!" When they hang up, Fiona finds Neville walking into the room behind her. He smiles as he tells her that he doesn't mind her borrowing the 'phone; if she ever needs to make a private call, she should just give him the nod and he'll make himself scarce! Fiona tries to explain that Neville can't stay in the room. She adds that it can get very noisy in there. Neville, though, assures her, "Before I left England, father said there'd be times in Australia when I'd have to rough it. I imagine this is one of them." Fiona looks at him bemusedly!

Neville heads out into the corridor to collect the rest of his belongings. He bumps into Janice, who comments that he must be Mr. Curtis. Neville smiles, "Please - call me Neville." Janice introduces herself and Neville tells her that it's very nice to meet her. Janice asks what he thinks of Australia so far. Neville smiles that he likes it. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Janice answers it. Neville heads upstairs. Wayne is the caller and he asks Janice how busy she is. He adds that he needs to know if she can do him a really big favour.

A while later, Janice is at Dural and Wayne is showing her a photo of Alison. He tells her not to let Alison near Gordon under any circumstances. Janice assures him, "I won't." Wayne tells her that he needs someone responsible to look after his dad while he's in Melbourne. Janice asks him how long he's going to be away. Wayne replies that it'll probably just be tomorrow. He adds that he needs to hire a private nurse to look after his dad full-time. Janice suggests that he could do that in Sydney. Wayne muses, "I could - but the person I have in mind doesn't live in Sydney, and I know she'd be just perfect for the job..."

The next morning, Tim is in the kitchen at Beryl's, helping Susan pack up some tins of biscuits. He comments that Beryl's not doing bad, with four regular clients already. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and he goes to answer it. A few moments later, Wayne walks into the kitchen. Susan is taking some biscuits out of the oven as he says, "I wonder if they taste as good as they smell?" Susan turns to look at him in surprise. He smiles, "Hello, Susan." Susan exclaims, "Wayne! How long has it been since I've seen you?" Wayne tells her, "A long time. Too long."

A short time later, Susan is pouring some tea for herself and Wayne and Wayne comments that the biscuits do taste as good as they smell! He then tells Susan seriously that he heard the news about Bill. Susan sighs that it's something she has to put behind her. She then adds, looking concerned, "Wayne... if you're here because of what happened between us, it was a long time ago." Wayne, however, insists, "I'm not that much of an opportunist. Anyway, nothing did happen; we were just attracted to each other - and it wasn't one-sided; you can't get away from that." Susan assures him that she's not trying to. Wayne goes on, "To be honest, I did wish something could develop - but you were..." Susan completes, "Being a faithful wife." Wayne tells her, "I admired you for it. If I'd been in the same position, I don't think I'd have measured up." He then says, "I'd like us to be friends again." Susan replies, "So would I." Wayne then asks her if she'd be interested in coming to Sydney to look after Gordon. Susan pauses before sighing that she's flattered but she doesn't really want to go back to work yet - and even if she did, she wouldn't go to Sydney; she's really enjoying being back with the family again. She adds that there's lots of private nurses in Sydney. Wayne, however, tells her, "It's not as simple as that: if you know about dad, Beryl must have told you about Alison." Susan nods, "I know she doesn't like her very much!" Wayne goes on, "Alison's wheedled her way into dad's good books. She's cunning - she could charm the legs off a table - but she's no good for him. That's why I need someone who's not only a good nurse but someone who won't be taken in by her." Susan sighs, "I'm sorry. I wish there was some way I could help, but I have made up my mind..." Wayne asks her to please think about it - for old times' sake. Susan smiles, "Alright. I'll think about it!"

Caroline is clearing up in the kitchen at the country house as Craig tells her that every checkout should have two blokes working on it: one to pack the groceries and one to take them to the car. Caroline points out that it would mean taking on extra staff. Craig asks what she reckons and Caroline replies that she'll tell Mr. Fletcher. She then adds with a laugh that he's only been working as a packer for a couple of days and he's already aiming for manager! With that, Craig heads out. As he does so, he bumps into Wayne, who's just approaching the back door. He asks Craig in surprise what he's doing there. Craig explains that he had something personal to fix up in Melbourne and David offered to put him up. Wayne asks if David is there. Craig, though, replies that he's away on a trip. Wayne asks when he'll be back. Craig says he has no idea, but he adds that Caroline might be able to give him some idea. Wayne asks in surprise, "Caroline Morrell?" Craig nods, "Yeah - she's inside." Caroline is checking her handbag in the kitchen when the back door opens. Wayne pokes his head round it and tells her, "Everybody's been wondering where you got to." Caroline mutters, "Now you know." As Wayne steps inside, she asks how everything's going in Sydney. Wayne sighs, "From bad to worse: Alison's managed to send Barbara packing." Caroline asks in surprise, "How?" Wayne tells her, "Usual dirty tricks - and I'm next in line for the firing squad. She'd love to come between me and dad." He goes on, " I wanted David to help convince Susan to come up home and be dad's nurse; if she was around, it would be one less excuse for Alison to stick her nose in and cause trouble." Caroline tells Wayne that she has to go, but she asks him to come back later and they can have a talk. They both head out.

Doug is snapping at a supplier on the 'phone in his hotel room. He slams it down as Caroline walks in. He asks her why she's late. Caroline tells him that she's had some bad news. Doug, however, retorts disinterestedly, "Personal problems you leave at home." Caroline growls bitterly, "I should have known you wouldn't understand." She then pulls the ring Doug gave her off her finger and throws it at him, snapping, "Keep your blasted ring. You can give it to the next unsuspecting bunny because I quit - money or no money." She goes to storm out. Doug, though, pleads quickly with her to listen. Caroline stops in her tracks as he tells her, "I care about you - so if you want to talk about what's bothering you, will you please tell me?" Caroline hesitates and then says, "For the last month-or-so I was in Sydney, I was hitting the bottle pretty hard. I indirectly caused an accident in which two of my very dear friends were very badly injured. The woman who actually caused the accident got away scot-free." Doug asks what her name is. Caroline spits, "Alison Carr. You don't know her." She goes on, "Now I find out she's about to - I suppose 'swindle' is the best word - she's out to swindle one of them. If I don't go back to Sydney and do something about her, I'm never going to be able to respect myself again." Doug comments, "Sounds to me like you're trying to take on quite a job." Caroline tells him, "I am. Quite frankly, the woman scares me. This time, I hope I'll be able to get up enough strength to stand up to her..."

At the mansion, Fiona is knocking on May's door again, calling that she's being absolutely ridiculous. Charlie suddenly walks in through the front door, all dressed up, and tells Fiona that she couldn't wait to meet Neville. She adds with a smile that she feels like she's about to have an audience with the queen! Fiona goes and knocks on the door of the manager's office. There's no answer. She and Charlie creep in and Charlie sighs that it doesn't look like he's there. Fiona picks up a map that's lying on the table and smiles, "I'd say that his Royal Highness has driven up to Balmoral for the day!"

Neville - wearing another smart suit - is standing in the driveway outside Dural, with Janice. They head towards the house and Neville laughs about his journey there and how he thought the Australians drove on the right side of the road, like the Americans!

The two of them head inside, into the lounge room, and Neville tells Janice that he's going to be eternally grateful to her for teaching him about Australia. Janice suggests that he could start by dressing for the climate, and she asks if he isn't hot in his suit. She hands him some magazines and tells him that they should give him some idea of what to buy. Neville smiles, "It's rather like Pygmalion - or My Fair Lady - in reverse!" The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Janice mutters, "Not again..." Neville asks what's wrong. Janice tells him, "A woman called Alison Carr keeps ringing for Mr. Hamilton - four times so far. I keep telling her he's resting but she keeps ringing back." She answers the 'phone and snaps at Alison that she's becoming very tiresome.

Wayne is back in the kitchen at the country house. Caroline tells him to sit down. As he does so, she then announces that she's left her job and is coming back to Sydney. Wayne comments in surprise that he thought she was making a new life for herself down there in Melbourne. Caroline, though, explains that she wants to help him fight Alison. Wayne warns her that it would be like waving a red rag to a bull. Caroline, however, retorts, "Alison might have got the better of me last time, but this round I'm going to play by her rules - and I don't want Susan involved: Alison would only eat her alive and she's far too nice a person for that." Wayne muses, "So long as you know what you're letting yourself in for." Caroline tells him, "I've got a fair idea - and believe me: Alison had better watch out - I'm giving up a millionaire to see that she gets what she deserves..."

Charlie is standing with Fiona in the manager's office at the mansion, musing that she wonders if Neville is in line for the throne! Fiona tells her that Neville mightn't be back until late that night. At that moment, though, Neville walks through the door, some carrier bags in his hands and a hat on his head. Putting on a strong Australian accent, he grins, "G'day, you sheilas! How ya going?!" Fiona bursts out laughing. Charlie looks distinctly disappointed!

The 'phone rings at Dural. Janice, sitting on the couch, growls at it, "Look, you, I am sick to death of hearing your voice." She goes and picks up the 'phone and snaps down it, "You're a pest. Understand?" Wayne comes on, though, and laughs that it's him! Janice mutters at him that Alison has been ringing all day. Wayne tells her that he's found a 'nurse', so he'll be home soon. They hang up again. At the country house, Wayne turns to Caroline and Tim. He shakes Tim's hand. Caroline and Tim hug and Tim tells Caroline to make sure she writes. Caroline nods that she will. Turning to Wayne, she muses, "One more stop and then we can catch our flight."

A short time later, Caroline is sitting with Susan in the lounge room at Beryl's. Susan asks where Wayne is. Caroline explains that he's out in the car. Susan then asks, "Do you really want to go back and face Alison?" Caroline admits, "No - but I feel I have to. She can't keep on getting away with whatever she likes." She then adds, "And Wayne needs an ally." Susan stands up and says shakily, "I'll go instead." Caroline, looking surprised, tells her, "Don't be silly. You hardly know her - she's a very hard woman. There's no way that you can stand up to her." Susan, however, retorts, "I'm a fighter, Caroline, and a survivor. I wouldn't have got through the last three years if I wasn't. Believe me: Alison won't find me a pushover by any means. I'm going to Sydney."


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