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    Written by: Lyn Ogilvy   Produced by: Posie Jacobs   Directed by: Julian McSwiney

Craig asks innocently, "What are you talking about?" Beryl snaps, "My son. You took him. Now what have you done with him?" Craig retorts, "I haven't done anything with him. May was tired so I offered to take him out. Anyway, I didn't think you'd care much; you're never with him." Beryl snarls, "That's a lie. Anyway it's none of your business. Now where is he and what have you done with him?" Craig points over to a few yards away and explains that he just took the boy out of his stroller to play. Beryl runs over to her son and lifts him up, comforting, "Mummy was so worried about you."

A short time later, Beryl and Craig walk back into the mansion, Craig enthusing that he and Robert had a nice time. He tells Beryl eagerly that he likes kids. Fiona suddenly emerges from her room and Beryl asks her for a word. Craig quickly says, "Beryl and I had a bit of a misunderstanding down at the park. She had this crazy idea--" Beryl interrupts him, though, and snaps at Fiona, "Now, if you don't mind." The two women head into Fiona's room where Beryl declares, "I am positive he is trying to scare me." Fiona, looking surprised, comments that Craig is a lovely boy. Beryl retorts, "He's also weird. I'm positive he's testing me to see how much I care about Robert." Fiona asks her if she isn't over-reacting - having had the boy taken from her once-- Beryl interrupts and snaps, "Twice, Fiona. He was taken from me twice." Fiona tells her, "I just mean you'd be more cautious than most people." Beryl muses, "Maybe - but there's something about that young man that bothers me, and the less I have to do with him, the better I'll like it."

Craig walks into the manager's office, where Wayne is examining some pots of paint. Wayne asks him if Beryl caught up with him, and Craig replies that they were at the park. He then asks Wayne if he's going to do some painting. Wayne retorts sarcastically, "The boy's bright." Craig asks him which colour he's using on Beryl's room. Wayne holds up a tin of paint and shows him. Craig quickly offers, "I'll do Beryl's room, if you like. For nothing." Wayne asks suspiciously, "What's all this interest in Beryl?" Craig just shrugs, "I like her, that's all."

David and Caroline are sitting at the kitchen table at the country house as Tim prepares some tea. Caroline is complaining about being smeared with ice-cream and attacked by angry mothers! Tim sits down with them and asks Caroline if she doesn't like her job much. Caroline retorts, "I hate it." Tim suggests that she find something else. Caroline, though, sighs, "I'm not qualified for anything." She then declares, "I think I'll marry a millionaire instead!" David points out, "They're not the sort of things that come out of a packet of corn flakes!" Caroline, though, tells him, "Don't worry: I've picked one out already. I'll introduce you to him." David grins, "Oh yeah? When?" Caroline replies, "Within a week."

The next morning, Caroline and David are walking along in the shopping mall, Caroline saying, "He owns it - all of it." David asks what he's like. Caroline shrugs, "I don't know. I haven't met him yet." David protests, "I thought you said--" Caroline interrupts and says, "I know his name: it's Doug Fletcher." David asks, "What are you going to do: look him up in the 'phone book?!" Caroline, though, smiles, "I'm not going to tell you all my secrets - but I can bet you anything you like I'll be able to introduce you within a week." David points out, "You haven't got anything to bet." He then suggests that he shout her a cup of coffee before she starts work.

A short time later, David and Caroline are sitting in a coffee shop and as David puts down his cup, he comments to Caroline, "Just think: when you're married to all this, you'll be able to spill as many ice creams over as many obnoxious kids as you like!" Caroline, though, tells him, "When I'm married to all this, I'm going to keep well clear." A man suddenly walks over to them and starts clearing away their things. Looking at Caroline, he asks, "Aren't you the resident bunny?" Caroline nods, "Yes." The man suggests, "It's time you're at work, isn't it?" Caroline retorts, "Possibly." The man tells her tersely, "Then hop to it. You're not paid to sit around." Caroline mutters indignantly, "I'll start work when I feel like it." The man retorts, "Suit yourself - but you'll be in trouble if you don't." Caroline glares at him and snaps, "Who the hell do you think you are? I should report you." The man just replies tersely, "Chuck your dummy in the dirt all you like - it won't get you far." With that, he walks off, leaving Caroline looking angry. A smile suddenly appears on her face, though, and she says, "I'm going to go to the top about that man. I'm not going to rest until I've seen the owner of the whole complex!" David sighs good-naturedly, "A bloke doesn't stand a hope with you, does he?! You're a devious woman, Caroline!" He then announces that he's going, and he heads off.

A few minutes later, Caroline approaches a woman heading down a set of stairs in the middle of the mall and asks her if she's Mr. Fletcher's secretary. The woman replies that that's right. Caroline goes on, "I wonder if I could see Mr. Fletcher." The secretary suggests, "Maybe I could help you?" Caroline, though, insists, "No, I'd like to see Mr. Fletcher. It's a complaint about one of his employees." The secretary tells her, "I can handle that for you." Caroline persists, "It is important. I would like to talk to him personally." The secretary, however, replies, "I'm sorry, but if I can't help you, I can only suggest that you write to him." Caroline asks, "Will he get the letter?" The secretary tells her, "After I've read it. I vet all his mail." A suave-looking man suddenly walks past them and heads upstairs. The secretary tells him that she'll be with him in a minute, adding at the end, "Sir." She then asks Caroline if there was anything else. Caroline sighs, "Not at the moment." She walks off.

Wayne is stirring a tin of paint in the manager's office at the mansion when Craig walks in and announces that he's run out. Wayne points to some more tins on the floor. He then adds that he hopes Craig isn't getting in Beryl's way. Craig, though, explains that she's not there; she's at the hospital and won't be home for hours yet. Wayne looks at him suspiciously and asks, "Why are you so keen to look after Beryl - really?" Craig retorts, "I told you: I like her." Wayne asks, "What sort of 'like'? You can't fancy her; she's old enough to be your mother." Craig quickly nods, "Yeah - she is, isn't she?" With that, he walks out. He heads out into the corridor to find Beryl coming towards him. He comments that he thought she'd be at the hospital. Beryl explains that she's working a split shift today. Craig tells her that he's painting her room for her. He adds that he hopes she likes the colour. Beryl tells him that she'll leave him to it. She goes to walk off, but Craig quickly says to her, "You said you'd be going back to Melbourne soon." Beryl nods, "Yes - later." Craig tells her, "I don't think you should go for a while yet. Fiona's not looking her best and she might need you." Beryl, though, retorts, "I think she's getting better every day." At that moment, the door to May's room opens and Fiona emerges and joins them. Beryl tells her that she and Craig were just talking about how well she's looking. Fiona beams, "Oh yes, I'm feeling so much better." Beryl tells her, "You can make me a cup of tea, then!" Fiona offers Craig a cup, too. Beryl, though, quickly says, "No, no, he's got some painting to finish." Craig nods that he'd better get back to it. Beryl and Fiona go to walk off. Craig calls to Fiona to ask if she's got a sec. Fiona lingers, asking Beryl to put the kettle on for her. She then asks Craig if he's got some trouble. Craig tells her, "It's just I've got a bit of a problem I'd like to talk to you about sometime - when you've got a minute." Fiona asks, "Can you give me any clues?" Craig replies, "Er... it's this friend of mine, see, and he's got to tell somebody something that might come as a bit of a shock and he's not sure how to go about it - whether to come straight out and tell her or get around to it gradually." Fiona comments, "You're not giving me much to go on. If you want to talk about it some more, why don't you pop in and see me?" Craig thanks her and she walks off.

A few seconds later, Fiona joins Beryl in Fiona's room and Beryl asks what Craig wanted. Fiona tells her, "Just some advice. He was talking about 'a friend', but I'm pretty sure he was talking about himself. Probably girlfriend trouble!" Beryl remarks, "If he does have a girlfriend, I feel very sorry for her." Fiona sighs, "I don't know what you've got against him. He's always polite and he's very eager to please." Beryl retorts, "And he's always there; I keep tripping over him. It's got to the stage where I'm too scared to leave my room because I know he'll be hovering." Fiona laughs, "He's just a lonely teenager. Probably what he needs is a friend." Beryl mutters, "He can find them somewhere else. I don't mean to sound hard, but he gives me the creeps; he's too intense." Fiona grins, "You know all teenagers are intense - it's part of their growing-up!"

Craig walks into the manager's room calling to Wayne that he needs another roller. A chuckle suddenly emanates from the storeroom and Wayne emerges from it, holding a portrait of a young-looking Fiona with just a feather boa covering her modesty! It's the painting May was trying to hide. Craig comments to Wayne that he's a lot happier than he was five minutes ago and he asks what happened. Wayne laughs, "I just found out why tenants I had too much respect for like to keep the storeroom locked. You like it?" Craig murmurs that it's OK, he guesses. Wayne laughs, "It's priceless. Don't you know who this is?" Craig murmurs, "No." Wayne grins, "It's our very own Fiona Thompson - pride of the fleet!"

A few minutes later, Craig is holding the portrait and staring at it as Wayne muses, "I could always sneak into her bedsit and stick it up over her bed. I could put it in the hallway so everyone who comes in can see it. What do you reckon?" Craig just says, "I reckon this might be a Lindsay. It looks like his signature. He was big on nudes and it's his style, too." Wayne, suddenly looking thoughtful, murmurs, "You could be right: that's Lindsay alright." Craig comments, "I wonder what made Fiona pose for him?" Wayne, though, shrugs, "Who cares? This is worth a fortune." Craig points out, "It won't do you much good - it's not yours to sell, is it?" Wayne, however, grabs the portrait back from him and retorts, "Don't you believe it, brother: possession is nine tenths of the law."

Sometime later, Wayne is hammering on the door to May's room. There's no answer, though. The front door suddenly bangs shut and May comes in. Wayne quickly tells her that he was just looking for her. May retorts that if it's about the rent money, she still doesn't have it." Wayne, however, just suggests that she come into his office for a moment. They head in there and Wayne offers her a sherry. May accepts, "Just a small one." As he pours it, Wayne tells May, "I happened to be in the storeroom earlier." May snaps, "That's private property. You can't go in there." Wayne, though, retorts, "It was private property. You can't pay for it anymore, remember?" May growls, "You still shouldn't go in there without asking." Wayne tells her, "Sorry - I needed it to store some paint in." He then comments that she has some interesting bits and pieces - not that he was snooping. He goes on, "I did see a painting, however." May, looking slightly nervous, queries, "Oh? What painting?" Wayne - who has covered it up with a sheet again - unveils it to reveal Fiona in her near-naked glory. May murmurs, "Oh, yes. It's very pretty." Wayne tells her, "I was very taken by it. I thought we could help each other out." May asks carefully, "In what way?" Wayne tells her that he's in a position to give her the storeroom rent-free - if she gives him the picture." May murmurs hesitantly, "I don't know if I should. I've had it a long time and it's of great sentimental value." Sitting down next to her, Wayne says 'sincerely', "I can understand that. I wanted to give it to my father - he's seriously ill in hospital. I know he'd love it." May murmurs, "I really shouldn't sell it..." Wayne goes on, "I can only offer you $100 for it." May adds, "And the storeroom rent-free?" Wayne assures her, "I never go back on my word." May smiles and then says, "Since it's in such a good cause..." Wayne grins at her, looking relieved.

Caroline joins David in a café at the shopping mall and apologises for being late. David asks her what's in the bag she's holding. She tells him, "A beautiful, sexy and very expensive dress. Doug Fletcher walked past me this morning and didn't give me a second glance." David points out, "He doesn't know you." Caroline grins, "He's going to notice me this afternoon!" David then asks her where she got the money. Caroline explains that she persuaded the woman in the shop to give it to her on approval; she said her boyfriend had to look at it before she'd buy it. She then asks David if he'd order her a cappuccino. David turns to a waiter hovering nearby and does so. He then turns back to Caroline and asks what the pot of dye she's holding is for. Caroline explains that she's got to dye her shoes to match her dress. David grins and Caroline asks him indignantly if he's laughing at her. David assures her, "No - I'm just impressed by your research." Caroline muses, "Desperate times need desperate measures. Once I've finished my coffee... Doug Fletcher, watch out."

A while later, Caroline walks up the set of stairs down which the secretary walked that morning. She's dressed in pink and she heads through a glass door to where two men are talking: one is the man she saw walk upstairs that morning and the other is the coffee shop owner with whom she had the altercation. She looks at the man she saw walk upstairs and says, "Excuse me, Mr. Fletcher, I'm very glad to meet you - but please, whatever this 'person' is telling you," - she indicates the man from the coffee shop - "don't believe him. He's entirely at fault. He was very rude to me." The man from the coffee shop looks at the other man and says to him, "It's OK, Fred. I'll handle this. We'll get onto the Easter display in the morning, OK?" Fred replies, "Right, Mr. Fletcher." He walks off, leaving Caroline to stare at the man from the coffee shop and ask suddenly nervously, "You're Mr. Fletcher?" She then murmurs, "I'm sorry - I didn't realise who you were." Fletcher comments, "Obviously." Caroline then asks indignantly, "What were you trying to prove by pretending to be a waiter?" Fletcher, though, retorts, "I didn't get to where I am today by sitting in an office. If you want to find out how a place is running, you get down and get your hands dirty. See what works and what doesn't." Caroline mutters, "You can't blame me for not knowing who you were." Fletcher comments, "You would have treated me differently if you'd known I was the boss?" Caroline retorts, "Of course - I'd have known you had the right to tell me what time to go to work." Fletcher remarks, "You would have been a lot more charming too, I suppose?" Caroline asks him what he means. Fletcher retorts, "I mean I can pick a gold-digger a mile away. Now, if you don't mind, I've got work to do." With that, he goes to storm off. Caroline snaps after him, "I am not a gold-digger." Fletcher turns back to her and asks, "Then why the change of clothes? You've even painted your shoes. You don't go to that much trouble to make a complaint. I didn't come down in the last shower, lady." Caroline growls, "Neither did I - and I can spot a yobbo a mile away and you're definitely in that club. I wouldn't have anything to do with you if you were the last man on earth. You're rude, offensive and scruffy." Fletcher raises his eyebrows and asks, "Anything else?" Caroline retorts, "Yes. If you're thinking of giving me the sack, forget it. I resign. I'm too good for this rotten job and this rotten shopping complex. It's as unattractive as its owner." With that, she storms off.

A while later, Caroline has changed back into her ordinary clothes. She walks over to join David back at the table in the café and finds Doug Fletcher sitting with him. She asks him curtly, "What are you doing here?" Fletcher tells her, "I was waiting for you." Caroline mutters, "To apologise, I hope?" Fletcher, though, replies, "No, as a matter of fact." He then asks, "The frock you borrowed: in the bag, is it?" Caroline looks away sheepishly as Fletcher adds, "There's not much goes on in my complex I don't know about." Caroline asks David if they can go. David, though, tells her that she thinks Doug's got something to say. Caroline growls, "As far as I'm concerned, he's said enough already." Fletcher, ignoring this, tells her, "I think you're much too good for that bunny costume, Caroline. I think you do, too. So I've come up with something that might be more to both our liking." Caroline, sitting down, smiles weakly, "Thanks for going to the trouble." Fletcher assures her, "No trouble." He continues, "Just that personal touch I was telling you about earlier. Interested?" Caroline retorts, "I couldn't say 'til you told me more about it." Fletcher says, "We can do that tomorrow. You just front up at my office at 10:30am. I'll give you the details then." Caroline mutters, "I'll think about it." Fletcher tells her, "Do that," and he gets up and walks off. When he's gone, David comments to Caroline, "I've heard you resigned." Caroline mutters, "No secrets between you and Doug, are there?" David muses, "Decent sort of bloke." Caroline just tells him, "I'll kill if you say anything about my marriage plans!" David grins, "Scout's honour." He then adds, "You were right about one thing, though: I did get to meet him within the week!"

Beryl is looking through some books on the shelves of the bookcase in Fiona's room at the mansion and asks Fiona if she's got something silly and romantic. Fiona laughs, "Stacks!" Beryl explains that she wants something to take her mind off cockroaches and peeling paint! The bookcase suddenly spins round and Beryl steps out of the way, in surprise. May appears in the gap and Fiona smiles at her, "Come on in!" She then asks her what she wants. May explains, "I came to pay the $10 I owe." She's holding a roll of notes in her hand and Fiona asks her suspiciously, "Where did you get all that money?" May quickly hides it behind her back and mutters, "Nowhere." Fiona, however, repeats the question. May admits, "From Wayne." Fiona comments, "But he usually takes money; he doesn't give it. What did you do for it?" May stutters hesitantly, "I didn't think you'd mind..." Fiona asks sharply, "Mind what?" May tells her, "I sold him a painting - the one of you with the feather boa." Fiona gasps, "You've got to be joking." May insists, "He didn't know it was you." Fiona, though, sighs, "You want a bet? How much did he give you for it?" May replies mutedly, "$100." Beryl laughs, "I think he knew!" Fiona sighs, "I hate to think what he's going to do with it." She then goes on, "May, last week you were worried stiff that anybody would even see the painting. Now you go and sell it to Wayne. Why?" May cries, "I needed the money." She then asks, "Are you very angry?" Fiona, though, assures her wearily, "No, I'm not angry." May suggests that she's better go, and she heads back through the bookcase. When she's gone, Fiona growls to Beryl, "That stupid old--; I could strangle her. Why didn't she have more sense? And what on earth is Wayne going to do with it? Something nasty, you can bet your bottom dollar." Beryl asks, "What harm can he do with a painting?" Fiona, though, laughs bitterly, "You never know with Wayne - he's got a twisted mind." She then declares, "I am going to get that back." Beryl asks, "How? You can't afford to buy it." Fiona shrugs, "I know - I'll have to think of some other way. But you'd better believe me: I can be just as twisted as Wayne when I put my mind to it."

A while later, Beryl and Fiona emerge from Fiona's room, Beryl pushing Robert. As Fiona closes the door behind them, Beryl realises that she's forgotten her handbag. Fiona, though, points out that they won't be buying anything. They head down the hallway towards the front door. Craig suddenly comes downstairs and watches them leave. When they've gone, he breaks into Fiona's room and dashes over to the table, where Beryl's handbag is lying. He opens it and takes out her purse. He then starts writing down some details from one of the items inside. The door to the room suddenly bursts open, though, and Beryl appears. Looking astonished, she snaps, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Craig replies quickly, "I wasn't stealing anything; I just wanted to know where you lived in Melbourne." Beryl gasps, "I don't believe you. Ever since we met, you've been following me around. Now, I don't know what it is that fascinates you about me, but I'm sick to death of it - and you." Craig insists, "I just want to get to know you." Beryl demands, "Why?" Craig tells her, "Because... you're my mother." Beryl stares at him, open-mouthed.


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