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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Andrew Howie

The next morning, Caroline joins Tim at the breakfast table at the country house. She tells him that she didn't sleep very well: she couldn't take her mind off what Beryl said about Craig - he doesn't know what sort of trouble he could get himself into. Tim tells her that Craig has already gone out: Zeppo told him that his mum worked for some bloke called Abbot and he decided to follow it up.

Craig is climbing some stairs in an office block. He knocks on a door with a sign saying 'Abbot & Assocs' on it. A man calls to him to come in and Craig enters. Mr. Abbot, who's sitting behind a desk, asks Craig what he can do for him. Craig explains that he was wondering if Mr. Abbot had any vacancies for sales. Abbot takes in Craig's appearance and then tells Craig that he's just what he's looking for. Craig asks what he'll be selling. Abbot, though, explains that, for his first month at least, he wants Craig to call on people and find out when they'll be home; it saves time for the salesmen. He adds that Craig can start straight away. Craig explains about his part-time job at the supermarket and Abbot agrees that he can work for him when he's not pushing trolleys. He then hands Craig a form and asks for his name, age and address. He adds that it goes straight into the files. Craig looks with interest at the filing cabinet he indicates.

Sometime later, Craig approaches a woman who's unpacking some shopping from a car parked outside a house and explains that he's doing a survey on the neighbourhood for his company. The woman asks flirtatiously, "Do you think I'd make a good subject?" Craig nods innocently, "That would be great! Thanks!" The woman smiles, "Follow me..." and she leads him towards the house...!

Later that day, Craig is showing Mr. Abbot a list of names, explaining that he's got about thirty, all told. He adds that he had one woman more interested in him than the survey! Abbot tells him that he's done well and he thinks they might give him his first bonus cheque. He then realises he's left his chequebook in his glove box and he heads off to get it. Craig takes the opportunity to go and start looking in the filing cabinet. Out on the stairs, Abbot meets a colleague and tells him, "You wouldn't believe the find I've made. The ladies spill everything to him: I bet they'll even tell him where they keep their jewellery. He's going to be a goldmine..." With that, he heads off downstairs. In the office, Craig continues going through the files.

Back at the country house later that day, Craig is telling Tim that he didn't get a chance to find anything on his mother because Abbot came back in; fortunately, he was whistling as he came along the corridor so he wasn't caught. He adds that the job's a walkover - the guy gave him a $50 bonus and that was only for a morning. Tim mutters, "Easy bread." Craig, surprised at his attitude, asks if something's wrong. Tim admits, "Sort of." He then goes on, "Donna and I have been writing to each other ever since she left. She said in her last letter than if I go and live in Bendigo, there might be a good chance for us to get back together." Craig points out that he can't go until David gets back from Adelaide: there's no one to look after the garden. Tim explains, "That's what I wanted to talk to you about." Craig sighs that he hasn't got a hope of looking after it by himself - not with two other jobs. Tim tells him that he won't go until he's found someone to replace him. Craig points out, "You promised David that you'd do it while he was away." Tim, though, retorts, "Having another chance with Donna is a lot more important than who's going to look after a market garden - and David will understand that even if you don't."

Caroline is with Doug in his hotel room. She demands angrily, "Do you normally make a habit of investigating people? The only way you could possibly have known about Amanda is by digging around." Doug admits that he asked Charlie for a few facts. He adds that he doesn't get far with Caroline when he asks what makes her tick, so he thought he'd ask one of her friends. He adds that he was interested in finding out a bit more about her - and now that he has, he reckons they can start being a bit more honest about each other. Caroline stares at him and then says guiltily, "In which case, I may as well tell you that I started seeing you because I was after your money. I thought it would be fun to give you a run for it. That's why I invited Charlie to dinner: I knew that it would make me keep you at arm's length." She sighs, "Why don't you go after someone who's worth it?" Doug, however, replies gently, "I reckon I have. There was no need for you to come clean right now - not if you really are a genuine gold-digger. You care just a bit, don't you?" Caroline nods sincerely, "Yes. I do."

Charlie is standing with Alison in her lounge room. Alison is flicking through a magazine. A hunky blonde man, wearing only his swimming trunks, suddenly walks in and Alison introduces him to Charlie as Troy. She then tells him that she wants him to come out with her to visit some friends. He goes off to put some clothes on. Charlie asks Alison what's been happening with Glen. Alison retorts, "Nothing of consequence." Charlie asks her suspiciously what she's planning. Alison just smiles, "You'll find out in due course..." Troy comes back in, fully clothed, and Alison tells Charlie that she's going over to the Hamiltons'. She and Troy head off.

Glen, Gordon and Susan are sitting at the living room table at Dural, having finished lunch. Glen thanks Gordon for inviting him in. Gordon announces that he'll go for a lie-down, and he wheels himself off. Susan starts clearing away. Glen, though, tells her that she deserves a reward for the meal - like someone else's cooking... Susan looks at him warily as he adds, "Say, in a restaurant?" Susan just indicates her tray of used plates and murmurs, "Better get this to the kitchen."

Outside, a short time later, Troy and Alison are walking towards the house. Troy is admiring the house, raving about it. Alison just looks disinterested. She suddenly spots Glen approaching them and she slips her arm through Troy's. Glen smiles, "Afternoon, Alison." Alison just ignores him. She and Troy reach the house and she tells Troy to wait outside.

Alison heads inside and into the lounge room, where Susan tells her curtly, "Sorry, you're a bit late: Gordon's having a nap." Alison explains, "I wanted to see you, anyway." Susan asks suspiciously, "Oh?" Alison goes on that she's been thinking about their last meeting and felt rather guilty about it - she was under a lot of strain and took it out on Susan. She adds that she'd like to think they'd become friends. Susan, though, retorts, "I wouldn't trust you an inch. I'd been told how two-faced and conniving you were, but I didn't believe you were so good at it." Alison asks blankly, "I beg your pardon?" Susan growls, "You only want to get me on-side so I'm no competition for Glen, right?" Alison glares at her and snaps, "Boring Beryl's been doing a hatchet job on me, has she?" Susan just shrugs. Alison asks, "Did she feed you any other juicy pieces of gossip?" Susan retorts, "No - but that was enough. If you think you can get on the right side of me with a performance like that, you can think again. I'm very choosy about the people I'm friendly with."

A short time later, Susan walks down the driveway outside and joins Glen, who's working on the garden. He asks her if she'd like to lend a hand. She smiles weakly, "Sure." He then notices the expression on her face and asks if she'd like to tell him what's wrong. Susan just mutters that she'd rather not talk about it. Further down the drive, Alison marches down past Troy and snaps, "Let's go." Troy starts telling her about a party he's going to this evening. Alison, though, snaps at him to shut up and go and find someone else to play with. She storms off.

Back at Charlie's, Alison pours herself a drink as Charlie asks where the beautiful Troy is. Alison snaps, "Gone for a long walk." Charlie suggests that Alison tell her what's been happening. Alison sighs, "I don't know, Charlie. Why can't I ever win anything?" Charlie realises, "Man trouble..." Alison goes on, "I had Glen in the palm of my hand and then he dumped me for that plain little nurse over there. Everything was going so well until she turned up: he was like a sloppy dog the minute he clapped eyes on her." She continues, "The sad thing is I was prepared to be friends with Susan. I tried to talk to her - for Gordon's sake: I didn't want him to have to take sides." Charlie listens but then points out, "I know you better than that, darling - you just wanted to get in her good books. You've always known you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar!" She adds, "You just have to be more positive and put the whole thing out of your mind - it'll all turn out in the end." Alison, looking thoughtful, retorts, "Don't worry - I'll make damn sure it does..."

Caroline is talking to Susan on the 'phone in Doug's apartment. She tells Susan that Alison is capable of anything and she warns her not to tackle her again. Susan, though, explains that Alison will be there every day with Gordon - or at least she'll use him as the excuse. Caroline asks Susan if she'd like her to come up and provide moral support. Susan, though, declines. The call comes to and end and Caroline hangs up. As she does so, Doug comments, "Alison Carr strikes again..." Caroline tells him that it's under control. Doug remarks that she sounded relieved that her offer to go to Sydney wasn't taken up. Caroline admits, "Yes, to be honest." Doug comments, "She sounds a toughie - but don't worry: from now on I'm going to be standing right here beside you. Anyone who has a go at you is going to get it right back in their face." Caroline kisses him and smiles, "Thankyou."

In the lounge room at the country house, Tim is giving Craig instructions for looking after the market garden. He adds that the bloke who's helping Craig should be OK. Craig asks Tim what time he'll get to Bendigo. Tim tells him, "About ten o'clock." He then hands Craig a set of keys and goes to walk off. Craig stops him quickly and says, "I'm sorry: I shouldn't have gone on the way I did before. I didn't understand how you felt: Donna's pretty important, isn't she?" Tim nods, "Yeah. I just wish I'd woken up earlier." Craig tells him, "You're a lucky guy. I've never felt that way about a girl." Tim smiles, "Take it from me, mate: when you do, you feel like a real goose! When you go, you go - and there's nothing you can do about it."

Out in the kitchen, Caroline and Doug walk in through the back door. Doug's carrying a box of groceries, which he puts down on the table. Caroline tells him that they're going to dine well tonight. Tim and Craig come in and start looking through the shopping. Caroline teases, "Hands off!" She then tells the two of them to get to work, and the two of them head out. Just outside the back door, Craig tells Tim, "There's no way that I'm going to get a good look at those files during the day." Tim asks him what he's going to do. Craig replies, "Take a risk..."

It's nighttime, and Susan is showing Gordon some photos in the lounge room at Dural. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and she goes to see who it is. She finds Glen standing there, holding a bunch of roses. She asks him what he's doing there and he explains that Gordon invited him. He hands Susan the roses and they head into the lounge room. Susan then asks Gordon tersely, "What exactly is going on? First you invite him to lunch, and now dinner..." Gordon smiles, "Well... you weren't doing very well by yourselves, were you? And quite frankly, I can't imagine a better-suited couple." He then asks to be excused and wheels himself off to dress for dinner. When he's gone, Susan says awkwardly, "Glen... I think you should understand: I can't be bullied into having an affair with you." Glen asks, "Who said anything about having an affair?" Susan retorts, "You know what I mean." Glen points out, "If you mean us seeing more of each other, there's little I can do about it. I mean, Gordon wants us to and we can't upset him: he's in no condition to cope with hassles." Susan mutters, "Very clever." Glen adds, "I do think it would do him some good if we went to dinner." Susan just suggests, "Let's say I'll think about it. Now, I'd better do something about dinner tonight - for the three of us." With that, she walks off to the kitchen, leaving Glen with a smile on his face.

Next door, Alison is talking on the 'phone, saying, "I'm interested in Glen Young: I believe he held a fairly responsible position with your company... I'm seriously considering taking him on in a fairly key position. I wonder if we could meet and have a chat about it?" She listens and then says, "Yes, tomorrow would be fine. Your office, ten o'clock. Thankyou very much. Goodbye." She hangs up as Charlie joins her. She tells Charlie, "It's going to be a very good day tomorrow, Charlie." Charlie smiles, "It's good to see you more positive, darling." Alison assures her, "I have good reason to..."

Caroline and Doug are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house. The lighting is dim. Doug asks Caroline, "Why did you come to Melbourne? Just the accident?" Caroline replies, "And I felt like a change." Doug asks, "Away from Alison?" Caroline nods, "Partly." Tim and Craig suddenly come in from the hallway and Caroline asks in surprise, "Is it that late already?" Tim explains that the bus goes in half an hour. Caroline gives him a hug and wishes him the best with Donna. He and Craig then head out, Craig telling Caroline as they do so that he's going to the bus with Tim. Outside, Tim comments to Craig, "You never said you were coming into town with me." Craig tells him, "I'm not - it was just a good excuse to get out of the house." Tim wishes him luck. Craig muses, "There's no other way. I just have to find my mum..."

Sometime later, the door to the darkened office of Abbot & Associates opens and Craig walks in, holding a torch. He knocks some papers off the desk but picks them up before going to the filing cabinet. He takes out some cards and starts looking at names written on them. All-of-a-sudden, the office door opens behind him, the light is switched on and Abbot walks in and demands, "What do you think you're doing?"


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