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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Gaye Arnold

May tells Fiona that she and Neville have been corresponding for years - only Neville had actually been writing to Fiona, wanting her to know that he was still in love with her. She wrote back in Fiona's name - and now Neville's there in Australia. She asks in panic what they're going to do. Fiona retorts that she has no idea what May has been writing about; Neville would see through her in a minute.

A short time later, May is showing Fiona the letters she's received from Neville. She then hands Fiona the cardigan that Neville sent a couple of days earlier, explaining that it's his latest gift. Fiona asks if May has a photo of him. May, though, replies that they didn't exchange photos. Fiona carries on reading the letters, sighing that she needs all the help she can get. May says she'd better go and wait for Neville, and she heads off, leaving Fiona looking worried.

Outside, a man is walking up towards the mansion. May heads towards him and, shaking his hand, tells him that it's lovely to see him again. She adds that Fiona is inside; she was so happy to get his message. The man just stands there, looking blank. May heads off back inside.

A few minutes later, May heads back into her room, where Fiona is still reading the letter, and tells Fiona that she's put Neville next door to give Fiona a chance to collect herself. Fiona quickly starts packing the letters away but mutters that she'll forget everything the minute she sees him. She asks if he's changed very much. May replies that he's very quiet, but it's obvious he's a gentleman. There's suddenly a hammering on the door and Wayne snarls loudly, "May! Fiona! In the manager's flat - now!" The two women look at each other and cry simultaneously, "Neville!" They run out into the corridor as Wayne yells upstairs for Janice. May tells her that Janice isn't home. Fiona then asks Wayne what's happened. Wayne tells her angrily that Bev Potter's shot through with his rent money - and she rang him up to say it was compensation for being done out of a job by her, Janice and May. Fiona snaps furiously that the woman was impossible. A young, smartly-dressed, man walks in through the front door, carrying a pair of suitcases, as May yells that Bev Potter was a harlot. The young man approaches the three of them and says in a polite English accent, "Excuse me." May yells at him, "Kindly wait your turn." She, Wayne and Fiona carry on arguing. The Englishman, though, persists, "If someone could tell Miss. Fiona Reid that Neville Curtis has arrived, I'm sure you'll find she's expecting me." Looks of shock cross Fiona and May's faces.

A few moments later, Fiona explains to Neville that they were expecting his father. May quickly heads into the manager's office and, looking annoyed, asks the man she took in there why she didn't tell him he wasn't Neville Curtis. The man replies that, if she'd stopped to ask him, he would have. He adds that he's there about a room. May tells him curtly not to try to pass himself off as an English gentleman! Out in the corridor, Fiona is telling Neville that it was so nice of his father to stay in touch. May rejoins them and she, Fiona and Neville head into May's room. Wayne walks down to the office and comments to the man that he heard he's after a room. The man, though, replies that he's decided against it; he can't stand nagging women. He walks out.

In May's room, Neville is telling Fiona and May that his father is always talking about them and their opening their house during the War effort. Fiona looks away, sheepishly! He explains that he's come to Australia to work: to learn how to become a jackaroo. He adds that his father now leads tours of the Curtis estate in England.

Glen pulls up in his car outside Dural and invites Alison to the beach. Alison, though, says she should stay with Gordon. Glen asks if Wayne shouldn't do his share. Alison accepts this and tells him to give her five minutes!

Inside, in the lounge room, Alison tells Gordon that he has to take his pills in half an hour. Gordon replies that he won't forget. Alison asks if Wayne will be back soon. Gordon, though, says he shouldn't think so. Alison goes to call him. Gordon, however, insists that he'll be perfectly alright until his son gets back. Alison heads out.

Glen is waiting for Alison outside. She emerges from the house, dressed in her beach things, and smiles that she's his for the afternoon. She climbs into his car and they drive off.

Inside, Gordon is sitting in his wheelchair, reading. He closes his book and looks over at his bottles of pills, which are on the shelf behind the bar. He wheels himself over to them and tries to stand up to reach them. He fails to grab hold of them, though, and collapses onto the floor.

In the manager's office at the mansion, Fiona is giving Wayne tips on attracting more tenants. Wayne, looking thoughtful, suggests suddenly that she could be manager. He adds, "I should have thought of you the day I bought the place!" Fiona, looking suddenly surprised, queries, "You say you bought the place?" Wayne looks sheepish as Fiona snaps, "Do you honestly think that I would work for somebody I campaigned against?" Wayne points out, "For the upkeep and smooth running of the house, why not?" Fiona just mutters, "You never stop conning, do you?" and she walks out.

Fiona heads outside. Wayne follows her and tells her that he'll get down on his knees, if she likes. He reminds her that Janice likes him - and she'd like him to spend more time looking after dad, wouldn't she - and she'd like to give up her job at the hospital. Fiona spits that she wouldn't work for what he's paying - she wants $20 more plus $5 bonus for every tenant she signs up. Wayne agrees reluctantly and they shake on it.

Gordon is sitting on the floor in the lounge room at Dural when Wayne arrives home. He heads into the room and, seeing his father sprawled there, cries, "God! Alison!" Gordon tells him that Alison had to go out - on business. Wayne helps him up as Gordon adds that he doesn't want him making an issue of it. He gets his father back into his wheelchair and says he'll call the doctor. Gordon retorts that he doesn't need a doctor. Wayne asks what happened and Gordon explains that he was trying to reach the pills. Wayne looks at where they are and gasps furiously, "How the hell did she expect you to reach them from up there?"

Glen and Alison arrive back outside and Alison suggests that she check on Gordon and then they can go over to Charlie's. They start kissing, passionately. Wayne suddenly emerges from the house and snaps at Alison, "I want a word with you." Alison climbs out of Glen's car and Wayne snaps, "How on earth did you expect dad to get his pills? You left them on the shelf. He had to try and stand up to get them, didn't he, but he couldn't; he fell over." Looking concerned, Alison quickly goes to head inside. Wayne, though, grabs her arm and growls, "He's alright - this time - no thanks to you." Glen warns Wayne to watch what he's saying. Wayne, though, goes on at Alison angrily that if Gordon had hit his head, he'd be back in intensive care now, all because she always puts herself first. Alison insists that she does care about Gordon - and he insisted she go. Wayne turns to Glen and asks him, "Would you have left him? You would have at least called me before you went, wouldn't you?" Glen looks at Alison, a degree of disgust on his face, and he growls that they'll talk about it at Charlie's. He drives off. Wayne then tells Alison that he's having the locks changed and he'll be getting Gordon's mail from now on, so she won't be able to get within coo-ee of him. Alison storms off.

A short time later, at Charlie's, Glen snaps at Alison that he doesn't like people lying to him. Alison insists that she just needed a break; she was sick of not having any fun. She adds that she cares a lot about Gordon. Glen accepts this and suggests that it's about time Wayne started pulling his weight.

Fiona is sitting at a table in the grounds of the mansion, looking at some papers. May emerges from the house and tells her that they should throw a party to welcome Neville. Fiona retorts that she doesn't have the time or money. May suggests that they ask Charlie to put together a guest list. Fiona, however, snaps, "If you want a party, you organise it and you pay for it. I have got more than enough to do trying to turn this place into a viable proposition." With that, she stands up and heads back inside.

Neville is just coming downstairs and he asks Fiona if she could spare a moment. Fiona asks what the problem is and Neville explains that his room doesn't have a bathroom. Fiona tells him that he'll have to use the communal one. May joins them and adds quickly, "Only until a room with a bath becomes available." Neville accepts this and heads back upstairs. Fiona points out to May curtly, "He's going to have a long wait..." May tries to talk her into letting him use the manager's flat. Fiona, though, warns May that she's stretching their friendship.

A while later, Fiona heads upstairs to the balcony to water Janice's plants. Neville suddenly calls up to her from down below and tells her that he thought he'd stretch his legs before moving his things. He adds, "Thanks for organising the room with the bath." May joins him and smiles that Fiona is wonderfully efficient. Neville walks off. When he's gone, Fiona snaps at May to tell Neville that it's a mistake. May, though, retorts that Neville needs his bath and there's nothing Fiona can do about it. Fiona, looking at her furiously, takes her watering can and throws the remaining water all over May! She then stands on the balcony, looking triumphant!


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